The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 24, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 24, 1949
Page 11
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THURSDAY, MARCH 24, 1949 BIATHEVTU.E (ARK.Y COURTKH NEWS PAGE NTNB THE NATION TODAY Atlantic Alliance is Termed Admission by Western Nations That U.N. is Unable to Function (EDITOR'S NOTE: This is (lie third of lour stories on the Atlantic Pact, giving its background and Its purpose.I By James Marluw -^ WASHINGTON, March 24. W—There's a gimmick, and a siul one "burled deep in the Atlantic Pact. It shows, as well as anything, how the United Nations lias lailcd to lind a way to stop a big power from making war, it it wnnts to. The pact was put together Jo:+ de/ejise against Hiissia by this Country and seven other Western European democracies, U's all done within the rules of U,N. so it's all internationally legal The diplomat, 1 * point that out in their highly diplomatic way. But when you strip away the diplomatic language in the pact and look closely, you'll see the gimmick that tells the real story about U.N. In a radio talk explaining the rea-son for the pact. Secretary of State Acheson said pretty plainly: ". . . . The United Nations .... is not working as effectively a s we hoped because one of its members has attempted to prevent it from working. Cites Russlas Use of Veto "By obstructive tactics and misuse of the veto, the Soviet Union ha.s seriously interfered with the woik of the Security Council in maintaining international peace and security." The key words are "veto" and ^"security council." ' The U.N. Security Council consists of 11 members. Six are temporary .changing from time to time. But five . tlle B 'S F> ve - are Permanent members of the council. They) are: U.S., Britain, Prance, China,' Russia. U.N. Is paralyzed to stop a war it an attack by one country on another unless all of the Big Five on the council vote to stop it. If one of the five votes against action by the U.N—by voting "No." the veto—then U.N. is helples. it can't do anything. Neither this country nor Russia would have Joined U.N. unless it had the power to veto any action by U.N. to stop war. Why? Because, otherwise, it would be part of an organization which could be used against either of them, U.S. or Russia, if either went to war. But Russia has used the veto a number of times already to prevent j U.N. action in cases that haven't I even involved war. Sell Defense Tact Permitted •rhe Atlantic pact diplomats point out thai under Article 51 of the u.N. charter, which ail U.N. members agreed to live.up to, any group of nations can form a pact for seU -de tense. They quote Article 51: "Nothing in the present charier shall impair the Inherent right of individual or collective self-defense if (an) armed attack occurs against a member of the United Nations, until the Security Council has taken measures necessary to maintain international peace and security." And right there is where the gimmick is: ". . . .Until the security council lias taken measures .... to maintain .... peace," If Russia attacks one of the Western powers and they go to war against Rusia, the Security Council can't take any steps to maintain peace or stop the war. Why? s Because of the veto power which each of the five members of the security council has, including Russia. Russia could hardly he expected to vote for U.N. action against Itself, Yet, unless it did, the U.N. would be helpless. Therefore.N tile Atlantic pact is confession of the United Nations failure so far to make world peace sure. Tests to Decide Location of Steel Mill in Arkansas LITTLE ROCK, March 24. l/r>— Tests which nmy determine whe- Ihcr a smelting furnace will be to cated in Arkansas are to be started soon. Executive Director Wyne Plctche: of the State Resources and DC velopment Commission snlrt crew of Steel Engineers, Inc.. of Warren O,, would conduct preliminary pros peeling of iron ore deposits in fou Northeast Arkansas counties—Han clolph, Sharp. Fulton and Lawrence Sidney Williams, head of Stee Engineers, inc., who has been I Little Rock, declined to discuss wha Plane Crash Survivor Rescued Mother Testifies At Trial of Son Joneiboro Woman Rushes to Defense Of Former Marine *:rV m Rescuers help Orville Hich of Detroit, Mich., from a helicopter af(ci it rescued him anil four olht'rs [rotn ruggt'd mountain territory where their two-engine:! plane cr;t>hc(i near Cttldenvood, Tetlll. The vlctm might result from the tests. Ar- | bad been mainonod on \\\p .snow-covered mountainside in the smnku tirs to summon hrlp. <AP Win-photo.) to locate threepig ironplants In Arkansas and three In Missouri and later combine them in an Integrated steel producing plant. H. E. Thompson Named Head of Arkansas A. & M. MONTICEL1XD, Ark., March 24. WY-Horace E. Thompson is new president ol Arkansas A. and M. College. The former Internal revenue collector, who has been acting president for several months, was elected yesterday by the College trustees to succeed William E..Morgan. Morgan, after serving In the European relief program on a leave of absence, has resigned to become president of Colorado A. and M College. Thompson was an unsuccessful candidate for the Democratic nomination for governor last year. He is a former president of Arkansas State College, Jonesboro, and former head of the Arkansas Exten- iion Service. Extension Worker Dies I 1 FAYETTEVILLE. Ark.. March 24 f.^j—Miss Gertrude Oonani, formei nutrition specialist with the Arkansas Extension. Service, died here yesterday after a briel ilness. Shs retired, in 1944 after 26 years service, Tivo sJsier.-i, Mr.?, Jane C. Halfan and Miss Ella Connnt both of Pay- cltevillo, survive. Jear State May Become Jare State If Nudists' Request Is Granted MOUNTAIN HOME, Ark., Marc 24. HP: —A)kama.s,. the "Bear Slate may become the "bare state." Representatives of an Illinoi nudist group have contacted th United States Engineers concernln possibility of establishing a camp 01 Lake riorfork. Reservoir Manage* Don Henderson said. Henderson said any applicatiol for a site on the lake "would be considered by the engineers In lin with their policy." He didn't say what it their pol icy. n Hollywood from p;ie<- 8 Vidiol's t>lii;ht." Mt n la I Coiinrctlnn* In all the liine.s I've watched >aany Kaye on and off tlie s-reen, ve »t?vor thought of an obt;p. I've nought ol how funny Dunny is, ,o\v beautiful Virginia Mayo ts, c.1 I've never thought of an oboe. Bui that's the way composer .lobimy {Iritcn strs nanny, ''When I set- Danny. I Smnipdi- .tRiy thir.k of aid. Johnny 1^ dohiK tlie musical cove for Danny's new movie. "Hap- Times," and he ought to knov.'. I'm .scoring H Kaye picture and I'm .siuck for -A prtiliculai' .sound, thi-ic's always the oboe. Thai's Danny K.ayc—in music." Pox and director Robert Wise am paging nob Milcliiim for ft him when he completes "Sixty Days Behind Burs-" . . . Aside lo Jai-ic Benny. NBC now has a free unto parking lot for it.s stars. You )clt, at the wrotig lm\e. George UoietiA may bp hwiri Hei'Ktnan's lendinR man ]i\ that film she'll mnke In Italy lor Roberto RfWvsellinl. He's tinder con- an oboe," Johnny tract to Howard HuRhes. . "Wnile Gold," H story of the IMA Vegas borax Industry, will co-Ala Richard Arlen, Jack Holt ami Ix^i ic explained: I trice Joy. Las Vegas money is br- "Afler all, facia! expressions are ! hind the [llm. which will be pro-he rejiiilt of certain cmotioas and j duced by Vic King. emolloixs suggest particular sounds mad by musical Instruments There is, for example, a pantomime bit in this picture thai jnsl on a ba.s-soon. BuL when More than eight per cent nf tlte 13,000,000 foreign-born inhabitants of the United States do not sppnk English. DK1T1O1T, March 2<. IJPl — The Inish. arrogant |xwe which Ralph flay Hunter kr])t up through the llrsl clays of his murder (rial \vns suddenly shattered today when his mother was bronchi to Ihe stand. The sturdy ex-Mmine gripixri the turns of his chair, tremblins. and tears .seeped from his formerly hard, unwavering eyes. Ills Ilrsl sign ol emotion at the (rial came as Mis. Iris Hunter, SB, of Jimeslioio. Ark., told how the war hud a/fected her son, Hunter Is chained Kith the slay- Ins lasl June of Elmer B. Jones. 1'2. \vr»ltliy contractor. Co-rtetendnnls nn hljt former sweetheai'l. M:s. Kielyn Larl, 21. and James Snc- ch-'ttl. 31. a ciunlvftl worker. ' Mrs. Hunter said her son w»s "jumpy, nervous, noisy and moody" when he returned from Guadalcanal during. Ihe war. lie hud been dls- hononilily tilsclmiged. His rlf-ht liL'.ntl was paralyzed and he wus unduly sensitive al:otu his battle wounds, she testified. Mrs lliniler. who Is working her<> in a women's shop during Ihe trial, declared that Hunter hnd an excellent ii'smtaitou nt home, 4'nurl Krliukt-s Drfrtidanl Since early in the trial, the- dr- has madi* effort* to show that Hunter's behavior was partly due to lh( wr.r. The ex-Marine has arimitied he fought willi Jones, but he claim.-! it was in self-defense. Throughout, hi.* testimony hns been haughty—so much in fact it brought a severe rebuke from the Judge today. In answer to n ciu?sllon, Hunter had told an attorney to ''send cab out and find out." "Yon may think these smart answers are doing some good," »aid Judge Joseph A. Glllls. "But I warn you Hint they are not. I warned you Tuesday about profanity." DrJeiue attorney.-; Rrgtiert ivtfh the Jurtpe thai Hunter had not usfxl prntrinitv. Attorney James A Jameson said his language wa> "meiely the normal conversation o an ex-Manne." "The rebuke stands," snapped tlu Judge. Until he left the stand, Huntei stood stcarilnstly lo his oontenLlot that Mis, Lari had no connoctloi with the fain] beating and mbber,* of Jon»s. He said, however, tha she was present. In the rrnhal* Court fnr thr hlfliiisaHlia Dtilrlrl of Ml»l«i-l|ipl iiunty, ArkuMMftfl. In the Matter of the Kslnle of SKIII H. Williams, Decensed Nntlre (o Creditor* Notice t.i hereby given/ that Ltl- leu TeslatnentKiy were this day granted to W. L. 'I'Hylor In the KsUte o( Sam H. Williams. De- ctnseti. All |M>rsoiM having clslnis against jnld estate «re hereby nol- Illed to exhibit the <nme lo «alil Kxeculor, properly nulheiiUcnled, within six 16) monlhs from the dale ol Mils notice or Ihey shall be forever burred »nd precluded from my beupltl in said estate. The Kxccutor sliould be addressed: W. L. T«ylor, in cure of The First National Bank. Blythevllle, Arkansas. Dated (his the 23rd d*y of Mmch, 1B49. W. L. Taylor, Kxecutor of Ihe Estale n f Ram H. Williams, Deceased. Hollund A: Taylor, Atlyi, for Rsec rrobulr <?nurl fnr (hr l>* l>Mrlrt of Ml«il»lpjil In thr Chick J<a County, In thr Matter of the KsUle of Probftte No. 1W«. Joseph E. Klklris. Deceased N'otlcr. of AdinlnUlrallnii Notice la hereby alven that ler.i Testamentary were gmntrd to Ihe undersigned upon the estate o oseph E. Klklns on the aand dny o: .larch. 1949 by Ihe Probnte Couit o he Chlckasawba District ol Missis Ipp! Cniinty, Arkan.Miit'. All person; laving claims or demands npnliis aid estate must exhibit them pro n-ily authenticated to the under signed lor allowailcc within si: :nonlhs Irnm Ihe dutc of the (h-.s .inbllfntlon of this notice or Ihe shall IHJ barred forever and pre eluded from any benefits In stale. Tlie address of [be undersigned xeculor Is 1S01 West Ash Street, lylhevllle, Ark»ns«». Daled this day of March. Orvllle 0. Klklns, Kxectitor Reid ind Roy, Attorneys. 3J24-3 1-4,1 PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed B«at Prices Kirby Drug Stores D.P.L. NO. 15 COTTONSEED D«linr«d, treated and Sacked State Certified 85% Germination 1 Yr. from Station A Ton or Carload Also Good Alfalfa Hay for Sale Magers&Gill • Dell, Ark. Phone 2272; M'Math Signs Agri Gat Tax Refund Measure LITTLE ROCK, March J4. (JF) — Governor McMath has signed int law the bill for a lour and one-ha cent tax refund to formers on agricultural gasoline. The governor yesterday also signed a bill which places whiskey, beer and wine, under the two per cent sales tax. He approved a number of appropriation meRsures, including S42.000.000 annually for the Welfare Department. McMath Texas Bound LITTLE ROCK, March 24. UT) — Governor McMath will go to Texas late this month to speak to the Texas Chamber of Commerce and the Texas House of Representatives. He will address the legislative body March 31 •fir your auto needs! Your ear's first twe n«*eU far Spring mrts Drain out dirty winlcr-gr«de oil. Refill with fresh summer-grade EBBO Motor Oil! 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Get Alias Bwivl Tuhw. th«y hold air 10 llm«» longer lhan AUA» CHAMPION »PA»K HUO1 - Put new pen In your c«r with » «et of ihe>« lon,r.?«riln«. hlgh-qunllly «p.rk plugs. Your "Hoppy Motoring" Jtorti at Ihe tsso Sign. Your ftte Dtaler i* an inrfependenf business man in your community. (OR $AFl ORWINO-AHls Sun GI»M«. KEROSENE AND FUEL OIL Phone 2089 Phone 4141 G. Q. POETZ Railroad at Cherry GENTLEMEN: To hive i mil th.t roily nt», h« mtanureri Kr • Ullnr. Now itinwlni ill Ihf. l>l«»t iprlni unit mminirr ImportrA mil <t»- oolfni. Drop down tn niir ihop any day of (he veek. GEORGE "Hlylheville's Only Tailoi Nu-Wa Offers You the Biggest Laundry Value! ROUGH DRY 1Ac BUNDLE IU " ALL FLAT WORK FINISHED WEARING APPAREL STARCHED Shirti Finished 12c sack Extra PaiUt Finished 20c each Extra Call 4474-4475 NU-WA LAUNDRY CLEANERS Six Service Trucks and complete BUILDING SERVICE AND SUPPLIES Builder's Supply Co \V. H. Pease .). Wilson Henry Soulh Hi way (il Phone 24,'M BABY CHICKS SPECIAL! 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