The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 7, 1942 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 7, 1942
Page 10
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BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)", COURIER NEWS EDSOI BY PETER EDSON Hews Washington Correspondent ; ; WAamiGTaN;VM^y 7.—That segment of the population which has'believed the fake hue and cry that the investigation of Father Coughlin's Social Justice represented", a threat against, all "freedom of the press" might take into consideration some of the false rumors that have been spread by like vermin. One lie that has been whistpered by such people and has b|en traced directly-to the women irj the Social Justice crowd is that the moves to establish women's auxiliaries for'the'Army and Navy w£re .'nothing more than veiled white slave recruiting drives to procure women for the soldiers and sailors of the armed service. If there is any suppression of civil TO LOANS NO INDORSEES NIIDED 193$ and later model cars Repayments On Easy Terms SIM.. Pay $7.30 Monthly Borrow S1SO.. Pay 10.95 Monthly ••rrow S2QO .. l»«y 14.60 Monthly Borrow $300 .. §> ay 21.90 Monthly •*rr»w S400 .. Pay 29.20 Monthly I (15 Month Plan) ICWMHCUL CREDIT PLAN [HCOflPORATEO I (An Industrial Loan Institution) I | Lynch Building. 321 W. Main Street] Phone: 503 liberties in squelching people who spread stuff like this, bring on Hitler ism. • • • Lt.-Gen. Brehon Spmervell, commander of the Service of Supply, and his experts say it's impossble to make any accurate calculations of how many workers are needed behind the lines to keep one soldier in the field. There have been nofficial estimates running from three to 18. The top figure is obviously ridiculous, for on that basis an army of 10 million men would need 180 million workers in reserve, and the total population of the country, including babies, is only 130 million. In the first World War, just before the armistice, the A. E. F. had about two nullon men, 36 per cent of whom were in the Service of Supply. This being a mechanized or gadget war, the supply problem is more complicated, and the ratio may be higher. But the effort is being made to keep that ratio as low as possible. » * * If you want a rough guess of how you'll be fixed at the end of this year or a year later, here's one official economic guess from the Henderson staff: By the end of 1942 the standard of living will ENGLISH POET HORIZONTAL 1 Pictured British poet, 12 Hasten, 13 Drone. * HOvum (comb. form). 16 Music note. 18 Sailor. 20 Station (abbr.). 21 Grain (abbr.). 22 Aged. 24 Twice five, 25 Greek letter. 26 United. 27 Music character. 29 Real. 30 Interweave. 32 Meadow. Answer to Previous Puule 44 Matching group. 45 Chum. 48 Courtesy title. 49 Hypothetical 20 Street v .. <«bbr,). •$,. 21 Antelope. 23 Exiles. » • 26 Fruit (pi.), 28 Chimneys. 29 Four (comb. form). 31 Exist, 32 Famous Southern general. 35FossestiAf flavor. 38 Stringed musical VERTICAL instruments. 2 Exclamation. 40 New English. 3 Opposed to dictionary miss, (abbr). 4 Trim. 42 Border. UNDERWEAR/TOO structural unit 5 Exclamation 44 Place to sit. of satisfaction. 46 Land measure. 6 Light, hasty 47 Solitary, meal. 50 American poet 7 Print measure 51 Beverage. 8 Particle. 53 Feathered \water s implement. 9 Girl's name. neck scarf, surface. 58 Negative word 10 Behold! 55 Symbol for 37 Unit of work. 60 He is the 11 Obstacle. molybdenum. 39 Social insects; latest of the 15 Color. 56 Plural (abbr) 41 Ethereal. O l 17 Entirely. 57 Chaos. 43 Foothke part. England. 19 Corrector. 59 Size of shot. 33 Mohammedan 50 Through. nymph. 52 Steal. 34 Sicilian 54 Pronoun, mountain. 55 Halite binl. 36 Sand bar near 56 Writing implement. ; •.-"You know, everything has to'go a lotfarther and last a lot lohger ; these days. I find that if Bob changes his underwear fre- •qiiently, I can wash it with a light rinse. This means less scrubbing, less work and less wear/on the fabric." / • '''''••-• *» She's right! And when you buy HANES Underwear, you get high-quality. Made from premium cotton, spun into yarn that is extra absorbent, extra, elastic and gives extra wear. HANES sizes are true. Underwear that fits has less strain on it—gives comfort for a long time. HANES CROTCH-GUARD SPORTS are shown above. They help active men keep fit by providing gentle athletic support. Conveniently placed buttonless front. Require no ironing. Team them up with a HANES Undershirt for extra comfort. BUY WAR BONDS AND ST4MPS * The HANES Lobe) assures you qualify garments at moderate prices. If you can't get all the HANES Underwear you want, remember that a large part of HANES production is going to our Armed Forces. P. H. HANES KNITTING COMPANY Winston-Salem, North Carolina A Complete Line of Hanes Underwear Joe Isaacs, Inc "Gloomy Gerties'" Fun Sunk By Price-Fixing BV RUTH MILLETT You think this price lixing; Ls a good idea. Well, it's going to play heck with some folks. Mrs. Smith, for example. Why she has been having a swell time with rising prices. Every time she has read a grocery list in the last year she has announced with gloomy satisfaction to Mr. Smith, "Well, pork went up another two cents this week," or "I guess we'll just have to stop having steak; I see it's gone up again." What .is she going to read out loud to Mr. Smith, when the I grocery lists hold no more terror? Then there is the clerk who has said about every article you've examined in the last year, "You'd better get it while you can at these prices. I understand our next shipload is going to be fifteen per cent higher." Of course, he won't be as badly off as some folks, for he can always fall back on, "I don't know how much longer we'll be able to get that. Government priorities, you know." SHE'LL MISS THAT TALKING POINT And, of course, there's Mrs. Jones who has for months talked her husband into letting her buy whatever she wanted with the line "Don't you think we ought to buy it before the price goes up an* more?" She's going- to miss that sure-fire talking point. But. then so will Mr. Brown find it hard'to find as good an excuse for vetoing all his wife's buying plans as. "You had better t ^f, nd ; a cent you don't have With the cost of living going up the way it is, we may need every cent we can save before the year is up." So, if you're feeling good about price irxmg—remember the poor men and'women who fall back on the rising cost of living whenever they needed a topic of conversation and alibi or. a sales line. They're going to suffer—poor things. Crab Packing Becomes Major Oregon Industry THURSDAY, MAY 7, 1042 collection Ls a gold-plated copy of buttons made in Wat?rbury, Conn., in 177G for Gen. Lafayette's uniform. Included In the collection arc 47 | The virus of infantile "paralysis'' metal buttons stamped with state | is carried in the nervous system, voole Only state missing is Mimic- I not the blood according to scien* sota - c down to what it was in 1935. A ear later, it will be back to the evel of 1932. * * # EAKY NIAGARA Big* Washington news has a way f leaking, out long before it is fficially announced. A lot of it oesn't leak down the gully, but he trickles indicate what's com- ng. That was mirtcularly true on he recently announced General Maximum Price Regulation. The eaks on this schedule were so fre- luent and so many that Dexter Kcezer, administrator ot /the Con- umers' division, dubbed/ it "The Niagara of Leaks." * » * The War Labor Board, which is .upposed to settle the labor con- Toversies that can't be conciliated s up to its neck. The board has had about 125 cases referred to it 'or settlement, r.ome 25 of them oeing inherited irom the reogan- ized National Defense Mediation Board. The board has settled only! 30-odd cases. * * * Price Administrator Leon Henderson every now and then has to get into what he calls a lecture on economics to explain some of the background for his anti-inflationary moves. "A lot of people," he says, "have had to take courses in Henderson I or Henderson II." * * if BATTLE IN BOLIVIA If the Board of Economic Warfare were of M mind to do so, ,it might issue communiques, just ,as the Army and Navy do. telling of battles fought on the fields of .international big business. For instance, here Ls one of the engagements for which the economic warrior strategists m^ght have to map battle lines soon: Argentina, unable to get her usual rubber supplies from the United States, has been sending rubber buyers into Bolivia to scout for native crude rubber, .in competition with U. S. buyers. To beat the Argentines, several attacks might be made. First, Argentina might be guaranteed a certain percentage of her normal manufactured rubber imports from the U. S. Or. U. S. buyers might make a deal to by all the rubber Bolivia can produce, thus freezing Argentina out of the market. Or, long- term contracts must be offered Bp- at prices higher than Argentina can pay and with bonuses for , amounts delivered over contract quotas, to encourage production nd make the .Argentine buyers' ork more difficult. See History of Economic War for urvival, yet to "be written, as ow it all comes out, and a thou- ind other battles just like it, only orse. ASTORIA, Ore. (UP)—Crab packing is developing into a major local industry. A pack of 40.000 cases appears probable this year on the basis of reports .that the Columbia River association will pack 20,000, the New England Pish company 15,000 to 2q;000, and the Dunning Clam company 4000 or 5000 cases. Crab season extends from February to July'. Single State Missing In Button Collection LAWRENCE, Mass. (UP) — Mrs. Dana W. Scott of-Lawrence, a button collector specializing in uniform buttons,, says the prize in her BUSINESS For A Limited Time Will Sell Liquor At Cost! For Cash Only Blytheville Liquor Shop /T iJl Sponsor Eight Local Boys To Boys' State Local organizations will sponsor eight boys to Arkansas' third an- nial Boys State at Little Rock. June 6-13 which under the direction of the Arkansas Department of the American Legion offers practical experience in self-government. The Dud Cason post of the Legion will send Gregory Atkins and Bill Tom Stewart and the Kiwanis lub has selected Billy Eldredge and Kenneth Richardson. As yet, the Lions and Rotary clubs have not made their selections, but will -sponsor boys. In /Addition to the boys who will go, Lei and McCandless* will be senior counsellor and Joe Mc- Clnrc, who was sponsored by Dud Ca.son post last year, was invited to return this year as a junior counsellor. The Boys State program, arranged as a citizenship training course, will be under the directorship of N. B. Weese. Little Rock insurance executive. It is planned so that boys may put into practice the theories of American government as taught in the classroom or through operation of the city, county and state offices as organized under Boys State. This year, emphasis will be placed en duties of American citizens in time of national emergency. Several periods will be devoted tc .study and practice of civilian protection in time of war. ^M WAR TIME TRIPS* "SAVE WAR MATEBUL- ,"Ev«y trip yon taka by • upcr-Cotch instead of by tMf you'll be laving two gallon* of gasoline out of every . thrett You'll also b« maVini ' possible similar economies ia tnttab, fabrics, and rubber I- AVOW WEAR ON TIRES" * ^ \"Go «asy on. those tires o£ 5 yours—go Greyhound when- •v«r business or relaxation call* you out of town. It assuref extra life for those precious tires you cia't raw '_^ _ place—and for your carl _ '"TRAVEL IN MID-WEEK" \ Head Courier News want ads. N . are no 'priorities* on traval for relaxation 1 But you can help to avoid unnecessary crowding by traveling during the mid-we*k period whenever possible — leaving extra seat- »pac« for soldiers and war workers over the week-end*.""SAVE FM DEFENSE BONOS" "' Oiw-Way Ri-Trip Memphis, Tcnn. 1.60 2.90 St. Louis, Mo. -1.15 7.75 New Orleans. La. 8.-15 I'-i.VO Detroit, Mich. 10.15 18.85 Chicago, 111. 8.75 15.15 Kansas City. Mo. 7.05 12.70 Greyhound Lines Blythcvaic, Ark. 109 N. 5th Ph. -Ill GREYHOUND L/Nf$\ 107 S. 2nd Street Blytheville FOR SALE COTTON SEED Certified Coker 100 Strain 3. Stoneville 2-B. Several Tons—Wilds Long Staple R. D. HUGHES GIN Co! Phone 3141 Blytheville ENSE UNITED STATES SAVINGS BONDS AND STAMPS ADE'S May Furniture VALUES! 3 PIECE SOLID MAHOGANY BEDROOM SUITES 'Beautiful solid Mahogany bedroom suite, 3 piece—poster style bed, several styles to choose from (not exactly as pictured). An 18th Century reproduction ot surpassing beauty. 1149.50 to $249.50 Spring-Air Mattresses "Get All The Sleep You Pity For"! Gel all the vital values—only Spring- Air has them! COMFORT THAT FITS—Sprinff-Air adjusts automatically to your weight and shape, giving you Comfort That Fits, as though il were tailor-made for yeu. COMFORT FOR KEEPS —definitely guaranteed for as many as 15 years. SCIENTIFICALLY COMPLETE—has all the desirable features you want in a mattress. Styles, Models and Colors from — $ 29.75 to $45 CHROME TRIMMED BREAKFAST SUITES Yes, they arc getting scarce but we still have a complete stock of these popular, durable, attractive breakfast room suites. Choice or several colors. $39.50 OUTDOOR FURNITURE PORCH SWINGS "HETRICK" GLIDERS An old time summer favorite! • Natural finish, complete with chains and hooks fur hanging:. SPECIAL— $3.95 to $7.95 ) & I This big full si/e "Hclrick" Glider is our answer to your demand for a quality product. For porch or lawn—will withstand sun or rain. A Nationally Advertised Product. "LLOYD" STEEL CHAIRS SPRING STEEL CHAIRS, w c still ofTcr them. ]>Iade by Lloyd in a choice of colors. $7.45 Lloyd upholstered steel chairs Not Exactly as Pictured Other Steel Chairs low as as, * CONVENIENT TERMS ARRANGED! * FARM TERMS! "Buy More War Bonds and Stamps" WADE FURNITURE CO. f'A 112 }V. Main St. Blytheville Phone 3122

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