The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 10, 1930 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 10, 1930
Page 8
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"PAGE EIGHT BI.VTUKVJLLE. (AIUO COURIER N'EV/K JIOXDAY, XOVEa_[]B_ER__10,_j.93r Memphis Tech In Armistice Day Came [LETCH BUT 10 H lEFEflJ 1929! Tech Regulars Mope lo Turn Trick; Central, Humes Failed. Purdue's 'Slippery Septet' M • Oul to avenge their defeat tvlti- Chlckasnws In 1929. the Tech Irish griddeis of Memphis will clis'i j with the Maroon mid White war- ) rlors of Blythevllle Irish In an Armistice Day feature at Haley Fi"l: tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock. Reports published 1n a mnrnlv Memphis paper lo the effect Ilia. Tech would play Its second ilrlir; squad against the Chicks were emphatically denied by Conch C:iar- ley Jamerson of Tech in a telephone conversation this mornini. The Tech mentor declared he ha 1 no tntcnlion of taking ruiy clianre.; with his second string 'team aEainr,: Ihc Chlckasaws, wl'.o have nlreurt'. ready defeated Humes high and Central high of Memphis this reason. The Chicknsaws beat Tech i:i 19M when the Tech eleven was easily conceded to be the oulsUuidlii!! learn In Memphis and Jamerson. wllh another good team I his year. Is out to sain revenge for the last minute defeat he sustained here last year. Tech anil Central battled to n scoreless lie at Hodges Field, Memphis Saturday. On IHo sanvo grid- Iron earlier in the season,' tho season, the Chickasaws cnme from behind to beat Central by n one touchdown margin in the last three .minutes of play. Tech . is generally conceded'''!;) have,-the strongest grid squad In Memphis Ihls year F.S far as material -Is concerned, The Tec!nn?ii are not as potent on the offense as' the Central ajfgregatlon bi:t have a powerful defense and th? most rugged squad in the Bluff City. Their power and strength, coupled with the threat of their brilliant running back. Thco Kan rez, should test tho olfcnse of tin Ohicknsnws. The Hudsonmen eased through with a 34 lo 0 win. over Osccola Friday and are in good shape lo meet the Techslers.'George Matthews,: star center, may be missing froniLUic lineup but otherwise the Chick^sAws will be ready for acllon PURDHSSIX DFEOUH JO. USE 'Slippery Snptet' Rivals 1929 Fmiv Riveters Combination. BRUSHING UP SPORTS By Luafcr I-lc Won The Jol) Ca;lc .F^arns a Lot . The other dny, In the list of foDl- ball scores, appeared this: " 63, Mississippi A. & if., 0." We looked through several newspapers- trying to find out how it happened. But few papers, outside tho squlh, carried a story of the game. The team that came out on the short end of that one is ccwchc:! by a man whose name has been in the headlines lor several years. Playing football he was an individual star whose exploits in the Army backfield were read by every football follower in Ihc United States His name Is Christian K. Cagle. * • » Philosophy This, would be a grand spat to break forth with some philosophy about how fleeting is fame, were It not that Cngle Is learning a lot and learning it swiftly, as conch at Mississippi A. & M.. and he is taking his licking in the right spirit. On The Outside - Looking Li •. By "DUKE" ricking them hit 1 'or miss Is better than playing "hunches." At least that Is 'what .nils-/columnist has found, Tills column rode a 'hunch" last' week and picked Joncsboro to boat Pine Bluff. II WHS wrongs Tlic week before a "hunch" led lo picking Little Rock to beat Fordyce. It was also wrong. Predictions hi this column las', week resulted in 24 winners turning out true to form—at least according to our dope sheet—one tic resulted and five predicted losers came out winners despite predictions. The tie game wa» Syracuse (0) o beat Peun State (0). , The gnmes missed all the -way I around were: • • • • /. Jonesboro W) to beat Pine Bluff 18). Kentucky (7) to beat Duke (14). Arkansas (0) to beat Okla. Aggies 2G). • N. Y. U. <G) to beat Georgia <7). Harvard (3) to beat 'Michigan (6). 'hey used him twice \i emcreeii- ies anil he came through with a much on both occasions. Now Unl- •crslty of Town football' authorities lomil sophomore Jack \Varrlngton, ibovc, a regular stnrtcr. The young lawkeye halfback was callrd niton first lu mid-October lo pun; Town out of danger. His long spiral was good for 50 yards. Recently t'.iey ent him Into the lineup against. Delrolt and ho obliged with a 52- yard run for a touchdown that gave Iowa a 7 to 3 victory over the says Cnglc. "and dated her up for r couple of tlie dances. I had al ready agreed lo go to West Point tut after I met her I kind of hoped l»leoPiE U>HO rWe GOOD U» CATSUP KMOUJ HOVU ••TO USE THEIR TOMATOES IKIGOYEN SHOWN AS FEEBLE BUENOS AIRES, (UP) - First of Dr. Hlpoltto Irijoy lly NKA Srrvicr LAFAYETTE. 111(1. — Columns were written In the newspapers :\ year nao when tin- 'Tour Hlvsici-. 1 ," ; —that Welcli-Hnriiii'sun-Yuiievltli- - Wliite backfleld cciniblnalm—aid- ed Purdue to vjetp undefeated] lluouRh an ci;lu-same schedule to win the tils T.-n chamiiioii'iiilo. Two of thri lihriors nave departed, but into their place have come live new faces to combine tliolr j White :md Yuncvlcli,form- i iin; I'urdiiL-'s "Slippery Sep'.ei," an iiiBtirc-sjatlcn of bucks that ranks ! amoiiu l-'ie best in the country and i o:i'.> that again puts Purdu-". ucai 1 the top of the conference heap. | The Er.ilermahcr septet of 1030 may not exceed llic Riveting quartet In individual brilliance. It is line, but I:H'}- at least nre equal in quality as a Rrciip. except lliut the talent is distributed in Brc.iler quantity. • * * In his first year as head coach of a major football team, Noble Kizor, the former Notre Dame football . and basketball star, developed two I ball-carrying Irics. each to work i under ihc supervision of Jack j Wliile, the directing genius nl quarterback. O:ie group is made up cf the veteran Alex Yunevtch at fullback, lianked by Lewis Pope and James Purvb, halfbacks. Tha other, and no less powerful, combination con- Inlns tlic sensational sophomore (u'.lback, Roy Horstman, aided by Kd ilisk and Howard ICissell, a pair o[ unusually hard-driving halfbacks. Tiie distribution of Purdue's scoring tnlcnt is seen in these figures. The Boilermakers .counted 85 points in the first live games this year. .Eleven men contributed those IKiinUs. with the highest individual .scorer accounting for only three touchdowns. The effecliveness of the "Slip- jpciy Septet" In advancing the ball is seen in the four conference 32 S'S^S Dm u)OH BE Sosiow ?&> sox- did Jack White, the strategist, make any effort to carry the ball. His first attempt came in the Illinois game and gained a touchdown for j Purdue. His second eflort netted a i- first down at a crucial point In the j same contest. .gnmes against Michigan, Iowa, Wis- SUSPECT LEAVES LEG | OMAHA, (UP) — When Pat O'Leary, federal narcotic agent. placed Albert Haines under arrest I cousin and Illinois, when they 'gained 549 yards in 199 attempts jlrom scrimmage formation. That is ( an average of something over 4.7 • yards per attempt on running plays. I Ed Hisk, hailed as another Harj meson, led bot'a groups, following 'the Illinois gariic, with a record of 1320 yards gained In 45 attempts, an ' average of slightly more than seven-yards. Pope was'n close second with a six-yard average for 27 at- I lempts. Kissell.and Horstman have been clicking along at a four-yard flKK LOSS MILLION A MONTH • rale, with Yunevich and Purvis hlt- AUSTIN,;Tex., (UP)-Fire loss in tin °_ lhD linc for a three-yard av- the latter mate a break fcr liberty. O'l,cary "rasping made llafnes' flying tackle, right leg, and holdlng on tightly. This did not stop Hnines. O'Lsary discovered that he had removed tte suspect's limb. Handicapped by hopping he was easily recaptured. Texas rims approximately Sl.OOO,- . erage. Oiily twice in the first five games ; slrong," he said. SOCIAL RACKET ASSAILED BOSTON, <UP) — Preaching his first sermon at Trinity church recently, the nev. Arthur Lee Kii- solving. new rector, .ausailed what he termed the "society racket." "No parish where people's lives are largely taken up with th; society racket has proved spiritually very DID YOU KNOW THAT— Fritz Crlsler has a, good-look- ng center, a very good end and slashing tackle up at Minnesota ... his name is Marshall Wells ... he plays any of hose positions with eclat . . . Knute Hockne says his second team lost its savoir falre in that game with Pitt ... Lefty trove, who has been barnstorming on the Pacific coast, reports a sore arm ... . .he worked .two or three innings every day in nearly every city tho barnstormers visited . . . the club, which was under the management of Earl Mack, son of Connie, consisted of Walberg. Grore,- Bing Miller, Schang. Shires. OTJoul, Harry Heilmnnn. Earl Whitehill and Oehrinjer. . . . Nick Altrock and Al Schncht went along ... it was Grove's first appearance on the coast . - . Many of the fans who saw tile. Indoor football gnme in Atlantic City's big auditorium, between W. & J. and Lafayette, wore evening clothes PARIS. Nov. 8 (UP)—There is one bicycle for each .six .persons ,111 France, a bicycle census' reveals. At the end of 1929 there were 0,767,058 bicycles in 'France. WANT A ' The \ SHORTEST \ LINE \BETWEEN \ **• SBONE HAVE er day. "It Eeems there Is a line, too." Cagle made the admission with of his friendly grins. He seems to be standing up pretty well under the reverses. Only 2-i years o!rt. he Is In charge of a squad tint consists of only fnir material. He faces his Job with no coaching experience. But he is game. Remcmberinj Bcotli .Cagle told the newspapermen th^t he was glad,to note that hK mates back at West Point had remembered Booth. '^Did you see what they did tn Booth?" he asked. "You know last year we hadn't heard about Booth After we scored 13 paints in the Yale game, we started to rest. T!:cv put In-Booth and tefore v:e knev what was going on, he helped to score the three touchdowns tha beat us." You may remember that when Cagle was playing, usually two or three men of tho team playing against the Army were instructed to "stop Cagle." He was a marked man hi nearly every game. Often his experience was the same os Booth's in the game in vrttch he was. Jostled so severely that thev had to bring out the stretcher Cagle can appreciate Booth's feel- Ings In the matter. • » t Romance Cagle was a senior at SoulhwcH- ' em Louisiana Institute when In: met the girl who was to be hi; wife. It was in the spring and tlic girl came to the college dances. "I. just bocnlue Interested In her," Southwestern to coach. I stayed wo years and then got married. The boys kept becglng me to come "iaek another yrar. I couldn't milt in them, mid she told me to gc- Vnead. "Then they elected me captain. It seemed to me there wasn't aiiy- hlng else to do but go back. "When the storm broke I wired Mrs. Cagle to rmv.e to New York. When she cct 10 New York there were 100 reporters asking her questions. "She to'.d them nothing. 'I'll always be [or the 'Army, though. Can't help it." INDIAN" 1'IT FOVNI) BINGHAMTON. N. Y.. (UP)—All Indian pit. bsiicvod dating from the Algonkian pctlo:! of 1.500 years sg", was uncovered at Willow Point near here, by Kicutist;; led by Arthur C. Parker, director of" ths. Rochester Miueimi. It was not dtd-nnined whether the pit was ujed for feasls. or tor cremation.! ' : skeleton of an Indian girl nlso was unearthed. 3C-MILE CACSEWAY AUSTIN. Tex.. iUP)_ if the .. bridges bull: in Texn: ; in the past. year wore placed end-to-cnd they wctild form a causeway 30 miles Ion?. Cirotge Wickline,' bride engineer < f the «a!e highway, department r.?poriv Ail Crosslins over 20 feet In road length nre included. The state highway commission now is ccopcr;>liiig with Oklahoma In bricigir.j their Uo'.mtfary, Ued River .\t three plar:>. Read Courit-r No'.v> W:mt Ads i 000 a. month, J. W. DeWeese, state flro insurance commissioner reports. For the first nine months ' of 1930 the loss has been 89,247,000. quite feeble and ; haggard. The pic- lures were made' when Dr. Irlgoyen similar period In 1029, which was wns being transferred recently from tli; cruiser Belgrano to the cruscr Buenos Aires where he kept a prisoner. Read Courier News Want Ads. HOME THEATRE Last Time Today AN HONEST claim that has swung millions— RITZ THEATRE Last Time Today drama ami another : two-flslcd role for the screen's idol .... with LOIS wasox RITA LA HOY Directed by Mclvilli- ALSO COMEDY AND CARTOON' ALSO COMEDY AND CARTOON MAT1NKE—2:30 n\-], k -k Night—0:45 ami 8:;(0 Admission ..— JliUimv and 10 illl.-: L>,V. MATINEE—2 O'clock NIGHT— 6: 45 ami 8:30 Admission- Matinee—10 and 3Qc. Night—15 and -I0c. © 1930,1.iccm * M VI.RS TOSAMO Co.

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