Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 30, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 30, 1896
Page 8
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Champion Sale . . The greatest of all great sales that has ever been held in Logansport is now going on at THE GOLDEN RULE. The semi-annual occasion on which we throw down the gauntlet and defy all competition to watch our prices. You will find this store is full of plain and Convincing proofs ihat here your Dollar buys most everything in wearing apparel for or child at unapproachably low prices. k For Prices see Large Posters Golden Rule. Why not Wear the Best. The place to get the best shoes is at Wald^n's Our Ladies 20th century Walking Shoes in both Black and Tan are strictly in it for &1 98 Our Men's dress shoes in latest style lasts are "high grade" and up $1.48 to $2 98. Our Hne of men's working shoes are the best value &ver offered for the money 98c to $1.98. E. M. Walden & Co. 315 Fourth Street. NOT THE BALL GAME Is what we wish to call your attention to. Most of the nobbiest aud swollest hats seen iu Logansport have conic from our store, where the-stock was never so replete with novelties as now. All the newest styles to suit any taste •are here iu profusion, aud the golfers, tcuuis players, bicyclers, or all-round athlete can suit his fancy from the most fanciful. Our new straws are dandles. ! HORRIS FISHER - THE HATTER. THE NEW TIMES Address of Mrs. Eirinia Hont McRea to the Graduates. CLASS OF 'NINETY-SIX WHEEL TALK. The latest Invention for the benefit of Scrcle riders is the vulcanizer. The snh-anlzer is a machine In which, ihrougu a.certain process, worn and grated tires that have 'herc-to-forr- Isfoca beyond repair, can be made good as -new. This is done by vulcanizing •raw rubber Into tlio defective parts. Iu toe past when bicycle tires became or bursted, they had to be thrown and new tiros substituted, neees- attatiug one of Hie greatest expenses o£ •iiie bicycle. This, however, Is .done away with the invention of the vul- Winizer. The Burgman Cycle Co. late- .ty received such a machine and are In position to mend any rubber goods that, adve been considered beyond repair. We vulcanize.every day* Call at our 3tere and see us do it. • Iu our repair shop tlio brazer' is. a': very useful tool. We are KO equipped, 1 that we- can do the very finest of work • in-this particular Hue. When you journey on your wheel -any a kodak with you. For sale only by tne Burgjnan Cycle Co. - , > ' lotto to the Ladies. ••fhiivu established my otlice in the St. •.Shno building aud ladies-who are suffering from eczema, -wrinkles, freckles, teller and excess redness of skin, to those who purcliase one bottle of.Ma- flam Striugham's face bleach are en- •iltled to one free treatment for face for •a». -next two weeks. Superfluous hair .•*ad blrtli • marks are treated suecese- y. All ladles and gentlemen are Into call and sec mo. ine Stringtani, DERMATOLOGIST. Watches For Japanese Heroes. The Japanese government bus placed orders for 1S.OOO watches, not to cost more than $2.50 each. They are to be distributed among tup officers and men who distinguished themselves In (ho laite war, anil are to take the place of the medals usually awarded at the close of national hosUHties.-f-READ OTTO'S OFFER. ' This Watch .and Chain FREE with Men's Boys' and Children's Suits and Shoes or ... The WATCH With Suit. The CHAIN With Shoes. Otto Kraus 'Of Course' WAIT FOB PROF. HIRSHBERG. Do not trifle with your eyesight, but consult Prof. Hirscnberg, the recog- ulzed New York Eye Specialist, or one of his staff, who will be in Logansport at tbo store oMiis agent, D. A. Hank, May 25tb to SO tzrclushp. , Eyes examined free of cliarge. . You can't cover up ,a freckled .face but you can remove the freckles with Hallack's A.n.tl-Frecklo. Only 33c at Ben Fisher's. Twenty-Sixth Annual Commence ment was up to The "New Times." Oue could not go into rhapsodies over perfumed pots of bloom, spreading green palms and beautiful draperies that sometimes make up the Idling ot the report of -:.he High kc-hool coumicnc-i;- •mi-nt. The sardni scone was tbe suiting, in liai'moiiy u'iili tl'C white cos- tuiui's of the yi'ir.'.i^ ladies, and om; jjlancu at she. diTlc- of swurt jrii' 1 fradu- al 05 i-xphiincd wUy the platform was not docorafed additionally. The follow- In .u* twonly-two young ladies and six yuinii; men wuru'scared upon' thy staiii; when the cnrtaiu rose: Num M. Hunt, Sadie E. Custur, .N:i- tlian O. Kiss, Gertrude Carroll, Katie Welch, Annas Gibson, Harry JH- Sheeliy, Nellie si'antou, Florence Uhl, Carrie Uarlmui, Claud M. Xook. .Tessle H. Twolls,"BlHUcIii' E., Tolniul, ^'iH:ti'd N. Keiser, Har-aret jieclc Tercia B. 1,'nco, Frank II. Parker,'Dorothy Stewart, Cornelia S. Jloorc, Jln'yrciia Hazi'l- tlne, Clara WHei-, Eeyburn W^mf, Blanche L. Stuart, Jessie Ncill, Nina .Tustice, Juuliita .Teaks, Gerfcrnclo-KcHej:. Jessie Uhl. . Tlioce was a slight delay on 'account of the hack service bolus slow, but tin; big audience was good-natured and t'ac wait' could not be prevented. A piano solo by Mrs. Anderson WHS the first nunuber, anil"during its-pleasant progress the friends of tlio class-o[ '90 took the opportuni'y to view lie o::e; in' whom -they wei-u iureresl:ed and talw notes of.' flic class's appearance. Miss Margie Meek", one of the class, sang "Day Dreams" with violin otili- gnto aud piano accompaniment, and the audience save loud evidence of Us pleasure. The sous is beautiful, and was rendered by Jfiss Meek in pleasing style. . | ' f , . The Kev. E. L. Sonians of Uie Broadway MuUiodiist church invoked on the gathering and the class tlie divine blessing. Frank Hai'ttr, auotber member of the class of'OC.sang "The Creole's Love Song'' In a. strong, well-handled baritone voleo. His number wns heartily received. The speaker of Hie evening was-inlni-, dneed by Supt. A. II. Douglass. Mrs. Mc-Ttea .said In subswnee: "It is one .of tbe glories oi! the new times that man 1ms readied a st.-igu of culture wherein ije is cognizant of his possibilities. Oui. oi.' flic 3Stb century, i lie last word is, that nuw learned tliis losson, tlw* lie iijiust ffWrn himseli'. The new word of our t'irae has siguid- c.-ince. 1C all men must govern, all must serve-. The new word'of the'new time Is, man nuist serve nil men. ' -In this thue we boar much of the Hew. edncation. 'What docs it mean, the new in education? 'Jo this men -have contributed of .their thought, of tbeir struggles. What is the spirit of tlii* new'educatioii iiluit has • come down from the past? To make man, more. God-like. 'At: the "foundation'of all Is this one thought. Education is growth. In science it is evolution, "Man is tlie-pro.duct-of.al] the ages. The cli-ild niust grow"' We can give him opportunities, but-the child himself Is ro'copnlzetVas the'being-In'whom are the possibilities'. "If there, is'-one Idea, that dominates tbe new. e'ducatio-n, it Is this' thought: that however-humble, every child .is a peer of-every other child. "When we'have grasped tbe idea of unity we have harmony. Tbe primitive man still lives. 'The difference between the man who has uo'grasp of tbe culture we enjoy and 'the : man of-.the new times is as great as-it can be. -Ve can count •thousands who liave come to the point where tbey. can grasp the possibilities 6f;t;iieit-.fellows.-' .'Foreigners''may ask. 'AVIierc.is your gi'eatnej. 5 .' Muy-we'not aiLSwer, 'the-aim OL' Amerirans Is not to raise mountain peaks liei'e and there, •but that'all t.ho people may come to kau\v wluit it is to have .soul culture.' I; is the pride of the country tiiat we li;tve ."0.000 moderately odnc-ati'd men instead of one Ijere and there w!io h.'is absorbod all i he culmiv. '.-.Seryici? bojri»s in carL-f-ul preparation 1'or doing the l.i'os't we can do. When we luivo served aaoilipr we have served ourselves best. When we have served ourselves best wo have done our best. "YVIiai: rein lion lias this menial training to the life work of these young peo- pli'.V To think. Oil, how wonderful. When will we In.- able to-appreciate it? Man can think, 'This brings him nearer to liod than are the angels. '•We live in a time when the demands are Hucli that Micro must be tills competition. 1't comes home to us f arbors and mothers that, we must equip our boys and girls belter than we were utjuippi'il. Our boys and girls, must be ready for facing nejv tilings. '•Tliis is a practicul time. Wiiat is a praelic-al tiling? Thut which brings the best to the soul. The new times demand people to do something as \vc-Jl as think so'merhing. •AVe-.-iind the praetical all about us. There are solutions that need to be wrought, out. "There Is one tiling the new education iic-ed,-! re-cling to. That is sympaiiiy. We have but to know of a great sorrow to lind liow full the heart is of sympathy/ -There is a motto it would be well -to keep: 'Each for all aud all for each.' ' -,.••• "In those days of hooks we thiukwc; are in danger of getring some life stories l:hat-'iiiig!it not lie Hie best, for us. If we road but ten groat books, aud ilifwe bt'c-iiist' we love learning, we have more than by reading scores oC books, simply to'liave read them. ''•If t(Te trees aud meadows speak to us of the divine, of truth, then tliey are giving to us something of the culture that makes us better. Those • people who'hope must are those who bring tin; best'to come about. Tbe man who says the world is becoming worse is an enemy ip his race. The man who tears out of tlii! heart of youth its hopes, its dear- c.sl- treasure. i< worse than a murderer. Hope will boar np l!ic world. "ft wiis impossible to realize what the Fariicrliuod of God meant until man understood wlnH the brotherhood of man ineanf. Fi-oni 'Nils sprung the new religion. The world is coming to know wli.-it it means 10 love one's brother. "The old religion asks, 'Are you saved?' Tlio new religion asks, 'Is my 'broiln'V saved?' So far ns one has helped Ills brother, so far lias he helped his own isilvat.ion. We must save our brother if we would ourselves be saved. "We would never know wli.-it good wns. were it not for tlic contrast with evil. Good exists, so there is evil. "Wo begin to see'tonight streaks here nnd there of Use light of tbe morning that is to come. "We know these young people have c-linracter. They have performed a set task. T.liesr young people know what if'means to stand for something. I'his is being cdut-Rted. They have opinioas. They can be eounted upon. "To think the thought 1 , io feel the seu- Unieii't. to do the deed, is the real triumph. "What :i blessed thing to have ba.cn born in these times of infinite opportunity. "We have nothing but congratulations for them. There is hop- 1 iu the future. '•The city and .State, have done by these young people wlwt it is their privilege to do. /"Place honor above uverything. It these young people know what books a re. .what a man is. what honor is, what God is: if they are full of faith in this sweet religion of oui-s: if they know what honor is, then (hey are educated. " 'A good time coming." all that is .sweet,'all that is hopeful nnd pleasant •In life, and that yon may onjuy all to the full, is my wis'n." Mrs. Mcllca's most excellent address was received wirh applause. • Prof, .Tobn Miller, the violinist, rendered the next nuiivber of the program. The announcement is a sufficient assurance that ilie number was an enjoyable one. rro-::. Miller responded to an encore'. Miss Frances Lux sang a solo that'won for her :i recall, aud as this charming young vocalist always does, more than pleased by her singing. Hon.. Qnnicy A. Myers presented the diplomas to the members of the class, with a few words of commendation to the class aud explanation to the patrons of the work done-to-earn the certificates. He bade tlie 'graduates God speed. Mr. W. T. G-ilte sung'a solo, "Tbo Ship I Love," with,good effect, and'the commencement,'the twenty-sixth in the history of the Logauspo-rt High school, was closed with the benediction by the .Rev. E. L'. Semans. The offerings oC admiring relatives and friends took the form of valuable aud useful gifts, in the place of the bou- 'quots, the "gathering of whfcU formerly made the commencement exorcises ratb- er lengthy. The presents were mostly made before the exercises, and those who took flowers and books to l-lic opera house, sent them back on the stage before the program was begun. ' ' ' • ' • , L .A new arrival of ladies' tan shoes at Stevenson & Klinslck. =0= Xort-h and Easr, South and Wesf, Living now in Peace and Rest: To Hie Stars and Stripes wo bow, 'Gainst all foes united uoiv. = O- Today and Tomorrow, May 29 & 30. Any Lady making a purchase at our^store, wi'l be presented with a beautiful Souvenier, appropriate for Decoration Day. Our Closing Out Sale Still at Full Bla*st. HARRY FRANK 313 Fourth Street. I Am Showing - the Finest line of Spring Suitings That Was Ever Seen in This City. P. J. HOOLEY. 418 Market Street END CAME UNAWARE. The Death "of Mrs. J. N. Adair of Noble Township a Sudden Shock. i The children of Mrs. J. N". Adair of yoble township fount! this morning tli;u sLc bad (lied during the night. When found by her horrified children the lady was lying on the couch occupied by her as u boil, her body fast becoming cold in death, though her passing uway had apparently occurred only :i short time before'. The deceased was afflicted with heart trouble, and was seventy 'years of age. A short time ago she lost her Husband 1 . There was no indication hi Hie lady's manner on retiring the uiglit before that she was in any way unwell, or in low spirtls. The sudden death is a Horrible blow to her relatives :im! friends. The funeral will be'lield Sunday afternoon at -2 o'clock at the residence. The services will be conducted by 1hc Rev. 0 P. rutuam of the FirstTresbytorian dun-cli of this city.. IiHerment will be mode at Mt Hope cemetery. DON'T NEGLECT YOtiR EVES. The Hirscuberg Optical Co., of New York, have completed arrangements to have Prof. Hirscbberg, or ouo of his staff, visit their agent, D. .•_ -.ink. May 25 to 30th inclusive and examine eyes of all who are In need of glasses. This will be a rare opportunity for all who are suffering from defective vision to have their eyes scientifically examined and corrected. TliQ Professor comes here wholly in tbe interests of the HIrscbberg Optical Co., and will stop with D, A. Haul; where may be found a full 'Jue of Hirschberg's spectacles anil eye glasses. All oculists and -physicians everywhere pronounce in their favor, and all who use them arc only too glad to testify to their clearness, durability, comfort and ease they give to the eyes, even on the most difficult wort. Consultation free. A Xovelty iu TTatch ; Guards Made of the New Shades iu Leather. One of the very latest things In gentlemen's watch chains of guards I? made o£ leather. They are very handsome, and unique. They are made in many different colors, embracing all the new shades. That they are a great' favorite with the gentlemen goes -without saying; and especially is it so with the bicycling public. A little nicMe-plated buckle Is used to attach them to the clothing and also to the watch and thereby avoiding the danger of losing your watch while on the wheel. These guards are being presented to Line Filling'.* customers with shoes. Tilling the up-to-date shoe man makes it a special point to always do as much,. if not a little more for his customers than does any of his competitors. Free watch guards and free shines with every pair of shoos.—Pilling, the • Shoo man, 412 Broadway, Logansport, Ind. Columbia bicycles are the best. To ride a Columbia is to buy one. They, soil themselves.—Line Pilling, agent, 412 Broadway. To The Ladies Mr. D. P. Davis, a prominent liveryman and merchant of Goshen, Va., has this to say on the subject of rheumatism: "I take pleasure In recommending Chamberlain's Pain Balm for rheu-, matism, as I know from personal experience that It wjll.do all that Is claimed for it A year ago this spring my brother was laid up-In bed with Inflammatory rheumatism and suffered Intensely. The first application of Chamberlain's Pain Balm eased the pain and the use of one bottle completely cured him. For sale by' B. F; Kecs- llng, druggist. Do you appreciate;0tto!s. remarkable offer, a watch aud>cba:n free with suite and shoes. Stop and think a moment. This is the season of the year when the unpleasant but necessary work of btouse-cleaning claims the attention of the housekeeper and not a little depends on tbe appearance of yonr lace curtains as poorly done-up curtains spoil tbe effect of a well-furnished borne quicker than anything else. We have experienced help In this class of work who do nothing else and we know we can give you perfect satisfaction. We are also making a.specialty this year of .laundering shirt waists, being the only' firm In the city using machinery exclusively for the purpose. We wllJ appreciate your patronage. Campbell Bros. 429 Market St. SfOPl READ. LOTS FOB SALE.' In Hlcliland Phrk. Osmer's Addition; In John n Johnson's iast End Addition; In. Maple Grove p'M3f"ore Addition; Jn Drltts Addition; In McDowfJl's Addition; In Woodland Addition; In LaBosi Addition. M. M. GORDON. • . Office No. 1 Spry Block, Pearl 8t> •" .

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