The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 10, 1930 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 10, 1930
Page 7
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JIONDAY,_NOVEMBEK 10, 1930 Bl.YTIIRVIUF,, (ARK.) COUKIBR NEWS Menacing Muzzle of Uncle Sam's.Biggest Giiii • ~';°"• cents a worn ror Orst In- Krtlou and one cent * vM lor taxi! kubwqutat Insertion. No sdverllacmeut taken lor less than We. Count the »ords-a.Dd stud the t»«u. i'hune 30ft I'OU HKNT I'OR RENT—Front bed room, steam heated, adjoining bath, 003 West Main. Phone 642. 3C-TF| &'• FOR KENT — Furnished apartment, garage : 11 (leered. ' 305 Dougan. . 3P-K12 FOR RENT — Modern home on West Walnut. Sec G. G. Cruidill. 3P-K13 FOR RENT- 1000 block G. Gcodwin. -Five - room lio\ise I" 0:1 Ash St. Call M. 4C-TF FOR RENT—Furnished rooms for light housekeeping, 700 Walnut. Also unfurnished flat, 1013 Walnut. :•••• •- i . SQ-K15 FOH RENT—Board and room. Also li'^ht housekcepim; rooms. ' 100 W/Ash. 10Prkl3 FOR RENT — Furnished cotuge. Very aid-active. Rent S23.50. Thomas Land Co. 1CC-K13 FOK RENT—Furnished apartment. 108 Kentucky. Phone 083. 10P-K17 WANTED WANTED—Family washings, blankets, o.uilts/ MI'S. Farmer. 703 Lake St.' • • •'• 3P-K10 ROOM AND BOARD S8.50 per week. Mrs. Freeman at Glencoe Annex, 114 W. Ash St. 7C-K11 WANTED — Family Washings '.Yeshed and Ironed by competent white woman. Mrs. Brown 704 S. Lake St. IVcfc-lf ?^::S$S Ortedns Cotton , )m{ BOARDING HOUSE PAGE SEVEN -; NEW ORLEANS, Nov. 10 (UP) — Coltu.i !,i. C( i steady. Open High Lo-.v do.^ ; 1102 1102 loin 1013 1 1115 1115 1089 1003 ' > ll'JB 1139 1 1115 1120 V • . 11G3 1104 1HO 11-U 1 1183 1133 1168 llli-l | 1135 1105 1170 117!) >P-'..- i-!osed ftefidy nt 1001, off By Ahery-y -•(•'-'• -:, -.. '•" - Coiion t :i This gigantic gun. shov;n hero, scrvlnj as n sort of pedeslal for carefree members of the Army Ordinance Association, -is on? cf VJjiclc Sam's new lG-;n:h scacoast defense ^ims. c.xhlbitc;! to members] of the association nt the Aberdeen proving ground.-, in Maryland. The gun throws a ZlOO-puumlS H -rll •.'. shell for 30 miles, and is the lureest weapon In t'.ie country. It can lire a .shell n minute. :; SSSTfi :;O U sJ Q i_| ! The upper Yosemitc wafcrfall in \ California drops'1430 feet sheer, nearly as high as nine Niagaras p!!od ci:c above, the other. YORK. Nov. 10 (UP)—Cot- f.i lulrly st;iu!y. Op:n Ilitfh Low C!i-sc ---V 1CTO 1100 1075 107U :•! 10D8 10911 101C 1073 »' 1110 1113 1090 1031 ''.I 1115 1115 1053 1003 -.. 1133 1UO 1110 1120 ... 1H ; 5 1105 1141 1143 .. 1171) 1183 1108 1159 -.. 1202 1202 1180 1180 i-iosed quiet i\t 1080, oft 35. j II.K I-OII EACH DOIXAU MIDDLE-TOWN, M. Y., lUI'l - Tlv- [-.-••M:: ,t n Methodist Eplsro- pnl i-ii.;;,•!] lure tliouuht too intiny IKIII-... \vore ,l)dnc; dropped Into the, t. nation p'.ui,?, .sn he ilevlsod a p!:i:: v.i-i-i-cby c:idi lime-u dollar or lucre «as offered the usher wus to uii'sdc, T'lie plan succtieded so isher? coEn\(laitied of sore ti'r :•..-, «u ineclv.niicnl whistles were obtained. I fiend Courier News Wiuil Mn. LOST AND FOUND LOST—One liver tick. male pointer, solid 'Finder notify Jimmie : ' By. SISTEft MARY .... , :• NEA Scn'ice -Writer ',', Since first and last impressions are! considered ihc most important, it liehooves the home-maker to chopse her dessert with care. There are luncheon desserts and .tinner desserts, .-."company" .des- Lcdbetter. ' Reward. ' GC-TP I.OST—Ladies lircwn pm'se. Finder return to Mrs. Howard Proctor,400 North Broadv.|iv, Rew;ird. 10P-K13 serts and PERSONAL TAXI—p. 'A. 'MCGREGOR Day or Night Service, Phone 16. : . 1C-K30 ANYONE knowing thc whereabouts of Bosc Barksdalc (19) notify his mother. Rebecca Darksdale, Blytheville. Ark. Last heard of near Trumann, 'about a year ago. 10P-KH IN -THE ^KHSSISSIPPT OHANCE11V COURT, , CHICK- ASA'WBA DISTRICT. Building ar.d Loan As- r.ociation, ar.d W. L. ns Trustee, Plaintiffs, C. II. Garner, et nl.. Defendants. W«\RXIN 7 G ORI>EH.. The defendants, O. II. Garner, Ida L. Garner and Kiii2.-llaase Furaiiure Company are .warned to r.ppear in this court .within thirty days from this date ai;d answer the complaint of the plain- iilTs, American Building and Lean Acscciation, . and AV. .L. Uclony, Trustee. In Witness Whereof. I have hereunto set my hand nnd the seal of ihc above court this 1st day of November, 1930. W. W. HOLLIPETEH, (Seal) Cicrk of the above Court. as well whicn is as ,'the "part-y" dessert, quilfe elaborate. Beth the type of the meal and thc. variety o: -me ai served are determining factors in Hie choice of desserts. A. simple tarm-hou&e dinner. would be incompatible with a fu^sy ' Frencn' desseri, and by the same token s. formal :menl demands a 1 "smarter 1 ' dessert than apple pie. Kicli meats like pork, teat, mutton and goose require light desserts free from fat and, especially in the case of pork and goose, with a tendency toward tartness. ^ fruit iir''ss2son,. .fruit- -in gelatine, 'iinit 'tluvored gelatines and ic'.-s, detij-fish fruit pies and perfectly b?.l;cd traits are es.ccllent- selections for-, these dinners. •.. L : '-i'uli(fii Wr Nutritious Desstrts Liultt meats like veal and 1 limb need n more nittritiottn dessert. I Since veal itself 'is rich in geltitme, I the dessert should : not be jsllicn ' unless it is a natural fruit -jelly. Veal is lacking in fat, so this can be supplied" 'in the dessert. -Lamb, however, does riot' require a dessert particularly' rich In "tal. Since tho' haver of both of these meats' is miid, this, too, must te taken care 'of in tile dessert. Caramel eus- tard is a good choice lor vetii; chcc- clate- of fniii sonnies, one-crus-, piei, EKisoniibic fruU used in pud- din^3 v.'itli a rich ssuce, almost ahi" llavcred ice cream made rich with cream- and cges — t-cse are excellent for either veal or lain'u. Tradition has much lo do with the dessert preferred for poultry and turkey. Th:se tisually apyear 3-10-17-24 !!OT THE HKST IMC, CHILI COFFEE RUSTIC INN » AND By Harvey Morris,' D. C.j on festive occasions when a fancy ccncocticn is in order. Frozen puddings, bavarian'' creams, charlottes and French pastries all go well with poultry of any sort.- f: --* The dcsfcrt thai perfectly fiiiisli- es tile meal sliouM fonn as great a contrast in flavor antt texture with tho courses preceding it as possible. Tfiere are a fe\v mistakes c"aa> 1 to avcid. To serve a fresh fruit des- Isevt alter a fruit salad, to follow I an omelel with a custard or a meat ] pie b'y piistiy; to save a'jellipd dr:s- sert. after, a jellied ' saiad—thcso 'are simple errors in judgment that break the fust niie for chcoiimj the riglil dessert. Thc seasoi-i cf the year niso in- (Itienccs tl'.e ' choice of thc sweet course. Spicy s'.cajne:! p-jdclin.^s are app:ti<:in; !cr cold winter days, but would f.ul t^ p:j.-;:7 lita-- ing tot summer \\ea\her. AsiSe frcm all this, the riessert should have a definite, active pnrt in the meal, r.o: just s;:ue;li:ng added' as nn'afterthought farciiioe it is sweet, or tastes goj-.i. T!ie carc- le.-s clioite of deserts makes fo'r untal.-iiiccd diets and discstive disturbances. WERT ! ' t He Makes 'EnvSec-l V. It. WASUAJI—Transfer Uaily trips to Memphis. Will iiick up and deliver freight and fwek.iyw anywhere. ijpcclaJ •»"-= on carload lots. .Locni Phono SSI Memphis I'hone 3-03; That's what happens \vheh needed repairs arc negleelec! too long. KEEP.THE VALUE IN YOUR ', HOME "Don't'put off calling us any longer. JUST PHONE 100 Fay Out of Income Check This List " See If your home, needs any - ( :of these repairs or. improvements • 'Mure rlusct space Shelving Cupboards Dcors Gar.ijjc New ivalks or driveiyiiys •JJuM- floors over old 'Hjoofing • "ruiut ' •'.jCi 11. ••" -Kcf>chs nr'screen doors -' ICepair or recover side- ! (walls . \c\v frcnt entrance Windows or frames New (rim I'arlitious klK'lusc puri-h WILL' GWe ME. A "R6PAV A WITH MRS 1 , GILL, srie eor SOME: BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By Martin UK! 14 , AM PRECKWJS AND HIS FRIENDS mCGINMNC DAYLIflHT! GOOD STEA1CS AND HOT FISH. TOWS CAFE Ta .. cs District Ko. 1. Now Due (i. G. CAUI)ii,L; ' . ••• Collector, s in Farmers Dank'.Bldg. fruit,, t, crisp bicr.i], imifTuis, :mil!:, Daily JIci :'—Gra|)e cream, scrambled r?s graham ami ,r.iism ccilec. . "M .. . LUNCHEON'—Cream • -,ofn to'niato soi:p. crculcns. sweet potato salad, whole- wheat bread and butter sandwiciics. lemon jKiddiny, cwon. DINNER— Floiuuler in parsley sauce, twice baked potatoes, btit- i tercd, jellied celery ami' 1 cabbage salad, a]ip]e ilumuiin^s' with cream, milk, cdfo VEP...7HAT VJAS DAtJ CAUOE, A.l.(. .RISHT... POOB. THEBE ISH'T A CHANCE OF 1>S S6TTl|0' DOT C* H6R£ I THAT... vne CCULOUT see IT-O 'BE ff.EBSfc • SI6HT... ITS 6C\HG To 8E PERILOUS 3ULIVJ6 THOOSHl! l?y Blosfiei %?£% YiX) Run BACH AM TPAT PA.CX3LE AM' THEM S OFF.' •MiASII TUiiHS • NOTICE With our recent partnership KilJi Mr.-.Gee, Carney, we now have (he ^hcsl equipped indc- pontlcnt • shop in town. CARNEY-JENKINS GARAGE Picknid! Building : , "We know we know how" '. SC1IOOI. HANS FIJATS FAIKMOXT. \V. Va. (UPi~In a fptooli bcfo:-; ihe E.1.--I Fainnont High Erhcol .i-.cmbly, principal \V.< C. \Vlialey \v,Mncl uga'.nsfornaiu'i- .nticn of fraternities ivi'.h fccrci and selective hifintorsiiiii:. He s:ii;l siich crgani/fltions wciild not b» rtc-snizcd ty the faculty and \v:;ild bt rc-fuied space in the scliocl pu'o- STOWWMS, HE^? PUT 'EM To WOUVC, VARO VlORK. fA^KE 'E»A VIORK T'.U. THEY DRO?l ONE MOMENT PLEPvSC, CfvPTM« Rlff-RWF! vows OF THE WORID, SIR, XRt FlUtO (A»TW. StltH SHIFTLESS 6£T MoyiNd, YOU TRftMVS. OEfiTLEfAEN OF excepTioNfvu woKTrt INTELU&EHCS? THK GOOD SAMARITAN Uy Crane _ VRVMxVEGE, , C JR. HERE ;-5£M£R.\V TVVODSMD DaUf\BS- KINDLE GIVE 81\iT. SlR.TrtENeR-V BEST. SEE VTIS fvM OUTRfVCjEl SUEELV THERE is p, \XM "WS. TWO dEHTlEMtN ESCAPE i SUCH TERRORS.

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