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The Tennessean from Nashville, Tennessee · Page 24

Nashville, Tennessee
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Wednesday, February 2, 1966
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24 THt NASHVIUi TINNISStAN, Wedneidiy, Feb, 1, 1966 Sheriff Fired At, Slays Woman By LESLIE HOUSTON Stat Correspondent SELMER, Te.nn. MrNalry County Sheriff Buford Pussor hot. and klllpd Mrs. Louise Hathcock yesterday a split second after the woman tried to shot him while he served her with a warrant, DiM. Atty. Gen. Will Terry Abernathy said. Mr. Hathcock, about 50, owner of the Shamrock Motel and Restaurant which straddles thai Tennessee-Mississippi state line' 12 miles south of Selmer, died in-j stantly from "at least one bullet in the chest," Abernathy said. Abernathy said the investiga tion indicates the sheriff acted In his own necessary self defense" hut the matter will "in all probahility" be presented to the county grand jury in May, MRS. HATHCOCK, who shot her ex-husband to death May 22. 1S64, at the same motel, was cleared of charges after declaring to officers: "It was either me or him." Yesterday's duel took place about 11 a.m. in Mrs. Hathcock's living quarters at the motel. Pusser was accompanied by Chief Deputy Sheriff Jim Mof-fitt and Deputy Peaty Plunk. Abernathy said the officers were attempting to serve Mrs. Hathcock with a search warrant after an Illinois couple had complained of the alleged theft of a purse containing $125 and valuable papers, THE COUPLE spent the night at the motel, discovered the Items missing yesterday morning and drove to Selmer where they swore nut the warrant before General Sessions Court Judge C. S. Treere. The attorney epneiHl quoted the couple as saying; they com plained first to Mrs. Hathcock but she "appeared under the influence) of alcohol" and told them to "get the hell out." He aaid the officer found Mrs. Hathcock in an "obvious state of Intoxication" when they arrived at the motel. Abernathy said Mrs. Hathcock came to the door and greeted the officers saying: "COME IN HERE sheriff, I got aomething to tell you." The sheriff entered the room and Mrs. Hathcock turned quickly and fired a single shot from a 38-caliber pistol, Abernathy said. Pusser was quoted by Agent, Warren Jones of the Tennessee Bureau of Criminal Identifies-j tion as saying the bullet "whiired by my ear." ine sheriff dropped to the from June, 1950, to November, nnor ana urea inree snots as. 1981. the woman sagged to the floor, ing Items taken from their rooms. At the time Mrs. Hathcock shot her husband, Jack, the couple operated the motel and restaurant on a "50-50" basis. Although they had been divorced for several years, he operated the motel, located in side Tennessee, and she ran the adjoining restaurant, located in Mississippi. The line-straddling operation had baffled officers from both states, but Abernathy said: "I feel our sheriff and the Highway Patrol have done a good job of policing the place." Dr. Joel White Dies in Boston Dr. Joel J. White, Rear Adm., (ret ), USN, will be buried tomorrow morning with full military honors in Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Va. A native of Nashville, he had lived in Cambridge, Mass., in recent years. Dr. White died Monday night in Chelsea Naval Hospital, Boston, where he had been commanding officer from 1947 to 1949. After his retirement from the Navy in 1949, he served as medi- J I State Gl Faces Court Martial rh New York Times Ntws Service BERLIN Three Germans were sent to prison yesterday for having unlawfully used American army uniforms and license plates In an escape op eration in which an iuast merman man and two women were successfully brought to the West last Dec. 19. The head of the escape group, Albert Schueti, 42-year-old barman, told the court be had heloed 399 East Germans escape to the West since 1962. He was sentenced to five months in prison and a $600 fine. Two United States servicemen who sold pieces of their uniforms to the Germans are scheduled to face Army court-martials at United States headquarters here. The trial against Pfc. Michael R. Herman, 21, of Portland, Ore. has been get for today, with proceedings against the other soldier, Specialist 4C. William G. Taylor, 22, of Hermitage, Tenn., to follow. t AT THE TRIAL before the German court yesterday, defense attorneys argued the men in volved in the deal had acted courageously from a wish to help others. However, Judge Guenther Elith ruled the action was unlawful and could have "brought trouble and difficulties for the American Army and United States command." The defendants acknowledged they had stolen the license plates from an Army car parked in a West Berlin street and said they had received the equivalent of J4.O00 for bringing the refugees across. Krebiozen Caution Given GIVE OWCH FROM HAROLD or MAYME LOU Bennetts MELROSE CENTER 291-5664 Haiti durinjr the American occu Jones said. THE BULLET which missed the sheriff shattered a pane of idase and lodged In a post outside the building1 where it was recovered, the district attorney esld. The pistol was etill In the woman's hand when Jones arrived, he added. Law enforcement officers have complained for several vears'patinn of that country. about the Shamrock operation. Dr- White was born Oct. 26. Ten days ago, Tennessee Alcohol 1 1890. In Nashville. He received Beverage Commission agents!ni M.D. degree from Vanderbilt university ana interned at St. Thomas Hospital. In 1917 he married the former Virginia Armistead of Nashville. She survives, along with a daughter, Mrs. H. Carlton Fitz, West Point, Va.. and sons, Robert W. White, Brunswick, Ga., who Is area representative for General Motors Acceptance Corp., and Dr. Harrison H. White, associate professor of sociology at Harvard University, Cambridge. Other survivors include a By DONALD JANSON The Ntw York Times News Service CHICAGO The American Medical Association warned that the outcome of the Krebiozen trial should not be Interpreted as establishing the effectiveness of the drusr in treating; cancer. Five makers and promoters of the controversial substance were acquitted Monday and Saturday on federal charges of conspiracy to defraud the public by mer chandizing Krebiozen as an anti' cancer agent. One of the acquitted, Dr. An drew C. Ivy, interpreted the not guilty verdict to mean the Jury felt it was "reasonable" to believe the drug was effective. DR. IVY, 72-year-old former cal director of the Nashville Re- vice president of the University gionsl Red Cross Blood Center of Illinois, said the finding had given Krebiozen "a clean bill of health." The physiologist, scientific ad vlser to Dr. Steven Durovic's Krebiozen research foundation, said the verdict "should help get a test of Krebiozen." Durovic, discoverer of Kre blozen, the foundation and Ivy, the principal defendants in the nine-month trial, have for years sought a government-sponsored clinical test of their product on Dr. Joel J. White Nitive of Nashville DURING his military career, Dr. White organized and com manded Base Hospital No. 3 in the Solomon Islands. He was awarded the Legion of Merit for his service on Guadalcanal during the American campaign there in World War II. He served as Chief Flight Surgeon for the U.S. Navy and waa Public Health Officer in houthi eanCir patients. and State Troopers raided the motel and found 2.2O0 half pints of whisky without Tennessee tax stamps. Mis. Hathrock was cited before Judge Treece who released her under bond. A hearing was scheduled for later this month. THE ATTORNEY general said there have been several complaints from tourists report- Investing Companies NEW YORK (lUTHe follewtnf vote-flens, supplied by the National Auocla-tien ef Securltlts Dealers, Inc., are the prices et which these securities could hive been sold (bid) or boueht (liked): The U.S. Food and Drug Ad ministration, in a statement issued in Washington, indicated that the government had no intention of reopening negotiations on the kind of tests that would satisfy Krebiozen proponents. "S C I E N T I F I CALLY," the statement said, "this case was closed in 1963." In that year, it said, agency inspectors analyzed Krebiozen ampules "ready for Injection into patients and found them to con tain only mineral oil, sometimes with a small amount of creative derivative, and an alcohol." The statement said there is brother, Albert A. White, Nash-jf0 judication for further test- villp anrl nine trranrlrrtilrlrpn. !'" i"w run naijri ai ! ready had determined there was ..I . ,,j j I "no such thing as Krebiozen as uiiium iub iiumicu an anticancer agent and the pro UNITED NATIONS (.ft- Mrs. f motor of the drug had been vie Bid Asked; lid Asked Marietta Tree, former niembrr timizing cancer patients into is w&rtr ,,h;vl;s- ,o tb::bur9 ,,mpule ?v "reral AHil Pd e.jj tin jlves Fd u.25 65 57t nited Nations, has been named! The efficacy of Krebiozen for m bus u 4 W jonnstn iiimii.o persona representative of cancer treatment was not at "us , bi j4noi,i5 0'Spcre,Hry-General V Thant to issue in the trial and the FDA Cus B2 24 J236M help raise funds for the U.N.'warned cancer victims "not to Cus ifi iVoe'i'to1 International School Develop-, risk their lives or throw away Cus ki to 01 10 n ment, fund which started yes- their money on this worthless Cus KJ 6l 7.iterdav. Idrug." Cus SI 24U26 7i Am Grtn 7 54 122 Am Inv 3 1 53 3I.U Am Mut 10 54 II SI Asso Fd I II 304 Asin InFrJ 7 31 747 Ait Houihron: Fund A 7.28 7.91 Fund B 10 73 II 46 Slock 591 6.4 Sci Flo 16 77 It 2j Blue Rd 1 34 15.47 Bondllk 6 63 7.25 Bost Fd 10 OB 11 02 Broad St Bullock Cus S2 14.28 15 58 Cut S3 32 28 24 31 Cut S4 6 95 7 59 Int Fd 12.16 115 Knickerb 7 87 8 62 16.39 1772 iKnick Oth 9.38 10.27 16.19 17,74 Lszerd 17 87 18 12 Wl WH 10 26 11.2lilexlnat 11.06 2 09 Cdn Fd 19 26 20 S4 i Life Inv 8 68 9 49 C spit Inc 10 24 11.23! Life Stk 6 37 6 94 Cepit Shr S 55 9.37 Loom Ce 3168 316 Cent 5hr 13 21 14.44 Loom Sa 16.51 16 51 Chennini Funds: Mass Gth 110162 03 6an 14 07 15.38 Mass Tr 17 57 69.20 Com Stk 2 24 2 47 j Mass Lif 12 97 14.12 orwtn 16 67 18 22 ; Morton Fundi: Incom 9 34 10.21 Growth 9 51 10 42 I Ml 9 20 Incom 4 56 5 00 Special 2 94 3.21 Insuran 8 21 t oo Case Fd 10 29 11.25 'MIF Fd 197621.36 Chtm Fd 16.95 18.53 Ml F Gth 6 11 6 61 Cst See 1.68 l 75;Mut Inve 11 42 12 S2 Colon Fd 1371 1498 Mut Shn 17 30 1 7 30 Colon Gth 14.13 17 63! Mut Trull ? 93 1 99 l(TOl Hd ggn T5 Commonwllh Fds Cap Fd 14.38 65.72 ncom 1075 75 Invtit 10 89 11.90 Stock 10.6811.67 Comlr AH 1 83 .. . ComTr CO 1.90 . Comp Bd unavail Come Fd unavail Concord 15.62 15.42 Cons Inv 10.87 11.2S Quartet's 1st Concert Of Series Balanced Nashville Strine Quartet (Pierre Menard and Robert Murray, violins; Arthur Lewis, viola: Harvey Wolfe, cello). Underwood Auditorium. Vanderbilt University. Quartet in F maior, Oo. 3, No. 5, Havdn.- Strinq Quartet, Oo II, Barber; Si Bagatelles, Oo 9, Weberni Ouertet in G maior IK. 387), Mo:art. By LOUIS NICHOLAS This first of two "468 series" Consm inv 4 3t 4 80lNew Ene 11 78 12 74 Net WSec II 97 12 96 Naf Inves 20 47 22.13 Nat Sk Ser: Beian 13 01 14 72 ! rnnp.r. vv tv. thr.fnrh. Bond 6 64 7 26 " Divid 5 43 5 93new rashvilla String- Quartet, f-rJl! In 5 22 presented by the Nashville Sym- Incom 6.77 7 401. s . , Stock 9 66 l0 5j phony Guild, had a particularly Ntrwet $ ' to' appeR"n' and 'ell-blancel Pr- NE A Mut 11.72 11 96! rate in texture. Each Is a distillation of an evanescent mood. One called to my mind the flight of an insect into a spider's web where it hung suspended without even struggling. All sorts of unusual effects are demanded from the strings, such as a pizzicato slide, playing at the extreme ends of the bow for differing effects, playing with springing bow, using ghostly tremolandos, marked accents, sharp releases, and many more. The group gave an Impressive ! account of these demanding trifles. The Havdn Quartet li one of Conv Sec I 97 t.SOINew Hor 13 60 13 74 ; il. aPi;.,t : whirh k. .n.ri.t miles. ConvGr 12.80 13.99 1 Noreast the earliest in which the quartet Th, vn,,r( ...a i. .i,. , Coro Ld 19 16 20 93iOn wmS 15 45 is 45 1 form is clearly differentiated ,,. .... J u. from the cassations. div.rti.;d(,djrat(,d tQ and wMch .....ii, tin, irmpnomn tor hi, f ,.,,.:, , Crown W 76 7.39 0poen Fd 23 87 26 09 )V9h M 75 61 75 41 ! Penn Sq 22 01 23 07 Dectl Inc 12 96 14.14 Peocles 11 79 1 2 3 7 Ola Fd 100 17.49 Phila Fd 1488 14.31 Diver or 17 91 4 5 Pine Diver Inv 10 35 11.73'Pionee i ii t'i i Mill &tsa s'd u"!;"9'- Thu9h ,h,f ''7' vi.Jin quartet composer. The last W t-r it s 12 9! ' predominant, the other niVPmm' showed the fine. D.v.d Shr 3 86 4 7 Price TR 71 41 21.41 ! players have plenty to do most .n.en.hl., f n-i. n(i,l DowTh In 7 34 7 94 Prov.dnt 5 47 5 ,u. ,. tl. '-..j ,.. ensemhla woik nf the entite Dreyfus 26.01 28 39Puntn 1M6 12 50 or ,r" ,ime- ' he second move- p,0!;ram. with the "Andante: IJIS i XVAftuWFFr iR'Iflv ,'8r",," "fluis'tely cantahile" having particular! !mrlvSG if ?Im'ioh 75 a 9 ' Played Wlth sle"cl"-- t0"e beauty and eloquence. Energy 78 9 28 9 Reo Tech in 56 ana aristocratic phrasing by Thi is a well halanrerl mum FmB M'it ;n!i:5 ;iUn" llilioi Menatrd. over the muted and 0f able players, with Menard anj Fed Grth 14 00 15 31 Scudder Funds: I neiicaie pizzican oi ine other assured, if undemonstrative lead W&'d WSSSI ?: .tflt?,?': The ,Tri0 the". and Wolfe an increasingly :id Tmd 28 84 31 351 inti inv is 75 16 oo . minuetio actually does omit the satisfving anchor man. There inti inv is 75 16 oo ; mmueiio actually aoes omit the satisfying anchor man. had delightful spirit. Iment, and lait night's perform- F id Mut 73 60 6.1 Sec Eoul 10 71 II 70 ; viola. The Schenando finale was .lvq internretstive neree- 7 00 7 6S 5eiec Am 12.24 13 24.: h.rf ,m;.hii i 4 i The second movement of the 'ance gave promise that their Fl Gth Fie Mut unavail Shrhold 12 15 13 291 Fnd Lf 7 00. 7 S Shr Am 70 64 22 5 i pZiim cUVd'n:'lnvernr"n7!SSlBarvb''r 3uartet. h tran- already impressive ensemhle will Fourw 13 95 is 25 1 State st 46844730 scribed for string orchestra asjbecome ever more smooth and fncTrnV 3 4 S 'Km Fu7nd,73the "Adno Strings." reallvlpolished as they continue to Pi Stk 7 85 3 1 3 i Bal 43.03 43 03 r'1"1"'"1 i"e cunijuiser s liime nrx renrinpr. ut ii s i3i93 stock 4M ii is. when It became the first Ameri- Fund Arn 10 40 11 30! Inti IS SP 15 SB r-nn wnrk In h ti.rfni-m.H Kv Fund Inv 1? 87 14 mlstert inv 14 07 M ?! L performed D r-en Invest 7 29 MjiTeiev Fl lo 74 li l Tosranini. This essentially con- OreUS StC: ;Temo C-t 15 4": If A AerO 5C 10 71 11 7J Tea F H 11 n 1 l" Com St 15 7! 17 -in Twnf 5 j, n Fiji Ad in 70 II 117 Tr Inr 94 6 49 r.rth Ind 11 11 ' Un.tert FunHs-r-rvohon ts 94 174" A-rf- 1 wn-r-nArd" 2 71 i- Hrn-n Mm h1a c 9' ft t! ' en ti v 11 1-trnoCn fl i i" Mrici f.n rot t .r Imo F't 5 " IW V'-e :e e-ns-Inc Fnr) HI iw v! i s n 5 Inr B"' " ?-Ini-nr l"C !r r" !p c ?,; ' - s -Inrnrw Inv 7 7- t i 1';...- t , t Inrl T-en 17 M ri' ri . , - Ins eih '1 7 ii 1. .1.1 i , . , Inv CArn 7 4 !A !( l '.' 4'-n ' "1 ' Inve B" '4 ?i 15 J3 V'l ' u - rvlt Grmir- i.. - , 1J !111 W '( -' "i'r.l, 71 :niiii,.,- C -j '0 m--r.rirt :n '4 il n -A.itre H ' servative work is markpd by the impassiiined lyricism that is so characteristic of Rather, ami maintains interest ihnnih its has iiwinie surprise, ili'.thmic ri:.--!o( -itiMn-: and unr etj ph:ae in-'i 7 r.s :,,n...h. ,. ,l(mi. fie perfnt :ii a ni e ,ia" v. hjh a:id ap THE WEBERN ; . ,. . - I :- f. ! i. o I..-, a- Ml ' rv 1 e 1 ' "-M v i-.i vr 1 v brief - 1 he !t',n,3f,'V t.HKe rin !n.,i h.:l ' b Tiiiniitr Mv ) e 1 1 ) n, 1 ,r !. ' ' ; k: :. , ; . .1 . I (::si'n " 1 1 e i 1 f ....wrU3RISTS I ' ' i 1 i -- it' - I I . . ,J s BIGLEY JAMES EDGAR BIGLEY et 2610 Essex Place, Tuesday morning, February 1, 1966. at St. Thomas Hospital. Survived bv his wite, Mrs. Dorothy DuH Biglev of Nashville; mother, Mrs. Bessie Mitchell; one sister, Mrs. Irene Mc-Cullum, both of Memphis; also e number of nieces and nephews. Remains are at the Franklin Memorial Chapel, where services will be conducted Wednesday afternoon at 2 00 o'clock, bv Rev. William T. Buckner. The follow-Inj friends will please serve as active pallbearers Robert Caroth-crs, Steve Luttrell, Virgil Taylor, Edward Sullivan, Leo Garland, Hilary Haley Sr. Interment Mt. Hope Cemettrv. FRANKLIN MEMORIAL CHAPEL, Funeral Directors. BYRNE LT. COL. (Rtt) DR. WILLIAM M. BYRNE Jan. 29, 196 at Dem-ing, N. Mex. He was husband ot Eva H. Byrne, Deminq, N. Men.; ton ol Mrs. Edith Byrne, Nashville, Tenn.; brother of Mrs. Jack Rowland. Nashville, Tenn., L. H. Bvrne, Washington. D.C.. Dr. James P. Bvrne, Deminq, N. Mex. Graveside (military) services. National Cemetery, 2 p.m. Thursday. Please omit flowers. Donations tn St. Lukt Episcopal Church, Deminq, N. Mex. Remains at COSMOPOLITAN FUNERAL HOME. CARTER MRS. LONNIE MAY CARTER Age 77 years, Tuesday mornino. February 1, 1966 at e local infirmary. Survived by daughters, Mrs. Jean Marshall, Lincoln Park, Mich, and Mrt. Helen Wifree, Lebanon, Tenn.j ton, Tommy Carter of Nashville; sister, Mrs. Lula Gregory, Goodleltsville, Tenn.) brothers, George, Albert end Jim Sattertield of Springfield, Tenn.; 12 grandchildren and three greatgrandchildren. Remains are ef Woodbine Funeral Home, 3620 Nolensville Road, where funeral services wilt be conducted Thursday alternoon, Feb. 3, 1966 et 5:00 o'clock by Rev. Charles Pool. Pall-bears: Honorary, Elmer Moore, Gentry Buchanan, Robert Kimbro. Allen Belcher, John Henry Bvrd, and Jewell Adams; active. Pete Collins, Minor Fulghum, W. A. Chilton, Tom King and Bobby Hol-linqsworth. Interment Woodlawn Cemetery. WOODBINE FUNERAL HOME, Directors. COURTNEY MISS AMBER KATHLEEN COURTNEY - Suddenly died Tuesday, February 1, 1966 at her home, 1726 Ith Avenue, North et 1 p.m. Survived by sister. Miss Goldie May Courtney and several cousins. Remains are at McCormick Funeral Home, 1503 Buchanan Street, where services will be held Thursday, February 3, 1966 ef 10:30 e m,, conducted by Rev. William T. Buckner. Pallbearers: Ward E. Akers, Bob Holt, Gene Hensley, James Johnson, Frank Lawrence, and Ralph Menus. Interment will be at Mt. Olivet Cemetery MCCORMICK FUNERAL HOME -255-0651. KRUIT PETER J. KRUIT - Monday. January 31, 1966, at a local Infirmary. Brother of Misses Mary and Minnie Kruitt, Nashville; uncle of John G. Ktllv, Nashville, Henry G. Kruitt, Los Anqeles, Calif., Mrs. John F. Ciesielski, Buffalo, New York, Mrs. Richard F. Dougherty, Phillipine Islands, Mrs. R. F. Hill, Mrs. John T. Barrett Jr., Nashville. Remains ere at the residence, 1812 24th Ave , So. Requiem High Mass, Cathedral of the Incarnation Chapel, with Father Patrick Connor. Pallbearers Donald H. Gregory, Robert F. Hill, John T. Bar-rett Jr., Henry M. Winecoff, Joe H. Dixon, Wesley W. White, Frank. A DeMarteo. Lee V. Colorigh and Elmer L. Henson Jr. Interment Calvary Cemetery. The Rosary was recited at the residence, 7:00 p.m. Tuesday. Arrangements by COSMOPOLITAN FUNERAL HOME. McCORMAC JOHN H. McCORMAC Tuesday evening, Feb. I. 1966 at a local infirmary, Survived by wife, Mrs. Katt A. McCormac; three daughters, Mrs. Jesse E. Carney, Mrs. Edward S. Caldwell and Mrs. William M. McCormac; two grandsons, George McCormic Carney and Houston William Caldwell. Remains rest at the funeral home of Phillips Robinson Company where funeral services will be conducted Thursday morning at 11:00 .Vclock by Rv David 0 McGregor Active pallbearers: Sterling Sanders, Rawliegn Sanders, Ervin Hollis Jr., Guv Edward Hollis. Walton H. Mc-Cormack and Larry McCormack. Int. family Cemetery, Clarksvilie, Tenn PHILLIPS ROBINSON COMPANY, directors. ROBINSON MR. WILLIAM ROBINSON Saturday, January 29, 1966, at a local infirmary. Survived by wife, Mrs. Willie Mae Robinson; two daughters, Mrs. Ella Louise Jones. Detroit, Mrs. Estella Dave, Wild-fiecken, Germany: two tons. Mr. John Rctinson, Detroit, and Mr. William T. Robinson; step-daughter, Mrs. Amma Adams; two sisters, Mrs. Elia Johnson. Pulaski, and Mrs. Amanda Pullen; two brothers, Messrs. George and Earl Robinson, Pulaski; 15 grandchildren; one great-grandchild; sons-in-law, Mr. Esco Jones. Detroit, and Mr. Vernon Dave, Germany; dauQhters-in-law, Mrs. Victoria Robinson, Detroit, and Mrs. Betty C. Robinson; sisters-in-law, Mes-dames Ophelia and Llllie Robinson, Pulaski, and Mrs. Emma Robinson; brothers-in-law, Mr. Monroe Johnson, Pulaski, end Mr. George Pullen; numerous other re'atives end friends. Remains will be conveyed to Bethel AME Church thij Wednesday evening where friends mav visit with the family from S til 10. Funeral services Thursday 11:00 a m. from the church, conducted by the Pastor Rev. Joseph R. Ried. Fiowerbearers and pallbearers selected from friendts. Interment Mao'ewood Cemeterv, Pulaski, Tenn RICHARD SMITH'S FUNERAL HOME, 706 Monroe, 256 2832. 255-72. WILLIAMS MR. JOSEPH WILLIAMS Sunday vrr.pna, Jan. 30. "66. at local hn-Ditil Survived bv two sons, AAr. Hiilu Minimis. Detroit Mich.. nd Mr. Jcf G I rv WiHiams. Long Pch. t9li ; on aranddmiqMnr. Mrv 0(K; Bvkin. Nashvihaj; arartdsen. Mr Jo Garv Wil!'nn Jr : fo$er dauQ'f, Mrs. EHffl Coco?r. Detroit. M-ch ; threej qrMN fl'eldCrit'dren; Sifter, Mrv ViMte L'ttie. Detroit. Micrt : three nieces and one nohew- other relative? nd fnends. Rerrams a- at Mc-Gavock & Martin Bros. Funeral Home wre fend mav visit witi ft f jtmiiy tii- ' 1'r1nHav 1 ev. ring from I until 10 o'clock. Funeral services will be held from th cnaoel Thi.irdav morning at IT o clock Rev, Jij'ius C Johnson vviil ot'iOflte. PflHf-pcven wiii be elertpd from friend. IriTf '-n jCjy iQjarev fVf nnV'IO'l C"1-'- McGAVOCK & MARTIN Out-of-Town Letn9ten, Kv, MARTIN MRS. LOLA CROCKETT MARTIN A t .-fl J-A-4. 1" ' r?.- ' $r- $ .--? ff ----. t n K O fl"-. ' -a'prl " '. p ( W . vfv'.v r-v T" ' N Vari.n. j e.,-, S'r' f-c-'P': .'v'CP' v...l r ' 'cn-if -'w t R a ' 1 '"r'Uf!'v i ".Vr n"iir t ;i !. i . n 5 n (' m e r v '.' ' ! ,'. A P D LASSITER MRS. GLADYS PORTER LASSI TFD-Aoi 67 veers, Monday eft ernoon, Jan. 31. Iv66, at the home of her dauahter, Mrt. John McMe-hon. 650 Delaware Ave., Madison. Survived by husband, B. D. (Jack) Lassiter, Madison; dau9hter, Mrt. John McMahon. Madison; son. Jack Lassiter, Seine Ana, Califj five grandchildren; sister, Mrs. J. T. Petterson, Neshville. Ttmaint ere et the Cole end Garrett Funeral Home, Goodietttvilie. Funeral service! will be conducted Thursday morninn. February 3. et 10:00 o'clock, at Slater'! Methodist Church, by Rev. John Bozemen Jr., end Rev. William E. Lovell. Honorary pallbearers Members of Slaters Methodist cnurcn, a. a. Anderson. Jesse Baaqett. Joe Bag. sett, Zelmer Beggett, Paul r)rl-lev, Leon Collier, Jonah Davis, Morris Freeman, Claude Garrett, Finley Jenkins, Pete Hall, Elmer Hinton, R, o. McMahon, R. T. McMahon, Ewlng Parker, Earl Robertson, Joe Smith, Bill Tal-men. Gray Temoleton, Dr. George B. Hagan and Dr. David Elder. Ac tive Jim Patterson, ooen MCRevn-olds, Joe Petrosky, Richard Jenkins, Gerald White, Glenn Jenkins. In. ferment Sorina Hill Cemeterv. COLE AND GARRETT FUNERAL DIRECTORS, Goooietrsvii Out-of-Town Murfreesboro, Tenn. BOYDSTON JOHN MICHAEL (MIKE) BOYDSTON Age S veers. Sunday morning, Jan. 30, 1966, at the residence. Survived by parents, Mr. end Mrs. John C. Bovdston, Murfreesboro, Tenn.; three brothers, Robert, Scottie. and Steve Bovdston, Murfreesboro; grendoar ents, Mrs. Georgia Ash, Gordonsvilie, Tenn., end Mrs. Freda Root. Van Nuvs, Calif. Remains are at J. L. Bass Funeral Home. Gordonsvilie, where services will be conducted from the Chanel. Wednesday afternoon, at 1:30 o'clock, ov Rev. W. Hugh Sheridan and Rev. David Ash. Interment Gordonsvilie Cemeterv. J. L. BASS FUNERAL HOME, Gordonsvilie. Tenn. Merced, Calif., Sun itar please copy. Lebanon. Tenn, DENNEY DAVE WILLIAM DENNEY Age 68, Early Tuesday morning, February 1,'!66, et his home on West Lester Ave. Survived by one ton, Douglas Denney, Lebanon; one lister, Mrs. Alice Ash; one brother, Sam Denny, both of Leb-enon; one granddaughter, Donna Kay Denney, Lebanon; five half-sisters, Mrs. Betty Felts, Nashville, Mrs. Lena Murcherson, of Georgia, Mrs. Barton Warren, Portland, Oregon, Mrs. Opal Hall, Mrs. Milldred Tucker, both of Nashville; one half-brother, Robert Denney, Nashville. Remains are et Nave's East Side Chapel, when funeral services will be held at 2:00 o'clock, Wednesday alternoon, conducted by Rev. Walter L. Sellers. Pallbearers-Nephews. Interment Wilson County Memorial Gardens. NAVE'S EAST SIDE CHAPEL, Lebanon. Primm Sprints, Tenn. HUNTER MRS. MARGARET ANN HUNTER -Age 88, died Tuesday morning, Feb. 1, 1966, et her home, Primm Springs, Tenn., Route 1. Survived by two daughters, Mrs. Mery Green, and Mrt. Irmt Fly, both of Centerville; one ton, John H. Hunter, of Primm Springs; one granddaughter, Mrs. Frances Hunter Blade, of Pulaski, Tenn. Her remains ere et her home. Funerel service! will be held Wednesday efternoon, Feb. 2, 1966, at 1:30 o'clock, at Mt. Pleasant Methodist Church, Hickman County, conducted by Rev. 0. C. Slaughter, Rev. John C. Meadows, and Rev. Cecil Miller. Interment Kellough Cemetery. Services under the direction of TAYLOR FUNERAL HOME, Dickson, Tenn. Woodbury, Tenn. MOUNT HOUSTON (SHORTY) MOUNT - Sunday morning, January 30, 1966, et Vanderbilt Hospital, Nashville, Tenn. Survived by wife, Mrs. Lois P. Mount, of Woodbury; one son, Charles Houston Mount) two daugh-t"re, Misi Paulette Mount, of Woodbury, and Milt Huester Thomason, of Shop pa Springs, Tenn. i father, Harrison Mount, of McMlnnvillt, Tenn.) three brothers, Ollie end Alvin Mount, both of McMlnnville, Tenn., end Ernest Mount, of Detroit) two sisters, Mrs. Hester Knox, of Auburn-town, Tenn., Mrs. Ruth Mount, of McMinnvllle, Tenn.) four eunts, Mrs. Ethel Whiteside, of Gallatin, Tenn., Mrs. Mary Alexender, of Woodbury, Mrs. Estella Jones, of New Rochester, New York, Mrs. ramiiv muum, ui wui iierawui u, four sisters-in-law, Mrs. Asterlene Mount, Detroit, Mrs. Jessie Mount, and Mrs. Bonnie Mount, of McMinnvllle, Mrs. Llllie M. Webster, of Nashville; nieces; nephews; other relatives end friends. The remains will be at his home in Woodbury, Tenn., Tuesday evening, from 6 p.m. until time of funeral services Wednesday at 2:00 p.m. at the Woodbury Baptist Church, conducted by Rev. Osborn, and Brother Hughes. Interment Donald Cemetery, Au- burntown, Tenn. H. PRESTON SCALES & SONS, Murfreesboro, Directors. 4. ikV I A Ueal NalMl J CiMtwy led J Kwel H6MM 6 lodge KioHrM 6-kM & fMrf 6-NmnrCbM Cm 2 I tMom. VocoteM t SmcoI Noftm 10 I, CiM !01 ll-lnnl 4 1 Col oj lM.letl A Ltial Notice! BIDS The Division ol Purchases of the Metropoliten Government of Nashville and Davidson County will receive scaled bids af their office, 207 Courthouse, until 10:00 A.M. on Feb ruary 9, 1966 on: Rock Salt As per specifications on file. The right Is hereby reserved to reiect env endor en oios. E. D. White, Purchasing Agent METROPOLITAN GOVERNMENT OF NASHVILLE AND DAVIDSON COUNTY I BIDS The Division of Purchases of the Metropolitan Government of Nash- vi e and Davidson county wi I re ceive sealed bids et their office, 207 Courthouse, until 10:00 A.M. on Feb ruary 9, 1966 on: Dele Processng Forms , As cer specifications on file. The right is hereby reserved to reiect eny andor en bids. E. D. White, Purchasing Agent . MtlROPOLITAN GOVERNMENT OF NASHVILLE AND DAVIDSON COUNTY TO PLEDGERS AND PAWNFRS You and each of you are hereby notified that the owners of pawn nckei numoeri: SOS to 1450 Inclusive Must redeem the pledges repre sented oy your pawn ticker on or belore Feb. 12, 1966, or your right to redeem win be forfeited. HY'S LOAN OFFICE 4911 Charlotte Ave. Nashville, Tenn. TO PLEDGERS AND PAWNERS You and each of you are hereby notified that the owners of pawn ticket numoers: 66454 to 67167 Inclusive Must redeem the pledges represented oy your pawn ticker on or be fore Feb. 12, 1966, or your right to redeem win be forfeited, HY'S LOAN OFFICE 316 Deaderick SI. Nashville, Tenn. 5 Lost & Found DOG Irish Setter, male. Lost Dick er son Rd., Old Hickory Blvd., or Bellshire School area. Child's pet. Reward. B9S-51S8. HANDBAG Ladies, vicinity No. 1st and Cleveland SI. Return keys and papers, reward, Mrs. King, 227:1540. DOG Male Beagle, black, tan and white, child's pet, vicinity ot Lansing Dr. and Templeton Dr., name "Sam", reward, 298-5986. DOGlrish Setter, male, Dickerson Rd. White creek Area, lioo re ward, 832-7551. DOG Black with white ttomech. Name "Scotie". Mutt find, urowav erea. CA 7-0894. DOG Black female Labrador Re triever. S2J reward, lost in Brentwood area. Call 133-2319. DOG-Male, brindle end white bull dog, straved Brook Hollow Rd. Reward. 292-4235 or 747-4696. CAT Yellow Persien, neme Peter, one eye. Lost from 1116 iem Ave., South. Reward. 291-5601. DOG Lost Pug, beige color, black face, child's pet. Reward, ceil 269-6489. DOG Black wirehalred terrier, 10 weeks old, lost vicinity loin ana Eastland, red collar, 227-4696. BILLFOLD Tan with "Steve" printed on It. 255-9584 or 227-2236. Reward. PONIES Found, 2 Geldings, ont black, one brown, owner Identity, 766-2764. DOG Black and tan beagle. Vicin ity Woodmont, Valley Brook Rd. Name "Bugle." Reward. AM 9-6887 DOG Reddish Brown Male grown Cocker. Last week In Lvnwood end Harding PI. Area. 269-9408. DOG Black English Shepherd, Hills- boro-Beimonr Ana. newaroi AM 9-6117. 6 Nursery Child Car Children kept In my home, nights, IP o years, ni-iua. CHILD CARE White Bridge Rd., 269-3066, 292-7734 CHILDREN - Will keep two little girls 3-5 years old. west tno Area, Christian home. 297-5091. CHILDREN KEPT WEST AREA Near Richland School prefer Evenings-Nights. 297-64yj. CHILD CARE IN MY HOME. Bordeaux Hills, 242-8979 CHILD CARE Children kept, close to Litton and GaMatin Rd. 262-4471. Card of Thanks McEWEN We wish to thank all our friends and neighbors for every expression of sympathy shown to us during the Illness end In the death et our lovea one, Mrs. Johnnie Bailentlne McEwen. We sha never forget vou. Husband, Harry McEwen, chil dren, grandchildren and great grandchildren. In Memoriam AUSBROOKS In loving memory of my dear husband. Dr. William P, Ausbrooks, who departed this life, February 2, 19A5, A the sun ros in the East, God sent an ant? to this earth. And carried him home to rest, To that home where there is no sorrow, Peace and lov ever reigns. He was a loving husband and father, a Christian and a tnend. He did his dutv well on earth. Faithful unchangino to the end. Sadly missed by wife, children and grandchildren. FORTNER In loving Memory of Mrs. Mary Agnes Fortner, who passed away one year ago today, February 2, 1965. "Gone But Not Forgotten." Sadly missed by Lee, Billy and Joyce. RUSSELL In loving memory of Thomas L Russell, who passed away Feb 2, 1963. Sadly missed bv Wife end children. Want Ad Information T elaee Your id, rail t!4-lNt. Cltsth fitd hours art Monday through Fridev, 8 a.m. te S em. Saturday, 8 a.m. te 17 Noon- Sundiy, 4 p ro. te 7 a.m. I Front Counter open daily I em. M t.M e.m. Sunday, 4 P.m. te l:N e nw TRANSIENT CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING RATES Hatee ear !o .... teted en consecutive Inter) Me T Days 4 JJayi 1 Day Daily 1 Day Sunday 36c Lin 41c Line 65c l.lne 65c Line (Rates eooiv to AH Clattifltd Adver. tlsme originating within a lotmiie reoivt of Iht city ot NastivMi.) Deadline: 17 Noon eocfi eev before PuoiKation encept Sunday which i p.m. Friday. Cancellation Must be made by 1? noon day prior publication. New ads cennot be cancelled prior te publication. Corrections ... In case ef error of ad in paper correction can be made for the Monday through Saturday Nashville Tennessean If colled bv 5 em. day prior to publication. Correction con ke made in Nashville Banner rf notified bv m. of the day et ovbii-cation. Corrections for Sunday Nashville Tennetstan if notified er 11 men Saturday. Box Number addrest reoulrtt 4 wert and It 50c eddihonel a wot il repute ere meiied. Duly classified eds ere eutfistiee) r THI NASHVILLE TENNESSON end will 1st ribii?nd eoam on the seme) day In the Nashville BANNER. Daily Rates euoted include Insertion In both THE NASHVILLE TENNES-SEAN, Mormne. and the NASHVILLE BANNER. Evening. Pueilcarwjn In the Sunday NASHVILLE TENNESSEAN II counted es ont dav. Minimum curve, 1 Lines Count Five Average (S-iener) Words 10 in line R eht reserved to ciossrty and Inde classified ads according to rules governing classified pages. The Nasnviiie Banner and The Nashville Tennessean iso revvf the ngnf to revise or riiect at opi'on, anv ad- vr-nsing w,cn ,s deerred ociection-ah e. titner in wtiest mailer or phrase- 0'C9V. Newspaper Printing Corporation ACENT THE NASHVILLE TENNESSEAN Morning-Sunday NASHVILLE BANNER Evening New Nursery, My Home Age 2 up, Belmont, Call 269-5788 BABY SITTING In my home at 900 Curdwood Blvd. (Inglewood), mother's care, hot noon meal. 7 Perionali BLOOD DONORS ALL TYPES BLOOD NEEDED DONOR FEE PAID Mon. thru Friday 8 e.m. to p.m. WEDNESDAY I e.m. TILL I P.m. SATURDAY 8 a.m. TILL 12 NOON BLOOD BANK FOUNDATION 1921 Broadway 254-3551 NEW DONOR CENTER 1315 Dickerson Road Mon. through Fri. 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. PEYRON ASSOCIATES Income Tax Consultants Individual Income Taxes Prepered Donelson Plaza, downstairs 883-4011 2742 Old Lebanon Rd .... 883-8584 2104 Pierce Ave 269-3452 2700 Franklin Rd 298-5559 1086 Trinity Lane 227-2100 5410 Hardino Rd 297-3576 503 N. Gallatin Rd 865-0273 2523 Dickerson Rd 262-4559 hair Removed Forever One Treatment Miss Thomas, RN, Electrologlst 20 Years Experience 59-4451 Budoetprlce 291-1751 CONFIDENTIAL LOANS TO EMPLOYED WOMEN Call MRS. ADCOCK 256-6651 INSURANCE Careful drivers Discount. Lost Drivers License. Required to file SR-22. Insurence cancelled. Call 298-422. HAD INSURANCE CANCELLED? LOST DRIVERS LICENSE? NEED SR-22? Days 262-0482 Nights 262-1626 NON-DRINKERS SAVE On Auto, Home, Life Insurance 833-2064, 124-2323. it tmlit l It-CoonoN t tod Wont JO becimei t lhnno taeai 71 G'te wt. vol 2i-U'ionaoi'0 21 MncilUiaOKt Soik JS-Mee. Sweet, ;trWi 1 fooome V Coefrol 2B laMoli loolt, eic 29 laee Cla.t 30-oolmg 4 Gno'"i Soouc l"t OH vow of ttooy 154-1011 Trees Topped, Removed Buy wainoT logs, oe-je, 3-o 1 7 Building Remodeling GARAGES CARPORTS ADDITIONS REMODELING Custom Designed Homt Improvements KITCHENS. BATHS, PLUMBING, BASEMENTS. ATTICS, REPAIRS, ELECTRIC. SIDINC, PORCHES. PAINTINC, PAVING, CARPORTS, CEILINCS, FLOORS, PANELING, ROOFING, OARAGES. Liscened Bonded Insured "Terms To Fit Your Budget" ROBERT WALKER LUMBER CO. 527 W. Thompson Ln. 23 Linfi.eaplnf TREE TOPPING Trimming and removing. Quality work. Reasonable. Licensed, bonded and Insured. 297-2974. TREE TOPPING Trimming and removing. Ouellty work. Reasonable. Licensed, bonded ind insured, 297-2974. NASHVILLE TREE REMOVAL Tree Topped end Trimmed Insured, Free Estimates, 291-W50 35 lusinesi School. JOBS OPEN IBM KEY PUNCH PBX Receptionists CASHIERS-CHECKERS Train IS on -Pay Later Tee ebi In Nnhville area. Ne tie limit. Hiih school net re-euirad. Day er evening claitti. CALL 255-8331 CASHIER TRAINING INSTITUTE 212 Capitol Blvd. Sam McKissack CONTRACTING CO. 900 12th Ave., S. 254-1002 We specialize In room additions, garages, carports, converting attics or basements into family rooms or apartment. Loans arranged. No down payment. WE ALSO SPECIALIZE IN NEW CONSTRUCTION OF APARTMENT BUILDINGS. REMODELING Save your Interest rete and add on: If you need to edd a room, remodel, call us, we ere a reputable contractor, licensed to do the lob. Wt will arrange your financing tor vou, call us for free estimates. THURMAN & STEVENS CONST. CO. Office 889-1260. Nights 832-6135 or 883-4970. NO CASH REMODELING ADDITIONS & REPAIRS Sadler Construction Co. Phone 227-2233 WHY MOVE? Just Change Your garage Into a dent we do room additions, garages, cerports end roofing. We complete the lock and key lob. Licensed, bonded. 291-1388. DROPPING OUT OF COLLEGE? Don't lt your time be Idle think ef your future, nrell now, w offer complete course! in: AUTOMATION ACCOUNTING SECRETARIAL STENOCRAPHIC IBM KEY PUNCH CLIRK-TYPIST RECEPTIONIST Fret Placement Service TERMS Avirif 5 Call per graduate For Further Information Call or write ElllaW BUILD-REMODEL Build rooms, cerports, garages, foundations, house leveling, tire-places. Free estimates, FHA terms. L. J. EDWARDS 269-3438 ROOM ADDITIONS REMODELING Complete Building. Basements, Dens, carports, garages. Cltywlde estimates. Licensed-Bonded. Prompt, Reliable, References, Terms. 832-3074, 249-4132 anytime. AAA HOME IMPROVEMENT Specialize In remodeling, new addl- nuits, nrw nunnra, cosr I of Ills, i Free Estimates dav or nioht. I 228-6645 227-6282 BRICK HOMES BUILT ON YOUR LOT. $8.50 so. ft. See model on Dickerson Rd. CHEEK & JONES. l nc ..85-l 482, 24251 . ROOM ADDITIONS-REMODELING Garages, Carports, Roofing, Aluminum Siding, Storm Windows, Doors. Llcensed, bonded, 254-7538. CARPENTRY And Repair Work, dens, garaqes and rooms added. House Painting, Licensed-Bonded. J. W. PERRY 297-4791 CARPENTER WORK Experience, do my own work. Call 859-5824 after 5 p.m. Carpentry-Dry Wall Repairing, Decorating 242-4138 HOMES B UILD OR REMODEL, 242-282 1 REMODELING PAINTING Kitchens, Dens, Patios, and other specialties. CALL 254-1850. GENERAL REPAIR Painting, Roofing, Sheet Rocking, concrete work, 262-1324. CAR P ENTRY Building, repairs, con crete block work. Licensed. Free estimates. COOK. 227-4259. ADDITION REPAIRS All types building. Terms. Prompt Service. 227-5083, 242-9022. REMODEL ADDITIONS Licensed Bonded Terms 256-8531 GRIFFIN 292-8114 JOBS Odd lobs, carpentry, roofing. patch plastering, painting rooms, garage, patio added. 262-9535. REPAIRS Carpentry, Plumbing, painting, tiecincai, aoor eno window work, SI up, 256-3514 CARPENTRY-Plestering, painting, papering, concrete, oiocks, roots, 256-0073 , 291-1935, Edmondson. 18 Concrete tr Rock Work PATIOS Retaining walls, walks, steps, porches, brick, stone, concrete. Tanley, AL 5-4313; 242-2105. 19 Driveways Built CINDERS S3 load up, delivered. Driveways built, hauling any Kina. Shavings and dirt. CO 2-6853. 20 Electrical Repairing HOUSEWIRING-ELECTRIC HEAT Power Increased and reoairs, dryers vented, mates, 297-0366. TRAIN FOR IBM MACHINE OPERATION DATA PROCESSING C:OMPUTF.R PROGRAMMING SYSTF.MS ANALYSIS Training Progremi tor i Hiarh School and ' Collect Graduate Read how you may loin our graduates who accepted poti. FREE 1500KLET PROVIDES OUTLINES OF 7 Training Programs 7 Entrance Standards yFree Placement Assistance Budget Tuition y Class Schedules y Opportunities COMPLETE INFORMATION MAILED UPON REQUEST Phon. Write er Visit AUTOMATION INSTITUTE "Nashville Training Clenter" THE BETTER TRAINED PERSON CETS THE OB 166 Slh Ave., N. 254.M:S "lnvtiliata belort you enroll" 37 Vocational Schoolt Houses Rewired, Licensed Electric Heat, Harding. 256-2034. 21 Furniture Repairs UPHOLSTERING Fren estimates. Terms. 22S-292 TWILLEY UPHOLSTERING, 262-6883 UPHOLSTERING Free estimates, Anytime, Terms HALL'S UPHOLSTERING, 227-9705 FURNITURE All types. Resteurantti done night or dav. Free estimates.: Robinson's, 228-3881 . 35 Business Schools CkFtTXHTJ arjQDCLT? EteO J I Til I 35 Business Schools PHILADELPHIA - Man commuting In fast private plane every weekend, share expenses, 262-3704, Geo. DeJesus, 06 Curdwood Blvd. WILL PAY CASH FOR Ol'.monds from 'i dent lip- 237 4fti Ave. N., WEINSTEIN JEWELERS. INSURANCE TURN DOWN. Paying High Rete? Need SR-22? SAVEl C. Frank Jernisain 297-4229. ( N E E D CASH - WE HAVE IT! ! APPLY AND GET IT SAME DAY G'T Finance Coro. AL 5-8754 JANITOR SERVICE Call 262-9520 Free Estimate, In sured. Bonded. 9 Special Notice.. LEARN TO DRIVE ; Dual Drive? System of Nshvil!t.; Sponsored by GPOrgt Busby Ford,! Inc., Phone 244-3440 or 883-8151 tvenings. j COMPLETE SERVICE MAID. JANITORIAL, '.AWN MODERN MAID SERVICE. INC., Bonded 254-8007 Insured. LEAR N TOl DRIVE ACME DRIVER TRAINING 189-2331 LEARN TO DRIVE IBM 1401 LEARN Computer IBM 360 Programming and Operation We are the only school in this ana with an IBM 1401 Computer on premise for student use. The New IBM 360 Computer will be installed in our computer laboratory in February, daises on BOTH COMPUTERS ARE FORMING NOWl - . , For Freer Bookie! CALL 242-25 86 Aptitude Analy.ii INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY 1907 Division (2 LOCATIONS) Brood ot 19th 37 Vocational Schooli 37 Vocational Schools EASY METHOD CY 7-652 Established 133 CY 1-1 7M WOOD-Hlcltory end Oek. bern fertilizer, flower dirt, "The Best." Tree work. MAHAN'S, 269-91 50. 1 1 Travel & Tours DRIVERS FURNISHED Anvtirne-Anyvhere in USA. DOIVE-USERVIf E ty nde-irk 'Bondedi. 7SS-11H Direct Lines To Classified 254-1031 Become a REAL ESTATE BROKER OR SALESMAN m !$l Sbort Wesks UUOl 'ONE EVE NINC A SVEEKl FREE FIRST LECTURE 6:30 P.M. ABSOLUTELY NO ORLICATION: If you you mv enroll end remain tor the second lectura which follows it 8 00 P.M. THURSDAY, FEB. 3, Nashville Midstate College SI7 Douglas, at Elliott 1 not under luspi eel o( college ) SKEETER'S REAL ESTATE COURSE

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