The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 10, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 10, 1930
Page 5
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MONDAY, NOVEMBER 50, 1930 (Continued from page one) Wadclell and A. S. Catchlngs. Os- ceo!a district, and C. J. Evrurd, member at large, (o the county organization board, was approved uanlmotibly by Hie court. Tlic court adopted unanimously a motion by Mr. Wadilell providing that in the future the heads of the various county departments shall submit to the county judge ten days in advance of the quorum court meeting written reports oi their year's activities, with sufficient copies for distribution among the members of the court. This it was pointed out would give the mcmbers of tlic court a belct 1 opportunity to study reports and would make reading of the lengthy reports .it the meeting of Ihe court unnecessary. Lie court also adopted a motion by Justice Ed Walker in- ttrucling justices of the peace to .:heck up on the work of county road overseers end make sure that they actually did the work for which they submitted statements. Kurhani Tlulllks Court At, the close of the meeting Judge Bar-ham made a brief statement in which he thanked the members cf She court for their co-operation and urged that the same consideration be given his successor in office. Mr. Cutlom voiced a tribute to Judge Barham, for his painstaking and conscientious work as county judge and promised the Inllest co-operation to Mr. Harriton when lie takes office. Invited by Judge Durham to address the court, Mr. Harrison said that it was his ambition to serve the people of Mississippi county and that he appreciated fully that he faced no small job. He said that from his analysis of the situation he believed It would bo necessary to reduce county expenditures, and that while he wanted all the essential county services to continue^; their work he proposed to'abide by the constitutional requirements that the county operate within its income. Referring to his campaign prom- ire to end the leasing of county prisoners he declared that it was his intention to fulfill that promise immediately upon taking office next January 1. He declared that other counties have worked out satisfactory methods of handling prisoners without leasing them, and he saw no reason why Mississippi county should not do tiic same. He then risked for the appointment of the seven members of the court, listed above, to aid him in working out a solution .to' the problem, and Judge Ba'rham immediately appointed them. BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.y COURIER NEWS 31d Romance Revived Results in Marriage MEMPHIS, Tellll. (UP)— A romance which thrived. 45 years ago and then was dormant until early this fall lias resulted ill the marriane of a Memphis artist and a widow, who was his childhood sweet-heart in the early 'BO's. The couple was married recently in Kalamazoo, Midland is now honeymooning in the smith. Tiic romance was reopened when Frank L. Van. Ness, G-J- ycar-old artist, former newspi- pur man and painter, visited in Michigan. The visitor was mentioned in the columns of the raw-Paw Courier - Northerner. Believing it was her former sweetheart, Mrs. Rose Sitter, 02, widowed and the mother of three children, wrote Van Ness from her home in Knlamazoo. Van Ness replied in person and shortly afterward the con- u!= announced their engagement. Dohenyfs $1,500,000 Church 1 m& I 4 ^rf^vu > »^" Ml .<A<1<S t Since all girls love nice lingerie liiBS, n most acceptable ClirUtmas Blft, Is a pair of new petu-pants- TliCio nre made of very fine lin- , on, georgette, lace or pohit d'csprlt,' accordian pleated, onto n yoke of crepe do chine. They have enough Jullness to make them a little short petticoat, all you need with some of the lame or velvet dresses, they have their fullness front and back and not on the sides, so j Erected at, a. cost of $1,»00,000, given by E. I,. Doheny, multimillionaire oil masnalc, the-church of St. Vincent de Paul was consecrated in Los Anjeles in what was considered the most elaborate ceremony of the Catholic church ever seen on the west const. Cardinal Hayes of New York was in. charge of the'rites; this picture shows the overflow crowds about the front of the church during the ceremony. . The Geoduck Mow Fair Game In Puget Sound Territory NttkEIT YOURSELF. tlia'. yo« can have the sveltcsl llg- while wearing them, PAGE FIVE '!'-> make lliein regular yoke pattern imd put it double, ot crepe dc chine or flat crepe, finish 1 Ing 11 ut the toi> with li«n*UtcWn» or> lace fine liand-Eeunlng. Thnt you cut your lower portion to. fit the yoke, any pattern will do, tna allow extra width enough to mak4 two rows of pleating for the front land two for the back. You cii) finish ll!,j bottom of the lower por| (ions before you h»ve them pJe*t- cd, either wltli hand-hemstitching or n line hand-herA or lace. if you want lo do lhlnj» up brown, you can monogram » llttls running mime or your friend's Initials in lliq left huul lower edge of tlic froul. The American Federation of IA- bor was organized In . lt»S, md only three. >ium( Samuel Q« iipen, Jclin MtBrli'e and William Green have- lield Hie office of- president, The oldest printed Bible U Ule Gutenberg Bible, the first product of thu printing press. It appetred August 15, H58. Only U copies of It arc known nl the present time. Chlcaco at the age ot He was H) Inches t»U. Thcotlorc lloosevcU was the youngest President of tlie United States. Clio Mnli, I he smallest man In tho world, was brough to America by p. T. Bnvnum, arid died, In Cacao U probably the oJde*t European, colony Uv china. -If/ww first tetlled by the Portufueae In 1571 ' , . '- SOREjHROAT Ate»*j^t>eUrf ttar*** ' wttk <mt nralo*q* klrby-Bell 'Drug ' Co.,"ahd" : Klrby Drug Co., and all other (good drug store*. QW WHAT VJIUL IT8E? DUCK.?OUP oR OAM BROTH? Quits Slate As It Votes Wcl Above is a phcto of .1 gcoduck—the strange Pugcl Sound bivalve with a neck thai stretches like a rubber band. The sketches tell their ov'n blury. DIFFF.IIENT EIRTHDAYS MIDDLEBORO, Mass-, (UPI — Triplets with different birthdays arc the sens of Mr. and Mrs. Philip Sisson. The first boy was born re ccntly at 11 p. m. on a Thursday whi!2 his two brothers did not ar rive until early Friday. • -tins Is Mrs. ucnry \V. Prnbofly n, Dcvcrley, Mass., state and na- a-nal of tr,5 Committee lor Law Enforcement, who has an- n:;inccd. that she will move at nice from Mn<*3chu;.«lU; to Or- lancio, Fin., rather than bring up r grandchildren, c 'iu, 6 uch an outlaw state ;>•> Mnssuchusctls now itcks to t-;. M Mns;«icl«isetts re- liealed Us stale prc:-,ibilion enforcement law i:i the recent election and c!:ctcd a wet to the Senate. The height of the Brooklyn Endge over the river at Its center is about 135 feet, OLYMPIA, WASH..--It's legal to hunt geoducks again—providing one USES a "clam gun" instead of a shot gun. Fcr the gocrtiick—or gooey duck or gooduck, i.t you prefer—doesn't have wings, and never has been known lo qiiack. Some says he's a clam. Others sny nol. But anyway, he wears a gigantic clam-like shell and lives deep in (lie mud. The creature is - indigenous to Puget Sound. Its shell is eight or mere inches long. Its tough, muscular neck is capable o[ extension from Ihrcc to six feet. only in an extremely low tide • _ . ,. . -^ ., can tlu eecduck be hunted. He Irur- Feels Much Stronger After rows deep in .the sand, out beyond I Taking Lydia E. Pinkham'i the average low tide. And one| Vegetable Compound needs be handy with a shovel to| gel the quarry before it quarries J^nkin.Xortli Dnkotn—"ForncarV thrciigh the mud to China. (our years I vis not in goml health. M' Long before thn white man came, , — q W0 rk is clranm' the gecduck was a delicacy with Ihe Indians. Whites learned to relish them as chowder, fried, ground up or as a boullibaise. Two COULD NOT DO HER CLEANING heavy layers of skin are removed from the nock and the neck eaten, ; Evc r since Ihe white man's com-1 ing, 1.he rewluck has been the source of much raillery. Visitors' insist there can be no such animal; i stories of gcoduck digging are taken I as native kidding. But. they arc recommend it. You house nml I wor outside loo an somclimcslcoii! not do it. I rea in the. ncwsp.ipc about I.ydi.i I I'ink ham's Vcgc table Compoun ami I have tak( Uircc bottles o this meititine. I am feeling a lot better and I may use this letter as a testimonial." — TII.UE TREXDA, R -' r - D ' - i2 ' l^in, Xorth Dakota. 1 For several years gcoducks \\tia' protected by state law. Now, their' ~ ; numbers increased, they can be dug This Medicine 1$ Sold in Both 'in specified seasons, I Liquid «nd Tablet Form NNOUNCEMENT 'HE GULF REFINING COMPANY desires to announce to the public its position on the present , demoralized price condition on gasoline in Arkansas. Our schedule provides for the same service station price, either cash or credit, for all consumers. From this price we deduct Ic per gallon for strictly commercial trade who buy on credit and are under contract , This brings the commercial price to truck owners, who are entitled to credit, tp what is known as the posted tank wagon price. This price being posted at our bulk distributing stations. From the posted tank wagon price 1 '. i } i i • ) 1 1 " • we allow to dealers who buy for resale a discount of 2c per gallon thus maintaining a spread of 3c per gallon . between the service station price and the bulk price delivered to dealers. This enables a dealer to meet the com- r i mercial price still having a gross profit of 2c per gallon. 1 ; :,:>> We have tHoifi¥andsT6t^^?sy f cafds in the hands of , "-'•^ .^--X^fc .-'•. •' our friends entitling themttotredit at any service station' \ : '• ' ' •• ••- £ '.ii>v . • we operate iii(diesUnited|States"and it is obviously 'unfair to ask them to pay -more than the lowest service ' ^station price^whether^foricash^or, for charge account^ We now propbse^to^KiSke our'cash and credit price at service stations^the same* as the^ lowest price made by other major* companies.%Taking into consideration . the tax of 4 5c per 5 gallon?* which -must be paid to the •** iflffv '*^ ' '' state, cost of ^freight \ from|refinirig * centers, and cost of doing business,^thefprices|are|yery|low.5 We wish to thank-ourliniariy'friends for their loyalty . and their continued patronage during the period that our prices were above other companies. GULF REFINING Co.

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