The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 7, 1942 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 7, 1942
Page 3
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THURSDAY, MAY 7, 1942 (ARK.)' COUUIKll NEWS PAGE THREE peaker Says Vast Outlay Committee, answering each of the IHk'alcs by Dec. 31 of the current year. For information regarcliuy the procedure involved in obtaining tliis record, parents are urged to consult Supt. W. D. McClurkin. accusations, lie also told how his company Ls supplying the army and navy with vital produces such as explosives and aviation gasoline. Of special interest was Mr. Caddy's recommended method of making "one year tires" into "three year tires". The plan works like this: It' the tires now on your N i i ~ T r c > . ear are good for one year's use Ceded 1 i OyntlietlC : in normal timc.s, you can add Oil T rt ! i j another year bv holding your speed KllDber IS Developed |down to an average of 30 miles I pe rhour and never exceeding 40. How .soon, if pver, you will ride [ The second year of additional use on synthetic tires was ihc sub- i can be obtained by keeping tires ject of a talk given last night at i P™perly inflated (this will add Hotel Noble before a group O fjmonths), by never starting or Standard Oil Company, employees. ! slo »P in « the <' M ' iu lc *P s and dealers and their wives bv G T. i bucks an o ther "iree months)-, and Gaddy, a special representative : rotatin S a11 th ' es ' > ncludill & the of the company. i:e told his listen- :s P are - ev ? ry 5 :°,° 0 inile ' S ° r cv "' y crs that about one million tons! sl!C m °» Uls Wl11 < ldcl another six of synthetic rubber would be need- (inontns ed to fill the estimated annual j ~~ ^Si!»uV^SS n ~d re u; Children Must produce that amount synthetic- Hll'tll ally would require an investment! of nearly one billion dollars I school authorities have announc- He pointed out that the fall of | ocl thaL all chi!dren who wil i Malaya. Singapore, and The Neth- rcuch lhcir sixth bil . lhdjiys dur . erlands East Indies cut off ap- | in- the calendar year and who proximately 80 per cent of the i win CMter schocl for the firsl timc United Nations' natural rubber sup- ! next u , rm must have bil . th cert u More than 80UO dii'lerent pieces of metal ^ into a single largo airplane engine — all of them shaped and steed by metal-cutting tools. ply. turning attention necessarily to the development and production ficatcs before they will be permit- led 1 to enroll. of synthetic rubber by his com- | Parents of children who come pany and explained that the pro- in this category are urged to process obtained Irom Germany in cure these birth certificates as peace time for making spnthetic quickly as possible. Due to the rubber, on which Standard Oil | exigencies occasioned by the war, Company spent 12 million dollars those in charge of issuing these before the Pearl Harbor attack, was invaluable to this country. Mr. Gaddy dwelt at length oil the certificates have been swamped with applications and it takes time to fulfill requests for them. I charges made recently against his | Children who are alTected by •company by the Truman Senate this ruling should have their cer- MOTHER'S DAY FLOWERS Sunday Is Mothers Day. Sunday is Mother's Day and it carries a divper meaning this year, and many mere Mother's Day Flowers will .speed by telegraph to waiting Mothers, Wives and Sweethearts than in the calmer stay- at-home years. It's the day that deserves Flowers. Entrust your Mothers Day • order to HEATON'S Home of Flowers. \V<- are bonded members of the Telegraph Florists Association and for twenty years have handled all telegraph flower orders for Blytheville. We are prepared to take care of your wants with beautiful Gardenias. Roses, Carnations for Gift boxes, to wear as Corsages and Buttonniers. Blooming Potted Plants by the hundreds in our own Boxes of assorted plants that will please any Mother. Let us take care of your needs on this day of days made possible by Florist. HEATON'S HOME OF FLOWURS riwne 549 2M ^- l);lvis $ For Mother's Day t * JA'nlheric and Laden LcLoni; 1 Perfumes and Colognes 8 1.10 to 5.0Q irby Drug Stores Main at Second — Broadway — Division For Cash Thursday, Friday, Saturday Drtuj Store For Mother's Day Hath Powder Toilet Water Candy Toilet Sets Cosmciics GOc Size AL1CA- SELTZER 65c .Sire PAJLMCLIVE Brushless SHAVING CHEAM Big 8-ounce Jar MINERAL OIL Heavy U. S- P. Quality, Pint (Limit 2) Pint Bottle HYDROGEN PEROXIDE KREML Hair Tonic, 3-oz. Bottle (Limit p • • P&GSOAP Giant Size Bar (Limn 3) Yeast Tablets, $1 Size (Limit v • FOR VICTORY BUY r «ii-i!4IM STORE Carton of SO BOOK MATCHES Safe for Home use! LUX FLAKES, Reg. lOc Package (Limits) • • «^ FLIT Brownie Kodaks 1.00 up Flash Camera S7.00 Fresh Films All Sizes MOTHER'S DAY SPECIALS I Adheres s to Wall! Kit for SolJitrs! Auto Strop RAZOR KIT With Strop & 5 Blades Keener blades, great economy! Exquititf HUDNUT Spring Lilac COLOGNE SI -or ..... A Beauty Value! COTY FACE POWDER Leon Laraine COLOGNES Cnrnmlion or G*r<ieni« yWJV "Amoroy" APPLE Bottle . SO' Perfection i Hand cream 42c CoUI Cream Sp«ec/y «n«/ fas SUPER JUICER Strainer 198 and Cupf . I Gets ALL juice! Vj PO-DO PLAYING CARDS Bridge pr Pinochle . . Dtlicious Mother's Day SUNDAE 15c PAPER NAPKINS Box of . T 80 . . . . : eauty Soap] for (Limit 3) m*fzt*m Orlis TOOTH POWDER 35c Size FREE1GNE #i—** Buy The Large Size! '5.'. . • .-*-'. v *f~~ .' ™^^ r '. ' ' ' f; MONEY YOU SAVE 7c to 68c! For example: I A tia of 12 Bayer Aspirin sells lot 12c. 100 Tablets in tins of 12 would cost SI. whereas I a bottle oi 100 tablets sells {or only SQc. Thus you save 41c by buying the large size, | VITAL MATERIAL Dr. West's Modern "VRAY" Dental Cream New DUpen&er Cap! Former 47c •« fC Bottle, now . y GILLETTE Blue Blades BAYER ASPIRIN 72'j 100's 59 12c Jand J TALCUM 4J/80Z. 21 C 39 JO-oz. ANACIN TABLETS 190't 98 C ivcm LTOUL DISINFECTANT 50c Size Williams lama Yeiva A «fe£feC 5Gc Size For Burns c B1SODOL POL1DEHT ™55 LIQUID DENTIFRlCt . 71-e.t. 25c oc 14-oz. 89c 96 c SAVE Sic SAVE 33c SAVE 16c SAVE 60c SAVE 2lc 7AIITP FOR FEMININE' &UII. IK HYGFENE . CITpU FAMOUS ruun SHAMPO o . . SflDi OF dUUII BICARBONATE MURWE™?^?.. SQUIBB M5N JT:.. eiQllfi MODERN gMIUIIUI LAXATIVE . 2Yi-ez. 23c K-ot. 59c •4*o i,. lOc YI-OX. 49c 16-oz. 59c J5-o=. 49c M-OI. 79c I6-ox 89c /«-oz. 25c ;*-«, 89c 32-oi. 89c IO-nz. 98c SAVE 50c SAVE 63c SAVE ISc SAVE 58c SAVE 29c SAVE 42c Spring Tonics! NOTICE: In accordance wilh povcrnrnent orders, we can sell toolhpa^^cand »hav- inc cr-am in lube?, ONLY when the customer turns in n used tube for every new tube purchased. Th* "trade-in" lube can be any size, any lype of product. PEZON Natura/ VITAMIN B COMPLEX Boltfc 30 O5O A month's supplyl VITAMIN Bi WINE TONIC Olaften '• J€-os. Si • 129 ne jl — YEAST & IRON Saybrook V J6-oanc* . S.S.S. TONIC SI. 20 Six*— 10-ox. Bottlt I.Q.S. EUXIR Keller '• Pint . , 98' FREE! Trial Jar SIL-MIN-OL LAXATIVE With Pint OQc .Bottl* * f • • ^ r ••Genlle-Actiny"! 1.50 Size ANUSOL Suppositories Po-Do SHAVING CUP SOAP for •••• New "Special" Type! HDRENE SHAMPOO Box 12 KOTEX NAPKINS 50c Campana Skin Halm 2 for fresh Coffee DATED WITHIN THE HOUR PRICED TO THE TIMES! For guaranteed flavory freshness, millions are turning to this mellow all-Brazilian blend of choice coffees. 1 You can't make a! •• i mistake with Spotlight— prefer it or return, it and get your __. ' f>* . • /* . * ' [ choice^of brands FREE!£And remember! Hot-Dated.means roaster-dated, within one hour of the roasting oven! VOU SHE UP 10 t DIME OH EVEIt flllHl! SPOTLIGHT lb - 23c Oleo Eatmore "Vitamin A" 1 lb. Curious Shortening liumko or Jewel Country Club 12 lb. Hack tiOc 2-t lb. Sack §1.15 •IS lb. Sack §2.25 AVONDALE FLOUR, 48 Ibs. $1.69; 24 Ibs 89c Flour 20 ox. LOAVES Soup Campbell's Tomato Zlc o/. Jar Km buss v Salad Dressing 29c Strawberry Layer PflKF " alf - - - J!)c vHIIC Whole 35c . 27c 31c 35c COFFEE French Brand, 1 lb COFFEE Country Club, 1 Lb. SANDWICH HPUI3AD Embassy, 32 oz. Jar. HORMEL SPAM , 32 MATCHES Searchlight (5 IJoxes Hakim lewder -ICe If I ATT Soda Crackers 13 L\L,U1£ 1(5 «/. can Welch 2 2-11). hoxes A. & 1-1. Hakinjj; GRAPE JUICE GRAPE JUICE T IV CEREAL slollcl , K ;tls 25 HEINZ KETCHUP Corn Makes, Itfe. a For Vienna Sausage No. !/ 2 Can I'OTTKI) MKATS No. i/i cans S \vansdo\v 11 14' POST TOASTIES l & 25 C KICK Krispies AQc 2 I'kn-s. fcO c. ciuh on 25 i}-/.. fcU THICK RIB ROAST K K """SJ"* ROUND OR SWISS STEAKS K " " Q ,l" ly SIRLOIN STEAKS Kr "^ s Qu " ily ,r r DDABI CDC Kvisceraleii — Tull Dressed DKUiLCifa u,. SIDE MEAT LIVER CHEESE K^-SH^ BACON BELLIES s LAMB SHOULDERS i{ '7,! OCEAN PERCH FILLETS SPANISH MACKEREL u,. SMELTS i:nuxcd ' c " f(ir ]; f"L 30 Heef JAc 42 C 39° 23 C 33 C 25 C 2« 29 C m< 25 BEST FOR BABY! KROGER'S COUNTRY CLUB % purily,highqualityj MILK, Adv. Brands ',] tall or G small cans. MARSHMALLOWS Embassy, Pkg. CATSUP Country Club, Large Jar.. BRAN FLAKES Country Club, 2 lor Kroger's Country Club SODA CRACKERS 2 separately scaled boxes in 1 package Saratoga-type crackers! Fresh, Crisp Calif. Iceberg (K) Si/e Lettuce Tender, Sweel, Fresh, Mississippi (irown. English Peas BEETS AND CARROTS fad.5c lb. 5c 10 C Fine Qualify. Texas Grown 'J Hunches Texas Marshcedless, Kxlra Kar^e, 51 Si/e "jAt 3 For 13 OREEN CABBAGE CELERY New, .Mississippi Grown, Well Trimmed Heads Lb. Crisp, Florida, Well Uleaehed Stalks. Nice Size 2 Stalks C. C. CORN No. 2 Can, 2 For JELLO •1 Boxes For ORANGE JUICE Packer's, 46 02. can... GRAPEFRUIT JUICE Packer's, 46 oz., 2 For. 27c 25c 25c 33c Due to present market conditions we reserve the right to limit quantities. K R O G E R PIGGLY WIGGLY ACCEPT THIS AMAZING GUARANTIES Buy any Kroger brand item. Like it as well ^ y as or better than any •ther, »c retnni annse^ y portion in •rigSnal container and fet FREE wme item in any brand we tell,-regardless of pric*.

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