The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 10, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 10, 1930
Page 3
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MONDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 1930 BLYTHRVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS NE1NSTMILI 'Election Gives Senate Many Colorful Figures (Cnniinucd (rom page onci row, Bulklcy and Lewis. lie is n r lelatlon to t'ne ex-president. It Is too early So guess what kind of senators Bankhcad. Coolidge Josiah Bailey of North Carolina, or L. J. Dickinson 01 Iowa and Holrart I). Carey of Wyoming will turn u to be. The first three are D.-mocrab and (he latter two are Republican? And as for this Democratic, lawyer. George MeOlll u[ Kansas, v.'.: licked Senator Henry J. Allen t a nation's astonishment—well, they aiy he isn't, even well known i: 1 . Kansas and Democratic politician? considered his candidacy loo hopeless to support. Time may suggest whether that strange result came about because Kansas was just lire: of Allen cr because McOil! had something on the ball. Perlia|>* it was u combination of bDlh. Many Old-Tuners Also AVIU Return to Senate Nearly all.the OIK fellows in liic Senate will be here again tlirouj!-. the T2n<i Congress, unscathed by the election in which many ufiiirni were not candidates. "Sunnk Jim" Watson of Indiana, first (o rush In with the explanation that the election results reflected no signs of Hoover IIIIJHJ;)!!- larity, will continue as RqmDlli::in Moor leader. With him on the reduced H-J publican side will be: Reed Smoot of Utah, an hrJ. fatigable, humorless, efficient worker, whOj as chairman of the Fitian-.-e Committee, gave his name to t'ne tariff bill and defended il to the last. Dave Reed, of Pennsylvania, del:- j onalr defender of great corpora- ' [ions and (if Bess Bill Vare's rig-hl to be n senator. Simeon D. t'ess of Ohio, the pious Republican national chairman, who will defend any Republican president, other official or Republican measures whenever his fellows deem it more discreet to keep quiet. Wesley Jones of Washington, the dour "five and ten law" man and sponsor of merdiant marine legislation, who Is fearfully ern'oirass- O.HMdUEWS, ILLINOIS — THE G.O.P. ro 6RANODADDY OFUNDY OR. JIM DAViS, PENNSVLVAMA- BULKLtV, OWO — ASXVET AS MM5COSA. COOUDGE , ,. - rMSSACWUSET IsJfr; /y>\ AlABAMA,— THE MAN \ V )HO BEAT WEFUN Cardwcll News Notes CAniJWELl, NEWS NOTES- . ! . Mi. niicl Mrs. II. M. Wilson moved (o Cnrdwell from Seiinlh lust ('<• C. Ilavtsoe of Wggotl had tnrtnes sin Cunlwell last week. •JJoin, November 3rd, to Mr. and is. 1. U. Sinllli, n .son. The Baptist Women's Missionary .society met Tuesday, Nov. * at he home of Mru. W, J. Johnson. Mrs. C. I Hair and Mrs. O. O. illri's had business In I'aragoiild l-yle liichman of Senalh hart- business In Cnrdwcll Wednesday Mrs. Dili Adams of Plggoll vis- iled friends here last week. W. n. stimuli and sons, Nolan ind "Stubby," of near Seimtli, had business In Cardwcll Thursday. J. P. Barrow and son Jim vls- llc<l at Cialiu-svllle, Ark., Tuc.wlny and Wednesday. W. !). Tiiiom and Roy Slannil had busine.v In 1'arngould and Monelle Thursday. Hoy Clark 'vlslteo ville Thursday NEW SENATE PERSONALITIES are bkddied here by Oeoige Scarbo, stair artist for the Courier News nnd NKA Service. You'll probably hear a lol from these gentlemen a little Inter when they swing into action, of course, others were elected, but- these are among the most prominent. lo Flint, Mich., where ho has been . for several weeks. Mr. and Mrs. John Anderson. PAGE THRES^Ij Aged General Believes Hit "Business" Good DELAPIELD, Wls. (UP)-MaJ- Gen. Charles King, active despite 80 years and five wars, sees no depression ahead In his business. "Show me any 26 years of Amcrl- can history where there wasn't a • war," the general challenges pad- nils. "Why, there have b3:n Jive wars since 1881." General King was In all of them nt Fort Hlley, Khns.; after n~v'wi i l » clU(JI »B «« Civil War, the Indian ". with relatives and friends here. .VV If ^ a " lsll - Al »^ a " War, •\< r , IA..I it,,,,,,^ .......,"r..-!i .. I'hc Philippine Insurrection and the •' World War. He received medals"" In all. • Today the general continues his ' association with the business by' supervising drill at St. John's Mil; Itary Academy, Dalafleld, with ~ which he has been conncclcd ever ' . moved Into (heir recently completed home In the north part of town Wednesday. Mr. ami Mrs. A. J. Rlchler and children and A. niehtcr moved Thursday to I'lne Bluff, Ark., where they will make (heir home. Mrs. Jolin Dalton and son, John Hull, of Keimett, visited Mr. and Mrs. O. D. Hall here Thursday. Henry O'Siilllvnn of the U. 8. army has relumed to his station Mrs, Ixrl Harlsoe entertained number of children Tuesday after- ! noon \vllh a party In honor of the 7th birthday of her daughter. Ellncr Tucker of Cnrml, Ark., ;iad business In Cardwell Friday, Courier News want adi. since It was founded In 1884. pouent of southern at Us best. Wagner of Ne-.v York, the ma:i who sunk his teclh into llie unemployment problem and wrestled with it while few others paid any attention. names \ve could not ascertain, of Mlcda. will farm on the Martin plantation next year. Joe nrinkley and family have moved to Tennessee. Earn McAdnms of Tyler has been transacting business ill this seclion for several days. | Virgil E. Funderburk made a Eugene and Leonard Colennn i buslnc&s trip to Steele and -vicinity have returned home from having . recently, spent several with relatives. Cooter News Notes days in Tennessee Mrs. Marie Woods, formerly Miss Somehow, the Democrats are no; worrying over the loss of screaming Heflin of Alabama, fn» nOTd Simmons of North Carolina, the wild Blease of Kouth Carolina or . .. .. - such semi-Rcpnblic-ans ar, S'.cck of cd because his party at home has ] I<" v -i mid Rrmsclell cf Louisiana. ~gone wet. George Moses of New Hampshire. | a wisecrackcr as able as any hut | who can's be Inisfed to say the politically wise thing. Arthur Capper of- Kansas, the wiry little publisher who steers a course which satisfies both administration and Kansas farmers at the- same time. These are all able vclerans whose continued presence disconsolate Republicans will do well to recall. Progressives Will Be On ihe -Job Once More The besl of the Progressive Republican lot will again be on tho job: The logical Borah of Idaho, who campaigned feverishly for Hoovof and has been opposing him almost ever since. Norris of Nebraska, most widely admired of all the progressives, who is forever fighting special privileges and reaction in all forms. LaPollette. of Wisconsin, the •T-.i I 11 ' 1*113. ItLllLIt: >VUUU3r 1U1I1IL11> -Ml:>3 There are also others <v!:o nu 3 ht.. Pr who ,, ns ln!l( , ile rhomc herc be mentioned. ,^ ,' st (wo y( , m has rctl|nlc( , , 0 Mrs. R. O. White who has been an inmate of the Methodist hos- lying abandoned nncl stockholders pctllioned Burnsldes lo take It over. "Uurnsldes look over the road, repaired it and connected it with the main line, running between Cincinnati and Indianapolis. Although it was 75 years ago Ihis was Die last steam line built in Shelby county and has been used over since. near Illyllie- evening. j Hern, (o Mr. and Mrs. JD(T Ciin- i njngliam, Nov. 3. a (laughter. J. K. Williams and mollicr, Mrs. V. H. Bertram, of West Plains, Mo., vlsllccl friends hero last week. Mrs. John Owens nml daughter. Billy nurks. nud Mrs. E. J. lilack- fenr vlslled relatives at Hlylhcrllla the lalter part of the week. Mr. and Mrs. Cnrl Boon have returned lo their home at Omaha. Neb., after a visit with relatives licro. Lucleiin Lasater returned Friday A THREE DAYS' COUGH IS YODR DANGER SIGNAL , "boy" who Is filling far more spacs In his father's shoes than anyone Lone Oak Items Mr. and Mrs. Eueeue Davis shopped in. . Blytheville Fridr.y ailcr- ncon. iUr. and Mrs. Joe Morris visited the former's sister and familv, Mr. and Mr;. Malcolm DDU!,-.-. Wiiiiam 'w'iciiicr aiiuunccil the engagement -f hi-j daughter, Miss Lucille, to Mr. Jari; Emeiy. Misses Opa! Ha.s-e!l and Frances Hallmark spent Sunday a.uxwk ago in Memphis- , . i\fr. and Mrs. Cecil Purest of Bly- thevilli; were [he dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. W: Williamson 1hur,.'.iay of last week.' Mr. and Mrs. Hoy Pruitt of Bly- Hvillp spsnt Monday 'of. last week with, the former's mother, . Mrs. Carrie Miller arid family. Little Harold Williamson 7 iting In Blytheville. 1 J.- N. Hassell of Gosnell pilal in Memphis for several weeks, having undergone a second operation since summer, has been re- I leased and is recui>cratlng at her | home here. several days. Ben Collier made a pleasure trip to Hay'ti recently . . Mr. and Mrs. Micldlcton, formerly of Cooler but now of Auston- vllle, spent Tuesday here with relatives and friends. her former home at uernie. Mo. Enos Haynes of Number Nine, Ark., transacted business here Fri- Claud Garner of the Steele neigh- d a y h ! boihood apt! a frequent visitor to Jack Wallace of Tyler. Mo..sp:ilt th e M.irlin I,ako, has been 111 for the day in this city recently. The Methodist Ladies' Aid society served luncheon at the gymnasium where the election was held Tuesday.' Misses Mary Dea Wilson and Pearl Gilliland served the customers. Jim Tucker of Caruthersville spent Friday here atlendhig to business. Many persons here saw their pictures appear-on the screen al the local theater Friday night. SHELBYVILLE. Tnd. (UP)—Gen. Mrs. E. \v. McCann and little 'Ambrose Burnsidel of Civil War daughler, Helen, visited Mrs. Me- fame, was a successlul railroad Cann's parenls, Mr. and Mrs. Haw- ; builder after the war and his line ard, in Sleele recently. ! is still in use. Claude J. Shelby, Max L. Kelly of Sleele Iransact- ! county historian, reveals, ed business here one day recently. : After the war Burnsldes went to Clarence Gilliland, owner of the Rhode Island, but later came to Cosier theatre, has gone to Flori- : Cincinnati, da lo spend the winter. "A group of Cincinnati butiness Misses Josephine Holly and Ruby ! men were competing with others Barker shopped in Blytheville re- j in Louisville, Ky., for railroad lines Famous Civil War Chief's Railroad Still Running YOU SAVE IN BUYING Couglu from coliU m«jr lead to serious ttouMc. You coii Ho|i tlu;rii iiuvi- wiili Creomultlon, an cuiuUific'.l ttruwiu iliai is pli!i»nt to lake. Oromulsion it a nxJIca! discovery with !wo-folil ocllnnj il Booilicj and In-als iho iufhmcd nicmlirancs onJ in- liiljlis germ (jroM'lli. Of nil ktionri drugs crco&olc is rcc- iiiiiiited Ijy hi|;li intilicil aulliorilics as one of llic greatest litaling agencies for coughj from colJs and lironcliial iTrluiiuns. Ciconuilsion cunlains, in addition to creosote, otlicr hualjng clemenls wluch wothe anil htal the inlbimcd membrane! and flop ilie ir- : rilalion, wliile llie'creosole goes on to ' (he sioinach, is nbsoilierl into ilie .1. Llood, aiiarLs tlic Hal of tilt ironlile"* noil chocks ilie giowili of [lie germ-. ".'. Crcomidsiou ii guaranteed calisfac- • * lory in ifcc Ircaimcnt of conjlis fi'oii'.'" colds, hronchiiis and minor forms'nf ' million!, and i? t-\ccllcnt for Iniilding upllio system aftercoM* "'• or flu. Money refunded if nol're-' lievcj aficr taking according toilirtc-...- (ions. Ask your drugght. (adv.) CREOMULSION FOR THE COUCH FROM COLDS THAT HANG ON POWDER You save in using KC.U« LESS than ol high priced brandt'. is vis- ' spent Wednesday afternoon with Mr. and tut his mother ever anticipated. • Nye of North Dakota, the demon Investigator, who traced campaign, funds in various states. Cutting of New Mexico, an able fighter who joined me progressives here after every one had expected him to be regular. With these leaders will remain such Democratic progressives as Walsh of Montana, the dry who won in a wet state over a wet opponent because he 'wns too valuable a senator to be beaten. Wheeler of Montana, another able nncl enthusiastic lighter; Dill of j Washington, who has been too busy I as the foe of the radio trust to establish himself as anything else. Veterans Democrats Play Return Engagement The most eilcctivc of the other Democrats will be more conspicuous than ever: Solid Joe Robinson of Arkansas, the floor leader who was honorer! by his party with a vice presidential nomination and by Hcover as • the Democratic senator on the Lo:i- ! don Naval Conference delegation, i Pat Harrison of Mississippi. 11123- tcr of sarcasm.and other forms of oratory. Caraway of Arkansas, who eats Republicans alive. Gloss of Virginia, the POOJJCT.V "tlle white-haired solon who always knows when the Federal Re- ! serve Board misconducts itself and ' mm Iy conquOTCci Bishop Can- George of Georgia, handsome ex- Mri, : . J. W. Williamson. cently. Daris Selpli will spend this is-eek in Tennessee on business. R. O. Willie and son. Edward, 'went, to Memphis one evening recently. The Jones brothers, whose first running south out of Indianapolis, and they took Burnside into a company with them," Hnvmond said, "An old line already built between Franklin and Martlnsvllle, two towns near Indianapolis, was SMOKERS like 'em and stick to 'em — If bothered with bladder Ir - "tations, getting up at night f no constant backache, don't I I at fr, nC fi Sl " dp yo . ur kid i. Successful for hv v,, .-50 years. Endorsed ^^J 1 ,^ 50 'thousands of f £M rs> Gct Do<m>J to• !>old everywhere. > Read Courier News Want Ads, -that's r ,t MvusTn»rco Co, RECIPES From Famous Chefs MRS. MYRA DOUGAN Famous Home Economics and Domestic Science Expert. Conduct COURIER NEWS FREE COOKING SCHOOL • At the City Hall Auditorium Nov. 18-19-20-21 Will tell you the culinary secrets of world-famous c~hefs and will demonstrate their methods of cooking and serving the most delectable of dishes. A Courtesy to the Women Readers of COURIER NEWS

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