Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 17, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 17, 1896
Page 8
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THE GOLDEN RULE - This Week's Prices Cannot be Equaled Elsewjbeeei I ALMOST MURDER •Hank" Guinup Escapes Death .:.-.- by a Chance. Great Dress Goods Bargains. lot of Mixed Wool Novelties 30 in. wide regular price 23o a. yd. Choice of lot per yard. , 12io J )Lfcrge Jot of Colored Wool NoveltiesViu Figures and Mixtures 33 and 40 inches wide, regular price OOo yard. For choice of lot per yard:..',..,....: ,89o s lot of Fancy Silk and Wool Novelties 40 to 44 inches wide, regular price 75c to 8J>o a yard. For ehoioe cf lot per yard .' 48c CHILDKEN'S FALL JACKETS AND ; Ladies Fall Capes. A Little Money does a Big. Task in this department, 300 Capes and Jackets Jackets to select from at prioes to' suit the mass s FOUR SHOTS FltfED l : And';. all of Them Hii--"Buck" :' ^.',; ; Buchanen the Aggressor. SCHMI1T &• HEINLY1 THE GLOBE. Is the money saving institution of Logansport. It lightens the expenses •a* living, by lessoning the cost of necessities. New Fall Gcrods magnificent £» volume, variety and beauty received bought direct from the manufacturers, jiald for all discounts saved, and to be sold at price that credit houses caa't match. The store jammed full of clean, sparkling now'goods, which 5rjlT-please everyone who sees them. We await your verdict, HEN'S SUITS iDO Men's plain and fancy cheviots worth ,$0.00, our price ? 3.00 7y Men's black, blue finished worsted worth ,?S.OO, our price 5.00 200 Men's plain and fancy, cassiroora worth' $10.00, Mr pVice 7.00 200 Men's black nnd blue imported clay worsted worth 513.00, our price 10.00 BOY'S SUITS.- 180 Boy's-suits all colors, good litters from 1-i to 19 worth $0.00, our price 3.50 70 Boy's-black, blue, and fancy cheviots, well trimmed and made, •worth $7.50, our price ; 0.00 3SD Boy 's black, blue, and fancy imported worsted equal to custom work, worth $10.00, our price 7.50 SCHOOL SUITS. 2tt) Tweed'suits, good fitters, well made at 91, $1.50, worth $2.00 and,.? 2.DO 3*>T» Scotch Tweeds, newest fall patterns $2.50, ?3.00 and ?3.50,worth ,54.00; 53.60, and >...: G.OO Snce pants, ages 4 to 15, special lot ;...-. '., 15 -4B -wool-"Scotch cheviots worth 50c, our price 35 1 Corduroy, all colors, worth 75c, our price- • 50 Remember our stock is all new and we have all up-to-date novelties j}}oar goods are marked in plain figures, strictly one price. No Mlsreprer TMifntion, come, see for yourself and be convinced what we say are facts, *T*i_jrr^ ^^T S\Y~H~* THE GLOBE. Strictly One Price Clothiers. CORNER FOURTH AN I)'MARKET STREETS. Republican Meetings. Republican speakiugswill tje held at the following places ln-Cass ;county: .. Thursday evening, Sept. IV, Walton Geo. W. Stcele, D. B. McConuell; Claud Bishop. ; Friday evening, Sept iSth, Shady Noo-k school house, Clay township,. J'. A. Myers ;).iiil S. T. McCouw'H'. Friday eveuiug, Sept. IS, -. Cfiiter .school house. Wushiugton to>yushlp..' Geo. W. Stcele, D. C. Justice,-.-Geo. Walters. • ' '. Saturday evening, Sept 10, i 'J'wolvo .Mile, Geo. W. Steele. Geo, Funk,, Mayor McKee. | SiiturdJiy evfuiug, Sept, lOi'h,-Hazel. Piitcli school Jiouse, Bethk'lK'M,.to\vo-- ship, Harry Whistler, - , Monday, Sept. 21, Lincoln, Q. A. 'Myers. Monday evening. Sept 21stj Wavor- ly, Senator Boyd of Noblesville. ' Monday evening', Sept 21, Wavorly, S. T. McCounell, Mayor McKee. Tuesday evening, Sept. 22d, ^ox-Den •as shot .yesterday in-'.11 scrimmage which oc- rr'ed' In/ Jake Sebastian's saloon ou U.rth,'. street, two doors north o£ jBroitjJwjiy, ;it about 0:15 o'clock. Four Allots were fired, and -all of the bullets took effect, 1 -though fortunately, ,iud by the merest accident, uoue of thorn caused a fatal wound, ,'iu-d strangely enough, uoue of the wounds nre more tliaify mere scratches comparatively, aiid 1 will not cause the victim more tliiiu a slight soreness. The assailant was "Buck" Buchanen, ! ;i lad of nineteen years, ami tlie stor of trouble shows a most clesperate de •(•eni.iiiial.ioii on his p:irt to iiccoiuplJsl mnriler. From all that can be learned regarding the trouble, it seems: tha Buchnnuii was passing Sebastian's place-In •comp.'iny with a g-ir!,- when Orriinup made a remark which Bn chanen thought was intended for him and which lie took as ;m insult to the vouug lady he was with. He walked ou dOM'ji'tho street and returned shortly without tlie gid, entering the saloon whore Guinup was standing at the bar. .Buchanen ordered :t drink, nnd while ho was drinking;, Gniuup made another ,remark, which Buchanen thought or •wished to think was intended to insult him, Ho relorted and Guinup shipped him. The blow luid Jio sooner been struck l:)i;m .Bndi.'ineu drew a 32-caJi- ber double action revolver from his A Invitation. You are Cordially Invited to Attend the Opening of the . . . scliool house, Je^erson tow.'isWp.-Q. A. $2O.OO Will Buy a food Winter Suit OF- D. CRAIQ. 426 Broadway, Second Floor. tie Has No. Rival. The LMder of German Comedy A. Gardner, "KARL" ,(n His Grand Comedy "FATHERLAND" !OEL- A, SMITH, Sole Manager. large and Brilliant Company. . An Special Scenery Carried. New Comedy. Scenes. Seautiful and Catchy Music. 5Vcw Tyrolean Dances. Karl Gardner's Latest Songs: "THE LILY'. Sower- -ooitK, Knrl's Invitation, Bacctius nna wjne, So.'ip Btibbl*, Hobolmk, German Swell, Spinning Wheel, Alplno THURSDAY SEPT 17. Prices TCc, GOc, Si5c, and 2oc. s' on s<olo at Johnson's Drugstore Mrs. Jane Cornwall Is sick'with malaria. Rollie Bennett is working at-the Golden Rule. P. 1 W. Moore is again at West Baden springs foir the'benefit of his -health, Miss Lottie Dill is now employed as an'/uttendant at the hospital at Long cnir. 'VVanted:—To root a piano for use in kin'd-crgardeu work. Call 1004'Markct street. • •. -Ko.tice the Bee Hive's ad, announcing -their special fall opening today and all this. week. The. best baking powder and flavoring .extracts In the world at Ben Fisher's drug store. C. W. Graves has the agency for the besiyjpanipaign parade torches In use, Frices'on application. Opening bargain today, one-half doz- en.lmnd initialed handkerchiefs, cambric centers for 30 cents.—The Bee Hire. :Tou need Hood's Sarsaparllla to enrich- and purify your blood, create an appetite and give sweet, refreshing sleep. .. Near Valparaiso a mysterious disease is removing whole droves of hogs. No one UHS -found out the nature of the trouble. Don't fail to attead the opening of the Hub Clothing Co., successor to Harry Frank this evening, from 7 to 9 o'clock. TJio Bridge City Dancing club will frive their first annual dance at the Do-. Ian & McHalo iball September 22. For- notTs orchestra will furnish the muise. The case of *ho Stole agaltnst Albert Rollins charged -with assault and Battery preferred by Jake Kearns was begun yesterdiay afternoon In . Justice Walter's court and -after .par.t of the evidence was hoard the case was nolle pressed. A tumor was removed from the face of Mrs. Charles Wilt, north of the city, .Tuesday. Dr. B. C. Stevens, with throe associates, performed the operation, which was (successful. • Xhe pn- •tient is now resting as easily 'as- poa-, si-ble. • ' '. N Myers. Tuesday evening. Sept. '22, Clymcrs/ D. C. Justice, "\V. T. Wilson: ; Xuesday cven'ing, Sept. 22(l,; : .Wiil- tou, 'Senator Boyd. •Wednesday evening, Sept. 23d, Young America, Senator Boyd.. Wednesday evening, "Sept.:23, West Sand Ridge school house, Noble. town- sh'iip, Robt. Cramer, Frank Swigart. . Thursday evening, Sept, 24, GolvoB- tou, Senator Boyd. • -.,- i Thursday evening, Sept. 24, Lucerne,' Q. A. Myers, Geo. Funk. Thursday evening, September 24th, Pleasant Valley school house,; Deer Creek township, D. C. Justice. : ' Friday afternoon, Sept. 2uth, Broiid- wny rink, Roswell G. Honv i Friday evening,. Sept 25, Calloway school house, Jefferson ^township,ship, Col. Cromer. Frank Swigart. . v Saturday evening, Sept. 20, '. :R<pyal Center, Q. A. Myers, D. B. McConnell;. IT WAS A SURPRISfe. Cincinnati Won Two From 'Pittsburg— Cleveland Won', There was a surprise in base, ball yesterday. Cincinnati, 'those fellows who have 'been losing so •pers-isteintly .to;. Louisville,- Washington.and the rest or. the tallenders, actually . gingered •: up'•and shut the Biratcs out'twice in.sue-, cession. Of course it was an accident, but then, 'accidents count at this stage 'of the game, Cleveland . wQtf,.: of course, and Baltimore dropped,a game to Boston. Following are the s.c$res of. the games played yesterday: .'. ; At PiMsburg—Cincinnati 11,. jPltts-i burg 0; (second gaiue) Cincinnati ;4i. Pittsburg.O. - •''•'; A-t Cleveland — Chicago 1," land -1 . -';'•'' At Baltimore—Boston 8, Baltimore -Q.\ ' At New York—Pnlla'deiph'ia 6,j New. York 2. • . '•'.;' At Washington—Brooklyn 2'," W-asli-' tagjton 11. • '1 STANDING OF THE 'citlJB^. Clubs Won tost Per Ct Baltimore '. 85 Cleveland 7G 'Cincinnati ,.., 7C? Boston '..08 Chicago ..-.......... 70 PMtsbnrg 03 Nerr York 00 •Rblladerphja GO Brooklyn ......;.. .55 .Washingitou 54 St. Louis 37 Louisville 34 :right hip pocket aad fired at Guiuup, The muzzle of the guu was .almost iipiinst G-uiini'p's loft l)re;ist when the shot was Jircd, -ami the ball, had it not been deflected by .striking a suspender buckle, would have pierced Gulnup's heart. Fortunately the bail, wlicii it struck the mol.nl, was flattened ont and did not enter tlie flesh at all. Bu- chiinen did not pause but flrod again, but the bullet only produced a slight -flesh wound in Guinnp's back. Gniuup -had -grabbed his assailant's pistol.arm by this time nnd the boy, who was down on the floor, thrust his lo-'ft hand into his loft hip pocket and trough! out another giin of the same put torn as the ilrst and began firing with that. One shot grazed the ribs on the right side, and another struck Gtiinup in tlie log. The shooting had all been done so Quickly that no one had had a clwiDoe to interfere, and when Mr. Soibnstlan reached the spot It was all over, and. the wonld-bc murderer hnd gotten on his feet nnd escaped through a side door. Guiuup secured •one of the guns and the other Bucha.n- en carried with him. /'Superintendent of Police 1 Morrissey and Officer Graham, attracted,-by the ; nolse of the shots, were at the scene witliiu a few moments after the shooting occurred, and started ont on the hunt of Buchanen. They found him in the rear of Martin Bligh's saloon, Just off of Third street, and started to-jail with him. Though but a boy of nineteen,- he- proved a tough customer to handle, and the oncers had all they could do to take him. Guinup walked 'to his home ou Market-street and Dr. Jordan was called. A brief examination disclosed the fact Wat none of the wounds were serious, .Guiuup. was able to be out on the streets .after the shooting, and will not b.e Inconvenienced much. ,At a late-hoar last night Bucbnnou was seen at the jail and told his story. He .claims that Guinup 'insulted .the young lady he was with and that-tbat was the. canso of the shooting. On the other hand, Guinup disclaims any knowledge of having spoken- to the young 1 man or his girl, -and. says that he made no remark to him at all until Hub Clothing Co., Successors to HARRY FRANK THURSDAY EVENING, SEPT. IfTH. From 7 to 9 o'clock. The Military Band will discourse music during the evening. A Souvenir given to everybody. Messrs. George Lucy and D. C. Climar our salesmen will assist us in ushering and would be pleased to see their friends. Very Respectfully, Berwanger Bros & Co, 314 Fourth Street. PEESONAL. I ADDITIONAL LOCALS. 3G. ' 45,-.';, 43''., 53 ; , 36'' "'; 50' 63 ' 62 '• 67. ^ 'GO j' 1 .57 '. 80 '.',' i-702 1:628 •1610 '.C5S ,-cic .488 V402 .430 .208 :2S3 band's -program night of the opening of the Hub'Clothing Co., successors to Harry Fra'nlf, Thursday,;. Sept."17th, from 7 to 9 o'clock p. m.: .. Ked Letter March''... : . .--.Boos. Day Express Boos.. Cupid -Waltzes Vandercook Silver Wedding ..-,...-.>„., : .&cMepagrni The Message—Tiromb'ono Solo .'.,.>; ..:...,.....-.^..,,i«.,..... 1 ... Joe Rein-buSclr.' ".Buchancn called him a. foul - name, 'whence'slapped him, ami Buchancn /began shooting. ' Buchanen says he has no home. His parents are dead and he lives wherever ; his'hat is off. He does not bear a very "good 1 name for peaceableness, and Is known to the police as a chum of '"Shanty" Hamilton, who is now doing time for tlie theft of a watch. He disclaims any intention of killing Guinnp. "I can-shoot just wh'ere.I want to," he said, "and I just meant to hit a rib and give him something to thing about." For'timately. f or him, a suspender buckle and not a rib stopped th'e bullet, else Ee might not be In so pleasant a frame of mind over his attempt at mur^ der. J'olm Mur.phy has returned from LaC i.vottw. Miss Daisy .Tusfce is at Chicago fo: 1 stay of several weeks. '.'. ;The family of Ed Boyhiud; are visit ng relatives at Crawfordsvi.ile. Chillies, Kruger is here from Wiua. we to re-enter Hall's Business college Mr. and Mrs. George Fowleu have returned after a visit ait Royal Center Alvin Deiibo and wife are the guests of MTS. Denbo's mother at Indianapolis. Charles Slue has gone to Evanstou, III., to enter Lake Forest Military academy. Misses Edith Duchess and Josie Sumption of- Walton were in the city yesterday. Miss Florence Taylor of Washington, D. C,, is visiting the family of W. C. Routh. B. -Snyder of Third 'street is entertaining his brother, C. A. Snyder of Colu ultras, Ohio. ' Mrs. Joseph' H<siml>erger has re- turncd home to Frankfort after a visit with relatives tin. the city. Mrs. W. H. Wliarfield and daughter are at Toledo, at tlie bedside of the former's sister, who is seriously ilL iWiil Kraut and Joe Bead, .Panhande engineers, w.ill go to West Baden springs next week for a short sojourn. Fraufcfont Titoes: Mrs., Joe Hoimber- gcr has returned from a visit with Logansport friends Mr, nittljMrs. Wai- ' ter Closson, of Logansport.are here to attend "the .funeral of Mrs. Joe Keys. Among those -attending tlie State fair ,:vre William Herr, Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Ouster, Misses Ida Wise and Daisy Fisher, LHl'ie Da.lryn^plc, Will Quigley and Lawrence Andwsou, Mrs. ,T. T. El- liobt and Mrs. Julia Loer. I. S. Wavde of Laftiyette, Grand Chief Templar of the I. 0. G. T. in Indiana, was to address the lodge at Burnetts- vilta Tuesday might. The address had to be postponed on. acco.unt of the serious sickness .of tihe speaker, wlib was attacked by cholera mortals while talk- 1'iig with -frioinis at tlie court house. He ivjis removed to the jail residence, and later was taken to his home at Lafayette. Dou'r fail to attend the opening of tlie Hub Clothing Co., successor to Harry Frank this evening, from 7 to 0 o'clock. •S. E. Cook of Huntington county has boeii named State eoinnMtteeman by the Popocrars to fill the vacancy caused by the withdrawal of Hon. Kufus Magec of tlie city. The second section of freight train No. SD struck a farmer's wagon at North Judson Tuesday and instantly killed t-wo -horses, mashed the wagon into splinters and probably fa-tally Injured "the driver, whose name was Cliaries Ovendorf. The Common Council met in regular session last night, but it was a very abbreviated session. There was 09 jusiness of importance to transact and the claims allowances were made, a ew other matters ^rere- Kiirrleaiy attended, and the members adjourned to hear the speech. Hon. B. F.. Shively, Popocrat candidate for Govenor, spoke at Peru last light, and came to Logansport at 10:24 ast niglit A Democrat -who came down on the same train said that tHe meeting at Peru was a frost. Twcntj;- tfgnt men. and boys followed tHe band wagon In the parade. Mr. J. E. Sutton, editor of the evening Reporter in this city and J. G, reening, -a subscription canvasser, are ortemplating starting a morning owspaper at Son'th Bend to be called the "Morning Reporter." They have issued a prospectus and the Urst issue will appear the morning- ot October I. South Bend has no morning paper. James Grahajn, -woo gained notoriety .for his connection with the Burlington saloon, will be fried in tlie'Madisos c3r- • cult court, OctoTx* 21st, for the aJIeg;ed murder of a glass worker of Alexandria, named John Worthington. A't the time of the MU-ing, Graham was •actiug as a police officer and alleges self defense as his justification: Judge Pollard, attorney for the defendant, has withdrawn from the case. THE LADIES. The pleasant effect and perfect safety with which ladies may use Syrup of Figs, under all conditions, qjake it their favorite remedy. To get the true and genuine article, look for j the name of the California Fig Syrup J . Company, printed near the bottom of ; When the package. For sole by all responsible druggists. WEA HAYLOFT, XO. 1TO. Haymakers: Tou are requested to be at hall promptly at 7:30 Thursday evening, Sept. 17th, 1S96, with Ifay- forks and your working clothes on. By order of COMMITTEE. CAN'T BE BEAT. Quality and Perfect Shaped Shoos Are Considered. First— Our new dark brown genuine { vici kid, patent calf, trimmed, lace, ATTENTION! St. Matthew's Commandery, No. 250, « hand welt, ..................... $4.00 Knights of St. John. You are hereby Second— Our new No. 13 Savoy toe, ordered to report at •armory this j heavy sole, kid, lace and button, school Thursday evening, Sept. 17 at 8:30 shoes, equal to many $3.50 • shoes, storp ,1n full dress uniform, for exhibition drill at Broadway rink' at 9 p. m. JNO R. FOX, Ca.pt. El Capitan March <•';. JOURNAL EXTRAS. '...4. thousand extra copies of The Journal, are distributed free this morning: JTltst, .because Mr, Brpoks's' speech ought-to convince every .citizen of'Lo- gan'sport, and second, to show that The Journal is .the only live, enterprising paper in Logansport. Now !s the time to-subscribe.- • ." ' MEETING TONIGHT. The soldiers, sailors and sons of vct- ewms are requested to meet 'at'fuie Republican headquarters this (Tuursday) evening at 7:30 o'clock, whore they will be addressed by.an old veteran. Capt. Skelton and Patrolman Morgan arrested John L. Cunningham and William Eoftus" last night 'and locked th'em up on tic charge of riotous conduct, ... ,H for ....$2.50 Third—Our new coin toe, calf vamp, kid top, button or lace, a nice dressy shoe for school, only $3.00 Fourth—Onr new style welt shoes, excellent value, warranted, only. $2.25 Fifth—Our genuine vicl kid button, new style, patent, calf, trimmed, only $1.50 . Sixth—Our women's rubber sandals, which we will sell for 19c Seventh—Our -women's storm rubbers wo will soil at - 23c Eighth—Men's rubbers we will sell at '..' .........29c Filling's shoe house, 412 Broadway, Logansport, Ind.

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