The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 10, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 10, 1930
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COUKIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER Of NOBTHKAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOUIU VOL. X.NVH—NO. 203 Blythevlllc Courier, Bljdievllle Dally News, . _Blythovllle Herald, Mississippi Valley Loader. v'piimrn i n invivrcua n ,» ,i..< ' Hl'.VlU.K, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, NOVUMDKU 10, 1030 SINGLE' COPIES FIVE OENTO ! - >\ COUNTY BUDGET FOR 1931 IS $124,810 .. _, '' !• 7 •#••!•£••';•:;•; IKE cam OF Me r row, Hull, Bulkley and Lewis Will Be Important D V tl 3 III i t e Traditional Ceremony Marks Opening of Parliament Blast Rips Hole in Dam Senate FiKiives. H>- ItOllNEY Ui:TCIII-:it PS'|>A Service Writer WASHINGTON. ---The- Unit^l Stales Senate has gained at Imv as much as it has lost as a resull of the recent election. Able men have been voted out but others jusl as able are coining in, though a lol of them won't take office until next year. Pioluresqciue characters will havr Iheir places laken by men whoso personalities and methods will cause at least as.much excitement. And the zest for honest public service is as evident among some of the new senators as it was amonr. the brst of the losers. . Take a look at the new fellow? in the Senate: Dwighl Morrow of New Jersey who presumably needs no introduction, comr-E in at once. If his record in the Senate is fis fine as it ha 1 been elsewhere, the grandfather of Lindbergh, Jr.. will be worth to th r country aijy half dozen senator: among those who lost out tills year. He should .bo a pillar of Republican strength. Next lo Morrow. Ihe Democrat? appear to have picked up the t\v? men with the best records among the two new senators, F,x-Con- grcjsman Cordell Hull cf Tennessee and Edward P. Costigan of Colorado. Hull has been the best Democratic expert on taxation and tariffs. Everybody calls him a statesman, and he is. although he is not much as an orator. Costigan Is the ral-hot Wikon- ian progressive who. as a memh: Of the Tariff Commission, deft? 1 President Cool'.dge rather thai ~nold 'his' job and who battled the • power trust In his recent, cam. paign. He Is very dry and take. 1 public service with utmost serl ousness. His frienjs expect him to rank close lo Ncrris as a progressive leader. Few ever thought he co\ild win in Colorado. Back in ths old days he was one of Woodrow Wilson's advisors. Ham Lewis of Illinois Is a Real Orator J. Ham L3\vis of Illinois will be a Democratc asset as a brilliant orator and a caustic critic. His campaign against Ruth Hanna McCormick v:as a masterpiece of humor and political worry. Tf and when Governor Huey P., of Louisiana, takes his Senate seat, you can tise your own judgment as to what to expect after reading what he has done as a governor. Huey's first post-election statement, said he would, if necessary, "ask the Republicans" to grant him a pair so the Democrats might control Ihe Senate and allow Huey lo keep Lieutenant Governor Paul Cyr( his arch political foe) from becoming governor. Long probably will line up with the progressives— he says Borah. Morris. Tom Walsh. IJrookhart and LaFollette are liis favorite senators. Robert, J. Bulkley, of Ohio, be- REDDING. Cal., Nov. 10 (UP)—! A forty fool reiuncni of Ihe Hat' ^ree!; dam of tho Pacific Cias and; Slcciric company at Hat Creek; substation CO miles east of here: .odny was lipped away by an in- i entional dynamite cxplrslou according lo a telephone report! reaching here. ! According to the findings of of-! ficlals of the company a sack of' dynamite sticks nltjidied to a rope believed to have been played, out from the bank, with Jow fuses and its consignment of explosive flouted gently downstream until il'r^st- rri against the center of the 100 foct concrete dam. With the detonation the dam buckled at ti'« center and fell down into what had been the Hot! Creek bed. The impounded water] rushed through the crevass? at tho j rate of SCO cubic feet per second. mm IGNITE Local Restaurant Man Victim of Traijic Accident Near Osceola. Film Art's Bonus lo Movi« Company Atkins Car Turns Over (It was the first time since his illness in 1928 that King George h»d ' opened the British Parliament, I and thc first time in history that a King has opened a Labor government Parliament. But all the tni- T lurns UVer j jjtional pomp and ceremony were there, and this photo showj? the royal procession In front of the OR Highway Near Dell: Houses t-r Parliament. King George and Queen Mary rode to the House ol Lords In the famous gold ; coach drawn by eight horses, with escorts ol guards In glittering plumed helmets and steel corselets. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Atkins and! The King emphasized in his speech the world-wide economic depression In connection with Britain's unemployment. their si:-tcr, Miss E^ssie Lee Hug yins of Rector, received miner in- j jirrie? and tnclr car was damaged when they turned over last night enroute home from Paragould. One of the wheels slipped off the .'Jick pavement into n rut causing the automobile to turn completely ever in a ditch. Tlie top b'rc the Hunt of the wreck, The accident occurred between Manila and Dell. All Amendments Swamn- <:d: V-ote bv Precincts Is Not Available. Final returns of the general clec- ition Tuesday in Mississioiii county I were certified by tho countv clec- i lion commissioners at Osceola Sat- iurdav. The cqmnlete returns show every one of the" nine proposed amendments tn the state cmistitu- tirm defeated by an'overwhelming vole. Act 118. Ihe Hall income tnx act. jv-hipii was sii'wiittod for referen- The Methodists of Blytheville will jdurn was upheld by Mississinul i have their same pastors for the! countv citiz?ns hy a Inr^e vn(^. { Rone»and LeRoy. Retu rned Here for Another Year by Conference. Boy Scout "Law" Nabs Governor at Stuttgart STUTTGART, Ark., Nov. 10, (UP)—Governor Harvey Parncll ran afoul of "the law" here Saturday while on a hunting trip with a party of friends and was "arrested" en a traffic violation charge by local boy fcout officers who were In charge of the municipal government for the day. The accused chief exeutlvc objected to the arrest and a brief argument ensued with the police being convinced the charge was not of a !£rlous na: lure- . . • -.- Car Without Headlights Involved in Smashup Near Dell. $30,000 Loss from Fire at Memphis Boat Club •MEMPHIS, Nov. 10 CUP)—Fire Initiated Acl No. next, church year but there (was a change made In thc pastor of the. rural churches of the circuit, the ! announcement made at' the North '. the state, was defeated in Missis- After an investigation of Ihe automobile accident on the Herman Davis highway Saturday nlghi , Sheriff \y. \Y. Shaver announced . tod$y fk,a\no.' arrests will ''be made. ' _ Barriej jPhnkcy, 20, of Burdriter, i has a fractured right leg and lac erations on the forehead and hand. his father, S. M. Pankey, is cut and bruised on the face and chest and tile negro driver of the second ear Is badly cut and lacerated. Cletus Turner, 20. also of Burdelte, who Funeral services were held JU Luke City yesterday afternoon for Kit McCcc, 31, local restaurant cwner. who riled shortly before midnight Saturday at the Blylhu- - vllle hospital, where he wus taken alter gasoline spilled on his cloth- wus ignited by a match with which lie was examining his (ruck, resulting In fatal burns. McGee was cnroule lo Blylhe- vlllti from Tnunann, according to reports. Near Osceola trouble developed with his truck And In nil- ing thc vacuum tank a considerable amount of gasoline WHS spilled on thc man's ccat sleeve nnd over his clothing. The victim Is said to have lighted a match to examljie other parts of the mctor when (lames suddenly enveloped his entire body. A rlend accompanying McGee is re- >orted lo have attempted to sniolh. thc blaze with nn overcoat-, but s unsuccessful as McGee com- ucnccd running, fanning himself nto a human torch, ' Practically all the victim's cloth- ng was burned from his body with he exception of a pah; of leather xwts. He was rusher! to the local tospllal in an Osceola ambulance but Ftiraimtied to thc burni scv eral hours later. McGee had been o resident ol Blythcvllle for several years and operated a smnll restaurant at the corner of Ash Street and thc Frisco railroad. He Is survived by his wife, Mrs Maude McGce, his •father, A. L McGee, four brothers, W. M., Dixie Clyde nnd Ceell, two sisters, MIsse: Amice and Kate McGeo,' all o: which would • ? f miknmvn ° rl el'i swept the boat- was driving the automobile, 'with,„,.,.„ „„., d o ck of the Mem p h i s -m Hgh ^ received only minor in- Arkansas conference at Helena last night shows. ™>i counly bv n v.ite of more than 2 to I allhoue'n the Bible art ^tlv hren voted Ihrnih The Rev. H. J. Couchnnn. ivho ba= nnrare' has already done some work in this ] bv a majority of the voters of thc vicinity among the smaller congre- (stile. gallons, will replace lhe Rev. W. i Miss Emma Cox. a memb°r of J. Jordan who will" be circuit pas- ! the election board, stated that tV tor for Prragould commissioners rtH not tabulate the There were very few changes 'vctc by nrerinrfs and that tho pre- tor of the Osceola church, goes to Forrest City and this pastor, thr Rev. Eli Meyers, will be at Osceola. A complete list of the Jonesboro district assignments follows: Jas. A. Anderson, presiding elder Blytheville. First Church. P. Q. Rorie: Lake Street. W. J. LcRoy: Blytheville circuit, H. J. Coachman; ! ly certain of defeat in the stat?- w'rle cleclidn. The final vole as certified b" the county election commission. an-~-ri inir to Miss Cox of the committee is as follows: Art. 11B—!-r ' Tnitlat-r! -\ct against 2,422. against 3R5. 1—far 1.204' ID-tor 760: . According lo Ihelr story, the Imaled Ins of $30.000 and doing i lights went out a short time bc- considcrable damage to the boat! fore reaching Dell and they were c ' ul> - ' ! continuing the trip at a slow rale when the negro's machine collide! with them at the Shonyo Intersection, ten miles west of here. Pankey and his son were brought to the Blythevllle hospital but tl» fattier was dismissed yesterday. Tin negro was taken lo his home ai Dell. DO-X Flies Safely to Calshot, England AMSTERDAM. Nov. 10 (UP) — The German flying boat DO-X icok olf from Zuyder Zee for Calshot, Sout-hhampton, England at 11:45 A. M. today. CM.SHOT, ENGLAND. Nov. 10 (UPi—The Hying boat DO-X landed at 3:33 P. M., after n flight from Amsterdam, the second stage of its leisurely voyage to the United States. conies a national figure and a possible presidential candidate by vir- tnre of his big wet, auli-adniinis- tration victory. He is a lawyer and business man, a daring speaker who roared up and clown his state against prohibition when more i , , . , w „, ,.. ., timid men would have wearied.! Sutherland: Leachvllle-Monett Black Oak. C. C. Jordan: Bom, : against 2.858. Griffin Hamilton: Brookland. C. L. j Amendm-nt Castlcberry: Joiner. Paul V. Gallo- : against 3,281.. way: Jonesboro, First Church-. I', j Amendment K. King: Fisher Street. J. E. Lark: ! against. 2.857. Hunlington Avenue, D. C. Holman:''. Amendment Keiser. C. F. Wilson: Lake City. G. i against 2.GOG. A.! Amendment No. M— for No. 21—lor No 22-for No. 23-for WEATHi'K i ARKANSAS. —Partly cloudy to- i night and Tuesday. Probably showers or occasional rains in ttis Blythevllle. Funeral charge ''of Company. . . arrangements' were in the Cobb Umlertakliii Osceolans Urged to Aid Red Cross Drive OECEOLA. ARK., Nov. 10—An R e m a i ns of Sc.hoonei Brooklyn Washed Up to California Shore. SAN FRANCfSCO, Nov. 10 (UP —Grim evidence of the Jea disuslc that Saturday claimed 18 lives lo day rested In the shattered wreck age of the i!tatm, schooner Brock lyn, washed ashore three mile west of Eureka. The battered .hull was found b; a I-cal reporter who refused to be" 7 here tcmorrow. was made in the churches here yesterday. J. T. Coston, president of the Osceola Civic Club, who prescnlcd the mailer at the First Baptist P ° Untllng Pncmc ' waves of th Searching aloni the shore he finally came upsr, til hull, shattered almost beyond re cognition. The catufc of the disaster re mains a secret. Sunddenly an 1 east portion. Church srrvlcc yesterday mornimr I -.w . said (hat there ,,us ml e reaiI kltl ?° ut ,™niing the vessel lurnc 1 • -• ,, | cal j upside dcwn Saturday afternoon destitution cnt this 014; 878: obser imum Charles temperature WTEDITK IIS Special Committee Will Study Plan of Han'dliiig Prisoners. ' '; .. - "-'"'' Art and Bride An annual meeting ci Mississippi '.' -. county's quorum court, over w'hljVi^ [mm clouds hovered for a time," ended pi peace and harmony .short-' y after noon .today with tho u'han-, • : '; j mons adoption of appropriations; -..' or the coming year, and VflUi tlio ' ' apjiolnlmcnl by County Judge', Bar-!- :'• nain ol a committee' of seven'.16': work between now anil Ihb'llrsl'bf : . .. :he year with Zal B. Ilprrlsoh, - -1 ludgc-clcct, In plannlHB.i.aipi'ogXljnK"'- [or bundling of county, prisoners';'/ V Members of this • comrnl^e6":aire7 ;'•!'.! . L. Waddell, Rudis Bran'ch;^K";J L. McKnlght, W, A. "Rogers, J. C. Cullom, D. H. Garner nnd John ' Uzzell. ' : : .'.,.'..'..''.. .. Mr. Harrison met with thc fir nance committee and obtained reductions In some of the appropriations for next year from the figures suggested by Judge Barham, who told the court that Inasmuch, as It was Mr. Harrison who would . be nl lhe head of county affairs-it was only proper that his wishes rcr celvc consideration. ' New Aupttpriallims ,..', Tho new appropriations appeal 1 below under 1931,-'with 'those..for.' ; 1925 and 1930 given for comparison: 1323 1930 1931* Salaries ....' $24.700 $27,750.$21,850. County i ' '. -•. . : general .... 25,500 25.500 25,500 : Jail operation 12.000 13,000 13,000 Poorhouse .... 8,000 10,000 11,000' Ark. Children's Home GOO 1,000 1,000 Justices and ; : : Constables .. • 3,000 ., 4,000 4,000 Circuit Court : -'15.000 .-••16,000 15,000 'Jail'const. ... 14,500 -22,226 Farm and . ' • • .-•; HpmO f Agents -7.257 -8,62f)/';8,620 -^ Deflcifhcy'..,';•'1^500V'22]i'80vl3.r" : " LOS ANGELES, Nov. 10 (UP)— Charles Arthur "The Great" Slilres arose early today to don make-up and be married before a battery of mollcn plcturo cameras to Betty Greenbaum of Chicago. Shires hits a cantract with unl- pictures through which he will be paid $7,600 .for. ten days work. After much< argument he gave permission ror the filming of the marriage "as a bonus to company". Although 116 accceded to the presence of the cameras the erstwhile Washington Senator - first baseman refused to divulge the time and place of the wedding. the ' Total ..... 124,107 152,430 124,810 The appropriations recom'm;ndcd to the finance committee ; by Judge , Barham totaled $137.400" anil in-, eluded a $10,000 Item for-county bridges, eliminated at the -request of Mr. Harrison, appropriations higher by $1,000 than those ..ultl- : niately adopted for the prop-house and the circuit court, and" $5,800 instead of $5,120 for the county health unit. . v; Not n word of opposition \$j'n. voiced to renewing the appropriation for the county farm "and home agrjnts, and it Is not~"J>e- Jlcvcd thc cut in the county health unit appropriation from • the. amount originally suggested., 'will seriously affect the unit's efficiency. Increase In the appropriation Jor liie unit was made necessary by (he reduction in tho aid allowed- the local organization by the-Rockefeller foundation and the federal government.' ' Figures presented to the finance committee by Paul Cooley, .courity auditor, showed tliat the county's total Indebtedness has ben reduced from $135,620.19 a year ago 10'. approximately $96,600 at the present this city including Ernest Fletcher i llmc - IHodge, C. C. Shultz, . C. Jackson, The finance committee was 'Corn- John Anderson, Jesse Lawrence. - I Seventeen Prisoners Are Carried to Little Rock Sixteen men, convicted of felonies nt the recent term of criminal court at Osceola and Blytheville, and one parole violator were carried lo Little Hock in a specially chartered bus by Mississippi county deputy sheriffs Sunday. Of the group nine were sent froai the mln- here yesterday resUIcncc „, eola and ' the ine He never hesitated to'assert' that i * • ^f^ ""•„. J ;,h ; • against 2.313. he was opposed to prohibition, even : Amendment No. 24—fnr when speakin ciicnce. before a church an- C. H. Bumpers: Marion, E. K. Re- : against 2,650. well: Marked Tree. Lester Weaver; W. J. BlllOW Of North Dakota Is N , et ± M ^V T^Hm.rn ? l" a superb humorist with S wealth of i °' a . F r' 1I - V " S: Trum , a , nn ' ^ J ," : common sense. He probably will i Slaughter;: Tyronza W. E. HaH- , not become a ereal sLlor. but he i W"^ 0 "' J arr , cn J°hnslon: J. Q. ; should be beller than f-e iver"e '• Schtsler, director local church. »-n- . «™» PerLps a dZdable eii°e lr ^' »»«> of a ™«™ education;! from the dreariness of most Senate i N ° rrls Greer^onferenceevansellst. j oratory. ; M. M. Necly of West Virginia, j I A L 1 Ml ' another Democrat and former sen- tLOCal AmRUlance IflakeS , "tor, is a strong campaigner and a gccd fighter. Secretary Davis Goes From Cabinet lo Senate Secretary of Labor James Amendment against 2,838. Amendment against 2,603. No. 25—for 843; No. 2S—for 8BG; • i this morning. T,:-, t n '•"'••' ' ( Mavirn ' «ieM«-» and Sunday Workers Occupy Court i Traffic law violators and "blue law" violstors occrnied mrst ol thc ! r morning police court dock-' Claiming world honors for the 1 ™" 5 ' distance amhiilance call. Davis has" risen highc- wlth""t he ! M •" Holt - ° r the Cci)b Undertakln? Blad hand, fraternity pins and a , company, has returned from a 2452 line of innocuous a .miflage tnan ln " t any oth;r American. Those who - VT ' :S know him expect to enjoy watching " s his Senate career when he comes as Ma a representative of Pennsylvania. trip. He went to ico. for John Severn, 35. who returned to Ms hcme at Steele. Unable to travel by train follow- Boykin Reeves nnd Arthur Fra- I jiicr were fined fiv.i dollars Dach j for speeding. O. W. McCutchen. Tom Brown. Cecil Purtle. T. E. Mc- Cullcn and Miss K. Lawler were isewell. New n nc d en,, dollar each for "laboring j on Sunday." Preston Key. negro, was fine.1 $15 for petit larceny. same opportunities to distinguish themselves senatorially as all the others. Marcus A. Coolidge. of Ma'si- chnsftts. is Introduce! as a SUCMSI- ful mamifacuiror. a former mavor of Fitrhburr; and a mr-mbrr of Ihe new wot.contingent inchiflinc Mor- (Conllnued nn Page Thrco) John H. Bankhead. of Alabama, ing a recent operation from which ,U., v ,],n S n f^ Np w and James F. B>Tnes of South Car- he has not recovered. Ssvern was' ' '' " ' "'' ,. „ . olina. arc tho Democrats who dc- brought to his home'14 miles north ' .'flltl Havani t.O New Yo v " feated Tc:n Heflin and Cole Bi3ase. cf here with little pain. He is'now, ' . respectively. Byrnes had a good re,?- slowly Improving. . crd In Congress and both have the ' Holt took a «t?k for the trip. traveling at about 40 miles per hour on tr.o return. Mrs. Severn nnd her sifter accompanied the ill man. J. L. German, Steels taker, also made the "call." The only trouble experienced one fial lire at Turrell. south ol here, on the la FLASHES BURNS FATAL TO TWO STUTTGART. Xnv. 10 Iti'l —E, C. Grry am] Henry Ross, hnth cf Litlle Rock, died here early today from burns received w.Vn the automobile in which they were riding over- toiled and burned up. ITEFMX .ASKS PROBE WASHINGTON, Nov. 10 (UP) —Scr.ifor Thomas J. .Heflin, Democrat, Alabama, today ask- crl Chairman Nyc for an In- of (he recent support of Osceolans In tlie drive v;hbh Is being sponsored by thc Civic Club in co-operation with the local Reel Cro.'s organization. The rlrive this year, according to I A " , of the members alive was abandoned when tho debris of the wreckage bogan washing ashore late yesterday. mul'aneously with the rtlscov- C. L. Mcore. Jr.," local P.ed" Cross i Cry Of thc hul1 a fin:l1 fL " i:<1 cft:;rt irhaiiman, is more than the usual i™ 5 madc to free rhc lnnl;cr Tam membership drive and a liberal amm trrm 'ts reef-bound |x>Mtlon donation of funds to be used in; otf p| 8 eon Point. Thi ve:,scl In caring for local charities through i the ^° n ^° ma 8 r| l> of PescsSero the winter will be solicited. l rcef was almost di.=parrd cf ,-.av- The drive -.vill continue through!' 11 ^ 1 Thank^lvlng and will be pro-' Storm swept seas tooV. P. heavy mtffed by the following commit-11'"' along the California coast, 'ce cf Ihj Civic Club co-operating Three thlps beside the- Brooklyn «ith Red Cross o.liccrs: G. B, ; =nd the Te.mrnhui were in dls- ...-'L'ravrs, Nf. L. Sumncrs and A.Uress and raveral very narrowly vi. Bowcn. j-.verlcc) difaster. The crew of 35 m:n remained aboard the Tamrahua today dc- lo slick with the sMp un- art, Ernest, Blue and Charles Whitmore, negro. From the Oiceoli dis- posed of Justices J. C. CuHom, Oscar Alexander, G. L. Waddell, W. i F. M. Ferguson and A.'F. Alston. j Appointment of. ths committee j trtct the following were taken to was followed immediately by a mo serve terms In the stale prison- J I tlou b 5' Justice R. L. McKnlght P. Norman., Fred Smith Will Rodg-1 thnt Judge-Elect Harrison bs heard crs. Will Davis, Homer Wilson Will! on the appropriations for Uie com- Roblnson, Arthur Brown ' and I'"? year. The motion was mled out Charles Royal. I of order, by Judge Ba'rluun, who i The prisoners were accompanied I nko n"n£l'ed an appeal to the fioor !o Little Rock by EMdie B Davis. i from thc rul!n S b y Tom Hatficld. Arch Lindsey and Floyd Grimes of """ '" J '"""" ""' " ""' I SherilT Shaver's force. They rc- j turned Inst night. Bishop on til the last hope is gone. •Report Agreement ... I Limiting Navy Personnel GENEVA, NovTlO (UP) -Pro- I Eress was made by the preparatory LhlCagOflnS Return Home VIMI F ;UII n 01 me ici-cnv i-rci-- | Disarmament committee today on i r- i r •, r (Ion in Alabama. Heflin ch»r E - ;'he queaion of naval llmliations. i ''"' « "33 rumiturc uODC Cannon Suffers from Painful HWss i 1 Biron H ]^; T °r N ' NOV ' , 10 <UP 'r 1"« ""= P"* V*ar *«e heard from ;^X J Mrp,ta n ss!;y Jr ftortie j ;X? rite " n * st r lsy c ? r ^ r : • arthritis whkh causeH hu rpn-nval I 3llll v. asrl.u.tiiral agents. >Ls> Trie judge explained, however, that ' Mr. Harrison would bs heard by the (inane? commlltee and that he had been invited to address the quor- ! um court, after routine business was i disposed of. Usual Taxes Vnted Dea " S rC1K>rtS ° f actvitle dur - " rthrltls which caused his removal tc a hcspital twv, weeks ago. While admitting his patient om -. Thomp- ed 75,000 Illegal voles were ] The committee, t) , c j n , :rnw , KF.W YORK, Nov. 10 (UP) — - mk Ilnwkr. holds another air record today. His latest was fro'n Havana to New K" made it it\ eight Irurs minutes. Tho ill ht, wr.-i completed Sunday '.I' i 'iron In ll:c same low winged 50 miles Trawlnlrc monoplane' In which I lap of' IIawks !ws - ci several transcon y.irl; end , il>c;i ;,, alu , snnrl d i sl an c e records. KII.!«S SON, SELF- KANSAS CITY, Nov, 10 (UP) —Tho vcnjnnce of Edward Matfdnx cn-l hl^ life and (lie life nf his silill 'step inn. Mrrlr Nfal, 10, today. AUJdox 29, an cx-convlrt, >or.l }in«rd frem his wife, ran amuck, kid- iT.M'cil his step-sen, barrlc»rlrrl himself in a farm house then Vi'lcd thc boy and himself with n shotgun as a possr of ilrpulics with guni and tear bombs approached. "m.tatl'-n of the personnel of nav- I CHICAGO,' Nrjv.. 10 (UP) — Mr. "1 forces, was understood lo have ' Rn d Mra Chester Mallo p .v banked ! agreed upon a limitation by global the c-al In their stove so It mould i or lo'al number of m?n and offl- slay hot for several hours last i j-crs ratrnr than by each category. ''•! hi. ant) vmt out to a ir.ovie. • ine questi'n was hotly contested "It:i a good thing we left a fire." last week. ;->'vcrM Mallow as they walked ; The principal naval powers also ; homeward. a?rc?d to present a working mem- Thev entered their home and orandum tn lh; preparatory dU- lo~k,?d around. Thc fleve. sofa, armament committee to serve as rV.a'rs, rugs, refriecrator. brd, all oasis of discussion for drafting a of the furniture in fact, was gone. W'rtd. convention. Thc memoran- "Evidently they h.iuled It away dunis win not be affected by pos- in a moving van" snld Mallow, i "ble Ttallan reservations it was "But how did they carry out that lfcnrn cfl- • I red tot, stove" ic • « ii i i r ' "^* us'jal tax levies, including |Services Are Held lor (five mill countv tax, three mill ' Ufo.'U«» n .. i A *.*| n raa<1 tax ' 7 - 3 ml " sp^ia! > ax to re- i war veteran at usceoia tlrc bondSi nve mm tax for lnc;)r . ! OSCEOLA, ARK.. Nov. 10—Fun- pornted towns. 7.9 mill slsto tax, rial Eervices for Bnrd Turner. 35, (school tax as vottcl bv the respcc- wlio died in the Veterans HospSlal! (| v e districts, land $4 per capita . -f Cutwcod, Ky., following a long j rend tax, were all vcted unani- i Illness of tuberculosis, were con- mously. •duct°d by the REV. C. E. Welch, i J. c. Cullom was reelecled to tho pastor of the First Baptist. Church, | county highway comml'sten ever in Violet Cemetery Friday after-1 his protests that two years of the coon, Interment followinc Mr. Turner is survived by his mcther, Mrs. Nancv Turner, and A brother, .B. L. Turner, both of her, Chickasswbi district. O. IOscu>la. ' (Continued on Pago 5> Job' was enough. Nomination by Judfe Barium of L. L. Wird and-Chirks MeWhir- L.

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