The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 7, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 7, 1944
Page 3
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SATURDAY, OCTOBER 7, 194-1 - (AUK.)' COUK1KK NEWS Government- Action Called Step Toward 'Collectivism" NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 7. <UP>- wii J. Williams, former president of (he American Cotton Shippers Association, now a cotton broker, today called the recently announced government program for buying and felling ration "a blow of Pearl i •Harbor propm lions.'' I 1 "We lire moving vapidly away from free enterprise and toward fiiil Hedged collectivism," Williams, said "i speak of the latest nctlon of oai govenmicjii which lias enlcnxl In monopolistic measure the lield of commodity buying and selling. "I'rom Berlin such 1111 edict would have Ijcen most appropriate," the exporter said. "The commodity markets of the United Slntes have been placed under an 'oxygen tent' where mime life is uncertain and ^real doubt exists as to whether tlisre IF I'.ow the remotest chance for recovery." Williams Kusrscstccl n bn.'aV.liik dawn of harriers to a world exchange of goods and services us .n solution to what he termed a "chaotic condition." Itc pointed out that then burcmicrncy would no longer be with us and world recovery mid nn enduring peace would follow. He nlso declared that a reduction of tariff rates is necessary. PAGE IHUflh Taking ai Leafi From Nazis' Book Mississippian is Convicted Of Soldier's Death SARDIS, Miss., Oct. 7 (UP)— A. E. simw Jr., a coffoeville livestock dealer, was convicted at Sarciis last night of the (ire-tool slaying in April 1343 of a Camp McCain Army private, Kennie Deskin, of lulia, I Texas, in Coffeeville. Members of the Panola County Circuit Court jury who were out four hours failed to agree on the punishment and the sentence an- omatically became one of life imprisonment. Judge John M. Kuykendall, of Charleston, overruled the motion of defense attorney W. I. Stone, for a new trial. Aaron Hcffner, convicted lust January in connection with (lie case, and sentenced to life imprisonment, did not appear in the trial. In the Chancery Court for Hie Chkkasawliii District of Mississippi County, Arkansas. A. M. Thompson, Plaintiff, vs. No. 8141 Syble Thompson, Defendant. WAKM.VC OKDi.'K The defendant Sjrhle Thomnson, is warned to appear in the Chancery Coiii t toi- the Ciiic'k'asaVb'a'Dis- trlct of Mississippi County, Arkansas, within thirty days and answer the complitir.t of plaintiff, A. M., Thompson. I Witness my hand, as Clerk of said court, and the seal thereof, on this the 22nd day of Auynst, 1941. HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk By M. Jarratt, D. C. h through Belgium in< on<Js. Airborne Army nd German lin«t to twing around Klcvc, 'gfricd Line. Other es attack line from Aachen to Bclforr Gop. Tht Hague Rotterdam GERMANY Germans pleice French frontier dcfcnics May \5. 19-10, swing southward,, flanking Maginoi Line. Other Noxi troops cross Rhine al Mulhouic while third German force attacki near Saarbruckcn By their sensational breakthrough near Sedan, Germans in 19'10 demonstrated lo the world the uselessness of "wall" fonifica- lions such as France's vaunted Maginot Line. They simply flunked it with an end run and poured down behind the line, leaving the French looking pretty silly, with their big guns all' palmed the wrong way. Only ones who didn't seem to learn the lesson were the Germans themselves, who put their faith in the Siegfried Line and the Rhine fortifie.-itions, only lo have (he Allies flank them near Kleve, and gel into position tor an end run drive behind the fortified lines into the great Ruhr Valley industrial area. Map above shows similarity of German operation against Maginot Line and how Allies worlicd same (rick on them. Wounded Dyess Soldier Meets Brother On Ship Coming Home DYESS, Ark., Oct. 7. —Imagine the surprise on the faee of Pvt. Bernic L. Cox of Dyess, Ark., when lie boarded a ship at Guadalcanal for the United States, after being wounded on Saipan and found his brother, James Cox, n member of the ship's ereiv. •It was a happy moment for toth R«ad Courier MKWS Want Ada. ^ Disguise Fails ,,j*« of us," ( hc said while home on leave this''week from Kennedy General Hospital in Memphis for a visit with his wife, Mrs. Maxine Cox, and their two children, Phyllis Ann and Bernie Lynn, and his parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Cox. before reporting back to Kennedy for an operation. The Saipan campaign lasted only 10 days for Private Cox, but he'll remember it for the rest of his life, for there are shrapnel wounds in his right arm, one that pierced his left chest and went into his lung and one in his back. The shrapnel was from a mortar shell. "I was with an infantry division on Saipan. The Alnrincs made the initial landing in that campaign but we went in next and took our mission alongside them. I -got mine' on the morning of June 30." The young infantryman paused in iits conversation to say that some >l his buddies out there maybe liadn't been as lucky as he was. Private Cox, a rifleman, sair. that the preceding night before be ing wounded the next morning, i had been one of those quiet, rain nights that ivas fit for neither mai nor lie as t. '< "The Japs lay low all night fo fear we would sec them, but to ward daybreak, there was a conn terattack from them. We could se aljout 30 Japs when \vc sent up flare. We killed all but seven o eight but I was wounded. The ined ics fixed me up and on July 2 I wa transferred from Saipan to n hos pital on Guadalcanal. From there was sent to the United States." Private Cox entered the Arm July 13, 19)3, and in Miu-cli, 101 he was sent to Hawaii. Prom (her he went lo Saipan. He wears Ih bar for the Pacific Theatre of Op crations with one star, the Puipl Heart and the Good Conduct Bur. \! : (Signal Corps pliolo from A'EA) Nicolas DC Wilde-, Dutch quisling who became a Gestapo leader in Holland, mu.'t have been quite proud of the dash, ing figure he cut in his Nazi uniform, as seen in top photo. . Howcvci, Hitler's habiliment became a hnmiicnp when Allied liberation forces arrived in Holland, so he ditched the gaudy uniform, switched to drab "civvies." The disguise failed, lie's pictured, bottom, after his capture by a U. S. Counter Inlclli- i< jence oiiicer. Manila Soldier Killed The official War Casualty list an nounccd today included name o Pfc. John J. Hatcher, son of Mr: Frances U Hatcher of Manila, wh has been killed in the Central Pa cific. No details were announced, bu it is believed he Was stationed ol Saipan. Mrs. DALTON C. FOWLSTON, K A., M. S M. ORGANIST and TEACHER of PIANO — OJIGAN and VOICE Former New York Organist and Teacher For Appointment Write Mrs. Fowlston not Chickusawba or Phone 2049 BANCROFT TIIGHTER' Elastique OFFICER'S CAPS Big Shipmenf Jusf Received; We Have Your Size HUDS * EDSOH W WASHINGTON - A •- - -*--! i 1 i eek P. A. C.-Commie Link Clotmor—Tailor—Clothtor HY n:ii n Courier NIMH- Washington Carrcsrimiilml Tin- Iniporlinil tlilnij nlioiit (lie ew Dies CommiUc'i' hemluys is 'ID effort ol its Invi'sUniitors, llol)- l K. Htriplicit; ami lit. J. Ii. MiH- iews, to show n link between the uOKi'wll administration and the .f.O. Polli'liil Action Committee on one hand, then show a link be- veen l\ ,\. c. ami the American ommnnist.s on (he other. The Inference is supposed to In; nit the Communists are Inking ver the Democratic Parly, and If tripling ami Muithews can prove int. tlH'v will have somethlnj;. J)ul ie evidence 011 this daisy chain Is roily (bin. Slilplini; Kiiy.s (hill 77 different ificluls ami employes of iii fedenil ovcrnmcnl uiienrlrs have been In mnniiiilcdiloii with (jlilncy 11111- lan's !'. A. c. licad<iuai(ers In ew York, bliliilini! le.irued this by iilioacimtiii; i-ecouls of IOIIB ills- nice telephone calls. They showed Hit New York p.A.C. lieiiilmmi'U'rs i«l called up pret-idi'iiliul iissl.stiinls )avid K. Nlles n times, Jomtlwn Janiels six limes. p:i m Rnsenman .owell Mellett mid Hen Cohen once eucli. Wlml was said ou these calls Isn't known. "Natui-ally," says Btiipllnu, "It Is not ti> be ji.s.siiincd Dint nil Dirse calls had to do with polllical activity. I uui ceituln Unit seme of Diem IVITI? calls and IIK such were quite proper." JUST ],OOKIN(j 1'Olt A .iiCK'I'O SUvKI' li-lnii hl|;h mnn on (lie llsl, David K. Nllv.s was asked aboul his IV, calls. "I'm surprised the number Isn't ni'eiitiT," lie says. "1 have known Illllinan a Ions! lime, worked with him closely when lie was on WI'll. He usually calls me up when he wauls lo come do«n lo Wn.slilD^lon mill can't net a hotel room," Von can take this statement »l f»ec value, Ijclnj! true us fur as It t;"", but perhaps not teljiu the whole story. Most of the culls to Jomitlmn Daniels were from c. IS. llnldwin, former Rum Security Admlnistru- toi and now vice chairman of p. A. C. and Identified by Slilpliiu; «;; the man whn really runs It. Hut you can'! convict anyone for nslnj: the telephone ami a lot of Klnniise people have no cuuiljt called up the White House for strnnise purposes. Klrlpllni: and Mallhin^ ni'rhups strike pay dirt wlien they iji'l down on (he lower levels and try to show how Ihe rOKlonal and local I'. A. C. workers, with definite rrcurds ul IMrllrlpiitlon In C'uimmmlsl fronl ornanl/.alions. have moved Into the Democnitlc Parly. Dcmocnille Congressman John M. Cnstello of [,os Amides, actlm; cb-.iliiDiin i)I the Dies .Subcommittee InvcstinnlhiK i>. A, (]., .says, "This .sbow.s what happened when (he 1'iiMy dlsaihrs. Us members no Into other piilHIca! iiur- tles." IIK OtICillT T<» KNOW Costello should know, for he was a victim of I'. ,\. C. acllvltle:! In I lie California prlmailes. fn mak tin: lld.s comment he was I'eferrlnn specllteallv lo (ho ease of one Mervyn itnlliborne, once vlolcnlly inill- Coummnisl as an urKiinl/.er of the American Umllo Tcli'iiniplil-sls 1 Mielutlon, til,, miflively |iro-Commii- nisi, mill now Calllornla slate site- rclaiy of I lie C. 1. O., « dele^ lo HH. Democratic National Con- venllon in Chicago mid a power in Male ]'. ,v c, Othci.s put in the same catcuoiN by 81rl|)llm; are; Uevels Olaylon of San 1'rniu'lsen, lermer Ccmmunlst I'aHy candldaU | for state' .senator, now an assistant | lo liathborne; '• William Hcnlner of fit. l,oul.s. [or- mer Cojimnml:.| I'aiiy le.-uler for Missouri mid Arkansas, now a I 1 . A. c. leader In the same urea; "rnesl l),. Mulo and John T. Huriuml ol^chU-nw, officials of the Untied Kh'ctrlcal Workers, both In nil, Hlrlpllni; submits new evl- -•hni-KiMl with imvlDit deiinlli! Coin- mmlst lies hi ihe past, now jiruiii- linc-iit In midwest P. A, 0, 'lice on only 11 clown of these small fry. but here Is a reiil threat. If men with proved Communist records nre niovliii; hi on local Dmio- crallc maehlnes and taking over, then the Democratic Parly 1ms 11 reiil liiiascclennlui! job on Us hands. Hayti Officer Loses His Life In Saipan Fight Ui'Ul, Victor K. SJi;li?r. Infiintrs otllciT in llm Kiiulh Pacific shli.'t November, UIK, was killed In ucltni on 8iil|>iii), (he Wni 1 U('|iarimetil Inu informed his jnuenls, Mr. inn! Mrs Curtis Victor Hluler (if llayll, Mo /In wns 2-1. His wife. Mis. Mnmlo liuchiinai KliiU'i 1 , is employed with the HI rrnmeiil at Honolulu. Ui'ulrminl Klijlor \viis nr:idualed from hlKh schiiol In llnyll nnil attended Koulliciisl Mlssimrl Teachers Colkw, Cape iilriirduuu, bi'l'ine Jolnliii! the Army In Mnrt'li, 1011), Hu nlso leuves Ills twin brothers, JaiolU and IJcrl Slglcr, and'two Islcis, Mis PhyllK DcWtese of"'', Jajtl and Mis June: W\ks ol Hip* . „ ty 'lenn ,.<., Woman Minister Dies following Auto Crash" "" PMl'lllS Oct 1 (UP)—Anau"" lomobllc crash - two miles, west ol, Wcsi Memphis,- Ark./ Wednesday • which resulted hi the death'p(j. H. Wallaee, of Commerce, "Texa.s'j' took Die life ol Mra. Wallace lust night when she died In a hospital here. Mrs. Wallace, an Assembly of GOti nilntsk'r, UIK| Wallace; a 'Cotton Belt railroad engineer, Were en' route lo Greenville, Temv, when a (Ire blew out, throwing their ilia- chine Into n bridge abutment. . III TIic Chancery Cunrt For Tbe Cldekasawba District, Mississippi l.'oiinly, Arkansas. • Winnie Cidwcll, I'lainllfl vii, No. M10 William Cidwcll, Defendant. WAKNINO OltllKK The defendant, William Calwell, Is ivjimed lo appear in Die ciinn'ccry Court for the Ciilcknsawha District, Mississippi County, Arkansas- within .'10 daj-.'i mid answer the complaint of the pliitnttlf. • WUm'ss my hiuid as Clerk of said !court, and the .seal thereof on this I the ttlh day of October, IO-H; ,, HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk. * Ily Doi'ls Muir, D. C. 10J7-H-21-28 Buy Your Winter Supply of WOOD and KINDLING While It Is Available. PLANTATION OWNERS' SPECIAL PRICE ON 100 RANK LOTS! BARKSDALE MFG. CO. Blytheville, Ai'k. Phone 2911 safes-sir = hero or" - u_— bu y«n B Extra V/ar B " • r i it's I'ood news MojbelhelMtll" "ft **-*« For Good Insurance Co// W. M. Burns Agency, Ph, 3361 Writing complete Anlomobilc Insurance, Plate Glass, Workman's Compensation, Futile & Contractor's Liability and Flro fnsurance on anything insurablc. AGENCY nSN.SecondSt. W ' This space is a contribution to America's all-out war effort by Arkansas Grocer Co. L, K. Ashcraft Co. Joe Atluru Machine Shop L. H. Autry, Burdctte A. S. Barboro & Co. Barksdale Mfg. Co. Blytheville Water Co. Th e Crafton Co. Deltd Implementi, Inc. I Loy Eich Chevralet Ce. Gay & Billings, Inc.'Guard's Jewelry & Optical Store Halter's Quality Shoe Shop Happy Hour Grocery & Mkt. Hardaway Appliance Ce. Herrick'j Jewelry Hubhard Furniture Co. ' <ibhard Htrdwfcrfi C*. Hudtilesfon 4 C e. Jicdel't Langston-Wroten Co. Oiarles S. JLemonj Planters Hardware Co., Inc. The New York Store Pat O'Bryant Palace Caie J. C. Penney Ce. PhiJlipj Motor Co. Robinson Drug Co. *[.\ I. Rosenthal, Inc. i Tom W. Jackioa j Rustic Inn A. G. Shibley Wholeiale GiQcen C. G. Smith Floyd A, Whft e ' r ' Zellaer's Slipper Shop ' ' WAI tuff - VJCTHY Tiiii

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