The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 8, 1930 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 8, 1930
Page 7
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SATURDAY, NOVKM13HR 8, 1930 BLYTHEVII.LE, (ARKJ C.'OUKIBR NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS 'ivu cents « word for first ln- wrllon Euui one coat ft worii tor ej»c: p <ul)te<iu'.nl insertion. No ad veriiftewit taken lor less thin SQc, Oouul the words mii Bend Uw «•*. I'hune 30& /,„ LAURA LOU BROOKMAN / J Y AUTHOI?OP"BAai-4 ROMANCE" PAGE SEVEN OUR BOAKQ1NG HOUSE By INC-.N L'OU KENT FOR RENT—Front bed rosin, si, am heated, r.djolnmj bath. 603 West Main. Phone 642. 3C-TF FOR HEHT — Furnished apart- incut, gara;c if cleared, 305 Dougun. 3P-K12 FOR RENT — Modem licme on West Walnut, See O. a. CnudiSl 3P-K13 I.I:I;IN ni:iu: TODAY !•!::. i A jii'K nr.i.i,. n. i-mc* !l:illilnlll|. « III' IV KllP 111!-. llvfLl nllil lirr nfnnmrei* l:u:Tlirr. MAIII.AIir.I' miia:iK, In l.ilii lirr \u-:illl!j filUirr. JIIII.V M II 'Cli Kl.l . In V-IY Vur!i. Tlir ii:irr!il3 »ri- illvnrcvil inn! Mm. IliiEm l> n ulilim fultnxtln;; II AL'i-antl innr- rt:i;-.i-. Il.l!:\I-:Y SIIM'.I.NS. yiiniin nem- pjilicr \)!LulcRr:itihf r, U In line «ll!i (!,.• i-.lrl. ilji.-hrll mUii \:\\:- I.VN |'.MIS<>\::. l>i-:imlrul >niicin. In Eiili-iHllh-e h!t d.-LiuIili-r 111 cillii'r yniutn pi'ulite. Mr*. l':ir- aiini nitrrrh, eniiKliliTl'iir I'rllrt » int-:nn tn win HllclLrlr* ntrvrlioni. Shp fcmm lirrnmri Jrnlulls Mf thl- Ctrl mid kr):riiu-s to i;vl r/tl nf lirr I') oni'ii'jr.-uJrir n romiMn'i* *it- UUTii <>lt:i mill TOD- JORDAN, fjiKi-tnntliJi; Eiul ut LJuljluuv t-Itnr- I them. Mot many would 1)9 willing lo sharo an evening wlih a woman of my age." "Oh. bul Mrs. I'arsons. you're not old!'' The words were nol gallantly framed, hut they were sincere. "\Vhv, >o« c;m't bo—well. Ing liow tho cnmeni eautjhl "action pictures." 'You know I never dreamed your wurl; wns BO fascinatlngl" sr.ld. 'Well, ot course, It Is to me. nliloi 1 1 lots of folks Hilnk IL'a prelty dull. 10 talli to a |!«i'eoii lllso you, 0:i!> y'M- ih:lni FOB RENT—Five rccni liaus? in 10CO bled:' en Ash St. Call M. G. Goodwin. 4C-TP IICH-r. .MtU'hrll forlildi ll FOR RENT—My pretty country hom^, riglil at town. Handsome IhrcuglicuC • knlh, lights, gaiafter., sevens house, garden, rh!ck licusc and yard. Residence j has 4 bed rooms. Knht price to I parlv who will take care of it. | J. Nick Thomas. CC-K10 1 FOR RENT—Furnished i'0-ms fcri licht hciiseUcenim. 70J V.'almu. Also ui:Iurnuhc-J flat, 1013 Wainut. BC-K15 • , . IH P .\CA\. :i (,-lrl of Olla'i, nci-. |I^CI:IIIL-A hrr lu>nl frlrjiij. MilrlcJ/i I'Liiiirri tn .\eiv Ynrll lij ivnrk f'jt n l^liiiliicrniilile n^rvlre mul nireU (Vila. Mhc (rll> Mm ilie h» lunl . lirr -tirnrt to Jnrd:in. llr.illinllun Ilinl It l> rcnlly Sht,-!.!« i.lif Tcnrn rniurn tn <VII:i i%lK>n (li;> ^niitrn >H:MI TH lnit>rl-4- csiu'cl hi 11 litirnEiiK tiullitliic. It* rtcjipr^ utiliurl c\*'C{il [n7 u hrfikcn nrju. ^Irn. r.-Lr.Miun, tvhn |<ri-icnil>. rn lip rrirnilly tr> Slllclilx, irur* ti> .MltrEifll L:nJ tr!U liEni iiK lii WANTED WANTED—Family washinss. blankets quilts. Mrs. Farmer. 103 I.r.kc St. 3P-K10 ROOM AND BOARD $8.50 per week. lii-5. Freeman at Glencoei Annex, 114 W. Ash St. TC-Kll| XV ANTED — Ffimlly Washincs. | '.VasJicd and ironed tiy compe-1 cent white u p oman. Mrs. Drown, | 104 S Lake St. IVck-tt FURNISHED COTTAGE F O R1 RENT. A pretty place.' Rent—j 025 00 month. Thomas Land Co. | 5C-K10I • WANTED—Salesmen to sell na- '-.iionally artveriised proaitct to Stores, Garajes. Factories, etc. Easy to make S4.CO an hour or S500.00 or more monthly. Tested raits plan. Kc.1110112}' required for clock. We deliver ant! collect. Pay checks mallei on Saturdays. Bis surprise v.-altii:-j. Write Fyr-Fyter Co.. 2144 Fyr-Fyter Bldg., Dayton, Ohio. 8P-K10 LOST AND FOUND I LOST—One male' pointer, solid liver tic'::. Finder notify Jimmie I.edbelter. Re.\rard. fiC-TP PKKPONAT. TAXI— F. A. MCGREGOR Day or jNight Service, -Phone 1C. •--' '"-'."-" i. - : IC-K30 i For A* NEW YORK. NOV. 8. (UP) ton closed steady. Open High Lo',v Cioss ct- Dec. old n;c. :ic\v Jan. old Jan. new Mar. .... May ____ July .... CM 1000 10SO 1104 1110 1128 1150 1172 1153 1120 1118 1155 1137 11C5 11R8 1202 1222 10M 1090 I'.OO 1103 1125 1143 1167 1190 tHMiij.-.*.'!! l!ic yunilK liinn mil] tnkrn Cfltn liouii-, The Kli-l t.ikv* n Iritln for Uultlmcirc nnil nrrlvc* nt IJIT tormrr' liiune tti lljiil lu-r mntlii'r ciJtli'. Stir utifndji n ilnr KfnrvIiltiK \nlnly for i-li'ivh I.) .lira. II.IKITV iv!iiT.-:ilio::fi. llllrh. rll nrrlvr* nr:rt'f:il!irr :ir:il £:ille!i- (rr :irc- rrrotirllfil. Mllclirll |i> l.<l-i In Incite }Ii«, UII^CTH iin-i Ilic l\v.i reliira in !Vc-\v Yuri*. Mear:- i%hlle In "llml flly MM. ritr.inrts [in* InvltfO SMHdn to Hike dinner irltli her. NOW CO ON-WITH TUB STCHV CHAPTF.U L PAKNEV HHISI.US strode into •^ the apartment living room with a slightly nervous smile. His now evening" clothes undo liliu self- cor-.rclnus. He was also a IriP.n in awe of the beanlifnl Mrs. Pardons. "(Icr.d ovciiii!.^! Oh. Mr. Shields. thls.h so r;ncd of you! I'm de- HslUed liiat yon could come." ICvelyn's voice was tow a:id melodious. She ramo to meet him lool:- ii^ liue a i;c!d and while Grecian pc;iclc5s iccreAtcd In a modern scl- liny. Her so\vn w " 3 sheer, draper! . oil classic linos lhal were nevertheless subtly H2v;. T'.te dress was low cut, artfully following Iho Ha- tir". - Shields could r.ot fail to be 1m- "prcf-cd. "!low do you dr>," he said. "1 thir.k I'm lucky to b? invited." T;ie dazzling creature .too!; his hand r,i;d held it for r-.ii instant. Tlu'n she trotloneJ tov.-ard Iho more Ihau a year or iwo o than I nr.i!" I'.irs. I'aisous. You underBtnnd. i "My dear boy! Cci laluly I nnlsi ' Vein Know I've got llirco or Jour I reward yuu for lhal." fi!:e lifted I i:!c:nrc:i I'll like to show to you. a silver shaker from u nay uml : Tlioro'n tliat cloud stuff I mnde iilled two fragile $?.-• Iinndcil lo the youtia i.ic:i. 'Shall we; drink to ynntliV •'•<• asked, sinlllnz. Shields onsv.'crcd z'.?. • • •No—to beauty!" Evelyn's low Ituig!] r^ii'm llphtfully. . ... "Now 1 know EOII:C phi n i tensely jealous of 11:-:! 1 .'...-.i . know when I've beard so r,i;:::> coniplluicuts. 1 shr.ll E-JI vuu dmv:i as a deliberate hearl-tir:al:cr Shields erliinc-rt. "Oil. tmi 1 don'L.go Eirouiid with ^irls tit nil! I don't even know any—except Co-' tl:i; lla. Never did have Eiiicli 10 do Hie ...i with girls except her. Where IE I •smilHi,; •" a ''' ] ".Vp.j 1 1 call you Ittnioy?" she "Oh. 1 forgot you dliln't know. ncally. I'm -surprised she dldn'l tell you. Cclla'a sucudin^ s cou- alr circus. They ^i with Apes. Then there's :•-• li-an nml :i shnl Imnde ili'.u. Would .yon Ilko 10 Hire I'll nliow (hem to <•:•!::.w Ibry'ro not won :-•• v.' t ||. I'm sor; of prom! r-u-ccuti two more l.-.l.l you liorself. pr coi t's no; muiounccil Rencrully xct, iut CollVu (o ho married. 1 n«i>- uosed yo-.i knowl" Yon mean Celln's icoiic clso? Thoy'i'o uu- i BUUDOSO ll'a tliat Jordan!" T7Vi:i aspcJ 'at tho siiKgea- ". "Yes." slm Bnld. "Sho's la t:iarry Tod Jovdan. I'er- Imps 1 Khoiiltln't liavo'i-ald nuy- thliiK. her i-; glncilr 1 ! SlllC!: havi' the ps 1 should havo 1 Hlilclib Bliook his licud "N'-j, II'B bctler lo know, true. I suppose 1 mlsht I. ple days In the country with (rlends. ll'a a Bay 5-011115 crowd slip's been seeing quite H lot of. You know Ccllii's r.wfitlljr'popular. For a sir' at— well, rather limited social experience she surprises me every day. She secnia lo have jn'st tlial little toucli that arouses men's Interest—and koeps them iiitjir- csted; . - '<•. ' ~\ '- * * * i CilE—she's quito popular. ;Is L? _ . . nil " • she?" "Why. of course! But then you 1 ri'il III.! i!las:i. Ev; u? ilr.-nli nt tiie mime I he young man over •l:n of the RObl.vt. Sho wns "Of rnurso. -That's what every- OIIQ c^lta me. Makes mo unconi- miiGt !:now that. You're Eiich old friends I'm sure you know Cella as well ns I ilo. Really, I'm extremely fond of the- child!" Barney Shields' eyes were averted. "Maybe, 1 ; don't know her aa well as"l thought Id ill," ho Eald slowly. . - .' ; Dinner was. annoiiEiccJi Erclyn was vivacious and- siiiilins. as slic aal opposite tho yoiirig mail acrn-s a table of crystal, sliver, and gleam ing linen. When Hie conversation forlah!e when I hear folks Eny'Mr.' Siilclclj. impulsively liarncy leaned rorwanj. "You'vo been awfully nice to ine," ho s&ld boyishly. "Yon i to understand things. There's one Itilny I watit lo know lerrlhly. You can tell me. Will you do II?" "Why, my dear boy. If there's any T.'ay that I chn— of cuurso I will 1 ." "Thinks. Yon see 1 could talli to ynu about It better than to any- iK'dy else." Shields bad put down Ills s>ass and his uray .eyes \vcrc solemn. "I'm Swfully fond of Ce t." he hea^.n, and then hesilalcd ".Vaturally. \Vo all arc! "Yes. bul yon see 1 feel differently. Well, anyhow, 1 mean- listen. Mrs. Parsons, wlial 1 waul to ask you is do you think Cella cares anything about me7" "I'm sure she's fond ot you — " 'Oil. hut that Isn't what I mean! I lovs Celia! . 1 always liave ever since the day i met her. Do yon —do ynu Ihlnk she'd marry me?" "Woji'i vou sit 'down?' Dinner ill b^j ccrveil very, soon." nr.rucy ijroppcd lo I'ne lu::ilr)- seemed to lag Mrs. PanoriB nslterl Questions about his The young, man tallied cr-scrly Hi 1 ^.is tllcnl, lennlng bacfc In Ills clylr anil staring fllra uteri!. KvclyEi lookt-d nt Slitchrs iiiiciiiainly. Sho lifted tho shaker and refilled hla Rhiss. llo took it. Uranl; it without n word. "If thc-ro wera only nliyllii(iK 1 ojihl Co." llvc-lj-n munnureil. •Tlii-io Isn'l!" Suddenly llu in^ nan rest to tils feet. "Well, s I'mson^." ho f-ald with a c.'-l voice. "II ix'itnlnly kind n( yc.ii lo b;ivo lliu hero. I'd Iwltrr bo si'tliiiK alon;-; now. Hope 1 didn't tore you wllh all Hint Iflk about |i!icicg™phs." "I enjoyed every won! of II! Must ou >;u?' "Y. -. I t!:lnk I'll U:ivo to bn on my v.:iy." "Vou'll conio [icjrtln, won'l youT Cella will 1« buck In n day or Iwo I'm Biire." liarnc-y einllcd Ironically, like to." he said, "bul I tmiigluo Colin will ho raiher busy. Gooil ulsht. Mrs. I'.iisons. and Ihank . v ou again." "Hood night." Evelyn's hand closed over tha yoiiUK man's mid cluus for (in In, hnl it \vas only too evident hat though his oyes wore on hcss. lie did not really sec her. Quickly he turned and left tho apartment. It was an hour later that John Milc'iull and his daughler arrived. Mrs. Parsons greeted Ihcm cor- (ilitlly, kissed Celia and aspired GO AMP SPEMP A GAV E\ A1" MV CLUB —-Trie QWL^ CLU3 ! •v~rf rlA5 "Trie CdARAC-.-fER AMD CsLP -THE ARE A KAPPY,BCil5-reRoU5 CREUi O'F WILL IW-fROPUCE VOU 1b -THE IM-fRICACieS OF -poK&R-, AMP eA-r A u«e ib <ae-r MUP A -YABLE or BRIDGE,.- OR A <3AM£ <SF WOT? Howu 1 ^ CLUB ^' A WAME feh--^"-~^^-i^3:lfcp ^ '^^-'---Im^^w ROOTS AM) IIER BUDDIES SOMETHING BI-SE TO WOHUY AJSOUT r" By Martini 'Oh!" The Mchumitiou slurp. hhh-uHched. "Sl:a must hsvi said somclhini; of the increasing iioss'hilitlca ofilo yo.i Ll- Diiptosraphy, .''-.'' He snoke of .technical Improve the she feels," ments that were being made. Harney forgot that to his listener a camera >vas a black .box b^'.iiml vhich a 'jreign geulleuian persisted. "You've eeon her r.-ilh llicse other fellows. Tell n:cl D:> you think I have a clmnce?" "Hill didn't you know?" Evelyn girl the was dellKhted lo see Tlieve was a Mllcni:il departed, the room £ho Everytliins was Ka she bad left it. She undressed, bathed and to l:cd. out Kvelyn knocked. "Cc-l!a." she said as she opened Uie duor, "1 just wanted to tell you. nnd tbr'ew n black cape over his | knew—" licad, saying, "Look pleasant. I "Knew wlmt?" please.]' lie- became eloquenl over "Why—oh. 1 don'l know what to ously cushioned seat. Mrs. Parsousla s'urerior, impressively expensive |say! "I sunpo'cd 01 conrse the had a cliair close by. Sl;e knew lens and ills own theories of tiin-' lo!d you. Celia assured .'ialraert. "Oh, I'm so corry! My I for the way things tiirncd o'U boy. 1 thoughl ot course j-ou oilier day. Truly. 1 thoiiKlil I was ai that a::3le the light on her Cace ing. 1110 H25 I127n 1150 117'.1138 Spots steady at' 1115, mi 20. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Xov. 8. (UP)— Cotlon closed barely sleady. Open High Lov>- Close Dec 1C86 1125 1033 '1103 . Jan HOD 1140 Wi 1123b Mar 1125 11G5 1124 1145 May 1150 1180 11-11 1170 July 1169 1203 1167 11Q3 Oct 1195 1207 1195 1208 Spcts closed steady at 1C85, up 20. A ' THl4 I5EST HOT PIG, CHILI AND COFFER RUSTIC INN Mrs. Parson appeared to be "t ap[>reci::li; your coming," she j greatly Interest?:!. Al last Ehc re- went on. "bcrause I 'mow hov,-1 minded him they had finished Jcs- much in demand good-looking jsert aad the meal ivas e^ded. An yonns men are, an<l \:ow fri;;ht-1 they returned ro the livlus room fully the llapjicr r-TCd compete for j was still c-.igerly expl::ln- [ i-okt. . and she were such clnse frends!" "What is it she didn't lell me? What do you mean?" Evelyn Pirsous took Hie young man's hands in hers, me deeply." sue said In •Gfets -Threat WERT ITo Makes 'Era Set Maleor"'Crater, near . Winslow, I Irons used lo hold prisoners in]''The avemse human- being has Ariz., was produced by about 300.- Venezuela weigh about 50 pounds from one lo one and a half eal- OCO tons • of meteors, In a close and consist of anklets containing ' Ions of blood in his l»:ly. It rcp- swarm,.'. exploding as they hit the iwo eyes each which ore rivcled to(rcseiils about one-twentieth of ihe earth with ,a force as violent as an iron bar with large ends. The body weight. 400,000.000 tons of high explosives, prisoner is able to stand or sit, according to Dr. Forest. R. Moulton, but. Is unable to walk, former Unlv;r.Jly of Chicago pro- j lessor. ' . V. It. .WASHAM—Transfer U-ily .trips to Memphis. Will l»ck up and deliver freight, and pui'&igvs 1.1 iy Where. 'S' '"» i.'n nirloud 'lets. Local Phone Sfll' Wi-mphis 1'hone 2-'J'j\ of hisy cnis'adc ngaiusl crime, Kathc-r Edmund' Danll; ' above, of Ihe Komau Calhollo (liurch of Mary Magdalene, at Abbeville. La., has received death threats [rum keepers of "dives" wlmm hr: tins r-.rinsirrt from Hid )'iilpit. A- a rc.-.i:lt .if liis cx'iin;.a [Usr-crled rla^c-s l;avc bt-cn or. dorffl do-:':'! Heads Salvation Army in South GOOD STEAKS AM) HOT FISH CAFE Dislrict iVo. 1. Xo\v Due <•'•• (f. CAUnil.L, ,. . . Collector. upstairs hi Farmers Bank Bids. NOTICE With our recent partnership with .llr. Gco. Carney, we now have the best equipped independent shop in lown. CARNEY-JEIVKINS GARAGE I'icliwlck Cuildiii!; "We know we know how" • Rewarded for- his -ID years' servict I In tl:e .orennir.itlon, Alexander M. | Damon, above, has been a I commissioner in charge of Salva- tlon Atmy work tn 17 southern . His hca(io.iiiulers arc at 1 •- little lalk and lhe:i Urfiiro slie Burned tho dear, that I'm terrli>y HD.".-y for the best! I thought I'd have more influence with your thsr it he believed I dhln't knn\v kissed the girl's check hcforo Tho following dny was to KOV« OVT WVTW Ttt' \XMJ ^A' "WCTORY (Tn Ilo (Vnitliwi'd) "I do thlnti Colhi should j The concentrated brilliance o! the l.GOC.COO.OM Lindbergh beacon The "happy," tufted eagle, in the rarest and mosl f.-r- j cqnnl to about a half-inch taxui used sue- liblc of cur eagles. II er.n onlfly-. from Ihe sun and ns;d as n llrjht source. In the cattle country auci in the bad Inncl3, rattlc.stiakcs live in dens of hundreds. Cowboys hunt •t«.r'-xs»f n r .SEA sc^ .* .a. -HZ. r-.E.o. u. t P*T, crr.;> « { in 1927 was S3,77o.'- : t'neni out and with dynamite kill • them "en mass;." .. LETS LOO1<1 ARWWD A SIT.... ALL TH/-T CAWM&O IM IT AtJ' fa) CAMT TELL - U.IGHT FW& us SUCCESSFUL START WASH TURKS'' PEACES TO«btU''J. ,'.f ItR. iX P«< V>l\TrtOI)T FOOD ViMERTUf.V ' j coMe<wrcMwm&, ? 9 / ftUT SOON wu-swes O "(WEIR WAMEWE.NT. COME OUT « THE ShME TiWi. ON& r\ C«« lOO'iilrib WNDOO WITH ^ THE \\OIV) Or LIMER, SKWS V\0'JU^ BEFORE THE «f\TCHES NttE CLOSED f\MOTV\t Vlrt\5>Tuty)^NS MX VISITORS Cat.ncde'ra>5 are bjin ce.ssfully in detecting artificial prc- and kill in the air any living thine clous stones from genuine' gems. It kills by striking a blow with l Under the rays, natural stones are . feet doubled lip like fists. made to glow, when the rays are . "turned olf, natural stones cease Ho The estimated national wealth glow, but. the synthetic articles .CO'.i- cf Portngnl linnc to shine. -•,'.'' MO.OOO. FRECKLES AND HIS--FRIENDS jWEBSE.|r «J6'D LOOK VI"-'. ^63E So, S07 J.QO-JWD A UTTL6,\ue : - j'-i H*N6 M>V D003TS... M16HT PlMD ~M£ CAUOG -I IT PROBABLY IS AU- nUAT SbOR CRISkID DAM 'l-BATTeRED UP By • HAD vwew us J.:lwiSTiwe..,Ysee, WZ DISAPPEARED i ^^ OMEK TVJO V6AOS

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