The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 8, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 8, 1930
Page 6
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PAGE SIX SATURDAY. ^OVEMBER 8. 1930 Seminoles Go Down Fighting As Chicks Win. 34-0 Florida Dedicates New Stadium in Memory of Her War Dead Chick Mentor Scrambles Squad i n "Breather Game"; Osceolans Fasl. The Osceola Seminoles lost to 10 Blytheville Chickasaws Friday .ternoon at Osceola but tlicy went ••-wn fighting. The score was 1 to '. for the Hudsonmen from Blythe• lie at the half which Indicates ,:ie spirited resistance of tiie Os- ', . .olans. But the Chicks ran up the | . lal to 34 poln's before Ihe final , ^ htslle blew en four unusually | ! let quarters.' | The Seminoles flashed a couple ;..' speed demons that kept the uhicks on the jump despite an ap- •rent tendency on the part of I 1 " :ylheville boys lo take It easy. In . Ichols and Lapldcs, Coach Atkln- .1 has two youngsters that can ;;p In speedy company. Lapld?s ipeared the fastest man on (he '.' Id by a couple of steps. Coach Hudson mixed up Ills play-, i 3 In several differently types of :veiis Friday, seldom having all : > varsity strength on the field at :e and the same lime. Tommy !':iort, Uie galloping haltbacfc ol tho v..licks, was the running star of the me, garnering a couple of louch- <'-wns. one on a beautiful gallop ...ound end and another on a vncothly executed lateral pass 1 oin Pete Craig that caughl Ihe . .nilnoles Ilatfooted. At the halfway mark the Chicks . id but one touchdown to their .- edit against the stubborn defense i : the Seminoles. The Blylhcvlllc '• )ys experienced difficulty gctllns •. nderway on their line plays with •c light Semlnolc forward wall mply digging In ami refusing lo .. iidge on many occasions. McAfee went over for the tlrsl •;hick touchdown.with J. T. Craig . inverting Ihe exlra point. After . '.ie touchdown margin had been , lined the Chlckasaws succeeded n making only Infrequent gains .hlle Abie Nichols of the Seminoles :eled off a couple of runs through :ic center of the line that brought .lenly of'cheers from Ihe sidelines, .'he Chicks had n hard tune tack' .;ng the elusive little back on more .han one occasion. Soon after the second half opened the Chicks reeled off four first downs ending, with Tommy Short skipping over for a touchdown. McAfee kicked the extra point. The Blytheville interference began to function and the red-shirt- ed legion presented a solid front as U swept before the ball carrier on sweeping end runs. Within 16 yards of. the Seminoles' goal Pete Craig lofted a pass to Short who took the pigskin over his shoulder while on a dead run for Uie sidelines and scampered unmolested over the goal line. The try for goal failed. Lapides slipped loose on a pair ol runs for the Seminoles but svas thoroughly smothered alter thai. The Scminoles braced in the shnrl : c\v of their goal to hold off another touchdown threat. The Hudson- men were soon back down in dangerous territory and J. T. Craig raced across the goal slripe on u gallop around right end. Pete Craig waded through the line for the ' extra point. ' Pete Craig kicked oft, the Seminoles fumbled and were deep in their own territory. The Osceolans started a passing attack that was rudely interrupted. Bobby ,Burns Intercepted a heave and raced flinty yards^pr"a touchdown. Pete Craig-ripped through the line for the extra point, The game ended with the bal deep In Osceola territory. TIDE flEULHE son but the Blue Devils have b°ea ccming on apace and the beating at (he hands of Alabama did (he | Wildcats little good. j Another battle between doughty ' fighters matches Georjh Tech and j Vamleibllt at Atlanta. The Coinmq- dores. who held Alabama 7-12 and . coasted through an easy M to 0 victory over Ole Miss last week will be back In their old time foim. tin sort they enjoyed in defeating M n~ . ., ,, v ,, . nesota 33 to 7. Georgia Tech lor,' VjCOl'Cjia Meets N. I. U.,'Capt Earl Dunlap in lint 'bis- • •v i 01 A i i G-G tie with Ucrth Carolina b. r t I U'ane. rlays Aubum, , Saturday. The captain is laid u;> i and Vanclv Clash ' wlt!l lE 'J urll?5 at least I1IU " L - ' giving. iAUf.S WATERS "Florida Field," (he new stadium of Matin.: capacity nt the Uiilv.T ly .>[ i-lorida. will l:c oiri:lally dedicated tc ll-.c mercery r.l l.n- world W[>;- dc-d «!••>•! the 'Onlors ivy 1C curb (he Crimson Tide (.: Al:il::ima Nov. ,3. Although she I:: nut ;: :n?-B2i!it, lavcrite, Florida licltls r.n ccV.c en Al^arnr. in pisi j-cu-c v "•!]•> "'O-i- "••'•' w : n- nlivj in 1921, 1023 and 1927, while Alabama war; Uclurloux In 10JS mid 1020. abcva Is the new .-ladhim, v.-ilh insels on star Florida |-crf:in;;i-5. n'i-Kca' iTcapl^.n nnd a versatile Lac.-k!icUl' performer. funh: is a inKlvck. £lrc!t- at cuard and Waters at lackle arc oulstnnrtinj D Ilv j Tulane meets Auburn with a p?r- UnStid I'rtts Staff Carrcsuundent ' "utible advantage, though the ATLANTA, Ga., Nov. 8. (UP)- Plal'»mcn have improved steadjy The Alabama-Florida game at all<1 '"«• P r °™ « slumbling bloc,;. Gainesville today stands out as a headliner en tlis Dixie Icatball prD- . The records show Tuiar.e dsfes'.E i Georgia Tech 28 lo Q whil? Ta;'i defeated Auburn 14 to 12. J)][).V()1J KNOW THAT— Hobart Is Uie Phil Scolt ol Ihc colleges ... In Us first six games, against N. Y. U., Syracuse. SI. Lawrence, Williams, Hamilton and Alfred, Ihe learn did nol score a single point, while Its adversaries ran up '2l'J . . . Auburn lost four out, ol its first six games, but scored 70 points against the enemy's 13. ... Baylor lost two out of its first six, and one was tlc;l, but Baylor ran up 141 points against 41 for (he opposlllon. . . . Columbia lo^t only one of her Arst six, bul her opponents scored 59 points lo Columbia's 134 . . . the reason i litre was Dartmouth, which bent Lou Little's boys, 52 to 0. . . . Norlh Carolina Stale lost four.out ol seven, but scored 12 points against her opponents 75 .... The drst six opponents ot Williams- College scored only 10 points, against Williams' 132. but those 10 points counled for a victory, 3 to 0, for Columbia, and a lie, 7 to 7, for dear old Bowdoln. Indian Center Makes Good | With Irish oi' Notre Dame! gram in that it imiy ir.di'jiU?, >- , , , , 1T ,. seme extent the relative slrsn s tli cf I m ,, an I'Hra-state bait e N:-l; Osorgia and Alabama. j Carolina University shou u hare a The southern coherence F!n . dccWed advantasc over NOI-..I Cav- nant race at, this stage =1 the 1930 o!1 " a flatc »''»<•" >'" r >™ , d? '^ t : i and victories only over High Polnl and Mississippi Aggies. Tin gam.' reason, points la Ihe Crimson Tide and the Yal2-conquering Bulldogs as the best in the lo:p and cf a;:- is siaged at Haleigh. Slate High Title Likely to, Go to One o{ These Un-, defeated Teams. i Wilson Eleven In Win FORIiEST CfTY. Ark —The Wll- ron Bulldog!! defeated (he Forrest UT-I-LB ROCK, Ark.—The high i school championship of Arkansas apiMis certain lo rest with one 'of two trams, the Fcrdyce lied Bugs I or ll'i? Camden Panthers when the' 1030 :aasoix ends. Unless the El D^-nd'i Wildcats, already defeated, throw ii monkey wrench Into the snicotlily running Fordyce inachin- I cry. I The R.2rttiits annd the Panthers an undefeated and will meet later hi thr season in a game that will. un!cH5 something very unusual hap-' rons in the meantime, settle the [ f.atc championship. Of the two! Ifaais. Ihe Rcdbugs have the most' iumvc^stve record. Many of the experts or so-callcii i «•::•.; boyt. o^'er the stale have al-1 rt;i[ly conceded Ilia crown, victory wi?3lhn 'ant! olher tokens to the ton stale. The lad was Tom-ny 'pace lhai one is almost astsnisli'cJ. i Hcdbugs nnd it wouldn't occasion TOMMY Y A III I NOTRE DAMri, Inrt.—Two years , led with his natural and developed ago there came down to Ko:r; ability, have brcughl him up from Dame a bis, broad-slioulilcral fcl- ^he shock troops ot 10» to a per- loiv from the town of Chimiciim on 'mniienl iiosilion en Ihe first strln?- Ihe plains of northwest Washing- lers this yenr, and at such a rapid Is °' 11 ,) 1 c ™ ol ™'. s , Gamecccksmu=l P Ia >' r " lc foo;ba " lo defeat p> "'- m ]4 _ n co , , erors o[ pi oMsli Orcenvl n Ci ln another intra[ eut i , ,. Clemson is belter statistically • «" V M. I. in their game :at Nor- Louisiana Stale outfit, and a sec- folk - C!.-m S :m wns nv.rchmg ,to- ond championship for the New Or- ! ™rd an undefeated season uul:l •leans learn would be an uosst of the Tigers were tnpped up by Ten- parent equal rating as likely c=n- ference chamnions jeience ci.amp.ons. i Tuiane, also undefeated, is a . gocd-lcoklng darkhorse, but t hf ' Green Wave must me2t Georgia too, along with righting Auburn Plainsmen and the high-scoring • more than mild proportions. Florida's ability to stop Wallace Wade's elephants will give a comparative rating, but with the "if" clause that it rales Georgia on Nov. 1 and Alabama on Nov. 8. The Tide has some advantages in its Florida game that Georgia unfortunately lacked In its 0-0 tie. In the first place It appeared that Coach Charlie Bachman and hlsjV. M. I. Gators had been painling for tlis Georgia game witli the idea of preventing a Bulldog score rather than nessee last Saturday 27 to 0. V. M. I. has victories over Richmond an 1 Davidson only, in six starts this season. Virginia Poly, which defca^ 1 William and Mary 7 to G b?for'c t!i.; latter tied Harvard 13 to i3, iiv; only the slightest edge over Virginia. The Cavaliers' best showir.; this season was a 13-0 win cv..- attempting to score on their own ; account. , Also, Florida played an inspired I brand of football against Georgia, ;ancl it seldom happens that any team can rise to such heights in successive games. Coach Mehre's Bulldogs today are facing New York University in one of the important intersectlon- al games in the east. The conquerors of Yale have a national repu- lation at stake in thu> game, which, incidentally will produce a basis for predictions on the Georgia -Tech-Georgia game in Allanta Dec They call him Floppy, but L. a.; 6 , t he traditional enemies frccas. Fcrqurr, atovc, captain of the Uni- New York University defeated vcrsity of Kentucky Wildcats, pre- Carnegie Tech 20 to 7 after the Preferred Death to Moving LONDON. (UP)—John Baldwin. 81, ended his life lhan If a room he had occupied fo: years and enter an institution. Yarr, onc-miarler Indian. His lie was given his lirsl real test in : much, surprise !f the Redbugs place! sents a slin proposilion to all eii- Pittsburgh Engineers had licked grandmother was n member.of Hi; ! the Northwestern game Ian Novcm- ' al least half tlwir tain on thc'emy ball-carriers who Iry to pick Georgia Tech 31 to 0. • Cherokee Indian trills in the north- bur when Tim Moynihan. regular I all-flats Etloclion after Ihc j up any yardage through his guard ' Kentucky, eliminated by Alabama west territory years and years a;;c. 'center, was removed from the gam? | Thank giving grimes. j position. Floppy has been captain 'last Saturday, has another difflcnl 1 There was a i>ecullarily ab:uit tins .with a broken leg. , Furdycy and El Uorado clash on of every team he ever played on. opponent In Duke at Durham, since The visitors nut a v.:;ll balanced team on tho field but the Thoroughbreds fought haul nnd the Bulldogs were forced to'the, limit to take tho locals Into camp. OLD CHINAWAUK LOANED LOWV1LLE, N. Y., (UP)—Twcn- y-flvD pieces.of Chinawarc, cold to have been brought to America from a more impelling power behind him ] direclorship of the jcb and has li?l.l •• pace. There is a. follng of friend- Sure It was. t:e possessed Ihe wit lit ever since. |ly.bul intense competition between of an Irishman. An Irishman, yes, , With experience In every Notre ' the two teams, for It was soon discovered lhal Mr. JDame game already this year lo j With Pine. Bluff already dofeat- Yarr,: father cf the now famous j his credit and showing a remark-j ed three times, the' Zebras for o'.ice Tommy, was born and raised in able brand of football in each one. are out of the title picture early Dublin, Ireland. it Is no wonder that Rocknc Is feel- j and completely. Over in ncrth ' * • * ing mighty proud of his fast dp- eastern Arkansas, fhe Joncsbnvo It. Is quite a coincidence, then, I vcloplng center from the far north- Hurricanes have won all their that the center position of the so- |\vest. The center with the fight of games but Ihe most important one II! THE MISSISSIPPI COUN.IY CHANCERY COURT, CHTCKA- SAWBA DISTRICT. American Building and Loan Arw- cialion. and W. L. Delony. a.-> Trustee, Plaintiffs. . vs. A. L. Reagan, et al.. Defendant 1 ;. WARNING ORDEIt The defendant, W. J. Short. 15 warned to appear in this court within thirty days from this "ilaU anil answer the ccmplaint of the plaintiffs. American Building and Loan Association, and W. L. U - lony. as Trustee. In witness whereof. I have Ivr;- uiUo set my hand and the s;al cf the above court this 17lh day cf October. (Seal) W. W. HOLLIPETER. Clerk of the above Court. By Harvey Morris, D. C. Jesse Taylor, Atty. ad lit™. 18-2r,-l-3 England In 1700. were loaned to the culled Fleming Irish of 1030 should (he Indian race and Ir.e delermi- | to dnle with Ihc Little Rock Tig- lewis County Historical Society by be filled by one with strains of real nation and good-fellowship so of-',ers Blytr-villc has won even- Mrs John P. Constable of C0:isla- Irish blood! : ' ' " -. Men connected with the Irish Hcvllle. near her.;. A plate boars Tommy Yarr's well-balanced pro- bringing Joy to the Chcrokrs v,ij- Ihc Constable coat of arms. portion of brain and brawn, coup- 'wain back in the northwest. BRUSHING UP SPORTS Football Results game with ihe exception of the tilt with Jcnesboro but that lets the Chickasaws out. Probably Die next, strongest team In the sla',? outside of the larijer cities and [cams is the Van Bnren eleven. Van Burcn has won every game played by a :aife margin but hns not played any strong team outside of 'ths nonhwcstenv sec- 1 lion cf the stale. j Standing on the earth's surface ; nt tide level, a person has a visual i range of abcvst ihrce miles unless I the presence of mountains or I olhcr masses permits a longer view. The range increase greatly, however, wllh tucicivscd altl- ! tude, being aboul 132 niilos at 10,' 000 feet. State Collects S'tate Teachers 0, Arkansas College 0 (tie). Ouachlla Reserves 6, Hot Springs 0. Paris (Tex.) Junior College 8, Texarlcana Junior College 6. " Magnolia A. & M. Seconds 32, El Dorado Junior College 0. Wilburton (Okla.) Junior College 14, Fort Smith Junior College C. Stale High Schools Judsonla 32, Tuckermari 0. Colton Plant 24. Searcy 0. Fort Smith 0, Jopliri (Mo.) 0. (tie) Vian (Okla.) 7, Alma 2. Greenwood 18, Paris 0. Magazine 13, Mena. 12. Dardanelle 18, Atkins 0. Gentry 26, Salino (Okla.) 0. Morrilton 13, Clarksville 0. Danville 0, Pottsville 0 (tie). Ashdown 54, Foreman 0. Dennott 10, Eudora 6. Blevins 13, ChWesUr 0. Preacott 6, Arkadelphia 0. Worren 0, Lake Village 0 (tie). Crcwett 13, Monticello (J. Dlerks 6, Horatio 0. Rector 33, Harrisburg 6. NatiwiUe 46, Waldo 6. FayetteriUe 27, Bentonvilte 0. Stutcut 19, Brlnldey 0. Russellville 7, .Conway 7 (tie), atenwtod 0, Murfreesboro 0 (lie) ParmgouW 13, Walnut Ridge 6. Lonoke" 14, BatcsvlUe 6. Flexible wood that comes in rolls like linoleum and Is as pli- i able as leather can b? hung on ; plaster walls with ordinary paper- 1 hangers' tools, thils giving the ef- ! feel of fine cabinet wood paneling. Oranm are one of the oldest flRHftl I PAW /W GCOP DOUGH 70 05.ME INi frND ITg MV PKNILEGETbCMA, A, BIG BUM/So JOCKEMlNG Sr.lOUlS FAM<3AWE BABE WERMAM THE ABOVE WEN W, 8r\BE C\ME OOER.TO 5oc.K HIM IT STOPPED.TrlE OuTFlELPER ; FASTFRlErJOX Tq MEET A'BLACK CATI ESPECIALLY IFYOU'RE A, ' MOOSB"" TOOLO NSE.VECI FCOT6ML LOTK HOKt^M -\RrlE HARDIES F HIS. E, CK OOi C08B, OF TIME PLAVEO ONE OF THESE HOUSES IS: FOR RENT You cr.n lind out in a vanity of ways. Make it liousc-to-house canvass. And come homt- to-night weary, footsore and unsatisfied. Consult a real estate broker. And I>e forced to depend on just ONE listing. Or ... and how ruiicu'ously simple . . . consult the "For Rent Ads" of the Courier News Want Ad Pages where you'll find ALL (he listings of gooil houses. Homes, like dozens of other commodities, are best bought and sold through the Want Ad eoli:mns of the Courier News. 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