The Tennessean from Nashville, Tennessee on October 5, 1976 · Page 24
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The Tennessean from Nashville, Tennessee · Page 24

Nashville, Tennessee
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 5, 1976
Page 24
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THE TENNESSEAN, Tuesday, October 5, 1976 Decisions-decisions... Make your decision BUT IN TME OOMMEQCIAL. TME KERNELS DID A LITTLE TMIS IS A NEW CESEAL I I SAW ADVERTISED TAP DANCE IN TME BOWL 1. m n TME BOWL Y . . I . - yrl r-- if1 Pw V (O S - c A P P J"":CT I THINK SHE "Njfc -O FATHER PREADS I NEVER SAW V V E CEREMONY KAREN QUITE r,Y TOMORROW NIGHT .' SO EDGY VERA' A f -T '" Y0U OrV HOW WELL I'M NOT MODE ST AND I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO IT.'-SITTING ON THAT STAGE WHEN SHE GETS A STANDING OVATION.' AFTER THAT, CERTAIN FOLKS , IN THIS TOWN WHO HAVE ALWAYS THOUGHT THEY WERE BETTER THAN THE COOPERS ARE GOING TO LOWER THOSE NOSES.' you're much TOO SENSITIVE ABOUT WHAT PEOPLE Think- waitfp' -"-a PINNERS m PS? r hi. Zlf PROFESSOR, VTL. v- 1 LIGHT ON 1 KNOW IT'S LATE BUT MAY WE SEE. YOU FOR A W MINUTES? COME IN I'VE BEEN HOPING YOUU COME BY II f WE'RE AND YOU'RE THE GOING Y ONLY ONE WE'RE J TH0HA5, DO you M? UPON INFANTILE NEED.. Y, MOMMA BUT IT MIGHT 0 ft A NEUROTIC Y6AITNN& F0R MATERTNAL PROTECTION. 7 X -ME?ELV A HASy1 NeC7 FOZ z1 1 BE THE f3EST MAN? ) ? BUT I U I CANT ) SECRET -OK EVEN PTTE-NATAL MEMOFTlES OF YVAKMTH AND SAFETY. TAKE I ( it y IRA, IT ISN'T EAJY TO BE A JCC IF ONE Ii EMOTIONALLY UNSTABLE. a ONE COWLD PWe4MF A CAREER IN MUSIC A A 5CHEeZO-PHeENIC,.. y 5 a 'Vij-j :0OM THE WAY REO JACK ANP HIS XfWKESt REVOLVERS.. ASSAULT RlFLES.TVANP AlL OF IT ILLESAlT t VMrTU 6UPPIES WERE 5H00TINS AWMO AT US, ASH0T6UN5. .HANP GRENAPES. . PLASTIC ) IMMORAL ANP PEAPENIN6' WSH(VWE KNEW ME HAP FIRE POWER IN HERE JEXPl-CWlVES..PEr0NATORS..EN0USH(yHERE PIP IT COME FROM? y-LMar-jT NOTHING LIKE 'JTf0 AJMALL JyYL f DARN IT ! I MISSED A " THAT'S TOO A '1 ANK BY ONE PQINTyl vBAANSELA! Ca WHICH OF THE FOLLOWING WORDS DOES NOT BELONG WITH THE OTHERS? SILK ATIN UMF pirr-HIKE5 OR SALAMI r X Lor Of I -rug 0L4 p)3MBAa TALXAgOuruSlM 15 THAT THE WNJ7 i ( IAMTWlMWILL$TO teSODHKBUHSue J : y Y HOvO'BOUTSUIl.FInxS- TOPf337Uc:eTHg LOOK, HEF, CAN'T wu just put rr som, OFF FOR A MONTH? PHIUTUOse I IFTUOSBplCTUm SHO&OF I APPEAR BEFURB WURUTTie TUELBaiON,t. PAL MEAN A LOT OF fSALESTD US... OWMIZMON, tMTEWNGW. ' IF Y0UPU8USH WlL THAT SPREAD WHAT, PHIL? BEFORE NOV EM- 1ST MB , BER.1U.. CATCH TUG Ill II, 1 t't'S : i y A?(7r wurrar least tasteful? i wicker chairs. J. PKUMOC. I V VS MOTSO LAME THAT i 'E CAN'T WA06LE AS FAR , AS THE NEAREST PUB r i Black Sheep 'Hi-Jinx' 7-8 p.m. Baa Baa Black Sheep . . . Another ace flyer joins the unit, which pleases Pappy, especially since the newcomer is the son of an admiral. But joy turns to concern quickly when the recent arrival apparently is a jinx. Ch. 4. 6:25 6:55 a.m. Mornings On 5 . . . William F. Busse, executive director of the Tennessee Lung Assn. talks about multi-phase health screening; Jan Hagar of the National Livestock & Meat Board talks about the nutrition and value of meat products. Ch. 5. 3 - 5 p.m. Movie: "Hostile Guns" (1967) . . . Here's a new breed of rogue one who uses a computer to fleece his firm TV Scout of millions. Executives of an American firm based in London are taken in by the con man and, when he's about to be exposed, his wife saves the day. Starring Peter Ustinov, Karl Maiden, Maggie Smith and Bob Newhart. Ch. 5. 4 - 5 p.m. Special Treat . . "Luke Was There." Following his mother's hospitalization, a boy is placed in a children's shelter where he has great difficulty getting along with anyone until he is befriended by a black social worker. Ch. 4. 7-7:30p.m. Happy Days . . . Fonzie is strange, and his hostile behavior is shocking. He keeps getting into fights. The Cunninghams talk Fonzie into seeing a psychiatrist. This brings about a change in his attitude. Ch. 2. 7 - 7:30 p.m. Symposia . . . "Symposia" concludes its short "Black Experience" series with a look at the emergence of organized criticism of The Tuskeegee machine and the formation of the NAACP. Rerun. Ch. 8. 7 8 p.m. Star Trek . . . Rebels capture the Enterprise and threaten its des truction unless they are taken totheplanet Eden. Rerun. Ch. 17. 7:30 8 p.m. Lavcrnc and Shirley . . . Shirley's efforts to get Laverne to join the volunteer nurses at the hospital are to no avail until a certain Jerry Callihan, whocanmake Laverne's heart flutter, goes into the hospital for surgery. Ch. 2. 8-8:30 p.m. MASH . . . Harding Mall " Hendersonville D:ICARes lJ CHILD CARE PALL MALL GOLD 100's. The great taste of fine Pall Mall tobaccos. Not too strong, not too light Not too long. Taste J just right Warning.- The Surgeon -General Has Determined That Cigarette Smoking Is. Dangerous to Your Health. 19 mg. "tat", 1.4 mg. nicotine a, per cigarette, FTC Report Apr. 76. MiiilgQESDAYTV Oct. 5 WNGE WSM WTVF WDCN WZTV : Channel 2 Channel 4 Channel 5 Channel 8 Channel 17 ,, 00 Movie 30 Moie Wrtir,- Dev.; Mkt. JowimI; Tipton ' 600 Good Morning Ralph Emery Carl Tipton; New Not For Women Onlf 30 Amerieo Ralph Emery Mornings on 5 Chmtion Living 700 Boio Todoj; Scene Today CBS Newt Spiaermon 30 Boio Todoy CBS Newt living Thwgt Abbott I Costello 800 Popeye Todoy; Scene Todoy Captain Kangaroo Sesame Street Rin Tin Tin 30 Green Acres Todoy Coptoin Kongoroo Setowe Street Hoiel 00 Andy Griffith Dinah Wee Is Right Ripples Dick Von Dyke I 30 Your Own Tine Dinah Price It Right Self, Inc. Petticoat junction 1 f 00 Hat Seat Wheel of Fortune Gambit Electric Company Phil Donahue I U 30 Hoppy Doys Stumpers love of Life; News All About You Phil Donahue n" 00 News; Wthr.; Spts. SO Grand Slam Young & Restless Science M Pat Robertson 30 All My Children Noon Search For Tmw. living Things Pat Robertson 1 0 00 Ryan's Hope Noon Conv.; Wthr.; Newt Why ' Pat Robertson T"'. I t 30 Family Feud Doys of Our lives As Hie World Turns Science 5-4 Gospel Music 100 $20,000 Pyramid Days of Our Lives As the World Turns Living Things Mike Douglas 30 One life To live The Doctors Guiding light Writing Time Mike Douglas ' 00 One Life; Hospital Another World All in the Family Science 5-4 Mike Douglas 30 General Hospital Another World Match Gome Music 2 Bullwinklc ' 300 Edge of Night Young Eiperience Movie: Sesame Street Mickey Mouse Cub 30 Brady Bunch leave It to Beaver "HotfHeCmt" Sesome Street The Flintstones - . 400 Big Volley Special Treat Movie Misterogert Batman 30 Big Volley Special Treat Movie . Electric Company I Dream of Jeonnie 500 ABC Evening Newt Family Affair Gilligan't Island Zoom Partridge Family , , 30 Adom-12 NBC Nightly Newt CBS Evening Newt Infinity Factory I Love Lucy 6:00 p.m. Bill & Rosea nne NEWSWATCH Ch. 2 J 6:00 p.m. CH. 4-PAUL EELLS COVERS SPORTS ON THE SCENE AT 6! 600 News; Wthr,; Spts. News; Weather; News; Wthr.; Spts. Across the Fence Beverly Hillbillies 30 TreosureHent Sports To Tell the Truth MacNeilflelirer Rpt. Hogan's Heroes 700 Hoppy Doys Baa Bag Tony Orlando Symposia Star Trek 30 laverne t Shirley Black Sheep ' And Dawn Metro Council Stat Trek 7:30 Live, the METRO COUNCIL MEETING Ch. 8 8:00 P.M., CH. 2 A Motion Picture Epic "Rich Man Poor Man Book II" Continues 800 Rich Man, Poor Man Police Woman M'A'S'H Meeting Movie: 30 Book II Policewoman One Day at a Time Metro Council "NlanofHn 9:00 P.M., CH. 2 FAMILY DIVORCE FACES NANCY 900 Family Police Story Switch Meeting $kf" 30 Family Police Story Switch Metro Council Movie 10:00 p.m. Weather Dog eyes the sky SKYWATCH Ch. 2 10:00 p.m. CH. 4-PEOPLE YOU CAN LIKE ARE ON THE SCENE AT 10! A 00 News; Wthr.; Spts. Newt; Wthr.; Spts. News; Wthr,-Spts. Meeting Twilight Zone , I V 30 Mary Hortman Tonight Gunsmoke Captioned Newt 700 Club n 00 Movie: Tonight Gunsmoke 700 Club 30 "Who Is the Block Tonight Ironside 700 Club 1 1 00 Dahlia?" Tomorrow Ironside I L 30 PTLClub Tomorrow News; Wthr,- Sort. "Barabbas", Paid Advertisements Hawkeye discovers what it's like to be a patient. One is not to ask why, but Hawkeye is in a nurse's quarters at 4 a.m. and attempts to light her gas stove. It blows up, temporarily blinding him. In the hospital, he encounters a blinded combat vet (played by singer (Continued on page 25) More than 200 Different COLORS . MAI & POSTER BOARD IN STOCK AT GRIFFIN'S 424 BROADWAY Delivery 254-3368 FULL TRADE IN On Any Difliitowl PMrchiKwl Hn '. ninununC'' X uirmunuj . x 627V TCtSC" CHURCHV Ifunm'o tm STREET ,y iffVlnviwd J II You Don ! Know Diamond. Know Your Jwlf. Congoleunr !VIHYr Mil NO WAX FLOOR COVERING RENT A NEW OR USED BAND INSTRUMENT L.C. TILLER INC. "The Complete House ot Muc" NASHVILLE 123 8th AVE., N. 254-6533 MADISON GRANT PLAZA OLD HICKORY & GALLATIN RD. 868-4220 Needs No Wax e Cut To Ycwr Six From Seamleu Rolls Lays Flat Without Paste e Suitable For Wood or Concrete Floors EXAMPLES: 10x12 Room $39.90 12x12 Room $47.88 OTHER SIZES AVAILABLE OPEN MON-SAT SUP I NEAR THE FAIKROUNOS I 8 1913 NOLENSVILLE RD. PHONE 2544537 I

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