The Anniston Star from Anniston, Alabama on February 19, 1933 · Page 7
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The Anniston Star from Anniston, Alabama · Page 7

Anniston, Alabama
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 19, 1933
Page 7
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' : : , ' '. . -Jll- Y'. : n - - : r-i KENMAYNAEDKT GmrswiNDffi"' Stage SEow PLEADS FOR CHRISTIANS' LIVES TERILLING8TAR AT NOBLE FEIDAY IS BASIS FOR NOfiLE PICTURE Will Be Featured At Featured With Fill Ritz for Three Days "DynamlU Ranch" Boatti "The Blllioh.Dollar Scandal" Ritz Saturday Only Beautiful Scenery una Fast Action . of theCross WiIfBe T 1 , Shows Monday, and Tuesday The. Billion Dollar Scandal" the i s ti ll 1 s w 3 1 Cecil B. DeMille's Drama to ' Have Long Awaited Showing Here L - Cecil B. DeMille's new produe-;lion, "The Sign of the Cross," with Predric March. Diss Landfc Clau-7dette Colbert and Charles -Laugh-ton in the featured roles, comes to V the RiU Theatre this Monday and ; win be shown through Wednesday. 'S,-Mr. DeMffle has taken this story of . the Christians in Rome during the re lan of Nero, last of the Caesars, 'f . nd given It treatment at the sort which, made his productions ua The Ten Commandments'' and ivThe King of Kings" successes. In r. hls newest achievement there. 'art no outstanding Biblical characters, though the Christian. Titus, tells of having seen the Master. "Th siffft of the Cross" Is a story of those early Christians who were" imbued with an Idea an idea oy vrwhlch they chose to live and Ale, - T nsrt. nf thplr daily llVCS. a s i oonadptfsness tiyrt asserted ttself In ' . every action, every thought, know-i ,.' . --lng that each time they gathered .In deserted ruins to hold secret I worship, they might be set upon t and slaughtered "by armed troops, : or, captured and later thrown to I the Hons. Nevertheless tney iook ---ed forward to such occasions Joy f -' fully and went to them happily. T ' Typical of beMille. "The Sign of the Cross" has been produced on a gigantic scale, with thousands of players and elaborate settings. Within the picture is unfolded the whnln namnt of Rome in the time OT WeroII oircc win uius wowt and the most colorful period in Roman ustbry. Here it the dra- of the patrician Romans and the ,- humble, hidden abodes of the early '' Christians on the one hand, the V " wicked Empress Poppaea in her .luxurious bath of asses'1 milk; on the other, the Christian girl. Mer- " - cla, ministering to the tortured and q hunted" among the people of her ftIMv " : -" And here, as a climax to. the I whole spectacle, la the Circus Max lmus with its gladiatorial combats. i-r-jJta .wrestling matches betweenblack '"men and crocodiles. Its dwarfs, its ! chariot races and its featured event i . . . the feeding of the Christians to y i the lions." j EUssa Land! is a Christian girl, - ; Mereie, who win the favor of the 1 ; Roman prefect iFrederlc March) ' h Nero's wife (ClaUdette Colbert) ii I f also in love with the prefect, who i i has eyes fornone but the Chris ! 1 i Uan klrL .Therefore Poppaea, Ne- 5 ' ro's wife, persuades her husband to I have the girl fed to the lions, along ' with some hundred others of her i. I faiths But the prefect can. not stand the thought of being parted : irom the oeiovea wrcia, ana w l, .v Jiether they enter the arena. The Sign of the Cross" offers a j Y i clear-cut contrast between the wlck- fcrTt ednessr-the-4ebauchery-4hat- wae i w Rome, and the spirit of kindness, k rV of brotherhood and peace that, was . fVirl.tUnltv : -? i I - 'Application Blanks To Be Eeceived Soon HEFUN, Ala., Feb. it County ' Agent E. R. Carlson has announced . that, application blanks for this U yefir s loans from the Montgomery ) ' branch of the Agricultural Credit j Corporation xt the Reconstruction - - Flnaaoe Corporation are expected to be received, at the rarm Bureau 5 office here soon. ' Two types of loan wJH be avall-i able, Carlson stated Saturday. These arecrop productioa and. "barnyard' . loans, the former to be used only V for paying obligations. Incident to producing crops. Barnyard loans are made p farmers oh livestock. Both ' loans bear interest of 6 1-2 per cent and are payable within 13 months, it is stated. -v ... .. Colore! Deacons' " '". . WU1 Hpld.Meting The Deacons Union of the colored Baptist churches of' Annlston will hold its "Annual Dav" at tha Seventeenth Street ; Baptist -Church tms artemooa at 2:45- o'dock. Rev, J. P. jDlpaom will deliver a sermon-ette. , WiNBTON OPTICAL CO. "f. OPTICIANS - j ULES BCTLDINa RINTING ; At Lowest Prkei C Jhrinting (joi " 22 W.Jftn Street . r Jhon 489-W BORIS KARLOFF PLAYS "MUMMY" IN RITZ FILM Boris Karloff plays the flesh' creeping role of The Mummy" in the picture by that name which comes to the RiU Theatre Thursday and rnaay. NOBLE FEATUEES EORETTA -YOUNG IN MO&EEN FILM "They Call It Sin1 Will Show Wednetday and rdnetday at Thunday Loretta Young. George Brent, Una Merkel ani David Manners are stars in They Call It Sin" which Is coming ta the Noble. Theatre Wednesday and ' Thurs9y, . . There is gaiety in its setting which is that of Broadway's bright lights, new songs and modern love affairs. It la not hard to guess where the laughs come from when Una Mer- I kel is mentioned In- the cast .,. This picture marks the second Important role In a carefully chosen story In a series destined to raise Loretta Young to first-rank stellar rating. The promise of great ability which was demonstrated in her earlier films has come to maturity in her most recent picture, "Week-En Marriage and ndWTri They Call It 81a." To add still further popular appeal, Miss Young is teamed with Qeorge Brent, whose recent and rapid rise to stardotn Is- a Hollywood sensation. This' bit of casting is a result of the approval which met the teaming of these two young players in.. "Week-End Marriage." An Important role played by Una Merkel provides the picture with fine, comedy touches delivered in that young comedienne's unique style.'. , ... . , As an essential part of the musical show setting of part . of the pic ture,-several-songs -ware -specially written and become integral parts of the' production. These songs are L!50mingJK)Pl8XjU Question- HORIZONTAL 1 Commahderln j 'chlef of 'a tavy. . T Spatslate ' . Implement, t Any flatflih. 10 Implement to hold two pieces together. 11 Pertaining to ' Udes. ... 1J Nymph of the ' .. Mohammedau paradise. (- 14 Te decay. 15 Ocean. r Answei te lVevlous luwtle JOVandaL Z Grief. X ,V r 33 Destiny. 17 Ordered. 19 To respond to , atimulua II Inspires reverence. 31 Electrified particle. 33 Sorrdwf uL 34 Laughter 33 To contradict j 35 Killed with "a javelin, as llsn.' ; ;'."" 3tCharch UUe. ' 38 Evil (prefix). 3 Net weights of ' containers.; , 40 Rubbed clean. 43 81eeps. sound. ; J 35 By. . 3( Determine. bllity. . ' 33 Beret K Deity; 43 "From to Beershebat TT ;- . . ir 1 1. I , y . Y pj H y.7t1 r3r- I 'Y;,; I -:! :"" Sss .'.L'i-i r Beautiful scenery, romance, plenty of thrills and a great cast of fa vorites win be seen In "Dynamite Ranch" which comee to the Noble Theatre Friday and Saturday. Ken Maynard-and Ruth HaU have the leading roletr" - - Ken plays a lone hand In "Dynamite Ranch" with not only a gang of . crooks after him, but the sheriff "and his posses also. Riding In on what appears to be a train robbery, by a trick he drives the hold-up men off. Later he discovers, to his chagrin, that the robbery was merely staged as enter tainment In honor of a visftln owner of an extensive nearby The discovery that the e: messenger has been murdered and the safe, robbed, however during the hold-up casts' - suapiclon on MayBard and througha series of exciting scenes Ken v pursued vigilantly ty bottl Sheriff and crooks, Make Improvements At Wnite Funeral Home in This City e White Funeral Home: at 1334 timer Avenue is being repainted and redecorated. The work, which is to cost about $300, is expected to be completed In the near future. R. L. White,, proprietor of the funeral home, said that formal opening; would be held when, the improvements are completed. Bowie Jones is connected with the funeral home; He formerly was associated with Carl Griffin in the Griffin- Jones Funeral- Home,- immediate predecessor of the White Funeral Home. Both Mr. White and Mr. Jones were formerly employed by the Brown Funeral Home. "ONCE IN A LIFETIME") PLAYS RITZ SATURDAY Sidney Fox and Jack Oekle, who star m "Om iaa.Ufetlme''.at triei RiU Saturday only. It is on the same program with The Paradp Pi Melody Revue " stage attraction on - Canada 10 Arrival 11 Thick shrub. 13 Meadow. 13 Smoothed with a nowel. 14 State of being - renewed. 1 A faithful friends 17 Prank. IgPerlod. 19 Beam of light 20 Insulated. 33 Royal macea 2(To place. 37 Neither. -. 2 Walking sticks. JOMoTst- 44 PaiI'ji(S . 44FtSy. 48 Piece of U rmot- . VERTICAL ' j4Xo nod I Armadillo. 3S Possessed. . 3 Canada is 3 Hops kilns. " called a t 38 Bill of fare In 3 Soft broom. a restaurant 4 Within, 41 Heavy f eft half boot wrn by loggers.. 43. Long narrow Inlet 44 Doctor (abbr.). S Entrance.?; Boy." 7 SQualld neighborhood, S Formad a foundation. I .leSJF''- 0 -e X- aF,. - miwmism " 1 m-.,Y' r mm - ( j ' ' V- 1 . r Fredrie March, as prefect of Rome, pleads Before Nero, played by Charles Laughton, for the lives of the Christians ordered slain for making The Sign of the Cross." Claudette Colbert, as poppaea, cruel wife Of Nero, U determined, however, that they should die.This picture is coming to the Rlts Theatre Monday BECK MICHAEL ' MAKES ADVANCE IN SCEEEN WORK WMSMiMe Talladega Girl Playr With Maurice Chevalier in-r-. Motion Picture BY HUGH FRANK SMITH Annlston friends of Gertrude Michael, a Talladega girl, who has launched upon a screen career, are eagerly awaiting her forthcoming picture, "A Bedtime Story," in which she plays opposite Maurice Chevalier. "Beck" Michael, as she Is popularly known in Annlston, is a daughter of Mra. Carl H. MlchaeL After leaving Talladega In May, 1931, to seek fame as an actress, Miss Michael was featured on SfCadWay W a number- f uUtasd4 ing plays, winning greatest recognition in The RoundJUp." la which she played the lead at the Majestic Slieatre, and in John Golden's production of Rachel Crothert "Caught,, Wet," at the John Golden Theatre. ; v New York critics have been lavish In their praise of Miss Michael Commenting on her work In "Caught Wet" Whitney Bolton said in The New York Morning Telegraph; "Miss MlchaeL whom I have never seen before but will count it a great toss if I never see again,- la a new and excitingly beautiful girl in the theatre. She halts from the Southland (Alabama, to be exact)" Mrs. Michael has numerous other comments from newspapers regarding her daugh- s work. der a banner headline, The Hollywood Cltisen-New , recently a story regarding the se lection of Mls Michael for the role: opposite Chevalier a coveted choice" wMcficOnadeMd" Wh step In the Talladega actress' ca rreer, work on the production nas . j already - begun-and -icr released In the spring Gertrude Michael's first screen opportunity, came last. year when film MeoutfwsT''MpresMbyAlief stage work, assigned her a second lead to Helen Twelve trees "Unashamed." In her recently released opus she plays opposite Jack Oakle in "Sailor Be Good," which has not yet reached Annlston. 1 For two years Miss Michael was with the Stuart Walker Company in Cincinnati, Mrs.- Michael -eeld.f, and in that city she studied piano and violin at a Conservatory . of Music. 8he is a graduate of Talladega High School and has been seen on the, etage of the 'Annlston Little Theatre. Plan to Continue Membership Drive HEFLIN. Ala, Feb. 18.-Clellon L. Wager, commander of Cleburne Post of the American Legion, has announced the membership drive will be continued until Saturday Inlght, March 4. by which tlme,4 hopes to announce that the post has reached its Quota of 64 members set by the Alabama Department. More , than half this number has been aigned up for 1933. Oratorical Contest To Be He! A silver medal contest win beheld by student of the Barber Seminary Monday night at the Seventeenth Street Baptist Church, beginning at 8 O'clock, - . The orations will be. along the lines of .temperance, , prohibition and good eltlsenshlp. - DR. BRADSHAW, LOCAL . FOOT SPEOAUST, REGIES PRACTICE AFTER- ILLNESS Dr. Oene Bradshaw, who has been confined to his bed during the past week with' a severe case of flu, tqf reported much better, and he is expected to resume practice Monday or Tuesday. His offices are located L the Commercial . Bank Building. Telephone 437 for . 'ip-polntmentaL ,(Adv.) - , - :. for a three-day engagement KARLOPF STi AS THE MU1 INBITZ PICTUR Amazing Drama by Nina Wilcox Putnam Shou$ Thursday, Friday AS the mystery, intriguing beauty. splendor and spectacle of the days of the Egyptian Pharaohs will Come to, the Rlti Theatre when the am azing drama of reincarnation. The Mummy," shows Thursday and Fri day at the Rlts Theatre.. The Mummy conceived by Nina Wilcox Putnam and Richard flchay-er and adapted to the screen by the eminent British writer of the occult, John L. Balderston, deals with an ancient sacrilege committed by a High Priest of Osiris and a Priestess ol im ABtmsitttamsguM-tt- pedition unearths the ' mummy of the Priest who" had Deen Embalmed alive as a penalty for his crime. When a sacred scroll is unearthed, the mummy comes to life, bringing to the modern world his ancient occult secrets. He discovers the reincarnated soul of his Unholy- love In a beautiful Anglo-Egyptian girl, and his efforts to carry her back through the ages so that; their love may be consummated provides one of the most singular and strangely fascinating themes of any recent screen drama. The film is replete with spectacular sets of Ancient Egyptian splendor executed, by the noted stage designer' and artist, Willy Pogany. Costumes and relics of the past enhance the unusual beauty and effectiveness of "The Mummy," which presents the great make-up artist, Karloff, in the starring role of the feincarnated mummyrHis "uncanny make-fip is his greatest achievement, surpassing the unforgettable monster of "Frankenstein." ZitaJo-hann, alluring Hungarian actress, THE SCANDAL THAT ROCKED. A NATION ; Naked Facts Stalk from rMttrdtyi cndlVou only tiMrtf hl th- itory Tlwy (pnt a million trying to keep mi rota qult nd vhta 6HblTaa-4 thry trlfd bulleUI . "Billion Dollar Scandal with 5 BOBIBT ABMSTXORa CONSTANCK CCMXDtaS JAMES OLBASON AIM . News Views Joe Penner Comedy ' M0NDAY-TUESDAY Brind a ehtat bt-uum b dlda't play ,th lor turn by a mKB'f ruin oul4 you do what the did wbn . 1ot tarn year wayt WLU.-IHtKS. KEN MAYNARD' in "DYNAMITE RANCH" FBIDAY-SATUEDAY NOBLE- SRS MMMY . new melodrama dealing with the expose of a nation-wide swindle will begin a twoday engagement at the Noble Theatre Monday. Robert Armstrong in the role of Fingers Parte heads a cast of featured players Including Constance Gummtngs, Olga Baclanova, Frank Morgan, James G lesson, Irving Plchel, Warren Hymer, .Frank Al- bertson. Hale Hamilton. Dorothy Peterson, Ralf Harolds, Bert on Churchill and Sidney Xoler. The story deals- with an expose of a big-money ring which has prepared to launch a nation-wide swindle. Fingers, masseur and gym teacher for a group of financiers and law-makers overhears preparations for the swindle and la-per suaded by a . powerful newspaper editor to talk for publication. As a result, Fingers becomes the man ofthehourand the champion of the people, while his revelations lead to suicide and Atlanta for the swindlers. , Short subject which give Drom ise of making the program even more enjoyable, are M. O. M. News events and a new Joe Penner comedy, "Here Prince." ana David Manners provide the love Interest of today, which atrug1 glee against the power of the past, exemplified by Karoff. Arthur By ron, Edward Van Sloan and Bram well Fletcher enact the other lm portent parts in the film under the direction of Karl Freund, whose artistic camera eye is evident through out The Mummy." Robins raise two of four to alx young - each year. A'- - Jbrcodsx 1 ' ' A great picture conies rill CECIL B. Y Y-1 DEMIUES i nf.. , 1 ioi . a muu t 1 - - : . . :' :- "y" "; B H B '. 'X am .av : t!Jii:cjAmTipiAtfeMerAow 1 -IBM ' 1 f I 1 I 1 OA Ai 171 I "fl j "The 81m ot-the I ""f - lisrrl:lCl!SC:0r" t - I ' 1 11 PRICES I I I I I -And hlU M Mum I I I I I nd Bur tt -xb tut 1 1 -- 1 I . lri dtlM ara earlni ' il I I I U II M for tula- km4 how I I . I I II' nrarfni-tlmi. m krlnt It a I 1 1-4 p THE8tlOW-PRIC!4 II I 1 11 'Before S p. m. .SOe I m 1 i Mls NINA WILCOX iniTNAM and Richard Sojhayv H I . r " 1 . i ' jj PARENTSI - ' Oa Mioant of th high- ' i 1 uclt&blt ntur of iX I I SA lm . -.A 1 J a a eawmuij i a not ycoamepdtd for hU--dra under IS. .11 1 1 And riotv VAUDEVILLE h i CEarKis Mack'i, -l nrj CHarlie Mack's "The Parade of '. ; Melody : Dancers, lingers,. Comedians, fs 1 ... Stage Band, "Once In Lifetime" on Soreen; "The Parade of Melody" on Stage The Rlts offers a combination screes and .vaudeville fare this Sat- urday wiui . Jacc uexie. ana eia-ney Fox featured In the film "Once In a Lifetime,': and cnarue Mack s The Parade of Melody Revue" on the stage.v The vaudeville features Oeorgie Hunter who is called The Rajah of Comedy." and the Maurray Brown Dancers. Harry O'Brien and his Happy Pali are said to have1 one of vaudeville's most versatile stage bands. Others who have, 'prominent parts are the Janton' Sisters, late of Ed Wynn's Perfect Fool Company, Dave Morgan, who gives a lesson In legmanla, Ruthle Bos' trom. billed as "Little Ml Per sonality," "Nob" Baney, some croon er, and Frank "Peg" Jones, the Jolly old soldier, vaudevilles sensation." v . .;;, ' Hollywood "kids" itself unmercifully In "Once in a LlfeUme," the hilarious comedy. . - Not only does the picture give Intimate glimpses within the forbidden precincts Of the sound etages during actual filming operation!. In biting satire it dealt with events which transpire behind closed' doors in the private offices' of gnat ex-evutlvee film moguls whose methods of conducting their studios are held up to ridicule. Lewis, a blundering . vaudeville actor, incredibly "dumb," secures a laughable chain of - circumstances nd dares to direct a tirade of abuse at . the great Herman Giog- auerr- executive head of the com pany. The amarement of the pro- thfii. hrtaip anile hoftwol ft. Y A picture that proudly tainmenta the world has TM ; crowfthTf achlerement ; of the t Matter zt, Craftsman whoiaTe the screen "The Tea Com-, mandments' and-The Ktag of Kines." . Rome bimis, Kero fiddles, eourtesana dance' amidst the luxury dod, pomp of Nero's retal court, , the thrill and spectacle of the Circus .' 1 X jfaximus but the' simple tians was mightier: than The magnificent and the Marcus Superbus, Mercia, unioiaea u au arnEorac-MAnc GLISS'A lANftl warn Monday'Tuesddy'Wednesday It comes to Dead 1,000 yajuw yet alive today. The BlgS Priest of a dim yesterday roaming a modern city in search Of the x vestal virgin he-loved -when the pyramids were young! Unusual? Yes! . . . Unbelievable? 3ee for yourself! , niinnnf 7- UUUs - Added Bhorts ' MORTON DOWNEYVINCENT LOPEZ Badio Star Serlee .v : and ' An Exposition by Prof. Gilbert TECHNOCRACY another big Saturday program! Reviie" . Mils Hunter to Speak On "Sign of Cross? The Sign of the Cross win be the subject- of the sermon -of -Dr. Jamea D. Hunter at the First Methodist Church at the evening service today. Dr. Hunter, . together with a group of citizens, witnessed . a preview of this moving- picture production a few weeks-ago and was so impressed with its message that he is bringing a special sermon on the subject. At the morning service. Dr. Hunt-, er win bring the fourtn messags in the series on The Church in the International Situation," the special 'subject being The Way Out." The musical program has been specially arranged in connection with the evening service by Mrs. Luther LUes. duoer gives way to admiration,-and he promptly appoints the smalltime actor supervisor of all Oloug-auer productic characterising him as a man who Is simply "colossal." . Each blundering act of the new supervisor somehow turns out fortunately and the complacent "Dr." Lewis Is soon hailed as' the outstanding genius cf Hollywood a man whose word is law within the Otogauer studio.' The role of Lewis is played by the popular Jack Oakle. - ' ' In addition to Jack Oakle and Sidney Fox some of the other favorites in the film are Zasu Pitts, Louise vFazenda, Aline UcMahon. , RusseIlHopton, Gregory Ratoff, Robert McWade end Jobyna How-land. ,- ; . to surpass . . - -w- T- leads all the enter- ever eeenl Nfalth of the Chris a Pagan Eropirel aouraeeous lore between and the Christian glri tu beauty I ' vxziti life! betweer lan girl mm: BORIS KARLOFF its " wsuJUUU - Y Brawn so A , On . the Screen Jack Oakie . . Sidney Fox : ihwnisj I and j VFriiayy "ONCE IN A Y . With r . Zata Pitie-Lottlse Tasenda in. - 'Vai' H.;.'.,.:: Y'".; f;;-:rri:v.;-? ...'.,..1::,;;. Y -Y. - v ;- f : ' , - 'I- ' y ' t,- S '' V ' - ni.. f :( ' I: 1 1

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