The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 8, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 8, 1930
Page 3
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SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 1030 BIATIIEVILLE (ARK.)CURIER NEWS Record Breakinc; Plurality Makes New York Governor Outstanding Figure. By HODNEY DUTCHKK NEA Service Writer (Copyright, 1030, NEA Service, Inc.) WASHINGTON. — Governor Fianklln n. Rooseveil of New York, and Senator-elect Dwlght w. Morrow, of New Jersey, arc now tWD of the foremost presidential BOSS! bilities far 1932. One a Democrat, tire other a Republican. u:i:l both wet, each boasts a remar:;aulc- votc- gettlni; record along with an extraordinary career In public servic: and an attractive personality. As surely as anything politicii con be predicted eighteen m:i!tiiL In advance, Roosevelt,, who step-' l>ed back Into public life two year;ago at serious risk of his health in order to serve his party and hir friend Al Smith, will b? nominated • foi> president by the Dem3_'ruU in 1932. The unexpectedly enormous majority by which he was re-elected virtually assures il. MORROW MAY BE REPUBLICAN CHOICE Morrow, the former Morgan pari- ner. who went as Ambassador to Mexico and restored amicable relations with that country, who won a senatorial nomination by an overwhelming plurality and then rolled up a great election majority while other Republicans were losing over the country, finds hims3lt widely hailed as the nexl Republican nominee because of the administration's serious losses. The minority party's victory has increased its belief that noosevelt may be elected if nominated, and strengthened the idea that Morrow may be the Republican choice if party politicians deem it unadvisable to renominate President Hoover. Tlie various wet victories also have strengthened the political position of the two men. Although Roosevelt has no seemingly strong rival for nomination Morrow's chances are more problematical. Parties normally renominate their presidents and Morrow himself repudiated suggestions of his candidacy during the campaign by declaring for Hoover'r re-election. BOTH MEN BATTLED AGAINST ODDS Both men reached their present political prestige in the face of handicaps which seemed insurmountable. In 1921 at the age of 39 Roosevelt was stricken by infantile paralysis and he had spent seven yeni-s in a period of Inborion 1 and exacting cure to regain use of his legs when he accepted Governor Al Smith's plea that he strengthen tlie party in New York by running for Governor. It war said that he would break down 3r. the Job in Albany, but he has been able to work and to campaign, and his condition is no longer regarded as a strong factor against his progress to higher political honors. Morrow's handicap was hts connection with the Morgan bankinp firm. Until he appeared on the scene the idea of a Morgan partner ever being mentioned as a possible president was considered simply inconceivable. But the senate which confirmed Morrow's polnlment to Mexico City and th? New Jersey voters who nominated and elected him failed to raise the ifsue against him. Even If neither man ever receives his party's nomination, both will be in Ihe limelight's full glare for al least the next couple of years. Roosevelt will bc in a position siimlar to Al Smith's after 1920. His every major movement am! policy will receive national attention. The country has heard most of him In connection with his firmness toward public utilities, his announced wet stand and what he has done or left undone about recent scandals in Tammany Hall Tammany will be used as an issue against Roosevelt, but could hardly be used to prevent his nomina- i (Ion. As a youth in the New York I legislature he often fought Tammany. But lately even the Democratic New York World has attacked him for taking no firmer measures to clean up that organizatior after revelations of graft. On the public utilities Issue. Roosevelt !• Hned up with such other election winners as Senator Morris of Ne- biaskn. Senator Walsh cf Montan- and Governor-elect Pinchot o Pennsylvania. Wiat he does about public utilities during his sccon term will be considered inrticiUiv of how he would use the i.=',ue In a presidential campiljn. ir»n any one doubts that the next D;m- r "atlc nominee will bs wet. There are tho-e who b2lieve both candidates will he wet and that boi' parlies will declare for renea •J^sevelt has not been such a belligerent wet thus far as to draw u, c 5pMlB , Bn[agonlsm of Uir rtOOSF.YET.T ALWAYS A GOOD Flr.JH'KR re- The Reaction to Two Years of Herbert Hoover trial and mrrloultural debacle his prevailed too long to have rellel referred longer than Li absolutely necessary and too hazardous to risk a reduction of only 6,000,000 , acrra, for If conditions do not 1m- | prove, and the price of cotton does i not advance, this amount of acre- 1 me would bc secured .without a campaign. Moreover, If the acreage •-•ec-dfd to cotton In 1931 agsrega- . Nons 40.0CO.OOO acres, and should ; we have favorable seasons for Us I cultivation, a crop of lO.OOO.OOO 1 Imles could- bo easily '' produced, which would be-a national calamity anil iwsli>one the advent of prosperity in the, cotton st«tes itely. Therefore, you "can readily initeistiiml that II Is bi paramount 'mpatance to hold thS cotton acre America's Birth Rate For 1929 Decreuei WASHINGTON. (UP)-Amerlca's birth inte last year dropped to 1«.9 la every 1,000 of uopulatlon, the lowest, for iiny year since the establishment of the birth regulation area in 1<M5, according to an announcement of the Commerce Department. Oregon had the lowest rate of any state In the area, 14.1, while New Mexico hail I lie highest. 26.9. Al the same time the Infant mortality rntc (or the country a.s a whole showed a marked decline, falling of! to 08, the second lowest the lowest Infant mortality rate,' having 48. Infant death? decretsed in 24 states last year and' w«re higher In 21. „„,.-. ,. —••- uii.iuii!>i saw me oira ana ucked ™.'. to .££?,., "? registration area !t „„. H was the second tlnfe this FIRST MOVIES FOR THIS TOWN '.'. MONTGOMERY, Mass., (UP) -' Moving pictures were seen In this ' town for the nrst time recently. The films were silent and were donated by a Springfield newspaper. The performance was for charity. SYRACUSE, N. Y., (UPI—Sonie' one 1 enjoyed a, pheasant feast, and did not have to hunt for it, either." TIM bird was killed when It flew in the path of an automobile. Another mctorlst saw the bird and picked I DRE^UBLICAN • DEMOCRATIC ^DEMOCRATIC GAIN This map shows how Democrats ;;,tl::; over their past present sla and Republicans fared in Tucs- jus. all t.ices conr,id:re;l. tiiins-jh T T .. lay's elections, all races—for Sen- :ici triumphing tompie.elv. Mate U J ii/'JS itc. governor and congress—being held its c'-:ciion in September, considered. Some stales lie-Id :on- . On the basis of approximately reed ffcrhter-in noiiti cs .., „,.. his nersonnl affliction. As a porter on the Harvard Crims-n yearsago. he organizes an attack- not Providing 'proper* n^ScaTC f or ' h( L dor mitorics. He won a sea' n the State senate which had been held by Republicans for twentv first Wilson for president men an" was only 31 whon Wilson mad" M:im an assistant secretary of f>- navy. After bis ccllnn^'be In'. Ued paralysis and finally marked it-mi elrctions. some held guber- '. c; sapid: returns it< :eems Reception For the Unexpected Guest we In 1931 to not mom than 30.- nM "'"Ms""', i season that a pheasant was killed t.0.000 acres. In order tlui't.n. crop! Oregon also led the stales with In this manner. iiol In excess of 10,000,000 bales can be grov.n. A ylcjd ol this proportion would bo instrumental in rratorlng normal conditions thru- cm (lie South i Thc'.cormncrclnl- Appeal.has t»k- j en action' in this matter with ft . very logical editorial, « copy O f ! which please' find ehclosed, and U i ! nil other Influential' 1 Southern papers would editorially 'endeavor to Impress upon the Federal Farm Hoard the necessity of holding cot- Inn acreage in 1931 lo a maximum cf :io,OCO,i)00 acres, their recommendation In this particular would no doubt, lv> heeded. Will you please give llils sug- gistlcn in behalf ot Uie welfare of Ihe Southland your favorable cqn- siitcrntlon. Very truly yours. LEON STERNBEROER, Vice Chairman amid Director of the Cotton RP Acreage Reduction Com- Enc. mUtce of 1920-21. latcrial elections, sorry; held both '..]•, that the above map contains nd all held congressional elc-e- . -,vn errors. ?.Iiiv.i::ota, placed in • icns. Slates in black arc tlios:; in lh-j Dcnrcratic column, should be ''The test of a housewife,,as a ; ing guns of a wcliknown domestic ;hich Democrats won both gov-; sliadod instead of black, to indi- business man, lies in her capacity 'spat will be well under way and Ecnatorships or oter im- i cits Democratic gains rather than 'o meet an emergency," slates Mrs pcrtant state oficos. States complete nemccratic vicicvy.' t>>.""j. umt^j i.*..j. i ''This problem of an emergency Uougan in one of her famous I meal Is one peculiarly feminine, ,'htte are those in which Republi- . while the Dwnoratlc sweep in Ken- cooking lectures, which will bc de- for which unfortunately we are un- won all or mst of tlie offices : lucky has proved sufficient to war- liverc-d at (he city auditorium dur- able to otter a remedy that will :o be ho;e filled. Shaded states are ' rant Lhat state appearing black in- in which Democrats made :lead of shaded. — _ the Courier News Cooking prevent it. The only defense avail-! school. November 18 lo 21. I able for the housewife Is to pre, "The eft ([iiotcd coupleWTis I pare herself with a repertoire of easy enough lo be pleasant when I recipes and products that will per- life flows along like a song 11 —ap- mit her to not only serve a meal pi IPS particularly to the housewife I that uill reflect to advantage, both \vit.h her multitiuls of interests; 1 ! herself us a cook and her husband says Mrs. Doiigan. "The real test, of p ns a householder, but will also p^r- the housewife appears when her j mil her presence at Ihc table with husband calls In from the office, • a smile of welcoirie nnd ap'prccin- tlilrty minutes before meal time, • tion for the guest of tlie evening Speaks from Experience "In one of my lectures. I shall! devote considerable time toward I quickly prepared recipes that will I This map shows how the popular vote went in the Hoover-Smith presidents.!! emotion of 1928. the states in .MacV. being the eijh', J to inform her that he is bringing guests '.o dinner, whom he wishes ' to impress with his wlfes cooking. It is not characteristic of the mils- „,.,„„ v .^«^ >^,,K* ,,,;u. win cnlme mind to remember that on | permit the housewife to present an Hint particular afternoon his wife j appending menu to emergency .had b?cn in Hie hands of the dress- guests without the fare having all : maker, or that it was the after- the easily identified earmarks of a i neon for the bridge club meeting, i "trumped-up" meal" sa s ^ i^r £ I h ^fe's ln ;^,r -SB, •,'• n . tor Ihe advisability oi inviting that hSuscwl' |lr ™'™ s ~l mcn a i. a .' particular guest. Business mant- I became teslaticns work in peculiar ways, doubly , ancl J' cur husband may be Inspired ">" very licsl of motives when carricc: by Smith. They were Alabama. Arkansas. Gccrjln, Louisiana.'],^ own Massachusetts, Mississippi, R'.iode rest were carried by Hoover, feels that in the intimacy of home, lie may be al.'le lo 190 to Smith's 15,01G,H3. ftlncd, Scuth Carolina. All the ( conclude business arrangements him a iwpular vole of 21.392.- i that otherwise would be impossi- his return to active public life with his famous speech for Smirt at the Houston convention two years aga. entitled the Happy Warrior. Diminutive in size, Morrow will yet tower over most of his fellow Senators. He will be among half a dozen of the ni^st ciistinwuis'".?:" among them and will standout as the able leader of the increasingly strong wet wing of the Republican party He has been a financier, a lawyer, a cioss adviser o President Coolicije. head of Railroad Plans to ble. Hysterics Unnecessary "Pity the poor husband, who is greeted by a tirade of abuse, based on imagined martyrdom from the 'ie has clinsen as a partner •»"« ..olpmaie, when he requests fie MONTREAL. (UP) - The! ^^ of presenting an unexpecl- Canadlan National Railways aos' e(i suest! Pity "more Ihe poor house- re civrd Rovernmrnial sanction for JV"? u ' h ? sa "mitollons are such " 1nt under the circumstances she that a fit of hysterics and a Organize Battery i wife ' ! and he the organization of a batterv of which wilt form a part of °"" the Hi; SLxili Canadian Field Brigade . *™* " y *'" °"" t Whe:i the batter m !" dc low -T«l creating pre- s on a favorable dinner table Whe:i the battery, a mechanized unit to be equipped with four 18 ' . -ounder ^uns. is officially or .: f hor t »|™e later! Her 'iinial reac- ' 0nls to Eerve n mcal » 1th the a » -•-*-• the ganized, it will be known as the If,,,' ° 5en " commission which planned otr 7Dth Canadian National Railway ,,'",,? ° l ' "". a,,H HOH. r • ' "'c delicatessen store, if there be „„. military naval aviation policy, and a mcs't superior diplomat. He wilt be obvious presidential limber whether anything caii be done about that or not and it is hardly conceivable that his Senate career SKELETON OFmVTER FOUXn , one adjacent. Men are noted cpi- . valuable the information which she extends In her lectures, and she has been greeted with a tremendous wave of popularity in every city in which she appears. Unfortunately, Mrs. Dougan's overwhelming itinerary does not permit more than one annual appearance in each city, and it will be essential that every Blythevllle housewife who desires to learn the marvelous secrets of this great woman, whose reputation has spread from coast to coast, attend the lectures which begin week afler next. A complete symposium of Mrs. Dbugan's programs will be submitted through the columns of the Courier' News, in answer to the great number of inquiries wlilch ImVe come to the Courier News office regarding Mrs. Dougan's work. 1 Admission to the Courier News Cboking school will be absolutely- free. All lectures will be given in the city auditorium. starting promptly each day at 2:30 p. m. HOOSISK FALLS N Y <UPi_ . J . CRnnot rrallze the v have in_. 1 ...,^. he sk"',n'in or'i C Dikr- h-. ' i . 7, rou S h 'J" nn<i unintentionally will not be on a par with his prcvi- lieved in have shot hi.m'elf acci- ti f T" y C ' rC '°' an ' ! ' "^ aC '"" ' r'^^''iL^jS o^ffi ,35? ha^n t^ deer or SK^F^ ^^^^^^^^^^ They Smile at New York Democratic Triumpl The Editor's Letter Box '^^rr^l^l^*^™*™™™^ '" "" state of NMr York ™ a « or « d ^^nvand L",H Go. C H H ^^"^1^7™ ™ ?' ^"^ ^ ~ S °' crv w« x^urfd Lei! tn r •« . \- Lc " ma! ' ttlth ' Mrs ' ^ m!tn immediately afler the Democratic vic- ^co eve,' • Mr, v, m :;f U ;, Mr ;: I '' rnnk]! " "' li ^ c « lt ' ««"t. Governor H. H. Uhman. Governor .ittj..nLj , .mil .MI.,. ij.Mim.iM. .''nnd'Ti-- ^^ r - r-n-n*'-nnti i^-if i n , i . / .. - lu.n,. ...i.,. cii.u .. i.nil. icit. claurhUr (t tin; £ovr:noi. niul his son, James. For a 30,000 Acre Crop (To the Dear Mr. Editor:] It it evident to thorc who are familiar with the different phases of the cotton industry, and are keenly, interested in having the continued depression surrounding the various branches of this activity eliminated as quickly as possible, that the menace of over production is now resulting in the continuation ol this unfavorable situation, and that substantial and permanent relief cannot be anticipated until the farmer conducts his operations in accordance with the law of supply and demand. In this connection the Federal Farm Board in its plans for agricultural relief embodiees a scheme of impressing upon the farmer, educationally, the benefit.? which will accrue to him in the utilisation of safe and sane methods of farming procedure, and only endeavor to grow sufficient of any of the more important commodltteei as will meet with the necessary requirements. Furthermore, the Bosid proposes to render this plan effective, even If It requires ten years for the successful lonsunimation of the movement. This proposed measure of the Board is, indeed, constructive! and will inevitably secure tli 3 desired results. However, there is one objection- ab!e feature in the plan as far as cotton culture is concerned to consider at this time, and that is the .'cliemc to only reduce the cotton acreage In 1031 to -10.000.000 acres. This curtailment would bc sufficient if we knew for a certainty (hot the world-wide depression would be relieved by the time the next crop moves, for in this event, the demand for cotton would be of siicli proportions as lo consume » i influence of the economic, Indus- in any language SUPERIOR COAL CO. Cherry & Railroad Phone 123 From Famous Chefs MRS. MYRA DOUGAN Famous Home Economics and Domestic Science Expert. Will Conduct COURIER NEWS FREE COOKING SCHOOL At the City Hall Auditorium Nov. 18-19-20-21 Will tell you the culinary secrets of world-famous chefs and will demonstrate their methods of cooking- and serving the most delectable of dishes. A Courtesy to the Women Readers of ' COURIER NEWS

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