The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 8, 1930 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 8, 1930
Page 2
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PAGE TWO liLYTHEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIEIt NEWS SATURDAY. NOVEMBER 8, 1930 'Items'of Personal Interest -CLUBS Activities and News' of Women =WEEKLY SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON '1'homas, The Honest Doubter Society Calendar \ Stuck A Feather In Her Gap 1 *• 'V*^> JAK '• " *• Monday Circles ol the Woman's auxHlRry to- the First Presbyterian church: circle 1, Mrs. Virginia Keck and Mrs.- Eva Morrison; circle 2, Mrs, 0. j: Crane with Mrs, Beulah Crlh- fleld 'aho as hostess; circle 3, Mrs. ElUibth Greene; circle 5, -Mrs. kiV.K Allen. ' . Woman's council of First Chris . tian church will have benefit party at home of Mrs. J. C. Ellis. missionary society . of 1 -. .church to h'aye -. . jrajn aiid .social rrie<>{lng »t the tW.-'. ';''-'^(W**4>y 'i- i' ',',..' * . »* houai twltfi. • 'afi'd Wrs/.- Edwin s4aJries"'G.-.t;.:Ket:l£", -, Horace. '-T, clilp »nd O. W. McCutctieii entcr- lalnln$',U'.brldge.Bl .the -woman's club. . . • . . . Junior'': High ' school. ' Parent-. TSacheP- asEtclatioti at the school at~3:pO o'clock, club • •' v •' The- ThunJay Luncheon with Mrs. \V. M. McKenzI6. The Young. Matrons'/ Srjdjr*^ with Mrs^'Doyler Hlggthsori;''-.' Entertains Class • • ; Jtrs. L'. ,M- Buruette was hostess to 18 members and four guests ot the -Ladles Bible Sunday:- school c$is ol tte First Presbyterian church last evening for the usual rt'nthly business meeting. ''Several songs were sung with tVG. Charles F. Wood at the piano and Mr;. Wyatt Henley conducted t devotional with tlie icrlptute en from the 13th chapter : of • I Corinthians. . I • *Mrs. W. A. Stlckmon presided In tHe business session. In the social hsur there were teveral contests ' apd a piano solo by Miss Frances Hcilflnd, ?Misses Frances Holland, Jessalyn iomeyer, Elizabeth 'and Mary Lynn Bumelte served dcllcloui, sandwiches and hot chocolate. 'A prayer by Mrs. Minnie Bower dlintaed the mf-ettng. iNext montli Mrs. Sallie Hubler will entertain the group. Ltfion Auxiliary Hrts Muskal Program. {Mrs. George "M. Lee aiid- Mrs. Jslin W. MeJ*rs';-Kere .hoitesses {o ijjmembers 'arid .three, guests of the ;American Legion Auxiliary Friday afternoon at the Lee home when a&muslcal program supplemented Ufc business session. _!•. 1 2t was voted to guerlle Matthews arc In Memphis [ dividual." Ray worthlngton, sup- FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CUUKCJHl Marsh M. Callaway, Pastor The International Uniform Suu- Sunday school, U:45 a. m. "A! day School Usson for Nov. 9. class lo lit the needs of every In-' 'llionias, the Honest Doubter. John . lor the \vcc'<-en<!- Bsale Matscy. of attended to business here ynstcr- ' ll'-lElon .RcbjiEon and'his moth- 'cr, Mr£. CJyde flobinson, sjrcnt.Frl- iday In Memphis. , ;•. ! Maurice Hcscn'.hnl will go to 'Paragould for the weok end. ' Miss Mary l.ymi Bass, who has j irlntcndcnt. Caruthersvllle, I Morning worship and sermon, 11 o'clock. Subject: Uphold the Man, Our Contemporary." Louis Echols will sing a solo. Christian Endeavor Eoclely, 6:30 rj. in. 11:11-10; 14:5-8; 20:21-29; 21:1. 2. Hy-WM. E. GU.KOY, n. l>. Kdltor of Tile. Conjrrtgalioiiatist : The topic given for thh leoson for the study of young pcop'.c n.inl adults is "The Value and Pc-::l c: ! Doubt." Evening sermon, 7:30 o'clock, the] That doubt has. both i!s V:I!UD RLV. George Sumrccy D. D., Pro-,'and Us peril is amply illiistrafd lessor of Theology at the Prcsby-jm the life experience! of those beon lit "at"the Memphis Baptist tcrlan Seminary of Austin, Texas, who doutt. It is hardly tco much 'hospital i- now better and hr,_- will preach. to say that there are certain peD- •|»cn rcmcvul from the hcspltal ' "' was Blad whon they said let]pic who should not doubt, not be• Mr. and Mrs. Charbs. Crlggcr Jr., | «s K° '""> "'= house of the Lord. ..pent Friday in Memphis, i Mrs. E. D. Gillen and Mrs. Q. a. 'caujill were In Memphis Friday LUTHERAN' CHURCH H. J. Klltadisl, Pastor i for a D. A. R. party. ! Mrs. (Xcar Balky has recovered ; front a week's Illness. Mr. and Mis. Fr.3d W. 6chalz;.ol 1 Helelm, arrived last night • with 1 A. n. Falrtleld and : friends for the weekend. Services arc held at the St. Stephen Episcopal church. Sunday school and Bible 9:15 a m. class, Divine worUilp, 10 a. m. Sermon cither i topic: "Follow tin Nobleman." -..I A congregational meeting will fdlosv Ihls service. cause doubt in Itself can always be avoided or because It is necei>ar- • ily -dangerous, but became by dis- : position or habit they are un- SECON'D BAPTIST CHURCH E. /. Newsom, Pastor Sunday school, 0:45. a. m., W. M- Bhiylc'jk, superintendent. ['reaching service, 11 n. m. and 7:30 p. m- by the pastor. B. Y. P. U.'s (i:30 p. m. i i . : '•'- ; Come and bring your family. We n ' • TI i • writ A • hope to be a hundred percent exns Iheolpgian Will Uc-: Su £, ay . cupy Presbyterian Pulpit j Sunday Night. Chic arc Die cheek Ghnticws cart Hide trantpai'trX ve^iet';''$£rtt,'(,i Jon element wearsAiThoA veivfci by/the ostrich trim on n cunnin; CHRISTIAN SCIENCE CHURCH i'lrvicci are hek) each Sunday j morning, 11 o'clock, in room 104 of The Rev. George Summey D. D., tl.c Hotel Noble. • •- - Subject for tomorrow: "Adam nnj Fallen Man." Golden toxt: Romans 3:18. "fa by the offense cf c:io judgment came upon all men lo ccncYmmation; even so by the rlshUousness of one the tree gift cams, upon all men unto justi- llcatisn ff life." Wcfc: Jay evening service, Sinidiiy schcol, 9:45 a. m. o'clock. All arc cordially invited. • (he IKV: burgundy shade that is' ihirred nil over the crcwn and moulded Into a plain lltllo velvet headband. The burgundy ostrich tips polnl. downward and forward over the car. .This Bomvit Teller .beret-Is oiie : .of tlie typa called "late afternoon." ' I professor of Theology at the Pres- •jbyterlan Seminary ol Austin, Texas, 1 and tm outstanding figure in thj Southern Presbyterian church, will .1 occupy the pulpit of the First Presbyterian church Sunday evening. While In this city for a brief stay he will be the guest of the Rev. and Mrs. Marsh M. Caltaway. Having only recently returned from a tour' of Europe, he Is now : enroute to Pittsburgh where he will: meet with representatives of the | hvc major Presbyterian churches of the United States to consider an organic union. In addition to being past mod- 7:30 F1KST CHRISTIAN CHURCH E. K. Lalimer, Jiinibter Church school, 9:45 a. m. Communion and sermon, 11 a. crator of the general assembly he ; Subject: "Success amid Achieve- willing to deal with their doubts honestly. ! i' It Is one tiling to hr.'c honest : doubts and quite another thing to '• deal-'with one's doubts honestly. ; Honest doubt- is never options or j i contentious. When the doubter becomes captious or contentious, he ceases to be a doubter and be- Blns to express what are in reality adverse prejudices or convictions. Tlie doubter has cs^ntblly an open mind. The doubter Is stil! o;5?:i to b? convinced. What quite frequently asses, especially much cf the re- ilt against religion today, is not pubt at all, but is rathr-: 1 ques- oning or negation. The attltKlo ' tiie doubter is that of the seek'. He questions only that he may now, not that he may make a Isplay of- his negations. The Honest Doubter Thomas was a type of the hon- st doubter. Here was a man hose disposition was to believe, hose heart and mind were at- uned lo truth, who desired to be the company ol the faithful, nd all of whose life trends were ositive. But Thomas wanicd to sure- that he was iu tlie right •ay, and there was every jusUft- ation in his desires lo be sure c>f hat. It was this that made him o open to conviction once the evl- ence wa;f clear. He was not the ort of man to hold back in the races and refuse to move stub- iQrnly because he could see noth- Is a member of ttuj Federal Council of Churches ol America, representing the Southern Presbyterian church and has held other similar". Christian Endeavor p. m. society, 6:30 positions of honor in religious ca- | o'clock. parities. . I Evening praise and sermon, 1:30 Bits of News Mostly Personal ,,„,.,. membership drive until rtht.qu'ota'Is r&ched, to give t a JSr.rneiiibershlp' to: the Red Cross .and to'liayeja bfcefit party-the first jv'eek' in December.' Reports"of., the 1 rummake sifc and child weUare flag button sik activities were heard. Mrs. C. Er.Crigger was selected as a sueak- efjor the 'Junior High school Ar- ir^itice Day 'program. .Mrs. . Nelll Reed preiided.' . : ^fter the singing of .Arkansas with Mrs. tee at the piano, Mrs. Cy : R. Mobley read the preamble and Mrs. C. E. Crigger offered prayer. Mrs. f. E. Tale, of Armorel, wis Introduced as a new member. ;Miss Thelma Worthlngton. violinist, and Miss Lillian aalit, played "Chanson Trieste" .apd "Aiigel Serenade" and Ernest Jooes, who won fourth in the re- c?it state audition contest, sang "toselli's Serenade' 'and "Mnppari Irpm Martha," by fTotow, accom pAiiied by Mis. Lee. ^IXjUclous refteshments wcr ser\-ed. t • • ' Jfemorial Club Meets. _ iThe* Memorial" Club" of'lhe sixth g^ide at the Langc school met Fri- diy for an interesting program and business meeting. Finns were made lor sellinj candy -and pop corn balls Thursday. Charles tf. Gray, whos2 leg was fractured In an automobile accident i;vernl weeks ago, Is dally lihprov-: ••-. Joan Lalime:'. daughter of "• the Psv. and MM. E. K. Latlnwr, Is ill .at their hcme on Hcarn street. . Mr. and Mrs Byron Morse are In Little 1 Reck for a short stay. Mi's. Tern Heaton has returned rom Paragould where she visited :ief. nicther for several days. Mr. and Mrs. A. C . FelsciHhal. bis grandparents, Mr. janl Mrs. Joe Sternbcrger, Mri A, j Stijrnbcrger and Jf.nas Sternberger, jflll of Brownsville, Tenn., and Mrs. j Simon Shlenkcr jr., of Monroe, La. ; 1 Miss Cora Lee Coleman, who has ibecn 111 for several days, is better loday. \ Mrs. John H. Lcng and chlldMir will spend tomorrow In Memphis Among ..those who attended the IcotbtUl 'game- lii Osceola. yeslcr- 1 dsy Mar! were: Misses Doris McGhee, Lejjgctt, Oliius Bracken, Anna Laurie Evans, Elizabeth Martin, itarjorie Martin, .Peggy Mc- Kecl, .'JlUlh and Sue Butt, Louise aiid .Virginia Bourland, Marjorlc and Margaret Stewart, Evelyn I Blythe, Elizabeth. Rtes, Margaret Martha Ward and I Moore, Kathryn Martin, Mrs 1 .-' ill: G. Qooa'\vin v ai£ in Mem-1 Robjmoij and. Orlnc Hutchinsou. phis today. | '- >1 ' - ••'" ' [Misses Evelyn' Blylhe and Margaret Mr., pnd Mrs. Randolph Smith Stewart remained .there for the are spending the weekend, iu O;ra- cla wilh Mr. Smith's mother. Hiss Lto'.ic Callllott is In Jcnes- woekend. ••• : " Mrs. J. A. . Grlndcll, who has boro (oday attending the dislricl corilerence of the Christian Endeavor Locicties of Prosbylerlan churches. been in Memphis several days for nn eye operation, is daily improving. Mrs. E. D. Rogers and Miss Ann Clements arc In Memphis for the Joe Felfjnlh-il had as his gue:ls (weekend, this wcgk his mo'.her, Mrs:. Uessie Mlts Bob Williams and Miss Mar- DRIDGf CKurch Pays Oblijalions. . •The Yarbro Methodist Church his accomplished Its aims In lh; pait year, according to reports m)ide at the meeting of tlie woman's missionary society yesterday j atternoon at the church. All- fl-' njiices, including .. .notes t - and preachers dtbts "'tif. oVcr S300,-'arc paid in fullAi '/• '•;-., •'. > '•'',' Jthe nine mesibsrs present heard hold off,'to the. trick is taken with the ace, West playing the four. •The*'declarer, hoping for a club split, leads a small club" to tho dummy's king, returns the queen clever..-play sllll succeeds in limiting: and then the deuce, overtaking in game,' "'-, •' his 1 own hand wilh the nee. West BY WJI. K. McKENNT.Y Srcrctary Amcrtrau Bridge League The declarer i:: today's hand gets a bart break in one suit but does r.ot become discouraged, and by OI the 58 teachers Included in group 2 of Mississippi county schools, 53 attended the first meeting at Ilurdelte yesterday. The schools at Whltton, Kcl.wr, DM1, Armorel, Yarbro, Manila, Biirrtrttr, Gosncll and Lcachville were rep- resenlcd. In the morning program Miss Toinmle Sherrlci, Kctser, talked on "Materials for . Primary Gratlc Arithmetic" and "A Teaching I'iu- losophy" was MLss Willie A. Law r son's subject/ .Miss Winnie Viruil Turner, county supervisor, discussed the teaching of numbers In l::e primary glades and number games Tor this group were explained by .Miss Alice Marie Ross, Yarbro. These talks were heard by the instructors of primary grades. In the Intermediate group a sin> r liar program, adapted to student from the fourth to the sixth grades, was carried out with Miss Lillian Shaver, Manila, Miss Turner and Miss Lawson taking part. M. S. Burgc. principal of the Ar- morcl school, spoke to the Junior high teachers' on "The Practic.V Value of a School Museum" auc "Red Tape and Its Values" was L H. Autrey's subject. He is an Instructor at Burdette. the devotional given Irohi the first , -., , clfepter of Corinthians by Mrs. G. H_O 10. C?»«tt. n«J *-.« ._»__ r ..-L _ "* W-1SI- The Bidding; j At auction Soall . tlie dealer. '•••'• the contract for one no lile eonlract North e partner's one no trump no trump. NORTH ..i S-H-8.5 ll-K.9-64 * D—8-5-3 C—K-0-2 F1HST BAPTIST CHURCH A. S. Harwell, I'.istor Sunday rchoal 0:45. Help nuk our depanjnc-nl and class 100 pe L-nt tomorrow. Morning wcvship 11 o'clock. Big Business for God." Evening worship -7:30 o'clock The Free Made Free Indeed." B. Y. p. U. 0:15. Last Suntla here were 109 przscnl. We shotil have 125 tomorrow night. A cordial welcome to all. WEST and the !es:or. from "The Land cf All Nations" bv Mrs. R. H,", Hood. Mrs. L. Wheeler and Mrs. Clyde Cameron offered prayers.' .''.-- .' MtDermolt-Badtr A marriage llccnte was issued today to Miss Christine Bake;' an'd Mt- Guy M. McBermott, both of heje. 5 5-K-l- 10-^-2 C-J-3 SOUTH—DEALER S-K-10-2 K-A-3-v; D-A-7-6 EAST S-Q-19-6 H-J-3-7 D-Q-9 C—10-864 s Louisa ROES and Mr. Ray- Belknap, both oi l-.^ic, were married by JusKce M Walker today.' ' : , • * k Dri^t-Gray. Th'e marriage of Miss Pauline Oriy and Mr. J. C. Bright: both cf Tomato, took place here yesterday with Justice H. V. MUcherscn rer- for&ing the ceremony. > : .^Pet-Wet" Golf ( for - Veterans BEDFORD, Mass.,- <fcp> — Dis- ab^d World War veterans at ihe Btjlfcrd's Veterans' Hospital scon »ifl have a new diversion. Within a -few weeks an indocr miniature goll course is to be installed at the! institution" '"'.'. • "-- i ' Til.- Play . :. At diamor.ris. We '.'s loiijrr-t and strongest suit, is hcaiicrt by the king. jack. ten. ho Icqirts the jack fn:;u this combhiation. dummy plays trie three. Ea't kuo\« that. wV:n the jack is loci agair.rt n no trump dcclaratici: it Is cither led from the ace. jack, ten, ihe k' showing out and discarding a rmall tp^-'e. The declarer's hopes) fcr : game • now dwindling. If lie plays th" ce of hearts and West would ]>:. nail, he would go up with tin -ii:.--'. ••••• '•• throw East- in tl-.i lead with the jack. East could then casli his good (en of clubs, but would be forced to lead, lo declarer's hearts or spades- West could easily defeat this line of cftaise, though, by playing the ten of hearts, which would force the dummy's king and all declarer could do then would be to cash his two good spades find hi:, hcait. which would only 'give him Uvo odd. His best plan Is to Iry and nuke one of the opponent's squee?c she other.- He. therefore returns tlie exponent's 1 suit by leading the seven of diamonds', West \vins with t!'.; ten. dummy plays ihe eight and East discards .the .six- of spades. IT Easy to make and most acc.^it able to a potential hostess Is th Cliri:tmas gift of a dozen cork'.a napkins. There are little rectangular ivi flcs of linen, about half as big a CI1UKC1I O FTHE NAZAKENE 110 Cherry Street A. T. McAnally, Pastor Tlie pastor will preach at bath iiicrning and evening hours. Sunday school, 9:45 a. m. C. E obb, supt. Morning worship and sermon, 11 The N. Y. P. S., 0:30 p. m. Ken- clh McAnally. president. Evening worship and sermon, 1:30 m. Prayer tr.eeliny Wednesday eve ing at 7:30 p. in. Mrs. George Cun- ingha.u tvill lead the service. Steele Society—Personal Text: John 11:14-16; 11:5-3; 20:24-2S; 21:1, ?.. Then said Jesus unto Hum plainly, T.a?aru5 is dead. And I am glad for your sakes that I was not there, to the :r.u-nt ye may believe; nevertheless let us go unto him. Then caid Thomas, which is called, Didymus. unto his !=ilov: disciples, Let us also go. that we may d:e with him. Thomas saith unto htm, Lord we knav: i.ot' v.hither Ihou LO-st; and how can we know the way? Jesus said unto him, I am (he way. t : :e truth, and th? lUc: no man comelh unto the Father, but by :ne. If ye had know me, ye should have knov;:: my Fath?r :.'.-y, a:i:l from henceforth ye krow him, and haie seen him. Philip said unto him, Lord, shew us the Father, and it sui!:c;t:i us. But Thomas, one of the twelve, called Didymus. was not with Uiem when Jesus came. The other disciples therefore snid unto htm, We have :*:n tn: ng ahead. he desired ' Lord. But he said unto them, Except I shall see in !:t hnn:!s the On the olher hand, his faith to be intelligent and veil-founded; find that ought to be the right and privilege of every nay well be questioned. What ' >asses for faith under such circumstances is in reality habit or ! .uperstilion or convention. It is | vhere conviction is founded upon i real belief and evidence that faith actually displayed. Credulity is not in any sense a virtue any more than incredulity s a virtue. There are many peo- )le who have Interpreted the words )f Jesus to Thomas, "Blessed are they that have not seen and yot liave believed," as a rebuke of Thomas. These words, however, verc not in any sense a rebuke oi Thomas' doubt concerning the outward evidence of Ihe resurrcct-ion. They were rather a reference to those moral and spirilual truths that were not affected by the resur- reclion and that did not depend on outward evidence. What had happened to Jesus after his death did not alter in any way tlie beauty and reality of iiis moral example and teaching as Thomas had known them duriiig the tune of association with Jesus before the crucifixion. When Jesus said "Blessed are they that have not seen and yet have believed," he was approving of that inward response to. love and righteousness which is funda- print of the nails and put my finger ir,to the print oi the na!:3, anJ thrust my hand into his side, I will not believe. And after eight days a;jpin his disciples v.'are \dhtn, and Thcmas with them: then came Jesus, the dcors bsir.j t :u;, ar.J stood in Ihe midst, said, Peacfr be unto you. Then saith he to Thomas, Reach hither thy finger, and behold my hands: and reach hither thy hand, and thrust it- into my side; ! and bs not faithless, but believing. And Thomas answered and saici tirto him. My Lcrd ani my Gcci. Jesus saith imto him, Thomas, because tliou hast seen me then han believed: blessed are' they that have not seen, and ;cl ba. v believed. ••)..' • ' .[",;.,.'...'.' - • After these tilings Jesus shewed himself again to Ills ditciulcs at the sea of Tiberias; and en this wise shewed lie himself. There were together Simon Peter, and Thomas called Didymu«, and Natharael cf Cana in Galilee, and the sons of Zebcde: and two olher of his disciples. seeker of external evidence, but hi the one ivhssc inner life is malked by spiritual responsiveness a.:tl spiritual expectation. Tl'.e "show me" attitude in religion is not and never can be the ideal attitude any more than a superstitious regard of reason anil a readiness to believe anything could be the ideal attL'-mh:. One should lay great stress on the patience that'Jesus had with •)* Thomas. The rebuke that lie gave was ye.Ule ami of a sort to leati Thf.nm into the higher and bet- , But if we brought our doubts to the God of all truth and yraye.i •for light in the spirit of iho:e win ! really desire the light, it may b: 'that we would be much nioro sac' ccssful in finding the trtilh. K might not be that we wcu!:i come j to believe the things that v.'L 1 wis'.i we' could believe, or it miy be tiK'.t. j these things themselves <13 ir:t .represent tiie highest trtitn: but we should come to sc:n^ bUisf.-- •ing truth, for it is doubtful whether any man ever '.Tally sc-ng'nt truth in the. right spirit with o^en- Probably the groat Ms ? of ,, mmcl] a"d course ol heart mistake we make is in not takins i and WI "' mthout r '» d ' n 3 «our doubts and our difficulties to Mr. amid Mrs. Harvey llastiii' of New Madrid visited friends he Ttiealay. Jlrs. T. G. Morgan, of Lltllo Rock, and Mr. A. R. Kcagan of Blythcville were visitors of Mr. LC. Spencer hi-re T liursday. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Harnra and Miss Maud Hanira visited in Senath Sunday as tlie guests of Mr. end Mr=r. Richard Haiuia Mrs. Gertruc 1 .? Petty of Union City, Tenu.. spent the iirst part ot this week wilh her siste: here, Mrs. Lottie McMillan. Mr. a.'.ti Mrs. W. T. R.uley, and Mr. and Mrs. Louis lirooks were ;hcppiug m Cuiinh.irsvillc Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. B. A Wall and daughters Ruth and Opal spent last week with relatives in Tennessee. Mr. and Mrs. Max L. Ki-lloy were the gucsls of Mrc. Kelley's parents, Mr- and Mrs. Selglcr at Haytl Sunday. Chits. Ray, small son of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Burden, who has been very ill, is improving. Mr. mid Mrs. J. T. Nfoly and children. Jay, Fred mid James Byron spent Sunday in Cariuhcrs- ville as the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Chas Neelcy. vllle, sitter of Lendsey Smith of the Clarence Saimdcrs store here, mcntaiTy "ll-c'rlght attitude on the I God. We try to suppress these part of all who would know the | tilings; we try to hide them from t ru t,t,. ! o;ir fellow men, perhaps .with very Inner Life Counts ' good warrant, for our -fellow men What Jesus meant was that the i arc apt to be critical or scornful highest character ami the most cf- when we express we express our doubts fecUve approach to truth is not \ matter how honest and found in the cold and calculating' these may be. inevitable • held • ing. One of our troubles is i'.:?it even in cur doubts v.-e are of;?:i .-"lf- delucic-d, r.::d we either cxchar.:;; one set of opinions for ar.o- :ct' c.~ we corns back tlirougii r^actbn into a new prcfe.-sion of faith (Int is no more real than that V;F have before cur period of >:O;I'IH- ville Monday evening.. • motored tu Sikestan. Mo., last Sat- . Saturday on account ci th: Mrs. Edna Stout, fminer opera- urday. oils illness ol hia father, tor of the. beauty shop in Steele, Miss i-lossic Adams was the Sat- . R M! , 5tci . s o[ K cmlctc has returned to St. Louis. Mrs. '. urday night guest of ,Mirs Betty? I Sutra Matin's is the New Owner, i Byrd. Mr. and Mrs. Clay Lewis n.u-! Mr. and .Mrs. George Marse were j nounce the arrival of a toby girl, guests of Mr. and' Mrs. Lill Lm- •. ham Tue5(:i\y. Frank GriiTon of KcnncU, Mo., . visited Harve Adams on Wcdnes- , day cf last week. • Mr. and Mrs. Charley Peters | were visitors at Highlowcr last •• Tuesday. jaik,'ten or tho iark ton nine' cides lo protect the spade suit, dis-,en. rithor in white or v,ir:,r.i. ,- 0 l-! nr ™ " ltck As B«t holds the litnr Iv-co'rrvrtlvi carding the seven and cidn of ors-. Kelt the edges and in th,- C0 r-'. Mr :* rd , ,„' astumes that (he lead r'from t'l'ci hearts- Regardless of wj-.nt West •"« of each of them c.i:br..:dcr or , daushter Lucille, spc leader-only held k-ar iliamcudi or- West cashes his king and deuce of i them measuring diamonds, dummy discarding the I s inches, though a little feu r and six.of -hearts. 'East miK ! better. . ,,,.,, , hold lite good ton ot clubs and dc- Make them of haiidScrch;,-: 'in- ! s P° m Inst WOCR C1U| wlth Mlss '— rithor In white or v,u:, n ,- 0 l- ! nrcd Mtck - "" ".A liyall and ,,^.. b ..,w., ~... , si>ciit last week ., | cud with Mrs. Roy Carter at Ncl- „_ I tltton. Ark . nnd vkilcd trlends Joncsboro, Ark. Muj Sail!: Hanira amid Sam Hnnira jr and Albert Haiura. si>cnt last week end as the guesls ot Miss j Elizabeth Smnou at Union Unlvtrs-' ny, Jacktin. Tenn. Carl Halley of Cnrnther.svillc vis- ion ' lends now. East will be sqivfvcci. | sew in a cross-stitch,-,! or-i If Weil leads the seven ot spades' you want to, yon can do ;, tr.-.. declarer will win with the king.' itlai below the bird. But j::: L re-1 load a small.heart to dummy's.bit of adornm;nt Is enough diamonds Tin-r-i king, return a H?aj-b to his own ace : The shape of those cii-r.-.-.. in the d«-larcr'sl and East will be 'forcr-rt to dtcard, them from ti\i napkii^. ace. jack, ten cr kini:. jack. and covers with the qi;cen in der to ui'.block ;|-; suit. '. Declarer olaj-h Mnall. Fast turns trb u ,ie cf i:J. no advantage _ lidding off tecaus;^ if U-.^cimin'ig 1 cither s^ spade or a club. Ii an much newer gld (o rr.A,. \ >—-'— --•-•--•-, ... - heart Is led by West, nummy win: yard of haiidkcvchici him: ii.,v_\ 11. E. Docrncr trnnsacted business in Caruthersvllio Wednesday. H. Bollcntine was a business visitor iii Caiuthersville Wednesday. Mrs. Dick Neelcy was the guest of Mrs. Da'o Rutlege Thursday aftcrncon. Mrs. Willard Armstrong was the 1 guejt of her sister Miss Ellen Kelley Thursday.' L. c. Spencer transactect busi- r.css in Caruthersvillc and Haytl Wednesday. Mrs. J. R. Morgan entertained quite a number of young iwople at a Hallowe'en party last Friday evening. Cecil Earl who has been sick at hir hcnw on North Walnut St. is rcpcrted much better. Mr. Frank Lester of Gcnton died at hh home (here Wednesday from a stroke of paralysis. was a visitor here this week. Mrs. Frank Peters has rc:iiraci Horn Sikeston, Mo., where ;..:•: was called on account o! ti:e i:c.r.U of her mother. Archie Humble was called to Ross MATRHNITY HOSPITAL-Kr ,::. fortunate gins; stclmta;. ;> 1 . rates reasonable. For inf';:n;i::o : v.rite Fnlrinount Ho-;jual. -l-H! Eiv. 27th. Kansas City. Mi&'.our:. Little Wilson News L. W. Gullctt was the Sunday night guest cf E. D. Petty. Will Lawhorn and sen. Billy, were lilyilieville visitors Thursday. Frank" Peters and Charley Peters Iginally, the nr.t il-.o fippoMtion '' win with the king, return a heart a dc^en If you use «r.::i- . ...... can make- Is thKc uv.u;-n:irl^ nnd ^ : 'lo declarer's aw and again East make Ihe birds ditfeienl «.:,: ;s 0 r! llC!> frl!Ilris llcre Wednesday. ' ' heart trick, :ovj i' ilio diamonds • wi' ill be forced to discaj a .p.'d.-',• all gray ret!, while and b'.u. " ' l-.oitnte fifiurcs may replay split five-two, it mr.y wcrk out! which will niaKe all Ot the dcc';ar- .to tb? .declarer's disadva.itajc to ! cr's .spades gccd. _. t . r . | bird If you,.,desire. XIr - sn(1 Ml ' s - Al »« r Aslicraft, MIss M»ybell Zahncr amid W. C. Held attended a show in Blylhc- is a doctor's Prescripllon for Coids and Headaches IT IS THE MOST SPEEDY KK.IlliDY KNOWN. GoG ALSO IN TA13L.KTS. Deliriously and Properly Prepared by the Hotel Noble Chef It is a r.ire tr^at ic dine oil tender. i:nr;,- a«!s ai:d olhcr ;;o;<i food in the syacini, tlir.lng rcoms of Hotel Nob:e. SuntlHv Diniior Served 12 to 2 and (i In S I', Music by Schubert Trio

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