The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 5, 1942 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 5, 1942
Page 8
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*?.*•>, - - BLYTIIBVILLE, (ARK.) COU1UEK NEWS TUESDAY, MAY 5, 1942 EDSON IN WASHINGTON A >~ By PETER EDSON -**• CMiier News Washington Correspondent -; WASHINGTON, May 5. — Not much fuss has been made about it, but the Office of Co-Ordinatar of I&er-American Affairs, otherwise known as Nelson Rockefeller's outfit/ has soft-pedalled almost to the poipt of completely silencing the '.'cultural" phases of its activities, and that marks a milestone. When the Rockefeller activities chain of Latin American capitals to make busts of all the current presidents of the Latin republics, is supposed to have built up a tremendous amount of good will. RUDE AWAKENING But came Pearl Harbor, and the Rockefeller office woke up with a hangover of realism which caused one and all to swear off dreaming. An unofficial ban went out on the word "culture." Cultural projects already under which could not be Troops Guarding Hawaii Can Give Your Real Low-Down On Underground Housekeeping first got going, much wwmadc^ of, stoppedi short were allowed to con- the : "cultural" program. The name of'the-organization was originally the'" Office of Co-ordinating the Commercial and Cultural Relations Between'-the American Republics. Culture was then on a par with commerce, and even if it might prove impossible to wed North American culture with that of Central and South America, at least it was hoped that the two cultures might better be able to live together in peace and love. There followed the amazing good- will'mission which you read about, of artists, musicians, writers, ballet dancers, ;.. .congressmen, professors students -and yes, even movie actors; all armed with trunkfuls of bfoth'erly co-operation, anxious to teach,-eager- to .learn. .People who couldn't get government sanction for such missionary work, .went on their'own. Among whom were Douglas Fairbanks Jr., though to say that name around the Rockefeller headquarters now is to cause an acute attack of shudders to seize everyone within hearing for the Fairbanks -junket, and some of the others, went exceedingly sour. ," Surprisingly enough, some of the others went .much better than was predicted."The tpur of the American, ballet w-as. actually a wow. And-Jo Davidson, the sculptor who : was sent touring around the tinue until they died a natural, pace ful death. But all the frills were abolished and the outfit got down to a much more practical basis of doing things to win the war. The few successful projects remaining were then grouped into a Division of Science and Education, now headed by John M Clark, an ex-newspaperman who had done some work for the International Labor Office in South America and who had been John G. Winant's assistant when the ambassador was head of I. L. O. Under Clark, the emphasis now is on doing good but common-sense exchanges of CHICKASAW Main Near 21st St always lie and 22o Sit. starts 12:45; Sun. starts 1:45 ~ Night shows 6:4V Cvntinnous shows Sat. and Sun. deeds. There are leading people, but with an aim of contributing something constructive to the sum total of civilizations. Missions sent down south now aren't so much interested in spreading good will as they are in spreading health and sanitation. The people brought up from Latin America don't come just to gawk and be impressed and go home and rave, but to learn something useful—nursing, for example, or road building or rural education or scientific agriculture. All such enterprises pay good will dividends, unquestionably. WELLES WOWS 'EM In seeming contradiction to all this practical good neighborliness, Rockefeller office people admit today the hottest thing they have in South America is Orson Welles, the big man from Mars and the boy wonder of Hollywood. He was invited to Brazil by the Brazilian government, so credit for this enterprise should really go to the Brazilians, though the tour was or - was fined $10. Zeda Gaines plead guilty and was fined $10 .and 30 days in jail. May Lizzie Reese, continued. James Harris plead guilty and was fined $10. Roxio Cammon plead guilty and was fined $10. -Elmer Sanders plead guilty and was fined $10. Howard Owens plead guilty and was fined $10. iHcnry Cherry plead guilty and was fined $10. Andrew Wigfall made bond of $25.25. Bessie Layton forfeited bond fo $2-0.25. Driving while Intoxicated: Delbert Grigg-s plead guilty and was fined $100, $25 suspended. own recognizance. Forgery and Utterinci: James Leslie Branch plead, guilty, waived hearing, and was held to Circuit Court. Violating Building Code: Leonard Campbell plead guilty and was fined $15. Failure to Buy City Auto License: Leon Davis plead guilty and was fined $3.50 and purchase of • license. Dr. G. M. Brown plead guilty and was fined $3.50 and purchase of license. Fred Forsythe plead guilty and was fined $3.50 and purchase of license. Assault: Howard "Goob" Caldwell, charged with assault, made bond. Peddling Without A License: Ira Lewis Ball plead guilty and was fe ldweU P lead e uiltv and was fined Betty MacDonald, NEA Service-Courier News correspondent, emerges, civilian style, fro ma Hawaiian pillbox. Army men, wise to easier methods, usually pull themselves up out of the pillbox by means of tne iron bar, just above the exit. ^Tuesday and Wednesday Buddy Nights—2 for 1 'HIGH SCHOOL' ;' . —with— Jane Withers, Joe Brown, Jr., anil Lloyd Corrigan. -Comedy—"An All Star Short." ranged office. through the Rockefellei The original idea was for Welles to make a historical picture of Brazil as it really is, and without overdoing the palm trees on mountain tops or gauchos and Coming Soon— "YOU'LL NEVER GET RICH" "ADAM HAD 4 SONS" IM«B«^«"i^^»"«-II / Barfftln Matinee* Every Day Ex cept Saturday & Sunday. Show Every Night 7:00 -' Box Office opens 6:45 Continuous Shows Sat and Son Listen to KLGN 9:00 rnjn., 12:45 p.m., 4:30 p.m. Tuesday and Wednesday rhumbas on every street corner, as Hollywood has usually misrepresented the country. Welles tackled the assignment with typical gusto. He has learned Portuguese and has done some broadcasting, once with the Brazilian foreign minister. Everyone thinks .ie's marvelous, colossal, stupendous. Of course, if he should repeat that invasion from Mars broadcas tr- ip * * WE'RE WELL OFF DEPARTMENT Red Cross has sent $25,000 worth of sporting goods to the troops in Iceland...The British have banned lace on women's underwear. ..And cosmetics there are under a 33 1-3 per cent sales tax...Yankee ways have come to Venezuela in the form of individual income taxes, the country's first.. .Coffee in Oslo, Norway, is quoted at $30 a pound. ...Gasoline in Cuba has been raised 4 cents a gallon to 34 cents... BY BEIT IT MACDONAU) NEA Service Stuff Correspondent HONOLULU.—A wartime tip to girls in the natrimonial mart: Grab yourself a soldier whcr has served on the Hawaiian battlefront. He can cook, he can keep house and he works wonders with a can opener and tinned field rations. Give him a hatchet, a saw and he'll build you a house; give him a broom and he'll keep it neat as a pin! I can vouch for all this because while touring Oahu defenses, I saw him housekeeping in underground dugouts, in camouflaged mountain shacks, in cement pillboxes. Underground housekeeping is a fairly smooth business. At one ot our tour stops in what looked like a deserted copse of trees along the beach, a spry young officer suddenly emerged from a trapdoor in the ground and invited us in to inspect his living. COURTS For Disturbing the Peace: Neal. Nance plead guilty and was fined 10. Roy White, no disposition made of Otis Crotts plead guilty and was riven a suspended line of $10. Mark Campbell plead guilty and was fined $25. John McDonald plead guilty and was fined $25. iHarold Fisher plead guilty and was fined $10. Earl Williams plead guilty and was givers a suspended fine of $10. W. O. Ransom plead guilty and fined $100, $50 suspended. Henry Carter plead guilty and was fined $100, $75 suspended. Alphia .Tucker plead guilty and was fined $100. Harvey AdkLsson plead guilty and was fined $100. Walford Boles plead guilty and was fined $100. 'Reckless driving: Williford Mays plead guilty and was fined $25. •Hollis Bentley plead guilty and was fined $25. C. H. Bryant was fined $25 and appealed. Jesse Snider plead guilty and was fined 525. Rose Clark forfeited bond of $25. Irby Appleton plead guilty and was fined $25. Petty Larceny Orville Luttrell plead guilty and was fined $10 and six months in jail. -Lawrence Pruitt .plead guilty and was fined $10 and four months in jail Luther Thomas plead guilty and wa.s fined $10 and 30 days in jai: with .sentence suspended on gooc behavior. Receiving Stolen Property: Hersehel Mitcheson plead, guilty and {fined $50. Howard Bevill plead uilty and was fined $25. Vagrancy: John Bowis plead juilty and was fined $10. Ollie Maxwell plead guilty and was iven suspended fine of $10. Failure to Pay 1942 Auto License: Delberb Griggs plead guilty and was fined $26, fine suspended. Malicious Mischief: E. L. Boling plead guilty and was fined $10, 20. Carrying a Concealed Weapon: -eorge Mickey plead guilty and vas fined $25. Miscellaneous: Berry Dildine lead guilty to parking on a public highway and was fined $10. Public Drunkness: 35 were fined 311 this charge. AMENDMENT NO. 32 Proposed by the General Assem- oly and filed in the office of the Secretary of State on the 27th day of March, 1941. BE IT RESOLVED BY THE to abolish them. For administra- District, tion, faculty, maintenance, repairs, and for the purpose of creating a sinking fund, to obtain sites, and for the construction and equipment of buildings, and all other necessary expenses incident to the efficient administration of such Junior College, a tax not to exceed two mills on the dollar may be levied en the taxable real and personal property of such district, if at an election to be provided for by the General Assembly, a majority of the qualified electors of such districts shall vote "For Junior College Tax." Such tax or taxes shall be in addition to all other taxes now authorized by law and the levy thereof shall not be subject to the provision of Amendment No. 19 to the Constitution of the State. Such tax or taxes shall be leviec and collected in the same mannei that the district taxes of common school districts are now, or may hereafter be levied and collected. The General Assembly may authorize such district to authorize the issuance of bonds against the tax which may be levied as herein provided. Section 2. Provided that if such Witness my hand and Seal this 30th day of April, 1942. C. G. HALL, Secretary of Etate. Four million gallons of water are consumed daily in the U. S. steel industry to cool machinery and produce steam. fine suspended. Speeding: Joe Cohoon plead guilty and was lined $5. Grand Larceny: Jesse Moore waived .preliminary hearing and posted $500 bond. Accessory After the Fact of Murder: Willie Perlat waived preliminary hearing and was held to Circuit Court and released on his HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES AND SENATE OF THE STATE'OF ARKANSAS, A MAJORITY OF ALL THE MEMBERS ELECTED TO EACH HOUSE AGREEING THERETO: THAT THE FOLLOWING IS HEREBY PROPOSED AS AN AMENDMENT TO THE CONSTITUTION OF THE STATE OF ARKANSAS, AND UPON BEING SUBMITTED TO THE ELECTORS OF THE STATE FOR APPROVAL AT THE NEXT GENERAL ELECTION FOR REPRESENTATIVES AND SENATORS, IF A MAJORITY OF THE ELECTORS VOTING THEREON, AT SUCH AN ELECTION, ADOPT SUCH AMENDMENT THE SAME SHALL BECOME A PART OF THE CONSTITUTION OF THE STATE OF ARKANSAS, TO-WIT: Section 1. The General Assembly is hereby authorized and empowered to provide by general law for the creation, establishment, support, regulation and control of Junior College Districts. Each district, at the time of its creation, shall contain contiguous territory with an assessed valuation of real and personal property of not less than $8,000,000. The General As- a district so created shall include more than one county or parts of more than one county, then such a district must be ratified by a majority of the electors in each of the said counties or in each of the said areas smaller than a county, voting for the tax herein provided at the election heretofore mentioned. Following such rat r ication the entire area within said District shall constitute the said Junior College FITTED BY Doctors J. L and J. C. GUARD OPTOMETRISTS IN BLYTHEVILLE SINCE 1922 209 W. Main St. Phone 2912 sembly shall have power to change the boundaries of such districts and 75 Bushels Choice Recleaned Ark- soy 2913 Soy Bean Seed $3.50 Per Bushel. Roseland Gin Co. R. C. Rose, Roseland; Ark. eating and fighting quarters. •Narrow, well-swept steps lead down into a sandy tunnel, rc-in- forced above by heavy boards. Keeping this hallway clean Is made easier by occasional high tides which flood the floor and pack the sand down solid. "HOT AND COLD RUNNING MICE " The tunnel ended at one point in the officer's bedroom, floored with wood. Bunks with chicken 'wire "springs" were tidily made up. A packing box built in on one side served as a pantry, complete with shiny tinned field rations—beef stew, hard coffee that had to be diluted with water before drinking, beans, hash and canned bread. "No fresh vegetables/ the officer i apoligized. "We can only grow Cost of living index in Peru ha- > - . , . „ gone up to 220. • mushrooms down here.' There are about 1,500,000 registered cattle brands. VANISHING VIRGINIAN Selected Short Subjects Phone 42 Box Office Opens 7:30 p.m.— Show Starts 7:45 p. m. Admission Always llc-23c Tax Inc. RO Bargain Night Every Night Excep Saturday. Show Every Night 7:00 Box Office Opens 6:45 Continuous Shows Sat & Sun. Tuesday and Wednesday ITBIU.Y DEBICK IUD DUNCAM EKAR KENNEDY SARAH PADDEH Tuesday—Dime N'tc All Tickets 11s (Tax Inc.) 'Glamour Boy 9 with Jackie Cooper, Susanna Foster, Walter Abel. Also Comedy. Comedy. "Wednesday Romantic Fun ... in the most glamorous city on earth! 'New York Town 1 Fred MacMurray, Mary Martin. Robert Preston En route through a branch tunnel towards a pillbox, the officer nonchalantly explained that in addition to all the comforts of home his quarters also had hot and cold running mice. The pillbox was a clean and airy cement room with an ocean view seen through narrow .sliLs and over machine guus that commanded the bay approach. "RE-ROUTING" DID THE THICK Before leaving, the officer nx-, plained that those weren't yellow curtains hanging from the window, they were signal flags. Later, I visited an industrious group of reserves who were building themselves a camp. The lieuten- i ant in charge proudly waved us into his dugout. "I built it myself with a hatchet, a crooked .saw and some rusty nails. Most of the wood came out, of ammunition boxes," he .said. Inside, he'd rigged up a kitchen stove that folded into the \v:Ul an ice chest equally we-11 hidden, a worktable thru could be hooked against the door, a signal bell run from his own personal battery charger, and a li^ht trap for complete blackout at ni^ht. The lieutenant explained, with soldierly pride, that most of his supplies were limited ana he forced to "re-route" a lot of mate- mi from the unsuspecting engineers. He had "re-routed." to date, rolls of chi-ken wire for shower floor, wires that were used to tie the rafters together and a traveling library from the USO. This advertisement is dedicated to the Women of America who are doing so much to help win the war! Hubby" Still Gets Cake This week all of us arc signing up for our sugar rationing booklets! Soon many families will have only enough sugar for the very essential cooking—no cakes, cookies or pies. But that doesn't:mean that American Families—men, women and children—are going to be under-fed. Not by any means. It means simply that we—all of us—are going to have to do without a few of the exttas we've become used to. UNLESS we can find substitutes that will help us to maintain our present standard of living. To help you do just that, your Electric SERVICE Company offers this timely suggestion . . . Try This NEW J Prepared Especially fot Oat Customers by Miss Camille Robinson 1-3/4 t. soda 1 cup sour milk 1 cup molasses 1 t. cinnamon 1/2 t. cloves 1/2 t. salt 2 t. ginger 2-1/3 c. flour 1/4 cup shortening Directions for mixing and cooking: Mix soda and sour milk and add to the molasses. Sift dry Ingredients and ith above. Add melted shortening and beat vigorously. Bake at 375 degrees for 30 or 40 minutes. BLIND FISTULA A Blind Fistula is an uncommon pus infected condition ot the rectal area which forms insiduously over a period of time, during which the victim rnay complain of toxic symptoms, nervousness, low hack and leg ache of rheumatic nature. Some do not. Eventually, pain and swelling in a circumscribed area develops. Upon examination, pus is observed coming from an internal crypt. Without prompt and co-operative care and treatment, a complete fistula with external opening also and further complications will assuredly ensue. Do not delay an examination and treatment. DRS. NIES & NIES Clinic 514 ftjain BIytheville, Ark. Phone 2921 CARD OF THANKS We wish to thank our many friends for their kindness and floral offerings during the tragic death and funeral of our baby, Donna Ray. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Dunn Gentry and Children. A Healthy America Is A Strong America! Too Late to Classify For a fighting nation—a nation determined to win a war, HEALTH comes FIRST I Upon the good health of its people depends the fighting strength of a nation and its ability to perform those functions essential to normal growth, well-being and a high morale. A nation cannot be healthy unless it is well fed. And our nation will be well fed regardless of present sugar shortages or shortages of other foodstuff. ^ The .— Fill Out and MAIL Coupon TODAY! ingenuity that is typical of the American Way of Life Wl11 fmd a As a part of every community we serve, we want * ™ P ^~'° Many good cake, cookie, pic and other tood recipes which use little or no sugar arc available. A complete set will be sent to you FREE on request. Use the convenient coupon below, or write us a letter or card. MISS CAMILLE ROBINSON Home Service Advisor FOR SALE New Florence enamel oil ranijr. used one month. Original cost. $65, will sell for $45. Phono 2185. 518 W. Main. 5-ck-8 TO CHECK Miss Camille Robinson Ark-Mo Power Home Service Advisor BIytheville, Arkansas Please mail to me a complete set of your "sugarless recipes" FREE. * (Please Print) More CUSTOMER SERVICE Ads To Follow As a service institution we believe it is our duty to do anything and everything we can to contribute to the health and well-being of our customers. This Is Our Goal! Watch for future advertisements containing helpful information. Our business is to serve you. NAME. ADDRESS_ (Clip out and mail in envelope or paste on A-101 penny postal card) Ark'Mo Power

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