The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 8, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, November 8, 1930
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS ' THE DOMINANT KPWRPAPET? nw vnnTMWAnT AnviYtc^m t« n nsiT*mTm.«~ * ^-^ THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL XXVII—NO. 202 Blytheville Courier, Blytheville Herald, Blythevtlle Dally News, Mississippi Valley Leader. ESTIMATE COTTON BLYTHKVILU^AUKANSAS. SATUKDAY. NOVKMBKK 8~ 1030 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS. IS PROSPECT IN ETKBESS Neither Party Will Exercise Working Control o f Either House. WASHINGTON. Nov. 8. (UP) — All almost exact numerical division between Republicans and Democrats, with western independent Republicans and Farmer-La- borltes holding the deciding vote; in botli the senate and the lions: of representatives, appeared today as a possible lineup for the second congress. Democrats anticipate a preponderance of power for their party. In a statement last night from seven of their highest leaders they assured the nation their policy woulc be one of constructive service. N- general revision of the tariff wil" be attempted, they said. Hoover Sees Economic Task President Hoover. In a remark at his press conference yesterday accepted as an answer to inquirie* bout the election, said: "The job for the country to concentrate on now is further meas urea of cooperation for economic recovery." Assembling of the newly elect;,-' congress is more than a year In th" future. With rcchecks, resignation- and deaths likely to change the situation, it is impossible to foreteP the exact distribution of pawn- which will result from one of th- ctosest elections In American history. Unofficial figures show the house' Republicans, 217; Democrats, 217: Farmer-Labor, 1; doubtful..2. Senate: Republicans, 48;\ Democrats, 47; Farmer-Labor. 1. Changes Arc Likely While the Republicans have r paper margin of one vote in thi sprmJt? H .the announcement .of s?n ator Smith W. Brookhart, Hepub- FLASHES OI.AlliF. KAMES DIES LONDON, Nov. 8. .(Ul'l— Claire Eumes ..... ted Anierii-aii uctrecs, died in tlie nursing humj luilay after un oiHTation. , RKf:orsxi/.Ei> WASHINGTON, Nov. 8. (HI') — Krcognillon Hie United Stales uf the new Brazilian government headed by Gclullo Vargas was announced today by Hi? state ili'parlnMMit. CKUISER BREAKS LINE SAN FltANCISCO, Nov. 8. (UP) —The giant U. S. navy cruiser Missoula today broke loose from the sen going (us KooseveU leu miles south of Cape lllanco, off (be Oregon coast. Eight men, members of the crew of the Roosevelt, were re- jMirtfd aboard the cruiser when the line broke. FIGHTS 10 AT14,438, JUDGE FINDS ND ! Apple SalesAidNewYorkJobless U U U U L» I I If U U IIU , . 1a -^ r "<'>'jgs^; - _; " -"~""~-7."*_'_'.^. —••— - ••— — •* lican, Iowa, that he might vots va se ship peacock was speeding to with the Democrats to organize the -he rescue. Much heavier and body, indicated a session wherein stronger than the boats standing the minority actually would be In by, it was believed it- might succeed power. where others hnve The situation is so close a single ' - win S the vcssel free- recount, resignation or death may ' change the whole complexion of results in either house. Nicjht of Toil Fails to Release Ship from California Reef. PESCADERO, Cfll., Nov. 8 (UP) —A weary crew of 45 men, exhausted by many hours of grueling labor in the face of stinging spray and icy gales, early tills morning refused to abandon • the Richfield tanker Tamiahua, being pounded to pieces in the grip of Pescadero reef. A midnight attempt to save the tanker from its precarious 'position failed dismally when a heavy steel hawser with which five rescue I boats were pulling snapped and i sank info the sea. It was the cnly line daring seamen had been, able to secure to the, tanker. . "New" Hope ' was armsed v when word was received tho powerful salt County Executive Believes Quorum Court Will Continue Program. Belief that there Is little founda- lion for fear of serious opposition ; to adequate appropriations lor tile county airricultural and home demonstrations agents when the quor-! urn court, meets at OsceoUi Monday wns expressed today by County- Judge George Barhnm. Judge Barliam said he had discussed appropriations for next, year with many members s>i the court and had found sentiment uniformly in favor of providing for these services as In 'the past. Maintenance of the county farm ', and .home demonstration agent programs in Arkansas counties has re- , • ccivcd the endorsement of Cover- 1 nor Harvey Pamell, the state drouth relief committee, President I John Sheffield of the state county judges association, and many others. At a meeting at Little Rock Thursday the stale drouth relief I committee adopted tne following resolutions: "WHEREAS: County Agricultural j and Home Demonstration Agents! are vitally essential to the drouth ' relief program since no construct-' On the theory that several apples poverty awny, ive efiorts can be conducted wilh- ! thousands of boxes of the fruit are beln-' sokt on the sidewalks of hundreds of Jobless men. 'this picture shows a sale be°"1 ^" ' eaa f rs '!' P a " d WHEREAS: These agents are connected with the United States IT fl C'lT! Company Wants Franchise 1'or Similar Installation in Blytheville. i A party composed of members of the city council, Mayor Nell! Rccd. Capt. Ivy W. Crawford, city nttor- • ney, ami J. Men nrooks/'secreltiry j of the clmmbcr of commerce, will e the guesls of the Tennessee Gas ompaliy Tuesday on a Irip' to Unon City, Tenn., where the group ill Inspect the "butane" gas sys' cm recently Installed in that city The Tennessee Gas company Is subsidiary company of the Util- les GKs and Electric company of Chicago, III., one of the several tllitles companies which have been Itcmpllng to secure a ranchlsc for lie Installation of a "butane" gas ystem here. • Ijses "Butane" System S. J. Milliard, manager of the Union City plant, extended nil tn- Itatlon to the local officials scv- ral months ago to Inspect one of he plants operated by his com>any employing the "butane" sy.i- cm. The city council of Blytheville las been considering the questloi if a gas system for Blytheville for .\vn years. Two franchises for nat iral gas were granted which were ater forfeited by the .'companies vhlch secured them and litigation Lee Derry Is Freed Theft Case COLUMBIA, Nov. 8 (UP)— Leo }erry, former University of Mis- ourl football ttar, scored In court lure When, charges of theft of :lolhes from u fellow student, pre- ;cn.;d lust year, wore dismissed for nek of evidence. Derry Is \\ former P'aragouUI, Ark., high school athlelc. 1113 made by one member of the army of unemployed who may u? seen throughout the metropolis—even on the city's most exclusive streets— olTering apples at five cents apiece from boxes containing with which to make next year's SO to 100. The profit from each, box Is $2.25 to J3—or more if the customers are extraordinarily generous. Department of Agriculture which ; is being urged to provide loans! crops and necessarily will be' the contact between the counties and ] these resources, therefore, be It j "RESOLVED: That the Arkansas i State Drouth Relief Committee., urges upon County Quorum Courts ' the necessity for maintaining the I services of 'the. Counly Agricultural | Agents and Home Demonstration ' Agents and providing such services In counties not now employing failed, andl sucn agents." Crew Saved, Schooner Abandoned Off Florida NEW YORK, Nov. 8 (UP)—The Mackey Radio corporation said to- dny its West Palm Beach, Fin., .stati r n had received a inessag: broadcast from the S. S. Aztec saying all members of the crew of 'he four masted schooner Dunham Wheeler had been taken off the vessel off Cape Canaverl, Pla. - -The message did not indicate how I ct * today the war department would mar.y pers'ns wore aboard. It was! seek to relieve suffering among the 11 -limed the schooner was ab.-.n-1 1Illcnl P lo --' cd b >' i^ sll 'ng nil available ilcned. c°'s and'blankets to distressed people. Previously the war department! Judge Sheffield, In a telegram to Sponsors Now Hold Little Judge Barliam, urged continuation LI,,__ P 'n 1 A ' i of the county agent program ! "Ope: Lllltenclen Against He said: ' ... .:,.; j 2 to "After familiarizing myself wit!: relief program for farmers-by governmental iand other agencies I LITTLE ROCK, Nov. 8 (UP) — Defeat of all nine . proposed con- Home Destroyed While Firemen Pump Up'Tire NEWCASTLE, Ind.,, Nov. 8. (UP)—Jcel Simmons' home might have been saved if Newcastle's fire department hadn't developed a flat tire. By the time the tire had been pumped up and firemen arrived on the scene the house had been destroyed with a loss of $5,000. Army Material Will Be Used to Relieve D i s t r e ss Amon<i Jobless. WASHINGTON, Nov. 8. (UP) — Secretary ol War Hurley announc- jiirgc Importance of retaining farm | stitutional. amendments voted on and home demonstration a»ents ac- : by u , e Arkansas electorate Tues-1 count tie-up between relief pro- dtty appeared virtually certain to-' gram and agents. We are very dav as bclatcd rctllrns coiulnue d hopeful of obtaining supplemental i to well the tide alnst tnc mea _ funds to help pay salaries of agents ' c un , s if counties make actual appropria- : "" Flue Fire Does Slight _ ...... B Damage Friday A'ternOOni 1 "" H| :rley has personally assumed was unable to issue such materials because it lacked legal authority A fire in a kitchen Hue at the S ' S. Stcrnberg residence. 919 West , Main street, caused slight damajc ; late Friday afternoon. The- fir e;;;ic, =iiiou!dering in a nuc bet-ween two apartments and was not located for several minutes in the heavy smoke. respousobiiity for °» d k " rt 1"" !s - issuing army to consider Man Carries Bullet in Foot 51 Years MANNED FROM RALLIES SAN SAUVADOTi. (UP)—C':'l- dren are fc leal rallies at night during th: present presidential campaign. Two opposing iwlitical factions; noM mass meetings on the same BROCKVILLE. Ont. (UP)-Fifty-one years aeo. W. D. Livin^sto^ accidentally shot himself in the Irt! ankle with a 22 caliber rifle. Ho was living near Council Bluffs, attend polit- jiowa. The bullet was not recovered, and the ankle healed. Complaining recently of a pain in the sole cf his foot, Livingston, now 13. consulted Dr. W. Eirl the same locality. Pre;i-i Thorp, 'of Frankvllle. The phy^i- 'TnAtirtllr ,-,.111 U- 1,-IJ T ' _ * " • . ' -J-*' dential elections will be held Janu="}' 1-3. 1931. lion." ._ It is not'known definitely that an opposition to the county agent appropriations will develop at the quorum court, but various civic organizations have prepared to oppose wiih vigor any attempt to. curtail the work cf these agencies. over a $5,00 bond posted by the Cherokee . company, (he last to which a franchise was granted, Is still pending. Fear Natural Gas Unavullable Various city officials and business men have Informally expressed the opinion after studying the different proposals and plane for natural, artiflcla, 1 and other gas systems presented to the council, that Blytheville Is so located; that nntural gns will hot be •'available here for a number of years. Wilh this opinion prevalent, city officials have expressed themselves proposals for other types of gas systems here, If Ihey become convinced of the improbability of a natural gas supply becoming available wllliln a reasonable time. Several different utilities firms have proposed to Install a "butane" system'here. Such systems have come Into favor over the country rapidly In the last few years and arc based on the use ol a refined product from the gas fields wblcji Is contended is much more satisfactory and less expensive than the old type of arlindal gns. Killing of Clarence Crawford Last Night Has Elements, of Mystery. MEMPHIS, Nov. 8 (UP) — The fatal shooting cf a department store clerk In the residential ilis- trlct liei.j Inst night, presumably by two luunflunls who walled until ho had finished his dinner and was taking his evening stroll, baffled liclicc today. Clarence Crawford, U, She dead man, was shot within u few steps of Ills front perch. He had lelt MS of the J3G he was carrying with Ills mother and the only valuablj article h» carried was a watch. NeUter this nor his wallet was disturbed. • • Three negroes standing near him quoted his assailants us .saying, "give me thnt gun." A voice they believed to be Oraw- fcrd's said, "don't shoot me. A few minutes later a shot wns fired and one of the . attackers shouted, "don't shoot , him any mere. His attnckcrs fired "at such close range he suffered powder burns He died en route tb » hoapiUl'bs; Ecih proposed acts, for relen- !io!i of the income tax law and for reading of the Bible in public D c D \vr n •.chcols, were carried by wide mar- ". O. rrCVOSt Wins Kevei'S- •jins. Tiie income tax on the .?.-c of returns, will be adopted by a majority of G5.000, and the Bible by 1G,OCO. Each of the seven amendments /oar Passenger Lost ;uipDoried by the Arkansas Tox- j [ :iycrs Asscclation was trailing by i reveral thousand votes and even al of $ 100 Fine Imposed in City Court. R. S. Prevost, manager of the Red Ball barber shop, was acquitted of a charge cl illegal possession of liquo.- by a jury in criminal 1-, Bi" Airnlan° Sinks thelr , s P° 11£ors hel " "ttlc hope the court yesterday afternoon. The .0 LI O /iii{J.dllv, Olimi lemalr-mi rrcclncts could chamtc m™ h a * hr»,. <, nn ..u^ r~,~ ....„ IUO DE JANEIRO. Nov. 8. (UP) i -A Junkers Condor hydroplane ! carrylng eight passengers was re- .;-.:dcn icu:;ty were tabulated, th: precincts could changejcasc had bccn'appealed from city i oiilci.i:;r. .court where Prevost was fined $100 The amendments received a so- Carlos Atkins, earlier in the day :re blow when returns from Crit- - • • ported to liave been forced and tunk on a choppy sea south of Santos yesterday. One passenger was feared to have been drowned. was fined $250 by a Jury on a charge of prssessing liquor for the sale. Both; cates ih- Pa ,ol« then: being approximately purpose of 12 to 1. Franklin county went volvcd the same cache of liquor - fins', the amendments by 700 found In a toilet room adjoining volc ' s ' jthe barber ship Votnn or the amendments pre-j Clarence Kolwick was nned $100 Tho plane was flying north from ! femc °. a peculiar picture and po- en n charge c; possc?=in<* liquor aranagua to Parana. I .Ideal cbstrvers are at a loss loiforlhe purpose of sale on afflrma- ic.vp.aln t. !0 cross currents of opin-,11011 of the city court c-nvlction Memphis Doctor Held in Jfanabarger Death Freed Department's Guess, is 48,000 Bales Below Est?' imate a Month Ago. NEW YORK, Nov. 8. (UP)— fh'd col (on market responded to tho 1 governments forecast of a crop 48,-' Out) bales smaller than that predicted a month ago wilh a 'sharp advance today. Seme of the gains were later lost, however, and tho market closed at n net advance of slightly less than a dollar a bale over yesterday's closing 'quotations.' • WASHINGTON, Novv 8. (UP)— A 1930 cotton crop of 14,438,000 bnlc.i was estimated today by the agricultural department based on. November 1 indications. This is only 48.000 bales less than the forecast a month ago and ap- >roxlmatcly 390,000 bales less limp, jroductlon last year.- Simullaneously the census bureau reported 10,803.601 running .bales inned from the 1930 crop prior to November 1, compared \vllh 10,891,0-10 bales ginned a year ago at the same lime. The department's estimate placed indicated yield of lint' cotton at 154.2 pounds per acre for harvest. Production by stales was indtcat- ,ed as follows by the report: Virginia 39,000. .-• . . -,. - Norlh Carolina 840,000.. '. '#•''?, Scuth Carolina 1,030,000. ' .;v '.' Georgia 1,840.000. ..' ' Florida 49,000. . -' •"•'-: Missouri 155,000. Tennessee 405,000. Alabama 1,410,000. r; Mississippi 1,580,900. Louisiana' 690,OOC.:- : Texas 4.175,000.- "'•'.'." •Oklahoma 950,000. - ; .Arkansas «5,ijOO,. ' •'( ; fore• police • ctald-get. a fl.\tontnt- from him. Police today were checking his habits after working hours. .PJIHIIEL Blue Heaven Inn Near. Lepanto Scene of Shooting Yesterday. MEMPHIS, NOV. (UP) — A criminal court jury late ycsterdaj- exonerated Sidney Frost, Memphis physician, of charges of carrying ccnccaled wnrjons. He was held In connection wilh the slaying of Will S. Ranabarssr nf Chanute. Kans., aftr-r witnesses told 'police he carried the revolver because he was anzered a; Rana- bargcr. said to have b?cn keeping company wilh Ihc cioclor's wife. Oltlahoman Travels Long Distance For His Degree Dodges Cupid ; r " ^'«-> L.IH.IHJ ui ujji.i-1 LIUII ui uie cuy conn c nvictiol I 0:1 ..icl are reflected by the tabu-: when Kilwock foiled to appear fc , .alions. Not any section was solid- trial. C j an found a lump on ths .Livingston's foot. Openirg | found the bullet. ;olc of it he FOOT8ALL UnfavoraMe Final •Army 13. m. o °Krtla 7. K. Y. u. g Michigan C. Harvard 3 Navy 0, Ohio Slav 13 Holy Crcxr. 13. New River 0. y a'r: CG. Alfred 0 Keeps DO-X Landbound AMSTERDAM. Nov. 8 (UP)—Un. favorable weather reports caused postponement of the flight of the ; D rn'.er Hying boat DO-X from r:T;:!l9-id to England today. ' Captain Christiansen said storms Slate 12. ' Half A.abama G, Florida 0. V- !'. I 13. vir Ini.-.. 12. 1 Boston College 6, Georgetown 0. Colgate 47. Columbia C. Nctre Dame 28, Pemi. 7 Pittsburgh 7, Carnegie Tech 0. Uftlgh 26. Priii-ton 7. Cl::rrgc C, Purdue 0. Duke 14. Kentucky 0. First Perlcd Gecrgia Tech 0, Vandy 0 Tc'ire - f;c 7. Carson-Nevm.iii 0. S. M. U. G. Tcxa-; Aggies 0. L. S. U. 12. Miss. ft. lhe continuation of (lie flight un'• MoivJny or Tuesday. i Wire Removed {rom ShwJ'VT ,t\ 7 om M{ X | HOLLYWOOD, Nov. 8. (UP)—A ! • minor operation in which several ! ; , :.')• cr pjsinct the measures as Tener Reed wai fined $100 on n j .-• \vhcle. Scratching was popular similar c£ar« by 'a jury, upholding j and one measure might have re- his conviction In city court. | ccived a large vote In a certain Cnpt. Ivy W. Crav tovcl renrcsent- , county onl:( to be overwhelmingly cd the city during the trials while :lefcnted in a county Immediately Ciaude C:oper appeared for several --Ijcmrns.. • ; of Ihe defendants. In Ihe absence i of Judge W. W. Bnndy. V. G. Hol- f rj i r» • ' lan< ' aclcci as special J"dgc, and -351": Hip rocket Drive 'dismiscd cc«rli:T.!l the adjourned at Florida 'Bama Game wcek 5tanins Dc " mh "_ 2D PEWS SCHOOL CROWDED GAINESVILLE. Fla., Nov. S (UP) AMJERSHAM (B'.:ckinghams!ilre) ; -Sh'riff Bob Wells of Atachua Eng. (UP)— The Amersham gram- t'nty detailed four detectives to mar school, of which William Penn, cruise under the stands at the founder of Pennsylvania, once was F rida-Alabama football game governor, needs room so badly that here tcday under orders to pour some of the students must be ac- NORMAN. OKLA.. (UP) JvfARKED TREE, Nov. 8. (UP) — Rex- Barker of Lcpanto was slightly wounded yesterday In a shoollnj at the-Blue Heaven roadside Inn between Marked Tree and Lepanto after he and Howard Wilson, Marked Tree, had quarreled. Barker sent a bullet through Wilson's coat pocket. Wilson returned the nre and shot through Barker's left leg. No arrest has been made. .'I* 10 Bin Hea\en was the scene of the fatal shooting of Travis Powell by O. K. Wcrnick some mcnths ago. 'TEE-WEE" GOLF JUST FAD ALBANY, N. Y. '(UPI—Mlnlilurr golf is merely a fad, in Ihe opinion of Frederick F. Futtcrer. municipal recreation director h^re. James 0. Burnett will go a long .f* w « <( 0 . lf \ c ,f w - «' cn «• Ia5t ' wav for an education. iL! 1 ?" 1 , lt \ clla " m s < ; Parnett, senior high school | Ilcrts ln " A -" * ™<<ur E ." California 230,000. All others 6,000. Highway Worker Hit on Head by Sledge Henderson Hall of this city .was struck on the head by a. sledge hammer while working with a state road maintenance crew on ' Highway 18 at Armorel Thursday afternoon. The blow may have caused a fracture and an X-ray of, ' the injury is to be made today.,?' According to reports Hall was pngagecl in removing asphalt slabs when the.head of a sledge hammer lctKl by another member of trie crew slipped off the handle and slruck Hall. Sleuth Who Trapped Remus Now Faces Perjury Charge LANSING, itfich., Nov. 8. (UP) — Franklin L. Dodge, former prohi-, biticn agent whose activllles resulted in the conviction of George Remus, multi-millionaire Cincin- , nali bootlegger, three years ' ago, was brought before U. S. Commissioner Jo.-sph Dunneback today- charged with perjury. He is wanted by the United States dlxtrlct court ol sauthern Georgia. :it t!-c> contonls of any liquor bot- .ocn but to make no arrests, commodateii in a lull a quarljr of a mile away. ". Railroad Case "> Postponed P relt >' strands of wire removed from the f Hillsbnry, N. C., so set men's licarti shoulder of Tom Mix, film anrf cl-- alutter on her visit to Hoiioluh cus cowboy, was pronounced sue- lhal sh e received six proposnls fi cessful today. ' ' The wires were Th? cit > police court case againsl i':c Fr::::o railrcnd fc>r cbstruc- tio:i a Main street rro?s;in for •".•• ilnn (en minutes has again b m i-.oslponed. JAH, FOOD rnr.F.n HIM BRIDGEPORT, Conn. (UP) — ^m'-nso ailv?. ^rvinp sentence for a liquor violation, was released from m ^ W Here because he lvas ullllble to chcw ^ f(xxi ' . F£'ar>- Urdrcoratr-J MADBir. Ncv. 8 iUP)— The the case, already twice postponed palace of El Pp.ido. in the sv'mrtjs - r-f for trial today but after of Madrid, on occasion used by the crnlercnce between the rail- Prlt:c of Asturias, was redecorated , ,., - --.-,; , • 1 ."'s attorney and Capt. Ivy W. while the Prince wss residing In years ago when Mix was injured in j Mu.lles have the call at Urenat Crawford, city attorney, the case the Royal Palace at Madrid \nS " f °"' ' £°!1W. Oala«ville, Ga,\ j was announced ns still pcndinst. ' - Inserted a few hor six-months' stay. ' But, alas, S!K J»rncd them all down. licc.iir< i principal of Altus. trnvrls 1541 miles cadi Saturday ID attend two j cla-ses at the University o! Okla-1 ."loma. j He is studying child psychology j r>nd school supervision for which, 1'e .will receive ' (nur semester's! -r. r!it. 7-:c will have finished all' requirements for a master 1 ? degree i '.•:-on ccmi.'lcticr- of cisht more 1 '•oars, lie plans to take them nexl j n Fair Catch! Congrss Rac= ' JUNEAU. Ab.Eka. Nov. Alaska's congressional rjc. 1 (UP) — i:miin ed undecided today '.vitn C!rD;z3 B. Grljsty. he!!*!!!.- a Mhht lead over James W. \V:c'-c'rshim Republican. wl!h about 1.400 vot« to be rtiard from. RxMis Prove Fatal ' t.i Little Memphis Boy t MEMPHIS! Nov. S. (UP>— Burn^j suffered by!d nil-hard Ca- i __ nithers. sen of (l-.o pc'.icc depart-1 r Alleged Mexican Communists Arrested I MEXICO. CITY, Nov. 8. (UP) — i Thirty-one communists were arrest|ed last night after, they Sad holst- I ed a red flag Inscribed "down wiih ! fascism, long live the Russian rev- jolulion," en the roof of the Mexico •.City cathedral. 1 Fifteen others were arrested earlier, in' the 'evening when a cro-.vd of 1,000 invaded the plaza in front cf the national palace and closhsd with police. War Time Bishop of LiHe v. France ! HENNES, France, Nov. 8. (UP)— ' Cardinal Alexis Ciiarost. 63, arch- iblstop of Rsnnej. died yesiird.iy. | He was taken prisoner ancl held as 1 hostage by Germany during the ! World war when as Bishop ol Lille ' he refused to leave his FLORENCK, Italy, Ncv. 8. (UP> ' —Alfonso. Cardinal Mislrangb, j archbishop of Florence, died here .yesterday. He was 78. ment telephone operator, " while "playing Indian" v.ilh neighbor children about a cjmpflre yesterday, resulted hi ''is death. The Idle boy never regained on-1 sclousness. I . . _ received "pat T.-.einhei-s of the foniliall tc.m ' j Avkwsas Plate Tenrlu-rs Collo?.c regard as t!,e ncnson's fairest caicl Is pretty Kihcl Shelby, aliovc, i Elliel lins been chosen •. ..i ' soi- of IH i -.;:.: ARKANSAS. —Fair anti warmer t 'i:gh'- and Sunday. Accordinj f the official weather oissrvcr. Charles Phillies, ths min- imi n temperature here yesterday wa; CD (iegrois and the maximum, 63 d:grccs; clear. '

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