The Brookshire Times from Brookshire, Texas on January 21, 1965 · Page 3
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The Brookshire Times from Brookshire, Texas · Page 3

Brookshire, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 21, 1965
Page 3
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Thursday, January 21, 1065 TIIK TIMES Hometown news'-a''or of Itmnkshire and Kaly. Texas THREE PEOPLE, THINGS, COMING AND GOING IN BROOKSHIRE Mrs. W. E. Barkley and daughters, Eloise, and Lynn were out from Houston Sunday to see her father, Z. K. Beyler and Mrs. Alice Varley. G. T. Shearer Sr. spent Sunday with his son and family, the Grady Shearers in Beaumont. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Davis spent the weekend in Dayton with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Canion. Mr. and Mrs. Harris Garrett and Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Schulte enjoyed dinner in Houston and the showing of "My Fair Lady" on Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Bemus and Mr. and Mrs. Rheman Halbison spent Sunday with the J. A. Koens in Spring THE TIMES ESTABLISHED 1913 PUBLISHED EVERY THURSDAY COMPLETE NEWS COVERAGE for Brookshlre and Katy and Surrounding Communities Entered at Post Office, Brookshire, Texas, as second-ciass mall matter, under the act of March 3, 1879. Publisher's responsibility for errors or omission in advertising copy is limited to a retraction or rerun of the advestise- ment In which the error or omission occurs. Any erroneou reflecton upon the character, standing, or reputation o! any person, firm or corporation which may appear in The Brookshire Times, will be gladly corrected If it Is brought to the at tention of the editor. SUBSCRIPTION RATES $3.00 per year within 30-mHe radius of Brookshire-Katy area, (3 years $8.50); Outside area $3.50 per year (3 years $10) Mary Ann Ernstes, Publisher and Editor Editorial Staff: Mrs. W. F. Egger, Clara Ernstes, Mrs. Willis B. Hicks Mechanical Department: Clara Ernstes Jessie Peek Iris Broussard Frances Wilson Lawrence Swogetinsky Joe Zubik •ranch. Guests of Mrs. E. P. Henry his past weekend were her on and wife, Mr. and Mrs. rnest Henry and her sister, Mrs. E. C. Games of Living- iton. Mrs. Carnes is spending ,ome time with her daughter n Houston and came out for a short visit with her sister. Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Garrett and family of Houston spent Sunday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Garrett. Helping little Andrea Koher celebrate her second birthday on Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. Walter Kohler and Dorothy, Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Rhe- man and Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Schulte and Julie. Mrs. Bill Brown has taken full time employment with Lane-Wells Company in Houston. She was part time secretary at Royal High. Guests of Mrs. E. G. Neuman on Sunday were friends. Mr. and Mrs. R. V. Yeaman of Huntsville. They came by on their way home from Houston Mr. and Mrs. Roy L. Denney will be moving out from Houston next week to help on the C. H. Brubaker dairy. A house is being readied this week for them. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Burgm visited his parents, Mr. am Katy National Bank Announces New Interest Rates on Deposits We will pay interest on deposits according to the following schedule; Pass-Book Savings Account Time Deposit Deposit Deposit Ninety Day Certificates Six Month Certificates < Nine Month Certificates of Deposit Twelve Month Certificates of Deposit 4%% 4V 2 % 4 1 /2% ytl/,0/ rs. M. M. Rurgin in Port avaca this past weekend. Visiting Mr. antl Mrs. HIIRO jidel on Sunday were his msin and wife, Mr. and Mrs. ichard Frank of Flatonia. Mr. and Mrs. Louis McCau- y, Danny and Susan spent e v e r a 1 days in Eureka irings. They returned home uesday morning. II. M. Neelley Jr. of Houson was out Sunday to see the onrad Neelleys and Mr. and [rs. Hugo Seidel. Mr. and Mrs. Berl Gassner r ent to Texas City on Sunday or a visit with her parents, «fr. and Mrs. J. L. Quilter. Ted Cook is better after a out with the flu last week. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth McDonald and sons were in lempstead to see his mother, Irs. Ella McDonald on Sunday fternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Alton Neuman ntertained with a suppei marking the 7th birthday of heir daughter, Marie Annette n January Mth. Guests were Mrs. Anna Matzke, Mrs. E. G Neuman, and Mr. and Mrs ;ddie Neuman and family. Ted M. Cook of Sugar Land •isited with his parents, Mr. ,nd Mrs. Ted Cook on Sunday. Wendy Buller has the mumps this week. Mrs. Bertie Adams spent a jouple of days last week with ler sister, Mrs. J. I. Brown in Waller. Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Eason spent last weekend in Conroe with their 3 grandchildren while their daughter and husband, Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Harvey, were in Jasper, Texas. Guests of Rev. and Mrs. A. L. Roberts, were Mr. and Mrs. Albert Thompson of Huntsville. Albert Andrews Jr. 14 had the flu last week. Mary Lou Buller is planning to leave for Texas Tech at Lubbock on Saturday. She will enroll for the spring semester classes. The Wes Buller Jrs. plan to take her by car, if the weather will permit. Coach and Mrs. Morris Stone attended the funeral services on Friday for his grandmother, Mrs. Lizzie Inman, 84, of Kerrville. Interment was in Corpus Christi. Mrs. Iiunan died Wednesday of burns received early Tuesday morning when her clothing caught fire while she was alone in her home. She hac second degree burns over her entire body. Curtis Rinns See Flood Damage in West Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Rinn irtd children can give you a report of what terrible dam- was caused in the flood on :he west coast and especially in one city. They left Decem- 3er 17th via train for Oregon City to visit her parents, the Harry Tuthills. Enronte the mountains had a very heavy snow storm and the train they were on was one of two that crossed the cascades. It took an hour to go each mile following the snow plows. After this very heavy snow, warm rains fell in the mountains and caused the flood. At Oregon City the Clackamas River joins the Willamette River. Predictions were 2' over flood stage but the rivers rose 20' over flood stage — the worst since the 1800's. Twenty-eight bridges were destroyed and thousands of homes and businesses. Curtis said he saw 2 and 3 story homes going down the river. All of the homes of Mrs. Rinn's relatives were high enough to escape damage. Her dad and brothers work for the telephone companie and were working night anr day. One of her brothers die not get home because he was assigned to a crew to built nes for a town which was ompletely washed away. The Rinns returned Janu ary 3rd. The Rockies had sucl warm weather that only i race of snow was seen. It hat ill melted and caused the lei rible flood. !redistricling. state properly tax repeal, extension of tin- I medical care for the aged pro! gram as authorize:! by constitutional amendment voted ion November 3rd, equal rights j for women, gasoline fax i exempt ions for municipal bus 'lines, and enlargement of state wrist and industrial attrac- on programs. Luxurious new look Luxurious new room ride (discover the difference) ARY BEING ACTIVATED Texas Educational Founda- on selected Dr. Oscar J. Bak- superintendent of schools :. Dickinson, as director of ew Camp Gary Training Cener near San Marcos. First group of 37 teachers ll arrive at the war-on-pov- rty training base by Febru- ry 1st. Then the first 300 tiidents are due in March. Base eventually will enroll ,000 trainees in 45 vocational rograms and basic education. COURT SPEAKS Third Court of Civil Ap- i»':ils handed oyster fishermen another setback in their suit to keep shell dredgers a lonjr way from live oyster roofs, i Court agreed Austin trial ! court was justified in dismis- •sing suit. This since law did 1 not provide for appeal from decision of Parks and Wildlife Commission which per| milted dredgers to operate j within 300 feet of reefs (old limit was l,. r ,00 feet). — Highlights and Sidelights from your State Capital HEMPSTEAD ABSTRACT COMPANY P O. Box 72 Hcmpstead, Texas? Abstracts Title Insurance Title Certificates Phone VA 6-2457 Representing Stewart Title Guaranty Co. H. D. Voorhees, Owner Noawr-««^BI^^^^^B««I^—^— •••• _.__. .. H ty Swinger! '65 Chevrulet hnpala Sport Cuitpe Like surprises? Come see some! One is the elegant, trend-setting, big luxurious '65 Chevrolet. The car looks downright expensive! It has more room than many expensive cars have—extra foot room with its new frame and forward engine design, extra shoulder room with its curved side windows. And it actually fee?.* expensive when you ride in it. (It should— new Full Coil suspension, wheels wider apart, over 700 Chevrolet sound and shock absorbers between you and the road.) There's plenty of power, too—including an improved Six. And you can personalize a Chevrolet more than 150 ways. Come let us show you how, along with how easily your old car and modest monthly payments will put you in a new beautiful '65 Chevrolet—just the way you want it. Life is full of surprises. So is our showroom. Come in for yours! Drive something really new-discover the difference at your Chevrolet dealer's Chevmtet • Chevelle • Chevgll* Corvnir* Corvette Authorized Chevrolet Dealer in Brookshire HUNT CHEVROLET Highway 90 — Phone WE 4-2232 In Katy MILLER MOTOR CO. 5317 Highway Blvd. — 1". •> i:V 1 421013 vlarjorie Paben nitiated in Chaparral The Chaparral Literary Social Club at Texas Woman' Jniversity recently initiate ;wenty-nine pledges into it membership. The purpose o this club is to provide an pi ganization for students wit similar tastes in order to pro mote their general culturt life and to furnish a mediun for their social activities. Among those initiated was Miss Marjorie Paben, a sophomore health, physical education, and recreation major of Brookshire, Texas. She participated in Stunts, Corn Huskin', Gold Rush, and was a member of the Lass-o Band last year. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Paben, of Box 86, Brookshire. LONG SESSION Most observers feel the 59th session may run through the summer. Certainly it will dominate the 1965 Texas political scene. These results seem likely: Lawmakers will spend a record amount of money, much of it to uplift higher education. Budget proposals ,,f both Governor Connally and the Legislative Budget Board awailed Senators and Representatives at their capilol desks. School teachers will gel the $-15 a month pay raise they are asking. But they will have to figure out who is going to foot the bill. A few more exemptions are ^.jiniV to be removed from the •itate sales tax. .lust enough to balance the budget, but not enough to burl much. Commission on II i g h e r Education will be reorganized along lines recommended by Governor Connally. But the successor agency may not get all the power Connally would like il lo have. Stormy hearings will be held over legalizing horse race belling and sale of liquor by Ihe drink. Bolh proposals may move farther than they ever have before. Maybe all the way. A congressional reapportionment bill eventually will be adopted. However, it's difficult to see any agreement on legislative redislricting. Other key issues which will occupy the 59th Legislalure are statewide water planning and financing, oil and gas tract pooling, mental health and tuberculosis programs, criminal code revision, judicial 2.-170.65 70.1,155.27 50,000.00 Report of Condition of The Farmers State Bank of Brookshire in the State of Texas at the close of business on December 31, 1961 ASSETS Cash, balances with other banks, and cash items in process of collection ....$1,159,110.08 United States Government obligations, direct and guaranteed ,>78,81J.b:> Obligations of States and political subdivisions .iZ,88b.JK Corporate stocks (including none stock of Federal Reserve Bank) 5,000.00 Loans and discounts (including $3,159.13 overdrafts) 1,753,379.08 Bank premises owned $18,000.00, furniture and fixtures $5,000.00 23,000.00 TOTAL ASSETS $3,572,795.7!) LIABILITIES Demand deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations 1,555,64G.JJ Time and savings deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations 997,788.60 Deposits of United States Government (including postal savings) ..... Deposits of States and political subdivisions Deposits of banks .... Total Deposits $3,310,0(11.56 Total demand deposits . .. .1,801,150.07 Total time and savings deposits 1,508,911.19 TOTAL LIABILITIES $3,310,061.56 CAPITAL ACCOUNTS Capital: (a) Common stock, total par value $75,000.00 75,000.00 Surplus 75,000.00 Undivided profits 37,731.23 Reserves (arid retirement account for preferred capital) 75,000.00 TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS 262,731.23 TOTAL LIABILITIES AND CAPITAL ACCOUNTS $:!,572,79.-).7i) MEMORANDA Assets pledged or assigned to secure liabilities and other purposes (including notes and bills rediscounted and securities sold with agreement to repurchase) -173,819.65 I, Alois F. Kutra, Cashier, of the above-named bank, do solemly affirm that tlii.s report of condition is true and correct, to the best of my knowledge and belief. ALOIS F. KUTRA Correct Attest: Howard L. J'ruok.-iiiri' George H. Lonj'vn'iaiivh .Milton H. Schmidt DIRECTORS State of Texas, County of Waller, Sworn to and subscribed before me thi- !',t'i day of January, 1965, and I hereby certify that I am not an officer or director of this bank. My commission expires 6-1-05, Doris Agopiaii, Notary Public. DIRECTORS Max Wander G. L. Buller Arthur Robichaux Chester Jordan G. E. Longenbaugh Albert W. Thompson Howard L. Brookshire W. F. Donald Milton H. Schmidt OFFICERS Arthur Robichaux, President Max Wander, Vice President Geo. E. Longenbaugh, Vice President G. L. Buller, Vice President Howard L. Brooks! ire, Executive Vice I 1 resident Alois F. Kutra, C shier Mrs. Iva Skrivane. , Assistant Cashier Mrs. Charley May Cray, Assistant Cashier

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