The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 7, 1930 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 7, 1930
Page 4
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PAGE FHE BLYTHEVILLE COUUIEK NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS C. R. BABCOCK, Editor H. W. HAINES, Advertising Manager Sole National Advertising Representatives: The Thomas F. Clark Co. Inc., New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Dallas, San Antoulo, Sau Francisco. Chicago, St. Louis. Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday. Entered as second class matter at the post office »t Blythevllle, Arkansas, uudcr net ot Congress October C, 1917. Served by the United Press KATJ;S By carrier In the city o[ Dlyiheville, 15o |>cr Keck or $0.50 per year in advance. By mail within a radius o! 60 miles, 53.00 per' year, 51.50 for six months, 85c for three months; by mail in postal zones two to six. Inclusive, W.50 per year, In zones seven >;i eight, $10.00 per year, payable In erfrAr.c*. The Governor Is Right We wish to add ;i fervent amen to Governor Paniell's statement of ye.i- terclay in which ho urged Ihu quorum courts i.of ArkaiHJis coimlie.s at their annual meetings next week to make adequate appropriations for county agricultural and home demonstration workers. We do not believe thei-i' is the slightest danger of the Mississippi county court even considering abandonment or eurlailmeiit of tins invaluable work. We have Icanrid too well to appreciate its value. And it is sincerely to 'be hoped that 'iio other Arkansas county will take suoli a backward step. As Governor Parncll said: "This n;xt year of all yrar; will sec problems facing the farmers of Arkansas, new. in scope and asi>cct, problems that will require a maximum of co-operation and understand ing, both practical and financial, and I know of no more comprehensive, helpful and efficient handling, of such a situation than the facilities of the two agencii-s just mentioned." A Serious Matter The counting and e:rtilication of the v.ote in last Tuesday's Arkansas general election Jias been unreasonably slow in many counties, and the Arkansas Taxpayers Association is .well justified in initiating investigations. Ordinarily ^0 little hinges ujwn general election results in this state that perhaps some election officials have felt that their duties were of only nominal importance. It so happens this year, however, that matters of great importance to the entire state hinge upon the vole for and againH numerous constitutional amendments, and every step ought to be takni to insure that the returns, as finally certified, reflect the will of the voters exactly as they expressed it at the Rolls Tuesday. There has b:cn evidence nf election irregularities in the past in this and other Arkansas counties. Illegal voting at certain Mississippi county boxes was uncovered no longer ago than the Democratic primary last August. There OUT OUR WAY is suspicion that th; same thing was repeated, perhaps on a larger scale, in the general election, in this and other counties. If it has been, the facts ought to be brought to light, and ths persons responsible shown that tampering with elections is> a thing no longer tolerated in Arkansas. A Memory of Tragedy There is a reminiscenc;/ of tragedy in the notifications the Navy Department has sent.out, warning all shipping in the vicinity of Provincetown, Jlas=s., to exercise a sharp lookout for piri-.-cojies in that region during th.- iicxl four weeks, as the new fleet sub- marina V-5 will be running speed trials there. It WHS in that area that th-: submarine S-4 was, going through maneuvers when a coast guard destroyer mil it down. The whole nation remembers thu horror of that tragedy; and for the navy, it is one of tho;c things that can nrver be forgotten. Hence the present warnings. ,lt i K necessary to give the \'-5 her trials, and the Provincetown area is a good place to do it; but the navy is taking no chances on a repetition of the S-4 catastrophe. CQUmgR_NEWS / 'eachers in the Jury Box An Ohio judge has >:ct some sort of precedent liy refusing to excuse public school teachers from jury duty. He not only insists that having teachers on juri:a will be good for the courts; he also suggests that it will be good for the teachers. With his first premise it is impossible to disagree. Our system of justice stands or falls, in the last analysis, OH the jurors. Any move that tends to placa educated and conscientious citizens in .line for jury service is bound to be a good one. The second point, likewise, seems well taken. A teacher who is familiar with the workings of Amrrican courts from the viewpoint of the juror ought to be a much more valuable instructor for. youth than one who is not. ' '; : ' Of all (he dramatic moments in football perhaps Ihe most sllrrtnj tnkcs place at Cambric, where it Is rep-jrled, Harvard invites her op ponents to ten niter games. In n recent contest at the University or Kansas, (he "most perfect lovers" on Hie campus were clioscix You might think they would kcci> n thins like this hi the dnrk. A horse unmeet Commuter won out In a race on n N'eiv York track. Yon might, imagine he'd squeeze In in a rush. Einstein may be tho great exponent of relativity, but has he really heard o:ir cnndi- dnics talk on space? Sir Thomas Llpton has named' his next contender Shamrock VI, [is lhoii g :i our yachtsmen didn't, already have his number. A Spaniard claimed the worlds record by writing three chapters from Dun Quixote on back of a post card. Fine work. (hat. more rapidly in s'ua than the head, so that at the end of five years the _FRIDA_y,__NOVEAFBKH 7, 1030 By Williams Teeth Will Indicate Whether Baby Is Developing Properly chest Is at least one-half Inch farther around than Is the head. In the case of tlw undernourished Infant, the c 1 reninference of the diet I does! not increase ut the fame rats as that of the head, because the bony frame dees not develop properly and also because the amount of fat under the skin is not what it ought to be In a normal Infant. Or.? of the most Interesting methods of determining whether or not the child Is developing properly it to watch the appearance of the te?(h. The tcclh begin to develop long before Ihc birth of the child. Uy ti, e time of birth, the temporary teeth are usually formed beneath (he Bums. However, (here is a considerable variation as to when th.? teeth ap-1 pear upon the surface. The lower ' central teeth in front usually come out between the fourth and .?!ghth I mnith and the upper central teeth ff!low within a few weeks. I The front molars and the r,?st, of | the Incisors follow between IhelOih ! and 16th month. If the child re- ! ceives an insufficient amount of calcium and of vitamin D. the dc- volrpment or the temporary teelh • is late. Associated with this fail-, »rc to develop are the other signs ! of rickets. It is, o! course, recot'-1 nized that the pro]K-r development! °f the jaws is asrccutcd with, the ' Proper growth of the teeth. The Jaws of an undernourished infant ana the jaws of thosa who have ricXels are poorly formed, the face Is narrow and the chin is pointed. [wards reached tlw site or what is .now the cnpltal'of Montana. [ In August-. Lewis and CImk stood! .on the "Crown of the Continent,"! In the midst of a colorful knot of ridges and peaks from which !the Columbia, the Colorado and thcj jMissouri. Early In Oclobor they! | embarked in leu canoes on a tr:bu-' tary of the Columbia. In November they reached the Pacific — "that !ocean," says Lewis, which was "the! [Object of al our labors, the reward of all our anxieties." j , The work of Lewis and Clark | was of groat value. They had i found practicable pasres through • the Rocky Mountains, confirmed : cur claim to the "Oregon Country '' I and opt-ned the way to the valley ;of the Columbia and (he Pacilic • slope. Horse Lives in Cistern 16 Days Without Food STEVENSV1LLE, Moul <UP»- Lce Waddinglon's horse disapiiear- rV, I" 0 !'"' ? 8 °' and Ulc ra » c " cl ' felt his loss keenly. It. had strayed away and in the darkness had fallen into a 10-foot cistern. The horse had had nothing to cat, but it was in fair condition Wiiddinglon fed the animal first and then freed it by dlceing a trench. Ihc United Slates Supreme | •" 'i is .ccuiiiosed of one chief justice and eight associate Justices. FOKEIGN /TEACHERS MAY GO MEXICO CITY. (UP)-Tnc dismissal of all foreign instructors in public schools will be demanded by the Federal Government in t h e near future. The new policy Is In retaliation against schools In ih" United Stales which require their teachers to be graduates of United Slates institutions. BY DR. MORRIS FISHBEIX Editor, Journal of the Amerio.m Mciilcal Association, and of IIv- gcia, HIB Health Magazine The circumference of the clic-t of the child at, birth is little ic-s than, lint of the head, but-tho cd- fc'ci'.ce is not usually much more i":>n half as much. At, ihc age' of ci:e year, the head and th e chest |>:..- usually just about the same .• ;uih around. However, after the age of- one year [lie chest increases somewhat THE M:\VIS-CI,ARK EXPEDITION On Nov. 7, 1895, the expedition of Cniitnlns Merhveihcr Lewis and William Clark, which had L-?en sent I by President Jefferson to explor.;' the Missouri to its source and to i push forward to the coast, reached the Pacific ocean. The expedition started in three boats from St. Louis in May, 1804. By the following summer they hnd i , passed the wild gorge of the Missouri known as the "Gates of the Kocky Mountains," and soon after- NOTICE The banks, of Blythevillo will close at 2 P. M. Saturday on account of the funeral of Mrs. A. B. Fail-field. FIRST NATIONAL BANK Farmers Bank & Trust Co. MOTOR OIL •ft . .more han meets the requirements of todays high compression engines ,'l^ fie GETS ^U'rA-iT«, oF- H uv<e A 9eo AMD A oreftov JOB, Q HIM - BuT \\JUEM , VAjw_ MOTH STUDY of this report reveals a inm.hcr of interesting faels ahoul this new In- bricanl. It is definitely shown that the HCW Texaco Gulden .Mot.jr Oil has ;, higher v i s . cosily at high and", lower viscosity at low temperatures. H is an oil with n flatlet- viscosity curfc, which means greater heat-resisting qualities and a longer-lasting hody. i SU. Wil!hold iisluhrieatinj.'qual- ities throughout the.eulirc ran^e <>!' engine temperatures)wilh a very low HOC'HSTADTER LABOBATORIES, INC. TI1K TKXAS COMPANY. Tfx<!fn Pelroleu oil consumption. This was substantiated and proved in a nation-wide road lesl under extremely varied driving conditions ia which the thirteen test cars averaged 790 miles to tlic quart. The now Texaco is manufactured in 5 grades: C, D, E, F, and G, conforming with Society of Automotive Engineers viscosity gradings. Sold in all of our 4» States under the Texaco Red Star with the Green T. 30Y a quart (35? for Grade G). TEIK liOCHSlMnri) . ,, , „ rM,mn.ii on of I ,,,-„!, t jj Goodyear Tires Main and Fifti:- -Phone 711 AIN SERVICE STATION Cur Washing and Greasing Texaco Product^ Road Service

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