The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 7, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 7, 1930
Page 3
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FRIDAY, .NOVEMBER 7, 1930 BLYTHRVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS They Stand in Line For Hours to Get a Nickel Nd Kiilough, Newly Elected Judge, Will Hold Special Term. The fall t/?rm of criminal com", will r-.djourn this afternoon until December 2'J, when' an adjourned week of tlie term will start. S. L. Gladlsh, prosecuting attorney, an- irunccd toilay that th? wcr-k cf adjourned court, would be held in an effort lo clear up the congested docket for tlie Chickasawba < '\' r :i of MK'sis'.ippi comity. Ine usual tv:o weeks of IK? full term will end this afternoon v.'itli two jury trial convictions on felo:iy cases being secureil. according to in'i unolficiBl .jiiiimtc. J T. LyU_- sentenced to three years lo: 1 robbery and Jclm Anderson tu the yours for grar.d larcsny tire thi: only two jury convictions obtnliied at th.? regular term in felony cases an unofficial .survey shews. 1C I'rteun Sentences A preliminary check-up shows linn id prison sentences have ucen j tuie was la!:en H409 meted cut during tl-.j present term ' on trials and pleas of guilty to' various charges with eight sentences siiLpended by the court, it! i:, understood. ; The climax cf the present term was readied when Ernest Fletcher Hodge went en trial on a charge of murdering his wife. Befcro the , state completed its case llodse pleaded guilty and took a life sentence. : With V. G. Holland acting as I iix'dal judge today appeals from. convictions in city court, were b?- j ing tried. The city won a decisive vitory in the flrit appeal ca^c died when a Jury convicted Carlos At- Uins cf possessing liquor for th? purpose of sale and lined him S250. He appealed from a SIM fine in police court. Capt. Ivy W. Craw-; ford, city attorney, assisted by Charles Partlow, represented the city and Cl'aude Cooper the de- ; fendnnt. Expect Killough (n Preside Tile adjourned week of court starting on December 20 will be consumed in the trial of two murder cases according to Prosecutor Gladish. The second trial of John Johnson on a charge ol murder, is :JaUd for the adjourned week. A hung jury resulted in the first trial. Tom Hill, indicted for murder by • the recent grand jury, will also be li.od during the adjourned week, according to ' Prosecutor Gladisii, and :Petc Crider, accused of rob-; bery. : Neill Killougli of Wynne, judge- eiect, will probably be on the bench horo during the adjourned week, serving as special judge >m- lil Jan 1st when he will be sworn in lo succeed Judge W. W. Bandy, wlv. occupied the circuit court t,:nch for the !as.t time in the present term h?re yesterday. Memphis Is Philadelphia of I lie South Says Nyc WASHINGTON. NOV. 7. iin>> — Mi'ii-.]!liis Is Die Plillarli'Mii.i t-I t!:. -uiith ns fnr ns iiullllcal con:;p:iviji Ls foiuTnii'rf. Chinr- maii Nyc of tlic seiinlc IMIII- xepmlHurcb coininilliv on !ils return hcrolol- Mio committees recent 10''> tli' foiiml such a situation NJV SUM. "wliicli con- vni' u: I'M.- uiai even I'hlliulcl- ]>"•> <l'vs not romimc witlt •M"ii:p!-; s . We found nn utter <ii' : i' -'.lui of election liu\s." The Editor's Letter Box A .section of the army of the uiicimiinycd in N?w York City e.ilhcrs twice a <:n- the Chigrc!] of St. Pram-is cf Assisi. A.s they fiie by, r:itlier Ciiibiiel. f! in a long line before 2 Glh i.-suc of the Blyilievlllc Coiir- ll 'e at riglil, hands each I ler, irneralwl the slutement of Dr t:!an a n-ckel. which is given them \si:hout regard to creed or i ptloiulily. On t!: c day the above pic- Derby both of the:n snoXe the TT*n-l'TI men received tli; small s' f '. wlitcli Is, made possible Gabriel in ills v,crk. by ecntributiDiis to aid Father 'stumbling blocks to bYlng the pre- to dram out some of the solution; scribing of glasses for defective viand add water, or the alcohoi'jslon ar.d the ciirrectlng of rcfrac- - w;uid 1:111. t . the solution to boll out' live errors and lack of normal co- tco quickly. Tlie steaming alcohol! ordination of visual functions ex- BY ISRAEL KLEIN Science Kditor, NKA Service Proper proportions of antifreeze and wa:.?r for t!ie vari-,us ranges of temperature In winter have been worked out by engineers of the United States Bureau of Standards. These engineers have formulated a (able, based on their findings, by which motorists may be guided properly in ihc care of their au- lom-biles and the prevention of freezing. Here is Ihe table: Degrees Per Com Fahrenheit Alcohol 20 19 10 . 30 0 . 38 — 10 45 —20 52 The alcohol here considered is the denatured variety. 188 proof. The glycerine is the pure, distilled chemical that is being put out in several commercial forms for radiator use o:ily. Forms of cthyl-ne giycol may be considered for the I purpose of this table as "glycerine"! Per Cent Glycerine 22 32 40 47 54 uits given. As toon as the tem- ::?ruture drops lower, the propor- lo:i cT anti-freeze goes up. , uiiuhi :>!;• tVstroy the pyroxylin finish en the hood. The radiator cap. l!:nef[;K'. should not be opened if ihc cooling solution Is slenm- 11 Rlycerine Is lo be use'.!, how- Tlius, according to the table, if c y i ' r ' ^'•" pvohlem Is muchc sim. the outside temperature Is exp.?ct- ed to go down to zero, which is 32 degrees be'ow water's freezing point, alcohol lo the amount ol 38 per cent, or nearly two filths of the lolal cooling system content, should be added after that amount of wn- ^er lias been drained out. The proportion for glycerine is slightly higher. In order lo know the exact quantity of anil-freeze to use for any -o !ing system the capacity of that system must be known. Tills is furnished in the instruction book- lei that goes cnuse K D:-. Hsliueln had a knowledge of I'hyslolotjls Optics he . would know how to differentiate : l«'Uvecn diseased and Uenllhy. llioimli nbnormiil eyes, and llke- »|M; between eyes linvlng normiil and abnormnl refructlvc media, nnd novmal or abnormal functional rc- huloii>!:ip between Ihc Intrinsic and i i'Mi little musculature of the eyes. I'nsi experience jusllllos the Ijc- 1 He! Hint the sole object of Dr. Fblilx'ln's article was to advertise | the H'lf-.ippjlnle<l medical optometrist and io discredit the profession of Opiomelry, now lognlly rcc- ' ognlml nnd regulated in tili com• uiomvt'iillhs ihroiujhoul the- world, i inclndlni! the District ol Columbia, • every state nnd levrllorlal possi'S- 'Mim o( the United Sidles, nnd every province of Cntiaihi. i 1 wilt let Demi George D. 1'eg- rmn t>f Columbia University cn: iisiilcn you in, lo Ihe professional ,Minus ol OpiDinelry, The following statement by Dean George H. Pejj- rain, Culmiibhi University, demon- strales the value that thinking men and women place npafi the conscmiilon of vision find vls- unlto.s the high .standard o! ixlii- cnllon which, In their oslimnllon, Ihe opliniictrlsts nud sight• testing physicians should have, before holding themselves out to the pub- j lie us being properly qualified lo' correct and conserve the visual functions of human eyes. • "1 .should like." snys Dr. Pcgrnm, "to see legislation In other states, which would as rapidly ns coin- TKUTII as far ns ttie WISH was . pallble with locnl conditions, bring conccnied. | their standards of rxlucMlon lor Because: One of the greatcs' i optomolry up to approximately the .standards of the Stale of New York. Further than this. I should like to help bring about in the state of New York, a law (hal would require of physicians practicing op- tomelry, thnt Is, the testing ot vision and the prescribing of glasses, substantially Uic same training In nnd knowledge of Optumctry, ns Is required of optometrists." l>. SCHOLLER. Director Truth-In-Prlnt Kyi-strain and Optometry Hancock, Mic 1 :.. Nov. 5, 1930. (To the editor:) When Dr. Oroide S. Derby made the siaii-menl "1 wish we. could banish (he term cycstrain from i our vocabulary." anil when Ur. Mor- |rls FiMibcin, in his arlicle "Doctors Find Few Cases of Eyeslrniir wliicb appeared in Hie September PAGE THREE •"' Memphians Would Play NavyJElev^n Ml.'Mi'! I IS. Nov. 7. cUI>>—Man- nsjemenl of the Memphis Tigers, professional football eleven recog- nised ns U. S. ch;ui!|)!ai]n by virtue of victories last year over rlvnl pro- league teams, today v:irsd Chicago"" siwrtsmcn and sponsors of a charity gcmc Ihere, offering the services of the loca lc!cven against the naval academy team. Early Maxwell, publicity miB will leave tonight to confer *lili George Gctz, Chicago multimillionaire sportsman, regarding thesamo. A volcancinetcr, whose themip_- stnt warns of approaching danger, lias been Installed on Mount i'elce to warn of coining eruptions. Auction Sale 50--Automobiles--50 including: clusivoly, within, the portals and i under the exclusive control of or- j ganked medicine, is that to Drs. ' Derby and Ffrtibeln most terrify- ' ing word EYESTRA1N. Hut iher;- | by hangs n tale of medico-political; aggressiveness which met with ul-' Kopossessed for Halancc Due All lale niodol oars, Model "A" Fords Model "T" Fords Si udc baker 'Chevrolet. ..Whippet Dod ge pier. Tho lowest possible tempera- tcr nml so '«<!»'l>at disgraceful ture expected over the entire win-!*' 1 "' tor can i> L - considered at the start, and the pr;portion of glycerine svise?ste:l by the table for that!' 61 ™ ien!|:erii!urc mixed with (he wnter.! medical praclicioners. Thereafter there should be no;f 1I;)<Kl °rs nr.d few cases more ivoi-ry ateut the anti-freeze strain." Why should they, when tin (j 0 _! Depl., Atnciicnn Association ol Op, n[ lomclrlsts. Dr. Pishbeln also spoke the truth j _ In the sense ol using the Doctors," as referring lo he said, of The Great Lakes term the larg- ! a body ol fresh water in Ita j orld, with an area exceeding 90,- i X* :rmare miles- in the cooling system, provided, of cour.-e. lhai the system has properly prepared against any siblc '?al:age. been pos- NORWICH. Conn. (UP)-Enroute ... . lo a ttc»d the funeral of a nephew with each autonw- who had been killed In . -.c. or it can be ascertained from • •'xiler or service station attend ant. bile accident here. an automo- Cormier of Ffamingham, Mass., was killed I in a similar, mishap. knowledge of Die recognition ol eyestrain and of the means for tlie relief thereof aie being withheld from the studenls of medicine? However, the remainder of Dr. Fishbcin's article, though continuing to Ix? based upon the above truthful "WISH" cannot be said to be based, In Its entirely, upa:i j scientific deductions and would In- If alcohol is to be the anti-freeze, only so much should be used <i<= !s ed states fror.i Britain 98 men DEi-Kifiry to satisfy present condi- named Smith have served in Con- tions, or at least, for a time until gt.?;s During the same time 47 ••-- in :.?nipjrnturc is expected, men named Jones have served In dlcale that Dr! Fishbein belongs lo • that class of the medical professioi: Pile Sufferers I Yen cnn only pet quick nnd permanent relief by removing the , cause—congestion of blood In the j lower bowel nnd a wenkcnlng ol , the parts. Nothing but an internal medicine can do this—that's why cultliiK and salve's fall. Dr. J. S. Lecnhardt discovered a real Internal Pile remedy. After pre- , \M.UI (he me comes it is advisable Ih Since water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit, p. small proportion of I atili-iree^e, about 10 |>er cent, j shcnld be poured into the cooling ! system to avoid freezm;; at that,' temperature. Generally, however, the minimum proportion of ami- ' Jrteze to water in the system I , should t,; that given for alcohol! He has found time to write bD*s- ™* &™' m * ="• a temperature of extensively m sociologies! n ^^ no(iced U)al al , ,,; . wny down tlie scale, the projior- I tion for glycerine is slightly high- I er than that lor alcohol at the ( same temperatures. B:th percent- j - j cges are tlie lowest that can be I " ! used with safety ul th? tempera-! lecture extensively on problems, and to head a commission appointed by Secretary Mellon to survey the customs service. He is an ardent fisherman and 3 lover of dogs. He brought over the first Belgian shepherds—now- call ed police dogs—over imported into tills country, and enjoys training them. He long has been identified in '• connection with various interests : of John D. Rockefeller, jr.. and ' \vas Rockefeller's personal repro- . sentative in charge of the restori- • tion of Williamsburg. Va. Through him, in 1927, S250.000 was supplied . as the first installment on a S2.500.- 000 foundation lor the cvcavalio'n ' of ancient Athens. I Since the separation of the Unit- w!llch llle Committ « e on Optics and | scribing it for 1000 patients with ' " Visual Physiology of the Section of!.success In SCO cases, he named it Ophthalmology of the American IHEM-KOID. Druggists everywhere Medical Association has repeatedly now. sell It, and Klrby Dnig Co., designated as being sadly deficient! K«r-rhnlees money-back if HEM- e body. " In .their knowledge of Physiologic.! ROID does not end Piles In any Theoretic and Practical Optics, be-! form.—Adv.—No. 3 Nash nnd other popular makes. —All lo he Sold to the Highest Bidder— SATURDAY, NOV. 8th At 1:30 P. M. —In Front of our Show Room— i YOU SET THE PRICE Don't Miss this Sale! Terms lo Suit You! Wnlnut Street Hlythcville, i Arkansas Tom A. Little Motor Co. "T m marrying for MONEY not for love" but on her ivedding day— In Your Next Cake Use K C Baking Powder and notice the fine texture and large volume. Because of its high leavening strength you use less than of high priced brands and are assured of perfect results in using BAKING POWDER SAME PRICE FOR OVER 25 h', ounces for 25c Double Acting GET THIS COOK BOOK FREE! Mail (His coupon with 4c in itjnps for postage ' packing and you will receive the Kt C It ci I Boo iook'i .ontdlains over 90 tttted recr'pcr, JAQUES MFG. CO., CHICAGO, ILL. Enclosed find 4c in tUmps, mill the Cook's Book tt Addrcs»_ •paOM chiKlliood she had 1 tat-n brouylu tip for the i::.;rri.i!;omarket livcrysinilc, L-vi'ry word, every gesture had been c;ircfii'ly trained — lo fails'. 1 men. Love had beeti delibernicly forced out of her life. And now it was her wedding day. She thought of Bob, so soon to be her husband. He was rich, young, hnndsoiUL 1 -in every \vay desirable. "I have managed we!!, 1 ' she rlioii;:ht. She had loved Allen, of course. But Alien w;is poor... while Hob could i^ive her everything . . . Hazy dreams of luxury passed through her mind. Travel. Clothes. Expensive cars— Tlie door opened MiJdrniy nr.J her father sux-xl bctoro licr. She s.m- cic iricc something "VThal i= il." she i" r i c d . " W h .11' s \Vitliun: awotdhe hnndrtt her a teller, iindnsshcrcajilhcr chtx-ks paliJ. For a December A Few of ihc Many Tine Siurics in lliJ5 Issue tare in r*il« I Took My Witt for GnnirJ Thcv Only MCI it Nijht M the Tljr orHIt Onn Conscience She Ti.ouslit l[\Vn Lo.e \ ChilJ of Desertion / tiling like tin's to happen — at the very hour of her waUint;! K'onU s'w iw fora-.i to pay Acs nuful (rrij^ far chousing riches injirn.f a/ hiv! \Vliat was in the mysterious rioter Who sent it.' Vi'hat fateful li3[)['cniriB now thrcjtcneil to ruin her happiness? Read "I \Vr,s RiiiscJ For the Marriajjc Market" in the December isiue of Ftue Story Ma^i. 1 •>;, now on s;ilc at all newsstands. This Jiun:i:ig human document is the sioiyofagirlwhovvasofTeredontlic maiiingcblocktothehisjhcst bidder. Thtte ate ihou:,ands of flirts like her everywhere—S'tls reared fo; the n^.uri.tgcniatket by [heir [jarcnts. "I Was Raised for the Mnrringc Market" will grip you with breaih- taking suspense Lind heart-felt emotion. This uncompromising true life story has n viml, human message for you. Rc.-ui it in its entirety in the December True Story Maga:ine. 9 $5,000 True Slory Contest Each month True Sto:y aivarjs $5,CflOincash,divid- cxi in sums ranging from $2.000 down- u-;'rd,for stories you yotirscli \vritc. Probably you have thought of a story that yon would lite lo \vritc. \X'hy not put it on paper and send It in? Full particulars in every is- sucof the magarine. Out Now! True Story At All Newsstands-Only 25 C Nice and Green Pound 2c McMullin's Cash Grocery A Home Institution Potatoes Pea rs For 1'reserv- lb.5c Bananas Nice Jumbos Pound 4c Sorghum Molasses From Tennessee Gallons 98c Coccanuts Jumbos Each 71c Snap Beans Young, Tender Stringless. Lb. Catsup U-Oz. Jiir. liccchnut or Heinx 21c Flour 24-lb. Infallible Each $1.10 Potatoes White, Hotel liakers Ib. Cauliflower, pound 12c Soap P. & G. 10 Bars 30c Cranberries Nice Juicv. Red Pound 19c American Beauty :;: v 25c Steaks Rib or Round K. C. Beef Pound 18c Pork Shoulders Half or Whole Pound 17*c Give For Us Your Fryen Full Dressed Pound 34c Celery, Jumbo Stalk IQc Lettuce, Large Head lOc Bacon Genuine Sliced Blackhawk Pound 29c Pork Chops Nice and Lean Pound 24c Chuck Roast K. C. licef Pound 14c Lard Compound 5 Pound Umil Pound Sc Order Turkey — Now. I Salt Meat BB it Ib. 17c Chum Salmon Tall Cnn lOc COFFEE Cano va, Ib. 37c

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