The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 6, 1930 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 6, 1930
Page 7
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PACK RIGHT _..: THURSDAY,- NOVF.MBCT fi. iOW Hudson to Use Two Teams Against Seminole§ Perm's Hopes Against Irish Fans to Get Glimpse into Future at Osceola Tomorrow; Scminoles Ready. Football fans will get a glimpy.' of the make-up cf niytlicville high'; 1931 foolball team inmorrow nftcr- noon at Osccola. Coacli Jtany Hudson announced this munilirj • that he plans to use two tennis. 'one composed of seniors, !>nd r, second eleven, "next, ytav's team." against- (he Scmlnolcs The gum; 1 .will be plriyccl nt the atlitHIr Mo , of Osccoln . high school, Etnrlnu promptly at 3 o'clock. The "Chicks of 1931" will probably get the starting call against the Semincles with tlic senior :quad entering tlv; game in ilr second quarter. Ten varsity players are playing (lieir final year lo- the Maroon and White and wltli (lie addition of one re;,?rve form a complete eleven. The senior team will take the field with J. T. Cr.ii-; at quarter, Westbrook and Burns at Ihe halves and Pcic Craig nt •full. George Matthews win bo at his regular post al center, Gordon and Luckett al the cnclf, nayrt;r and Colston at tackles and Nelson and- & reserve at Ihe guard i>osl. or Luckett and Nelson may b.' shifted "Next year's' team" will line up with Tipton at center, Rnydcr ami Alexander nt guards, Pride and Jaggers and tackles, Hone, Blanchard or Wiggins at ends, Sliwt a', quarterback, McAfee Fislwr. Webb. Secoy and Brogdcn to divide tlic brickfield chores. Coach Atkinson of Ihe Semin- olcs announced a tenl.illvo linc-u)> for the smno with Cox al center, Segravcs and Kconlz at guards, Jacks .and nuliensteln at tackle.';, Brickey and lichrlng at ends, Chiles at, quarter, Hampton ami Thomason nl the lialfback ixttts and Nichols at'fullback. The Scminolcs have no illusion of handing the Chickasaws a defeat but Coach Atkinson and his gridders have Veen working him with the. intention of holding th= Hu'rUonmen to as small n score apossible: The Osccolans have woi three games and lost four this season. Bob Mehrle, former Mirsour University star, of Carufhersvillv Mo., will act as .referee. Jame" Driver of Osceoliv will serve as umpire and Blister Driver as head- linesman. Walker and Srlimcling Your oln pal, Flower-garden Jac! Kearnes, has set himself up i business in Chicago. The champ ionshtp business; no less. The other day Ihe mails brou^h a gaudily lithograplvd envelop, bearing in colored letters thc leg end, "Mickey Walker vs. Ma Schmeling, for the heavyweight championship of the wt.rld, in Chicago, 1931." EBE[ DN FJS1 Sfl Fffl lar and might turn into one of those free scoring affairs. Barry I Wood Is Harvard's hope and Mlc>ii- j gan will rely upon Harry Newman. I sophomore flash. Each is a master j at the forward passing game. ! A week ago they were extremely pessimistic at Ohio state over the coming clash with the Midshipmen. But Ohio State showed con- On the Outside—Looking In • : ' ' "BY DUKE" .Watch This (jahit touchdown just about all afternoon Jonesboro high school's Golden, last Saturday. Hurricane invades Pine Bluff this S I , i' •* B""".. iri^icj j-csiLi, nn- quads 111 hast Must Rallv Amcrlca end. has been moved into i , p • n T " lc backllcl( l on olfense. and has IO L>am LJra\V, Import- lbccn 8'ven the added responslbil- ant Games this Week-end .S^S^ 1 ^-^^ .sldcrable improvement, in the WLv ' weelc to clash wlth the * el1 cousin game. Wesley Ftsler All- i Zcl "' as of 1>ln e B!u "* "ten. Jonesboro fans are backing tlieir team to take the Striped Mules and it By L. S. (Larry) Mad'IIAII, National Footfall Refprte Thc red-letter dny In Interscc- llonnl , the ice and put over the first score i they will be mighty tough to heat. On form It looks as ir the Army would secure ample Or Down at Atlanta Another game Uial Is due to give the fnns Dimly ot fireworks Is thn Vanderbilt-Georgia Tech game at BOW; would occasion . but little surprise i Atlanta. Vanuy if the Hurricanes pulled the trick, i but the Golden Tornado is always The Zebras lack a lot of measur- i dangerous at Atlanta— and that ing up to their past reputation and | f 005 against any team in the coun- ' from this distance the' }lurricanes look just as good— with (he ndvan- :er tmy m Interscc- U v ould secure ample revenge for , tn ee of home gridiron for the com, pitting the middle i ;h elr de r 0(U by ,iu nojs ^^ f a n.!bat favoring the Zebras. But "this ( .', column will string along .Jvl|h| ihf Hurricanes. : Atlantic seaboard. . , due. There is still a suspicion in some quarters, however, that Hen- This Won't Be Bad Despite predictions of a lop-sldec ENOLE- the Cadets home defeated. Tli c western pilgrimage ,thls fall of Pennsylvania, Colgate and Carnr-aie Tech hasn't added anything to the glorification of the game as played along the seaboard. And Notre : Diune ran a!l over Pitt In their i recent clash. : Thines seem a little more prom: Islng. however, from an eastern standpoint, this week-end. True, it . looks like Pennsylvania won't '(jet with Notre Dame. But Har- take someone before I score when the Blytlievlllc Chicks play the Osceola Semlnoles the game will probably be fairly close- as Coach Hudson is certain to give his grass cutters, reserves and Papooses the big burden of defeating the Seminoles. Hudson may sen;! his varsity onto the field to gain a safe margin of a couple of touchdowns but tneii liie youngsters will get their chance. • . try. nid old Quakcrtown is due to "be raided by a of savage footballers from Notre Dame and l-.'s aT'lCitsl 0 wiTven "chance" to take coir;; lo take a miraculous effoit by the boys pictured above.' pins the combined Influences of their Dig Ten opponents Intocamp. i' Vtlllam I'c-nn, Ucnjamln Franklin and Connie Mack, lo a\crt serious losses. Masters and Cap'.am ... I Dick Gentle arc two of Conch Luc! Wruy's bcr;l bnll-tcters, while RiblcU. end, and Engle, center, art .. T1 !?. Crimson will attempt to tame ninoiij the best In a forward wall which Kansas recently found Impregnable. Penn.?ylvania_ surprised everybody " >m. by beat- rsult, Notre may have a tougher game than they expected. Thc Hoosler line Is still to be tested .against the strongest opposition. If Notre Dame is lo be.stopped, it will be by a team with, a'super- ior line. This may be Northwestern or Southern California; neither Penn nor the Army look equal to the task. the thc Wolverine in the feature clash Group Photo Backfield Aces Lost to Hayti for Season HAYTf. Mo.—Hayti mourns the loss of her two backfield Mars; Odls JJnll, fullback and Harold Cunningham, halfback. Ball will be absent from tlm lineup the rest of the season and will not probably be able to play basketball became ! of Internal injury to his appendix. Cunningham has moved to Patterton N. J. .With the absence oil this two line plungers Hayti will I now have to depend upon speed 1 and aerial attarks. Ball was absent when Hayil was cheated for the first time this seas-n. last Friday, by Matthews 13-0. Hayti greatly handicapped next Friday, Nov. 1. They are to play Chaffee, there, in Hnytl's first night football game. The absence of the two backileld ilius und the first time to play under Ihe flood- lishts will hamper Hny'tl's style coiisldcrable. ' a', Cambridge. Harvard regards this _ struggle as second in Importance guard; Eva Walker, guard; • Vclma Olll i' lo tllc Y3 'e team. Horween •Jane Travis, center; TlKlma Me- lms a veteran team that has been pointed for the Wolverines. Michigan's first eleven, on the _ contrary, Is made up largely of sirtered among two of the" best Tur- sophomores and 1929 reserves, wards in the county and the other However, Klpke has accomplished members excellent players this ".B 1 ™ 1 deal with the material at team will probably be one. of to . "'SP 050 ' and the Wolverines strongost girls Independent! " In Southeast Missouri. Adams, center. In us much as Myrlc Mlchle a:nl -Zcbna Webb have once been con With Notre Dainc a slnn< ast will have to win the .•ith the Big Ten teams to gel bet- llnols and Ohio State have yet to win a major game, It still looks like a stiff assignment, and a , ... clean-up for the middle west would dogs don't fight, be less surprising to me than victory for the east In three of the four games scheduled. rtcad Courier News Want Aa.i. t - ean . 3 have not only been successful in all their major contests, but will be r.t full strength against Harvard for the first time this season: The game should prove spectacu- There is sufficient weight to Ihe University of Arkansas foetball team, as this photo flttrsts. Tl\o weight is distributed among the follctvmg players; LeH to right, W. So that's It? Wall, let's open the H . , mt y) c "lark'. Guard Is'dark's envelope and see'what ^vc shall Me.lp Dsi ii oni bul ]101 tnc rum ,i nB gunrc i JXB|. His 340 pounds keep him pretty close to the ground. There are four pages of typewritten matter. At the top Is plainly lettered, "Publicity from Jack Kcarns." Maybe Jack thought there might be some mistake about that. of others, sonic of ancient days and others ol modern times." Just to ir.ake the case Interesting, Walker has filed with the lllimls boxing connmvion formal chal- 'cr.grs lo mrei Kinj Levinsky. "I'uffy Griffit!;s. Young Stribliuj and Priino C^.viiera before th.j Schmeling iiulcli. We are just, rending this a'.onj to you as a warning. Mr. Kenrns has set himself up In business is likely to A sports writer might have thought it was a little pamphlet the Chris- tian'Endeavor Society was gelttns out. So he had It labeled, so we'd all know just where we stand, and all about it-. Dou'h for Joe Going on from there, the pamphlet proclaims that Mickey Walker, tb: Toy Bulldog au;l mtddlc- -:e'.fnl champion of the world. \vll meet Max Schmelini;. German f 831 " 1 nm hero,- Black Uhlau r.f the Rhino| • 1; W C and heavyweight champion of" the j world, at Soldier's F:>ltl. Chlca-jo. in 1931, 10 rounds for the heavyweight title. Here is a sl~nlflMnt paragraph. fcr^your edincatloiu ! "The Wnlker manager, the man who piloted Jack Dsmpsoy lo th;. heavyweight throne ami Walker toi the middleweight pir.narle. says he i n -.1 \V 7 '1V has the word of Joe Jacobs. thi'OlUHM - \\ UllS Schmeling mentor, that Max will; fight Walker here. Jacob- has to:c' i Kcarns how much money he want?' and Kearns has arranged ID s.'i , that he gets it." • > 5 That detail stoms to have bee: straightened out pretty c-asUy. Tli money Mr. Jacobs wants is n.r. j even menioned. But Mr. Kc.irn. ! has arranged to we that he get;.; Ill Well, welll 1 Go«s Away Back ] From that point on, Mr. Kearns. |Fllll oi I'OiiKsiy ;iinl through his clever publicity man,;sjin-iUons \vi«ii In- delves int-. boxing hhtorj- to fetch ' t ,,il ; j n , r .,,,.| '.!.,•• .:', ur up the-names of men who wer,-''.: . b '" l " 1 ''''"^ Cooler High Alumnae I Form Basketball Team j • . i CQOTEB, Mo.—The high school alumnae have organized a basketball team consisting. of the following players, a.11 of whom are stars: Myrle .(Sis)'Mlchle, forward; Ovella Young, forward; Zelma Webb; forward; Mary Martha Chambers, RITZ THEATER Thursday and Friday Hailed "UK llio Star's Singing .Romantic Masterpiece! Ramon NOVARRO Dorothy Jordu Rente Adorcc N»m Era Oh HOME THEATRE Thinstliiy. Nov. (i. l«j;iO. (\i;;ht Only.) Company elf Supporting Wives 5 3 Act (Vini-.-dy Drama intense not heavyweights but who could ! polish off the heavyweights v.-iih skill and precLion. Among th / names thus honored arc thcs; -i v_crnm4, r — \ i • • '"l«l*sio]i— J.i Charlie Mitchell. Jo; Wakcit, Sar.\ Sunday an:; Monday Langford, Tommy Ryan. Bob FUz niul 5')c. Tiiea'irc — CALL OF THE FLESH t;mmoni. Kid McCoy, Jce Choyn- skl, Stanley Ketchel, Philadelphia Jack O'Brien, Jem Macv>, Jack R'.ot, Jack Dillon, Harry Greb, Tommy Gibbons, and "a ;lon<; line I^Ij lAl.KiXG .ichanl !li\ in .!:!•! LADil'iS" He Dreamed of the l.ov e He Has, Won—and Lost! Comedy and News. Matinee—10 and MOc. Night—10 and 35c. Coming-—Ritz—Sunday am PICTURE Monday, "The Virtuous Sin' "LoVtVjNow Running at Lows it Beautiful, lustrous SATEN CREPE at a saving no one cat* afford to miss! RULES SIINOR CANT. VOTE And If You Would Travel The Georgia Bulldogs' are great favorites . with eastern fails. Their spirited fight against Yale in which they come from behind to win lias put the Georgians In solid with the East. They move right into New- York city Saturday to play : N. Y. U. It looks like trouble ahead for the Bulldogs. With Tuhne and Alabama lurking in the background Conch Mehre will be slightly .handicapped against the Violets. But let it never be said that those Bull- Why Not Gainesville? Again the immovable object nnri thc irresistible force ,arc to clash when ^the Florida Gators attempt i to wade, the Crimson 1 Tide Satur- TALLAHASSEE. Ha, HIP, - day.Tine play in'the game s^uld »-•••"••' R. Rley minor. Miami, I be the best in the country Satur- Beniard Joe O'Coofty reports from Cambridge tliai Coaih Anile llor- ween of Harvard is still trying to find, out who played al Cambridge recently when William an:l Mary were suppawd lo be flu' Crimson's opponents. O'Cioofty thinks they must have been Amos 'n' Alidv. K Games this week-end are supposed to show the following results—but very probably will not. Have a guess. Blytheville to beat. Osceola. Jonesboro to beat Pine filuff. Arkansas lo b-at Okla. Aggies. Texas to beat Baylor. Brown to beat Tufts. Centenary to beat Edmond- Purdue to beat Chicago. Clemson to beat V. M. I. Cornell to beat Hoban. Dartmouth to beat Allegheny. Fordham lo beat Detroit. Alabama to beat Florida. Kentucky to beat Duke. Vanderbilt to beat Georgia Tedh., Harvard to beat Michigan. Holy Cross to beat Nsw Kivcr. Nebraska to beat Kansas. Michigan State to leal North Dakota. Mississippi College to beat Mexico U. Minnesota to beat South Dakota. N. Y. U. to beat Georgia. Notre Dan:? io beat Pcnn. North Carolina to beat N. C. S- Syracuse to beat Penn Slate. S. M. U. to beat Texas Aggies. Tennessee to beat Carson-N.?w- *1.79 yard FaiViion ipproved the elegance of iitin for Fall and Winter ... and already srrurt women have discovered thu- lovely, drjpy quality ... in many, many rich thadcs for daytime wear, jewel tones for evening and delicate pastels for luxurious undcrthings. 'flic width U 39 inches ... thc prkc is only $1.79 a yard because we bought so many thousands of yards to tupply your aet^s. Yards and Yards Flat Crepe yard Pure dye silk crepe in lovely plain colors A populai; momi\M- of our silk family. The pure dye silk crepe ci:::i:.-s in practically evcrv mocii.-h .shade and is w^shnljlc. J. C. Penney Co. lost an appeal to the state supreme day. Both teams h BOYS SUIT ALE H DEPARTMENT 220-222 W Main St. lac. STORE lilytheville, Ark. FRIDAY-SATURDAY--MONDAY Every Suit Has 2 Pair Trousers Knicker and Long Pant Suits Sizes 6 to 18 $10.00 Suits $12.50 Suits $795 $A95 T $15.00 Suits $20.00 Suits $1195 $1 r95 11 Fine Woolens-New Patterns-Well Tailored Take advantage of this three-day sale to get your boy a good suit at a substantial saving. The New MEAD CLOTHING CO.

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