The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 6, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 6, 1930
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

Til UR_S_DA Y,_NO V 0, 1930 m.YTHKVlLLK, (AUK.) nuMUEH CLASSIFIED ADS TWO cuntA a word lor nisi lu- lertlou and one cent B wort lor caj:- lubjequwt Irwr- t'.on, NO ddvertueincnt taken Ii.r lc-5 man ryij. Count the uorjA md. tend the t»'t>. I'hune 3UR e LAURA LOU BROOKMAN AUTM01? QE "RASU ROMANCE." IQ5O hi/ ME A I'OU SALK | GCCD IMPROVED farm for tale,] cheap. -IS acres near 11?.!: Moan, hijli slate cultivation. Easy| faiisi. improved, 3 nnles; s'.utli niytliLMlle, Ki-iluvay 01, very ui-nr;.bie. Insy terws. J. A. Skin- ! r.c,-, Ho'.ue •-', Box 108, Biythsviile. | CP-K7 i HAVK 4 HOUSES, v.-ell lor-.ited, tl'.ac must l - 2 "Old or traded immediately. Wi'.i soil cr tr.-idc all tc,e:!ic;- or separately. Will soil cht-dr. wi montlily payments or will trade,!:,! 1 a c.'.r or anytliiii; uf value. GKrcV v.lll be in ;ny off::e Frida-.' and Saturday until i i:<x:i. G. G. Cr.r.dill, iOl-03 Farm- | fra Bunk 31<ij. C-K-8! FOR SALE . Bargains Used Cars ly.K I-'OKU 1 TON' TRUCK S 83 i'Jli l-ORU I'.'j TON Tiit'CIC »2!)5 1S49 FORD .l!i TON TRUCK 33G5 1029 FOKD I!i TON' TRUCK $305 1D2G INTEKXATIOXAL TKK. ?1M 1D20 1'OHD TL'DOH SEDAN S135 1WO FOKU l-'OKDOK SEDAN' 5153 i!)30 FOKD TUDOK SEDAN S!2J 1527 FOED !-j TON TRUCK 3 S3 1S3S CIIRYSLi.K "53" COACH S>33 1520 LATE FOR1) COUl'E 5335 1320 Cillti'SLEK "75" UOADS'l'Klt S575 IKS FOKD SPORT KDSTER S 1D2S F0:ii> TUDOR SEDAN 5265 Your old car will apply on liic uuv.-n payment; weekly, incilllily cr mil terms. Call 311 TOl>aV. PHILLIPS'.MOTOR vJO.W'ANY Authorized Ford Dealer. ju-:iii.\ ni:ni: TUI>AY (;I:I.IA r.ii-rrjir.i.i., IT, IMVH [l:illl"i.m. u-lirrr -lip liu» lived \\llli IIIT Kt-nniAlri'kk imillirr. M.MUJMll-'T KOCCltS. lo j»l'i lii'r M!-;illli) rillirr.JHIIV MIITUI I.I. In Vl'VY Ynrk. Tlie l<:irrn<» Hro dtvtirci'd -mill Mr». Hu*cr» !• n \*ltti.NV fnklciMln^ n uri-uiul taiir- r'Htu-. IIMI.M-:V SMIIM.nH. jounu nrw«- tinin-r |ibnlii|:rri[il>rr, l» tu la\r ollli l In- Girl Jllli'licU !l»li» I'.l'l-:- I.VN r.lltsnNS, lienullfkil \%hltm. CM hilrnilniv I'll dnuaMi'r In n.itii n'r.tro. .-.iiulji-rlni: Crlln [I uirrtnj! Id \\lll MlU-lifllV nfTri-limirt. She • mm, . Ji-:ilnn« ol 111.- uhl I M-lii'inr* n> ::. I rlil nl hrr ovffV'l'ilin nnd Till) JOIII1A.N. f[!i<!-l!:ni tun Tun of ilnlitni]* rliur- nelpr. fn sci-'.lord:sn »]ic ciii-n nlxiiil «lll. llir jnm.;: rnrui (rflMt-nilj. l.tM ' DlfNTAX. /I elrl of Ci-lln'» nri 1 . ru-roiiil-* lit-r ln>:il frlrncl. Slili-ldi I'onii"! tii \HT Vntk to \vnrl; for u plinln^rniilili- M-v*f!-L> and rni-cl* hrr hf>:irt lo Urn I Ir.Jj :it-n ShlohE-i K!IP h \\'irti (in- j'nt I apartment, lived Iu tlic lirst iloor In Miri-r'it thru It TK r Mt-M ruitlf^ lo (. ins msiti f* Ini rnlniz build Inr. rin. Mr^. IV.mri.ix I" lie frlrinHy tu Mltclu'll « in! frlL "1'vo been Kf-tiln*; letters from ber -anti they wctu mailed In Haiti- more, tno!" "Y<:s?" An Mrs. Rcliullz uttered the syllable It was both n iiut'stlon and ejaculation. Sbe face, !. with :i she I.: rear lint. Colin IMIIK ber bc-n Imply. Si-vcral morinits passed, ml then she beard a voice. "Who's there';" The girl nas trembling as ehe Answered. "Mrs. Scliulli? Tills Is "Kvcry Saturday!" Cclla Inirvlcil j BCOm: Cells —Cclla Mitchell. Can 1 see ml -nicy must 1110:111 tbi-S licio. roil?" don't they? Kbc onnldn't send! "Just a minute, ploase!" u iem it B [io ivercn't. Oh—what When tlio door o[ieue;l the t-tonl | auoul ( | IO | c tiera 1 ivroto her?" Mrs. SchnlU, enveloped In a i otton liliuom and lunUIn; s PAGE SEVEN' HOARDING HOUSE 1 • •! cdil witlor on lict '.•• Imirlii'il ht>r hair. iui< '•I lo the Ciermnn wimmi< '•'•:<> !H».ISO. Alter wlutt '• !:iiciniliir>.lilo ilclay r ••:ni:o ill tlslit ami e\:< By Aheru B'.vi(il\ I'lio. (Mistmlliui half lurneil. isoliil- Ins! to ;i l!ii.ei-c<l ilffk niro:-s the : u l"-' llc '• i . i 1 ^ IU .1 I 1'ejMI iiirn aijo.-^ luc siinltiicil her oyus at ilic alrl «'>' 1 ro .„ ..] ool .i» \\ ]a cam...-,.,,^!! tll "Wbv PI !, ll i!' n K'i'"celu'' Win, Tl* K .ri Mokcd. Thcro'wcro nil r x ! ^- ^T W8 V£ i - vi ^^. r 5.,^: i...«> ^L K ir, Mnllod nen,iH,y. '01, ™^ "^ /--J « • ^, ^' ^^^^^."^^''^^^ sbe Mrs. SclmllE? I knoelicd on u '°'" '" '- c ""' l!ie door upstairs. In:I a ivomaii • ;"„ ."^M tu!d mo slic'd gDiiQ away." I ".^]' v ° ]0 .| ( s i- The nodded, yt-.c ivas large and tbe action Ml the tjieater ]:au of iier rotund liefli into mo . tier- i AAicrTf/eR Vdd To ~Q& o^ GUARD A&AIMS'T' 50MC YLIPPAM-T' L6D6ER5 -fife MADAM BOARDS TOR , AH -^-atis-r "FOR VIM- MGMev; -^— "relesE- LAPS > MAKE: SPORT OF CRUDfS -25e UP VOUR A«P S.LEMCE , MV WILL VoU JrfV I QfJ UKiD£R -fi-fLE OF "SIR" QAKLEV 2 — ISMV CRICkTET 3 ,' /IMP wou ifeafAia MRS. e I WAS ^ Vr^tv luri BEfAiQ A 7<-/'/--;«sl BIS Tiicrc i llmi>.ly 'I tin I ^nltcr Mkrn MllrJicll :uiL>rnr-». Mr ill*nilhrrt llu- j nuny mun niul tahPn t>H:i hoMP iThrre (lit j li:i%v n hcritt-J urjsiniinii. .11 r*. hr \(»\V over nn-i i I tir fJiiH <ir tlic* Rfin n fur tlon. Slie Fiioke vvitli a : ii:a»fc cccrni. . "Sure! Slio's gone. S:ie ilon't ioni:iln •-'"hi"'"i"" '"-'" >' nll ' ; " ! wcro ; - ••\Vlsy-l can't believe It!" j wrilti!" Mrs. Scliultz av-'ejit the door! "Mr.-. ;b:icli. "Con'.c In," tiie salil. "Mure, i Inply. ' sit down. You're a lltllfl tired. s«ne':" 1 liniir v.:.:-.i ^ : lie thing!" 'ilau'r""'^'"^!'" -ain'i you?" Her voice v.-as 5vni|;:i-j - . . inn "nd inlir. n i!i(-[i c . Sllfc vU-Ucil !l[l a Kaiu:vnt: AS <x;-:. .-.-.• sl'ii:-; of a !?:;!!;>• lint'"' "'"" n "" '" and -motioned to the girl to take | ''» ivas ll:u aiiiincr. Aflor ci> us WITH THE STOtn ttie clinlr on wlilch it had linii^. j a nio:i,':it the v.-oinun siild. "When' CHAPTER XI.VHI ."Tafco it rnsy, Cella. You Inoli j i s iha: plare sho woiks? Maybe C El.IA rattled (lie iloor knob. Nn | kiaiia white." i Uicy IL!I yo.i there." one answered and sho knoe'Kril I » • ' | ".'.':'.:•.--:'; Simii! (;f ronrsc! npaln, louder. "Mother!" slie ; /"MC!JA continued lo eland. Glu-: \Vliy oi.ln i 1 iliinlc about It?' 1 t'e- cricd. "Mother—let mo In!" \\j C ycd the custodian with wlile.. I Mil was ca hir feel, ".\larsnt v.lll froi.! frightened gaze. i I"""'-'- I'M rn tlicre rl[;i:t asvny tho hail neve-, i I.!HH.-.I Ui-d tlio Kli'l. Co n't knuiv- ?" I.--! -i ,-«!; In 11ic IttltiiK .:• l:j i -:.jCliliO LllCI e c.tu All of them were ' nrd "Mi a. Mmi;;irct •. :^i i C>'lla c-vci'ylhiiii; until ho t;irl Eti:il!c'cl them. hult?." Stliu biiiil appi-;il- .tri: do you tlilhlt ali^'n There was no rcspense within the flat, but a door across the hall opened a few Indies and "lint I don't understand! How | Mrs. could she go away without tellies | lirotcrt. head, nrotosnue with [me? fi'hen did she so?" Schnllz considers!. "Three. ai;o." she anE'.vcrcd C-lia '::i'l furKOtlcn lime. Tiiere p!cte riy four weclts slowly. "Yes—'bout four weeks. | was a tilth on tbc wail. She vom '.::s i i':Mn n i -..I lnnliy. 1-'. !i:iv tivcr !:C:;;H nT clntll •." ^..n.u-:]'.*. Cc-lla rer. liliii: Dilin'^ii'a Im'.iJ ;:;:il neat ijp to her. Til;-.!-'" en u- it it 'I'll? Dtbi-r^ ^lJJ^[;:!] ivurU »r..l ra!"er\ a band In | crowi-cd r-.:u;ii].|. u mn'g only a •\n: now!" sho Bald, j few lalmm-i (or ll-.e Kill's worst .1 serca o'clo^. Yin' fe::rs (o !-Q j'.istiCed. MiirKuivt n. 1 !" i E. 11 ^. ; ilis:.;.;;.-.-:ianrn w;ia n corn- t'j u'.r fonnor col- Funny she don't tell you she's (jo- ui-.b her v.-r!sl watrh. I -I'll v.->!|; to tlie ilojr with you." FOU RENT FQR RENT From bed room. steam heated, adjoining bath, 603 West Main. 1-lione Ml!..~f-*ii»X;-Ti" KM! KENT — ment, garage Dou^an. apart-' desired.. 305 3P-K7 a woman s curl p;.p?rs. np[;eare-;l. " you want?" ebe ni|;c-il crossly. Celia bad never seen tlic wuman _ . — - , -- , before. "1 want to see Mrs. Ron- Ina, ain't it? Slie don't tell me | Ho::i of tii?r.i rerorrted that it was • Tilli:- or:\r v; i i,f;a r ilicy hail lallie.l ers." s!:e explained. "Slie must be neillier." a fo-.v lainutcs pssl seven. Mar-! :1 v.-hlle. Li:l as soon -.13 Miey asleep. 1 can't make her 'lie-ar.. I'm I Mist 'fathered before the girl's | sol's S::u;> wojUl nol open until;::, [!,<• r..,im K]:C slnpptd ami her daughter." leye.s. A!! at onee she felt dejjerteil : lilii'. 1 . * ilrc-. 1 ' :^u:t-ll:i;i^ from l:er anu:i The woman opened the dour a arid helpless. | ""Mat's ris;in." she agreed. ."I'll: iioeku. IriHc v.-ider. "Rlie aiu't there," slie I '"i'ell me about It," the girl Bald .have to wait." I " -rk-ro, ycu mlstit as well lake announced. "Ain't nobody there. I tremulously. I Slic- sac down asnin, her face. i< {t ,^. [ , ;UL , S ." You'll waUc the whole house with I Mrs. Scbullz plumped Into aiclou.kii. • | Mi:=-i [);nnlFon banded Celia a that racket'." chair that appeared loo small for [ Mr.-. .Schul'.z bustled toward the ^ collccii^n of letlcio. They KOIO "Hut my mother lives here!" Iier. "Well." she be^iin. "I tell! kitc;!;-:V. "1 ^cl you someililiii; iu ; ailiin.-... '.I to tliu girl. Cclla ui- Thc stianger sliool; ber head ne.c- you." With some delay and Ir-eat." E'IC a.uioiir.cci!. ^ "1 cn'-^-i' ierr;i a l.j-.v cry. atively and emphatically. "Ain't j relevant intcriiokulons slie e.v | i-iayi c you f^el l;e-uc-r." "bi.c kit 'cm! BOOTS AJND HER BUDDIES , j I'KKl'KLT UM)HHSTANi)ING By Marthv nobody liviag there." she insisted, plained tliat Margaret Rogers bad ! "not since I moved In. Tbe place come to her on a Saturday afternoon nearly a monlli earlier and isn't' announced sho v.-as leaving the Cells objected, declaring she was s vacant." "You mean —ray raolhor FOR BENT — Modern home on West Walnut. See G. G. Caudill. 3P-K13 I-'Cll RENT—Five ro:m house in 1000 block on Ash SI. Call M. G. Gcodwin. 4C-TP I-'CR REST— My home, rijht r.L ' thi-cUriliovt. L'llh, faraj.s, servants pretty country own. Hr.iulsotni; liglits. house-, chic!-: hcnse end yard. R£sirteiiC2 ims •! l:ed rconis. Hliht price to party who will lake care of it. here? Ycu mean she's moved 1 ;" Icily. Her rent was paid for lhej l| t "f tlnpno nothing alHnit it. All | next two weelcs. which was the J know is Ibat flat's vacant, and Itjirsual period of notice. Mrs. K;lwUz you keep on pounding ,gn : ihe door said that vylien slie asked ber tea- nobody's going lo get any sleep.' nar.t's plans Mrs. Rogers' answer Why don't yon ask tlie woman that j v:as indefinite. S!ie had said sonie- keeps the place? She's down on | tiling about "sending v;ord later." the first floor." "But you haven't heard"!" Ce'iia The door shut with a bang as the curl-papered head r.-as withdrawn. In dismay and panic Celia stared at the wooden barrier and then Ded down the stairs, Mrs. Scliullz. cvetotllnn of tho asked quickly. Tillie jN.i;uV-.:ii ]Riitlc:c.<!. "Asked i:m to mail '1.1:1 not liuaury. h'H in the enil'slio fol-, in yoi!. O:ie C;H-!I week. I've s"nt lor.'C 1 ! to the kitchen anil presently j ro«r. There's 13 left, Isn't llicie 1 ;" bolii of them sat down tn u mo:il n L . r mutln-i-'j letters! Tlila ex- ::allorcd lor.s;, sai:saKcs. hoine-1 pbiur-i how the others had reached le pn';0rviv~, lijUalillllta ilSld Srlef ni:d tcrien When they bail r::ii:l:cd anil ilic. blinded His girl. Kbe ran down ins wen. w.;=hul il VMS ii'.ill loo b'.i;-,s ::::(! r,-,it of the slinj. A cal en.rly to set out for M.-.i-^ol's. At v.-.iy pa^rltii;. S!.L. tialled it anil Mr.-i. ScliulU' S'jlicitati.ja ihe Girl | auton'.atic.iiiy :-^ve the address n; EP.V down in tlie be-ihoom. She did • her former li:.-;!!-" 1 . A'.rivliif; tlicrc not want to sleep, but her eyes she ran;; the l"ll of Mrj. Kelinllz'! j Mrs. SchnlU replied iu the nes-jclescd. ative. "Xot one word! A r ol one i it was nr?.rly vrord since she walked out of Ihis av,-c!r^. house!" "[int Ai lir::t oi-.o b-^wll-'vj b:-r. "(\u:i:} in. r.Ha! There's '[ i;reil. Tben events of tiio night-a niun b:ea l,.'!:nur, fur you!" tlic letters!" Celia cried.Irunhe-d back to her and she arose ! (To l!i> Continued) SV ANTED — PamUy Washings. | '.','ashed and Ironed hy' comiK-' tent, v.-liite woman. Mrs. Bro«-n, 704 S. Lake St. - 17cS-tl J. Nick Thomas. WANTED GC-K10 WANTED—Family washinjs, blanket!:, quilts. Lake St. Mrs. Farmer. 703 3P-K10 THE BEST HOT PIG, ClilU AND COFFEE RUSTIC INN URNISHED COTTAGE FOR RENT. A-pretty place. R;:u-- 525.00 month. Thomas T.t'-tid Co. iC-KlO New York Collou i i — i NEW YORK. Nov. G (UP)—Cot- ] ic:i closed steady. -D=c AT ON'CE—SOUTH AMEK1CA OK UNITED STATES. Permanent positions; labor, clerical, meclian- 1, saiesmRnsIi'.p; e:\perience »n- neceisary. Salaries S26.-S10[). weekly, transr-O'tation furnished. BOX 1175, CHICAGO, ILL. LOST AND FOUND LOST—One male pointer, solid liver lit!-:. Finder notify Jmimie I.eotett::. Reward. CC-TP Jan May Jul . Oct. . Open High Lou* Ciose 1C83 1C90 1077 1077 108H 1033 1077 1102 1104 If.OI 1108 1103 V098 1123 1130 1115 IMS 1153 1M1 110S 1172 11CO 118i) 11S1 1185 Spots closed quiet at 1085, off 10. WERT 1 Fakes 'Em Scfc K. idy (np,, to Mclnpnis W1I1 up and deliver Jrelf M and -• '«i canujd lots. Local I'liuuv SSI •'>Iun;>tiL; I'iione SPECIAL rhanls Lunch 35 c S'CAFE I'EuSONAI. TAXI—F. A. MCGREGOR Day cr ^;ighL Service, Phone 16. 1U-K30 OPPORTUNITY—Our 1:2by grand, j IB-hole perl;.!) 1 .!- \:\t!a'.:r golf, course is a b:7 money maker ami. costs you !cis. \vrile Chr.s. L.! Lcvcsv. i.tafj d::'.ribiilor. Riifscil- • villc, '/irk. 5P-K7 ' Will |:arty wi'.o took laa'i"s p-.irse fro:i; ri-Et IToni ^t Cilv Jfall | Tlutie::! 1 .'. 1 morniri'4 rcti;rn to Cour- • Ntv.-5. No qiiLslin:r; nskcd. nc-KS icr ;: ;,„(] sewer Taxes UiMi-k-l No. 1..: Now Due (;. <;. CAumu,, T . , , Collector. ijnslr.irs in Farmers Bank Bidg. NOTICE Witli our rccciif partncrsliip nrilh Mr. Gen, Carney, we now have (lie equipped independent shop in tonii. CARNEY-JENKINS GARAGE I'i-kwlch liuildiiis "\Ve know we know lu>w" IN' T7TF DISTRICT COURT OF THE UNITED STATES FOR THE JONESHORO DIVISION) Of TJIE EASTERN' DISTRICT j OF /ARKANSAS. IN" THE MATTEK OF E. It. Grant. In Bankruptcy. Tr> tlic creditors cf tlu nbnvc naiiic; 1 . bankrupt cf Manila in the Crutily of Mississippi, Divisicn and '• Di-rriLt afore.-%aid. p !;ankr;p;. Noti32 is hereby u'.v.-n thai 0:1 ] Ociob?)- 31sl.. lf'30 the above r.ani- ' cd Iwittioiier wr.s duly acijwk'cr; a b2iu;ri:pt. ai:d the meeting cf the crcrlitois wiil IK held at my ollicc in the City of Jotiesboru. j in' s.-.ld Ui^nict 0:1 Novcmbi-r IVt'.v. ID3P. al 2 P. :.!.. at which lime- the {aid creditors nay altiiui. prove tlieir claims, apiMint a trustco, ixamino i'lic, and transact sucii ether business as may properly come bofcre said mtcting.! At Joncsboro. Arkansas, this No-i vnv.brr 5th.. 1030. F. C. MULLINIX. Referee in BaiUirupLcy. Head Courier News Want Ad$. ).oou ,TOO ••• YOCY-l WAS MS 60NMf\ f'.V-rltfion'. Tlie uooii wliea Ce-!la;i iu n.sic:!i..irs l.t.-Liy voic-. ffM-M^mm New Orleans Cotton r.cvrily -K.-'P!. Jfrctil: 18, Nctjro. wes j-.'u'.rnc-?!! to fivt to ten y.T.if. a; liard'.ator In priutL-iitiaiy for cm attempted liotdnp. Cclten c!o;cd barely stcativ. Open llii-h LDV. : Clos- 1C-80 10DR 107i 107« T.D'i !C91 1091 mo ii iv i •152 1133 11-10 .. lltil 11G7 1158 1150 .. 1131 11CG 1178 1178 clcscd st.?r.dy at 1053, o!f AiK. .UPl—The; uiiil Li;;h; Com-' .11^ crnf-r;menl5 j vuh airplane b.-aro:i li^'iit in an ; -.•iforl !o keep from . ,rop". Ducks are rnit! to avoid' ,:"hted arras. ' TOY r)IV)S"T S.-VVIi HIM NEW CRLKANS. l.u . lUPi -- "J:::lc: t!ic fact t'nat he- us-jd a i.- 1 ," Kcact Courier .News want ads- FKECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS A RAY OP UfiHT! POLLED ES our OF TVie CWLLV VJATER FE6T HIT LlGHf, iToP WJO 17 UP... IT 1AX3HT BS VCX3O !! r.ASY lil.OWS UP! WASH TUIJHS WTO EASS PAV UWIDS WftSrt, tt£ HELP MM. |U BREW V\\$ I'll UilA.Ulto' IU, KiU. HIPU FOUMVj, 8UT fxfTeR \5-cW , TvlCY CiET fV LINE ON WIA, - t''.'.SCW A. SCAT UllTU 01 'R ^V --ciss? &H ) -j. -; - , TO 6VME PW.«ON ~ : o A CHANCE TO I A, BEAT IT. / y,,/.*^ sf'/ V1V A KICK&O IH MUCi? LWiT N\iV\T ON CKW CHEW IMP KS'tS CM, r — WERE OH TW . (», f ROM Ev'E-N, PO IS c UjvjER TO feGT IttERE

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