The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 6, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 6, 1930
Page 3
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THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 1930 Pulaski County Girl Is Poultry Champ of State Padorewski at 70 BLVTHEV1LLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Mayors Can Help Solve Job Problem Says Woods pie f.'.f.t- .,„() pager to work \\-iio wont I;, .ii,i 0 | 0 fl| 1( | nnj , |;|| U | u; n Job. A:.,I they nnisl be helped "''*'"• .-'"umimiiv eiie.sts run lu-;p By HOItNEY Dl'TClIEK XKA Sen ice Writer WASHINGTON.— The mayors o American cities are itu-ii who must make llieir ideas and methods available to all (lie others. "Cilles which ask us for sugges- llons lo apply to their iiulivklnal lead the couniry out nl uncmrjloy- slliialtons can be advised whul menl, according to Colonel Arlhiir o!her cities wllli similar conditions lo fncc have done'to meet tliein," What Citizens Can Do What i-iiii imllvldunl cldzriis do to relieve unemployment? "1'lenty," lie replied, "Tiie great liiliLB we must do is provide work. •••• I: cnn be jiioviilcd in households us ! ' <!ali well as in in:li!slry. ]>arl-llmc wcrk nil(l for n innsi is Innnllely beller t'nun foui:-: no work. vin.. "Here's one scheme: Suppose six ln01 " ->l'.:;ilioii CHICAGO. III. —Showing n net. profit o! S535.33 at (lie close of a twelve mcmiis record kept on hor : f?> flock of 250 Barred Kocfcs and' While Leghorns, Iva Harness of North Uiilo Rock, 1'ulaski county, has r..?cti tunned Ihe Arkansas state; champion 4-11 poultry club mem- ' btr for 1930 in a stale-wide con- l' ; .l on the economical production of jjoultry prcducls, il is announced ' by W. j. Jernigan, str.te club leader of the Colle33 of Agriculture, University of Arkansas will) hcad- - . -rurs at little Kock. As a reward for this achievement ;.he will recelv? a iirlrc educational trip to the ninth annual National I) ys and Girls 4-H Club Congress- mid the Chicago Coliseum Poultry. \,-3iuo!i lo be held in Chicago,' Dumber 1 lo 5. Here Sfco will r.': Ihe guest of the Quaker Oats Company, who offered this pme trip to encourage Arkansas 4-H C'lub members enrolled in poultry production enterprises. At Hie National -1-11 Club Congress Iva's club record will lie Judged along wUh lliuse of nil 51:11.3' Wo .- U1 famc . d as n pianist -md poultry charnpl-.ns competlr.g to- slalosmini , ^^ S^-s"- wo college scholarships o!$3'JO and now in this co.mtry-ls celeb-ifi'ii- S-OU each,. ^ .,,,.. ,<,„, blrtlulay "aniiii-ers-ary fo- \o mvfHJri.' vcvnt'u d;iy - Tllhi ib a s "' iki "S new JIDS-J KHt vvfiiF -r ,'nn , P ortralt of <"<> B>'ea'. virtuoso WRC KHC \VfLl,E Tcnn., lUP)-Un- as tonne,- Premier of Poland, lod (.tr r,;nnesiee law a common law. ,-„ t |, s |)Dm icaI restoration o' H nniTiaiie needs no divorce, domes- n-iiv-e HiH tie relations court here held the. _. .._ case of Owen BennHt and Anna j Lucille Bennett. IJoth caid they ' P\!?j!fc Aslisd fo Vi°W i>.-v;-r hid married ;ind iieiuier /ij T ~r>- owed obligations to the oiiicr. ! <.-t-H'ysii.fiihcniurn Display HIMRKI.F TO HIMSELF ; Tomoirov: will he chrysan'heini in MEMPHIS, Tcnn., (W>> - J. c. day at Ihe Hcatcn Home of Pb v- "Saiidy" Lyons, police patrol wag- ere when t!-.e public is invited so on driver, drove his wagon into a lieu- tile disulav wh'rh u-in ho i^ • V '" - ^ "^ — l " v '"^ " tltj ll iiji -'i ^ ...jj «(v ^telephone pole, arrested himsr-lf, full b'com "^ ^comcs a misfil in anoiher. pre.-rve it. F,,- S | of all we want, to iclri the arresting officer l himselfi . ^,, u . vmrie nf „,„„ „„„.,.., , i "'^ne^'i our principal luncd-.n. ! ^ '"'•" " •• U "" °" "'"'' ""' , Woods. "The mayor is the liUjlicsl executive c/lidal of the i>»mldpnl:ty and the natural leader in all pr.b- '.'.c and scjc-ial movements," s'.tid Colonel Woods, the chairman of the president's emer^em-y committee for employment, in an exclusive interview in which he Ulvnissei t !•.•-• best niel):<xls by which lii-JK-lUiial cities might, ince: llicir Mtiuiiom. Muyur's I irst Joli "The first and moss important i/enc-ral principle In thk rnm[.-.i!-'.! for relief Is that all groups should work toitellicr. Private relief funils. oiLjanixation relief funds and ro- lief, welfare and ro.'istnirllcn ne- tr.iiies ol all krmU' shi'iUI \>;> •:. thesr llielr s Ihf i comnv. UieniM Jn Ih, •Tii. (Ollll can . • com:.i who •. any >, (he :.- cv. the .- >'l>le without any blow to PAGE THREE" 1 . Driver^Grove - Tired of Writing Wife's JA Way To Ston • •• ~ Otl) Scrape-of Dogwood was Ihe! AddtCSSJ Asks Divorce I AtlanU^ C\f V t iitunlny guest of Charles unili ' JVIUIOKS Ul TJtS •• mpluypd beneilcinrtes nf ll: 'y I'hesl.s this ye-ir «in •'.i.-. have been contribut-jis r-c^l. clitrerent families engage a man Ic do chores and work in ami around liit'ir homes, working for e.ich family one day a week. "There are 2-1,000,000 families ill the United Stales. Suppose one- tenth of them participated in such a program, wl'.ich would lie 2.-100. ... .... that mere will be nr. OOC fajnilivs l ' ; M'- l r}! 01 ,m!-ovr 0 - V . <1 | 1:ll)|1 " 1S '""' "" "O^^ly. '"H-'Imp work wonHi ri.p, lefi uiuou.ed. [llcn b! , lvov!de(1 a[ oncc fm . J00 _. "The mayor's lirsl job is to gath- 000 men" - representatives of all groi-.jw , Co!ol|M Wox|s slvfMKl t , lc np . ^hk'lj are trying to inccl or cooukl try to meet Ihc siUmfcn. "If I \vcre a mayor L would then form a central 'committee to s?rve n.s a cleaving house and as a coordinating group to furnish the to;> t;vnrtc of IcaOeralu't). Working will and t hrou^h such a comm if t tp. miiyor can then proceed to develop us usitcii v.^ii: :n the c:minunuy a: possible"." Xn specific nnJ concreic SM^rs- ILCHS for inerraping " em]>layntcnl \vonUI ap;)ly lo x\\ cities, CO!G:;PJ parent .-erioiisnesii of I'ondilions likely to iiiTvni! this winter miles. 1 ; ^dfmiatf action Ls taken. "One of the great dllliciillles I; that ttiis is the second successive , winler of depression anil iniein- lilcymenl." he explained. "Savings ;nre mwcli thinner than tliev were. 1 Ji-'j Heller Than Charity | "Ein;j!oy:n'.'nt is Ihc best possible kind of relief for tniemploynienl. The relief that gives a man a Job p:'e=crus the American characteristic 01 self-respect and lhat must »V,IIIVL ^ t i,Jt) w *.n.i«, v^^;-jj:f: i^uc Ol f-011-l't'SpCm ailU Ulflt 111USI Wcotls said. A plan \vliich fits c:;-.' -be ijre-ervod if tliciT Is any way to cilv torvnmes n misfit in nnr.ilmr nmenn-n it T.I.,--.I «r ,,11 ,,. A .,.«,»+ *,^ he was-dnving 'cnly W or if ^ ' ^f^ t "S."'"^.' ht^i^nSlnce: 11 llil " Sdr °" , ?.' ^^ .c^iV^'V HIS HOOZE INFLAMMABLE j KNOXVH.LE. Tcnn.—Patrolmnn Ed Lee testified that Pink Dixon "hurled two pints of liquor into the fireplace when I entered his home. •• ; f ^ ( ! ro ; o; .v II nearly set the house afire. The j n ; * ' ' ', „ flames Lhot four feet from the I ' •'-"^ r :K JU'.Ci I"i chimney top." Dixon paid a fine ol I'T IK I:UK MOST SPEED V 525. JiKJIEDV K.VO1V.V -;jfi(i ..\;,H() I.\ C.IRtS DKBATE PUNISHMENT I ASH1NOTON iNorthumbcrland) En*., t UP)—Young v.-omen Ivre haven't decided what penalties they will assess youths wh.o [ornierj a bachelor club and pledged Ihem- selvos lo renounce feminine com- pani'nshtp. ] feet r.nd on Iheir own resources. here is to find oul what various ' -But in spite of all lhat can be : cities are doinj so that we cv.? !d"ne li'.rre will lie a residue of peo- Charge Hubby Planned lllast MIAMI. Fla., tUP)—Mrs. Donald Roif, negress, had her husband trrested. here charged with an at-, tempt to dynamite her bed as she; slept She said she awakened jusl • as he lighted the fuse to three j tticks of dynamite under Iwr bed. i EX-SLAVE L1KF.S WORM) NEW ORLEANS, La., IUP) — Martha Harrison, negro woman, who is 111 years eld and was a slave until the \Var Between the States, think the modern world is . very sinful, she told a reporter. AutOiiobsles THE TRULY 'AUTOMATIC JTIO ' UP: TUB SHE I'ructitiil .Nurse For Tvvnify Ye;irs Tells Of Her Fine Experience \Vilh New Ari'l Different Medicine. JUST TELL OUR ICE delivery salesman fo keep your refrigerator well iced (or con- stint circulation of cold/resh air. Ail late model oar?. Model 4i A" Fonis Model '"T" Fords Studehaker Ohevrolcl Dodge Nasli and other popufar makes. —All io l)« Suld to the Hisjhest Hidder— SATURDAY, NOV. 8th At 1:30 P. M. 'i;'--ls may l« insurance. Everyone who :' '"'. i» ctmlrlbute lo siirh a |, !'y I'liierprise ami ho our ' ''•> hi'ld undly should fed In "shamed lo participate In •'iis of such nn enterprise " Mi- Alih.,l In 1021 •! Woods was chnlnnan of :i - .iitc<! on municlpnl uriian- !'':• \mempluymcnl in 10^11 '• llial time, he stild. lie had luiEliinnl unemploy- Uus-ril Springer. "" " * i EAST CIllCACiO, Ind. (UP)— Mrs. 11,-rlhii iivo;-k was the giiesl 1 Jalm Simsikm sent his wire moiry "l Mi.v. Myitle KnlrjlH, Saturdiiy-, '•<> l>ay IKI- fmv to America but "fin-nton. ; she lefnsed l«i make (he irlp he -Mr. liermiiti li?«-ls u-as (ho ciic';l ll '' ol "l')-'ili:«l in a divorce suit. Salurdav (jf lust week . I sent IUT money. Now I'm lived u ..|! ,',' V wllCl11 " Ul ' ll<liulc c Is In-jot \vrlilnj; ii cr itddvess." he said, •''-- ' j'Jin is inti.iti io_ Ihe wit. i 's address was "Sira- I tOVSKLl Cllll::irr.l't.l^'...\lL-)\4»^>,i n n ^^ Hepcrts arc received of an amaz-. ing Ireatment, lhat epileptics state has proved successful in slopping llicir attacks. R. Lepso, Apl 62 Milwaukee, wise., has b;cn suppiy. Sii3 sufferers with Hits Ireatment lie r.oi'.' wishes to reach all tho-e be woi-X- ed out ;i s an nbsolutely locil tint- ler. «i;ii ;i || Hie help and ailvico thin cculil he fcli-cii to lii'livU!ii;il •>V 11,11 lui);|| n m| s t n [ c n m,,, cies. b is Boninl. soft-.spoken but ex- •Jy^ii'.-ilvi' colonel has inn<ie n lliink tlu-y kn:nv sincerity mid >' »lmi Iliev sre il. No i-rili- ln'i'ii heurd of his si'lcrtimi nnrnlni!. Mr. uiul Mrs. Frank Hull and fiimlly lisivi- moved In Cnlnmcl. Cliiirlis Springer Jr., spvul Sunday with Ei nest. Illlllioiisc. Mr .nul Alr.«. li.ul )(lelmrdi>on nf Hljthevllle w.n-e the Diesis o( Mr. and Mi.. Cliarli-y iimek S.imi.iv iilsht. Mrs. Mnry Lucius vislU'd her Mi- lev who is 111 at Myilie-vlllc lios- pllal, Suml.iy iirtcrncon. thai way. fold Dr who i Is a Uroimd _.. „ Jiirrn. n.-illey Him far. And Hut. In Washing j:i.' In his eas lanks .!•;•>• nire thin;;. | . •_ •••\ iviih 37 pci cent, ur'.onf; the nineteen i-'i.-.t produce oil. wlli "'-««" when he as , l>1n ' 0 «" solil « w " discovered n Ai-lu, \Verclmnn-D.ibriiikai Sl.ili's c'f Soviet liiiss-lii." liead Cnurlor News Waul Ads. I, Ucsd lo do so IB making ihe startlir.y U nl ted I oifcr of a generous (re.itirient fr.j".' to nil sufferers. Anyone afflicted should writi; for Ihls free Irealmcnf- at once, givliiB —Adv.' BEWARE THE COUGH FROM COLDS THAT HANG ON luil-.-y'f. | Inlurmeil tlic Lbc I UKHI.IN. all 1 )— The Noilh Ger '""" !l!oytl ' s Illlcr "Miicnchcn" S ut led by lire. In New York will 1,, re ,, :ljrc(1 „„., ,,, c .| 1 ,.i, l t cll( , l , .. Slcllbuil .. Coiipju from ciiUs nny (c.-iij lo tenons tmuijlL 1 . Von ran MOJ> ' ib*in mm- with Creuiniilsioii, nu'cuml^irieiJ cmisotc that is |ilca*anl to lake. • t>cuiiiuUion is « incilical diiouvery wiili two-folil nriion; it tuelliej anj lieals the inflinifd iix'inbiiiiics and in- Of nil knou'ii iltiius CICOEOIO U rec- o&"i«'il Ijy liijjti ; aullioritics 1.5 ono of llio jjralcst licnliirs o(ii!ii<;ii.'j lor couRlis Ironi Hits and inoiicliial hrilaiioin. Crcoiiiiiliion coiil.iins, in to creosote, oilier clcracnls uliich sooiho and lieal tl:o .Inlbninl Ricnibnncs anil stop 1 -"" • ritaliun, vliilc i|, e crensoli; go« onto' tlio slomacli. H obwrl.c.l inlo llio' " 'liloml, alucks tlic seal of the trouble "• ninl checks ilic gro^ili of I lie " . Crconuiliion is uiuraiiU'cil salis^c- " ', lory in llic trcaiincnt of cmigha fr.>ln. colih, l.roiicliilis nnj inii:i,r fo r r,, s of. .... iirfliilions, anj is excellent' •' ior liiiililnii; up llio lysicni n fi cr CO |J 3 , ,_ or fin. Money refiinrlcj if nol re- llci'ed nflcr lakinsj accoidiug lo Jircc- , lions. Ask your .™«. rocrjo^c-. ojjj« Wing liona Ask yo.r Jniwisl. (adv.) ' FftO THI? frtHf^LJ CTLnij *•*, »__,.._...... FOR THE COUGH FROM CQLDSJHATHANG ON "A REMARKABLE REVELATION Says HON. JAMES FRANCiS BURKE General Counsel of (he National Republican Committee Congressman 1905-1915. Government Director of War Savings during World War. "Americans love to do their own thinking—But they welcome /acts from others. You are wise in letting every smoker knoiv that you employ the modern Ultra Violet Ray principle in 'Toasting* LUCKY STRIKE tobaccos. This 'extra secret |>roces$' is a remarkable revelation." No troublesome mechanism ... no nolir. YOO SET THE PRICE Arkansas-Missouri Power Co. "At Your Service" Con YOU B Tisjs Puzzle = " « _ AIKS. JKNME XOI.KX For the past seven years I was r iicalih", ynirt j; rs . Izarrt "Mv kid:-.:y s and bladd:r caused untold a30ny . , , 1:ui .._, timas a- iiiht an:l Fin'd the Different Bag Here LS & HUDSON. 8-Cylinder Coach MANY OTHER BIG PRIZES . - -.- PRIZES ty.-j if/n-.-p.yto tsr'iV ll.c a t-iMorii"'v, „„., ^^i^-^sr^ifSsi w C'.id, fee f f c^jpi aesj. Tnro °t Protection Everyone knows that suct» shine mellows-that's why TOASTB^§© mcbdes the use c? toe Ultra Violet Ray 0 LUCKY STRIKE-the finest cigarette ycu ever smoked, made of the finest fobaceos -the Cream of the Crcp - THEN - "IT'S TOASTED." Everyone knows that heat pun- fies and so TOASTING removes harmful irritants that cause throafr irritation and coughing. No wonder 20,679 physicians have stated Lti£KIES to be less irritating! 11 home" Konjola contains- insrcaicnts. n ls seme medicine. CV ery everj- drop wi.rks Konjola b sold in Arkansas at Kirby "'IbyBlllhetes towns tliroii.|,ou( | against irritation- against cou Process. © 19M, The Araeticin Tcbicco Co.. M!ri, *"*• l " f T , d " UBKU " h . l ' J ™ n t of Mr. Burke appears on tins page. , T ° baCC ° Company ha, invited Mr. Jamea wh ° bave witneSMd LUCKY STRIKE'S famous Toa 3 ting

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