Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 17, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 17, 1896
Page 5
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Up=to=Date Styles - FOR Fall and Winter. DEWENTER, The HATTER And FURNISHER UP=TO=DATE TAILORING. POPULAR PRICES. That'* He—My Fall Woolens are ready for inspection. Can't I show you through. H. G. TUCKER, The Original Pearl Street Tailor. Rob Roy. Rob Roy, _> The very latest in SHOES for children, See our show windows Full 01 the handsomest new st,le shoes ever shown in the city. Stevenson & Klinsick 403 Broadway. THE FIKSI NATIONAL BANK -OlfLOGANSPORT: . INDIANA. CAPITA-L $200,000. A. 3. Murdock, Pre«. W. W. Bow, Cart. J. r. Brookmeyer, Ai»t. C«»n. JL 8. Blc*, DIRECTOBS: w - H- Bhngbtwt, . Bar.kinK In al. Its Departments promptly and carefully done. M.-.M.™. Safety to Customers and Stockholder! "•Son* H«N>rv« Fund mUnUftMd. ____ ^ DAILY JOURNAL THURSDAY, SEPT. 17, 1SOC. J. C. Newer is preparing to put up .1 dwelling on the goutbside, Old papers for sale at the Journal office. 20 cents a hundred. Positively the test cup of coffee in the. city at Dykemnn's cafe. Tie Poplar Grove fair was attended by a number of people from this city yesterday. .If you want pure spicw for your preserves yon can get them at Ben Fisher's drug store. Jolm Kelley, giving hie home as Chicago, wns discharged by tho Mayor yesterday morning after a night spent in Jail. .Don't fall to attend the opening of the Hub Clothing Co., successor to Harry Frank this evening, from 7 to 9 o'clock. Choice of 23 pieces, all wool novelty goods, 38 inches wide, worth 05 cents, for 48 cents, a.t our Fall opening today. —The Bee Hive. Today is called on the Jewish calen- der, Yora Ktppur, .the day of atonement by the faithful. The clny Is observed as a solemn Saibbatb. • The. provoke case of Lincoln Keene, against Harry Russell, botfo colored, was continued in Esquire Walter's court at 10 o'clock today ; The attendance at the dance of the Eastend Pleasure .Club last night was not:.sp large, as usual on account of counter attractions,. -bpt the event wns enjoyed, as aS'd flirfhe Pleasure club's balls.; .StelnMrrtV^reh.ostpa, furnishecl . ,. .. ,„. ,,, ., . 'Appraisers hay*' .•been named -'In the ' ;-v.. J. D. John De^ J, JPoller^awd Et^Greensfelder, witt aippraise-ih&'xilothJng stock and Jr-Q/Sweotser 'and .Charles Stevenson wl|l ; aM&aise'.tfie sliioe; stock. AnX*?^rVton; i 'wm,b^%m!i;.^rom this city to^Porn nest"simday morning, the ''' of the ' fit;: that place 1 •wbtoas .^uflargon extensive repairs:' 'A 'speofai program for 'the day has Deen .arranged "•and large crowds 'are expected from 'all aro,tind, : ODD SPOKES. The L. A. \V. will meet in Louisville in 1896. Tho time limit for century riding has been reduced from JO to 14 hours. Tires inflated until perfectly hard are less liable to slip than those partly inflated. The pneumatic tiro was invented in 1845, bat we have known of it only since 1891. A bicycle track over the structure of New York's "L" roads is the latest suggestion of the, cyclists. J. A. Pallister has ridden 84 century runs during tho last year. His total mileage for the year was 9,800 miles. Mayor Wurster of Brooklyn has declared himself as being in favor of a return cycle path along the Coney laland boulevard. The club century banner has been won by the Lincoln Cycling club of Chicago, whose members rode 604 centuries during 1895. There will be one road race less this year than heretofore, as T. N. Linsoott, thu promoter of the road race of that name, has dropped out. Previous to 1898, when all bicycles were- heavy and cumbersome as compared with the machines .of today, brakes were universally used. Cyclists in Cleveland have formed 'a Cyclists' federation. The federation was organized in an feffort to procure radical reforms in the street sprinkling abuse. Frankie Nelson, who won the six day race in Madison Square Garden, has ia- Bned a challenge, open to any woman in the world, ftt any distance, for any amount. There is, or there used to be, a window in an old chnroh in Bucks, England, representing a man riding on what very much resembles tho bicycle of today. The date. of the window was 1640. WELL KNOWN WHEELMEN. Harry Wheeler will be among the American riders who will compete in cycle races abroad this year. Zimmerman has an offer of $600 a week to ride in Paris, which he is seriously considering at present. Tom Cooper will again be u member of bis cUd team this season. Cooper fin- «fthed second in the individual oham- piqnship competition of 1895: . C. M. Murphy and George Banker will soon race in Franca Thin will be the third • trip Banker has made across the big pond in a search for fame and gold. Tho national assembly voted to Chairman Gideon of the racing .board of the L. A. W. the $668 which remained after all the expenses of the board had been paid. Zimmerman won six races in Melbourne, five in Brisbane, four in Newcastle and two each in Sydney and Adelaide, out of a total of about 36 in .Australia. Aside from Parson, whom he considers a wonder, Zimmy states that the Australians are not yet up to form. __ .__ _ A Cycle Fire Engine. The French have applied the idea of the bicycle to ia fire engine. The machine was designed by.M. Sohoedelin, and tho four riders who propel it to the scene of the fire' employ the same power to force water through the hose, a simple change in the gearing, transferring the power from the wheels to a rotary force pump, attached 'to/the machine. The two^ arms '.'running back from the rear axle -are, let' down when the. machine ia -ready- to work "tit- a, .fire and serve as •stanchions to: hold the machine firm. At tbe!.same tiwe'they raise the rear wheels from the ground, permitting them to rev'olya without moving the machinevahead, 1 Gear wheels are then thrown Into action with the-rear hubs and «erve as the power to work a rotary pump hung in the rear framing. — Bioy- olette. . ' '_ _ ! Faulnff ol the Livery stable keepers, are- moving to- the inevitable. Many of them, in. andS around New York now carry a- line- of bicycles for' rental purpose*— Wheel. A GOOD CROWD And First-Class Racing oi/the Second Day. ;• TRACK IN GOOD SHAPE ': ' ;• Two CrackeiyJack Events on the Card Today. The racing yesterday' brought out better, crowd than was in attendance 011. the opening day, ami the card, of- feree! some very good sport.' .Thje books were well played on the. 2:4JO pace, and 'the horses gave the form .players a run for their money. Thje track was in much better condition than ou the day 'before, and the time was consequently better, the best heat, in any of the races being 'made in .2:' ' ' In the Couiity race, carried ;' over from Tuesday, it-looked a sure thing for Tat Graney's mare, and there ; wafe no betting ou the result. But' sure things are not always sure, ' and It proved so iu tliis ease. Hud the mare kept her I'eet she could have* distnndea either of the other horses, but there was the trouble, she went in the air. Consequently Earl Stewart's J. .Stewart won, in slow time. ! It took two heats to decide the 2:40 trot, can-led over from Tuesday. Dr. Wilkes was tho favorite and had the pole in the first heat, but ho went in the air and Avalanche, wlio had not won n heat, went out and captured first -place. In the second heat Dr. Wilkes behaved beautifully, and In'nd- cd the hea.t and the race In .2:20%. . The 2:45 pace lind eleven entries anil ten starters, Jersey M.ick being scratched. Chestnut Maid Avon the first heat and a lot of money. -,wafe dumped on her at sliort odds to wiii through, but Light Star,'who flnlshcfl second in the first heat, killed the bettors off, winning three beats in .succession. ' ; There were but three entries in the 2:30 trot, and the books did no business, as it was a cinch tljnt Alan would win. He took all three heats, pulleh up, and nil in slow time. - " Second nice, 2:30 trot; (unfinished from Tuesday) purse $150. •! Dr. Wilkes G 1 5 1 7 i Eenza 1 2 8 7 4, 4 Beautiful Bells 4 5 1 0 3 3 Regal Russell .3 93225 Purse divided -as the horses are given in the summary. Queen F, Wilkes Deen, Avalanche, also started. Third race,' 2:45 pace, purse ?150. Light Star •- 1' 1 1 Chestnut Maid 1.2 3 4 Tinner •> 4,2 2 Escort 3 34 C Emma H, Gold Medium, Tony Wilkes, Dante, Rescue, Jr., and Bowerman Wilkos also started. Time-2:25%, 2:24%, 2:24%, 2:20%. ' '] Fourth race, 2:30 trot, purse .f 150. 1, Heavy Pants - - - Extra Well Made Pants - = = - : - 1 Made From Remnants 36 cents for Bo^s' Knee Pants --Heavy and tough. Real 60 and 76 cents- Only 250 pair Just the thing for school. FTO KRAUS "Of Course PROVERBS. Dr. Dodge -.-• :2 2 2 Hattie Wilkes 3 3 3 Time-2:34Vi, 2:31%, 2:39. ' ; There are two pood races' on The card -for this afternoon, both of wliicfi should bring out some fast travelet'4 The track will be in fine condition for s=peedy work and the fast ones will have a try at it. There are five entries In the free-for-all pace, Mary Anderson, Johnnie B, Steel Prince, Capt Crouch and Proctor, all of whom havfe records of 2:20 or better. The 2:2'Z> trot lias but four entries, but they are all fast ones. Red River, Alan, Prepa}' and Aristol have each turned' a liaUj- mile track In better than the time, aixj iome of them expect a new mark' this afternoon. ' " '•' .[ Arrested tha Qaeen. '' i Of Queen Margherita of Italy a preS- ty tale ia told. She was cyoling. in.^the Monza park on u forbidden path whop i sentry Btopped her 'and peremptorily demanded her name.' The poor.fellow nearly collapsed when he learned whom be had "palled up," and he spent thfe refit of the evening in misory. ..Imaginp bis joy next day when his captaiii brought him, not a' censure,' but lb francs and the queen's photograph, ein that "he would know her majesty the next time."—Irish Cyclist. •, An In»«itment of .»3O,OOOjOOO. '. There are now about 150 bicycle fao.- tories in this country, having an average capital of $100,000. That makes u|p 115,000,000. There is one -firm that has $1,000,000 capital, and several that are well np in-the big thousands. ,Be|sides the .exclusive bicycle .factories there are the tire factories, chain, factories, the concerns that znannfactnrp tubing,.pedals, saddles and other parts of 'the bicycle, that add up. toward, the grand total of $80,000,000.—St. 'Louis Republic. .. • -'-."' ••' ' ; When your upirita are a-droopln aa your head is out o'whack, - ; : ..- • . i An you bavo a acby feeltn scattered "up" ail down your back, I An you-don't enjoy y our victuals M you yoa'd ort to do, ' . An you're nil the time a-teelin party tol blue, . ' • " '•'•'. ' • -' ] Don't-you go an hunt a doctor far, a pill ujj powder deal; ( Jostle out an get a-rtrftddlo of k beklth'M- • Btorixi wheel, • . M < - - v • fi An »way into the coontry where the Mttl» -.-' -birdioiBtoK,' " • ' ' "''* !j An you'll-peddle home «-whlitUar-it'» »•..•> « • ' ' ' ' -•' thing. New cycles-Tide easy. Love me, love my bike. 1 'Sinall r oboice id" poor bicycles. ... Live »jud -learn .to ride a. bike: _.,Jfavjer top,pld.t.o learn. to ridu. ''Bike'chasiug dogs seldom biw. " Too'lighily on, too heavily off. ,.,;'J?ain.t.-beart-Dev.er won a record. . Bikies ..don't .laugh at tacksmiths. ' 'A ride V'61 1 ) beguu is half ended. . . Look before yon leap on the seat - .pld.irjlderR:are offer .'on new. bikes. To a rickety biko alii roads are bad, ; A lamp" lit in time oft saves a flue. • .Of twoibicyclos choose the least heavy. . .Ypu,,cftn.'t ride. .your bike and lend it iob.' ..... ' ' ... • A in iss is good for a mile— irilbloota- srs. The proof of. a. bicycle is in the riding,.,... ..,,.. '-A''r'ec'kleS8'rider makes -a fat churchyard. - ' •> . ••'• A.-.good-hicyole often needs a ,good ridor." "'''' ' " ' •'•••.,• • '," No bJfce ; .;so>:'poor as not to baVe its rider. A cat. may look at a bloomered young 'thing. "' Experience ia the best spoke in your • If wishes were bicycles, beggars would .scorch.,. .;• - • . , . . . Necessity was the mother of safety bicycles. " .' ' '• • Mount in haste and mend your bones at leisure."' '•A b'ifco between tho legs is worth two in .the store. . . •< A nrile : :in the. morning ia worth two in the .evening. ; , The .bloomer girl's habit ia second to uatnre— :ind : a very close second sometime's. ' t:: ! ; "• • 'Beware of ; the fore port of a cheap horse, the liind part of a cheap mule »nd a : H;part'(3 of 'a cheap bicycle. — New York World.. -WOMEN, ON THE WHEEL.. Women cyclists in Denver are consid- eriugthe advisability of forming a women 'g bioycle club in the spring. : Mm'ei-'Saroh -Grand has taken to the wheeli^and is reported to be -making ia fuccess only equaled by that, of .her novels. ..'. . An ordinance has been passed in Williams, Ark., prohibiting women from wearing the knickerbooker costume on the street.'. ...'. As.a.'enle.the curved drop frame ma- chihps;(or ; won)en siow. increased skirt •room,' •'as ''opnipnrod' with the average 'i&95' ; inodel;-"'- ; '' ' '"•'•Bflly ! 'TrfBtiaea and his oi»cns troop •ot "lady" bicycle riders go abroad. For .'•wnicfr'lBt native thanks, Bays the New ."fork.Senorder.'- . . ..'".TheiNisW'' York Times says the'safety bioyolo .'.fills., a much needed want, for women .in. any. station of life and has fairiy,,reyolnt;onized the mode of.'femi- " -""" The blodiner was an innovation which many'people 'thought would bring dis- l c'redit upon cycling for women. There is'smalJ danger of that.' The bloomer, which bloomed into moderate favor last spring, MOW seems to be generally regarded -..as,;a ; blooming failure. There will bo fewer, bloomer, costumes this '" ' '"'"' '"'%•'•-••'•'.- ' • '''" CCM at W»le»' Tricycle. universal disappointment that the.'PrincaSsi'of 'Wales prefers the.tricy- .olevto'tliefbicycle is tempered by the fact, (tbal; 8be;ri.des at, all, and tbns'.oaun- teriances 1 the,newest sport. Tho,maohine choBe^r.fofber has a low gearing. It is 'if''b1'ack''enaiae'l; 'with ivory .'baddies, ari<f sparkles' here and "• there with silver plate.i >Tfi e new machine was. tried recently,-and furnished im occasion at Saudririgham. .The prince ond his daughters were., anxiously: expectant. 1 Theprin- cess ..mounted...under the guidance of Princess Victoria, who is the cycle ex- pert'of'tJie'fairiily.' The pririoeife-'wore a noat tailbr x n>ade costume Just'blearing her ankles. - -With the skiUi'i^ip-fflem- bersvof-the;royal family, befr'nfdtfiBsgay waS'^BOOoess. ; She mastered the Bteer- ing at once, and, with the proper body pwing, came flying down the : corridor. Her royal'nighness now ride's daily over the grounds, and is as enthusiastic a wbeelwOznan'as- her daughters.—New York Journal. Eddie 'Ballon ,ClOM B. - , -..-Insneaking; of the action of the national "'assembly in..abolishing class B, EddieuBa.ld.said.: "While I don't care, I wish'cJass B^-had been continued. for another.year.. There-was •not nearly-as mnoh-s'o called faking iu.it as one would imagine from tbe'noise made over it. The 'B 'jien'Airnisbed a lot ,of good .racing, and tSrough it a large number of fast men were - developed."., Bald, in order' to coh'fiSjie a'racing career,, must neoessarilz-berome a professional. "One a'dvairage in'-pVofesBionalisin," said be, "is that we will ride for money prizes and-not ;*oc fake diamonds. If is dis- cing to ride your legs off for a prize AT .,. . than "|75. "-Buffalo Express. DRIVING PARK SEPFEMBER 15, 16, 17, 18. $3,000.00 in Premiums, AN ARMY Coctiznieci .from Fourth Page.) evening's exercises l>y singing a rousing campaign song. Wlieii the eight Indies, who constitute this novel cluU; clad in their natty blue uniforms and caps, came to the foot-liguts, there wns an outburst of the pent-up enthusiasm amd the first lines of the song were lost in the series of cheers that rose. The swoet and well-trained voices won nil eucore and a tihird demand on their repertoire made by tlie pleased audience was only forestalled when Chairman Kearney rose to introduce the speaker of the evening. Mr. Kearney spoke ouly a few wtfrds. He returned the thanks of the Railroad Men's Sound Money club to the visiting delegations. He asked the candid opinion of the audience concerning the similarity of facial expression "and general deportment of the- gentlemen present and the.; "miserable victims-of coercion" which.have been disturbing the dreams of the" Popocraits. He read the following dispatch amid entbuias^ tic applause: •-•• . ; "Chicago, Sept. 1G, 1S9G. "C. H. Walton, Supt P. C. C. & St. L. R'y: •' "Please convey this message to the meeting' tonight. A mon went into a saloon and hitched his horse outside. Coming out a little-mixed an hour later, he mounted with his face to the horse's tail. Another man passing hailed him. 'Hey, stranger, 1 he said,! 'How in thunder do you expect to ride' that way? And how in thunder,' hic- coughed the man on the horse, 'do you know which way I want to go?' Bryan's face is se-t towards the % White House, but Ms horse Is traveling the other way. And; tell toe meeting, th<>, railway men of the country have holp of. the In-Idle. I am sorry I cannot be with you, but say that I can do better work for the cause by staying here^ where I am in touch /with over three •hundred clubs having an aggregate membership of nearly one hundred fifty thousand, 'and every one of a voter. Good luck to you. '"• •;HAR,RY p. ROBINSON, "Editor of The Hallway Age." Mr. Kearney then introduced Mr. ..T. 1 T. Brooks of Salem, Ohio, Second Vice President of the Pennsylvania Railroad company, Mr. Brooks spoKfe.., quickly and with sucli cloar enunela--' •tton that bJs words, reached the rc-^ ruotest enrs of the vast audience. ;x His speech appears in full in another p.irt of The Journal'. NOTES AND INCIDENTS. The flinor Happenings of a Memorable Night. It wns a corker. It didn't ra.Iu. The Ph.-iros was disappointed. It was tho finest demonstration Lo- nusiwrt has seen. The rear brakem.au. who signaled, to £0 ahead wasn't "coerced." The .Tournal'offlce was crowded with guests ordering copies mailed. C V W. Graves furnished ?l(k;wort!f of fireworks, for the usc'of the railroad' men.' . .. oicngo railrond men came in cheer- Ing aud swinging red lanterns out' of car windows; The bullffine smiled when It struck the street car track, but It couldn't get onto the gauge. The Journal was' serenaded by the Barton band of Chicago after the meeting at tbe opera house. Mr. B&oks may well be congratnlflt- THE Is a Good Machine. ihigb standard of eicellencc. Man) of th« -Munson" consider It THE BEST. you will flnd It a valuable astUetaut In joor «t- ,.1 flee. Address for partlcolara ' THE MUNSON TYPEWRITER OD MANUFACTURERS. 24O-244 -Went I>ake St., Chicago, III- STATE NATIONAL BANK fcOQANSPORT, IKDJ. EJflFITflL. • S2OO.OCW a. F. Johnson, President. B. W, DUerr. Vice FrMldeot B. J. Heltbtfnk, Cmhler. < DIKECTOB8. f. r. Johnson. 8. W. Cilery. J. T. E W. M. Elliott. W. H. Bnldec. Buy and «r'l Government bondc •oney »n penonal wcurtt7 and •1*. lame epeclal certlflcatm of Marine t per cent. InterMt when . f*ex; I per cant, per annum when t Boxe»%°Bafety Deportt Vault* of thtt a»ank (or the deposit of de«d«, huuraME toUclei, mortca«e« and •»«* TalluthUa, ranted at from IS to tU C*r year. *ed on the success with whicli he tutS. the attention of his vast audience, -'An immense horn somewhere in the gallery afforded a vent for the Of controllable enthusiasm of an admtaer of Mr. Brooks's logic. There was never a more picturesque st.i£e-settiBg at Doton's than that which 'formed a frame for the spcater and committee last night. Iflie Ladies' Glee club of GalvesUta were the guests of Sheriff Adaitte. Tbey were serenaded after itbe speaking by the Marine band of Chicago. The decorations a,t tlie Pennsytoaie. station caught lire before the parade started and were badly damaged. The flames were extinguished. Tioweswtv before the display was entirely -COR- stim'ed. Mrs. J. T. Brooks accompanied Sec husband on his trip. She lieard theatf- drcss from the left lower 'box. Mr. xaO. Mrs. Brooks leave this noon, for Indianapolis where Mr. Brooks will sjpcat /tonight. Tlie awning over the windows on (he second iloor of Judge WinneUl's built ing at Hie corner ol Fourth street and! Broadway, caught fire during the parade, but -the blaze was put out liefote much damage was done. . Tl'ie, ladies 61 the Cumberland. byterian church t>f the Wcstsidc recently presented Mrs, L .B. Curlin wSCfc . iKiudsoiuesilk (juHton nccountof h«r liberal donation awl solicitation tar ithc chiwcl). The parade torches, Roman and other fireworks used by the rt*- road men last night were fur»U*« through C. W. Graves, dealer in campaign goods. .

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