Independent from Long Beach, California on July 24, 1961 · Page 10
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 10

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, July 24, 1961
Page 10
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Page B-2-INDEPENDENT Ui4 such, Cilll., Man., Jtilr H, 1)11 Bellamy Wins Russ Film Prize MOSCOW (UPI) -- Ameri can actor Ralph Bellamy won an award at the second Moscow Film Festival Sunday even though almost the entire Russian audience walked out on his movie, "Sunrise in Campobello." The union of Soviet Societies for Friendship and Cultural Relations completed masterful job of face-saving by giving its grand prize jointly to the Russian and Japanese pictures "Clear Sky 1 and "The Bare Island." The festival ended Sunday. * Ti. * * CRITICS PRAISED Bella my's portrayal of Presiden Franklin D. Roosevelt bu "Campobetlo" itself flopped Moscovites walked out on th movie Saturday night as soo as they discovered it did no cover Roosevelt's wartim career, with which they ar most familiar. The first festival brough cries of "politics" when Com munist entries and one from Cuba swept all the prize Bellamy's award this ye; was made outside the offici; festival prizes. 1U E. OCEAN BLVD. WEST COAST OPEN NOON-BARGAIN PARKING CoPER-KiFfft - 'Other Woman' Will Testify 7 Before Cooley Jury Today END OF AN ERA? Jayne Mansfield says she's putting an end to the "sexpot bit" by letting her hair grow out to its natural chestnut hue. At left, she's shown in wig she's going to wear until the platinum blond tresses, shown at right, disappear. Poodle's name is Pierre Pepe-- (AP) By GEORGE C. FLOWERS PreivTelegram Slalf Wrlltr BAKERSFIELD--Anita Aros, fiddling friend of Donnell (Spade) Cooley, was summoned to Kern County Superior Court today to testify as to her alleged role as the "other woman." Dist. Atty Kit Nelson, who is prosecuting Cooley for the alleged torture-murder of his wife, Ella Mae, April 3, previously has told the jury that Miss Arcs' testimony may be "conflicting." * * * * IN HIS OPENING statement, Nelson said Cooley proposed to Miss Aros by telephone, in the presence of Ella Mae and their children, Melody, 14, and Donnell Jr., 12. Nelson quoted Miss Aros as saying: "Sure." Then, Nelson charges, Cooley forced his children to go to the telephone and tell Miss Aros that they would be happy to have her as their 'new mother." This, too, was done in Ella Nelson said he expected diss Aros to be on the stand oday. i- * » · AMONG OTHER witnesses cheduled during this week re Cooley's daughter, Melody --who has disowned her. fa- h er -a nd Barbara (Bobbie) Bennett, Cooley's business manager. Miss Bennett was called to he Cooley home the night Ella Mae allegedly was tortured and beaten. It was she, according to the inquest tes? imony, who insisted that medical aid be summoned. snow TIME Here are the starting times of features at Long Beach theaters as listed by theater managers: ROXY 'S'trra Barm," 10:07. 3:M, . 1:01, 17:58. "P'eaie Don'l Eal tiw OS jlei," 11:27, f.n, 1:U, 2:18. "Big Lor.s," I:K 6.31, 11:11. 4:10. STATE "Curie ol tfie Werewolf," 1, 5:». «:35, H:Sf "Shadow of Ihe Cal." 12:M, ; 7, 10:10. 9 i;jc, 7, 10:10. "Lld'fV Man," 1!:M, 3:ii, 7:15, 10:50. Love In a Gcldlltfi Bowl." 2:15, 5:«, 9:10. Raisin In trie 'LilAbner' Cast in Festival International Farewell Fiesta ceremonies Saturday, under the auspices of tlie Downtown Long Beach Associates, will feature cast members from the current Off- j Broadway Theater produc ' lion, "Li'S Abncr." The play, which opened July 21, will continue to run Fridays and Saturdays indefinitely at the theater at 211 GOING DRAMATIC Sex Symbol Days Ending for Jayne HOLLYWOOD (XP--Turn Jayne Mansfield's platinum hair to brown, cover up her curves and what have you got? An actress? She thinks so, and she's GLENN FORD -DONALD O'CONNOR ATLANTIC near CARSON OA 4-111? ·'OPEN NOON · PARKINS P FIflIT LOHO ICtCX IHOWIKU NOW "Parrish," !:«- "A un," 6:30, 1»:50. i IT'S JERRY'S BIGGEST, i! I FUNNIEST YET! I -- TECHNICOLOR -CO-HIT Tommy Sands and Fabian I iMfahiaiutagMMB" .« ^. ·········· )15 E. OCEAN TTTTI5 MARK HEKDRIX, your Hoit and Th»tir Manager lays: "Starch his page and you'll find natH- ng funnttr than our program at the IT'S JERRY'S BIGGEST, I FUNNIEST YET! ' CO-COMEDY HIT SANDS HUMAN Bclh Comtdlej In TECHNICOLOR Lime Ave. * PARTICIPATION of the ast members at noon at the orner of Broadway and Pine Avenue will climax the International Days Festival. Fifty- ive performers from the "I.i' Abner" group will presen songs and dances from the show. At 1 p.m. all IBC contest ants will make stops at eacl of the Archways of Friendship on Pine between First and Seventh Streets. taking the plunge, all 40-18-35 of her. She announced Sunday he is: 1. Letting her hair grow out o its native chestnut hue; 2. B u y i n g an "elegant" wardrobe of 50 dresses, many high-necked. C o v e r i n g u p Mansfield might seem as drastic as shrouding Mt. Rushmore. But with a weather eye to the trend (and perhaps another to her press book), she commented: "Being an international sex symbol is fine, but limiting. My career got waylaid by the sexpot bit. I've enjoyed it, but that's just one branch of the 'The George Raft Story," her first Hollywood film in five years. And she's mulling the role of cook in a Yugoslavian lumber camp in "Act of Violence." The producer: Mickey Hargitay, her Hungarian hus- and. * A * * MY TALENT has been omewhat obscured by my uffy blonde hair and my exy publicity," she confessed. I don't intend to put a tenl ver my head. But I do want o be my real self. She added this thought: "I hink a girl looks sexier without a low-cut dress." It's something to think about. Esther Dale, Actress, Dies in Hospital LOS ANGELES W)--Character actress Esther Dale, 71 who played in more than 100 movies, died Sunday at Queen of Angels Hospital after an operation. Her most recent roles were in 'The Egg and I" and "Ma and Pa Kettle at the Fair." She went to Hollywood from the New York stage in 1935. Miss Dale was the widow of writer-producer Arlhur ANITA AROS Testimony 'Conflicting' Mac's presence, Nelson said. * * * * NE1.SON TOLD the juror that this was part of Cooley' 10-day reign of terror that preceded the death of Ella Mae. Miss Aros, however, has publicly and flatly denied that she was ever in the "other woman" role with the Cooleys. She testified at the inquest hat she and Cooley were only 'good friends." Miss Aros, a violinist and sometimes singer with Cooley when he was "King of Western Swing," is an attractive brunette in her mid-thirties who joined Cooley's band in 1948. flKEUJOOD H» 5-2430 uii i- C' MATINEE DAILY! OPEN II A.M.--CONTINUOUS{LAST COMPLETE MATINEE STARTS i:V P.M.) MATINEfi PROGRAM andthe Three $\w$ EVENING PROGRAM DOORS OPEN 7:30-CURTAIN 1:1 ^ONE PERFORMANCE NIGHTLY The love stofy V" -,,,,,,--.» "X 1 MlhrilMf ""JS?* \ m'Hioral f ·*°TM! I ?S \ GONE WITH THEWIND f Battery Helps Man's Heart Go CHICAGO (UPI) -- Louis Finer's heart was beating today with the help of a battery inside his body. Doctors released him from a hospital after placing the transistorized battery inside his abdominal wall. Wires connect the three-inch battery to his heart, stimulating it to beat 56 times a minute. He had been suffering blackouts and fainting spells because his heartbeat was too weak to supply necessary blood. The battery in the body of the 56-year-old barber is expected to last five years. Beckbard, March. who died last PACIFIC THEATRES MATINEES TODAY! STATE TOWNE RIVOLI Three Gunmeu Rob Gardens Drive-in GARDENA (CNS) -- Three gunmen robbed a Gardena drive-in theater of $480 Sunday. The trio walked into the office building of the Vermont drive-in, at 12:25 a.m. and forced employes to open the theater safe at gunpoint. T5WNE 4425 Atlantic Cfl 2 - 1 2 2 1 STATE X" O c e a n SPlni L HE T-2T2I D A R T C O O P E R "KaKEO EOOl" "MIXOliUR" THRILLS IK COlOn "CURSE OF W E R E W O L F " "SHADOW OF CAT" CBART Anaheim t Junipero GE 9-98U OPE* AT till "JOURNIY TO CEHTEfl OF EARTH" "TIME MACHIHI" ATLANTIC 6870 Allanllo CA 2-3161 "BUHH III 1UH" RIVOLI LG,Blvd.,5th HE 6-3201 WALT DIIUEI'I "VIKKI, W I L D - D OF THE »0«W "GREEN HHHIT" PACIFIC DRIVE-IN THEATRES SHOWS START AT DUSK CIRCLE Trafllc CIrclg GE 9-9513 THRILLS III COLOR "CURIE OF WEREWOLF" "JHUDOW OF CAT" 3" UKEWOOD 5r CaFSort,Cherty )f GA 4-9931 WILT DllHET't "HlXKl, WILD DOB OF THE HORTH" "CHEEK HELUI1" LONG BEACH 223rd at Santa Fe TE 4-6135 our "IUKEC fiti* "MIKOTtUI"!' LOS ALTOS Bellfr.,Spring HA 6-7422 JIBRT LEWI! "LADIEI NAN" "LOVE III » OOLTJFISH BOWL" HI-WAY 39 Nr. G, C, 81, K 4-6282 JERHT LEWir- "LAOIES M1K" " L O V E I*". GOLDFISH ISHJL,". 'I trained myself for i dramatic career in three uni versities -- Texas, UCLA am SMU, and in several acting schools. I can always hav the glamor, but I think you should fill your life as full as you can." Unlike h e r predecessor, Marilyn Monroe, Jayne doesn't dote on Dostoevski. But she said she is going dramatic in OPEN" NOON"BARGAIN PARKING , ROBERT. MITCHUM-JACK VrtBB V j OPEN :» -- HOW PLAYINS IT'S A CRIME: IF YOU MISS Constable^ SHOWN AT I:3«-I:J!-K:4» " TM M.US -- DAY OF THE PAINTER AKD ROAD RUNNER XARTOON OPEN *:3« -- SMOKING LOCES "Gidgef Goes Hawaiian") "The Pleasure of His " Company BOTH IH COLOR STASIS TOMORROW 3 DAYS ONLY 'BALLAlTo F A SOLDIER' (EfMIUh iutllllll) ^, I tU MAIN IT. SEAL IEACKV "M" MIIGHIOHHOOD TterifaeQufe DOWNEY HORWALK A V E K U E , Oiwilf TO l-iill "CURIE «F THE WEMWOlf" "JHADOH OF 1HE CAT" tiff MERALTA. OJ»BI TI Mill Cut. II--"LADIEI 1 HAH" Jirrr Liwli 'IOVE IK A BOLOFIIH lOYiL" lerailk UH Mill "DUE ETID JiCKl" HfAlUR! GF Hll COH»»1" R£D"ONOO"f£XCH ITRAHD O p i n IhllDillT F» Mill "OXE-ITED JACKJ" "HdUICICAL" SELLfLOWER OPEN i r. K. HA 1-1111 ADULT IHOKIKQ R O W PEF1MIT1ID IN 1ALCON! LOBE! OUT IFECIAL KID MATKIE I I, H. KENO T O U I O B r S»0 Kirlii Irnlt "OIE-ETCD JACKi" '1HOW WHITE AMD THE ITOOQEI" 4 Persons D as Boat Capsizes DENVER (UP!)--Four persons, including two small children, drowned when an 18- foot cabin cruiser with 11 persons aboard capsized in (nine feet of water at Sloan's Lake in West Denver Sunday. The victims were Robert Mutch Jr., Lori Lee Allison, 4, and Shirley A. Reeves, 32, all of Denver, and Eunice Saba- don, 32, Dacona, Colo. The M u t c h hoy's father owned the boat. Candy Brokers Hit Red Siveels CHICAGO (UPI) -- The Candy Brokers Association ol America Sunday announced its opposition to imports ol sweets from behind the Iron Curtain. The brokers asked jobbers and buyers to require information about the country of origin before buying imported candy. The association said there have been a number of sales recently in the U. S. of candy made in Communist countries. You'll have a wonderful time at the tmfm D RAGES! rft5 *?^.rrr^i"" ^r^K- ^ ·-·iJto--_ ^ --n^ * 4 ' GARDEN GROVE M O V E O P E N 1:4! 11 T - I I O I "DOKE WITH THE WHO" CLARK SABLE--VIVIAN LEI1H HUNT1NGTON PXRK LT1IB Pullli il FIlrliEi IU Mill Cul. lr» O -- ilk Hut "HOT TOUIBHT, HINHT" Haile Selassie 69 ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia W -- Emperor Haile Selassie Sunday marked his 69th birthday. KABIOH, ill!} I. »K.llt Ti «-llll "DRUMI »CROIt THE HIVE!" "OriRATIOII [ICHHtNUI" LA KIRADi AlHrfrt-imitm UlMIII " O K E - E T E D JACKS" "THE TOUII1 lAVAtEl" I I M O L I , Inn P i r k . JA 7-1)11 "BEVOIT Of THE UAVEl" I IIOOOE1--"ITO, LOOK ( LAUOK" «0»SIUH, 14111 "CIMkUBOI" "ii»h't DIDO lONDOWI, til W. Mlllllltal, Willlltt "OIAIT" "SIO IRAVt" tHIII VUE Flinr.l ll lilll DA 4-111! "IOKE W I T H TK( VUNt" NOAH'I *«K WAM1IH 1111 Hllllflliri Kill. lit. tl.ll fir Cit vhlK Mill "IILL. IODK KD CtnDLl" IOOX AKD CAUDLE" tr x rutitivi" ROXY OPEN H A.M. -- OPEN ALL NISKT DORIS DAY -- DAVID NIVE.'I JAN 15 PAIGE -- COLOR 'Please Don't Eal tha Daisies' ALAN LADD -- V. MAYO -- Coler "THE BIO LAND" ALBAN ' « » f l H S In Color "SIERRA BARONS" Lutheran Church Membership Rises NEW YORK Membership in Lutheran churches in the United States totals 8,456,863, a tabulation showed Sunday. This is a gain of 143,015 or 1.7 per cent, during 1960 The figures, compiled by Helen M. Knubel, research secretary of the National Lutheran Council, came from 14 L u t h e r a n denominations. Eight reported increases in membership; two reported no change; four reported losses. PALACE^ M PINE AVE. - riant HE «-«» "NO NAME ON THE BUUIT" "APRIL LOVE" "BATTLE OF THE CORAL SHA" ART TROY DONAHUE-CLAUDETTE COLBERT i "PARRISH" ' "RAISIN IN THE SUN" : Stirring SIDNEY POITIER 1 OPEN J 6:30 J P . M . i, ·V********* HANK HENRY LYRIC Hilly, fiik fit. -Turin* IU Mill I mil URKIKt ctllllhltt. STARTS TOMORROW! POST TIME 2:15! A wonderful way to spend the day! You'll agree as you watch 9 exciting Thoroughbred races at Del Mar... starting tomorrow. Finest horses, famous jockeys... you'll see great racing in a setting f glamour and beauty at fabulous Del Mar... "where the turf meets the surf." Large covered grandstand, ample parking, easy io reach..* you can leave town in the mom ing and be back by evening... via plane, train, bus or car on fast freeways. Opening day feature is the $7500 Inaugural Handicap. Gates open at 11:30; post time, 2:15 p.m. Come, have a fun-fall day at the Del Mar races... to- znorrow, oc any day during the eeason (except Sundays). 1 SPECIAL BUS AND TRAM DIRECT TO THE TRACK: Snjhontd But--Round trip from lot Angeles, including general nimiisiHT, · $6,25 (incl. tad. Call MAdison 7-7181. Saali Fe Train--Round trip from let Ati|e!es, including -general whalis'ion, 56.25 (incl. tax). Call MAdison QUL Seats Irea $120, (Incl. In). , $1.50

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