Independent from Long Beach, California on May 27, 1961 · Page 9
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 9

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 27, 1961
Page 9
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Dies LEVELLAND, Tex. C*W Forrest Weimhold, 46, owner and publisher of the Levelland Daily News Sun. died Friday of an apparent heart attack. "Flying Leathernecks" -- In Color -"SIGN OF GLADIATOR" CARTOONS I PRIZES FILM CONTRACT OK'D Sean Flynn Chip Off Old Block SANTA MONICA OP)--The late Errol Flynn's son Sean, who not only looks like his famous father but talks like him, had a $1,000 a-week movie contract approved Friday in Superior Court. i It's a pretty good contract;'" some courtroom drama, for a 20-year-old who has usually involving girls. never acted before. Sean is the son of Errol by Lili Da- Photographers Friday asked young Flynn tu point to the I** MM*, uu.. in -P,,. A-l «u» a, mi Science Job Set WASHINGTON OP) -- Th« Senate Friday voted to creatf the new post of assis'ant sec- ri'tary for science. The bill s t i l l requires House action. contract. "Ah, you mean the morals mita. The son. whose flashing smile and flirtatious eyes are clause," the son quipped in reminiscent of Erroi when he typical Flynn style, first came to Hollywood, will Recently, the son told an star in "The Son of Captain!interviewer: Blood." E. OCEAN BLVD. · HE S-4209 . WEST COAST OPEN NOON · BARGAIN PARKING [ACADEMY AWARD "-!· WINNER llj ·rani It was just 25 years ago "1 like to drive fast, foreign cars. 1 like to fish, hunt JL., ..«,. j M O t *.J J\,U10 «fc '-'| * I t 1-1 , t- -I that Jack L. Warner took the and sal1 - And ! llke to live ll up with girls. I'm what you might call a hedonist, a young man specializing in pleasure." :;: * * * IT WAS the type of philosophy his father used to expound. The elder Flynn died of a handsome Errol out of a $75- a-week stock contract and s t a r r e d Blood." him in "Captain THE PICTURE made a star overnight of Flynn. When he wasn't starring in dashingiheart attack in 1959 while screen roles, he was starred'visiting in Vancouver, B. C. He was 50 but an autopsy SHOWTIME Here are starting times of features at Long Beach the- Radical New Boosters Trim Moon Hop Schedule 2 Years TULSA, Okla. (UPI) --Dr.| Von Braun is director of'· ready for flight tests in early Space Flight! 1963. Wernher revealed ture" in von Braun a "radical bie booster SANTA ROSA, Calif. (UPI) --Skip ifoung. 31, the "Wal- de P. ar 'i Center, Huntsville, Ala., ~o(\ This means it might well ^ mjl ° f television's Nelson F r i d a y j t h e Marshall High Wire Star, TV\ 'Wallf Wed? L P K E U J O O D HA 5-2530 i»t i. c..u S4TU80AY MATINEE ONLY OPEN 11 A M -- CONTINUOUS Last ComDlelt Mitinet Slam J:M " 1 0 0 1 ARABIAN NIGHTS" -- plUJ -"THE BOY t THE PIRATES" Both In Color design show, and Carol surgeon said his organs werejdesigns, Von Braun said, "we could land a locomotive on the moon if anyone wanted one there." those of an octogenarian. The son is 6-feet 3, with thickly-lashed, dancing brown eyes and dark blonde, curly aters as listed by theater] hair. He is an athletic 180 pounds. His French mother and ivon!" i? ; io'i F 'y nn were divorced a few i!:47, 5:3i,imonths after he was born. He PALACE seldom saw his father until "Angrv Hills." 10:11, 3'26. B 41 1-56 , , ,, .. . , ··Beat Generation," 12:09. 5j4, ID'S? he was 16. He came out here 7:05, 12:20. ART ··ButterfieU «.··_ 3. 6:40. 10:20. "Sons faiher. v j s i t people know NASA official has discussed and I t h i s plan for the third or C-3'and return them to earth,at the same time leave said. "But "in recognition of his serv ersion of S a t u r n - T1 'e C-3,,20 tons of supplies and equip-, , ,, ,, , .... the guy who introduced ices to the country and to a s P ace ex P ert l ° ld United ment to support a manned ··H 0r ,,. w ,m 1 . l y,,' n0 , Beverly Aadland to my fa-! the cause of world peace." Pres s International, could be lunar stat.on. type;was passed by unanimous "Gun Girl and Ganosters," 17:26, 12:10, 4:40. "Devil's Canv !3:59. 8:43, 1:20. "Deep S 10:15, 2:52. "The Absent Minded Professo 4:40, 7 : 3 5 , 10-40. -Horse Wild at the time) but I introduced '». i:45. and |guess she just aroused the A *"«"; Pygmalion complex in him." HEY KIDS! SPECIAL MATINEE SATURDAY NOON 3 CARTOONS HILARIOUS COMEDY "RACING BLOCK" "ROCKET MAN 1 : invades the world of HAROID HECHT'S WHO...«m THI MAN WITHOUT A FACfl Metro-Goldwyn-Msyer presents STEWART GRANGER HAYA H A R A R E E T STAR Of "BtN HUH" RETURN ' TO PEYTON SHIRLEY MacLAINE Liurenn Harvfy "TWO WEST COAST which s p a c e experts said the National Aeronautics and be ready for manned mis-j w h i ttaker, 20,' a member of c. ..,_:_:_,__.,__ sions, including the flight of-the Flying Viennas' trapeze the three-man crew around]act, obtained a marriage could put a crew of men around the moon some two years ahead of present schedules. By carrying the "radical Space Administration. He is in charge of NASA's program to develop rocket!the moon and back, at least boosters powerful enough to!two years ahead of the pres- carry out manned explora-'ent target date of 1967. departure" further in later'tions of the m o o n and 1 Not even the C-3, however, Bob Hope Lauded by U.S. Senate WASHINGTON UP) -- A resolution to award a gold medal to comedian Bob Hope planets. 'could cense here Thursday and told a reporter they would wed in San Francisco Friday night. They could not be reached In a talk at the first Na-jmoon land in a a crew on space craft t h e yesterday for confirmation. with Also with the Kay Broth- tional Conference on Peaceful!sufficient power to carry itiers circus is David Nelson. Uses of Space, Von Braun back to earth. But the C-3V son of Ozzie and Harriet of disclosed that the Saturn's engine could be clustered i n j t h e Nelson Family show, and rocket thrust of 1.5 million pounds will be doubled by the new departure while at the same time its 8-clustered engines two. will be reduced to THIS IS THE first time a large numbers to produce 12 million pounds of thrust, Von Braun said. This is the familiar "Nova Concept" of boosters to follow Saturn. Von Braun said Nova could "put a space craft with three men on the moonj his bride of last weekend, June Blair. Young is master of ceremonies of the show. Nelson is a catcher on the high wires. ·THE HOODLUM PRIEST' Shown 5:2449:14 * * * * * * * * * * * * PACIFIC THEATRES MATINEES TODAY! C4BAHT Anaheim t lunipero GE 9-96T4 ALL COLOR SHOW "Th« Rsbl" "« Mai tilled Ptttr" Stripper's Engagement to Cohen 4 f or Publicity' LOS ANGELES (CNS)--Stripper Beverly Hills admitted i Friday her engagement to ex-convict Mickey Cohen in 1959 1 was merely a publicity stunt, and she already had a hus- voice vote in the Senate Friday. It now goes to the House. Ninety-six of the Senate's 100 members joined in introducing the resolution. The other four said they have fixed policies not to co-sponsor legislation. T h e resolution p r a i s e s Hope for his "firm and imng- band at tne tlme - inative support to humani- 1 The shapely b r u n e 11 e,- m ent NOTE! TOWNE OPENS 9:30 A.M. RIVOLI OPENS AT NOON TOWNE . 442S Atlantic ·ft GA 2-1221 "Tk ««iMt. Mlndii ·tofauir" "Thi Kent With thi Till" STATE w«. Homm.Ki. uo.a Ocean I Pint "Picnic" HE 7-2721 "Calna Mutinr" ATLANTIC 5BTO Atlantic GA 2-3161 dry »,,, "Bran li Bntmr 11 "Sanctianr" RIVOLI l.B, Blvd., SHi HE E-320I "Thi Unit, Hindi* Prolmar" "Thi Hiru With lit Fljlnj Till" PACIFIC DRIVE-IN THEATRES to Cohen was tarian causes of every de- whose real name s Mrs. Bev-j nou nced by Hollywood erly Powers, told a jury in! u m n j s t s . S. Judge George H. Boldt's an-1 Col-! building military visits far-flung' bases to entertain c ° urt she became "engaged" "-* members of the armed forces. Atlas Test Fired CAPE CANAVERAL (UPI) to the accused tax evader while working at the Club Largo in West Hollywood at the suggestion of her man- "I went out with Mr. Cohen on occasions, but we were never a twosome. There was always somebody else along," she said. Asked if Cohen was * SHOWS START AT DUSK . CIRCLE ·« Tralllc Clieli GE 9-9511 "Tin ttm|.MIii« ·rolisair" "Th Him With i ln Till" LONG BEACH 223rd at Santa Ft TE 4-6435 (II ttltfl "III Ihiw" "Thi Cxai-lini LOS ALTOS lirt Inuilir etlltlr,,Sprin| "T««ni »4T«n»" HA 6-1422 '«»·· thi llHk sirltH 1 nx U. S. war rocket, hurled a d u m m y Ally. Thomas R. Sheridan, warhead 5.000 mile, into a !he'21-vear-old dancer admit-, P° rtcd 'y target in the South 'Atlantic^ she had been married for| Ocean Friday night. 'two years when her engage- The SinS of Rachel J Cade · 3U E OCEAN · HE A 3973 OPEi NOON · B A R G A I N PARKING Ellhw Williams - Cntl RobcrliOTi IN BELMCNT SHORE · GE 8-1001 T r BOX OFFICE OPENS 4:30 P.M. Carv GRANT -- Deborah K E R R "GRASS IS GREENER" Technicolor -- :45 - 10 4S Tonv C U R T I S '"GREAT IMPOSTER" 4 A\ · 9 00 P.M. P| Children's Saturday Matinee from 1? Noon to 3 70 P M "PARATROOP COMMAND" M SUBMARINE U $EAHAWK" AND KARTUONS ···*«··»··· OPEN NOON -- SMOKINO LOGES WILMINGTON · TL 4-3477 WAuT DISNEY'S "flbsent-Minded Professor" "Horse With Flying Tail" OI'l-N ft DAYi WF.tKl.Y K I O SHOW T O D A Y · 41 "THE ALAMO" "JUNGLE CAT" LOS ALTOS I DRIVE-IN , KBELIFLOWER at SPRING,/ ^^_H» 5"»22^B I STARTS AT DUSK I NOW MOWING t THEATRES THESE ARE THE YOUNG AND THE DAMNED... WHO GROW IN THE CRACKS OF A CONCRETE JUNGLE! DINA MERRILL/, IPWIR1 UPfllW / WW1114111IWWY fitlTSI CO-HIT WEST C04ST "FRONTIER UPRISING" CO-HIT! LOS ALTOS "When the Clock Strikes" Pacific Station PO Starts Service Monday The new Pacific Station of the Long Beach Post Office will open Monday at 1920 Pacific Ave. Postmaster George J. McMillin said the 6.066-square- foot facility will serve Zone 6--an area bounded by Pacific Coast Highway to Spring Street and Cherry Avenue to the Flood Control Channel. Twenty-eight carriers will be assigned to the station from the main Post Office. A contract station at 2264 Pacific Ave. is to be eliminated. * * * DON ROOT will be superintendent of the new station and John Cady, assistant superintendent. John Osier, assistant postmaster, said the facility offers these new features: 1. Low open bank-type service counters. Cages have been eliminated. 2. A separate lobby for post office boxes. That way boxes can be used by patrons when the main lobby is closed. 3. More than 10,000 feet of parking, driveway and maneuvering space. The building was constructed by Millie and Severson, Inc., contractors, for Dr. Leonard V. Wachs of 4246 Lakewood Dr., Lakewood. Dr. Wachs has leased the building to the Post Office Department for 10 years with two five- year renewal options. Official dedication of the new building will be at 10 a. m. June 10. while to her, the dancer She identified the girl as Candy Barr. Miss Barr, currently serving a 15-year prison term in Texas for a narcotics violation, is in Los Angeles awaiting to testify at Cohen's trial. ROXY OPEN 10 AM - OPEN ALL NIGHT A. Ladd-Wm. bcntJix-K. Wynn--Color "DEEP SIX" Mamie Van Daren · G Mohr "GUNS, GIRLS GANGSTERS" Dalp Robertson - V. Mavo -- Color "DEVIL'S CANYON" ROADHJM DRIVE-IN I THEATRE Patamt. t Compt. Blvd., iaiamt. "WACKIEST SHIP p * D "' IN THE ARMY" --and-- "Test of tha Storm Country" Tax Incl. rvi bdl $|50 N E I O H B O V H O O D ' oowNcr "JBSENT.M'KDED "HORSE WITH FLTIHQ TAIL" I MERUT», Ot.n.y CONTINUOUS MOM 10 A.M. "ABSENT-MINDED PROFESSOR" "HORSE WITH FUINH TAIL" COKTIHUDUS FROM 10 *.M. "IBSENT-MIKDEO PROFESSOR" "HORSE WITH FLUNG TIIL" BFDONOO IIACH TRAND R«[. Show 4:30 FR I-BIOO " G R A S S IS OREENER" "GREAT I M P O S T O R " KID SHOW S A T U R D A Y llilO A.M. B E L L F L O W E f t NUBEL OPEN 10 A.M. WA 9-1711 "ABSENT-MINDED PROFESSOR" "LEOIONS OF THE NILE"--Color G4RDEN GROVE Q R O V E .'E 1-tSOI "ABSENT-MINDED PROFESSOR" "HORSE WITH FLTINO TAIL" UKEWOOD Garson.Chirry OA -093l NOW! LOS ALTOS HI-WAY 39 A WOMAN AFRAID TO BE LOVED! SHIRLEY LAURENCE JACK f MUAINE- HARVEY-HAWKINS NOW! LAKEWOOD DRIVE-IN M T ALL-COLOR THRIU SHOW Of THE YiAR! 2nd Hit NOW! Towne, Rivoli and Circle HARBOR. 1112) \, Vwmolt Tl 4-ISOI "THE BEST OF EVERtTHINO" "THE PLUNCERERS" LA MIRADA Alutdra-Firestone UN 3-1111 "THE G R A S S IS GREENER" "HOODLUM PRIEST" LINCOLN. e««ni Pan J» 1-21!) "THE S A V A G E INNOCENTS" "BLUEPRINT FOR ROBBER!" R O A O I U M . I 4 T I I Parimt. ME 1-4641 " W A C K I E S T S K I P IN THE A R M T " J^'TESS OF THE S T O R M C O U N T R T " SU~NDOWN, B02 W. Watlllnitol, Whlltllf " C I M A R R O H " "WHERE THE BOTS ARE" T W I N V U F fij;ueroa it IS2nd DA 4.SI2T "RETURN 70 PETTON PLHCE" "ALL HANDS OH DECK" NOW SHOWING! OPEK NOON--Adults 75e 'til P.M. ALL-COLOR PROGRAM! r**+*--** + ART J «lth Chcrrv * A C A D E M Y A W A R D WINNERS "BUTTERFIELD 8" J WITH E L I Z A B E T H T A Y L O R - BEST A C T R E S S * "SONS AND LOVERS" t 211 LIME I OFF-BROADWAY THEATRE ON ·STAGE A MUSICAL FARCE "THIEVES' CARNIVAL" Friday »1.50-5lurcliW »J 00 LAST I W E E K S Res. HE 7-3571 "NEW WAVE" "MISCHIEF MAKERS" (France) "GIRL IN BLACK" (Greece) , THEATRE tCMNatPINEAVE [ONC BEACH PASSION THAT EXCITES AND IGNITES THE SCREENS WILLIAM GOLDEN - KIM NOVAK EXCLUSIVE U',, I II,y, Frl., Si'.. 8i)0(.n. Sunrily BiGO p.m. LIGHT UP THE SKY' EHSEGTI %1/Uit ·-.^^ ' .t;-iu:ta I iKY e « 4 - ! 4 1 S , 4 1 2 1 0 I "* ' Ai.Il! On:, I · OKE NITE ONLY! '.'. .y :'.3, 7 A 9 PM. B£TTY FIELD · SUSAN STRASBERG · CUFF ROBERTSON ROSALIND RUSSELL CIN(?MASCOPB MAYHOU OE I OSM ON STAGE F R I D A Y . II in - (I SO 5051 FAST ANAHEIM "SPEAKING OF MURDER" S A T U R D A Y R 10 -- ? 30 PINE AVE - Ption« HE «-44!» "ANGRY HILLS" "LOST LAGOON" "BEAT GENERATION" - * * * * * * * · PLUS -- SECOND GREAT FEATURE · T«NC UMNO TOD MI-THE BIG FILM FROM THE BIG Bflffl? MUTINY

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