Independent from Long Beach, California on May 17, 1961 · Page 2
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 2

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 17, 1961
Page 2
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A-2--INDEPENDENT Cam, We*, May V. mi I --L.A.C. SAYS:Unions Fight Cost Savings PEOPLE IN THE NEWS Charge Woman Who Shot Granddaughter's Boy Friend The coming union-management negotiations will face many issues involving automation and management programs to cut cost of production. It is an issue that affects every consumer and worker alike. Unless Costs are held down to compete with goods imported from low-wage countries our domestic goods will lose their markets--and our cost of goods will be higher. This will result in fewer jobs for our workers--and a drastic curtailment of our economy. * * * Some of the demands by unions to combat automation may be understood by comparing with some contracts now in effect. In a recent survey Nation's Business lists a few of them as follows: "Your freedom to cut costs to meet competition will be under heavy union attack this year and next. Unions will seek wage hikes. But union power also will be used to keep employers from making cost reductions through work-rule changes, new transportation techniques, automation, shifting production to lower-cost parts of the country." Where changes are made, unions will demand penalties be paid. These actions foreshadow the future. The Teamsters union wants long-distance haulers to pay one cent a mile (with a $5 minimum) for every truck-trailer shipped piggyback on railroads. Money would be paid by truckers into the union's welfare or pension fund. * * * This has been referred to joint labor-management committee for study, with understanding that the $5 fee will be imposed if no agreement is reached in a year. West Coast waterfront employers are forced to pay $5 million a year into a union fund in return for right to reduce size of the loading dock crews by using automatic loading equipment. A clothing manufacturer is paying a royalty to the union representing the employes in his American plant for every dress he manufactures in his foreign plant and brings to this country. A ladies garment manufacturer pays a union in a New York plant the amount the company saves through lower wages paid to non-union workers in a southern plant. Some New York garment manufacturers are forbidden by their union contracts to move to lower-cost areas. One who did has been ordered by the courts to move back and compensate former New York em- ployes for wages lost on account of the move. * * * These are some of the most vital problems facing job security, costs of living and our overall economy. It means future production will require fewer workers for the same amount of goods. Our increasing population will require more goods but more workers also will be added to our labor force. It seems apparent some change must be made in our system if we are to have relatively full employment. But unions must be willing to accept the principle that a shorter work week must be made up for by increased production and lower prices for the goods produced. Otherwise they will price themselves out of jobs to a greater extent than will greater use of work-saving automation.--L. A. C. (L.A.C.'s column, bv L. A. Collin; Sr.. like or^cr cc'umns, is an expression of personal opinion, and does not necc:,an,y ref'ec' the con- flderad opinion of tKs newspaper.) An elderly woman who opened fire with a pistol on her married granddaughter's boy friend w a s arraigned Tuesday in Canoga Park on a charge of assault with i n t e n t t o c o m m i t murder. "I did what 1 had to do." wept frail 72-year-old Mrs. Gloria LaForge. 'This man ruined us all. He ruined her life and he r u i n e d our whole family." Critically wounded, with two bullet wounds in the abdomen, was Jack Elwood Royal, 30, a drummer. Mrs. Denyse Shannon, 28, Mrs. LaForge's granddaughter, had been singing with Royal's musical trio. She is estranged from her husband, Robert Shannon, 40, television announcer. Police said the shooting occurred M o n d a y night when Royal and Mrs. Shannon went to the Shannon home here to visit her children, Robert Jr., 8, and Michael, 7. "My granddaughter was hypnotized by that man," she sobbed. "He scared all of us all the t i m e a n d threatened all of us. Oh how he frightened us!" CHANGES President C h a r l e s de Gaulle plans to replace his two top representatives in Algeria today as an aftermath of the military insurrection, informed sources in Algers said Tuesday. The sources said Algerian Delegate G e n e r a l Jean Morin and supreme military commander Gen. Fernand Gambiez w o u l d be dismissed. Both men remained loyal to De Gaulle during t h e generals' uprising, although both were imprisoned by the insurgents. The sources said t h e changes do not reflect on t h e loyalty of the commanders, but explained De Gaulle now wants men who will be tough as well as loyal in a crisis. FAVOR A 14-year-old Fair Lawn, N. J., boy was killed Tuesday by his brooding father who did not want him to go through life with a face distortion like his own. Dante BenzonI, 55, an accountant, told police he shot his sleeping son, Daniel, twice through the head because he feared the boy's face would become twisted. Benzoni's facial features became distorted 2'/ 2 years GEN. DE GAULLE Wants Tough Man ago after brain operation and a stroke. Five years ago, Daniel, honor student in the ninth grade, underwent an operation for an impacted tooth. A bit of muscle on the upper lip was removed and the father told police he thought this would lead to the disfigurement of the boy's face. He said he thought Daniel's nose was growing in size w h i l e his lip h a d stopped growing. But Dr. Arthur Greenfield, the county coroner, who conducted an autopsy, said he saw no indication that the boy's face was malformed. Benzoni was c h a r g e d with murder. He will undergo mental tests. "He evidently thought he was doing what was best for the boy," prosecutor's investigator Thomas Ryan said. ELECTED Five new members were elected to the board of governors of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, it was announced in Hollywood Tuesday. They are: MacDonald Carey, actors; Arthur Freed, producers; Roland Gross, film editors; Bill Hendricks, public relations, and King Vidor, directors. POLITICS A Chinese bellboy in Kong Kong Kong got the surprise of his life Tuesday when Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson reached out and s h o o k h i s hand on leaving t h e Ambassador Hotel in Hong Kong. "If you go to the United States one day," Johnson told the astonished boy, "look me up at the Senate." APPROVED The Senate Commerce Committee Tuesday approved the nomination of Howard V. Morgan to the Federal Power Commission despite Republican protests. Chairman Warren Magnuson, D-Wash., did n o t reveal how members voted in the closed session. But a committee spo k e s m a n s a i d t h e o p p o s i t i o n stemmed from Morgan's two college-age arrests and his failure to list them on government forms on four occasions. If Morgan's appointment is confirmed by the Senate, the former Oregon Public Service Commission chairman will serve a term expiring on June 22, 1963. He will succeed Paul A. Sweeney. Republican questioning brought out that Morgan w a s arrested in 1936 for assault and battery. The following year he was arrested on tire-theft charges. Morgan explained that the first arrest came when he pulled a t r u c k driver away from his camp boss during a f i g h t on a construction job. He said the second arrest came after his boss gave him a tire in lieu of wages. The tire S COMPLETE WEATHER [ FORECAST L LMf Mac* a** Vlct-tity: Constttratole doujintM today with partial clearing g in m# afternoon. Cloudy tonight with possibility of « llttl* drlult. Sunny fit latt Thvrwlav mcmlng and ir th* afternoon. High today about *7 Maunlain Are»«: Considerable cloudiness coastal slopes today and m Scattered drizzle likely tonight and early Thursday. Sunny Thursday F afternoon. Gusty winds Thursday and a little cooler. m IMarlor and D*»art Kefions: Sunny today but Increasing high clouds th.s i. afternoon. Seme high clouds tonight and Thursday. Gusty winds 70 to 30 miles per hour mis afternoon and Thursday. High temperatures today 80 to 90 upper valleys, 90 to 100 lower valleys. A little ' Thursday. t cooler most areas OfHnvrVwi'nd and Weather Forecast (Pt. Ctnctpciw. t* Mexican ·order): Westerly winds 10 *o IB knots late this morning and west to northwest IS to 25 knots this afternoon and evening. Northwest winds 18 to 26 knots Thursday afternoon. Considerable cloudiness this morning becoming partly sunny In afternoon. Cloudy tonight, clearing early Thursday morn- -- ' nornlng along wufti coast. " trnoon. Ing along north coast and late Thursday morning Slightly warmer along north coast Thursday afterni Navy Je* Pilot Dies in Crash SAN DIEGO (ff -- A Navy jet plane pilot who was the son of a Navy captain was killed when his F3H Demon crashed Tuesday. Lt. (jg) Thomas A. Ryan, 23, was found dead in the cockpit. He was the son of Capt. and Mrs. Albert F. Ryan, of Alamo, Calif. SUN, MOON AND TIDES Sunrlsa: S:51_a.m. Sunset: 7,:4» p.m. _ _ . . _ _ _ _ _ .. avnsvi. / . Moonrtw: 8:24 a.m. Moonsat: 10:39 p.m. _TIS«: Hl?hs, 3.4 feet INDEPENDENT -0.5 feet at 4:05 a.m. and 2 2 Long Beach - 8«, ' Long Beach Airport Los Angeles -- Avalon - - Bakersfleld BIShOD Blythe . El Centre Fresno, ... Albuauerau* Atlanta Bismarck Boston .. Chicago Cleveland Denver _ Des Molnes ~ Detroit . Fort Worth _ Helena . _ Honolulu Indianapolis _ Kansas City ' Juneau : Memphis 68 56 43 54 I 1 ,, ~_I 85 57 _ 83 46 95 « . :__ 5 8 Acrau I H. L. Prc. a a 75 M .. 51 M ... 70 61 .« 63 41 70 43 64 45 87 57 59 38 85 73 65 47 66 56 64 37 74 54 later was found to be stolen property. Morgan said that due to the circumstances of the arrests, he did not feel it necessary to list them on the government application forms. RESIGNS Prem Saeb Salam, one of the leaders of the 1958 Lebanese civil war, resigned Tuesday. Salam won a vote of con- M P.m. £, THER REPORTS £ rnla p. Newport Beach 62 54 1 Patm Springs _ 90 56 E Riverside _ -- -- 72 50 % Sacramenlo _ 83 50 p San Bernardino _ 75 53 , San Diego __ 66 57 p San Francisco 57 49 $· Santa Barbara 63 45 \ · N " 1 "' H. L.Prc * Miami 86 74 S Mlnneapolis-St. Paul ...... 60 41 i New Orleans 85 5» New York 70 60 .24 Oklahoma City 80 53 Omaha « 45 .43 Phoenlic _ _ 95 53 Pittsburgh . _ 62 50 .11 Portland _. . 63 46 08 Richmond .63 46 08 St. Louis « 44 Salt Lake Cllv W 39 02 jeallle 70 45 Spokane 68 43 13 * I Washington 80 49 t tha 48 adlaeent states was 106 at ' ·9 Laka Airport, N.D. aMssBJfflessr.taiS-sH^jswssvsk fidence in Parliament earlier this month, but was reported to feel he did not have the backing of the nation for his cabinet of nine Moslems and nine Christians. LIVE ON THE IEACH AT The KUNTINGTON HOTEL IJW E. OCEAN BLVD.. Long Beacll H at a BLOCK LONG F.rcproof. All rooms have private Bath. Room with private oath including excellent m«als. $30 per week, up. Complete hotel service. W* suy choice teals and the best ot everything. Individual service. 15% discount on laundry and dry cleaning. PHONE HE fr4UJ Publlihed dally except Sunday it Ixth St. and Pine Avt., Lena Beach 12, Calif. Entered aa eacond asa matter Mar. 27, 1943, ml Long each 2. Calif. Adjudicated by Su- arlor Court, Log Angeles County* ct. 6. 1941, Decree) No. C-10280. Per Per Month Veer Carrier Delivery _____ «2.2S (27.00 ·taj^^P* · O.A.S. PENSIONERS Attention! Do you know that all ptr- sons en state pensions art eligible for ey* examinations and glasses without cost to them? Ask for complete details, without obligation. Dr. J. M. Son, Optometrist (32 years in Long Beach); 37 Pine Ave. HE 5-6219. Open Friday evenings and all day Saturday. Free Park Shop. i Advert iscmtnn (Arjvtrtlsem*nM How To Hold FALSE TEETH More Firmly in Place Do your false tteth annoy and embarrass by slipping, dropping or wobbling wnen you eat. l a u s h o r talk? Just sprinkle a little PASTEETH on your plites.Thla alkaline (nnn-aridt powder holds false teeth more firmly n n d more comfortably. No Rummy. Rooey, pasty taste or feeling. Does not sour. Chcrks ·· · - - · ·* '·-- breath). 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