Eugene Register from Eugene, Oregon on March 20, 1930 · Page 8
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Eugene Register from Eugene, Oregon · Page 8

Eugene, Oregon
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 20, 1930
Page 8
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PAGE 8 EUGENE REGISTER, EUGENE, ORE, THURSDAY u.. SPORTS Of All Sorts By OBSERVER sTOTOR COP. veteran Lane coun' tv rare hone who haa tired imiiv track winners In his 10 years, now has two sons burning up the turf at Tla Juana, Mexico. John Bartholomew, who runs the Ooahen horse ranch at Goshen, the owner of Motor Cop. Flying Are, M months old, and Motor Park, 3 years olrt, an the racing colts now doing well at the southern track. Both horses are out of Valley Park Maid and Motor Cop, and thus re full brothers. They are owned hy Newt Womlck of Hlta-vllle. Wash., who braucht Valley Maid here to breed with Motor Cop, and who owns five sons from the Goshen stud. Flying Ace entered the 7.S00 purse for two year olds at Tla Juana last Sunday and finished In the money. Last Friday and Ace started Sixth In four-furlong race and finished third. The race track will be the scene next Sunday of a rare for the larg est purse ever offered on an American track the 140,000 Cof fin th Handicap. VJORMAN PURSER, swimming 1 ooach. has turned out a tine team of young water-dogs at the local Y. M. C. A, and a good ache-' dule of meets has been lined up for tbem. The team Is handicapped, liowever, bv a lack of financial backing from the "Y." whlrh may result In the kids being kept borne. Henry Howard, "V" secretary, has made an appeal for Individual contributions to send the team to the northwest Y. M. C. A. swimming meet at Everett, Wash, and to other water tourneys. Twenty-six dollars were subscribed for the team the other day by Individuals of the executive board of the Y. M. C. A. The boys record, both as a team and aa Individuals, entitles them to a few trips this season and the Observer hopes that opulent business men Interested In swimming think this a worthy cause. The two TP teams bay postponed the meet with University high school, whom they trounced taeently, due to pressing examinations for all concerned. Saturday seven of the boys whose picture la shown on the sport pago today will be chosen to meet the Northeast Y. M. O. A. at Portland. SEE Young Joe Stecher, massaging his professional ears: "I haven't showed the fans very much around here, because I haven't met any boys that made me open up. If they think I'm not good enough to wrestle for the championship, let 'em come around Friday . night and I'll show 'em plenty. Jones Is good boy, bat be Isn't good enough to beat me. He's a wise old gink, bat I'm going to get that belt. If I have to stay here all summer." Herb Owens wants Jones to stick round awhile and put up his belt before going back to Utah. Why shouldn't he? The Pete-Jones matches have drawn the biggest crowds ever to attend wrestling matches In Eugene. The boys please the fans, and the shekels jucboc Aero. Pendleton and Eugene High Fives Lead in Hoop Ti n wr en "Compromise" Proposal o Thompsons is Not Accepted Well V Washington P.-T. A. to Meet . The Washington school Parent-Teacher association will meet at the school on Thursday afternoon at 8 o clock. The second grade pupils U1 furnish the program. Mothers or second grade pupils will serve tea aad wafers- Communications from boat and bank fishermen published In the Register tecently, editorials and snorts columns, local comment and arguments have all combined to develop me controversy or coal vs. bank fishing on the McKensle Into one that threatens to again sweep Into the legislature with a better chance than ever before for a deadline for boats as some point on the river. Dayton Thomson of Thomson's re sort hu sent in his "ultimatum.' His "compromise" proposal la to draw the deadline at McKenale bridge, re serving the right to take picnic par- ues inrouga me waters oz tne entire river. Bank flshlu. advocates sou., out that this Is not a "compromise'' that will be accepted, since It leaves about five miles for the bank fishermen ana eo miles for the boat fishermen. "Angler" Is Blasted The letter signed "Ana-lex." minted In the Register Sunday, which elat ed that tier are only sue places avail- aoie iot Dana tuning on the McKen. ale below Blue River la being crttl' cused by Eugene sportsmen. Ray Yeatch says. " 'Angler' should have aald that there are only about a dozen places where concrete walks are provided for bank fishing. A. B. Roberts, known as "Hlehnoclr. e Because ox nis waaing nroDen- KltlM UM 'lnr.1 . - ,nw. . ""J .wq.c. ,gu u m means that there are not more than six places where a neraon can run irozn tne running board of his carl" sportsmen -Name Stretches A KTOUD Of SDOrtamen conirreffareri u aowniown store started to enu merate, Wednesday, some of the miles of accessible bank fishing territory wuv surer, auto, raacning a total of 30 rapids series, each of which provides nearly a fcair-dava fishing, they gave up. Starting at Blue River, some of ue piaces are: ssoutn of Blua Rinr down to Klk creek, averr foot: Soaro riffle and the rocks below; the nine at Lean Dog, where the tiver can be wsded: three stretches at Pillar rock; mouth of Quarts creek: unner Cook's landing: long stretch below Al Cook's summer home; halt mile stretch near Hessey's summer home. Each of these places provide some the best fly flshlnK U. the world for wading angl t, and there are many other beautiful stretches all the way down the river, the snorts- men claimed. Boatmen Swing Over To offset the Thomson "comnram- lse" comes word from Berl 81a ven of Leaburg and other boatmen who derive an Income from cllotlnir hoar. fishermen that they are heartily In favor of banning boats on th. m-. Kenzle to bring the stream back to a iuu ana natural supply of redsldes again. "If boats were taken off the entire McKenzlo for two veara. it wnnM m the propogatlon of redsldes more than au me natcnenes put together," declared Ray Veatchof Babb'a hardware, who added that he much prefers to fish from a boat, but thinks, nevertheless, that boat fishing should be oamiea. The hint thst a legislative ban on boat fishing would be unconstitutional Is refuted by .jcai attorneys who hm omx service on ine oench. BELIEVE IT OR NOT ' . BY RIPLEY a.n-fy.isi aai......-elg,a VsV.Tl i ' " " ' " ' arj'tp. rh. A BOLT OF LIGHTNING KILLED C.J.Summerford,o1 Columbia, AU AND A MONTH LATER. HIS GRAVE SfOME VAS DESTROYED By LIGHTNING Another stone was erected amp Lightning destroyed that also aa. ,BWws V The CRY of Tin A BAR Of TIN produces a peculiar NOISE When benT Due to the sliding oT the crystals over one another. two EYELESS FlSH HAVE LIVED 4 YEARS IN A SMALL BOWL WITHOUT FOOD OR CHANCE OF WATER Ourted by J M NELSON, Glasgow. N lit Mi S hMm fnU4 Cwi Snu W, fV .NrVEDLOCKED 100 YEARS . Puno Indians o((k AlTo Piano OS TMt ANOtS, Of Ihe Beat of a Candle Can Be Detected Two Miles. W slferdln's thermomultlpllcator has been perfected to SUCh a tabulOU ffoffTM fit MnaltlmnM, . . V. - . . i - ,, . . . . ... . ..- uv wibuduu uecuie oi its galvanometer win react to tne body temperature of an Insect placed 200 yards away. The heat of a candle burning two miles away will cause an actual deviation of the Indicating needle. The Improved apparatus Is called a telethermomulllpllcator. Inunctions on the theory of thermoelectricity of currents emanating from the body of the raised tempera-John Horan Worked Continuously for S Tears. Mr. Horan was first employed by the C. M. St. P. A P. R R. In April. 1855. when he waa but 17 years old. Be was M years old In January. 130. and Is at present a boiler Inspector for the same road In the Milwaukee shops and works six days every week. REDUCED S UMMER ROUNDTRIPS TO THE ORIENT YOKOHAMA $525 KOBE $544 SHANGHAI $606 HONG KONG AND MANILA $656 In effect on President Liners ailing from Seattle and Victoria, B. C, between May 1 and inly 81. Even at these low fares you need sacrifice nothing In luxury, for President liners are the famous Round the World ships. - ; A large outside stateroom, with real beds, is yours. On SDarJous decks, in comfortable social rooms, you share a joyous Iiie at tea with world travelers. And no rigid schedule drives yon at goose step through your trip I Stop over as you please. Enjoy the Orient for week, two weeks or a month if you choose. If Ja- pan's delicate beauty li about to be revealed to yon in some great festival . . . stay. If in strange China or the Philippines, some world port whose name meant romance, captivstet you . . , stay. There's another President Liner in just week. From the Orient President Linen return on weekly schedule for America. SAILINGS A President Liner sails every other Saturday from Seattle and Victoria, weekly tailing! from Los Angeles and San Francisco via Honolulu. Full iwformtlton from ami tUtmiUm Or lour ill tgrmt, , AMERICAN MAIL LINE, 152 Broadway, Portland 4th at University, Scattla SabtttDuUu Bids. Sm Ftandsw STROMBERG-CARLSON ZENITH EOISON The Finest In Radio EUGENE MUSIC 8BOP 10M Willamette St. PENDLETON, EUGENE AT TONNTOUflNEY Pendleton Beats Dallas and Eugene Takes One-Sided Game From Redmond BAt.KM, OtSh March 10 (AP) Pendleton and Kunene hlh schools took the lead in mo urviion smw hint) school basketball championship tournament al Willamette university here today, Pendleton defeating a slage-frlKhlened Dallas aiiirslloll SO to 31. while Eugene look a onesided affair from ltnlmond, 01 to 96 Kuutme and Krnmnnd owned tna tournament at 3:S0 o'clock this afternoon while Pendleton ami Dallas followed them on the floor. Hill and Temple divided scoring honors for Pendleton In the second omo with seven points each while raughn, Dallas, had nine. Dallas outplayed and outacored the easterners In the second half despite the Iom of Webb, center, on fouls. In the first game, Eugene took an early lead and held II throughout tne conical. A versatile Commerce attack proved too much for Uncntn In tonight's first game, the Portland slenouraph- era winning from their townsmen 30 to 30. Appleitate, Homier and Bcrog- gins poured In field goals to keep uommerco always in a ears lean. Tne 17 to 7 for commerce at the end of the first half and the second half waa fought on nearly even terms. Lineups and summaries DALLAS (3-J) WYtlrf a a phI nnrinirt!aaa!4 1 'S ? bn iMrK n DIIJ1J o g , 'uimr Zo ? ? llflHI rnn.. ' I o o uu iiu ku linn nriiiiH tou,. - -5 """.un. Itefsret, French; umpire, Coleman, "HLI i O r PI, D i a ' s a a I ! aett I 0 I I 1 a , o o o VauKhn. V , Quiring, r Webb, O Uglow. O Urlffln. Q . Lefors, C a Totals PENDLETON Masters, r Terjeaan, P HU1. O Temple, O snnep. i Toner, r . Kidder, O . Stroble, O . (SO) Totals . Referee; O is r o i i i 0 0 0 0 Pf. I I 4 a o o o EUGENE Berg. P . Houghton. P Bradway, O . Mcclain, Q . Clreene. O Ebrrhart, P . Hoffman. O , Jeffries, O Ooldman: umpire, French (M) O "ll I a . i . a REDMOND (IS) B. Blnllll, P ...... D. Bmltll, P Winkle, O MoOormeck, Q Tynan, u jusay, a MuUregor. P -., LINCOLN (30) Mason, p Richardson, P , Robertson, 0 , Donlll, (I Patch, a .. Wallers, a Totals COMMERCE (90) iteuner. r SrroitKlu. P O'Counell, 0 - Cleek. O Applegata. O Mltola. O . UnkleM, P .. Worthley, O Totals ....I Referee, Bolcman; NORTH REND (II) cnapman. r nioommilat, P K. Anderaon, O Taakey. O .... Deweaoe, a W, Anderaon, O Totals ..-.-.- TIIXAMOOK (18) Malian. P ........... Conover, P White, O Bunn. O Bchoppert, O a .... 8 .... 8 a ... i 4 1 ... 0 - 0 ....IS umpire, rrcncli. . 4 O . I . a . a . o . o Totala Referee, Prench; 8 umpire, Coleman. SPRINGFIELD TEAM OUTBOWLS WENQUNG WENDIJNO, Ore. March 10 (flw-clal) The bowling team repreMiiting the Casey service station of Rprlng-field came to Wendllng Tiirday evening and took the Lumbermen for a ride. This la Ihe first time for a long time that team has Invaded Wendllng and got away with the big end of the scare from the local bowlers. This same team defeated a group from Wendllng on the Springfield alleys about a week ago. The scores : C, Bryan was high man with tilth score of 1M and high total. of tU Casey's Kervlre L. Endlcott ....... 174 loo 180 830 L. Lepley 108 177 144 4H7 O, Bryan llto 100 17ft tu P. Black 148 1311 IM 434 O. Carson 178 138 170 401 Rced' Bovvllnn J tor. Will Be Here a VV( Givin Lesson, 'Hie ClrocsUri. i.. Kitinr. rro,,, lh J tot' Hi- Uri-ra,,!,,;" '"IW J miii. th. Ti. J"!." n1 K'k Iwo lm lt" '"X double h..d tUimk b '' J. Herd, bowlln. I.'. Heatlle, ' toUWta, "ll to IK.U, S , iid K''1 " Plans to b, hm .2J,nbl lvl..g ire. uZSZ' ' "ss. oirbi J followa M Tl" nM ;:: " nr. IM 111 " "I ml rrluro ....... Klrnk O, Hviiinuu 1.. HclimliU Totals 4. It C nruiulnu. .. Turner . Haritrrate. Ivrraun . , lllaney ... Tolnls . iriinrj'i 7 7 - I 134 J ISO Hi I BO M II IN It, " 111 110 li 610 TotaU . a. Bowers M. Warfel 8. Hall H. Cook . J. Waterhouse .. 83S 784 Lumbermen 140 iai 157 111 184 184 138 103 108 188 830 3440 jllfe Iiiauranre t'ndrrwrll. row" 1st IM lii Itemlcralmli , m , JJ H..lll.iK,.orlh ,44 109 J "inuer JJ0 IN inj 10IS1S TOO 41 TtJ """" sira Miiav " IM 1711 in mi i in ift 189 140 IN! n to ion 'M 848 Wei 8rla Mi'irh Mhsflner OuotM nnairner. A 168 in lie Davu o iso in Karclrll 147 IM IM Well leg J0 j) aiialtnrr. D. 148 111 u I arm.. O. Millar Quail L, Miller Bouncy Totals ToUls ToUU WINTER TERM It's good School Day School Night school EUGENE OCSl.NESS COLLEOB Phone 668 Miner Bldg. Eagene. Oregon Totals - AM mi mil " l.uifn. wain Ikari iaa a4iTrolln 141 in lHl 140 478 I U1U011 M lU lnl 181 404 Warnock 114 130 ml 148 47lBlopcr IN 115 111! Allilrwon . 8 133 IV I 714 708 3300 TotaU , ., 880 834 OH Blossom-time In California. Just south of San Francisco, your train bean you through the great Santa CUra Valley, where nature his put on ber spring-time costume. 'Blossom-time in California and only a day away Boundless orchards in glorious bloom. Mile after mile of. sweet-scented blossoms. California has taken on new beauty with the coming of spring. All of California is at its best. And the trip there . is quick and easy one you will enjoy via the. ever-alluring Shasta Route. Leader of Southern Pacific's fleet of fine trains California is the "Cascade" extra fare, 22 hours Portland to San Francisco. The "West Coast" takes you direct to Los Angeles. New-type observation-lounge on the "Shasta." New, deluxe ' chair cars with Pullman-like dressing rooms, etc, Bargain Fares $15 San Francisco $24 Los Angeles Special low one-way fares good in coaches and Tourist sleeping cars. Roundtrip fares also on sale jvith limits to suit your plans. ' By Southern Pacific you may choose your fare as well as your train. When you go by train you get all these advantages comfort, speed, safety, economy and convenience. Pbent or tall e m nj Ilm0 for s!l Iwtl hlormailem SorattaflneffM Pacfiffnc F. G. LEWIS, Ticket Agent Pfacn.2200 LARAWAY'S CLEARING SALE Wonderful Values For Thursday, Friday, Saturday 5 Off Sale Prices for Cash Credit Given At Sale Prices 1 uur cleanngtale provides) many bargains for this week-end. Only very few items are listed here. Hundred, of I other not advertised. Come to the store where you will find the real bargains and you may buy them on credit, too I Men Save On WATCHES An attractive cushion shspe Strap Watca with dependable Jewel movement, luminous dial and hands a fine value at 118.00. Clearing Sals 11 price 4 1 1 . O A full Jewel Men's Wrist Watch Jewel movement, with white metal muh bracelet to match. Lumlnlus dial and hands. Factory established price r-rv 28.00. Clearance sale price P 1 0 OU Waltham IB-Jewel movement. In high grade green gold filled case, fully guaranteed movement and case Strap Watch, Regular price 838.00 0Of vl Clearing sals price... .Pa4e f O SUGAR SPOONS High grade silver plated Sugar Spoons. Well known and reliable makes. lifetime quality. Variety of patterns. $1.00, $1.25 and QQam $1.50 values .. 0JG (One to a customer) BUTTER KNIVES High grade silver plated Butter Knives. Well known and reliable makes. Lifetime quality. Regular $1.00, $1.25 and $1.50 QQft values Ovw (One to a customer) Drastic Cuts Ladies' WATCHES A white gold Drscelet Watch, with H ..... , , nt rretanru!" I pennsnio jowoi mu... -- - shape, assorted patterns. lW to 818,00 vsuie mum ku a I While they last tPJM" A good "ortmrnt0frect.ngulr,'l and octagon aimpsa wimo led movoment Bracelet dC CQI Watches. Hen. a values J v'v I Very small white gold rectsnful" gl Bracelet W.tch. embc. UM B awisttni nrncricb. VDBUlVll 8SSVJa and moat dcalrnblo. 60.00 value...... $25.00 Very fine quality. Much admired and .desired Newest square prong mountings, some platinum, some 18-karat gold, set with a Laraway diamond of rare quality. Wonderful $200.00 value. sale $159.25 Diamonds are Scarce. Own A Laraway Diamond Pay A Small Amount Down Beautiful 18-kart white gold Diamond Rings, set with a large, sparkling blue white diamond, Moat &A( yC e. Pa7sf aj attractive ring at 185.00 Clearing sale price. A group of hand engraved 18-karnt white gold Ring mountings,, assorted patterns, set with fiery blue white Diamond. Rcgu " $50.00. Red Hot Spccial- T in r pnl'lllir : ' ' is only.. HIK !" -m $19.75 GOLD RINGS Ladies', solid gold Rings. Tiffany and fancy mountings, set with rubies, amethysts and other stones. Values to s mmm $8.50 ?l.fO 7 SETH UlUWAY Eugene's Credit Jeweler Official S. P. and O. E. Watch Inspector (Contract Goods Excepted) FINE UMBRELLAS Bilk Umbrellas In .ortment of sll wan - , tractive handlos of tlw very and newest designs. , . .n A llnllirrllflS...-"' . n.oo ana . u,oo IT.S0 and H.0 Vmm r n S0.B0 and flM. " ,.., (1(1.00 to ""

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