The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 1, 1942 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 1, 1942
Page 6
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FACE SIX BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, MAY 1, 1942 M ack Byrd Leave or Match ^Jackie Byrd ' and Manager Joe Craig "willCleave tomorrow morning for Hot Springs to begin final training preparations for the former's "fight .with Lew Jenkins May 11. The two men will remain at the scene of the fight until after the n&tch is over. ,^oth Byrd and Jenkins will train publicly at Rix Stadium—where the fight will be held—Sunday aftcr- <noon. Hot Springs officials are anxious for the fans to see the two men in action before the scrap takes place. Jackie, who has managed to stay in almost perfect shape by fighting constantly,, has been training for the match with Jenkins all through the past week. His workouts have been complete in the sense that they covered every angle necessary to final conditioning. He's done considerable road work and has diligently punched the bags, skipped rope, and sparred'with his training partners. Manager Craig is taking his new protege, Elmer Buckner, a negro 170 pounder from Annorel, to Hot Springs with him. Inexperienced in ring warfare but showing a good bit of natural class, Buckner has been serving . as Byrd's sparring mats during recent weeks. He will fight a sixvround preliminary to the Byrd-Jenkins fight. NewAdmir.ers_of Seabiscuif/J r: GOLF TRAFFIC 1IEAVV New York.—No fewer than 22,152 rounds were played on New York's 10 municipal golf courses in the first two weeks of the the season. PLAY GOLF I Announcements The Courier News bas been authorized to announce the following candidacies, subject to the Demo cratfc primary in August. , " For . State Senate - --T- L. H, AUTRY For Representative W.- J. "BILL" WtfNDERLlCH '-- JAMES G. COSTON _T' County Ircasurcr JACK^ FINLEY ROBINSON ! - (for re-election) County Judge ROLAND GREEN . (for re-election) '"r., County Clerk T. W. POTTER (for re-election) Tax Assessor W. W. "BUDDY" WATSON (for re-elecfcion) Sheriff and Collector j HALE JACKSON^ -• (for re-election) ^ Circuit Clerk HARVEY MORRI3 - (for re-election) Dildy Offers "Business Men" Opportunity To Get In Shape Start The Day With— 7-DAY COFFEE I A Maxwell House product, blended by Maxell House. Reirular Price 1 Ib.25c 31bs. 69c (Watch for week-end Special) Exclusive at— Pickard's Grocery 1044 Chickasawba Ph. 2043 Japanese at Santa Anita Race Track evacuee assembly center admire life-size statue of Seabiscuit, turf's greatest money-winner. In an attempt to offer Blytheville business men an opportunity or building-up their bodies through jarefully superivsed exercise and •ecreation, Joe Dildy, high school athletic coach, will begin a civilian physical education program at 3aley Field Monday night at G:30. Realizing that the exigencies of the war makes physical fitness highly necessary to the welfare of the community and . the nation, the coach hopes' to offer a well- balanced course of calisthenics and games which will succeed in conditioning and toughening men who otherwise are unable to get the proper amount of healthful exercise because of the nature of their work and daily routines. Monday night will be devoted to light calisthenics of a kind capable of loosening stiff muscles and of stimulating those that have not be en used much. The group »The Baseball Standings "Experts" Undecided 0 n Favorite But Devil Diver Gains Support BY JACK GUCNTIIER United Press Staff Correspondent LOUISVILLE, Ky., May 1. <UP) —With their hopes high and their fingers firmly crossed, the men who own and train America's finest three-year-old horses gathered this morning around a white wooden .shed on the fringes of v/eath- crbeaten old Churchill Downs to begin the serious business of drawing the field for tomorrow's Kentucky Derby. As the racing secretary opened his doors at 7 a. m. (CWT) it was generally predicted that when the doors closed again at 11 a. m., the 68th Derby field would include 16 horses—and maybe one or two more. One thing was definite. It will be the largest field in six years and perhaps the most puzzling in a decade. There is no favorite for the mile and a quarter run which pays off $75,000. The Greentree entry of Devil Diver and Shut Out has been chosen by the sport writers and the horsemen themselves but GUS Fan has displayed no readiness whatsoever to climb on any one of the bandwagons. Of 30 sport writers polled yesterday 20 decided to string along with Devil Diver and thereby reaffirmed the voting of the trainers. Requested is the second choice among the alleged experts with Alsab, Sweep Swinger, Shutout, With Regards and the Valdina horses drawing scattered bal-1 lots. The others were given little' chance. While the entry ceremonies were being completed the horses visited the tracks for their final work-outs. All were' in excellent condition and ready for the run of their lives. No serious work was scheduled this morning. The preliminaries are all over and there will be virtually no activity in the stables until post time. Uy BYRON NELSON Muster of the Masters' Beginners and 100-shooters should master putting first. It is the most important department in the game. You can recover from a bad drive or iron shot but nothing can bring back one of those through as though you were actually trying to put the club into the hole with the ball. Don't chop or hack. If you are troubled by over- putting-, shorten up your back- swing. K-rep the clubhead low LANE SCOTT'S The Blytheville softball team, sparked by Manager Marshall Blackard, worked out for a few minutes last night and will get down to serious business of get- Jtyron Nelson little taps which go awry on the green. We have been stressing relaxation in this refresher course— being natural. And in putting, you ought t o underline these principles. Naturally, there is no set putting form. Assume a natural i position. Do not! and close to the ground. crouch. They called me "Three-Putt j Nelson" because I had 12 three-putt greens out of 36 in the National Amateur. I was crouching, tying myself into a knot. Stand with your weight evenly distributed on the feet. Stand fairly erect. Feel comfortable. Your thumbs should be perpendicular to the club shaft so that the wrists have a free and easy pendulum motion. Shoulders should be fairly well anchored. Putting is a stroke. Follow BE COMFORTABLE IN : PUTTING. STROKE BALL.! DON'T CPOUCM TOO LOW AS SHOWN IN „ u DOTTED FIGURE/ ting ready for the season's opener with practices scheduled for Sunday afternoon, Tuesday and Thursday nights. No definite date ha.s been set for the initial blow-off, but it won't be long now. The boys arc in pretty fair shape and are spoiling for a little competition, though who Ls capable of giving it to 'em I dunno. I confidentially expect Marshall to .sprout a crop of grey hairs before the season Ls over. Looks to me like he's got a team so good they're going to have to offer premiums for games. Erwin Jones Ls buck and rarin' to go. One of the finest softball pitchers in the country, Erwin's record speaks for him. In 1940, playing or the Bradley Lumber Co. of Warren, Jones was the outstand- ng player on a team which won he 'State Championship. Out of games pitched that year, he ost only two, which oughta be a ccord of some kind.Last year, he sorta free-lanced and wound LIJ: with a. total of 33 wills for the season. Of- these victories, five came via the no-hit no-run route. The cotton to him at all. This year 11 there is no question about the didnt see him when he spun to; of Questionnaire. son SOUTHERN Atlanta . : .......... 16 G Little Rock .......... 10 9 Nashville ............ 12 11 Chattanooga ....... '- - 12 10 •Memphis ............ 9 10 Birmingham ........ 9 11 New Orleans ......... 9 13 Knoxville ............ 8 15 LEAGUE ^ W. L. Pet. .727 .526 .522 .545 .474 .450 .409 .348 Today's Sports Parade his most brilliant victory—the four- length triumph he scored in the $25,000 Flamingo Stakes after being left at the post, knocked almost to his knees and forced to run wide for more than a mile. But I did see him in the Wood Memorial in New York and in the Chesapeake in Maryland. And .. I have seen him here on the Blue Grass land itself. I have talked to his jockey, Buddy Haas; I have chatted with his owner, Ben Whitaker; and I have argued his chances with his trainer, the 55-year-old, silver-haired Blackie McCool. We think we have the inner because we know we are riding with the only horse in the race who has proven his pure, homely guts. No matter what Devil Diver may do or Valdina Orphan may do, I know what the little fellow has done and will do. He will go out of the gate with one thought, one duty and one goal—to run previous year he' had 14 perfect ames to his credit. Also, Marland Jriffin and Daiton Tart, two of ast years sluggers, are back and are pelting ihe pill to every corner of the lot. Wonder why Blytheville can't cop the. State title this year? * * * Jackie Byrd, Blythevillc'.s one- nan panzer division, is working out daily at the Legion Arena for his May 11 scrap with Lew "Dairy Maid." Jenkins. Manager Joe Craig is overlooking no bets in readying hLs boy for the windy ex-champ. Not only is he tossing sparring partners in against the Byrd siege guns, but he's crawling into the ring and mixing it up with Jackie hmseir. Joe, who's been in . the fight game .so long he probably was u personal buddy of John L. Sullivan—and that's not a crack about Joes ago—, Ls ring wise and can show Byrd plenty. Besides, it Isn't hurting the Craig belt-line either. PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores NOTICE OF APPLICATION Notice is hereby given that 01 this the 24th day of April, 1942 T. W. Eskridge has filed his appli cation with the City Engineer o Blytheville, Arkansas, for a penni to erect the statutory facilities fo the maintenance and operation o a trailer camp and cafe in accord ancc with Ordinance Number 477, the same being an ordinance regulating the erection and maintenance and operation of tourist courts and trailer camps in the City of Blytheville, Arkansas. Said railer camp to be located on Lot 9, Block C, of the Morris Addition to the City of Blytheville, Arkansas. Signed: E. J. HE ATOM, City Engineer. A24-M1 By JACK GUENTIIER United Press Staff Correspondent , „ LOUISVILLE, Ky., May L—This 1 as far as his legs will take him. .-„ :_ «™n^j *u« ...imr.t-in^ «T\n»>L- jVTavhp t.hpv wniVK fr.nlrn Him far NATIONAL LEAGUE one is called the question mark Derby—so I'll ride along with the son of Questionnaire. Gentlemen, by request I give you Requested, He is just will meet every week night Brooklyn ........... 14 W. 'L. Pet. thing. A tiny a little mite as bit of a thorough- throughout the course of the program, but the first few weeks will spent in merely conditioning the participants for more strenuous activity in the future. At least 30 participants must enroll fpr the course in order to insure its success. No fees will be charged and the only equipment that will be required consists of a pair of tennis shoes, an old shirt and pair of trousers, and a towel. Mr. Dildy has particularly emphasized the fact that this program will not take much of a man's time and that careful planning of activities will be aimed at preventing over-exercise which might prove harmful. Anyone interested in enrolling for the course, may do so by telephoning the coach at his home over the week end, or at school Mon- dav. Pittsburgh .......... 9 Boston .............. 9 New York ............ 8 St. Louis ............ 7 Chicago ............ 7 Cincinnati .......... 5 Philadelphia ......... 4 3 6 8 8 7 9 10 12 .824 breds go. I'll grant' you. Actually, .GOO h e looks more like a pony than a .529 horse. His bones are small, hb* .500 back is thin and his stride is short. .500 But, gentlemen, what there is of Maybe they won't take him far enough. Who knows? No owner, trainer or jockey knows for certain how far any horse in this 68th Kentucky Derby can run. But as Texas Bill Whitaker could tell a horse when he saw one, I know a heart when I see one and to me For of all Kinds See G. G. Caudill Agency Glencoc Ifotcl ISIdff. Ph. BlylhevlUe, Ark. Rationing Orders are more liberal — you may be eligible to . CAR See us today about the facts on how to get a new car. We have a stock of new Chrysler and Plymouth Cars that can be sold on rationing- orders. T. I. Seay Motor 121 W. Ash St. Phone 2122 .437 .437 .250 AMERICAN LEAGUE W. L. Pet. Cleveland 12 New York 10 Detroit 11 Boston 9 Washington 8 St. 'Louis 7 Philadelphia 5 3 5 7 6 9 1L 12 .800 .667 .611 .600 .471 .389 Chicago 3 12 .200 TRY GLENMORE BOURBON AT ITS MILDEST Yesterday's Results SOUTHERN LEAGUE Knoxville 14, Birmingham 5. Chattanooga 7, Memphis 6. Atlanta 7, Little Rock 1. New Orleans 8, Nashville 5. NATIONAL LEAGUE Philadelphia 6. Pittsburgh 3. Brooklyn 11. Cincinnati 8. Boston 3, Chicago 2. St. Louis 7, New York 3. RICHER TASTING Vou'i/ be on your way to bttftr drinks with G/tnmorcl AMERICAN LEAGUE Cleveland 6, Philadelphia 1. Washington 1. Chicago 0. New York 3. oi. Louis 0. Boston 8, Detroit 3. Today's Games SOUTHERN LEAGUE Memphis at Atlanta. •Nashville at Birmingham. Little Rock ai Chattanooga. Knoxville at New Orleans. NATIONAL LEAGUE Boston at St. Louis. Brooklyn at Pittsburgh. New York at Chicngo. Philadcphia at Cincinnati. AMERICAN LEAGUE Chicago at Philadelphia. St. Louis at Boston. Detroit at New York. Cleveland at Washington. Read Courier News want ads. Expert Tractor Tire Vulcanizing! Don't waith until the last, minute to have your Tires Repaired—Come in NOW - - Materials Limited! this Requested is all horse, solid, pure, honest-to-Harry thoroughbred running horse. He was bid in cheap. He was sold one hot August night in the sales rings of Saratoga Springs almost two years ago. When the rap of the gavel split the sultry hush of the deepening Summer silence and the auctioneer sang out hLs chant of "going, going, gone" to the crowd assembled at the ring, the final price was a paltry $1.300. Around the race tracks a price like that is considered peanuts. Known Only By Number I saw him sold, this Requested. The date was August 13, 1940. He was n gangling, skinny fellow then and lie was known only by number. He had no name, he had few friends and it seemed that he had little future. He was just one leggy youngster among many and on the odds by which such things arc rated he was destined to obscurity. Net many of these Saratoga colts make good in a real big way. Man o' War was one who did. And Gal- lahadion. There are a number of others, too. But a surprisingly small number. You pay your money and you take your choice up at Saratoga and if your investment returns any dividends at all you become known around the tracks as a shrewd buyer. Ben Whitaker was that sort of a buyer. He chunked in his $1300 because he had a weakness for the sire of Rcquested's dam, Fair Pcr- dtta. The sire is known as Eternal, and his reputation isn't wide. But Whitaker. a glint-eyed Texan who never blinks if he loses a bet or wins one. thought he knew a good thing when he saw it. Requested debuted on the tracks last Summer and he made his mark in a hurry. Before the year was out he ran 16 times. He finished out of the money only twice and in .stake races he never was worse than second. But it was his bad luck to be running during the year which will be remembered for a hor^e named Alsab. So, as a juvenile, he was merely second best. Alsab Lacking But tin 1 gap between the ages of two and three is one that few- horses manage to bridge. Apparently, t lie task has been too much for Alsab. And. also apparently it is one which Requested l tnkon in stride. At three, he is much more horse than he was at two. So much more that to mo he i.s the winner of the 68th Ken- twky Derby—by at least three lengths. f don't think I am prejudice on this horse. Last year I didn't Blytheville Tire Co. POUR GLENMORE.. .YOU GET MORE COfZ. 1142 Highway 61 North — Phone 2201 OUNMOU DISTILURIES CO., INCORPORATED . LOUISVIIU, KY. 1 Expert Tractor Tire Vulcanizing Materials Limited t Blytheville Tire Co. Highway 61 North Phone 2201 In other words, do you start roasting when the temperature starts rising? Do you get hot under the collar, and everywhere else, when (he suit that the salesman told you wotid be "cool" turns out to be .just loo, too co/y? And, what's worse, looks like it's been slept in! If so, then stop in here and inspect our collection of clothes designed for you to wear when the weather warms up. These slurdy, shape-retaining summer suils arc called Dixie Weaves and they were designed by Hart SchaflTncr & Marx (o keep you looking smart when the weathers sweltering. MEAD'S 322 MAIN STREET Prices Begin At $32 Coat and Trouser BEfORI YOU ffNMlY DECIDE UPON YOUR NEW SUIT

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