The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 1, 1942 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 1, 1942
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i jg MAKE EVERY PAY DAY BOND DAY i .MMN THE PAY-ROLL SAVINGS PIAN ;,OLUME XXXIX—NO. 40. BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI § MAKE EVERY PAY DAT BOND DAY JOIR THE PAY-tOU ttr.MS FUN . Blytheville Daily News Blythcville Courier Blytheville Herald Mississippi Valley Leader BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS, FRIDAY, MAY J, 1942 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS HITLER, MUSSOLINI PLAN NEW STRATEGY S IRE SET FOR SUGAR DOLE Tornado And Fire Flattens Crowell, Texas Consumers Required To Sign Forms At Elementary Schools May 4-7 Elementary schools throughout Worth Mississippi County will be open for sugar registrant. 1 ) May 4, 5. 6, and 7, it \vas announced today. Blythc-ville- elementary will be open from 8 a.m. 8 p.m. Rural schools will be open during hours which will be announced by the registrars in charge. Rationing board 47 N will be in. charge of all registrations in the northern part of the county and has asked all citizens to cooperate with local announcements regarding the hour and the days. All problems relating to registration for War Ration Book No. 1, which is necessary to obtain sugar under the quota system, are explained in the following questions and answers, prepared by the Office of Price Administration. Q.—Why is rationing of sugar necessary? A.—The necessity for rationing arises from (1) the loss of important sources of supply and \2) the shortage of shipping sp^ace. U-boats operating in the Caribbean and Japanese submarines in the Pacific have hit hard at our sugar supply, 35 per cent of which formerly came from the West Indies and 27 per cent from Hawaii and the Philippines. Q.—Where do I go to get my War Ration Book? A.—The nation's elementary \ schools will serve as the registration and distributing center for "War Ration Books which will be issued at the time of the consumer, •registraton scheduled May 4 to 7. Hoarders Can't Get Book Q.—What time should I go there? A.^The local _.i; are expected to set the hours" : for registration on the dates already specified by the Office of Price Ad- j ministration. Watch your local newspapers or consult the principal of the elementary school in your neighborhood. He is the school site administrator responsible for the registration' in your neighborhood. .: Q.—What happens when I get 'to the school? A.—Consumers applying for Wai- Ration Books will be required to fill out registration forms and make certified statements as to the . amount of sugar per person in their households. Q.—Do I have to tell how much sugar I have on hand? A.—Yes, definitely. • Q.—Why? A.—If the sugar in your household amounts to more than two pounds a person, an appropriate number of stamps will be torn from your books. If the amount o£ sugar on hand averages more than six pounds a person, Wai' Ration Books will not be issued. ^ Ration May Be Changed Q.—Can I get my sugar as soon as I get my ration book? A.—You will be able to get your allotted amount of sugar on May 5, the first day following the start of registration, and any day there}; after, using the particular stamps designated for the period during whch you are making the purchase. Q.—How much sugar can I get with each stamp? A.—You may buy one pound of sugar for each of the first four stamps. Q.—Can I get the same amount of sugar with each stamp? A.—Not necessarily. The ration of sugar may be changed from time to time according to the total supply of sugar in the country. The ration for eich stamp will be announced by the government. Q._.How long is each stamp good? A.—Sach stamp will be good for the period to be announced by tho : Office of Price Administration. Tho time each stamp is good for will be publicly announced. Q.—-Can I save up the stamp? and get all my sugar at one time? A.—No. Each stamp is good for only the announced period. Detached Stamps Valueless Q.—Suppose I do not buy sugai at all? A.-^Therc is no occasion for you to buy sugar except as you need it ORDERS OF FQEJI Soviet Leader Says Russia Wants No Territory Except What Is Hers This picture, looking north on the main .street of Crowell, Texas, graphically illustrates the flattening of the town's business district by a twister which killed 9 persons and injured 100 and damaged virtually every structure in' the town. (NEA TELEPHOTO). Jap Forces Reach Town Of Mandalay In Swift Movement CHUNGKING, May 1. (UP)—Japanese forces-tonight were reported to have battled their way into the southern outskirts of Mandalay in a swift encircling operation, while another column struck northward to within 50 miles of the Chinese frontier. A Chinese communique reported that the northernmost enemy column had advanced 32 miles from captured Lashio and that the enemy advance units already were in the outskirts of bomb-shattered Mandalay. The Japanese advance following Group Of Draftees Ordered Deferred The contingent of draftees scheduled to leave Blythcville yesterday were notified shortly before the time set for their departure that they had been temporarily deferred and would await further orders before leaving for induction into the army. No official reason for the deferment was given but it is thought the fact that all of the men .in his group had dependents may lave been a contributing factor. » SELECTEES HIHJ FETED Group Leaving Osceola Sunday Will Be Given '• Party At Courthouse NYA Supervisor Tells Court He Only Meant To Stun Girl Friend ARKADELPHIA, May 1.—Kirby Jones, 37, former NYA building supervisor on trial here charged with irst degree murder, admitted on he stand, in Circuit Court here ,oday that he struck Mary Dell 1 the capture of Lashio has reached Hsenwi, 32 miles by highway to the northeast and is headed for •he border of the Chinese province of Yunnan of which Kunming is the capital. Japanese forces also were fighting close to Mandalay, following the railroad lines. The communi- que said some forces, presumably infiltration units, already were in the southern outskirts of the city. Chinese forces under Lieut. Gen. Joseph W. Stilwell still are fighting back, the communique said, and arc striking at' the^enemy rear lines. War stores had been removed from Lashio or destroyed before the Japanese captured that city and advanced along the Burma "iirlow, his 19-year-old secretary, Dver the head with a billet or night stick, and that she died in a few moments. He added, however, that he did not intend that the blow be atal. He made the admission as the chief defense witness under questioning of his own lawyers. The :onfession astonished 600 spectators in the crowded courtroom. Jcnes testified that when Miss Furlow became hysterical during their attempts at abortion, he slapped her to try to restore her to a more normal frame of mind, that she was crying loudly, and that he reached in the truck in which the operation was in progress, seized a billet and struck her with the object of rendering her unconscious, i He said she never rallied, and "died almost at once." Jones said that he also was hysterical and started the truck and drove towards Hot Springs. He said he turned into a right-hand road and drove toward Malvern. then through Camel'n and to Gallon where he tossed the body which he had bound with a log chain, into the Ouachita river. Calion is 100 miles south of Arkadelphia. Road to a point about 688 air line miles from Chungking. depositors Not Interested TOLEDO, O. (UP)—Money doe not mean much to some Tolcdi bank depositors. When the deput, superintendent of,banks in charg of liquidation announced > a fina dividend of 16.05 per cent on Com mercial Savings Bank & Trust com pany claims. 18,500 of the 20,00 depositors didn't show up. Shouldn't Crab * Madrid County Man's Body Found By Towboat Captain Wednesday CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo., May 1. —The body of James Cheatham, 20, New Madrid County youth drowned last Saturday when a boat overturned in the Mississippi River, was identified here today by his parents and removed to New Madrid for burial. The body was found about five miles north of this city late Wednesday afternoon by James H Daniels of the "Yok'ahoma" towboat, who stopped at Caruthersville about 6:30 o'clock yesterday afternoon and h reported finding the body to Chief of Police Albert Walker. Chief Walker stated that he had been contacted by a New Madrid undertaker late last Saturday night, asking that local authori- OSCEOLA, Ark., May 1.—A message from Mayor Ben F. Butler; a. concert by ihe Osceola School Band on the lawn, and an hour of informal fellowship with ther families and friends will mark the farewell ceremonies for 37 selectees leaving Osceola Sunday afternoon. The special bus is scheduled tq leave at 2 o'clock, but the men have been requested by J. L. Kent of the local draft board to be on hand by 12:30 for the few last- minute details and instruction. Friends and relatives are expected to begin arriving by 1 o'clock with many family groups and parties oC friends having Junch downtown. The list of those leaving includes Leon C. Sullivan, Thomas W. Hut,son, Carl E. Watson, Travis Robinson, Frank F. Reyna, Edward G. Quilty, Sari F. Rogers, William O» Frazicr, William M. Garcy, James L. Ross, John W. Moles, William Orris Childs of Keiser, Bilbo J. Williams, Joseph P. Hayes, Edward B. Harris, Morris E. Terry, Woodrow F. Burrow, Miles Green, Odis 'Elton Ooverton. Arthur II. Grower, Noal E. Pcnnington, Lester C. Hale* Dave E. Young Jr.,. Leslie C. Nicholas, Edgar B. Ward, James R. Gore, James H. Cavaness, Felix R. Phillips, Jamas C. Ellison Jr., Ira L. DcSha7/>, Yott E. Wiiitmore, Olle.C. Clements, Grovcr R. Rine, KUIBYSHEV, Russia, May 1. i U I" 1 (—Premier and Defense Com- ml.sxar Joseph V. Stalin ordered Russia's armed forces today to rout the Germans completely in 1042. Sliilln, in a M;iy Day proclamation and order of the day, said Russia had the means to achieve "this noble aim," and only one thing WHS lacking: "Complete knowledge of how to use against the enemy tin: first war machinery which was given to the Red Army by our country." He emphasised flint Ruw;la was fighting only for liberation and justice. "We do not aim .to occupy othei ccmulrirs or conquer other people,' he said. "Our aim is clear anc noble. Wo want to liberate oui brothers in the Ukraine, Moldavia While Russia, Lithuania, Esthonia and Karelia from the .shame unc Ignominity into which they were plunged,.." (In-many Weakened Stalin said Germany and 1U army "beyond a doubt" were wcnke than when Russia was invaded 1 months ago. that the war hue brought the Gennuns only dis appointment, hunger and a reallxa lion of the growing inevitability of defeat. The Red Army Inflicted severe defeats on the Germans in the Winter campaign and regained some territory, he said, and "the Red Army destroyed an enormous quantity of enemy manpower and war machines, compelling him (Hitler) to use prematurely, reserves from the deep rear destined for Spring and Summer operations," As Germany grew weaker, he said, Russia grew-.jjLrqngeLV . "And as 'for our Tntcrnatlonal ties," he continued, "they havo bc- Army Plans To Call Small Group In 1-B WASHINGTON, May 1. (Wl») —The- Army soon will induct :i small "experimental" group of Selective Service regislranls now deferred in class 1-B .for minor physieul defects, it was disdost'd today. ' Local draft boards will Iw instructed to tup this reserve of manpower, estimated ui KOO,000 men, with defective «y«si^ht, flat fret, missing fingers and similar minor ailments, shortly after .lime 1, a Selective Service spokesman said. Explosion Kills 250 In Belgium LONDON, May 1. (UP) --An explosion that di>si.rnyud a chemical and fertllly.i'r iactory at Tos- sendcrloo in Bdulum killed 250 persons und Injured more than 1000, the Berlin radio said today. The explosion occurred nt 11:30 a. m. Wednesday when a full force of workers wore at their jobs. Besides destroying the plant, an engineering .school and telephone exchange were damaged and many houses demolished. of the explosion IMS not been determined. Special salvage gangs wcro used to search the dc- Axis Partners Hold Seventh Conference Of War In Austrian Alps LONDON, May 1. (UP)— Tho German radio reported today that Adolf Hitler, and Bcnito Mussolini.-in a two- day meeting at Salzburg in the Austrian Alps agreed on secret strategy for "early Summer events" on both the military and political battle fronts. Tiie two Axis lenders were said to Iwvo reaffirmed the "indissoluble brother in arms" of Italy and Germany but there was no mention of Japan. Although the Japanese ambassador to Berlin -was known to have been only 70 miles from Sal/burg yesterday, it .appeared h'e was not Invited to the meeting. In "Complete Agreement" A broadcast Carman communi- que of the meeting held Wednesday and yesterday stressed the "complete- agreement of views" on the situation created by the overwhelming victories of the trl-par- bris for dead and 'injured. They !^J™L P °^ worked through- the nig hi/ and were still searching tho ruins Thursday night, Berlin said. German troops also aided in rescue work. Three lumdrcd of the Injured were hospitalised. come stronger and lately have urown as never before-...The people in al! freedom-loving countries sec in the Soviet Union's power the means to save the world from Hitler's pestilence. Allied Aid Kccogiii/ud I "Among these freedom-loving countries, the first place is occupied by Great Britain and the United States to which we are bound by tics of friendship and alliance and which ar« rendering our country ever-growing military assistance against the German Fascists." It wa.s becoming abundantly clear to the German people, he said, that their only escape would be liberation from Hitler and Reich Marshal Herman Gocring. "Hitler's imperialism achieved the occupation of vast territories in Europe, but it was unable to break the will of European nations," ho continued. "The struggle of enslaved people against the regime of the Gorman Fascist robbers is becoming general," and he pointed out in particular the brave fight of Ocn. Draja Mikhailovitchs Jugo- slav guerrillas. RctI Army Slci'ncr A.s for Russia, he said a complete ties be on the lookout for young | Eugene Hard in, Gordon Hampton, Chcathanvs body. I Floyd 5. According to reports from New fH a lc Jr., William Powell Madrid, Chcatham and a companion were in a boat when it capsized drowned. and the youth was Firemen Encounter Priorities ST. LOUIS <UP) —Priorities are hitting the St. Louis fire depart- But keep your War Ration Book.^ ment. Forty-eight new firemen carefully. It may. at a later • time; | were commissioned. They thad tc be necessary to use it for other ! provide their own raincoats, rubber commodities if they arc rationed. ' boots and helmets. Each had to ob- i tain an individual priority on coats and boots. They weren't able to get regulation aluminum helmets. A favorite drink of underweight Europeans is ginger ale and milk, mixed half and half. Q.—May I tear out a stamp and take it to the store to buy sugar? A.—iNb. You must take the War Ration Book with you and tear out the stamp in the presence of the storekeeper or his employees. Q_.What do I do if my War Ration Book is lost, stolen, destroyed or mutilated? A. 1 —-Report the facts to your local rationing board at once. p rcv Q._Do these War Ration Book opcn high low close close Stamps entitle me to get sugar j M ay . 175 na^ 175 ^g^ 174 .x. (Continued on page 2) I July. 179Va 182% 189Vi 180% 179% Reds Claim Success In Big Tank Bailie KUIBYSHEV, Russia. May 1. <UP)—-Soviet, troops, supported by bombers and masses of tnnk.s and artillery, were reported today to have inflicted heavy losses on Germans in n battle waged on n flooded battlefield of the centnil front. Dispatches said that. Red Army bombers destroyed three t.roop trains and two German headquarters and bomber barracks with .such success that the Germans spent two days removing bodies from the ruins. • Both sides were said to have used fleets of tanks and strong forces of troop.s and artillery in _ the battle during which almost i A. T. constant machine gun and aulo- j American Tob;uvo malic rifle fire swept the field. i Anacombi Copper Russian troops were said to have ! Bethlehem Steel charged the Germans in savage ', Chrysler bayonet fighting. 'E. L. Talliaferro. manager of the Home Lumber Company of Csccola; Byrd Morrison, principal of the Carson Lake School, and Harry C. Matlock, assistant man- agcr of O.scoola Lumber Company have made ripphcation for the Officers Training School. Mr. Talliaferro and Mr. Morrison were notified of their acceptance this week and will lefive May 10 for Little 'Rock where they will be assigned to fome Officers Training School in (he 7t.h Corps Area for nine months special training. Mr. Mullock's notification has not yet arrived. Ten negro .'.electees will leave COUPLE EMM Charles Flecman' and Nelle Williams Convicted In Tire Theft Ring Charles Flecman of Manila and his companion, Nellc Williams, ringleaders in a tire theft ring w h I c h extended over most of Northeast Arkansas and Southeast Missouri, were sentenced to five years imprisonment in the state penitentiary as Circuit Court in Lake City cloacd Wednesday. The conviction of Flecman and Nelle Williams loaves two members of the ring,'still awaiting trial at Lake City on numerous counts of tire theft, burglary, grand larceny, etc. In this case, charges against Vcrnon Bollinger, anothei defendant allegedly connected wltl the ring, were continued until the next term of court. The fourth prisoner. Cutter Ashabrannor, who is now in the custody of local officers, hns entered a plea of gmlty to charges filed against him and will be .sentenced at a special term of Criminal Court here. Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Williams and Alva Williams, three others suspected of being in league with the tire theft ring, arc- being held In Dimklin County, Mo., on charges of receiving .stolen property. Nolle Williams, female leader of the ring, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Williams, the sister of Alva conduct of the war oE the two nations in the political and military nclds. Hitler and Mussolini brought heir Lop military arid political subordinates Into the meeting, /heir seventh since the start of the ,var. The German radio in discussing the Salzburg meeting took recognition of reports abroad of Italy's Internal troubles, due largely ' to dwindling food stocks. Rumors that Italy might sue for a separate peace were said to have brought forth "roars of laughter in informed circles in Berlin." _, _ Berlin Sees "Cpmic ."The comic v/ sldfk-^.apK these circles : becaus&; it. c at the time the fuehre: Duce were in conference burg," the radio said. The 'place of the meeting- was secret and It wns said it did occur at German Foreign Minister Joachim Von Rlbbcntrop's castle at .Salzburg. Tho German radio said the number of people who knew of the meeting even after It was underway was very small. The broadcast communique said: "The talks --.of the two chiefs were held in a spirit of close friendship and indissoluble brotherhood in nrms of the two peoples and their leaders. "The talks resulted Iri complete confidence created by the overwhelming- victories of the, three power pact nations and referred to the coming direction of the w^r by both nations In political and milt- ,ary fields." Bollinger. As matters now stand, nine other cases are ponding against Flec- mfin, Nellc Willinm.s, Bollinger and Ashnbrannor in other Northeast Arkansas counties. These cases will be tried when Circuit Court convenes again. Various members of the ring arc also wanted in Missouri. change had occurred in the ranks j Williams, rind the .sister-in-law of of the Red Army: "The kind- ""•-"" heart eelne.s.s and complacency with regard to the enemy which prevailed amongst our soldiers in the first, month of the patriotic war has disappeared. "The atrocities, robberies and acts of violence committed by the German Fascist invaders against the civil population and prisoners of w:ir cured our soldiers of this illness. They learned to hate the German Fascist invaders. They understood that, the enemy cannot be conquered without hnting him with all the powers of their souls." He rsaid there was no more loose talk about German invincibility, and Russian I mops, having put the Germans to flight before Rostov. Kerch. Moscow, Kalinin, Tikhvin and Leniimrad. were convinced that the "invincibility" was "a more talc put out by Fascist propagandists." Osceola May R: 27 white men on ."May 19, and 1'i ncyrocs on May 25. making 82 lor the month of May. Slock Prices inn r>-n 38 1-4 24 3-8 Chicago Soybeans With Jane Richardson handing out new fiberboard licenses to fishermen, crabbers and oyster hunters along the Virginia coast there should be little crabbing over substituting the new plates ior steel ones. - — Chicago Wheel prev. tO -3 A JJ.I O-T Coca Cola 65 General Electric 23 General Motors 32 5-8 Montgom. Ward 247-8 N. Y. Central 71-4 Livestock ATay. July. May July open high low close close j Inter. Harvester 42 1-8 119 121'i 118 : !; 120^ lin'ijN. Am. Aviation 103-4 122 1241s 121 :! i 123'A 122 ! Republic Steel 151-2 Radio 27-8 Socony Vacuum 6 7-8 Chicago Corn Studebaker 4 3-8 prev.' standard of N. J 31 7-8 open high low close close \ Texas Con) 30 5-8 , 83% 85% 82V, 85 83V. j Packard 2 86Vt 88% 86 1 /, 87% 8G ' U. S. Steel 463-8 ITo^.s. 7500—7000 salable. Top 1410. 180-250 Ibs., 1400-1405. 140-160 Ins.. 12G5-1350. Bulk sows. 1315-1375. Cattle. 750. SI. Steers, 1025-1550. Mired yearlings & Heifers. 11003300. SI. Heif'T.s. 050-1425. .Stockcr & Feeder Steers. 9251350. Beef cows. 900-1000. Canncrs & Cutters, 650-850. Plans To Register Women Abandoned WASHINGTON, May 1. <UP>— President Roosevelt announced today the abandonment of plans to register women for war work, at Icnst for the present. The President, told his press conference that, Manpower oinnii.ssioner iPaul V. McNutt- had consulted with the Advisory Council of the Social Security Board which had made studies on woman power and that, he recommended to him that there is no present demand for women workers that would warrant nation-wide registration, Beaverbrook's Son Bags One As British Take High Toll During Night LONDON, May 1. (UP)—Greatly improved and co-ordinated British defenses were credited today with destroying 11 out of a fleet of less than 50 German bombers that raided English targets during the night, but ran into snapshooting RAF night fighters, including a squadron led by the sen of Lord Bcavcrbrook. Late today when weather conditions improved planes roared over the south coast to France to renew the British aerial offensive againsb Nazi-held. Europe after an overnight lull. Max Aitken. son of the British supply co-ordinator in Washington, got one enemy Dornier and his night fighter squadron accounted, for three others of the eight sliob down over or near England. A Hurricane squadron hiding over the Nazis' home airdrome in France got three others. Aitken is holder of the Distinguished Flying These studies, the President said, Cross. New Orleans Cotton prcv. open high low close close Mar . 2003 2003 2002 2008b 1996 May . 1919 1915b 1911 July . 1939 1945 1931 1945 1936 Oct . 1976 1935 1968 1934 1974 Dec . 0978 1993 .1977 1993 1985b Jan 1995b 19891> showed that, there are more women workers now who want jobs than there are jobs available. He said that nearly 1,500.000 women are registered with state and federal employment services for work. New York Cotton May July Oct Dec Jan prev. open high low close close 1982 1939 1969 1989 1979 3918 1922 1908 1922 1915 1939 1945 1929 1945 1938 1959 1966 1947 1966 1956 1969 1976 1957 1975 1967 1962 1978 19G2 1978 1970 Air circles said the high percentage of loss paid by German raiders during the night was due to steadily improving night defenses rather than individual exploits. Much credit, wa.s given to young girls, former ribbon clerks and stenographers, who are manning predictors and flashing instructions to British anti-aircraft gunners. U. S. WEATHER FORECAST ARKANSAS—Slightly cooler tO» night. ARKANSAS—Cooler tonight.

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