The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 30, 1942 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 30, 1942
Page 7
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THURSDAY, APRIL 30, 1942 BLYTHEV1LLE, '(AUK,)' COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVBw Women Start Hitting Stride Needed To Help Win The War BY HUTU MJLLUTT \ Be prepared to carry your own luggage as thtre is a shortage of red caps. Don't expect to be hauled around in private cars. (Leave your evening clothes at home. Those were the marching orders for members of the Junior League, most society-minded woman's club, who planned to attend the organization's recent national convention in. Kansas City. Those orders make you think club women are getting down to business, that they intend to pitch in and work, instead of spending their time .talking about, "What we women can do" while they drink tea and eat daintily decorated little cakes. If club women can manage to cut out all the frills and pointless chatter they usually go in for, they'll really accomplish things. And, it looks as though they mean to do past that. It may take a while for Mrs. Jones to break herself of the habit of making a speech whenever she can grab»the floor. And, for plump Mrs. Smith to resign herself to meeting without eating. And, for women who haven't walked live blocks at a stretch in years to carry out club projects without taking tbeir cars out of the garage—but they're getting the idea. WORLD WAR I WAS BAD EN'OUGII So, don't expect to see any such scenes seeing as one woman during the last reported war. It seems that right at a time when the need was for more and more man power, she passed a woman's clubhouse where the ladies were meeting to •'discuss what they could do to win the war. In front of the clubhouse, lounging around waiting patiently for the meeting to break up, were—17 able-bodied Chauffeurs. Are YOU the thoughtful type? < If you're the thoughtful type, who considers carefully before buying, • your own good sense will single out Cream of Kentucky. It's made by the "dean" of Kentucky distillers —made wilh Cove Spring's famous limestone water. Try it and enjoy the "crcaui" of Kentucky's finest Bourbons. FORMER U. S. PRESIDENT IT'S "DOUBLE-RICH 86 PROOF. STUAIGHTBOUaBONVVUISKEY.SCHENLEY DISTILLERS CORP., N.Y.C. FOR SALE COTTON SEED Certified Cokcr 100 Strain 3. _^ Stoneville 2-B. Several Tons—Wilds Long Staple R. D. HUGHES GIN CO. Phone 3141 BlytheriHe DETROIT, (UP)—All intelligent tire conservation program is as necessary for operators of the nation's 5,000,000 trucks as it is for the men and women who drive America's 28,500,000 passenger cars. Only careful use of the current limited supply of rubber for tires can assure continued operations of trucks, many of which are shouldering an important part of the wartime transportation load. Before the war truck tire failures meant lost time and money. These failures today, according, tq W. C. Manvillc, head of U. S. rubber company's tire engineering department, frequently Uelny production schedules, waste man hours and deplete the nation's already inadequate rubber stockpile. Comprehensive Rules One automobile company official has estimated that the amount of mileage a motorist can obtain from a set of tires can be "nearly doubled" by following a few simple rules such as driving carefully, watching wheel alignment, rotating tires every 5,000 miles and keeping them inflated properly. Truck operators also can extend the life of their tires by following a more comprehensive set of rules, according to Manvillel They include: 1.—Always use the right size tire for the job. This is essential for rubber and fuel conservation. Tires designed for mud and snow do not belong on hard-surfaced roads. 2.—Overloading is the chief destroyer of tires. It nob only scrubs away the tread rubber but weakens the body or carcass or the tire. 3.—Increased vehicle speed means increased rate of tire wear. At 60 miles per hour the rate of wear is 50 per cent greater than at 40. Cuts, Bruises Need Care 4.—Under-inflation or over-inflation means fast wear and premature total breakdown When dual tires are used the outside tire should carry 5 pounds additional air pressure. 5.—Replace faulty rim and wheel equipment. 6.—Mount truck tires carefully. A wrong size flap will cause tire failure. 7—Front wheels out of alignment scrub off rubber. 8._^Unless repaired immediately, cuts and bruises eventually "Will cause tire failure. 9.—If a tire is eligible for recapping, remove it Jrom service when the tread design is worn away in the center. 10.—'Use new tires first on the front wheels, then switch them to the driving wheelSr-^r—,-r. ;• HORIZONTAL 1,7 Pictured former. U, S. president, 13 Enthusiast 15 Begins. 17 Gazed fixedly. 19 Binds. 21 Dawr» (comb, form). 23 Catch by artifices. 24 Music note. 25 Parent. 26 Small shield. 28 Deadhead (abbr.). Answer to Previous Puzzle 57 Again (prefix) 7 High school 29 Girl's toy. 58 Talented. 31 Narrow band. 60 More healed. 34 Affirmative 62 Commission* vote. 64 One who 35 East Indian attends a canoe. meeting, 37 Rodent. €6 Means. 39 Article. 67 Consent. 41 Symbol for tin VERTICAL 42 Sow. 2 Symbol for 45 Ventilates. ^ azote. 48 Born. flj 3 Thing (law), 49 Pronoun. ^ 4 Ratio. 50 April (abbr.). 5-Antelope. 52 His home was 6 Land in. tht in , Ohio. north. (abbr.). 8 Pewter coin of Thailand. 9 Train track. 110 Awe. 11 Belonging to it 12 Nova Scotia (abbr.), H Thrice (music). 16 Pedal extremities. 18 Danish (abbr.). 20 Variety of cabbage. 22 Wood sorrel, 25 Plait. 27 lower. 30 Made of oatJ. 32 Symbol for (erbium. 33 Chaldean city. 36 Bono. 38 Like. 39 Domesticated. 40 Go in haste. 43 Ever (poet.). •44 Animal. 46 Type of sword 47 Shelters for doves. 51 Scheme. f>3 Exclamation. 54 A Romany. 55 Genus of shrubs. 56 Snares. 58 Skill. 59 Conclusion, til Scottish shccptold. C2 Half an cm. 63 Doctor of Science (abbr.). 65 Royal Navy (abbr.). Mercury, the chemical element, is named for Mercury, the planet PICKLES, Green Beauty, Sour or Pill. . . Quarts 19c TOMATOES, Standard hand packed .No. 2 can, 2 cans 21c PEAS, Green Giant large and tender, garden fresh No. 303 can 17c COFFEE, Folger's Mountain Grown drip or regular 1-lb. tin 35c MACKEREL, salmon style tall No. 1 can, 2 cans 25c PINEAPPLE, Libby's or Dole's sliced or crushed No. 2 can 22c PORK & BEANS, Campbell's 1 ib. can 3 cans 25c LIMA BEANS, fresh green and white, Argo ....No. 2 can, each 13c GREEN'S PASTEURIZED GRADE A MILK, THERE'S NONE JUST AS GOOD BREAD, salt rising made by (ranks, delicious for toast loaf 12c CHERRIES, dark red pitted No. 2 can 15c CABBAGE, Texas fresh and green medium heads, Ib. 2ic MILK, Pet Evap, 3 large or 6 small 27c GRAPEFRUIT JUICE, Jack Sprat 47 oz. can, each 18c PEARS, fancy halves in heavy syrup No. 2| can 23c PEANUT BUTTER, Gold Craft Fancy quarts 27c TOMATO SAUCE, Valley Bloom Calif, packed Spanish style, 7J oz. can 7c CATSUP, oyster hot Paramount brand pure 14 oz. tall bottle 16c SOAP, ivory, Lge. Size New improved.... bar 1(Hc LIMA BEANS, American Beauty No. 1 can dry soaked can 5c KRAUT, Standard, solid packed No. 2 can 9c SOAP, Crystal White regular size 6 bars 25c CORN, Pride of Illinois Country Gentleman cream style No. 303 can 12c CHEERIOATS, Ready cooked breakfast cereal 2 packages 25c SPAGHETTI, Amer. Beauty Prepared 9 oz, can 5c Sulfamlamide and Related Compounds Should Be Properly Prescribed MINNEAPOLIS,—Use of "sulfa" drugs without skilled medioal supervision, and frequent' blood- tests is extremely dangerous, yet the American public arc now demanding and fbuyinp these powerful preparations over the counter in enormous quantities, creating a new and immediate menace to American health, according to a warning by the medical department of Northwestern National Life Insurance company. Hailed as the "miracle" drug sulfanilamide and its related compounds are indeed achieving amazing results on many cases for which they have been found to be specific says the report. Yet "sulfa" has powerful reactions, and even skilled physicians fjnd extreme care necssary 4n its use. The average layman has no more business buying these drugs and taking them without close medical supervision than he would have in buying insulin or morphine, or in performing home suvgrey on his family, the warning states. "Sulfa" therapy has already worked a revolution in treatment of pneumonia, meningitis, and various other violent infections, particularly streptococcus infections, with phenomenal results in many cases, the report states. However, physicians are constantly exchanging data on the reactions of these powerful drugs, and agree on the need for great care in selection of the proper "sul£a" compound for a given condition, and for utmost and continuing supervision during the administration of the drug. The layman who buys a bottle of "sulfa" pills at his neighboring drugstore and blithely goes home to take them for whatever ails him, is playing with dynamite, the bulletin warns. One of the commonest errors is to take "sulfa" drugs for the ordinary cold or "flu", for which these drugs have little or no curative value, according to current medical opinion. 'Although it is one of the most successful drugs- ever discovered for certain bacterial infections, "sulfa" in its various forms also slows down or temporarily halts the formation of both red and white blood cells, and its unsupervised use invites anemia, to mention only one of the possible dangers. Iceland Breezes Are Great Complexion Aid FORT WORTH, Tex. (U'P)—Pri- vate Charles E. O'Rourkc of the U. S, Marines, back from Iceland, said that the far northern climate was excellent for the complexion. •/'Why, tough Marines acquire u skin just like a baby's," ho said "Something about that damp-sub- Artic climate make skins so soft most of the fellows were almost embarrassed. After all, a baby- faced Marine is unthinkable." >O'Rourke, home on lurlough said the troops became accustomec to everything strange about Iceland except the lack of trees. only ones growing there arc ii hothouses and Icelanders gather wound them on Sunday afternoons like Americans at the zoo. You Can Help AMERICA CHEESE, full cream Ib. 28c LARD, loose, pure Ib. 17c PORK ROAST, shoulder Ib. 32c BUTTER, best creamery Ib. 42c BOLOGNA SAUSAGE Ib. 17c LIVER, calf Ib. 50c STEAK, round Ib. 35c BACON, sliced, rind off - ..Ib. 32c BRAINS, pork ..Ib. 20c LAMB, leg Ib. 30c LAMB, shoulder Ib. 27c SAUSAGE, mixed, Ib. Sc; 2 Ibs. 15c by going in MID-WEEK to ease WEEK-END congestion Wartime conditions tend to crowd transportation facilities on week-ends when soldiers and war workers travel. You can aid by going places during the midweek when possible, and by getting tickets and travel information in advance. Going by Greyhound, you'll be saving your car and tires, saving materials America needs. And you'll be saving money for Defense Bonds at low Super-Coach fares! Buy War Bonds, Stamps Friday, Saturday, Monday, April 17, 18 & 20 C. L. NABERS GROCERY & MARKET Friday, Saturday, Monday, May 1, 2 & 3 Buy War iBonds, Stamps During the first half of 1940. the United States imported 298.597 pounds of cassia and cinnamon oil. Memphis, Tonn. St. Louts. Mo. Nnw Orleans. La. Detroit. Mich. Chicago. 111. Kansas City, Mo. One Way Ed.Trip 1.50 2.1)0 •J.I 5 7.7f 8.'Jf> 12.70 10.15 18.85 8.75 15. IS 7.05 BLYTIIEVILLE, AKK. 109 N. 5th Phone 441 GREYHOUND BLIND FISTULA . A Bliml Fistula is an uncommon pus infected condition of the rerlal area which forms insirlnoiisly over n, period of lime, during which the victim may complain of toxic symptoms, nervousness, low hack and Icp ache of rheumatic nature. Some do not. Eventually, pain and swelling in a circumscribed area develops. Upon examination, pus is. observed coming from an internal crypt. Without prompt and co-operative care and treatment, a complete fistula with external opening- also and further complications will assuredly ensue. Do not delay an examination and treatment. DRS. NIES & NIES Clinic 514 Main Blytheville, Ark. Phone 2021 t IT'S CLEAN-UP — FIX-UP TIME! Time to beautify your home by adding those pieces of— t ' • ''•.•'.'.;•'* NEW FURNITURE You will liiul our stocks complete, and we will keep thorn up as long as it is available. Prices are about the same as last year, we have price ranges for every budget! HUBBARD FURNITURE SPECIALS $3.95 $4.95 $6.95 Subject to Stock on Hand 9x12 LIGHT WEIGHT HUGS !»x!2 CONGOLEUM HUGS 0x12 GOLD SEAL RUGS <)x 12 AXMINSTER RUGS LIGHT WEIGHT FLOOR COVERING Sq. yd GOLD SEAL CONGOLEUM sq. yd ....;...;^;, JNLA1I) LINOLEUM cemented down without fell, sq. yd .'', EMKOSSED INLAID LINOLEUM cemented down with felt, sq. yd A •-' • ''•' .-' '•• •' Refrigerators, Radios Washing Machines These items are out of production now or v/ill he soon—-our-stocks are complete but we cannot replace any we sell, therefore, you must buy now or take what you can gel.'later. t Prices are ail set by the government, therefore you arc protected against unfair rises. - v $148.95 (> ft. SEMI-DELUXE I'HILCO REFRIGERATOR WASHING MACHINES; including and others. We have' these washers now ix Dluxe $7e$l99 PHILCO RADIOS '\x\v._ We have a most complete stock at last year's prices. Philco Battery Table Models, complete $34.95 Other Radios.... from $9.95 to $249.50 BED ROOM SUITES 3-pc. BEDROOM SUITES 3-pc. BEDROOM SUITES, large Poster Bed .................................... > OTHER BEDROOM SUITES UP to ........ , STUDIO COUCH SPECIAL upholstered in Velour .................................. MATTRESSES Innerspring Mattress, our special . . $14.95 Beautyrest Mattresses, same old price $39.50 50 Ib. Plaited Felt Bored Edge Mattress $9.95 50 Ib. Rolled Edge Cotton Mattress . . $5.95 TERMS — We arc allowed to give as long as 15 months on installment purchases. Fall Terms— Half dpwn, balance next fall. • Hubbard Furniture Co. 401 W. Main Phone 409 Blytheville, Arkansas

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