The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 30, 1942 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 30, 1942
Page 6
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BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)', COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, APRIL" 30, 1942 IV* ISIEIM Learning to Core for Soldiers' Spiritual Needs riNDEANATJOLlS lUP) — The 3,771-acre Deshee farm near Vincennes, Ind., recently attacked in Ctongress' as a "Russian Colony," completed its third farm year with a >"916,500 net profit, according to William CJghtfoot, - Jr., assistant tutorial'director of the Farm Security Administration. ' The project, a part of the government-owned Wabasli farms which include 7,718 acres in seven southern Indiana counties, is operated on a cooperative basis by 38 families. The- $16,500 net, Lightfoot point- ed'''out, represents the profit on tlie 1941 operation after annual rent of $6,600 and previous losses of $12,000 were deducted. However, the bookkeeping, he said, docs not take advantage of recent price increases for farm products as a 10- year price average was used in taking inventory. Advance on "Dividends" In addition to the Deshee farm, the FSA operates two similar cooperative projects, the Bois D'Arc and Hillview farms in southern Missouri JUghtfoot explained that in setting up the Deshee farm in 1939, eight large farms supporting eight families were purchased for about $70 per acre. Forty-one houses were built and leased with the Komsii Catholic chaplains-to-be kneel in church at Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indianapolis, where Army is training ministers of all'faiths. Army needs 3500 chaplains: is commissioning 150 cer month. 'MONTGOMERY WARD "THE BEST DOLLAR HAT IN AMERICA! OUR CUSTOMERS ARE TELLING US! idea that if tenants were able to operate the project successfully, the government would sell the farm on a long-term mortgage. Members of the cooperative own none of the crops or livestock individually. In return for 10 hours daily work, they get their house, a garden plot, field and dairy products and 20 cents per hour in a cash wage, which 'Lightfoot termed an advance.on; potential dividends. At the end of the year, if a profit is made, members receive dividends after a reserve is taken out of the fund. Members of the cooperative elect their own manager but various phases of the operation are directed by committees. Locals Approve Project Lightfoot pointed out that this has biiEn one cause of high membership turnover. In several cases committee chairmen became so well-trained in one . branch of fanning' that they were offered lucrative jobs as farm managers and specialists. At the present time, he said, three vacancies exist as. a result of members taking specialists' jobs or poitions in defense industry. The 41 houses air will be occupied this spring, he added. Commenting, on charges of Communism in connection with Desheo farm, Ligritfoot said: ''Some people who have never seen one of our projects or talked to the people on them are prone to criticize, but my observation is that local people approve the pro- ect after taking the trouble to isit the farm and see how the Pancake Fanciei makes Russian blini (pancakes) jressed caviar, or sour cream, or vith chopped hard-cooked eggs n butter, ivieiteu^ butter is ai- vays served with them also. BLINCHIKK Two eggs, 1 cup milk, 2 table- poons sugar," flour, 1 or 2 tablespoons melted butter, applesauce, am, or whipped cream. Beat together eggs, milk and sugar. Add flour until a thin batter is formed, adding 1 or 2 table'-' NEW HOPE, Pa. (UP)—Mary Sarg Is going to carry on for htr famous father, the late Tony Sarg, nationally known artist and marionette maker — even to ihc extent of changing the name un to Toni. "Maybe, I'm being a little too Oti.sliccM about it all/' she said. Mr-5 S;.rg. who in priva-,> life is f.s. Furett Miller, wife of an en- uinerr, said she knows her 1.mi- rations ard intends to stiy within • tiu'm i inished Treasure B'J>K '1 went try to do anything with ruipi ts because that was y" Tony Sarg—and i know I couldn't design his big baloons," .she said. "But with the drawings, yes—although I didn't inherit his sense of humor, his way of making even a little dot look funny.' She said her father hadn't been able to finish the cover of his new animated book, "Tony Sarg's Treasure Book.' "I took his 'rough' and finished it," she said. "I told him, just before he died and he was very pleased. Miss Sarg has been living here in this Bucks County artists' colony taut plans to go up to her father's shop in Nantucket, Mass., this summer to continue his work. Left Only $5,000 She said her father once made "staggering" sums — she thought about $80,000 a year—but during the World's Fair he "poured his earnings into his exhibit." "When he went bankrupt," Miss Sarg continued, "he said with his typical sense of humor that his spoons of melted butter. Test matter to be sure that blinchiki will be very thin by dropping 1 spoonful of batter into frying pan assets included two suits an overcoat and an old hat.'His estate was valued at not more than $5,000, she said. kJUVJ Vl-ll. tti W* i^lVVV^.*. *»mv ** J *"O j^«.-.* I . greased with butter. If too thick,! Mlss Sar f who 1S „ . . 30 sald add a little more milk; if too thin, add a little Hour. After frying the blinchiki, fill with applesauce, jam or whipped cream and put in oven until they are heated through. Serve with sour cream and powdered sugar. she was drawing at 3 but her father let her work alone until she was seven—"and then he plugged hard, trying to train me." Old Combine Turned Into Spinach Picker COWETA, Okla. (UP)—Farmer T. >R. Stone and his son, Ralph, have perfected a spinach picker that Ls doing the job well at a marked decrease in labor costs. The Stones took a second-hand combine, overhauled the machine, added a 10-foot conveyor belt plus a few other parts and developed a machine that cuts spinach expert- Take A Letter- Get In And Pitch GREAT LAKES, HI., (NBA) — Lieut. Gordon S. Cochrane, director of baseball at the U. S. Nava Training Station here can dictate in the dugout this summer. Mickey's; secretary, Yeoman Carl Meyer, i a candidate for the blue jacke squad. Yeoman Meyer formerly pitched in the Evangeline League Has Largest Alumni Group BERKELEY, Cal. (UP)—The re- rogram works. "•But if 40 American Man; these new novelty weaves ARE smartl And keep you cool as an ocean breeze. Dceptonc bands. families making their living, paying their vay, and reaching their own decisions is Communistic, then De- shee is Communistic." Negro Senior Class To Give Play Friday The senior class of the Harrison "Negro School will present its class play, "The Scarecrow Creeps," a three-act mystery comedy, at Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church on Ash street Friday night at 8 o'clock •Members of the cast are Lucius Vassar. George Seals, Joe Wilson Gillis, Milton Spencer, S. Q. Parks Garvey Thomas, Hcttie Margerun Dorothy Thomas, Jane Lee Good loe and Ruth Emmons. ly As far as they know it's the , cent celebration of the 70th anni- only machine of its kind in trie. versary of the founding of the Um- countrv versity of California, revealed the Inabliitv to hire common labor- fact that it now has the largest ei-s for the spinach picking caused U^m aSSOCiatl ??J? „?!! Stone and his son to try building. There are now 26,500 dues- .a machine that would do the worfc| memDeis ' They decided last fail that a harvester they were using for other vegetable crops might be used also for spinach. The finished machine, already Light-weights with bands that sparkle with original .color designs. Porous mesh ; .. pinch front shapes. Junior "Minute Men" Help Gather Metal WYNNE. Ark. (UP)—A club o young boys—Junior Minutemen o World War II—has been organized at Cherry Valley to help in colle tion of scrap metals and oth waste materials needed in the war effort. Eighteen youths, from 10 to 15 years old, have joined the organization. Waste material is located during the week and collected on Saturdays. The material is sold to junkmen and all proceeds given td some charitable institution. Jussian Pancakes Enhance Sunday Supper Parties BY MRS. GAYNOR MAD I) OX NBA Service Staff Writer Blini, those thin buckweat pancakes so clear to Russians, are pop- ilar with Americans, too. They, , „ . „ an be served with sour cream, "our. A nearby caanery at Haskell, iowdercd sugar, and in times of OkUi., is buying all the spinach the usurious peace, with caviar. Your family will be delighted with this Russian version of the familiar pancake. They arc ideal for late supper parties. BLINI (Makes 20 to 22 blini) One cake yeast, 1 1-4 cups lukewarm water, 1 1-4 cups buckwheat flour, 3-4 cup white fluor, 1 cup hot milk, 2 cgys, .separated; 1-3 teaspoon sah, i tablespoon sugar, 3 tables poons melted butter, 1-4 cup heavy cream. Dissolve yeast in a little warm Read Courier News want ads. in use, cost the Stones but S425 for the equipment needed. It will harvest four tons of spinach an 'Stones deliver. under-ann . Cream Deodorant safely Stops Perspiration Jonesboro Youth Named Baylor Yearbook Editor WACO, Texas. (UP)—Dow Heard Jr.. Jonesboro, Ark., has been named 1942-43 editor of the Round Up, Baylor University yearbook. Heard is on leave of absence from the Army to get his college degree. In addition to editing the annual, Heard is columnist and editorial writer on the Daily Lariat, water. Add 3-4 cup of buckwheat school newspaper, and a reporter Fire Station Is Fire Trap AKRON, O. (UP)—Akron's drive for funds to provide its war production with adequate fire protection turned up the incidental in- 1 tclligence that one of its four- I story fire houses had been con- {demned 10 years ago as a "fire trap." - flour and all tho white flour. Beat thoroughly and put into large bowl. Cover with napkin and let rise in warm place for 3 hours Beat batter well with spoon adding remaining buckwheat flour, until well blended. Let rise again in warm place for about 2 hours. Add to bailor 1 cup scalded milk, mixing until .smooth. Cool Add 2 egg yolks, salt, sugar, melted butter. Whip cream. Be;\t egu whites until very stiff. Fold egg whites into cream mot vice vers-.U and whole mixture into batter. •Let sland 1 hour and without .stirring again try in small pancakc-.s about 4 to 5 indies in diameter. The dough LS taken carefully with a spoon and put into a heated and buttered pun. When the blini is done on under side, sprinkle with melted butter and tun to cook on the oihcr side. Blin are served with fresh caviar o Here are style favorites in closely-woven domestic fibers ... they're so cool, so comfortable, so very smart. 406 W. Main, , Phone 591 350 MULE COLTS AT AUCTION! TUESDAY, MAY 5th Newbern, Tennessee SALE STARTS 12 O'CLOCK S1IAKI' For our first Sale of the season, we will have Three Hundred and Fifty or more 90 per cent Yearlings, fe\v two's. Will li;ive from the small ones to as good a,s ?ro\vn and some extra udl mated pairs, sorrels and greys. Now don't be afraid l«> drive a, distance to this Sale, as we will have the number and kind we advertise. We have some of the best shippers that ran lir had from Missouri, Oklahoma, Illinois, Kentucky, Iowa and Texas, so be with us on the above date. Also will have thn-r extra good 2-ycar-old Jacks, one grey and two blacks with white points. 85 MILES NORTH OF MEMPHIS on HIGHWAY 51 Newbern Sales Co. EDD BRAMMER —JIMMIE WILSON NEWBERN, TENNESSEE n the Waco News-Tribune and limes-Herald staff. Wedding Ring Lost 2S Years BURR. OAK, Mich. (UP>—Twcn- y-eiyht years ago Mrs. Vcrro Gor- nitt, wife of a St. Joseph county armcr. lost her wedding ring \vhilc in her way from the house to the jarn. Recently, Gorbutt found the -ing in the dirt—in perfect condition. . 1. Does not rot dresses or men's shirts. Docs not irritate skin. 2. No waiting to dry. Can be used right after shaving. 3. Instantly stops peispiratioti for 1 to 3 days. Removes odor from perspiration. 4. A pure, white, grease less, stainless vanishing cream. 5. Arrid has been awarded the Approval Seal of the American . Institute of Laundering for being harmless to fabrics. Arrid is the LARGEST SELLING DEODORANT. Try a jar today! . 39* ARRID . At all More* nulling toUrl good* 1 J** (•!•<> in 1O< mnA 59f j«r«) Rationing Orders are more liberal — you may be eligible to Buy A New CAR Sec \i« today about (he facts on how to get a new car. We have a stock of new Chrysler and Plymouth Cars that can be sold on rationing orders. T. I. Seay Motor Company 121 W. Ash St. Phone 2122 Friday, May 1st Is Official Straw Hat Day! And at Mead's you'll Had a varied selection, of well styled Stetson Straws that are cool, comfortable and good looking! It's time to "toss oil" your felt and slip on a lighter, cooler Stetson straw. Come in and see them today! Stetson Straws "GOVERNMENT HOUSE"... XK Another new "Nassau Palm" by Stetson, hand-' woven by natives of Nassau! Which means a cool, open-meshed weave that can beat even tropic heat. Stetson thought up the semi-telescoped crown, the imported Oxford puggree. You'll think up new ways to describe its good looks and comfort. $5.00 "PARADISE BEACH"... You're a member in good standing- of any high-style group with this swank Nassau Palm! Flat telescoped crown, new as tomorrow . . . plaid puggree band . . . silver p a 1 m weave ... its good looks are your card of admission to the "best-dressed" circle. Your ticket to comfort, too, is its refreshing light weight. "PANALITE"... You'll welcome hoi weather . . - just for a chance to put this feather-weight Panama through its paces. Handsome, too, is the Stetson • "Paiialite," with distinctive weave and soft, rich-colored band. It's a genuine Stetson Panama . . . what more can •vou ask? $5.00 Other Straws $1.95 to $8.50 MEAD'S ''\\^ "c v «? s ^*x> , s vR5vt>~ s >*•¥*»* :JjJ* s £$&J$£fei$^;4T: '63IS%^v 'A C6y««N^vlv^ z\ .\--xoC 1 ^* s> -^ ^^v\\^ <'7Vr^ v * ' ^ v*L*.5..«•.(. WAV, i. «-^s^-> . •. ...s, .OA S I . .•** ^Vi.l.v N >.*>.v.^ 322 MAIN STREET G

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