The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 24, 1949 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 24, 1949
Page 7
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THURSDAY, HI ARCH 2.1, 10-19 BLYTHEVILLE <ARK.) COUNTER NEWS PACK FIVE Ex-Red Testifies Against Party Former Official, Now Arch-Critic, Is First On Stand in Trial NEW YORK. March 24—<jl'}—A "former high Communist official who is now nn nrcii-critlc of tlic party became the first government witness yesterday in the conspirao trial of 11 lending U.S. Communists Louis Budcnz. former editor ol the Communist newspaper, the Daily Worker, testified that one of the defendants. Jacob Strachol once criticized a statement prepared for the paper "as not giving enough prominence to Stalin and the international Communist move ment." Stachel and Eugene Dennis, an other defendant, continuously sup erviscd his editorship of tiie Dail Worker. Biitlnca said, adding tha Dennis was one of the men wh directed him to take charge of th publication. Dennis, who is serving as his ow attorney, arose to object to thl testimony as "entirely hearsay." "Wliy, he said that you told him. Judge Harold R. Medina rcplicc overruling the objection. Budnez also testified that Stacln and Gilbert Green, another defend ant, had told him about tiie Seven I World Congress of the Communl Party, held In Moscow in 1935. Kxtolled Slalin Stachcl showed him a resoliitio iie witness said, in which the Congress extolled Premier Stalin as "the beloved leader of the whole proletariat." Budnez. one-time member of the Communist Party "Politburo," now teaches economics at Fordham University. He has attacked Communist doctrine in lectures and writings since he renounced the party in 1945 and rejoined the Catholic Church. Budnez testified he joined the Communist party in 1935. Three of the defendants—Stachel, Irving Potash and Carl Winter— were Identified by the witness as men with whom he was acquainted before 1935. Stachcl told him. Budnez said, that "I'd hnve to wait for Earl Breeder's return from the Seventh Congress of the Communist International at Moscow as to the character of my membership, whether it would be public or concealed, or underground." Later, he testified. Browder told him he was to be "An open member" of the party. Russians Sea! It With Rubble * WE, THE WOMEN * Some Gals Hold Jobs On _uck; Here's How to Check By Kutb Milled NKA SUSI Writer Using rubble from bombed buildings, Soviet forces are putting up roadblocks like this to seal ofl their senior bl Uerlm to western Germans Tlie [(ussians ore also exuerted to cut the elevnied railway, operated liy the Russians (or tile entire city, ns n further retaliation lor the new currency reform winch outlawed the Soviet mark in west Berlin. l-Uh (Yntuiv I-Vscn Fount! PKUUOIA. Il.-ily I UP) — Bricfc- Inyers converting an old barracks into a civic museum discovered n Hear-perfectly preserved mid-four- leentii century fresco showing the Virgin with tlio Christ-child in he jinn. 1 *. The picture will be clc;ine itnd left on Hie .section of where it was found, to be cxhlbUc In tlic civic museum. Hy Kuth Mlllrlt NBA Staff Writer Willie the exiKrts me nrgiilnK ivcr whether or not we ore limiting nto a ° depression, every svunuin vho hns to hold down u job In order o cat should take careful Mock of vhnt she Is giving her employer In •eUirn for d pay check. For quite a long [hue now women n minor Jobs linve been nulc to «et by not because they did their joKs veil, Init because (heir employers couldnl get anyone better. If a womnn will answer questions honestly she ouulit to oe able lo lell fairly well whether .slie lins held her Job so far on luck or ability: If your Job demands some skill like typlnR. can you perform it with speed nnd accuracy? When you have been called on to take on some new responsibility dui you assume It willingly. Instead ol protesting It was out of ynur lim or ncrlitrps doing It so poorly i t hiul to lie turned over to sotnone, e-lsr? Huve you been coiisrictilloiis about not letting your private life interfere with your job? The miswer Is "No" If you have had many absences for other reasons tliini illness, been Intc often, or risked for time out duiltlR the day lo run liersonal errands. Compatibility Is Important Hnvc you gotten along well with those with whom you have to work? Can you take criticism from u superior without nllbliiK or mcntiilly iBKliiK It off ns being of no 1m- porluneeV Is your employers business really Important to you? Since yon were hived have you voluntarily lakcn on any new responsibilities? Ate you doing unythtns lo make yourself more valuable, to employer, such ii.s studying, Inuiiln); new skills, or milking nn effort to leiini more about your employer's business? Do you keep your persona troubles to yourself. Instead of unloading them on your tniss? If must of your answers nrc "Yes' you hnvo been making a scenro place for yourself In Hie working world. If you huve ninny "No" answers mill Mill have your Job—you Imvc been lucky so far. but remember It is "boom limes" luck. A camel Is capable of carrying n load of 500 pounds a distance of 70 miles a day. Do False Teeth Rock, Slide or Slip? l-'AS'l'KI-ri'Il. itn nu|novi-(l miwilci u> lioHtH tiiiM* U!i>cn more ilri no mil siuic slip or rticX £004;y, pasty tnMo or K' Tb'hTH Is alk;il1iu- imin-itcl sour Clnei-KR "phut; o<lni Urcatli) Cln rASTKKTll i Blnrc ly In [ No rtn 'Amnesia Bride' Happy With Her Second Husband SKATl-LE. MARCH 24. (<l'j — Whatever kind of woman .she wa.s before she last her memory five, weeks ii(;o, Mrs. Ilerlls SuKden wu.i the kind ol wonutn who coutd pick n B>xxl liusbnnd. slia acknowledged yesterday. Still "Belling acquainted" with her husband, bus driver W. K. Siig- rti'ii. the "amnesia bride" said; "He's Just the kind of mini I'd wiint (or u husband." The couple was mnrrlcd lust November, but Mrs. Suudcn says she dw.sii't reinwnbrr II. Klio lost lirr memory when struck on the hvnd H'b. H by u .scut cushion dropped o(J a theulor balcony by n prunk- liluyliU! youngster. Hho siiy.s she enn recall nothing since. 1D4-1. "] (iiwrt romr-tnlK'r my inuni.- to Will," she Kiiid, "but ho has b .such ,t wonderful person slnei 1 my How To Relieve Bronchitis CrcniiuiULon rc!icves|>romjnlyliecuusc it^uc-. rij^H to die olflic tumlilc to lit 1 Ip loosen ami expel fcunn lailcn |iljh'i;iM ami ai'l until re [0 iuotlie ami lic.i! raw, lender, inllamcd tmicnin im-jnbrancs.Tcl! ynurdru^niin to sell you a buttle of CrconmMon with ilic niidci-Maiuliii)' you mmi like tlir way it quickly allay* tlic umgli or you are to liave ymir money hjck. CREOMULSION tor Coughs,Chest Colds.Bronchitii rouble that I'm certainly glad I'm niirrled to him." Mrs. Sugnen said hundreds of oilers from all over the nation mvo brought sugtcM'oiiB anil of- fered help In trying to overeoo* her affliction. Also helpful, she said, are Rob. erta, 8, and Kenneth, 10, Sugdca'i children by a previous marriage. enoy wi the Ktntry inste*i of hiving to witch the rwd . at ]4 the cost of operating your (or I •On* W»r Memphis, Trim. St. Louis, M l.lltlf Itoek. Ark. JuekM>n, 'I'eiin, ^Educator Named As Successor to Sen. Brouahton RALEIGH, N C., March 24. OP|— Dr Prank P. Graham, educator and confidant of presidents, will be North Carolina's junior U.S. Senator. Gov. W. Kerr Scott appointed the 62-year-old Democratic president of the Greater University of North Carolina at a dinner in Chapel Hill. He will succeed J. Melville Broughton who died March 6, There was no doubt in party circles that the Senate would seat him, despite recent criticism of his views on the floor of Congress. ' A strong civil rights advocate and consistently a plugger for free speech and assembly, Dr. Graham was attacked in Congress only last month. Ilep. Hebert (DL-a.) said the Communist Party had been exploiting the prestige of the University of North Carolina, for years through Dr. Graham's activities. Dr, Graham replied: "I have always been opposed to Communism and all totalitarian dictatorships." Dr. Graham served closely with President Roosevelt during the lasi world war. % "Old at 40,50,60?" — Man, You're Craz "liePDiE'KtU*"""'" Ostrci. Cinialnstfinlc for wr_ TMn'juwn Fcrlln; dun jolely to body'* lick ot |r. (.Mre^lvmi^TafileM for r^O. T^unyer Jf-clir^, i> At all drug stores everywhere.—In Blythcville, at Kirhy & Woods Drug SAVE! SAVE! Speed/.' Powerful/ Dependable! reel with smooth (cvd- aclian and anti-Uacklnsh. blown onyx ring with pl«tic utijis, thrrc.piccc tnkc- .„ , down construction. 100 yards line opacity (50 yardi with arbor). Corac in and took it over. SOUTH BEND Solid Steel CASTING ROD SOUTH BEND OUEN-O-MATIC FLY-ROD REEL $9.25 Man. what c • You Are Cordially ; The I Accessory Shop J Feminine Apparel J Jlahc] Hog^n Jessie Srite } Hotel Motile BIrlg. ! BIytheville. Ark. I Have At Alt Time* For Sale several Iractors and equipment, both new and used. I have John Deere, Farmail. Ford and other makes 1 now have new Ford tr.iclors and equipment read* for delivery at dealers' price. 1 will trade for most anything von have- Terms can be arranged. See F. C. CROWE L mile south ol Braggadocio, M« HERE'S A 10-DAY CHANCE TO SAVE! WE'LL PAY BIG MONEY FOR YOUR TIRES . . . . . . when traded-in on new SUPER CUSHION TIRES by GOOD/YEAR 12 HP' TWIN SEA-BEE OUTBOARD MOTOR •00 dawn « w«tk A big, husky alternate firing tivin with plenty of power for those big loads and a speed of from i to 22 mph. Come in and look it over — it'i tome motor! *I2.0 certified brake horsepower at 4,OOC rprn — OBC rating. MORE POWER. MORE SPEED PER ' DOLLAR rod wicS plenty of action your fish. One-piece steel lip — detachable offset aluminum handle with screw locking reel seat and finger hook. Plastic and cork grip. 4 ft. 9 inches long. A real buy. PWHCTIY BALANCED GARDEN HOE •tripping, iV- lent operaling wilh aulo- malle line brak* and aprlng i 49 , 3A A °" Hai a long, ationg hardwood handle lo which lh» blod. |. .ecurely iait.nrt in melal ferrule. STRONG, rORGID ftTIEL 3OW RAKE HCJ* on* placa 14 it* looth bar at*al "** h«ad. Hardwood iiandU. 119 SEA-BEE T/4 HP OUTBOARD MOTOR A whcdfl oi a krt of molor for H« prlc*. Thl» powerful Btngle cylinder drive* a boat at Hi lo 7 mph, ha« hill pllo* leverae, automate Mll- up, ii]»nt under - water «and !• velf piloting. 2-PfiONG WEEDING HOE 50c 2 sharp woc^ ing prongs o; one »ide and a rtraight culling •dga loc cvlti- D-HANDLE SPADING I FORK 89c Tou g»\ a lirm, comEorlabl* gilp wi\h Ihli "lough" »otl bleaker. IONO HANDU LIGHT WIIOHT, UVEL GARDEN RAKE SOUTH BEND BASS-ORENO 98c A iomeiu. Iui« wllh thie» hooki. 3V." long. Everything a tire can do ... Super-Cushion does BETTER! •Glv« You L £ ,,g 5r Mi|eag> * • Makes your car handle easier • Cuts down repair bills • Gives you the smoothest rido you vo over had Makes your car ride belter than new AvaiUbU in All-Wt.fhtr «nd Rib TrtlJfc New Tires d«s«rv« n«w tubn . . . LifeGu*rdi malt* blowouh hirmtcti. EASY TERMS) No Backlash With Thlsl Branson CASTING REEL 2 75 A qieat tcol lor lh« btvqlnner •» sxpeil- Controlled "pool »pe«d ptovonl* backlash. Hoi 2 <3»ai direct diW« Uv*l wind. HIGH POWERED and LOW PRICED! Make Goodyear Headquarters For All Your Garden Needs Buy Now and Save! RESOLUTE ' BATTEBT • 12" round polnltd blade oE lough, heat treated tt««1. Sliong haid- HANDY FOR GARDENS, IAWN3 UTILITY CART $^49 A sturdy, •!*»], gsneral purpoi* cart lhal hold* more than a bushel. Slandt upright on il«*l Ugi and litli lo ground leyal for dumping. 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