The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 29, 1942 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 29, 1942
Page 6
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BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, APRIL 29, 1942 Jenkins, |feMilk-Drinker, Makes Boast— "Byrd Will Be Lucky To Last Four Rounds' - BowUn« that he has forsaken the "primrose path" that-led to his fistic-dowBTall and that he will kayo ' \ Jackie Byrd,, Blytheyille , welterweight, in four rounds or less Lew Jenkins, ex-lightweight champ, I told Ben Epstein, sports editor of the - Arkansas Gezette, yesterday that'he is ready for his scheduled figh,t atf- Hot Springs May 11. j Tfce^ following comment was' published by Mr 1 . Epstein today in his'colony Gazette Sport Gazing: A I^-feOKp LEW JENKINS, COMPUETCLY REFORMED Rejuvenated by the wholesome' mountain air and therapeutic waters of Hot Springs after posing his manager, his wrecked motorcycle, his -wife and the minor item of $15Q,OOfr, Lew Jenkins favored us with a visit yesterday. Accompanied by wtnesses, Lew pledged complete reformation on a stack of boxing records. Ironically, several of the books informed that Jenkins rated as the hardest-punching 135- pounders in fistic history. Jenkins* series of setbacks demands explanation. The slab-sided slugger from Sweetwater, Tex., took a day off from his preparation for his" fight wth Blytheville's Jackie Byrd in Hot Springs, Monday, May 11. He lost his manager, Hymie Caplin, to the government which is giving Hymie a free coursa in;: penology. He lost his motorcycle when a 'curve between Miami and New York,' "traveling at 90 miles per hour let me have it." He lost his wife at Reno and the 150 grand to some rather grand times in front, of bars. The former champ confessed that he struck out after he went places by striking- chins. He attributed it all to being blinded by the bright lights of Broadway and way points. All that now is past 'Lew sad, as he drowned his troubles in a glass of milk. And as Jenkins repeated his belief in the old established laith, Mickey Riley, his trainer, and Dr. Ackerman, the promoter, drank a toast to the success of Lew's comeback in the same liquid. It was nil most in- spimg. Will 'Murder' Byrd. "I'll murder this Byrd whoever he is," remarked Jenkins as though the draught of cow juice had rehabilitated his life and career in a single gulp. "I'm only 25, weigh 138 and can knock out anybody I fight when I'm in shape. And I'm gonna be in shape from here on out. I lost my title to Sammy Angott I was forced to fight wth bones busted in my arm, back and hip. I wasn't much better off against Cocnrane, Servio and Kaplan. "So I'm a simpleton of sock, am I? Well, Tan going to show 'em who is the boss. Folks in Hot Springs say that Byrd is dynamite. That doesn't scare me. I hope he is a good boy—as good as they say he is. I need a tough fight under, my belt. But Jackie will be luckj? f he lasts four rounds. After that, I'm ready for any of them There is only one lightweight or welterweight in the: country who can lick Sugar Robinson and I'm him. I'll do it, too. And will those New York experts eat crow!" In addition to ridding himself of pugnistic prigism, Jenkins also told of his hopes of accomplishing other achievements. Lew has writ- .ten the words and music to five songs and gladly will strum them for you on his guitar. He said they werq romantic ditties embrac- ng the proper amount of Texas yodel "lo make you close your eyes and dream." How do you like that? "To prove to the fans of Arkansas that I'm on the level," concluded Jenkins scratching his well-pounded proboscis, "I'm going to finish training in Little Rock the Sat- urc.'ay before the fight. Gee, it's warm. Let's go down and have another glass of milki" T.PLHIS SI1 HOT 11 Little Rock Club Upsets Pre-Season , Dope; May Be Southern'Dark Horse ATLANTA, Ga., April 29. (UP)—. Manager Willis Hudlin of the sec- : ond place ^Little" Rock 'Travelers tcday promised the Southern Association teams "the fight of their lives before "they get"us r out of the first division!" " : . " Hudlin wasn't surprised when all the dopester-s -picked his team, before the season opened, as an also-ran. But lie's "a bit puzzled ,no.w by the questions, -"when are the Travelers goirig/to\ireyert to form and drop to 'the cellar"? 7 *" """-^.;, The Little 'Rock nine, which set the: league on fire this season, is going to-stay right up in the middle of the first division, Pitcher- Manager Hudlin believes. "If our pitching'staff comes through, we'll give odds that the Travelers will still be fighting for the pennant in-the last week of the '. season," he said. Little Rock, now in second place, held the league lead until the Atlanta Crackers went on a winning streak and by -passed _ them. The dope book still lists the Traveler's as a second division club and most followers of the Southern Association are wondering when the bub- Tickets For Fight Put On Sale Here Fight fans in this area who plan to go'»to Hot Springs-for the 10 round match May 11 between Lew Jenkins 1 and -Jack'Byrd will be able to obtain tickets for ringside seats in advance, joe Craig, manager of Byrd, tqday received a supply of tickets which will be placed on sale at the Pastime Biliard Parlor. One group of the tickets are for seats in the first two ringside rows and will si-11 for $3.30 each. Another group of tickets are for seats eight rows from ringside and will sell for $2.20 each. -Many boxing enthusiasts here have already indicated that they will attend the fight, the first in which any boxer from this section has ever been given a shot at a .'.•big-name" ;fighter. ble is going to explode and the Little Rcckcrs slide clown the ladder. That is, except Manager Hud- Jin. "We're over the toughest part of the season. 0 Our Spring practice was weak in that we only had four pre-season exhibition ganies and some of the boys are just now getting into shape," Hudlin asserted. "We're going to be the darkest dark-horse the Southern has known in a long time." HETITZBERG GOOD SPORT : NEW YORK—Sonny Hertzberg was given the City College of New York award for outstanding sportsmanship in basketball. HE THE FIELD Brooklyn Out In Front By Three Full Games; Yanks Not Yet Hot By OSCAR FRALEY United Tress Staff Correspondent NEW YORK. April 29.—It's only the beginning, as the sideshow barkers say. but the come-on men couldn't point to a, greater oddity today than major league baseball's war-time standings. Brooklyn's daffy Dodgers, who many expected to come apart at the seams after a searing stretch sprint which gave them the National League pennant, are out in front by three full games. Meanwhile, the New York Yankees—counted on to waltz away from the opposition at the gun and win. the American League banner in the proverbial walk—are down in second place. As the 'first intersectional games Miss Vee" On A Spree I see where the Army is planning to lay considerable emphasis qn physical training of the armed forces. That's O. K., but how about a little emphasis being put on physical training for the civilian population.? Since the war began, sports have just about become ' a thing of the past on the home front. This is a serious mistake, and a medal of some kind should be given to the first Government big shot who realizes it. Not only jdo sports boost morale, but the> ' toughen up the participants and it locks like the American public needs a little hardening for what lies ahead. er on the card right down in my v lap. Personally, I prefer blondes and not of the heavyweight variety either. Miss Vce is plenty high as Herb Hadfield spins on fantail of high-powered bucking board during Reel Cross Speebdcat Regatta at Long Long Beach. Calif., Marine Stadium. Today's Sports Parade opened yesterday, with eastern National League clubs in the west and the western American Lsaguers touring the east, the Dodgers continued merrily on their way with RY JACK GUENTIIER United Press Stair Correspondent LCU1SVHJLE, Ky., April 29. (UP) h—Brother, can you spare a dime. Eddie Arcnro can use " one. The king of America's jockeys isn't broke, but he is bewildered. He doean't spend the dime He just wants to" flip it. He is confused, he is bothered and he is completely perturbed. He can't get a full night's rest'or eat ai substantaL msal. IL seems that he has his pick of two Kentucky Derby horses and. be can't quite decide which one he shall tab when the bugle blows "Come Budget it"'on Saturday. Specifically,' he can't decide .whether he should string ajong with Devil Diver or switch his allegiance to Shut Out. And if you don't consider this a problem, just remember that if Eddie should select the horse who wins the G8th ; Kentucky Derby he will pick up a fee of $7,COO. If he picks a .loser, he gets only his expenses. Hannted By Horses "I'm really having just one hell of a time," Eddie told me this morning, outside the green and white barn which houses Mrs. Payne Whitney's Greentree string. "It is getting so that I can't sleep These two horses haunt me. I've been around them almost a year, but I don't know which of them is the fastest and. the best/' Since the Greentree entry ,pf Devil Diver and Shut Out constitute the closest approach to a fatforue- you can find in next •Saturday's show. I gazed at Eddie sharply and attempted to deter- ARKANSAS LEGAL LIQUOR DEALERS BELIEVE IN: ;., • t 2 Regulation 3 Law Enforcement '/~S"\t • -t"- Americans begatt fighting.and dying for their legal rights with the American Revolution. Today— Americans are fighting tke greater battles ii for those MMM rights. mine if I were being given the business. But, No, Eddie perked his thumb in the direction of Major Louis Beard, director 0$ tne Whitney interests. Ttur Ms-jor said, nope, he didn't Icanw eir.Iier." "In fao-hers me." the Major ad~When they both were 3 _ ^ iscr-rs I thought perhaps Shut came back to stem the Cmcirmai;iiP cun Wii tn e fastest. Then, at j attack as his mates knocked* EJnrer Su-iMga. I changed my mind when Riddle out of the box. Dolpli Ga.- Eevii' Diver won the hopeful. A a 7-3 win over Cincinnati- Although. playing without two of its stars, Dixie Walker and Augie Galam, Brooklyn had little trouble wit£t the Reds — one of tlie pre-seasoa pennant favorites. Casey Comes Through. Whit Wyatt lasted only one inning in which the Reds scored unearned runs, but Hugh Casey they were foaled and he has been with them—morning and night— every day since. But Mr. Gavei- also regretted. "Well," he said, fixing me with a cold blue eye, "At first I liked the Bay. Now I like the •Chestnut. But- probably . T will switch by morning. It is a mighty puzling thing, -a problem like this. Most of the time we trainers just try to do what-we can and after Uia point we leave things up to you newspapermen. You seem to know it all." • At this point, Signer Arcaro broke in again: "See what I mean," he said, as 1" finished the' last phase of my ill-fated investigation. "Now you get an idea of what I'm up against. Major Beard doesn't know who is fastest. Mr. Gaver doesn't know and I don't know. I guess I'll just have to look in the newspapers and read what you folks think. But if I miss, watch out." If he looks in the right newspapers he'll find the answer— Shut Out will whip Devil Diver —but Requested will beat them both. If he doesn't we can startj right back at the beginning. Meaning, brother, can you spare a dime? For I will surely be able to use one. •The Baseball Standings G ^^-. ^& Ben Epstein, Arkansas Gazette sports columnist, admitted recently that he had trouble finding something to fill up space in one ol his little journalistic masterpieces. Reports all over the country no. doubt were ' 'struck dumb' with amazement by this modest admission by the shrinking violet of the Fourth Estate. Whazza matter, Ben, run out. of bum guesses? Dumas Man Named Game Supervisor PINE BLUFF, Ark., April 29 — Ralph Ro£.<: of Dumas ha.-> been lamed district supervisor lor tlie Arkansas Game and Pish 'Commission, Gillam Law ton, district;commissioner, announced Tuesday. Ross has been connected with ;he commis-^ion for several years, arid is well known among sportsmen of this area, lie will succeed J. B. Sims as supervisor Famous Hockey Series Halted For Duration SOUTHERN LEAGUE W.'L. Pet. Atlanta .; 14 ittle Rock 10 Memphis .. 5). Nashville ' ll hattanooga 10 Birmingham 8 New Orleans' .".'....."8 Knoxville 7 .700 .538 .529 .524 ^.500 .444 ".4CO .333 AMERICAN LEAGUE W. L. Pet. Cleveland 10 New York 9 Detroit 10 Boston 8 Washington 6 St. Louis G Philadelphia 5 Chicago 3 So •*" Jackie Byrd won another fight! Seems to be becoming quite a habit with him. Well, if he licks Jenkins and goes on to a championship the hock shops should do a booming business. In case of a bout of this caliber, I doubt il enough people' would' be" left' in Blytheville at scrap time to turn on the street lights. Well, well! They had anothei wrestling card at the'Legion Arena Monday night. The boys put on good show—in'fact," the bouts were a little better than the average run of them. All -of which is hunky dory, but I've got a kick coming. . It seems the ring wai over crowded what with a refere and- four wrestlers in it at one time. So, what happens? The; throw the biggest grunt and groan Today's Games •Southern League Memphis at- Chattanooga. Little Rock at Atlanta. Knoxville at /Birmingham. Nashville at New Orleans. National League Boston at Chicago. Philadelphia- at Pittsburgh. Brooklyn at Cincinnati. New York at St. Louis. American ' League Chicago at Washington. Cleveland at- Philadelphia. St. .Louis at New York. Detroit at Boston. Read Courier News want ads. Expert Tractor Tire Vulcanizing Materials Limited! Highway 61 North Phone 5BSU1 NATIONAL LEAGUE W. Brooklyn 12 Pittsburgh 8 New York 7 Chicago 1 St. Louis G Boston 7 Cincinnati 5 Philadelphia 3 milli, recovered from, a cald r blamed a two-run homer in the firsts.. The Yanks meanwhile dropped one game below Cleveland by losing. 3-1, to the St. Louis Browns as the Indians scored their rimch straight triumph with a 6-4 decision over the Philadelphia Athletics. x The world champions tumbled after holding a one run lead behind the mound work of veteran Charley -Ruffing. The Tribe scored ts ninth straight win by pounding n "Hie Ark«iK$as Retail Liquor Dealers believe smctrely in their right to sell liquor under the strict laws ef state cMrtroL They believe sincerely in your right to buy legal liquor if you choose to do so. Legal Hqnor sold under the rigid control system of Arkansas statutes means $3,000,000 in annual state taxes to help maintain worthy Arkansas insliuuiow. Who would pay this lax if liquor sales did not? i Again, the retail liquor dealers of this stale go on record to support moderation, strict regulation and law enforcement throughout Arkansas. 3 i J Will Help Beat the Axis Buy Defense Bonds Won; ARKANSAS ETTERMENT few days ago the Diver cut his leg and o£ course I switched again. Bus no^r that they are both sounc 1 , again, I must confess that I just don't kno~/. T ' •JFexi: I went to trainer John Gaver. He Knows flis Colts This xorthy T a one-time Princeton mar. who -now handles the Greeiurce horses, is by all odds the Gentleman who knows more about the two colts than any other living human. He had a hand in WEST, POINT, N. Y. (UP)— The annual hockey match between the Royal Military College/ Kingston Cnt., and the United States Military Academy—termed the "most sporting"" athletic • event in , the world" —is being discontinued for the_ duration. ' ' Not a foul has been called since the series began in 1923 and no player has ever entered the penalty box. Since the visiting team is never accompanied by an organized cheering section, the host cadets split into two sections, one to cheer for the Canadian players and one for the Americans. The series trophy, donated by the R. M. C. 19 years ago, always remains with the losing team. After the Army's first victory in 1939, the U. S. Military Acadamy presented the Royal Military College with a companion cup. Yesterday's Results SOUTHERN LEAGUE Chattanooga 5, Memphis 2. Birmingham 7, Knoxville G innngs). Night games: Atlanta 4, Ottle Rock 3. Nashville 3, New Orleans 2. NATIONAL LEAGUE Brooklyn 7, Cincinnati 3. Pittsburgh 7, Philadelphia 1 St. Louis 5, "New York 4 innings). Boston 6, Chicago 3. ack Knott and Russ Christopher or 13 hits in Cleveland's victory. t was Jim Bagby's fourth straight vin for the Indians. The Boston Red Sox took a firm-grip on fourth place, two games off Cleveland's pace, by stopping Detroit, 6-1. The defeat kept the Tigers one-half game below the Yankees, when a victory would have hovcd the champs into third place. Jimmy Foxx hit his second homer of the season in the Boston victory. Senators Retain Place Washington remained at the top of the second division as Buck New^pm scored his second win by setting btick th? last place Chicago White Sox, 4-3. Rookie Bob Repass " pounded a double to climax a winning two-run rally in the eighth. Pittsburgh remained three games back of the Dodgers in the National League battle with a 7-1 triumph over the hapless Phils. Stu Martin and Jimmy Wasdell each had three hits as the Bucs rapped Earl Nay lor and Wally Beck for 13 safeties. Tommy Holmes and Bill Nicholson homered in the Boston Braves' 6-3 conquest of the Chicago Cubs while Bill Lee suffered his first defeat in three starts. Lou Tost was the Boston victor although he had to be rescued by Dick Errickson in the seventh. Johnny Hopp's 10th inning double Allowed the St. Louis Cards to turn oack the New York Giants, 5-4. The Giants had tied up the game in the seventh. It was the first loss in three games for Cliff Melton, the big Giant right-hander. their breeding, r.e was one of the very first people to see them after BURLEY AFTER SUGAR •NEW YORK—Charley Burley, Pittsburgh Negro, offers Ray (Sugar) Robinson $10,000 to box him for the right to challenge Freddie Cochr.ine, Welterweight champion. DON EDWARDS "The Typewriter Man" ROYAL, SMITH, CORONA, AND REMINGTON TYPEWRITERS 118 N. 2nd STREET PORTABLE PHONE 3382 (Every Transaction Must Be Satisfactory) SEEDS FOR SALE Pedigreed D. & P. L. No. 12 Cotton Seed AMERICAN LEAGUE Cleveland G, Philadelphia 4. St. Louis 3, New York 1. Washington 4, Chicago 3. Boston 6, Detroit 1. 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