The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky on January 25, 1989 · Page 17
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The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky · Page 17

Louisville, Kentucky
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 25, 1989
Page 17
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C 2 THE COURiER-JOURNAL, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 25, 1939 BROADCAST O storer county & city TELEVISION HIGHLIGHTS WAVE-3 I WHAS-11 WLKY-32 I WDRB-41 I WBNA-21 I WKPC-15 I KET (NBC) Q (CBS) O ("CI O (IND.) () (IND.) (PBS) (PBS) CD Toddy This Morning Good Morning Scooby Doo Jettons Sesame Street Sesame Street Cont'd Cont d America Cont d My Little Pony -Snork n' Fnends S Sally Jessy Dick Van Dyke Live Regis & Jimmy Word Alive Sesame Street Voyage of the Raphael Kathie Lee Swaggart Mimi WKRP in Fletcher Marilyn Hickey Readalong I Cincinnati - Brothers I Sale of the Family Feud Bamaby Jones 700 Club Richard Captain It s Your World ' 1 n Century Rooerts Kangaroo . I II Classic Card Sharks Square One Read All ' Concentration Television About ft n Wheel of Price Is Right Home Bewitched Heritage 3-2-1 Contact Solve It Fortune Today Win. Lose or Sanford and Mister Rogers Art Chest , Draw Son ' - am Nsw New Growing Pains Dallas James French Chef lO . Robison i I f Scrabble Young and the The Judge John Osteen This Old House News Quiz ' 1 Restless 1' Days of Our All My Movie: Zola Levitt MacNeil - Saludos Lives Children FM Lehrer Bold and the Betty Jean Newshour Zoo. Zoo. Zoo i Beautiful Robison 2 Another World As the World One Life to Sing Out Masterpiece Energy Tums Live America Theatre , Adventures of AM Passion Teddy Ruxpin Spent 3 Santa Barbara Guiding Light General Dennis the Gum by Sesame Street Energy Hospital Menace Alvin end the Liars Club Chipmunks 4 People's Court Andy Griffith Oprah Winfrey Due-Tales Gidget Square One Sesame Street Television ' Family Feud M A S H Fun House Charles in Mister Rogers , Charge 5 Donahue Cosby Show Geraldo Double Dare Bonanza Sesame Street Mister Rogers News D iff rent Square One ; Strokes Television GNews News News Webster Daniel Boone MacNeil - French in Lehrer Action NBC News CBS News ABC News Family Ties Newshour Business Rpt. Win. Lose or Entertainment Wheel of Cheers Big Valley Business Rpt. American Draw Tonight Fortune Wood lots USA Today PM Magazine Jeopardy) Night Court World of Kentucky Survival Afield Unsolved TV 101 Growing Pains Movie: High Wonderworks Smithsonian Mysteries Flap Chaparral The Lion, the World Head of the Witch and the Class Wardrobe 9 Night Court The Equalizer Wonder Years Bonanza Movie: Championship My Little Ballroom Hooperman Chickadee Dancing 1 988 Nightingales Wiaaguy ' China Beach INN News Word Alive ' I Archie Zola Levitt Sneak Previews MacNeil Bunker's Place Lehrer nNews News News The Jeffersons Jerry Barnard Poldark Newshour College Honeymooners Current Affair Hawaii Five-0 Captioned News Basketball Auburn at 12 OS Pat Sajak 12 05 Nightline 12 30Movie: Success in Sign Off Midnight Sign Off Midnight lO Kentucky 1:35 Night Heat 12:3SWipeout Five Days Ufa I 1:30 Bob Cortae 2:35 Worldvision 1:05 News From Home 1:00 Pastor 1 - 2:00 Sweethearts 3 35 News SignOff1:35 SignOff2:30 Sign Off 2 AM. KET channels: 21 MurravMeyfieiii 22 PlkevHIe. 23 Elizebethtown. 35 Hazard, 38 More head, 48 LexingtonRichmond. 52 Owenton, 53 PREMIUM CABLE Z I HSO I Showtime I Movie Ch. I Disney I Cinemax WGN TBS AMC ESPN USA CBN Nickelodeon Lifetime Nashville Discovery " OG9 g) SD C3 gp CD QD O (g) CD 3 D (BP (D CD O HP ED 63 CD (D CDO " Movie Movie: Mo via: Donald Duck Movie Cont'd Bozo Beverly Nation's She-Ra Father Knows Lassis "fl'8 Philbin O Ordeal by Ferris Morgan the Presents Movia: CT Hillbillies Business Best Show w fl Innocence Bueller's Day Pirate Dumbo s Close ft Bewrtched SportsCenter Cartoons Hazel Bella & , w Off Circus Encounters of Sebastian Movie: the Third Kind Smurfs' Little House College Our House Pinwheel Nurse Movie: Metroversity Q Puss- the Special fl Adventures on the Prairie Basketball: The Programming " si Imprints: Jeff In Boots Edition Jj Gumby Coach s Sagebrush 9 a.m. -2 p.m. Bridges Court Troubador i Movia: Movie: Movia: . Dukes of Movie: Riptide 700 Club What Every if In Special Malaya The 1 fl Hazzard Not Just Baby Knows III Delivery Adventures of Movie: III Another Mother's Day Fandango I Huckleberry Adv. of Spot Rock -A Bye ' w Affair . Finn You and Ma. Baby Charlie's Getting Fit Alfred Elephant Attitudes VideoCountry . Kid 1 "f Angels Hitchcock Snow I I Walt Disney I I Basic Training Hour Little Koala Crook and :. ' 1 Presents 1 Workout Chasa . : Movia: Movie: Movie: . Geraldo Parry Mason Aerobics Hot Potato Straight Talk Pinwheel Wok with Yan American ' I V Finnegan Superman II Chuck Barry M Magazine - I f Begin Again Haiti Haiti Ozzie & Movie: I Bodyshaping Play the American Goodnight. Virginia ' Rock 'n Roll Harriet The Court Percentages Snapshots Beantown Graham Movia: Jester News Movie: Hydroplane Chain Celebrity Noozles E R New Country w Dot and the Mitchell Racing Reaction Chefs I Smugglers I Fishin' Hole Bumper Flying Nun World of David Easy Street You Can Ba i Stumpers the Gnome Star . 7: Movia: Movie: Straw. - Andy Griffith Australian Name That Here Come Today's Cagney & VideoCountry Wild South . ' "J Hope and Private Shortcake Movie: M Open Tennis Tune the Brides Special Lacey f Glory Movia: Investigations Wind in the Arrowhead Dick Van Dyke Early Face the Mysterious American World of the Cover Girls Willows Rounds Music Cities of Gold Magazine Sea "... Welcome to Leave It to Tom & Jerry's Movie: P-ess Your Campbells Count Duckula Attitudes Virginia Trek About J Pooh Comer "J Beaver Funhouse Journey into Luck Graham tv Short Film Dumbo's Ju Yogi Bear Flintstones Fear Tic Tac Dough Green Acres Heathcliff Crook and 0 Showcase Circus ; Chase " Encyclopedia Movie: Movie: Raccoons Crazy About Bups Bunny Flintstones Legends of High Rollers Hazel Lassie Movie: Nashville Now Horse in . fl Somewhere The Petticoat the Movies: M and Friends World Class Kids Don't Sport .;: LL From the Tomorrow Affair Donald Duck Elvis '56 IA Vytor. Starfire Brady Bunch Wrestling $25 000 Father Knows Dennis the Tell , j Earth to the Presents Pyramid Best Menace Moon Kids Movie: COPS. Gilligan's Movie: Truck and Dance Party Big Valley Yoti Can't Do Ark on the f WZ Incorporated Leonard U Island Pickup on Tractor Pull USA That Move " Jl Movie: Commander Edison Twins Part 6 mt Fun House Leave It to South Street Thoroughbred Don't Just Sit You Can Ba Edge of the The Man Crumbcake Beaver Digest There Star ' Cold ' from Snowy Movia: Movie: Movie: Facts of Life Laverne & Sports Look She-Ra Bonanza: The Mr. Wizard's E - R American Living Body River Ferris Sabrina In Search of Shirley Lost Episodes World Magazine , if Bueller's Day the Movie: I WKRP in One Day at a NBA Today Cartoons Double Dare Easy Street New Country Earthfile Mt Off Castaways Big Shots Cincinnati Time ; a' Cheers Andy Griffith Movie: SportsCenter Miami Vice Our House Inspector Spenser: For Fandango World Monitor g Journey into Gadget Hire : ' I Imprints: Jeff I Night Court Sanford and Fear Scholastic Looney Tunes Crook and Spice of Life a Bridges Son Sports Chase '. Movie- Comedy & Movie: Good Morning. Movie: Movie: Golden Globes College Murder. She Movie: Mister Ed 1 0th Annual Nashvilla Now Nature of . . fj The Morning MBgic Club's An Officer Miss Bliss An Officer Q Play Misty for Preview Basketball Wrote Sentimental ACE Awards Things D After 10th and a Danger Bay and a Me Movie: Pittsburqh at Journey Patty Duke Nature of " Anniversary Gentleman Gentleman Pickup on Seton Hall Things Movie: Movie: Movie: South Street Movie: My Three To Ba ; Q The Color of Captain Q Once Upon a Blind Date Sons Announced ' J Money January Q Tuneinthe Donna Reed VideoCountry -. 1 st 4 Ten Movie: Movie: News Movie: College 700 Club Saturday Crook and Animals Down - fl Masters of The Serpent 1 II Journey into Basketball Night Chase Under --lJ Movie: the Universe Animals in and the If INN News Fear Kansas State SCTV Foley Square New Country Harbor Seal Hope and Action Rainbow m at Oklahoma ' ". . . Glory Movie: Ozzie. , . Honeymooners State Miami Vice Laugh-In Spenser: For You Can Be Liechtenstein: ,11 Simply Harriet 11 Hire Star A Pnncery II Irresistible Movie: I I Hill Street Movie: Car 54, Where American Heritage , 1 Th? yi; Blues Pickup on Are You? Magazine Movie: Buccaneer First Blood South Street SportsCenter Dragnet Movie: Make Room Lady Blue Nashville Now Festivals of - 1 J Private M Sentimental for Daddy the Far East I Movie Movie Investigations I f Movie: Journey to Inside PGA Edge of Night Journey . Mister Ed ' I I I I I I Last Dragon I Shitoh Tour Channel 4 Z Move over WAVE, WHAS and WLKY, a new combatant is gearing 2up for battle in the local news wars. WDRB-41 is making plans to es-tablish a full-scale news department .and hire an anchor team to broadcast a daily, 10 p.m. local news 'rshow within a year. "It's really not a question of if, but when," said John Dorkin, -WDRB's new general manager. A t well-produced local newscast at '.that hour could siphon viewers I;from the local network affiliates' 11 '.' p.m. news programs, f "An early local newscast is going "."to catch many of those people who : have to go to work early," said Dor-kin. "We're also hoping to get the viewer who Just doesn't want to stay up until 11 p.m. to get the ;sports scores or find out what kind of weather they'll face in the morning." A 10 o'clock newscast could also boost WDRB's ratings. The station's 10 p.m. entertainment ratings haven't been that hot. And more " people are watching television at 10 "o'clock than at 11, which also gives WDRB a shot at bigger ratings. "I don't think we'd be taking a Ratings bath by jumping into this." Dorkin said. He feels that WDRB "could do at least as well as WLKY-32, which attracted only 12 percent rlof the J I pjn. audience in last November's Arbitron survey. - "The broadcast business is changing rapidly, and we have to change Twith it," Dorkin said. Basically the newscast move is a financial deci--sion. "More than $12 million of the '.$60 million In commercials bought in this market go on television news programs," Dorkin said. "That's a 25 Ashland. 29 Paducah. 29 Somerset, 31 Owensboro Henderson, 35 Madisonville. Bowling Green, 54 Covington, 68 Louisville. 1 prepares TOM DORSEY TV-RADIO CRITIC fifth of the revenues that WDRB was left out of because we don't have a news program." Dorkin has visited other cities to see how non-network stations do local news. "There are lots of them in big cities like Atlanta and Cleveland, but towns as small as Fresno, Calif., are doing it too." He said he's not interested in a rip-and-read newscast. "That would be a mistake. We have to do it right, or .not do it at all." Doing it right means hiring a news staff of about 15, including anchors, and weather and sports reporters. It would also require purchasing expensive equipment and building a studio set "I would expect to see our anchorpeople on the street and out reporting, especially since they won't have to do a 6 p.m. news," Dorkin said. A newscast also could do more than improve ratings and profits for Channel 41. It could be a big step in boosting the station's image in the community beyond the kids' cartoons and "Gilligan's Island" rerun label it has had. WDRB's affiliation with the Fox Broadcast Network already has boosted its standing. Fox plans to add some weeknights to its weekend schedule later this year. Channel 41 has scheduled top-rated repeats of such shows as "Cheers" BASIC CABLE CD - to field an and "Family Ties" in the past year. These are competing with syndicated shows like "Entertainment Tonight," even if they aren't beating them. The newscast and Dorkin's aggressive stance indicate that WDRB intends to be a real contender on the local TV scene. Dorkin is determined to make things "more interesting" for his competitors and better for WDRB's viewers. Bernscn encore WHAS-TV's Barry Bernson is on the road again for "People Magazine on TV" Friday. He plays a Perry Mason-type newsman in the case of "Who's Killing the Mustangs" at 8 p.m. on CBS-ll. Bernson has become a regular contributor to the "People Magazine" show. It's a family affair, with his wife, H. M. Goldman, serving as producer. Bernson traveled to the wilds of Nevada in pursuit of his latest story. "It's a search for the guys who killed more than 500 wild horses protected by federal law that roam Battle Mountain area in the northern part of the state," he said. Amanda's fund Last week Channel 11 broadcast a story about Amanda Hardin, a 3-year-old Louisville girl who needs $25,000 for an operation that doctors in Virginia say will guarantee that she will walk. Her stepfather recently lost one arm and both parents are unemployed. They have sold their home to pay bills. "There was a big response to the story," said Debbie Young, a friend who organized a drive to help 7 a.m. O Today Character actors (Part 3 of 3) 7:00 03 This Morning Actors Nick Nolte and Danny Glover 7:00 D Good Morning America Tennis champion Chris Evert and husband Andy Mill; Haing S. Ngor ("The Killing Fields") reports on conditions in Cambodia; Pat Sajak; exercises to alter the aging process, well-balanced meals, (cc) 9:00 O Sally Jessy Raphael Mothers who don t like their daughters' boyfriends. 9:00 CS Live Regis & Kathie Lee Actor Rod Steiger; how to get your children into show business; winter travel bargains. 11:00 9 Home Lowering heart attack risk (Part 3 of 5); "super teacher" competition finalists; keeping your car ready for rainy days. 4 p.m. CD Oprah Winfrey Keeping New Year's resolutions, (cc) 5:00 O Donahue Pen pals. 5:00 CD Geraldo Famous defense attorneys. ' 7:00 ID Entertainment Tonight Actress Susan Sarandon 7:30 O USA TODAY The increase of sex and foul language on television. 7:30 CD PM Magazine A family afflicted with AIDS. 8:00 O Unsolved Mysteries An Oregon teen-ager disappears at a carnival; a police officers killer is sought in Virginia; Northwestern shrimp fishermen vanish, (cc) 8:00 CO TV 101 Keegan suspects Vance's new girlfriend is an undercover narcotics agent; Dwight Kincheloe continues to miss classes. (Part 2 of 2) (cc) 8:00 CD Growing Pains Maggie's Working Mother of the Year Award triggers family memories, (cc) storer county O - storer army in news wars IUH1KV W IW.JUWWI''1 t'l t If v " m, .:. ' . ' . l' mt . '. ..-': Ml . x X 1 t V iT SV"- . ABC's "The Wonder Years," which stars Fred Savage, right, and Josh Saviano, has had a lot of reruns this season. Why? Amanda, "but some people didn't know where to send their contribution." A legal trust has been established and donors can send checks to: the Amanda Hardin Fund, co Citizens Fidelity Bank, 820 Eastern Parkway, Louisville, Ky. 40217. 'Wonder' why "Wonder Years" fans are getting weary of reruns. The top 10 show didn't get back on the air until Nov. 30 and then disappeared during December. Since its return in January it has reeled off two more reruns, including tonight's episode. "We know viewers are getting restless," said Justin Pierce, a 8:00 O Wonderworks "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe " (Part 2 of 3) (cc) 8:00 P" Smithsonian World Examines recent advances in molecular biology and the increased responsibility that accompanies humanity's ability to shape nature (cc) 8:30 CD Head of the Class Maria hides her intellectual ability in order to attract the school "hunk." 9:00 O Night Court Flashbacks recall how the court staff incurred expenses totaling $954,768. 9:00 CO The Equalizer McCall confronts the issue of home-lessness when he comes to the aid of an unemployed carpenter. (R) 9:00 CD Wonder Years Kevin is led astray by a disreputable seventh-grader. (R) (cc) 9:00 im Championship Ballroom Dancing 1988 Juliet Prowse and former dance champion Terry Leone provide commentary on the Latin and modern divisions of the 1988 competition from Cleveland. 9:30 CD Hooperman After losing consciousness when TELEVISION MOVIES 1 p.m. CD FM Michael Brandon, Eileen Brennan. The disc jockeys of a rock-oriented Los Angeles radio station protest the management's decision to add more commercials. (1978) (2:00) 8:00 CD Flap Anthony Quinn, Claude Akins. A young Indian encounters governmental interference when he announces that Phoenix rightfully belongs to the Indians. (1970) (2:00) city PA ! J (.! spokesman for the producers in California, "but we're doing the best we can. That writers' strike really hurt us." The network has given the producers the go-ahead to do as many shows as they can this season. "After this week I think we'll be out of the rerun woods," Pierce said. The good news is "The Wonder Years" may continue through May with new episodes unlike some other series that will go into reruns as early as next month. Tom Dorsey's column appears Monday through Thursday in the Features section. if. -i v.;-.'::: shot, Hooperman is tormented by a fiendish "Devil." (cc) 10:00 O Nightingales Premiere: Director of student nurses Chris Broderick moves into Nightingale Residence Hall; student nurse Bridget Loring fears she's been found by an underworld figure, (cc) 10:00 03 Wiseguy Raglm tries to make sure murder charges against Pinzolo will stick. Eli seeks revenge against Pinzolo, who is planning to leave the country, (cc) 10:00 CD China Beach During the Tet offensive, McMurphy discovers that K.C. is addicted to heroin. Beckett is taken prisoner and Cherry White is trapped during an assault, (cc) 12:05 a.m. CD Pat Sajak Show George Burns; actors Meredith Baxter Birney, Theresa Russell and 81-year-old Nina Draxton; singer Patty Loveless. 1:30 O Later With Bob Costas Actor Ed Asner. 1:35 CO Night Heat O'Brien and Giambone investigate a brutal father-daughter double murder. (R) (cc): CloMd-captioned for the hearing Impaired. 9:00 CD My Little Chickadee W. C. Fields, Mae West. A con man and a woman of questionable morals become entangled in the hunt for a masked bandit in the Old West. (1940) (2:00) 12:30 a.m. CD Five Days From Home George Peppard, Neville Brand. A convict breaks out of prison in a desperate attempt to be reunited with his son. (1978) (2 00) Movlei are rated on a H iter system. RADIO PICKS Adventures in Good Music: The last of three programs about the instrument makers of Cremona. WUOL-FM (90.5) 11 a.m. Repeats at 9 p.m. Horizons: "Corridos: Musical Storytelling." Folk music that developed in Mexico in the late 1880s is still popular today in the Southwest. WFPL-FM (89.3) 11:30 a m. Radio Smithsonian: Experiments in gravity; women in the U.S. and Soviet space programs. WFPL-FM (89.3) noon. Midday Classics: Schubert s "Rosa-munde: Incidental Music"; Schumann's "Konzertstuck in F for Four Horns." WFPK-FM (91.9) noon Jazz Today: Clarinetist Dave Kling-man. WFPL-FM (89 3) 3 p.m. Instrumental Recital: Arthur Rubin-stem plays Bach's "Chaconne in D Minor." WUOL-FM (90.5) 4 p.m. Commuter Classics: Pachelbels Suite for Strings and Basso Continuo in B-flat; Piazzola s "Tango Suite." WFPK-FM (91.9) 4 p.m. Tafelmusik: Glinka's Overture to "A Life for the Czar." WUOL-FM (90.5) 5 p.m. Metz Here: "All Right. So You Win $3 Million in the Lottery . . . What Are You Going to Do With It?" WHAS (840) 9 p.m. Cleveland Orchestra: Delius' "Irme-lin: Prelude"; Tippett s Triple Concerto; Beethoven's Symphony No. 3 in E-flat, "Eroica." Daniel Maieske, violin; Robert Vernon, viola; Stephen Geber. cello -WFPK-FM (91.9) 9 p.m. Broadway by Night: "Anything Goes." Hal Linden, Eileen Rodgers. WUOL-FM (90 5) 10 pxn. Jazz Feature Album: Guitarist Barney Kessel s "Red Hot and Blues." WFPL-FM (89 3) 10 05 p.m. Late Night Classics: John Knowles Paine's Symphony No. 2. "Spring." WUOL-FM (90 5) 11 p.m.

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