The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 28, 1942 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 28, 1942
Page 6
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BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS BETTER HOMES Termite Attacks Often Begin At Entrance Steps and Porches Most termite attacks start around entrance steps, porches, and terraces. The joint between these arid the wall of the- building provides the termites with a hidden avenue leading directly from the soil to the wood o£ the'building. Decay at this - point 1 can be prevented, according to" technicians-of the Federal Housing Administration, by inserting a metal weather flashing; This flashing should be extended so that at also acts as .a shield and halts the termites, forcing them into the- open before they reach "the wood.. The flashing shield should be exposed on the finished surface of the porch, turned up behind the wood trim for moisture protection, then down and across the top of the foundation wall below the wood sill; and allowed to project into the basement or space beneath the- house. » The ends of this shield must be sealed in the masonry foundation Wall so that the termites cannot crawl around it. Forced into the open the termites will cither give up the'attack, or their tubes can be readily seen upon inspection and destroyed. . State Guard Wants . 300 Dogs PASADENA Col. <-U'P)—The Tnil- wagger Foundation of' America, founded by movie actress Bette Davis, appeal for the donation of 3CO patriotc dogs for use by the Californita State Guard. Police dogs, Doberman piaschers, huskies, boxers and other breeds-that can be taught to attack arid disarm an enemy are wanted. There arc about 5,000,000 square miles of deserts on .the earth. . \ . LUMBER, Mill To You No. 2—4 inch Center Match, Kiln Dried, Truck Load (10,000 to 11,000 ft.) per M...._. $35.00 No. 3—4 inch Center Match,'better than most No. 2, (10,000 to li,000 ft.) truck Load, per M. ,.$28.00 2x4; 2x6, 2x8—per M...:.-....: .' $36.00 6-inch Center Match No. 2. can be mixed-with 2x4 etc., (5,000 ft.) Truck Load, per M. :..'.?37.50 Better'Lumber Cheaper. -Windows, Roofing, Doors, etc. wholesale. C.C.CRAIG Leachville, Ark. A POMPTFTF VsV7JJl.tlj.Li X Ci ^ - _ -Building Service —ESTIMATES r —MATERIALS —FINANCE HOFFMAN BROS. LUMBER CO, Particularly Good In Old Homes Where Plastering Is In Bad Shape All home owners can aid the war effort by keeping their homes in good repair. By doing this they will not only conserve the Nation's supply of housing but will reduce the need for new construction. One effective way of rcfinishing an interior is the use of plywood paneling directly over old plaster or worn wallpaper, it is particularly satisfactory in old homes where the plaster has become so chipped and cracked with age that repair is pretty much out of the question. The plywood method has the advantage of obviating the dirt and muss usually associated with a replastering job. Plywood installations may be planned so that wood battens and moldings can be used to cover the srams, providing a panel effect. Even the ceiling may be covered with plywood.and a beamed-ceiling effect built in. There .are a number of wood stains, dye coats, etc., available for coloring plywood almost any color desired. Funds for this type of home- repair work are available from any qualified lending institution approved by the Federal Housing Administration to make home repair and improvement loans. New Paint Makes 'em Last Getting ready for summer, the yuong woman above is using a now- type paint which not only brightens up the parasol but also preserves the canvas and thus helps out the nation's conservation program The paint will not stiffen the fabric or crack/according to the°manufac- turcrs. Production Loans Hit All-Time High Loans to Illinois, Missouri and Arkansas farmers by their co- operati\ r e production " credit associations reached an all-timo high in March, reports W. S. Brock, president of the Production Credit Corporation of St. Louis, under which supervision the associations operate. During March, farmers obtained 5,450 loans for a total of $5,877,128 This was almost equal to the entire year's business during 1934^— the first year of operation for the production credit associations. "The increase in applications for loans reflects the desire of farmers to cooperate fully • with the Secretary" of Agriculture's Pood for Freedom program," Brock, said. "They do not intend to let a lack o&'operating capital stvmier-^heir production efforts, and are finding the '" production credit associations ready and willing to supply needed operating loans." . ''$•' Building Restrictions Conservation Order-Does Not Stop Building! We List Below What You Can Still Build Without a Permit: •I Maintain and repair to any structure without changing 1he design. No ceiling- on total cost. A, Residential construction or remodeling, the total cost of which Remodeled Attic Provides Room •For War Workers A remodeled and modernized attic offers one of the best solutions to the problem of providing quickly additional housing accommodations for war workers in vital war production areas. Unfinished or unused attics can easily be transformed into com- plet?, livable rooms. Insulating board is one of many materials that may be used for an economical, neat, and quick remodeling job on the attic. Requiring no painting, papering, or finishing, insulating board keeps the room warm in the Winter and cool m ; the Summer. Scrubbing or scraping" followed" by a couple of coats of shellac, will make the floor look like new. When finished, the family has an additional room, adequate and comfortable, which will help to ease the critical housing shortages in overcrowded areas. It takes time to plan and build m\v houses.. "Workers in the war production industries must be provided with living accommodations. They must be given decent places in which to live, immediately. .They cannot wait ths two or three months necessary to build new homes. In almost every large community, in which for the most part war production plants are concentrated, there are a number of Iarg2 older hcmes. Many of these properties are being put to only partial use. They hnd themselves perfectly to conversion into one- and two- room apartments. Such conversion work will easily and quickly solve the housing problem for a number of war workers and their families A convenient and easy way to make the additional room possible is provivdcd by the War Housing Credit Plan of the Federal Housing Administration, and funds for the remodeling of an attic may be ob-' taincd from private tending institutions approved by the PHA. Questions and ja^fa" ft—rig Answers Q. What are the causes of most fires in the home? A. Most conflagrations in the home are caused by overheated or improperly built flues, . defective wiring, carelessness in the use of matches and cigarettes, and spontaneous combustion. Homeowners Advised To Check Up On Property Following Winter Season This is the time of year when home owners should make a careful check of their properties for any needed repairs. Usually after the Winter season there are a score of rpairs and replacements that will be necessary. Such repairs and replacements should be taken care of immediately. If neglected, they will become doubly expensive to make and may even spread to other parts of the house. Loose shingles, loose steps, and loose bricks should be discovered and repaired or replaced before they cause serious damage. Downspouts and gutters are particularly susceptible to the rigors of Winter weather and require checking after the long seasonal service. It is wise also to remember that a great deal of time is spent indoors during the Winter months, with the result that interiors receive a considerable amount of wear and damage. Painted wall surfaces and wallpapsr require treatment. Furnaces and heating equipment should be given attention and any repairs necessary made immediately before the heating system is closed up for the Summer months. It is particularly important not to neglect home repairs during this national emergency. Most metals \ and other materials on the critical list are becoming increasingly difficult to obtain. By taking care of needed repairs as soon as they are discovered, home owners will be avoiding inconvenience for . themselves and making a definite contribution to the war program. Funds to make necessary home repairs may be obtained from lending institutions qualified by the Federal Housing Administration to make such loans. Add New Beauty to Old Walls With New— . Enterprise Wallpaper! Q. What are firestops? A. The space between studs, when left open from top to bottom, acts as a flue, so that a fire in the lower part of a house might easily spread to the upper part. As a safeguard against such a spread of fire, aMirestop is made by closing these spaces with some incombus- ible material. : " ; '-••'" 3, 5, does not exceed S500. Residential construction or repair to dwelling damaged or destroyed by fire, flood, tornado, or earthquake after Dec. 31, 1911. No ceiling on total cost. Any farm building, structure or project other than dwelling on which the total cost does not exceed S1000. Any commercial or industrial building, remodeling or repair on which the total cost does not exceed $5000. Q. I would like a frosted or obscure glass effect on one of my windows. How can this be done without replacing the present glass? A. Clean the glass with alcohol. Then cut out a sheet of tissue paper of the desired color to fit the glass and apply a spur varnish thinned with a quarter as much turpentine. This will penetrate the paper and stick it to the glass, as well as make the paper water-resistant. Q. What should. be done to a furnace during the Summer months? A. You should remove all soot and ash from the boiler and spray the interior with oil. The doors should be left open and the hinges and door edges oiled. If possible, the smoke pipe should be taken down, cleaned, and stored in a dray place until the time for the furnace to be put in use again. Q. How does one clean soiled or discolored tiles? A. Tiles can generally be cleaned with soap powder dissolved in warm water, unless the discoloration is in the nature of a stain. If this is the case you can wash the tiles with a solution of one part hydrochloric acid dissolved in 10 parts of water. Use this solution sparingly and be careful not to get it on your "hands, as it is •' a corrosive. .;'-•- by one,, of the world's most famous home designers - - - Enterprise! We now have a most complete stock. However, due to the shortage of wallpaper it would be wise to select your patterns immediately! 8c PER ROLL--UP! TRUE-TAGG PftlKTS & VARNISHES Protect your floors with True's durable floor enamel, §3.30 per gallon, save while our supply lasts! Velduro Casein Paint, the original Casein paint, for walls and ceiling. One coat covers wallpaper,' plaster and wallboard. All colors—$2.20 per gallon. Mix with l / 2 gal. water—makes your total cost per gallon after mixing only—$1.65! « F.H.A. Loans for Painting and Paper Hanging! Call Us for Painters, Contractors, Paper Hangers! ARKANSAS Paint, Glass & Wallpaper Co. "Blytheville's Only Excusive Paint, Glass and Wallpaper Store" Phone 2272 105 E. Main To Conserve Tires and Gasoline The Government now'restricts our Delivery Service to one delivery per customer per day. Here's What You Can Do The smallest in the United States is Carson City, Nev.. which has a population of less than 2000 Read Courier News want ads. PETE LUNBEI SLYTMftUC. :r The ARKMO LUMBER CO. DELTA LUMBER CO. HUFFMAN BROS. LUMBER CO. E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO Take Advantage of New Free Paint-Styling Decorating Service Offered by Pittsburgh's Studio of Creative Design • When youjwant to redecorate, just call us and we will^make^a detailed report of the rooms to be "done over"—noting basic colors of furnishings. From this,^the country's leading color experts in our Studio of Creative Design execute a beautiful, fully^detailed color suggestion, showing how your own rooms will-look after they have been properly paint : style_d ... before you spend .one cent. Hubbard Hdwe. Co. PITTSBURGH 1. 2. 3. To Help Maintain Delivery Service As Long As Possible: Anticipate your needs so we can deliver several small• orders to different customers on the same trip. Take purchases with you when you can. Make vour own returns. J Carpenters and contractors at the close of each day's work should carefully compute all of the materials that will he needed the next 5. day so that it may be delivered in one trip. Do not ask for special deliveries. Waste Has No Place In The Picture Today! Help Us Serve You Without Waste! The ARKMO LUMBER CO. DELTA LUMBER CO. HUFFMAN BROS. LUMBER CO, E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. \

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