The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 28, 1942 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 28, 1942
Page 5
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TUESDAY, APRIL 28, 1942 BLYTHEVILLE (AKK.) COURIER NEWS &&sv# Home-Baked Pies Stimulate Sale of War Bonds at Manila Ark., -April 28.—Some- ling new in War Bond salesman>hip was introduced at Manila Saturday when the Manila Lions Club sponsored a Pie-A-Bond Auction which resulted in purchases of $20,000 worth of bonds. Details 'of the auction were handled by a committee appointed for this purpose. Members included W. w. Fowler, Grover Snyder, R. J. McKinnon and Jack Tipton. This event was part of the county wide campaign to induce citizens to buy £3,750,000 worth of War Bonds annually. The amount raised by this unique method exceeded by $8000 the $12,000 goal set by the committee. The auction started at 4. p.m. following a parade headed by mem- i>ers of the Herman Davis Post 197, American Legion and Boy Scout Troop 32. The auctioneer who disposed nf 76 home-baked pies and cakes was Leo Swift of Blytheville. Largest individual buyers of pies included W. W. Whistle, two $1000 pies; Grover Snyder, largest single purchase of $1376; L. T. Broom, Leacliville Society !$1000; Fred Fleeman $1000; and G. Mike Jr. $1100. Each successful bidder for a pie bought the amount of his bid in War Bonds from Mrs. Eva C. Teague, postmaster. The bidding even extended to other articles. Kendall Berry of fliBlytheville was "forced"- to sell the shirt off his back for $50 and "Bo" McCain was induced to sell his shirt to Mr. Berry for a reduced price of S8 in War Saving Stamps. Those on the program included the Rev. W. H. Horn, Dr. Gean S. Atkinson and Supt. W. W. Fowler. "Grandma" Davis, aged mother of the late Herman Davis, Arkansas World War l hero, was awarded prizes as the lovliest, most beautiful and most popular woman present. 1942 Doughboy Eats Doughnuts Like Dad PORTLAND, Me. CUP)—Take it from the Salvation Army, America's 1942 doughboys "are just like their dads back in 1917-18. ' Major Alva M. Holbrook, Salvation Army, here on a visit, said he told .American troops at Hawaii: "You get just as hungry and you can stuff away just as many doughnuts as our pappies.. And when you are not in training or fighting, you do the same things. Only difference is, your dads chased after the mademoiselles and you chase after the wahines." Eugene Turnbow who is employed in St. Louis, visited his parents Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Turnbow this week. Mrs. C. C. Mead has returned to her home after a visit win. hei daughter in Memphis. D. N. Stratton is spending his vacation in S. Louis. C. C. Craig and Charley Wilson were in Dubuque, la., for a fe\s days on business. Mr. and Mrs. Buren Flannigan have had as their guests this week his sister Mrs. Leda Taylor, who is attending school in Cape Girardeau, and Mr. and Mrs. Orville Kellett of Jacksonville, Fla. The Kelletts are recently from Honolulu where thy have lived for the pas two years. Mr. Kellett is an of ficer in^the Navy Air Corps. 'Mrs, Louis Weinberg, Mrs. Denna Eblen and Mrs. W. E. Ringger, were in Memphis Wednesday. Mrs. W. E. Wheeler and Mrs. J. H. Morgan, were in Piggott Sunday Mrs. Wheeler's mother-in- law was celebrating her 91st birthday. Mrs. E. H. Hall has returned from Batesville where she attended the Worth Arkansas Conference of the Mehodist Woman's Society of Christian Servce. •Mr and Mrs. Arch Pierce have had as their guests for a few days Mrs. Maggie Watson and baby of Flint, Mich. J. W. Polsgrove of Little Rock spent the week end here with his mother. Mrs. 'Leo Sellmeyer is spending this week in Little Rock with her parents and other relatives. Simple Dessert "i .. and Temp ting American Readers Give Attention to Newspaper Advertising, INS Says 'NEW YORK, April 28.—Advertising, according to a recent survey by the International News Service, is one of the interesting features of the American and Canadian daily newspapers. The INS admits that this may come as a shock to some newspaper editors, but the Aclvertisng Research Foundation possesses a two years, continuing survey of newspaper readers likes and dislikes to prove the truth of this statement. For example, the INS asserts that in 18,000 interviews I'rom coast to toast, research workers discovered that the number of women reading one or more advertisements exceeds the number reading .one or more comics, or society news or pictures This study, made with the aid of the Bureau of Advertising of the American Newspaper Publisher's Association, showed that 52 percent of the men and 58 per cent of the women readers read one or more national advertisement. (Local advertising, it was found rates 74 per cent of the male and 94; per cent, of trie female interest. So far as the editorial contents is concerned, tho survey discloses that every reader stops to read something in each section of the paper—general news, pictures society, sports, etc. The picture page has the greatest following of readers among the continuing features. Editorial cartoons are second, comics and oddity panels follow closely. Men show a greater preference for national and international news than for purely local items; with women, the interest in each is, about equal. Osceola Mrs. Jiuwbtf Complimented Mrs. John W. Edrlngton wns hostess to 25 guests for a dinner bridge in her home lust week in special compliment to Mi's. P, P. Jacobs who hos gone lo Atlunlu to join Col. F. P. Jacobs. Patriotic tallies and decorations in the entertainment A Cordial Welcome Awaits You at The Beauty Bar One of the finest, most modern shops in Northeast Arkansas. Phone 320Z Glencoe Bldg. Touring Indians Boost Sale Of War Stamps CHICAGO (UP) — Five braves, two squaws and an eight-year-old papoose named Sammy White Cloud are aiding sales of war bonds and stamps by presenting their colorful native tribal dances, according to the Chicago Defence Council. The dancers, who hail from the Jemez pueblo, near Sante' Fe, N. M., are the Sante Fe railroad and the United States Treasury, and are said to be among the finest Indian dancers in America. They are descendants of the Southwest's fierce Indian warriors and their dances portray the ancient rites and rituals of a civilization that flowered be more the discovery of America by white men. , r-After=appearances in;. Chicago -and surrounding territory, they will tour principal cities in the United States. "Of all photographs, war axid defense pictures rate the greatest appeal to men; women like their pictures of weddings and engagCi ments. That, Mr. Constant Reader, is what you like to see in youi favorite newspaper, according to the survey. MIND YOUR MANNERS . M. ftt« w, r »AT. err. Ginger apple cobbler is tempting dessert that is easy to make. Save Food, Fuel By Proper Care 01 Refrigeraioi 1 IJY MRS. GAYNOK MADDUX NEA Service Staff Writer Mothers taking- part in community war activities should train their daughters to take over some of the household duties. Care of the refrigerator is of prime importance these days when food and fuel must be saved. Mabel Stegner, Home Economics consultant) gives these rules which the very young, home war worker should learn and put into effect. . . • How about your cooling unit? When cooling units are encased in ice they, don't do their job well. Never let the get more than a fourth of an inch thick. How often you defrost depends upon the temperature, the humidity, whether you keep liquid foods covered in the refrigerator, and many other things. Motors are precious things these days. Many refrigerator motors made in the hist few years are permanently sealed in oil and need no oiling. If your refrigerator does were used rooms. Col. nnd Mrs. Jacobs have closed their home at Grlder known us "Wlndovei'' Terrace," leaving H in charge of a caretaker, and are tit home at the Briurulili' Hotel in Atlanta. • « » Awurds to 30 Teachers A total of 30 certificates, diplomas mid seals were awarded to teachers und officers of the Bup tLst Sunday School In their Training School held last week. Forty- four persons enrolled in the schoo with three classes taught, Faculty members were the Rev larold B. Tillmnn, pastor; the Rev 3,ulph Douglas. Luxora pastor, aiv Mrs. James F. Tull of Burdette, whose husband, the Rev. Jumes F. Tull. is with the U. S. Air Corps In Australia. Mrs. Tull Is . E. Tompkins. , Thrace . Ramsey, Osceola's only eague baseball player, ^retained rom Houston, 'Texas, last week rhere he has been playing with ic Houston club. After a few days ere with Mrs. Ramsey and his nrents, he left for Ashevllle, N. C., •here lie will play with the Ashe- iile Tourists, in the Piedmont League, for the summer season. Ars. Ramsey will join him within wo weeks for the Summer in sheville.. Dr. and Mrs. L. D. Massey re- urned Sunday from Minneapolis, vhere he has spent.three,weeks in ]ost graduate study on Internal Demand MacArlhur Portraits PASADENA, Cal. (UP)— The demand by army camps and patriotic groups for portraits of Gen. MacArthur is so great that the Southern California WPA art project has put all of its best artists at work painting portraits of him in oil. A 30-30 portrait requires three days to complete and it is impossible demand. to keep up with the W^ ffigJwa/flaffes • M \ ~ Test your knowledge of correct social usage by answering- the following questions, then checking against the authoritative answers below : JL Is it all right for a woman riding a bicycle into town to wear slacks?' '•" " : - - : " " ••• ' 2. Is it undignified for a grownup to ride a bicycle? 3. Should parents try to keep children's toy off the sidewalk to the house when they are not being used? 4. If possible, should children keep their big play toys in some room other than the living room? 5. If you call on 'the mother of a small baby, and the baby, seems fretful, should you cut your visit short? What would you do if — You are shown the picture of two children by a parent — (a) Say, "The little one is a beauty"? (b) Don't praise one child's appearance more than the other? Answers 1 1. Yes. That i? an appropriate costume for cycling. 2. Certainly not.' 3. Yes, otherwise everyone who comes up the walk has to step over them or walk around them. 4. Yes. 5. Yes. As she can't possibly. enjoy your visit, and is probably anxious to give the baby all her attention. y „ , „, J^ 'K',"x-*, ;, ^£\( * " ^««i.KL^ » *i' < YOU SAVE MONEY YOU ENJOY PROMPT, ATTENTION YOUK CAK IS EXAMINED FXEt 9Y A TRAINED M. D. IMOTOV Better "What Would You solution — (b). Do" need the oiling, be sure manufacturer's to follow directions. Keep your instruction card handy and better still, mark the date on your calendar or in an engagement book. Dust gathers on the coils or fins of your refrigcrttng mechanism in the motor department. It is a good plan to keep them clean—they work more efficiently that way A stiff brush or the attachment of your vacuum.-cleaner helps. ' Here's a 'tjuiclc recipe for thq young cook. It's easy on sugar and rich in necessary iron. GINGER APPLE* COBRLEIl (Makes 9-12 servings) Three tablespoons butter, 1-2 cup brown sugar, firmly packed, 1-4 cup water, 2 cups peeled and slicec apples, 1 package (14 1-2 ounces gingerbread mix, 1 cup water. Melt butter square 9-inch in bottom of baking pan. Add medicine;; at the Uniyersity^ of ijun- nesotsu Mrs. -MaSiJey^ went * lip'i 10 '' • - ^ Miss : Nora> Pittman of Memphis,' county health : nuYse m Shelby' County, spent: the week end with her nieces, Mrs. Pr,ed Smith ^of- Osceola and Mrs. FJoyd Reece on Carson Lake. -'7 J Biliie Reid, son of Mr. and Mrjs: E.- R. Reid, has been in Jackson,". Miss., for- the past week taking examinations for entrance into the U. S. Air Corps. , About 1000 comets have been" noted since the beginning of re-, corded history. • MEMORIAL BUILDING HORIZONTAL 1,7 Depicted.' is th,c . m JerTerson •"•*—•. 15 Replaces. 17 Estate v attached to. • mansion. 1ft Issuing forth'. 20 Step stealthily 21 Old Roman Aa§*er <o Previous Puztle her mother, Mrs. J. F. Tompkins, ill Burdctte, for the war. the duration oi' ily Attorney Named Commencement Speaker At Lost Cane Saturday •Percy Wright, city attorney, will deliver the commencement -address* for the 14 Lost Cane eighth grade students at their graduating cxer- :lses Wednesday night, 8 o'clock at ;he school. (Lavernc Owens is valedictorian and Wilma .Owens is salutatorian of the class. M. I. Stutts will ask the invocation following 'the procession of students. The salutatory and valedictory addresses will be made after the class song. Catherine Eoff will read the class will and Bobbie Gene Barnes the class poem. A trio composed of Bonnie Flnlcy, Beatrice Reding and Glennn Vcrn Reding will sing. The paring charge to the, seventh yiade will be given by Willis Stutts. . W ; A. Lewis, superintendent o'f the..-'School, .will Introduce the speaker. The address will precede W. D. Vastbinder, a member of the board, and a talk, by W. W. Fowler; superintendent of Manila schools. .J. N. Finley will offer the benediction. \ • Members of the class are:. Bob- .>bie 'Earl Crcsap, Margaret Bour- iland, Mary Jane Brady, Willie 'Fae • Veach, Tommle Baker, Fred McGill, Wilma Ofweris, La Verne Cnyens, Catherine Eoff, Bobble Gene Barnes, Bonnie Finley, Beatrice Reding, Glcnna Vern Redng, Willis Stutts. Osccola Student Honored Pat Moseley, a junior in Ouachlta College, Arkarielphla, has been elected president of the Students Association of the college. He has been active hi student religious activities and was a member of the Ouachlta College A Capella Choir one year. He was an honor graduate of Osccola High School and has made an "A" average while in college. v * • Mrs. R. .C. Bryan has returned from six weeks spent In Kansas City under a physician's care. She is much improved. Miss Katie Nell Dawsori has accepted, a position with the WJdmei Construction Company in charge of building the new army air base in Blytheville. , Mrs. Gordon Hampton Is also employed with the company. Mr. and Mrs. John P. Keiser of Memphis spent the week end with his mother, Mrs. Susie Keiser, and Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Jones. Mr. am Mrs. Kclser, who were married the latter part of Marcli and spent two weeks in Mexico on their' brida trip, are at home at 324 Paullni St., Memphis. Marlon Tompkins, who is a stu dent at'Alabama Polytechnic Instl tutc, Auburn. Ala., spent the week end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. '$ •••'-•'' $•19 Former ^ Russian rul<& 23 Symbol for / titanium. - ^ 26 Babylonian deity (myth.) 28 Kind of light,' 30 Chinese ji/ measure. *( 31 Tame. t A 33 East Ind.iim, canoe. -.,// 35 Yield. TI 37 Horseback game.' 38 Tone B (music) * urp^ nnpp.: 42 Danish \ 29 Lieutenant 47 Paid (abbr.). e55 TOges * < (abbr.). v | (abbr.). 48 Winglike part. 3 Open (ppct.). 44 Rotated. •' 31 Parent, <$ Solar disk. 4 Maxim. 46 Type of plant 32 Charter parly 51 Second ion o! 5 English. 22 Nearly. 24 Tellurium (symbol). 25 Land measure 26 Biblical high 43 Interest priest of Israel (abbr.). 27 Weep. VERTICAL ! Negotiate. (abbr.). 34 Alternating Current (abbr.). 36 Upward. 38 Samarium' (symbol). 39 .Catch of nsh on a fishing vessel. 40 Forebode, 41 Alleged 48 Siamese coin,.' 1 SOMother-of- ,' pear|.~ ,,,' 52 Exist: natural power. €5 Ransomed. Adam and Eve 6 Appear. 54 External 8 Editor (comb., form), '(abbr.). 55 Pertaining to $ Encountered. 53 Legal claim, • the.ear. iOi<eavc ou,t. , 55 One who , 57 Silkworm. I! Repulse, ^(mimics. ' ' 59 Writing •• -.42 Skilled in m 56 Cover inner implement, »> (suffix). •*&& , surface, of I ailt is a-— 13 Wild ox of .f 58 Struck, with < building, v* Celebes. fear. < 62 Perpetual. 14 Looks askance 60 Lamentations 64 Compags potot 16 Earth's wintry (abbr.). blanket. 63 The (Fr.). MOROUNE™ TONK ^r ON-SK1D BOTTLE Girl Scout Officials Plan Course for Mothers sugar and water, boil gently , until syrup is clear. Line bottom of pan with sliced apples, mixing the syrup well- with 'the apples. Mix the gingerbread mix (following directions on package) and pour batter over apple slices Bake in a moderate oven about 50 minutes (350 F.). Cut in squares before removing from pan, lift each square out carefully with a spatula. Serve warm with hard sauce, sprinkled with nutmeg. Plastering BOB MALONE Blytheville. Plaster, Stucco, Concrete. Phone 2078 Blytheville Soldiers In California Camp Blytheville men who are undergoing their 13 wesks basic training course at Camp Roberts, Calif., are being given preliminary instruction in the use of infantry weapons, Recording to information .received here today. Those from this city who have been recently assigned to the California Replacement Training Center include: William P. Mahon, Millard R. Lucy. John Hughes and Clyde L. Vickery. Two regional Girl Scout officials will conduct a training school for mothers here Friday and'Sat- urday from 10 until 4 o'clock. Complete details of the school will be announced later. Miss Mary Esther Brooks, regional field director, and Miss Margaret Chesmorc, of the regional office in Memphis, will conduct the two day training course. In addition to mothers, all others interested in scouting are invited to take the course, according to Mrs. W. C. Higginson, former Girl Scout Council president. Each person attending the school will bring her lunch both days. Men, Women! Old at 40,50,60! Get Pep Ftat Ytars Youngtr, Full of Vim Don't blame exhausted. •worn-out, run-down feellru on your »RO. Thoiiiwinrta amazed at what a unit pepping up with Ostr«x will do. Contains Bencrn. 1 tonics often nerded after 40—ny foodlea lactclni Iron, calcium phMDfcntc, Vitamin BI. A 73-year old doctor writes: "I took U myself. Itanilti were flno." Get itpccUl Introductory 35c Bt*« Ontrci Tonlo Tablets today for only 29c. Stop feeling old Start f«Un« peopler and younuer, this very day For BH!O M nil good dmi; Ntore* everywhere—in BIyUieville. i»l Kirby Drug- HE rXESCXIIEt ONLY NECESSARY OPERATIONS YOU PAY ONLY fO* WHAT YOU NEED WHEN YOU NEED IT AT Uff MINIMUM COST Tbiflfae Get Ready For Hot Summer Weather ... Install a — HUNTER ATTIC FAN NOW! It's none loo early to start thinking of cooling: your home this summer, and Hubbanl Hardware is the place to find the fan you want! 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Free Estimates! HUNTER [ENIURV MODERNISTIC 2£PHfflR STREflMLINED We are wholesale and retail distributors for the complete line of Hunter Fans. Largest stock of fans in this territory! HARDWARE

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