The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 28, 1942 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 28, 1942
Page 3
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TUESDAY, APRIL 28/1942 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE EDSON IN WASHINGTON Cardigan For Patriotic Lad BY PETER EDSON Courier News Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON, April 2B.—Plain- spoken, leafless Assistant Attorney General Thurman Arnold, who socks labor unions with hw left hand and big corporations with his right, has come cut with suggestions oi what he thinks the patent laws of the Uiiited States should be. For (he past week or so, Arnold and the bright young men of his Department of Justice Anti-Trust .Division have been appearing before the Senate Committee on Patents, delivering a sensational series of disclosures which purport to show how patent pools and patent monopolies have been used to cuitail the production of strategic materials needed for the war effort—magnesium, machine tool steels, evplosives, chemicals and so on. The" recital is scheduled to continue, and a sad serial story it Is, too. Tlie important thing about the facts, however, and , their real CH1CKASAW West Main Near 21st St. Prices always, lie and 2Zo Sat. starts 12:45; Sun. starts 1:45 Night shows 6:4i Continuous shows Sat. and Sun. Tuesday aruV Wednesday BUDDY NIGHT 2 for the price of 1 'SCATTERS! significance, lies in what the Department of Justice anti-trust lawyers think should be done to prevent patents or patent pools being used to create monopolies which act as restraints on trade. Briefly, Arnold's proposals" would give the government powers to police the patent laws to protect the public interest. Under the existing laws, the government only grants or denies the patents applied for. ANtt SO, THE PATENT TOOK Disputes over patents are settled \\\ the cowls, but what this frequently amounts 'vo is that the dispuatunts in a patent infringement suit get together and settle their differences by creating a 1 pool- of the conflicting patents which in. effect gives Ihe pool monopoly control. Arnold's drastic proposals lor action against such patent pools is that the participants in .the pools should be indicted for conspiracy in restraint of trade and, on conviction, the patents be cancelled. The specific suggestions for ^lie policing and cdirrol of patents, by authority which the government does not now have, are these: 1. Prohibit the granting of patents for use as instruments of business policy. That is, prevent the abuse of the patent prv.ilege in violation of the Sherman antitrust law. Corporations which violate the Sherman law can be dissolved. The same principle should be applied to dissolve patent pooto which violate that. law. This ac-, tiQ!i can now be. taken in the courts, but it is Arnold's contention that if the additional legisla- BAINES' —wilh— Guy Kibbce, Carrol Hughes, John Archer. Comedy—The Three Stooges in "FKOM NURSE TO WORSE" III/ Bargain Matinees Every Day Ex cept Saturday & Sunday. 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Each stripe is an inch vide and the knitting is done on lumber 2 steel needles. It's easy o do as the striping is worked engUiwLse in plain stockinette :titch. .Finishing border, which is also" ust one inch wide, is made separ- uely, sewn onto the sweater and folded over—making; a nice tailoret effect. Make the sweater in these three patriotic colors or in shades o brown and beige or in three dark greens. It will make a grand gar ment for school, playground o vacation wear. To order kni'tting instructions: send 10 cents in coin, together with the pattern number and your name and address to Courier News Pattern Service, 106 Seventh Avenue, New York, N. Y. Enclose 1 cent postage Tor each pattern ordered. N TJIK 'Ol'NTY il'J'i tS i»"i). H 'ivri nr CCUUT, CHICKAKAWHA AUKANSAW. District 'Number 17, of Mln*U- ly, Arkansas* 'and V. U. llul- A. Lyni'li uml J. II. Ouiu, i> of Drntnnjro District Numbcv Mississippi County Ai'luuiKus, VS. 'No. 777!> Owi-us and PelimiiH'iU liiuuls, DiHTHlt'T, WISKIH.SII'1'I 1'lilllHiffH, AH persons liuvlti^, or claiming. Tibcil laiuls «ri> hi-n'hy notified thai r tlui Chirlui«awl>a JMxIricl of Mis;, >||IV(LI.II uf vuruin driiinaijo Taxes >M'tl owner's nniny having beeii set i >lli (lie .•iimniMls si'Vi'i'itlly diii' from Supposed ' Owner Description . r. Owen*. Lot f> SW >an,-> Vates. K uf 11 NK NW. l«-ii and Tom Kuydi'r, SW N\V L 'IV Uayder. N '/i; SW .. A M, Nunnevy, NK SW 'mil Shipley, K l. r . A SW 'SW...... {ayinond Diulloy, SK SIC - 1'. A. n an jiiti'|'»«Nt suit Is IMMKII lnsij'ijjl County, on ilio xuhjoiiti>il Vi-ositt. lil«, or l cucli, lo-vvlt' tiny of tlu> full iii tlio Oliitiii-i ArkftiiKHH, I'o I'l il lint uf lutuU wr its l<iu«lx ry S-T • 7-14- III-14 10-1-I 10-1411-14- 11-141114' 15-14 2:1-14 : Ji Lot SK SK NK ROXY Bargain Night Every Nlgtot Except Saturday. Show Every Night 7:00 Box Office Opens 0:45 Continuous Shows Sat. & Sun. Tuesday & Wednesday 'Cowboy & Blonde 1 with George Montgomery Mary Beth Hughes tion suggested were passed, patents as instruments of business' policy would not be taken out. and attempts to dominate.- a market through patent .pools would thus be terminated. '2. Require that in every patent infringement suit brought before the court, the anti-trust division of the government be notified so that the government may sit in as a third part in the litigation, to protect the public interest. 3. Give the government thq right to cancel any patent which may be put in a patent pool for the purpose of creating a monopoly. THEY'RE nuSY PEOPLE This entire program is based on . the theory that the government, supposedly representing the majority- of -the- people, should not part company with i.he right to inquire into the use of patents after- they have been granted. The U. S. Patent Office ' now grants" some GO.OGOi patents a year, nearly 200 a day. The Patent Office staff can do iittle more than make its customary examinations of claims and issue the necessary patent papers. It is. Arnold's belief that the policing of patent use and the protection of the public interest by enforcing the corerct use of patents should be delegated to the Department of Justice, and not made? an additional duty for the Patent Office. All this proposed reform Ls pretty revolutionary in the eyes, of patent holders and patent lawyers. It practically amounts to socialization of the patent law, if you please, under the doctrine that inventors should make their inventons for the good of the people, not, for the enrichment of the inventor. Personal Daintiness Is Hot Weather Essential Dots and Dashes Added To Grade School Study Also Selected Short Subjects ' ' EDS FOR SALE Pedigreed D, & P. L No. 12 Cotton Seed Soy Beans Delsta, Arksoy and Arksoy Ho. 2913 Alfalfa Seed Call Us For Prices! Lee Wilson Co Armorel, Ark. BOSTON (UP)—Dots and dashes have been added to the three R's at the Oliver Wendell Holmes grade school. Five months ago assistant principal William F. Mnhoney, an amateur radio operator, organized a club for study of radio code. Now 15 sudents—two girls and 13 boys ranging in age from' 11 to 14—can receive dot-dasr! messages at a seven-word-a-minute rate. "Come to think of it. radio isn't such a far step from teaching history these days at the rate changes are being made," says Mahoney, a history teacher. BY ALICIA HART NEA Service Staff Writer Odd thing about deodorants—* plentiful evidence, including my mailbag, indicates that many women still are wondering about whether it's "necessary" to counter perspiration. The answer is that after soap, there's just nothing basic to every civilized scheme of beauty and charm. Rght now is none too early in, the warm season to routinize your practice.--In order -to do this/ learn the difference between an antiperspirant and a deordorant The second always renders perspiration odorless; an dit may not, or it may, check the perspiration. Anti-perspirants always -slow down perspiration. Women who are troubled by perspiration find it useful to apply and anti-perspirant every few days and also a deodorant every day. One or the other may be sufficient for you. DECIDE WHICH HELPS MORE The point is, determine for yourself what is which .before you buy, and which is better suited to your particular case. Another important point is^follow directions on the package exactly. An adequate supply of these preparations is essential for warm- weather work and play. And it would be a, good idea to use them on feet as well as arms, particularly when you wear no stockings. Choose your supply from a reliable source, and of course make sure that the product does not have, as some used to, an unpleasant odor of its own. A new one, from a house that's famous for fresh, youm; girls' cosmetics, has a spanking clean tang of carnations. llollis, KM, NW _.. , Kivi-i-s dill. 2.T. A NW Cor NW SK,_ I. W. ^Lum-n, \V uf It SW SW L W. Lore SK SK Kx 2 A ... . I. S. I'arU, SA SW ror K of L SW SK Unknown. S & K of II SW SK Unknown. K 19.0:. A Si: K of 1) SK>,» Mix. l>oylo Hi'ndfrKon. 0 J :t NWV, 4 'A .._'.. J. L lirlo', NW SK . Chas.' Holbrooks. W 10 A NW N K... K. L. IliivvLins, SW NW Unknown. N «>f li SW NK. Unknown, Oriji. Snrv. SK NK Unknown, rYl. 1't. S\V SW A. J. Moody. W of I* W Vj NW H. T. (Jill, ' Lol 14 SW '/ 4 ... - .Mrs Mrl.'untry, Lol Jrt NK'i.... „.. . .lame* White. :iA SK Cor NW SW O. V. Johnson, Lol . r ,Uxl40 NW SW ... U, H hirst, K M)' W HiiO' L 14 SK .._ J. W. S.'oll. Lot 22 SK Kiiymuiid Lansing Lois ^Oto2'.l &'.12 & M Am. United Lift> Ins. Co., Lol IIH SK... W. M. Mcr-'arland, Lol -I N'K Atn, llnildinK ""d Loun, K Unknown. \V 22;V Lol. 4it Unknown, K 22V Lot -lit (.!. W. Shipp, \V 1't Lol 9 Unknown, Lol 44 SK. _ Carey Dunlap. Lot 40 SK ._ , Thelnm Ojcle. WVi-'L"! 4:"- SK Unknown, Hal. Lot 20 SK 'Mrs. Lou B«(_'^rll, Lol 17 ... Unknown, Lol 0 Block 1 N % NK 1 /,. Unknown, Lol 7 lilork I N Vu NK'/i .. U, ItarUdiile, LI :• Ull; I N li NKV,... O. U. Johnson, Lt 10 LUk 2 N Vj NK'.-i }l. II. llah-y, LL K Hlh 2 NV.1. NK»4 KHKvuia Unle Slinul/,, Soft) SW SW..... W. M. Knyiil. I'M S'.-i NW Hitlilnson A: Thomn*. Krl All SMi NK Paul Combs. 1 A SW Cor SW SW .1. L Henson, Kx 40 A S V» SW.. ..... Ida Overall. W :t:iO' W'A L 2 NK AT i W'/. WV- W >•<! SK (Sn-rie Kobinson. W'/j W It NK Kvi-lyti liurkner, W'/j K Ws 'NK- - Osniir Unekner. KMi W'A NK Knral K.'iilty Co.. S 20 A N ',<. SK.'_.._ John I'.nckner. SW SK 7,al U. lIim-iHcin. W of Kit S Vj NW__ Mrs. A. It. Knlrfh'ld. W Mi SK'/i .t SW \\\ Mrs. Doyle Henderson. SK SW .5. M. Kninlaun, N ;i:i.47A K ,Hlt NWV'i It. M Vernnoti, I'M. SW SK... , Carrie .larrett. SW Cor SW SW lY:irl Moon- (li-iiii. I.A NK Cor K'A NW .1. M Hnxsell, IOA NW Cor SW NW.. Chas. Yiirbro. IA SW Cur SW NW K.lnii Y. llusltiind, l.2. r >A Lol 1 SK NK (I. .1. I'erry K«t. ( N »A SK NW Adu llnffinnn, W of Lev. 1-nt 10 SVj II. 1'iiul Ksl.. Lol. 8 SW T II. Hnlfu'ld K»t... Lot It SK SW T' IL tlntfiold KHL, W ^ SK SW T. II. 'iljitfit'ld Kst... S lifiA Lnl '* NW SW 'I'. K. Unified Ksl., SW cor Lol. I NK SW Mr*. W. i). Nocly, Lul 1 N'£ (i C. HiiKli.'H. Krl SW NW 11 H H 8 6 M S K H S « 14- S II- i) M- !l 14- Acres 1030 Ilio inn •I -I. HI* •JI-15- UM-lfv •UI.Oii '•10.1)0 HO. 00 40. 00 IT* .00 40.1)0 •JO. 00 'JO. 00 HO. 00 •l.f.O -i. ... o.1,00 -, , - _.,.... I'JK.HII 24,00 •J4,0«l l«.|.i)t) .01 :t-2.oo I'JH.OO •IK.Ii-t Ot I If,- 10 -i-ir.-ui 8-I.V10 VM-lfi-LO •jti ir«-io •j ir.-n ii ir.-i i w-ir.-i i id i. -.-i i if. ir, u ic, ir> 1 1 1 1; if, u 17 tr>-i i 17 lf>- 1 I 17 If.- 1 I 17 i.'.-l I r.'-ir.-i i 17 ITi 17-l, r i 17-1; 1 7 • I !i 1 7 • I Ti i7-ir iv-i: 1 7- If •j i • i r> y i - 1 f u i • i .' •j i - 1 f •i i • i ; -II •I I I I II •I 1 1 I •11 •Iff It •Ifi-12 i • i r, i :i •I.VI!! • Lv i:t •10,00 10.00 40.00 1.0(1 •J.07 •»..'» 0 r.U.7:. l.n) J.ol l.ol 1,01 1,01 Lot Lol Lol Lot l.fiO l.t'.l Lot Lot Lol. Lot Lot Lol Lol. Lol lo ,'JO .24 .11) IU.7U 14.10 .HO .OH .70 17 Miller fc Gr«eole« Subdiviiion Supl)o8»d Owii^r UBlk 1939 li)401»n Ohiis. Sundeis N7D* C .00 Jack Mitchell Addition W 50' N i'.'fl' Lot i __ .15 .15 MorriB Addition M. lluritt K; % i:) u .- — i.ob Klixu l-\»ril 'W l j t 14' h _•_ .:}Q g ao Ada fliyU .0 0 1.40 1.40 j!<lrt Original Survoy Town of Blythbvillo 1.00 .80 I. M Mrs. Mrs. -- ,00 71) Addition Anderson it I It. M. MctLciul li Willi.i Itoin'rlx 12 & Kl t 1.20 lo 1'owiT Co. 7 iV K ,t . _ i r» 1 A 2 7 ._ _. S 05' 1! 8 ,i!4 Pattcrnou Subdivision 1.00 .80 I'lLillips 17, M<>Cullui' U.'ii l' A lKhor O, \V. DnvU llebaoca Thud Dtivo J." IV 1'ride SubdlviHlon I'luniii' M. I'rld?' I.U A .40 Flom M. 'I'l'iiiiiu^ !i A Am, UniU'd Lift', Jim.* Co, IH li' __ , Ifl ,t 14 0 - r .40 Lift! Ins ('o 21. 0* . _ n 21 D ._ > I & 2 K .„ 1'ridi- I!) K .... Life Ins. Co 'JO I-:' .„ K ._ 1.20 .00 W. B. M»yn Am. Uniii'il Jl'KK U I'll C 111 H. L. llydi I'luiniit M, Am, Unlli'il .2:5 .2 a .40 Minister Elected CAMDEN, Ark. (UP)-.The -Bev, Horace U VUlee,- paustor of the oinderi Presttxt^-Ian church, 'has been elected Grand cJap&liT bt the tiuard by the Grand' Com- mandery qf Knights Templar of Mississippi, Before coming to Camden, the Rev. Mr. Vlltee- had bpcn active -in Masonic Rites groups of Mississippi for several years. •More. than 10,000,000 square yards of runway surface have been paveil in new airports for Canada's wartime pilot-training schools. H-l! 9-1! U-li 12.HO I'J.HO I'J.SU 0.40 22.10 40.00 40.IU) 40.00 liO.OO 40.00 I14.SS 2-iD.oo :i:i2.Ko •to.on 80.110 411.00 M. I'rl.l I'liiled Life- II i) to U Lloyd Additioti W \<t -„ I.SO Clurk Will Sales LtMin Ciii'Ktih I Nnrntii lluward Uwiry ,li)lti)M)ii Jltii Muilklitu Taylor Swifl Vlnnit* (.'liapniat John Adkins ,lolinnti> Karl- Dirk I'arr Kn-d Tatc 10 4 25.00 :u).r>7 2 n. no 12H.OO 11 7 7 7 7 7 S 8 H 0 10 10 I 1 1 1 12 !U III 111 14 10 IM 18 AddUion '' .!>0 ,UO -_ .00 1.20 I."JO — .00 1.20 ,00 .00 1.20 .(SO .17 .17 .17 .17 .17 .114 .17 .17 Announcements The Courier News has been au- -horized to announce the following •andldacieS, subject to the Dema- cratlc primary in Aujmst. For State Senate L. H. AUTRY For Representative W. J. "BILL" WUNDERLICH JAMES G. COSTON County Ireasurer JACK FINLEY ROBINSON (for rejection) County Jadre ROLAND GREEN (for re-election) County Clerk T. W. POTTER (for re-election) . Ttx Assessor W, W. "BFJDDY" WATSON (for re-election) . Sheriff and Collector HALE JACKSON (for re-election) Circuit Clerk HARVEY MORRIS ' (for re-election) .HI 2U-IO-KI 1.00 2.00 1.00 10.00 I.OO l.2f> 11.01) 10,00 .80 .4.4 2.00 .-in 2,00 .48 12. HO .48 2.1H.I 1!.HH I'.t.lU :i.2o H.OO CITY OF BLYTHEVILLE Supposed Ownnr Lt Elk 1039 10-10 19'11 AlllHOll J. K. Hood ItiH'.lnvcl Slokt-s l.ula 'riiiuniiH 4 A Di-llii Csirr (Urcri) ('nl<' Kst. M:iry VaiiK'lin Aniiindii Truss Kniinii Hii-kn ;M:ick uml Carey 3 llowivnl Addition ;j i l.Oo !l 2 1.00 I.OO LOU r. :i 2.00 2.00 2.00 :i D i.oo ___ ___ 1 .00. 1.01) i.oo 1 .00 ___ 4 9 .1.1 1 '' Badcr Addition Minn L. Stilus K'X; I .12 . Kurl Snydt-r 7 Sain Banins Addition Sum liimn-H 2 it It . Sum Uiirnt'S 7. I \Se 14 Barron & Lilly Addition .no .00 Mrs. T. F. Sriuiiatl ( .l A W. H. (in-i-n 7 .V !) \\ 0. K. Slrwiil'l, lit H O. Slionyo 15 11 0. ,Slionyo 10 U .00 .(10 O. Slionyo S. A. & LU/ie : Williams Klbi-rl 'i'aylor Dan MirCtn^'^or 14, Ifi IK U _ _: C. C. (!. \V. Vanbiltlicr Viinhilihor Miixvvi-Il i5.-lcli.-r Wriglil. I & .1. Spri'k 10 1 1 12 7 i:t .00 1.20 .00 .lid 1.80 1 80 Mate DanlclH Addition Suppojied Owner Lt Blk luao 1040 10 11 W, ],. Wright II 1 .ill) .. „_ .no Jim Howard 4 A fi 1 1.20 K. U. IIrooks I) 10 I I 1 I.HO Jrff Water* If, I .«() _ .._ Snsii' Curr (I lo'J 2 2.'10 2.40 Davis Fh-Kt Addition M. KiUsiinninriH K !'t 7 J, W. AdaniH !l & 4 A. Wolfr, K) 1 n Davis Second LJnknmvii K O.V N '/i tl W. 1). Webb W'/j H Anilt'r.min ,fr Crain ;"> Davfs Tblrd Shlibffd S;iliT)"ii 8 «; 1) I' 1 C. nmiL'lttis IT. .10 .20 .17 .00 .00 I 20 ,00 .00 I .00 1.20 .00 .00 .00 1.20 .00 .00 .24 Hoy' C I-M .on 1.80 .00 .00 .00 .on j.2ir .00 .00 .00 17 .211 IH 2.00 _ .. . IB 2.00 2.00 2.00 Addition :i .4:1 .4:1 4 1.40 1.4(14 .77 .77 f, 1.40 Addition 1! 2,40 2.40 2 .. _._ Howard Taylor 7 A um ml 11. NnKli H Carl lti>yni)ltlM 10 Marln I'urlici' 2 Tom NVui'o 4 ClijiK. (.'ninplii'll 7 ItiiCitH Li'innioiiH M 1'MiUi (Ifi-iMi :\ Amandti Nusli 4 Aniiinda Nasli f, ,t 0 Huddlu IlulghtH Addition It. K. 1 Ulnyloi'k 14, IT. 2 .-10 .40 M:ilii« ('ainpbi'll Flon-in-^ Kirk Li/./.ii« I'. CI'!«KIM- 1 7 .20 .20 .). .1. WillnuiiKdfi I H _, .20 Jo*. Miirtin 0, 10, II & 12 M) .HO ,80 Muis'Kli' Kubliiiut -I 12 ,20 .211 Sunny Siilo Addition Cli'urn Utfli' KH!,. fi I II. K, Kobi-riH 2 2 ,00 IL K. Itnlici-lh II 2 ,00 .00 Win hmvi'H :t :i .00 .00 t). Shcinyo 4 4 .00 lii'o Kwiiltf 5 & 0 4 „-. 1.20 (i. W. Mur|iby il 4 • .._ KM/ii Dry a nl 10 4 .00 Wtlliiiinu H . r i Walkitr 10 & II f, __ WMlhims lit fi .... Vnll's Third Addition wn 10 1.10 Wont End Bubdlvinlon 'i A: LurUli! MOUH 17 fc IK ! __ ._ 1.20 Joiin Ivinx 19 1 __ _- .itO ,1. K. LiiiiHfoi-d 28,29 L _. 1,20 1.2(.> Unknown 1 2 .00 .00 Lonnlo Juil^n * i!. 2 ,00 .00 W. I'. Siunim>ntM 7 II __ .00 ,00 Went Gate Rcjilut A. K. HrMt 2 U __ .10 C!. It. Liiynwn It & 4 C __ ,:t!S __ L. I). •|hi|{li«>y •'" T, 0 - _^ .10 _-. Knla I-i'i- Ciirnuy 0 C __ .10 _. TOWN OF YARBRO FOR SALE NJc« -1 room PoUitRe with bath. Flustered throughout. Price $i8. r >0. Terms. ' • Thomas'. Land Company H. C. 'Campbell/'' Salesman PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Xirby Drug Stores .77 1.40 Notice Farmers FOR SALE Cotton Seed Soy Beans Farmers Gin & Exchange Co, 520 N. Broadway Phone 315 Blylhevillc, Arkansas Minnie All | lit Hnii Kvrurd 4 1,0111 i.rin 7 1 2 M. _-__s .4H 2 2 1.80 California Town Reports First Horse Theft Case Read Courier News want ads. Save for Victory Have your shoes, tarpaulins and bean sacks repaired at the TUU-BLUE SHOE SHOl' 31G E. Main St. We buy and trade shoes. BLYTHE, Cal. (UP)—Coincident with the fading of the horseless carriage from the American scene in wartime came the report of the first case of horse-stealing here in years. Deputy Sheriffs Jess Ullom and Lee Hickey finally arrested two youths after a three-day search in which aviators, motorists, cowboys, and peace officers participated. Alex Sapwell started the search when he reported the theft of his strawberry roan saddle horse. The land of desert and cowboys is still wild, but Deputy Sheriff Ullom called on both automobiles and airplanes to assist in catching the thieves. / FOR SALE COTTON SEED Certified Coker 100 Strain 3. Stoneville 2-B. Several Tons— Wilds Long Staple O. HUGHES GIN CO. Phone 3141 BlythcTille Joe Taylor J2 Cr 0. Q. Wood 4 II .00 K. C. Cillis f) li .00 .OU John Thomas HOUSP 1.1 ,t 1C I 1.20 1.20 S]»i!ncrr Anderson r> M _ __ Bcckman Addition Mrs. Minnie MIIMHI S Oil' 9 8 .2.4 ,I(H> Uluck 12 2 .00 .00 K, D. I'Vrpison 10 2 .00 S. II. Bisbop Addition Mary M. Dt-vini- :i 2.04 2.04 Blythe Addition W. .J. Uop-rs K',i If. 24 .f.O .fiU A. (i. Shibli-y K Mr,' i 29 .no .r,9 Cnrrir Dunlap 12 :t 1 .ail .HO >,'aiH'.y Monljcoim-ry 22 111 .80 J. Jf. Arnold I :»'- -«0 .80 It. !•'. H.-nry 2 :i'2 .80 .80 Cnndill Ik IJamey NV- 7 k all « :'.:'• l.HO .5. H. Fisli.T W H' U.I :t:« .24 .24 .24 Blythcvillc Lumber Co. First Addition J. t\ /iinmcr :t :! .HO .HO W. C. Leic^ctt. 4 :t .80 Sj»:u A. Wood 0 :t .80 .HO Blytheville Lumber Co. Second Addition Ira Gray 5 & 0 '* -00 .G(» E. M. Eryeans Addition J. IT. Wi'bb K'X: 1 ^ I -»0 J. H. W«-bb Kid M I -00 .1. W. Had or. 1.2. 1IX-4 4 .4rt .48 .4K Arthur Urycims T, ti 7 4 .:i<5 .::ii ..'10 Arthur Hryenns 1920 4 .21 .24 .24 Mrs. K. W. IVrry K! &. 14 "> .2-1- .24 .24 V. K. Sny.W 22 .1 • .115 .12 Bugg Addition H. M. HntHrff H 2 .80 S. M. Nerd I. am 4 :t .NO .HO I. M. IH-ntly r> 4 .80 .HO .»U >f. T. Hombolaski 0 4 .Sl> W. O. Johnson 2 H .»0 .«() .HH Cora }larb»-r 4 ft .80 .HO C. T. Wirk«-r :t ,<;• 4 10 1.00 0. W. Crawford :< 4 t I l.Oo Kv«>rt:U ILirb.-r S II -HO .HO .80 Floyd Simpson 1 2 1 :t 1.20 1.20 1.20 C. .1. Kvrard 014 .00 Annes Jones 7 14 .00 Myrtle Sevicr - r > In .SO -HO .HO Mrs. E. K. J»rk?on fi I". .HO .80 .HO Myrtle. Scvi-r 7 .t H 15 1.00 1.00 !,«(/ Clius. Nc^dhain 7 10 _ — ___ .80 Chicago Mill & Lbr. Co. Second, Addition Hall Sist'-rs 2&K 1 ,< ! 't 2 1..10 M R 18 2 1.00 _•-Gordon Kvrard U 1 1.00 1.00 Unknown N'Vi - r> - r> - -41 1 0 1.00 1.00 o o .r>Q if Kiinitahlo K 10' J. M. Andi'i'son Mrs. l>. II. Hindi- wood Kt f, 1.20 Davia Brothers SnbdivlHlon Woi-slcy 2 .t II 10 2.HO Halo Subdivision Acton 1.1 Ilcuru Addition it. Mam-it :t & W'X; lloarn Socond Addition MaiuU: Ilalxtcad 7 Hi H M 1.20 llearn k Terry Mr*. John HitlKtoiid 4 2 Myrll<- Scvior f> 2 .00 .liU Highland Placo Addition Ivy Crawford :t 2 .Of) Same 5, 0, 7. H, I :i 2 ILOO Kx W 20' N 40' Ntitliir Rol>erls K'/J 14 & Carrie Wimdbiirn ^s r ilti« if. Mrs. .S:ulli>r !>u MM and > I u nil*, lire Ihity uro rfi|iiin'd (\-illiin fmir (4) wt' Id unit! hiiit, ur lh 0 2 LOO 1.00 1.0ft '(iriniralinnH interestcil iM'reliy notified Unit liy law, to jipitoar i-k'i anil nuikc dcfi'iinr- c Hiuiu> will bit taken bo UK conCi'ini'd, and final jud^inonl will onlori'il, tlirci'llni; UM« sale of xnld laiidn fi»- MM- imr^Dsi* of rolliM-tiii)s r mild IHXI-H,' lo^i'tln'r with llii^ piiyinitnl of inturcxt, (iciuilly rntd <:<ml. altowml by li v W. \ViLnc!<H my bund und llic KOal of iniiil. Conn, HiiH ihi- 17 duy of A|)ril, 194'i. HAItVKY MORRIH. Cleric of Hiiid Conrt. A2l-2R-Mf)-!2 Start The With— Day 10 -I 4 Planters 5n Ceylon employ snakes to catch rats, If you want to buy more Defense Bonds SELL US THE FURNITUKE yOU AICE NOT USING for cash! <\lso iihcral trade-in allowance- for old furniture on new. Alvin Hardy Fum. Co. 301 E. Main Phone Z302 7-DAY COFFEE A Maxwell House product, blended by Maxwell House. Regular Price 1 Ib. 25c 3 Ibs. 69c (Watch for week-end Special) Exclusive at — Pickard's Grocery 1044 Chickasawba 2043 Shililcy :i It. lli'ittoii Lasliot. 4 .01) S'.'j 7 .t8 Hollandalo Clins. Chas. John Mrs. .28 tiro. & Tom Smith John H. Walk Ilolllpctor K. C. Jom>* Mali N'l-nl lone 'I'homjisnn Jess Wood W. It. (.Jreen O. Slionyo Will SiMnmk 0. Shmiyo :t W. O. Clark (J. Shonyo Nannie Jones Jim Lowe Mark Urinkloy O. Shonyo Mary I'am ft] J W. Klo yd MOM- Wells Irregular .14 .14 Addition .20 .20 .20 .20 .20 I OFFERED BY INSURANCE MAN .20 15-16-11 •1. W. Aloxan<icr Unknown K'A Unknown II Chicago Mill & Lbr. Co. Third Carrie l)untii]i 3 R. M. Prince 2 li. M. Prince, ^ Unknown - r> U. M. Trine.- fi & 7 Unknown 4 W. M. McFarl.ind 0 Tollif> Dnlanoy 2 Unknown 0 Unknown •* CMcfcasawba J. L. Tyronnc 7 F. A. Robinson 10 & W l.V U 5.00 Addition .GO M. C. C en try Lot 18 XK'/i IrrcguJar Lots 1G-15-11 ('. M. Lnird Ll 0 NW Vi W. H. Hill Lot 7 NW K. K. Knurrs Lt 12 NW __ C. It. Layman Lt IS NW Irregular Lots 17-15-11 Unknown Lot 24 SK .40 Am. United Life Ins. Co. K 100' Lot l« SF'. ._ , Marck Hntlcr Lot ISO SK .20 Miki; Morath K 4-5 Lot 41 __ Unknown Lot 4:t SK Air). United Life Ins. Co. Lot 4 "> Carrie Dnnltip Lot 40 __ I James Addition K Harbor K',». 2 A .40 Walter WarMy 1 A Leo Subdivision Nannie Tool f> O.?o. M. Leo Chas. Bedford OP.,. M. Leo .40 Charlie Phillips ^ ii T K. McBride ^ K R. .Tnr.fcr,on 2 J. T. Coston Z. B. Harrison 4 & r. C 7 Addition 9 1.20 10 1.. r >0 Gardens 2 .IT2 2 3 ,16 Subdivision .10 7 .2H __ ir> __ .2S 10 .28 .23 Less Subdivision 0 .20 .20 Addition Kofwick Cm p. Marsh J. A. Harbor S M' 1 & 2 2 __ __ 1.08 W. A. A f flick 12 3 _. 1.40 — Maybclle Subdivision Unknown 41 __ .15 Unknown 10.1-17 1 _. .30 .30 Unknown 10 & 11 2 __ .20 Miller * Greenlee Addition Roy Nehon 18 1 .80 .80 .80 TMildrrd Rnsk 22 & W% 23 1 — t.20 — WONDERFUL MILDNESS/ VET RICH TASTE.THATfe PRINCE ALBERT. IT'S NO-BITE TREATED. RA. ROLLS EASY, FAST, TOO. NO SPILLING. 'NIFTY- THRIFTY/ I SAV ON RA. — IN PIPES,ALSO! fine rol!-yoar- own cietirettes in every hnndy pocket can of Prince Albert In recent laboratory "stnok- injj bowl" t«sw. Prince Albert burned 8G DEGREES COOLER than th« average of the 3t other of the wrjt- brands tested ... coolest of qgl n.J. Remolds Tt)b»cioCoa:D»ny.Wlniton-Salem. N.C. THE NATIONAL JOT SMOKE

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