The Daily Times from New Brunswick, New Jersey on July 7, 1897 · Page 5
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The Daily Times from New Brunswick, New Jersey · Page 5

New Brunswick, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 7, 1897
Page 5
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T "' 4l "mi'' ' HE* * ii DISTANCE TELEPHONE, isro. 1897 JULY, 1897 Su. T ii 18 25 Mo. 5 12 19 26 Tu. 6 13 20 27 We. 7 14 21 28 Th. 1 8 15 22 29 Fr. 2 9 16 23 30 Sa. 3 10 17 24 31 l First J Quarter Full ©Mi MOON'S PHASES. r, 8:32 f a. m. -, r, 11:52 1O p.m. Third o , 10:08 Quarter AL a. m. New 10:58 PAOT AND FANOY. Bubtcribera who do not receive their papers regu. mrly would confer a great favor by immediately rt- torting the fact to this offlee. FOR a good smoke get one of George Kuhn's cigars, 379 George street " Excuse me," observed tbe man la spectacles, " but I am a surgeon and that is not wtere the ) Ivor Is." " Never yq« ; mind where his liver Is," retorted the other, " If It was In his big toe or his left ear DeWltt's Little Early Risers would reach It and slake It for him." G. H. Blssett's Pharmacies. To cure all old sores, to heal an indolent nicer, or to speedily cure piles, you need limply apply DeWltt's Witch Hazel Salve according to directions. Its maglcllke action will surprise you, G. H. Bissett's Pharmacies. Absolutely pure, perfectly harmle invariably reliable are the qualities 8B and Minute Cough Cure. It never fails 1 of One croup or lung troules. Children Ilk n colds, cause it la pleasant to take and e lt; be them. G. H- Bissett'a Pharmacies. " hel P 8 i Scaly eruv^ons on the head, chapped (iands and lips, cuts, bruises, scalds, burns »lre quickly cured by DeWitt's Witch Hazel talve. It is at present the article most (used for piles, and it always cures them. Q. HA Bissett'a Pharmacies. Th&old way of delivering messages by post tjoys compared with the modern tele- '; illustrates the old tedious methods'of |lng colds" compared with their almost aneous cnre by One Minute Cough G. H. Bissett's Pharmacies, [.length of life may be increased by |ng Its dangers. The majority of peo- i from lung troubles. These may be 1 by promptly using One Minute Cough G. H. Bissett's pharmacies, i best of all cures for summer com- ats is Blackberry and Ginger Brandy, pared by Becker & Tietjen, 295 aet street. • je7-3m i and examine the Kimball White the most popular wheel on the rket. A Craig Voorhees, agent, 115 street. je7-tf " Is it hot enough for your?" Thud, Jang 1 Another joker gone to join the great _$jority. Buy the cool comfortable loes Harding & Mansfield are selling at 7lway down prices. They have summer jshoeB in all styles at their big shoe house, Peace street. READ Scheuer's adv. Walt For .Us. Second annual excursion of the Retail Merchants' Protective Association to Asbury Park and Ocean Grove, Wednesday, July 21. je23-tf WHY suffer-from indigestion ? Burdock Blood Bitters cures Dyspepsia and all disorders ot the stomach, liver and bowels. Put Out With Chemical*. An alarm of fire was sounded from box No. 65, at 3.20 o'clock yesterday afternoon. The fire was in a house on Lee avenue, near Baldwin street, occupied by John Baird. It was extingnished^by the use! of the new chemicalizer which did ef- jfective service. The fire was discovered / about the chimney on the root in which a \ hole about six feet square had been /-burned when the firemen arrived. The ,•• .prompt use of the chemicals and the Quickness with which they acted soon ex- 'tinguished the flames. American Poultry Food. Manufactured by practical and scientific te^ts making it the best poultry food in the! market It is guaranteed to make hens. Jay and chicks grow. Sold only in 50 plound sealed sacks ; also hulled oats wbicjb. axe far superior to wheat for pouLtry. Sold only by C. W. Russell, Fretoch and Schuyler streets. ie21-tf Scheuer's adv. Nothing Like It. Many of the so-called summer bever- ,»gea are not- what they should be and persons should observe great care in their / Selection.. We have the celebrated Bal- Jantine'B beers bottled expressly for fam- |f ily use, and deliver all goods free. We have four grades of the best beer, and also the finest mineral waters, etc. / D. 0. BOWNB, / ocl-tf 74 Carman street. LAWN PARTY. Given tar Mr. and, E. Ho]d«n Spear-, at Uplandi, Rfotuchen. Uplands, the . beautiful home of Mr. nd Mrs. Holden Spear, at Metuchen, was en fete last evening, when that very gracious host andphostess gave a lawn tarty for the entertainment of their lumerous friends. More than 150 guests were present from, Metuchen, this city nd other places, and they were charmed with the splendid hospitality extended to hem. Every feature of the event was onducted on the most liberal scale and with exquisite taste. The house and lawn were ablaze with he brilliantly colored lights of numerous "apanese and Chinese lanterns. On the awn a large dancing platform had been >ui!t for this event and the music was irovided by Messrs. Garland and Hart, who were seated on the veranda of the louse which was profusely decorated with palms, ferns and blooming plants, lefreshments including ices and other ooling delicacies were served tfcioughout he evening. A superb display of fireworks was given arly in the evening under the direction 1 Pain, of New York, the famous lyrotechnist. Notwithstanding the intense heat, the ocation of Uplands is such that the tem- ieratute there was considerably lower ban elsewhere and this made dancing on he lawn a genuine pleasure last night, lunong those present from town were "iharles Van Nuis, George S. Silzer, J. I. Suydam and Francis W. Daire. Mr. nd Mrs. Spear received the hearty congratulations of their guests on the great UC2CSS of this midsummer function. Why Torn Should Go to Welgel'*. It is always safe to procure hardware andhous furnishings at Weigel's, be cause he has the latest and most usefu devices in every article required. II yon intend building you should give him • call 2, 4 and 6 Peace street . febl2-tf READ Scheuer's adv. Jacob Heed 1 (F-\s the largest and finest variety of fish and oysters of the season alway i on hand, direct from the catchers, all a ' ]je lowest prices. Telephone, 94 a, 68 * am street si-1m The old lady was right when she Bald tr [ cihlld might die if they waited for the doctor jibe Bived tne little one's life with a fen i of One Minute Cough Cure. She he fused It for croup before. G. H. ^Blssett Pharmacies. ,abor Day, which riders in the State. The time made by A. W. Evans in the 5-mile road race on the macadam road, n Monday, was the best ever made on hat course. The time 1 h. 13 min. 57 s. the best that this speedy rider has ever made for the distance. The Y. M. C. A. Bicycle Club will ake a run tonight to Boynton Beach. n he members will leave the association ooms promptly at 7 o'clock. All riderV this GAY GIRLS. An TJnRallant Farmer Gave Them a Chance to Walk Back to Town. Two charming young women of the city ;ot themselves into a most amusing situa- ion on Sunday afternoon while expecting o have a'lot of fun at the expense of one f their friends. He lives in Piscataway iownship and during the afternoon drove nto town behind a handsome horse which s the pet oi his father. Now this young man is very accommodating and when wo of his lady friends suggested that hey be allowed to take a ride he readily onsented. They drove off and as the young man never dreamed they would do, went lirectly past his father's place at a pace hat would in time kill the horse' it it lid not kill the girls. When they reached a popular hotel at Bound Brook they were about to jump from the buggy, when a farmer with a little bunch of whiskers on his chin rushed up hurriedly and all but winded. He asked he girls where they got the rig and when they frankly informed him, he .ersely told them that they could not ride >ack to town in it as he had let the son lave the horse for other people to drive. Chen he made the young women get out, and as they stood before the hotel undecided whether they should laugh or grow angry, the old man drove away. After ,he girls had recovered from the laugh ,hat went up at their expense, the hotel- Deeper offered to briqg them back to town in his carriage rather than to see ;hem walk here. They accepted his >ffer. •»• m JUNE DONATIONS. Acknowledgment* ot Gifts Received at Wells Hospital. The following donations for June are hankfully acknowledged at the John Wells Memorial Hospital : Mrs. J. J. Janeway, magazines; Mrs. Van Wickle, two jars of preserves, lot of sictures; Flower Mission, flowers; Mrs. Li. Powelson, 12 oranges, 4 quarts straw- jerries ; First Presbyterian Church, Ihildren's Day, flowers ; Mrs. Brown, cake ; Miss Storer, flowers ; a friend, lowers; Mrs. C. J. Carpender, 10 quarts strawberries ; Mrs. Fred Robinson, 1 quart strawberries, 6 pounds oatmeal; Mrs. Schuyler Rust, flowers; Mrs. Peck, magazines ; Mrs. Rappleyea, magazines, jelly ; Mrs. Dr. Murray, flowers ; Mr. Langdon, magazines; Dr. Baldwin, P. R. R. Men's News • Mrs. Alan H. Strong, flowers; Mrs. Paul F. Williams, two suite of clothes; Mrs. John Wells, cake, 6 quarts cherries, 6 quarts currants; Miss Swift, flowers; Mrs. F. K. Stevens; 7 quarts currants ; J. N. Carpender, flowers. TOO MUCH FIREWORKS. South River Sends Fourth of J«ly C«le- brators to Jail. There must have been a lively time at South River on the third and fourth ot July from the appearance of the warden's docket at the county jail yesterday. There were six person who became so loud in their celebration that they landed in jail. They are all charged with being drunk and disorderly and got, in Justice Simmons's court, from 10 to 60 days. Their names are Bartley Joioe, Charles Fitz Patrick. John O'Brine, Nick Mackelaro- vick, Abraham Cheeseman and William Williams, alias Park Row. Andrew Arusky, of Perth Amboy, was also committed for 20 days on a similar charge. • i» Died at an Advanced Age. The funeral of-one of the -oldest residents of George's Road occurred in the Baptist Church at that place on Tuesday afternoon. The deceased was Mrs. Mar] E. Snedeker, who died on Saturday al her home near the church. Her death was due to injuries sustained by a fal sometime ago, when one of her hips was fractured. She was born in 1806 anc waa in the 91st year of her age. Sh was very well known. . .. The funeral services were conducted by Rev. Mr. Blauvelt,of Franklin Park,who delivered a sermon and Rev. G. F. Love who made a prayer. The b«y was in terred in the cemetery adjoining th church. Three children survive. ; One i Mrs. Gilliland, of George's Road. An other daughter lives in California and son resides in Pennsylvania. The old saddle of the front and back upport kind seems to have had its day. "he demand this year has been for ana- x>mical saddles; one cannot pick up a icycle paper nowadays without meeting he advertisements ot anatomical saddles, each one a little different and all bearing ertificates from physicians to the effect hat the one indorsed is the only safe one o use. As a matter of fact there was no addle ever made as comfortable as the •Id fashioned one, which was almost as >ie; as a pillow and rested on springs as ilastio as rubber. But comfort has ielded to hj gienic considerations. Phy- icians say that dozens of cases of serious njury have been traced to the old-fash- oned saddle. CYCLERS' COLDMN It is stated that the Brunswick Bicycle Hub will hold another big road race on will be open to all vent in cycling circles. It will be a very big n town are invited to take part in un. An easy pace will be set and it is xpected this' run will be one of the most njoyable ot the season. The Rumerford cyclers have arranged century run for Sunday, July 18, the bjective point being New Brunswick. "he start will be made at 7.30 a, m., rom the clubhouse, and, the itinerary gures the finish 12 hours later. Each urvivor will receive a gold souvenir. In ase of rain the run will be postponed until the following Sunday. Entries close uly 14 with Secretary Louis M. Mier. It is said (here are American bicycle hops everywhere in^Paris and many an American bicycle is seen speeoing along n ite trim elegancy for the wheels made n our country are certainly superior in ppearance to the foreign ones. The Drench have an effective way of making' heir leather saddles comfortable which well worth copying. They soak he leather thoroughly in water until it is perfectly pliable, v then they ide on it till it is perfectly dry, protect- ng their clothing by a temporary cover- ng of some waterproof material. When he process is completed the leather is xactly fitted to the rider and corres- ondingly comfortable, ng your saddles. So aTTgo soak- Coolneis at Manhattan Beach. In these scorching dog days there i 9 one seaside resort which offers relief to suffering humanity. The normal temperature of Manhattan Beach is 15 degrees lower than that of the city, and by its peculiarly fortunate situation in the ocean the famous Beach is 5 degrees cooler than Brighton.and 8 degrees cooler than West Brighton- From whatever quarter the wind blows it comes smartly over this narrow strip of verdure. Manhattan has honestly earned its motto " Swept by Ocean Breezes." This week the wilted citizens who escaped the swel tering atmosphere of Ndw York and Brooklyn were astonished to see the guests of the Oriental Hotel wearing light overcoats and wraps. But throughout the summer such precautions axe ne- ~cessary. Manhattan Beach is not alone continually swept by sea breezes, but then? coohtess is aided by what amy be termed a scries of artificial draughts. The theatre and concert hall are open on every side and these apertures are only partially concealed by countless palms, ferns and tropical plants, throughout whose leaves the winds blow briskly, creating a constantly agreeable tempera-,, ture and making this house the finest roof garden that art and nature can unite in designing. If 3 T ou want to get cool and keep cool in the dog days here is a place which allays all the fevers of the blood. With these natural ai d applied advantages it is not remarkable that the arrival of the heated term has taxed the capacity of our popular watering place. On Monday 100,000 people spent the day at Manhattan Beach. The Oriental Hotel contained 700 guests, the Manhattan 400 with apartments for no more. At the latter hotel Landlord Sillock dined no less than 30,000 folk and his army of cooks were kept cooking from 10 o'clock in the morning until 12 at night. A Point to Remember. If you wish to purify your blood you should lake a medicine which cures blood' diseases. The record of cures by Hood's Sarsaparilla proves that this is the best medicine for the blood ever produced. Hood's Sarsaparilla cures the most stubborn cases and it is the medicine for you to take if your blood is impure. HOOD'S Pills are the best after-dinner pill ; assist digestion, cure headache, 25 cents. READ Scheuer's adv. A frequent accident on crowded roads s collision between two men going in the same direction, and caused by the front rider swinging from one side of the road o the other. The man in the rear does not know the rider in front is going to cross the road and the rear man's front wheel going in one direction touches the lind wheel of the front man's, which is going in the opposite direction. If the wo men are riding at the rate of ten miles an hour the force of the collision is equal to that of a man going at the rate of twenty mi'es an hour. The rear man alone gets' the spill because there is less weight on his front wheel than in on the lind wheel of the front rider Often the Tont man rides on without knowing of .he accident. The spill the rear man gets is sometimes a bad one. No one should cross a road or change from "steady" without giving a ^ruing bell. m • <f Slavr*on Kutate matter*. The accounting of John S. Sutphen, ;he sole trustee and executor of the Jephise Slawson estate, as executor of /he estate ,was to have been passed upon n the Orphan's Court yesterday but was continued for one month. This estate has been in the courts at frequent intervals pending - its proper settlement and yesterday it was adjourned n order that a technical point might be complied with and no risk* taken. The estate is valued at $1 GO,000 and several of the relatives of the deceased live at Princeton. ' Second Ward Row*. Rows innumerable occurred in the Second ward on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Julia Conover, a colored woman, from Bound JJrook, created a great rumpus.on Seaman street, on Monday, and was taken in custody by Patrolman Fox. She got two days in jail. On Sunday rfight there was a fight on Livingston avenue, near Suydam street. George Berdine attempted to disperse a gang of men and when he attempted to use force they turned on him and beat him. . <m*m She \Vmrn Obstreperon*. An intoxicated woman who refused to remain seated in a wagon, furnished considerable amusement on Division street late Sunday night. She jumped to the road from the front seat and then the rear eeat and finally the man who was with her was compelled to pick her up bodlfcr and throw fier into the wagon. Then he sat downon her and was able to drive away. ' : Pur an end to misery. Doan's Ointment will cure the worst case of Itching Piles there ever was, and do it almost instantly. Years of suffering relieved in a single night. Get Doan's Ointment from your dealer. READ Scheuer's adv. NEARLY all summer complaints are due to bad blood and unhealthy bile. Dr. Fowler's Ext. of Wild Strawberry cures by attacking the root of the trouble. It never fails. ARE you suffering from rheumatism ? Thomas' Eclectric Oil has cured thousands of the worst cases of this terrible disease. It only costs 50 cents to try it. White Flrcri. Have you noticed those white wheels ? They are Kimball White Flyers, and for their fine finish and easy running qualities are unexcelled. v —-"AT Craig Voorhees is the agent, 115 Church street. jne7-tf -»•«— Whatever may be the cause of blanching, the hair may be restored to its original color by the use of that potent remedy, Hall's Vegetable Sicilian Hair tr. Watch the Wheel with the red name plate. You can see it everywhere. It is the great Spalding Bicycle for $50. Charles Tamm, agent, 57 Church street. je24-tf Soothing, and not Irritating, strengthen Ins; and uot weakening, small but effective— such are the qualities of D-jWlU'g Little Early Rivera, the famous little pills, O. B. Blsset's Pharmacies. Board Sleeting* TonlKht. • All but one of »he governing boards of the city and county were scheduled to hold meetings today. This morning the Board of Freeholders held a meeting at the County Court House. The Board of Aldermen, Board of Education acd Board of f Health are all scheduled to meet tonight at iheir respective meeting places. Kabage Robs Rabn*. Anton Kabege robbed Bartleson Rakus, a fellow brickyard worker, at South River, on Saturday, of $10. He was committed by. Justice Simmons yesterday to await the action ot the Grand- Jury. R FINE High Grade'97 Model Wheel, ONLY $35. Made in a regular bicycle factory and guaranteed by the maker. No '96 and 97 parts juggled, up together, so you do not know iust what you have, with one part purchased in one place and another part in some other place, with a speciaJ name plate put on, but built in a regular bicycle factory with the maker's name on. There is no wheel on the market to compete with this. It has the best tires, fully guaranteed. THEBOSTONSTORE The 'treat Inventory Sale is now in progress at the Boston Store. This salo promises an enormous distribution of Merchandise at the lowest prices ever reached for first class goods. , The object of this sale is to reduce our immense stock before taking Inventory. Under the new management no promises have been made, no statements circulated, no advertisements inserted that were misleading or that failed in . fulfillment v at the store. ' \ Under the new management, is it not true that foil have had better service, better and larger assortments to select from, and have we not given you splendid and continuous opportunities to secure. Bar gains. The gratifying response accorded us by your most liberal patronage is answer sufficient. Inventory sale entire week. Dry Goods will never bo sold cheaper. BOSTON STORE, a AWB 3 KIDTO BLOCK. A. CRAIG VOORHEES, 115 CHURCH STREET, One door below George, New Brunswick. • mr2-6m Ladies' Russet Lace for $2.50. special bargain. Dark and Tan, a], Men's Russet Lace, for 82, worth [ove $3 50. All right. Only light color. Misses', Boys' and Childrens' Shoes a prices to suit all at William H. Cooper's 376 GEORGE ST. MANNING-BEOS. ei.fli 1838. We are heodquarters 011 CHAIRS. Always have been ; always expect to be. Here is a sample. 75 eta. each, worth full $1.OO. W« We buy direct from factory, knock down unfmished. put them together and finish them. We can sell them Jtoyaa for what other dealers pay for them and still make a profit.;fw« carry an immense stock of all kinds of Chairs, Bedroom, Dining room. Porch and Odd Easy Chairs. ^^jj We have Kockers galore and at prices that beat the Iworld Of course there is only one house that dares to do a spot cash business and one price only. Only one house that dares itojTsaU all Furniture on a dmall margin of profit, and that house ia r~^. MANNING BBO 284-286

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