The Record-Argus from Greenville, Pennsylvania on June 24, 1941 · Page 1
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The Record-Argus from Greenville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Greenville, Pennsylvania
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Tuesday, June 24, 1941
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IOWA •I V * EVENING RECORD Stoneboro Citizen NINETY-THIRD YEAR-No. 148 THE RECORD-ARGUS NEWS OF THB WORLD" MARKET REPORTS GREENVILLE, PA., TUESDAY. JUNE ASSOCIATED PRESS LEASED WIRE REPORTS ESTABUSHM BILL READY Passage of Measure Ex- peeled to Make Most Prosperous Year. HALF-BILLION FOR CONSERVATION 85 Per. Cent Crop Loans Expected to Boost Market Prices. By The Associated Prcsa Washington, J une 24 A record-breaking $1,060,500,063 farm bill to aid the 30,000,000 person engage in ag riculture today awaited finai congressional action in the Senate. Coupled with DIVER RECOMPRESSED AFTER the recently enacted mandatory government crop loans act, intended to peg prices of major crops, the bulky appropriation bill was expected to give farmers their most prosperous year since the depression, and possibly since the world war era. Senate leaders said they expected speedy approval—probably this week. In addition to tho ?1,OGO,500,OG3 appropriated from the treasury, the measure also ordered $270,000,000 in loans from the reconstruction finance corporation, and provided about $20,000,000 of ^appropriations and trust funds. In all, about ?l,350,000,000 will bo available for the far flung agricultural program. Biggest single item was the usual $500,000,000 for soil conservation payments to some 6,000,000 producers of cotton, wheat, corn, rice, and tobacco who comply with the administration farm program. Next largest was 212,000,000 for "parity payments" to these farmers to bring their a "parity level" or tho latlve purchasing power these products had in the pre-war period of 1009-13. The big supply bill was sidetracked for several weeks RUSSIAN AID Subject Causes Divided Opinion, But Trend Is to Back Administration. GOVERNMENT IS READ1TTO ASSIST War Relieves Fear That Supplies Would Go Through Germany. Chief gunner's mate Claude Conger (third from left), 33, undergoes r, ^ Vy ,!!! CU l ShiP . ralc0 * "« *™smouth, *. H, after i 4 4 ' 0 .f oot J," the Left to right: Chief Pharmacist Lieut. Albert R. Behnkc. bodies of her crew of 33. o E recompression in a chamber aboard dive to near the Barrows, Boston Globe The Navy offclallv aandon , n , ' e abandoned attempts to salvage the submarine O-9. Conger and and recover the PLAN NEW LAW FOR STRIKE CONTROL FATAL CRASH NEARPARKMAN same prices to same re- STRIKE ENDED ATNEWCASTLE City Promises Pay Increases "If TVIoney Can Be Found." New Castle, Pa,, June 24—UB—A 24-hour old strike of SO municipal workers ended at 12:30 p. m. today when tho sewer, garbage and street department employes accepted city council's promise to attempt to find means of meeting their wage de- nands. Tho decisioTi to return to work congress enacted a law ordering ^^ a " 01 ' * meotlnB wlth President Would Be Given Broad Powers Under Proposed Act. PROVIDEsJlNES, r ^^- •'•• JK- ,-.-_. _ _ ' TERMS By The Associated Press Washington, June 24 Speaker Rayburn said at press conference today that the Vinson "cooling-off" bill O., f Five Sharon Men Hurt in Accident. Addison Burr, aged 70, of Burton was killed at 7:10 p. m. Monday In a two car collision on the; Cleveland- Warren, high way near.Par knian. v His car and an. automobile carrying five Sharon men to Cleveland where they planned to drive back new automobiles, collided. Ted Johnson, aged 20, of 459 Davis Street, Sharon/, and John Sha'key, aged 25, of State Line Road, are in By The Associated Press Washington, June 24—The idea of aiding Russia in her fight against Germany gained substantial backing in the Senate today, but not without a sharp counterblast or opposition from Senator Clark (D- Mo who declared "Stalin's hand is just as bloody as Hitler s, the Communist system is just as bad as Nazism." The general trend of initial opinion in the Senate appeared to endorse the official State Department declaration that "any defense against Hitlerism" redounded to the benefit of the defense and security of the United States. The State Department pronouncement yesterday was regarded as tantamount to formal notice that the reorientated American -policy STATE SECRETARY SHAW FOUND DEAD Health Chief Dies in His Room in Harrisburg Hotel. SEEMED IN GOOD HEALTHj\T NIGHT By The Associated I'ress Harrisburg, Pa., June 24— Dr. John J. Shaw, state secretary of health, was found dead at noon . today in his room in the Harrisburger Hotel.. Deputy Coroner Samuel ,L. Fluke attributed death to heart disease. Dr. Shaw apparently was in good health when he retired or the night. He was 63 years Id. A native of Providence, R. I., he -as educated In the. public schools icre and the University of Penn- ylvania Medical Schaal. During the World War he served s chief surgeon of the American j International Shipbuilding Corpora' tion at Hog Island, Philadelphia. He was married to the former Beatrice Vare. Two children also survive. He was a member of the American Medical Association, Medical Society of the State of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia County Medical Society, American Public Health Association and Pennsylvania Public Health Association. During his college ('ays he played baseball and sang in the glee .club and was a member of Alpha Kappa Kappa fraternity. DEEP to curb defense strikes had ! Buhl Hospltal at Sharon. .Johnson 1 . •» _ .. - —w A414 V4 | I,, ,,.,.._ !1_ * . .__ been sidetracked in favor a measure to give the pres- I iiua ;i possible skull fracture. Harry or j Brandt, - -- rnnrk,ct prices up t o government crop loans at 85 per cent of parity on the theory this would force this level. When President Roosevelt signed this, senators agreed to the $212,000 000 parity fund item voted by the House that market prices plus soil conservation payments, plus the $212,000,000 If needed, would assure farmers a full or 100 per cent parity return for th e first time under the administration program. Third and smallest benefit city councilmen this morning at which Safety Director D. O. Davies told dent broad powers under the draft law to deal with st'op- in^defense production. The by the Vinson bill, house naval redrafted committee the members of tho City Employes I about the i[m <e Rayburn spoke, now ment item was $48,000,000 to be distributed among cano and beet sugar producers under the act. sugar quota New Milk Bill Is Introduced Harrisburg, June 24—UP)—Balked In a move to override Governor James' veto of a bill giving (ho State Milk Control Commission control over tho price of milk sold on consignment, Democrats in the House introduced an identical measure with tho exception of one section to which James objected. Rep. Roy C. ITaberlen (D-Westmoreland) who sponsored the original bill, introduced tho second measure. It would plug the loophole left in the law when the State Supreme Court ruled the commission was without authority to regulate the price of consignment milk. James refused to sign the first bill because it removed his power to pass on commission price orders. The new measure retained that right. House Democrats failed last night , by a margin of 23 votes to pass the ' bill over the governor's head. i organization that raises would be given not only tho strikers, but all city employes, "if the money could be found." Tho employes organization is not affiliated with any union. The workers had asked that pay of unskilled laborers bo increased from 50 to 70 cents and that of skilled workers from 55 to 75 cents. Tho police, fire and water systems in this industrial community of 55,000 were not affected by the walk- would empower the president in a .defense plant where a dispute had arisen. Avenue, Harry Hamilton, aged 28, of 27S Ormond -Avenue and Kenneth Younkins aged.21, of 130 Jefferson Avenue, Sharon, were'able to leave the hospital after, receiving treat- meuts. out. The strike was the second to occur in Western Pennsylvania this month. Municipal workers In McKecsport, near Pittsburgh, struck for several days last week demanding recognl- pay. They resumed work under a compromise but didn't get union recognition. ago 28 on July 1 without having (Continued on page fi) Snakebite Fatal To Bradford Boy Bradford, Pa., June 21—(/P)_Bit- tion of their CIO union and higher j ten bv a rattlesnake as he played 'beside the road while his mother pro- pared a picnic lunch, two-year old John Charles Goss died eight hours later yesterday in a hospital. Mrs. Verna Goss, of Eidred, heard her son scream as she and a woman friend were working on the lunch | along the Willow Creek Highway Tho bill which Rayburn said had been given tho green light was recommended by tho House military committee last week. -In addition to making mandatory the deferment ~ from the draft of men who reach Oste °P athic Surgeons, asserted to- "Easy Childbirth 1 ' Measures Scored Atlantic City, N. J., June 24—Cff 1 )— Dr. O. O. Bashline of Grove City, Pa., fellow of the American College of ' 'toward the Soviet would parallel Britain's. I n brief, the United State; and Britain while yielding n< ground in their idodoglcal. antagonism to Communism, would sup- Port Russia as a fighter against a common menace. ' ' The United States, It was said, is In'a-position to grant the Soviefa certain measure of economic cooperation almost at once, if requested. Tho government could, for example, release "frozen" Russian assets, and at the some time relax the restrictions which have largely prevented tho Russian purchase and export of vital strategic materials. In the latter- connection, it was pointed out that,the Russo-German conflict has ended tho danger of such supplies reaching tho Reich via the Trans-Siberian Railroad. The suspicion that some American goods were being transshipped to Germany by that route was one reason (Continued on Page 6) Abandon Search in Lake Leboeuf Drowning •t", • _... i o •- > * *- »v * 11 u \v i_ ru < IM-U., Pa., June 24-UP»_Coost near the city reservoir 1 11 tt.-ltini j~> i. I- .-... .-) .. .1 •. »-» . _ •"-«•• vi n. day women who avail themselves of modern methods of "easy childbirth" do themselves harm. Speaking before 2,500 delegates at the American Osteopathic Association's annual convention, Dr. Bash- lino urged physicians to warn prospective mothers against use of various modicants designed to hasten childbirth under anaesthetics "before nature is prepared for the pro- Guardsmen, headed by Boatswain Stanley Tluntirigton, gave up their search for the body of Felix Zaboroski, 27, of Erie, who drowned Sunday night while swimming with friends In Lake LeBoauf, 15 miles south of Erie. The three were returning from a trip to Falconer, N. Y. Two large fang marks were found an Inch apart on the boy's right leg below the knee. The mother quickly applied a tourniquet and rushed the boy to tho hospital here "Gynecological ailments, including cancer, are increasing sharply," said Dr. s Bashline, "and the increase is in direct proportion to the injudicious use of pituitrin and similar preparations to hasten labor before nature is ready. These drugs cause injuries which develop into something serious later on." County Draftees to Leave July 7 Selective service headquarters at Harrisburg today Issued quotas for the induction of 359 men Into the army on Monday, July 7, at reception centers at Fort George Q. Meade, Maryland, and at New Cumberland, Pa. v One hundred-six Mercer Countians ] who passed their physical examina- j lions at Erie last Wednesday will : leave on July 7, reporting 'to the i New Cumberland induction head- i quarters. Included in the contingent of 106 from this county are 29 from the No. 2 (Greenville) board, 36 from Board No. 3 and 41 from Board No. 4. The trainees will travel to Pittsburgh by bus, making the balance of the trip to New Cumberland by train. Dr. Shaw, who resided at. tho Warwick Hote, Philadelphia, and at Cyii- wyd, Pa., was found dead in his bed by Rog'er W. Rowland, state secretary of property and supplies. Rowland, who had a breakfast engagement with Dr. Shaw, telephoned his room about 9:30 a. m. and received : no answer. He -then called Dr. Shaw's offlee,__ but no answer, and asked the bell captain" at the hotel to check. 'He learned that Dr. Shaw.'s room door was locked, and promptly went to the hotel arid entered the room in company with the captain. : THREE KILLED IN SHOOTING Five Children Orphaned by Family Tragedy in Greensburg. Greensburg. Pa.. June 24— (,?)_ A family quarrel was blamed today by police for the deaths of Mrs. Ro- malne Chadwick, 32, her husband Russell Chadwick, 3S, and the critical wounding of her father-in-law, DRAFT BOARDS MUSTJECIDE Headquarters Says Local Men Must Meet Deferment Problem. Washington, June 24— (fi>) —Selec- ive Service headquarters has noti- ied all local boards, it, was learned oday, that they must make their own decisions in cases of selectees 28 years of ago or older who are now In line for induction but who may be deferred a few weeks hence under pending legislation. Tho headquarters' statement was Issued in response to numerous inquiries by boards as to what course to pursue' in view of the Senate- approved bill now before the House which would empower the President to glv e deferment from military training to all men who have reached the age of 28 by July 1. George W. Chadwick, 60. 7 1 Five,children were left orphans by the 'tragedy,-.'which occurred shortly after : midnight, when neighbors heard five shots in the father-in- law's : home where all lived, near Downtown Y. M. C. A. Dr. H. A.- McMurray, "Westmoreland County coroner, said the shooting; •apparently-'' began when the eldef Chaa'wick Intervened in a dispute between his unemployed son and daughter-in-law in an attempt to protect the woman. The corOner reported three pistols had ; been' used. Two of the guns, McMurray said, were found in a rear yafd where the son had staggered and_ the other was taken from the father, who collapsed in the front yard. Mrs. Chadwick's body was found In the house. McMurry ordered a post mortem to determine which guns had fired Germans Say "Planned Course" of Operation* Is Successful, NEWS AGENCY SAYS FIGHTING IS HARD British Secretary Eden 1 Urges Aid to Russia in Commons Speech. By The Associated Pttsa -, Sweeping drives of German 1 armored columns into Russian . Ukraine and through red —~~* defenses to the north indicated today by diverse ports which accompanied fresh,-.v manifestations of Axis sympa-• thy in Japan and Spain. ' Three major penetrations __ t , Soviet territory were reported,*:, langtng m depth from SO to 125,', uiLes, and DNB (official German,news agency) declared hundreds o£, Russians had been killed and thou* sands taken prisoner In one sector 1 alone. X German-Rumanian force wai* said to have slashed SO hrough Russian Bessarabia, ing for Odessa and other Blaclc, Sea ports. ' •> , Foreign military attaches In An-f tara, Turkey, said they were , ad* •ised that Nazi panzeit unifs-^had ; irivon 120 miles into* tlu? rVijobj n-eadbasket of southwest Russia inu >'$ the first two days of invasion. In the center of the 2000, rant, a spearhead has , f bout 125 miles in a thrust^throughl',* Brest-Utovsk toward Reuters (Britlsn news* a dispatch from "Vichy. From Berlin came German asault troops miles' the fatal bullets. , The eldest boy, Russell Junior, 14, sleeping in a tent with a neighbor's boy, was awakened by his father, who stumbled over the tent. Taken to a hospital, the father died an hour later. His father's condition was termed critical. He was'shot in the neck arm. The other children of the dead couple were Geraldine, 12, Nancy, 10, Shirley, 5, and Richard, 2. Fire Chief Called to Investigate Smoke Fire Chief R, E. Callahan answered an investigation fire call from Qhl Street at 3:35 a. m. today. A Bes- THE WAR TODAY REPORT OF WAR FROM SAFE VANTAGE OF NAZI PLANE Consider Legal Aid Committees Bedford, Pa., June 2-J—UP)—A proposal that each county bar association provide free legal aid for men in the armed forces and their dependents, who are unable to retain an attorney, will be- submitted at the 47th annual meeting of the Pennsylvania Bar Association opening here tomorrow. i Tho legal aid committee, headed i by John S. Bradway of Philadelphia County, will recommend the estab- i lishment of "legal aid committees to assist In alleviatin industrial, domestic and legal prob- paraded lit through a strong line bunkers In the thrust army acknowledged* three frontier towns. The German, high In a generality:. "In the E<ist, thi the German army?*] planned course, cesses." Uniformed Falanglsl Madrid before the Nazi embassy, shouting "on to Moscow"—"GlbraK tar for Spain." ," ^ Attention was focused on .Japan- f /* ese interest in the war by a Reuters-H,^ (British news agency) dispatch from?.;' Tokyo saying that Japanese women< and children living in Moscow had '*; been ordered home. Likewise, Domel (Japanese agency) broadcast that today's com- > r ! ments in the Japanese press "a«r ^ much clearer hi their of sj mpathy for Germany and dicating the future coarse "of- nuese policy." ' - DN'B, the official German"new»~V mtncj, said Nazi legions had brokv' on Soviet fortifications In the ceu* r tor of the 2,000-mile eastern fironVvV* after hanl fighting. " '(; While tin. locale was not further specified, it apparently was the rolling, forested plateau of what fras oneo middle Poland. Although Russian advices Indicated German penetration of 10 to 15 miles in places in Adolf Hitlers AT THE HOSPITAL A son was born this morning to Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Hart *70 Main Street. Frederick Bates, Jamestown, R. D. , 3, underwent an appendectomy yes- i meters (65 feet) altitude over terday. By LOUIS P. LOCHNER Berlin, Juno 2-1— UP)— Hopeless confusion in the Russian ranks— this was the tenor today of reports" by German newsmen attached to advancing German forces since Sunday morning. As an example, Kurt Helbing, writing in Propaganda Minister Paul Joseph Goebbels 1 newspaper Der Angriff, reported: "Our Junkers roared in at twenty a all t column of about sixty vehicles, Mrs. B. F. Brown, 402 South Main j among them six or seven Panzers. Street, has been admitted and the j Behind them were heavy artillery following patients have been dis- i and two horse-drawn cannon. Charged to their homes: Mrs. Earl Erdice, Jamestown, R. D. 2; Ernest Bagnall, V2 Chambers Avenue; Arthur Werger, R. D. 5: Major George Tre«m«er. Mercer; Brma McCoy, 36 Union Street: Mrs. John Johnson and Infant daughter, of Jamestown, ter that there's nothing but confusion underneath us. "Some Bolsheviks jump from their seats and run. Others throw themselves into the sand. Again bombs fall, cannon and machine-guns fire. Fountains of dirt and smoke squirt upward. Flames rise high. "There—another column, about S9 vehicles. Three of our planes dive low. Those below now have become aware of their danger. The vehicles halt sharply. "Everybody runs to the edge the road to seek protection. "Already the first bombs fall, of "Our machine 1 fires from muzzles and barrels. Three Qr tanks have been hurled to the side. Between them horses are running,'! are racing with their carts cross ' countuy, are spilling them, are m (This daily feature, conducted by DcVYltt Mackenzie, is being written in his absence on vacation by Fred Vanderschmldt). Required re-reading for this week in Moscow, Hume, Tokyo and elsewhere is Chapter XIV, Mein Kampf, by Adolf Hitler. One wonders, too, if Hitler is not re-reading it himself in gome humiliation. Contrary to some impressions, Mein Kampf has not turned out to be a precise cbartbook for Hitter, for Hitler has betrayed himself, by reason of necessity or convenience, in various respects: for instance, in his expressed desire for an alliance with Britain as w.'ll as Italy. The. Russians, however, can now weigh tho utter insincerity, from the beginning of the treaty which treaty with someone whose sole interest is the destruction of his partner.") The book also, by constant repetition, drives home this thought; "Neither western nor eastern Orientation should bo the future goal of our foreign policy, but an eastern policy signifying the acquisition of the necessary soil for our German people." Well, Hitler, having failed to knock out England, has gone back to the book and gone after the "necessary soil," and the danger for his t'hTt he wm b W ah, H f ^ thef1Cha "" TI W l.y as he told of the visit made that he will be able to carve that soil ! him by his sister, Mr; semer shops employe notified Chief Callahan that smoke appeared to be, rising from the garage of Justice of j lems which face men in our armed Peace William J. Neighbour, 34 Oh! forces and thoso dependent on them, > Street, but Investigation revealed who are without means to .engage ' that the smoke was coming from a the services of an attorney." Such \ rubbish fire which was smoulder- j agencies already have been set ing near tho rear of the garage. j j n 14 counties up BROTHER AND SISTER MEET AFTER 56 YEARS SEPARATION The past week end was a happy i and his sister foljo\ve-.l him several one for an elderly Geneva man and , years later his sister from Portland, Me. | However.' they becamo separated ine occasion was a reunion which and it was not until fiv fe years a^o that they learned of each other's whereabouts, Mrs. Rhynes and her husband left for New York Sunday, : IUHV drive to the East, the social, economic, ! high command declared two columns had been repulsed With,', heavy losses. ~ \ It waa admitted that Brest) Lltovsk, scene of tha Bolshevik signing of a World War peaca with, Germany, Kolna and Lomza, hM fallen. All are in Polish territory, In addition, Bucharest dispatches of Reuters saui Rumanian, troops, " fighting: as allies of Germany, ha4 occupied Ceruauti, in northern Bucovina,, which Russia "tyrested, (Continued on p»g« Brought the Crawford Countian and ils sister together for the first lime n 56 years. "It was like seeing one raised from Wea- he dead," recounted Rev. H. M. ' a visit in Oklahom prior to their return to Maine after ' - r ^j--».»».« o vj t * »* v» i-tv.Mi^ *r*14V*U order along the road- | Hitler made with them when he had and Alvin H. Moyer, R. D. 2, falling prostrate. Scared, anguished . faces are turned up toward us. Af- j That column is finished." Others have been telescoped into each other in wild confusion. Whoever isn't dead or wounded is running- excitedly and gesticulating wildly, helter-skelter. Nobody is thinking: of anti-aircraft. Kampf not only dismisses as worthless any treaty vith Russia ("We out of the heart of the Russian rich lands in six or eight, or twelve weeks; encircle and destroy the Russian army and turn back again In the direction of England. In this one military decision he lys left his Allies, Italy and Japan, dangling unhappily from the frayed threads of the tripartite pact, and must not forget that the interna- ! he has done so with cyuieis lional Jew_ who today rules Russia absolutely, sees in Germany not an ally but a state marked for the same destiny . . .One does not conclude a sm and contempt, for as .he wrote in Meiu Kampf; "An alliance which does not compromise a plan for war is sense(Continued oa pa^e 6) sister, Mrs. Hattie Uhynes of Portland, Maine. The brother and sister had been out of touch with each other more than a half century when Mrs. Uhynes, through relatives in Ohio, learned that her brother was living at Geneva. Law Gives Customers Right to View Scales Harrisburs, June 24—CrP)—Gover- j nor 'James today signed into law a '' bill requiring merchants to"" place scales anU measuring devices "in full view of the purchasers," For the first violation of the law u fine of $25 or ten days' iu Jail Is specified. For the second violation the penalty is fuie of «25 to J50 or Tingley : 3.0 days in jail and tor the, third, a \ «'Uh riding t.raacL came to the United States as a child jflne of $100 or 90 dava ia, i»ii. (jrajnfal} & In the past five years the couple had corresponded, but Sunday's visit marked tha first time they had seen each other since childhood. They weru born auj raised in New Brunswick, Canada. Rev. Mr. Western Pennsylvan!a--f^rt« ly cloudy tonight, cooler U* 0X» trema north portion; day generally fair, cooler. Extended weather forecast iha period from June 34 to 28. Region, of tha Great per Likes: The era§o above normal, expected to be Jjghfc scattered showera U>wer |ake« will average. 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