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The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky • Page 18
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The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky • Page 18

Louisville, Kentucky
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2 THE COURIER-JOURNAL, FRIDAY, JUNE 19, 1992 BROADCAST TELEVISION HIGHLIGHTS 10:00 IB Wattenberg: Trends In the '90s "The First Universal Nation." Essayist Ben Wattenberg profiles America's new immigrants, cultural synthesis and efforts to create the first universal nation. 10:00 HT1 States of Mind Premiere: This seven-part portrait of ordinary Americans and their communities opens with the personal stories of four Philadelphians. 11:00 CD Arsenio Hall Actor Christopher Walken; rapper Sir Mix-A-Lot. (cc) 11:35 The Tonight Show With Jay Leno Actor Wesley Snipes; news correspondent Charles Osgood; singer Richard Marx, (cc) 12:35 a.m. Late Night With David Letterman Actor Michael Keaton; popcorn mogul Orville Redenbacher; singer-musician Roger Daltrey.

1:35 CD In Concert Guest host: Carlos Santana. An interview with Julian Lennon; a new-artist profile of Tori Amos; a behind-the-scenes look at the group Rush. (cc): Closedaptloned for the hearing Impaired. 8:30 CD Step by Step The Lambert family trains for its version of the Olympics. (R) (cc) 8:30 69 Candid Camera: Real Silly Signs Film clips of zany situations, (cc) 9:00 Reasonable Doubts Kay becomes the victim of date rape by a policeman.

(R) (cc) 9:00 CD Dinosaurs Fran fights to save her family from a new vegetable that leaves everyone happy and lethargic. (R) (cc) 9:00 CD Sightings Experts explore the possibility of life after death by comparing near-death experiences. (R) (cc) 9:30 CD Baby Talk Maggie feels left out when James teams with a musician. (R) (cc) 9:30 CD Hidden Video A man discovers his support group is really a men's movement tribe. (R) 10:00 Law Order Stone tries to prove a celebrity stalker is competent to stand trial.

(R) (cc) 10:00 CD 2020 The controversy over the use of the synthetic hormone Tamoxifen to treat breast cancer, (cc) WAVE-3 I WHAS-11 I WLKY-32 I WDRB-41 I WBNA-21 I WKPC-15 I KET (NBC) (ABC) (CBS) (FOX) (IND.) ffl (PBS) g3 W8) QD Today Cont'd Good Morning Thi Morning Peter Pan Meureen Berney Amarica Conf Cont'd the Piratea Salaman Friends America om Woody Marilyn Hickey Milter Roger Wood pecker Sally Jeuy Uve With Regis It Highway to Movie Word Alive Sesame Street Raphael KathieUe Heaven One Crazy Summer -DoTShS TiSnTjoiS Tanjnj Tcinj TWT" 111 Family Feud Victory 3-2-1 Contact Doctor Dean Maury Povich Price I Right Remington James Robison Ciao Italia Innovation ClIljc Richard Roberts Victory Garden Universe and I Concentration t'v 7n7 n.w. Tswi nan roocub cuoo I Closer Look Loving Young, nd k'st? RSl Days of Our All My Children FacUofLHa Bargain Shop HomMim Bold and the Too Close for Death Beautiful Comfort Part 5 Cooking Another World One Life to Live As the World Webster Vrt'lSedlcuie Yan TU'n Munsters Today Barney Fashion Painting Friends Stop-by-Step Santa Barbara General Guiding Light Merrie Melodies Widget Mister "Rogers James Bond Jr. Alvln and the Sesame Street Lamb Chop's Chipmunks Play-Along Star Trek The Coaby Show Oprah Winfrey Beetlejuice DuckTalea Sesame Street Next Generation The Last M'A'S'H Tiny Toon Chip Dale's Reading Outpost Adventures Rescue Rangers Rainbow News Andy Griffith News Teenege Mutant Tale Spin 3-2-1 Contact Mister Rogers Ninja Turtle Inside Edition New Hard Copy Mr. Belvedere Darkwing Duck Square On. TV Whererrnn News News News Full House Saved by the MacNeilLehrer Square One TV Bell NewsHour NBC New ABC New CBS News Married With People's Court Club Connect Children Currant Affair Enterteinment Wheel of 227 Wild Bill Hickok Nightly Business MacNeilLehrer Tonight Fortune NewsHour Family Feud Louisville Jeopardyl Cheers Suparboy Where la Carmen Tonight Live Sendiego? Matlock Family Matter The Hollywood Americe's Mot Movie Washington Comment on Geme Wanted California Week in Review Kentucky Step by Step Candid Camera Week Group Reasonable Dinosaurs MoS Sightings McLaughlin Washington Doubts Age-Old Group Week in Review Baby Talk Friends Hidden Video Bottom Una Well Street Law Order 25720 News Movie Wattenberg: State of Mind 4 The Fighting Trend in the III Barney Millar 69th '90s The First IU Universal Nation News New Arsenio Hall Movie Captioned New 4 4 Portrait of I I Tonight Show M'A'S'H Dark Justice Jennie Sign Off 11:30 12:35 Lenerinan 12:05 U.S.

Open 12:35 Personals Hunter WCW Main II 1:35 Videos 12:35 Nightline 1:05 Perfect Score 1:00 News Event Wrestling I 2 35 News 1:05 Love Conn. 1:35 News 1:30 3' Company 1:00 Home Sign Off 12:31 I mm 3:10 Nightslde 1:35 In Concert Sign Off 2:10 2:00 Hawaii Five-0 Shopping Spree 7 a.m. Today Actress Michelle Pfeiffer; entertainer-author Steve Allen Ho Stever-ino'Vfcc) 7:00 CD Good Morning America Author Russell Baker; an antique car race; Habitat (or Humanity, (cc) 7:00 E3 This Morning "Batman" director Tim Burton; author Jack Brown Jr. Little Instruction (cc) 9:00 Sally Jessy Raphael A tribute to fathers. 9:00 03 Live With Regis Kathle Lee Entertainer-author Steve Allen.

10:00 Donahue The cast of TV's "A Different World." (R) (cc) 10:00 ID Jenny Jones Communication between partners can lead to improved sex. (R) 11:00 0 Doctor Dean Birth control, (cc) 1 1 :00 CD Maury Povich Actresses Eartha Kitt (via phone), Lee Meriwether and Julie Newmar. 12:30 p.m. A Closer Look Gadgets and trends, (cc) 4:00 SB Oprah Winfrey People who turned their dreams into success. 6:30 fTTa Club Connect Prize-winning teen film and video makers.

8:00 Matlock The host of a game show is charged with murdering the producer. (R) (cc) 8:00 CD Family Matters Laura dates a lady-killer. (R) (cc) 8:00 6B The Hollywood Game Premiere: Game show. Contestants compete for cash in this test of movie and TV trivia. Host: Bob Goen.

(cc) 8:00 CD America's Most Wanted A New Mexico con man wanted for his wife's murder; a convicted rapist suspected of killing a mother in Tampa, Fla, (cc) TELEVISION MOVIES 10:00 Q) The Fighting 69th James Cagney, Pat O'Brien. A World War I recruit learns the meaning of courage. Colorized. (1940) (2 hr.) 11:00 03 Portrait of Jennie Joseph Cotten, Ethel Barrymore. An artist is haunted by encounters with a mysterious beauty.

(1948) (1 26 min.) 4 a.m. CD The Healers John Forsythe, Kate Woodville. The problems of an urban medical center. (1974) (2 hr.) Vi Movies are rated on a 1-4 star system. 9 a.m.

CD One Crazy Summer John Cusack, Demi Moore. Two Nantucket teens help a singer save her grandfather's house from demolition. (1986) (2 hr.) 8 p.m. GO California Ray Milland, Barbara Stanwyck. Adventure and romance during the Gold Rush.

(1946) (2 hr.) 9:00 69 Age-Old Friends Hume Cronyn, Vincent Gardenia. Two elderly men rely on their friendship and strength to conquer their limitations. (1989) (2 hr.) OwensboroHenderson, 35 Msdisonville, Ashland. 29 Peducah, 29 Somerset, 31 KET chennels: 21 MurreyMeyfleld. 22 Plkevllle.

23 Ellzebethtown, 25 Green, 54 Covington, Louisville, 35 Heierd, 38 Moreheed, 46 LemngtonHichmond, uwenton, dj uownng CABLE CABLE 'J i i WGN I TBS I TNT I ESPN I USA I Family Ch. I Nickelodeon I Lifetime I Nashville I Discovery CB CD GD ED B0 103 03 63 63 9 8 DuckTalea I Dream of Popeye Sportscenter Cartoon Augie Doggie Looney Tune Attitude Paid Program Jeennie Express Friend Bozo Bewitched Sportscenter Cont'd Littles Dennis the Paid Program Menace Little House Pink Panther Basic Training Walton Flipper Your Baby VideoMorning Assignment on the Prairie Parade Workout and Child Discovery Cooky's Bodyshaping Maya the Be Growing Up Cartoon Club Together A tt Maun Movie Dallas Sportscenter Murder. She 700 Club David-Gnome Frugal Travel 111 The Triangle Wrote Gourmet Magazine III Factory Fire Sportscenter Adventures of Hotel Greet Chef I Scandal Little Koala nJoan Rivera Dallas Body by Jake Divorce Court Heart to Eureeka's Low Cholesterol Heart Castle Gourmet Getting Fit Divorce Court Paid Program Duet Kitchen Express Geraldo CHiPa Movie Bodies in The Judge Paid Program Elephant Gerry Country Homework 1 All the Motion Show Shandllng Kitchen I Young Men Bodyshaping The Judge American Rapunzef Tracey Cookin' Easy Does It Baby Ullman U.S.A. INews Movie Thoroughbred Superior Father Knows Noozl Supermarket Miller Best of The Digest Court Beet Sweep Company Europe Amezing U.S. Open GoH Superior Fether Knows Lrttf Bit Shop 'Til You Great Chef World of Highlights Court Best Drop 2 Now It Can Psychic Jericho 1991 Joker' Wild Bonanza: The Heathcllff thirtysomething Be a Star Low Cholesterol Be Told Phenomena Lost Episodes Gourmet Bewitched GoH Win.

Lose or Jeff's Colli On Stage Kitchen U.S. Open Draw Express 3Newhart Tom Jerry's Jericho Hollywood Scarecrow Flipper Attitude Cookin' Homework Funhouse Squares and Mrs. King U.S.A. Saved by the Scrabble Looney Tunes Top Card Easy Doe ft Bell 4 DuckTalea Fllntstones Movie 125,000 Heroes on Underdog Movie Club Dane Mother Experiment Pyramid Hot Wheel The Midnight Nature Chip 'n' Dal Brady Bunch Periloua Press Your Captain Yogi Bear Hour Wildlife Luck Chronicles 5 Power Team Happy Days Just the Ten Super Mario Inspector VideoPM Nature of of Ua Broe. Gadget Things Video Power One Day at I My Two Dads Popeye Hey Dude Time BCherles in I Love Lucy Gilligan'a Women's Tennis Cartoon Batman What Would Supermarket Beyond 2000 Charge Islsnd nis Mogazine Express You Do? Sweep Now It Can Andy Griffith Bugs Bunny Up Close Zorro Wild Crazy Shop 'Til You Be Star Be Told 6 Pela Kids Drop 7 Night Court Beverly Sportscenter MacGyver Movie Looney Tunes Chin Beach Drlvin' Discoveries Hillbillies The Girl Country Underwater Major League Motor Leegua Goff From Mars BulKvinkkt Baseball Baseball U.S.

Open 8 Chicago Cubs Cincinnati Movie Murder, She Troop A. Law Crook and Lake That at Redset The Violent Wrote Chose Exploded Philadetphie Atlenta Man Superman Phillies Braves 9 Beyond Scarecrow Get Smart Movie Nashville Now Choppers Reality and Mr. King A Bunny's Swamp Thing Dick Van Tale Firepower Dyke 4 Movie Hitchhiker 700 Club Dragnet On Stege Desert Sand 111 Keep the I News Movie Cheng Ma)or League Ray Bradbury Alfred Hitchcock Austin Desert Sands Before and BasebelT Theater Present lEncorol After San Diego Movie Batman Lucy Show Retaining Crook end Invention Pedresat Dialing for Laughter Chat Dennis Miller Sen Francisco Dingbats Bordertown Green Acre Beyond Gients Tomorrow 4 Movie AudioVision Mork Girls Night Nashville Now Wildlife Tales 1 'J The Mlndy Out I Movie Movie Caretaker Dobie Gilli Wildlife 1 I Embryo I Antsl I I Chronicle HBO I Showtime I Movie Ch. I Disney I Cinemax CD CD 6D CD GD 8Babar Movie Movie Gummi Bears Movie Lane's The Great The Glass Wonderful Holiday Escape Welcome to Menagerie Wi-erd of 0- Pooh Corner 9 Movie Under the Daffy Duck's Umbrella Tree Quackbusters Dumbo's Cjrcus A Movia Donald Duck Movie 1 II Some Like It Presents Weit Til the Ml Movie Hot Music Box Sun Shines, Rocky Nellie Movie Really Rosi Spirit of 76 Raccoons 4 Movie Care Bear Movie '1 Secrets of a A Woman's I Movie Mother and Movie Lunch Box Face When the Deughter Queen IWhelea Logic American Came Folk Heroes 2 Movie Shelley Crezy About Side Out Duvall'a Tall the Movies Movie Movie Tales and The City Legends 3NeverEnding Slicker Under the Movie Story Umbrella Tree The Gummi Beara Wonderful Country 4 OWL-TV Donald Duck Movie Presents Master of Movie Movie Jump, Rattle Menace Babe In Krull and Roll Movia 5 Arm Kid Hell end Incorporated High Water Mickey Mouse Club 6 Movie Movie Pink Ballroom The Cadillac Dancing Si Movie Goonles Movie Cherm School Spirit of 76 Thej 7 Movie Mummy Lena's Holidsy 8 Movie Movie Movie Movie Without The Great Iron Silk Fair Game Warning: The Escape Jemes Brady Comedy Club 9 Story Movie American Movia Nina 4: The Martin Movie Deedlock Annihiletion Lewis: Their Far Out 4 A Golden Age Man of Comedy, I II Pert II: King Boxing of Comedy Super Dove Movie Movie Movie Real Sax City King Kong Whispers Brian Regan Slickers 4 Def Comedy Movie Jem My 12:30 Movie I Teles From Chauffeur Wildest I the Crypt I Dreems MARILYN BECK Allen's film on LA kids revamped to take note of riots 1 LJL fci A RADIO PICKS Your Hit Parade: Week of March 9, 1940: Buddy Clark, Benny Goodman, Tommy Dorsey. WAVG (970) 9 a.m.

Focus on the Family: The challenges of single fathering. WFIA (900) 9:30 a.m. Repeats at 4:30 and 8 p.m. PrlmeLlne: "The Ku Klux Klan; Is It Still Around?" VVTfvIT (620) 10 a.m. Adventures In Good Music: Classical music in Paris during Offenbach's time.

WUOL-FM (90.5) 11 a.m. Repeats at 9 p.m. Radio Reader: Dick Estell reads "The Hearsts: Father and Son," by William Randolph Hearst Jr. with Jack Casserly. WFPL-FM (89.3) 11 a.m.

Repeats at 7:30 p.m. Good Authority: Bob Hill, Bonnie McCafferty and Bob Schulman comment on people and events in the news. WFPL-FM (89.3) 12:30 p.m. Jazz Today: "Stan GetzChick Corea Live." WFPL-FM (89.3) 3:05 p.m. Instrumental Recital: Pianist Robert Casadesus plays D.

Scarlatti's Sonatas and Debussy's "Preludes of Book One." WUOL-FM (90.5) 4 p.m. Louisville Edition: Community news and public affairs. Hosts: Randi Hansen and Michael Toulouse. WUOL-FM (90.5) 5:30 p.m. Sportstalk 84: "Your Dog's Health and Training." WHAS (840) 7 p.m.

Stereo Concert Hall: Elgar's "Severn Mozart's Piano Concerto No. Sibelius' "Kullervo Symphony." WUOL-FM (90.5) 7 p.m. Broadway by Night: "On Your Toes." Natalia Makarova, George S. Irving. WUOL-FM (90.5) 10 p.m.

Jazz Feature Album: Leon Red-bone's "Up a Lazy River." WFPL-FM (89.3) 10:05 p.m. Late Night Classics: Gliere's Symphony No. 2. Czech Radio Orchestra of Bratislava. WUOL-FM (90.5) 11:10 p.m.

Afropop Worldwide: "Live Concert." WFPL-FM (89.3) midnight HOLLYWOOD Debbie Allen is getting ready to mount a big-screen musical for Disney that deals with the trials and tribulations of Los Angeles high school students a project she says has been significantly changed because of the LA riots. The revamped script for "Living in America" formerly titled "Hollywood High" has just been turned in. Debbie, who plans to direct, reports that it now refers to the city's devastating unrest and deals with racism in a realistic way. "You can't have a piece about young people in LA without dealing with these issues; they deal with them every day," says the producer-director of "A Different World." She's awaiting the green light from Disney "it looks very good" before targeting a production start for the project she's quietly had in the works for a year and a half. Debbie has been tirelessly working for the restoration of two libraries destroyed during the riots, an effort that culminated in her celebrity-packed party benefiting the Library Foundation of Los Angeles earlier this week.

Sidney Poitler, Wesley Snipes, Pat rick Sweyze, Charles Dutton, Ed Beg ley Jasmine Guy and Jeff Ooldblum were among the dozens who turned out for the for "LA Law's" Corbin Bern-sen, who goes before the cameras in mid-July in the independent feature, "Grey Night." "Night" combines a Civil War period piece with a supernatural chiller with Bernsen playing a Confederate officer trying to thwart ghostly soldiers who stalk Union and Confederate troops indiscriminately. HIS KIND OF GROUP, CHICAGO IS: Actor Joe Mantegna, who serves as host of the two-part "ABC in Concert" special spotlighting the silver anniversary of the group Chicago next Friday and July 3, is more than a fan of the band he has a personal history with it. Mantegna was in a rock group called the Apocraphyls in the '60s, during which time he met members of Chicago playing on the bar circuit. "There were millions of garage-trained musicians playing at the time, but here was a case of these guys taking it to the next plateau," he says. "Their music forced everyone to look at what music could become more than three chords." Mantegna left his group to pursue acting, and Chicago went on to sell more than 100 million records worldwide.

"Marilyn Beck" runs Monday through Friday In Features. Information for this column was also gathered by Stacy Jenel Smith. Tribune Media Services Debbie Allen event that Debbie managed to organize while working on preparations for next season's "A Different World" shows. FROM THE INSIDE LOOKING OUT: Wayna Rogers is disappointed but not daunted by HBO's decision to pass on his film project about the exodus of Ethiopian Jews to Israel. "I'm gonna stay with this one," promises the financial whiz-producer-former "MASH" star, who would co-produce the saga with his wife, Amy.

Wayne Rogers "We're now looking at making it into a feature film," says Wayne, who already has an agreement with the Israeli Defense Forces to make the as-yet-untitled project. "I've had a hell of a time convincing people that this inordinately moving piece is commercial. It's not just about Israel; it's about freedom, about people trying to escape a dictatorial regime." HERE N' THERE: Christopher Walken heads to Florida this weekend to start "Scam" with Christopher Walken Lorraine Bracco. The actor, who plays the villainous business tycoon Max Shreck in "Batman Returns," describes the big-screen "Scam" as "a comic thriller about two con artists." Wayne Newton, in the midst of a 16-city concert tour, detours to LA for a special appearance on "The Arsenio Hall Show" Wednesday night. Arsenio will be devoting much of the show to Newton, who will sing a couple of songs before he's through.

It's the big-screen scene again.

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