The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 25, 1942 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 25, 1942
Page 3
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SATURDAY, APRIL' 25, 1942 BLYTOEVILLE (ARK.)', COURIER NEWS EDSON IN WASHINGTON By PETER EDSON jr Courier News Washington mi Correspondent WASHINGTON, April 25.—You may be hearing more about another senatorial investigation of war, defense and related activities, with particular emphasis on how they affect farmers. The noise will come from a subcommittee on agriculture and forestry. Its chairman is Guy M. Gillette of Cherokee, la., and its other members, who can make plenty of trouble if they have a mind to, include Senators Charles L. McNary of Salem, Ore., Burton K. Wheeler of Suite, Mont., George W. Norris of McCook. Neb., and Elmer Thomas of Medicine Park, Okla. For counsel, the committee lias just taken on Paul Hadlick, who has been battling special interests in Washington for years, and knows all the tricks. In a way. this Gillette committee investigation might be considered a slight infringement on the work of the Truman committee investigating national defense. But the Truman committee is concerned primarily with industrial production and now figures that only some 420,000 tons of sugar will be needed for alcohol. t UNCOVEKED FACTS This situation simply didn't make sense to the Senate Agricultural Committee, particularly in view of the fact that there was all this grain surplus from the last five years. The senators started digging about a month ago, and they have uncovered several strange situations. Various private interests and state agricultural college research staffs had the idea that the surplus grain should be converted to alcohol in small alcohol plants in the midwest. Poland and Germany, which have no petroleum resources of their own, have developed this alcohol-from-potatoes industry to a high degree. About two and a half gallons of alcohol can be produced from a bushel ol grain, and about two pounds oi synthetic rubber can be obtained per gallon of synthetic alcohol. Unfortunately, all such proposal: have had to be turned down by the War Production Board, which maintains there is not enough copper and other metals available to build war contracts, while the Gillette the alcohol plants. Further, say the committee is interested solely in! WPB experts, by using whisky dis- lookins after the interests nf the i tilleries, there Ls enough rectifiei capacity to make all the alcohol ! H-IP war will nprvl , looking after the interests of the i farmer. First problem the committee has tackled is industrial alcohol, of! which some 275 million gallons will i needed this year and 365 million gallons will be needed next year, as compared with normal, peacetime consumption of 100 million gallons. This alcohol—known variously as grain alcohol, ethyl alcohol or denatured alcohol—is needed primarily for explosives, but it also is needed for hundreds of industrial USES and in addition has long-range potentialities as a motor fuel and as a source of synthetic rubber. This last makes it particularly interesting just now. FROM MANY PRODUCTS Any way you look at it, industrial alcohol is an agricultural product. The normal source is from blackstrap molasses, which is what's left of cane or corn syrup after the sugar is taken out. But the alcohol can be made from other farm products such as potatoes, corn and wheat. These last two particularly interest the farm state senators because of the tremendous surpluses —336 million bushels of corn and 440 million bushels of wheat— carried over from crops dating clear back to 1937. These surpluses are owned or held as security for loan advanced to fann- ers by the government's Commodity Credit Corporation. Unless the demand for these grains goes up, the government can stand to lose nearly a billion dollars. It hardly seems profitable, though the individual deals have ^unquestionably saved thousands of- ' farmers from bankruptcy > in these past lean years. When the increased demand for alcohol first became apparent, it was natural to look for the supply at the usual and cheapest sources — the rectifiers, or distilleries which made the stuff from blackstrap molasses. When it became doubtful that the sugar mills could supply enough blackstrap, it was proposed that some of the sugar itself be reconverted back to molasses, thereby further cutting the available supply of sugar available to consumers. At the beginning of the year, it was believed that 1.2 million tons of sugar would have to go into alcohol. This has just been cut down by the War Production Board, which the war will need. * • NEW NO-MORES No more jute imports to go into anything but war orders...No more wool for floor coverings, draperies or upholstery, except in war order; ...No more jewelry of rhodium needed for searchlight reflectors.... No more than 60 pounds of honej per month to any one user in 1942 as a sugar conservation move...No more dry cleaning .equipment wil be manufactured after July 1, excep for war uses... No more charter bus trips for picnics or outings...No more typewriters can be bought, except through a rationing board... No more enameled bottle caps after April 30. JEEPTOONS By Fighting Men PAGE THREE ed Wednesday from their e*Wr,, j D^ M : 0 „„*. >c "Trail's End,'' near Doniphan, fVto.,1* emiSCOt £ Wounded In Action Bid imd Bye Club Meets. Mrs. Ralph Goodln entertained the Bid and Bye Club Wednesday afternoon, with Mrs. Pauline Goodwin ns guest. Mrs. Bernle Romer held high score, Mrs. Johnnie Gurrett was second, and Mrs. W, N. Fisher brldgoed. -— AWO OF YOU Boys TO TO /v\y groupt in USO clubs.' series of "Jeeptoons." Osceola Society—Personal A. A. U. W. Elects Mrs. Spence Williams was reelected president ol the Osccola famous 'Cooley Iris Gardens Pll!>Ot.f»v A>i-%Gvj/>n n A ..,-„. .:.^ i : _r' IVTfl QQnrVlllcni fc Training At San Diego Promised Navy Recruits Word has been received by the Navy Recruiting Station at Jcnes- boro that all men enlisting in the Navy or Naval Reserve, up to and including April 30, will be transferred to San Diego, Calif., for training not later, than the night of April 30. All men interested in enlisting in the Navy or Naval Reserve and wishing to receive their training at San Diego should contact the Navy Recruiting Station at Jonesboro immediately. This is somewhat of a precedent as this is the first time since war was declared that a man could enlist in the Navy or Naval Reserve and be sure that he would be sent to the San 'Diego station to receive his training. chapter American Association of University Women at the monthly meeting held in-her home Monday night. Others chosen to serve with her were Mrs. C. L. Moore, vice-president; 'Miss Christine Poindexter, secretary; Mrs. Marcus Williams, treasurer. The chapter sponsored the art- exhibit held at ihe Mississippi County 'Library for three days last week and is making tentative plans for another exhibit of work done by artists in South Mississippi County. The last meeting of the season will be held May 18 at the home of Mrs. 'Marcus Williams when last year for the largest percentage of Rotary Anns attending. * * * Attend Garden Club Members of rhe Osceola Progressive C!u<b were guests of the Sunset Garden Club at 'Bassett in their regular monthly meeting at the Bass'ett Clubhouse. Feature of the meeting was a lecture and technicolor film of the in Massachusetts. (Following the meeting the guests drove to Pecan Point to see the 2000 tulips in bloom at the home of Mrs. E. B. Chiles, president of the club. Members of the Osceola Club also accepted an invitation to attend the annual Garden Pilgrimage of the Sunset Club to be held Thursday of this week. Many homes and grounds in Wilson, •Bassett, Joiner and Pecan Point will be seen. • » • Among the Osceola boys in army service who were at home for the week end were James McGarrity to visit his wife and other MJrs. Spence Williams will an- I relatives; M. C. Stiles, who was the nounce her standing committees. * 0 tf Gives Going-Away Partv guest of Miss Josephine Scurlock; and Robert Walker Jr., for the weekend with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John R. Haskett was the j .Mrs. R. O. Walker. HOW HE HAS GROWN A Cordial Welcome Awaits You at One of the finest, most modern shops in Northeast Arkansas. Phone 3202 Glcncoe Bid?. Chicago—Paul Erickson. Chicago Cubs' 220-pound, six-foot two-inch pitcher, couldn't make his high school team at Zion, 111. He was tco small. guest of honor at an interesting afternoon party given by members of Circle One of the Baptist W. M. U. of which she has been chairman his year in the home of 'Mrs. . A. L. Boyce on Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. Haskett, who is the former "Mrs. John Andrew Edrington, with' her sons, John Andrew and Charles Edrington, have moved to Paragould to join Mr. Haskett and make their future home. The W. M. U. Colors of lavender and white were carried out in decoration of the Boyce home by i use of iris, lilac and spirea. Luxora Hook Club Mrs. Donnghey Durnn was hostess to members of the Luxor a Book Club Tuesday night and one guest, Miss Florence Rush. Mrs. Charlie Thomas reviewed "Introducing Australia" by Hartley Grattam. Roll call was answered by newly coined words. Ico cream and cake was served, Entertains Club Mr. and Mrs. Russell Bowen were hosts to members of their Luxoni- IVlrs. Lanjidon The Wednesday Night Club was entertained by Mrs. Laura Lmigdon this week. Mrs. 3ernie Romer wns high scorer, tfrs. Ell Snphian second, and Mrs. Doris Downing bridgoed. * * ^ Mrs. Albert Walker Hostess. The U'nn, Roberts Lawrence Circle of the Baptist Missionary Society met Monday evening with Mrs. Albert Walker. Mrs. Leon Flippen Imd charge of the program, taken from the Royal Service Magazine. Assisting her were Mrs. Clyde Bailey, Mrs. Ora Ledbetter, Mrs. Albert Walker and Mrs. Willlnm AcitfT. and Miss Nelle Lee Dorroh. tt'omun's Club Moris. The Cnruthcrsville Woman's Club met Wednesday lU'ternoon at the Baptist Church for a business meeting. Miss Doris Cowen. who made the Sophomore Pilgrimage to Jefferson City early this month was a guest, nnd gave u talk describing her trip. She was sent to the Pilgrimage by the Woman's Club nnd the Se-Mo Club. A volunteer committee comprising Mrs. W. A. Prince, Mrs. E. A. Long, Mrs. Zalda Collins nnd Mrs. J. Thomas Mar key agreed to assist in the Boy Scout funds drive. Mrs. Murkey. club president, and Mrs. E. G. Roland, first vice president, were elected delegates to the Triennial Convention at Cupc Girardeau on May 11, 12, 13. Mrs. E. A. Long and Mrs. Ernest Wilks were elected alternates. Plans for the Annual Spring Flower Show, to be held May ID, were made, and committees appointed. Mrs. L. H. Schult Ls gen- whcre they had spent several days. Mr, and Mrs. E. L. Morgan Sr., drove to Blytheville Tuesday to attend the funeral of Mr., Morgan's nephew, Charles Cobb, 23, who vn.s killed in an automobile acci- lent the previous day. Others "rom near here who attended the uneral were Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Morgan. Jr., Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Morgan and son Garland, Mr. and vlrs. Ray McCulloch, and Mr. and Mrs. Gene Brown. Henry Wilks, who is in the Navy and stationed at the Great Lakes Naval Training Station, spent Monday here visiting; friends. He was on leave and had been visit- ng his mother and sister at Memphis. Walter Goodman, who has been stationed at the Great Lakes Naval Training Station, spent a few days here this week with his mother, Mrs. Blanche Goodman. Two others from this city home from the same station were William Pti.ul Allen and J. G. Raincy, who arc visiting home folks. Completion Of Armory At Caruthersville Seen CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo., April 25.—Mr. and Mrs. Bonnie Hendrix have Been notified by the War Department that their son, James, with the Pacific air corps as radio instructor, has been wounded in action, on April 16. James was last heard from Dec. 20 by radiogram wishing his parents a Merry Christmas. A letter from him dated Nov. 14 last year, said he .was to be transferred to Port McKinley in the Philippines, and it is believed that he must have been at Corregidor when wounded. He enlisted in the radio division of the air, corps Sept. 19, 1939. Holland And Steele Men To Attend Warden School CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo.. April 25.—W. 1. Myers, superintendent of schools at Holland, Mo., and T. A. Haggard, Steele, Mo., will attend a state school for Aircraft Warden Service workers at Fulton, Mo., beginning April 30 and lasting four days, according to an announcement CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo., April Thursday by James T. Ahern of 25.—Mayor W. D. Byrd, members of the Armory Committee, and other council members, following a conference or two, stated Thursday that indications from authoritative sources were thnt the armory hall- community building would be completed in the very near future. Completion plans are in progress between the city, WPA and state officials relative to assistance from these two latter sources. Urgent need for the armory Is being encountered by the Home Guard unit In its weekly drills, since there is no space available large enough for drilling the unit, which now numbers about CO members. Announcements The Courier News has been authorized to announce the following candidacies, subject to the Democratic primary in August. For State Senate L. H. AUTRY For Representative W. J. "BILL" WUNDERLICH JAMES G. COSTON County Treasurer JACK FINLEY ROBINSON (for re-election) County Judge ROLAND GREEN (for re-election) County Clerk T. W. POTTER (for re-election) Tax Assessor W. W. "BUDDY" WATSON ifor re-election) Sheriff and Collector HALE JACKSON (for re-election) Circuit Cleric HARVEY MORRIS (for re-election) I Corsages lavender of .swectpens ribbon were tied with presented each guest. Guests registered and expressed wishes on a large imitation rolling pin. In/ the games and contests Mrs. Harold B. Tillman, Mrs. A. D. Weeins and Mrs. E. A. Thome were winners. iMrs. Haskett was presented a linen table cloth and 12 napkins from the circle members. Sharing honor:; with Mrs. Bovcc Jamas nnd M. C. arc yet at Camp Robinson, Ark., while Robert is a parachute inspector at Fort Benning, Ga. Mr. and Mrs. Walker have two other, sons in service, Thomas, who is also in the air corps and at •Fort Benning, and Charles Walker in the regular army. " " ' " Mr. and Mrs. Jack Tufts of West Memphis spent Sunday with her parents, 'Mi-, and Mr. * j. D. Smith Mrs. J. B. Mitchell Ls in Washington for a visit with her sister. Mrs. Ed Pitman of Carson Lake community Ls expected home thus week form a visit of two weeks with her sister, r 'Mrs. Ira pirtlc and Mr. Pirtlc in Madisonvillc, Ky. Henry Robinson and Miss Mildred Logan of Memphis were week end guests of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Dillard. 'Mi-, and Mrs. W. A. Crews and daughters, Shirley Ann and Carolyn, left Sunday for Nashville where Mr. Crews wlil take 10 days special training in the air corps. Mr. Crews has been stationed were Mrs. L,. Howton and Mrs. 1 at St. Louis for the past several Scarcy Means, Mrs. Ida Tucker was ! weeks engaged in flying bombers also a guest. to the West Coast. He ha.s also been a member Ferrying service Osceola-Blytheville bridge club Tuesday night. An out-of-town guest was Miss Josephine Jackson, Bentonville, Ark., Mrs. Bowen"s sister, and Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Langston. A salad refreshment plate was served and prizes awarded to Mrs. Sam Bowen and Joe Hires, high scores, and R. C. Langslon, guest. Mrs. Agnes Simonson, of Fann- ersville, 111., was house guest of Dr. and Mrs. T. F. Hudson this week while attending to her farming interests. Mrs. D. C. Abdclnour and daughter. Carol, of Port Chester, N. Y., arrived Monday for a six weeks visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Phillip George. Mrs. AbdelnOUr. is the former Miss Mabel 'George. Miss Josephine Jackson was accompanied to her home at Benton- villo, Ark., Thursday by her sister, Mrs. Russell Bowen, after a visit of several days with Mr. and Mrs. Bowen. Mr. 'and Mrs. S. J.! Smith and Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Langston were in Hot Springs Thursday and Friday attending the Rotarian convention. Belittles Smoking Volcano COLIMA, Mexico (UP)—There is no danger of the smoking Colima volcano erupting in the near future, Gov. Pedro Torres Ortiz, of the state of Colimas assures inhabitants, ."and besides, the circulation of such rumors is ruining the tourist business." eral chairman. Mrs. Long, defense committee chairman, thanked the club for their cooperation when cadets from the Slkeston Air Field were entertained here, and letters of .hanks were read from Major Rockwood and a number o[ cadets. Mrs. J. W. Tlpton, Sr,, was named chairman for Cancer Control work to be done by the club. The next meeting, the closing one of the year, will be held Wednesday, May 20, at which time new officers will be Installed. * *> * Miss Virginia Maude Campbell, n student at Central College. Fay- ettc. Mo., arrived Thursday morning for n. short visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Campbell. She plans to attend .summer school at Central this Summer, and will have only a short vacation period, hence the early visit home at this time. Mrs. John Hosier Sr., Mrs. Clyde Harper and Mrs. Charles Grigory left Thursday morning for Oklahoma City. Okla., where they will spend several days visiting with Mrs. Frank Morgan III, and Mr. Morgan. Mrs. Morgan is the former Lida Mai Hosier. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Thomasson are announcing the arrival of a 71-4 pound son born Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. Thomasson is the former Mildred Smith. Jimmie Dick Swader, small son of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Swader has been quite ill this week, suffering from an attack of ton sill Us Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Long return- SEEDS FOR SALE Pedigreed D. & P. L. No. 12 Cotton Seed Soy Beans Deista, Arksoy and Arksoy No. 2913 Alfalfa Seed Call Us For Prices! Have Baby Daughter iMr. and Mrs. Allan Segravcs arc parents of a baby daughter born at the Methodist Hospital in Memphis Sunday morning April 19. The baby weighing six pounds and six ounces has been named Josephine Cromer Scgraves lor her maternal granafathrc, Joe T. Cromer. Mrs. Segravcs Ls the former Miss Marion Cromer, daughter of Mr. and Mrs Joe T. Cromer. * * • Attend Rotary Conference Members of Osceola Rotary Club with their Rotary Anns who are in Hot -Springs Thursday and Friday for the annual District Conference of the 138th District of Rotary International includes Ben F. Butler, president, ad Mrs. Butler; Edward Tcaford, the Rev. iL. T. Lawrence, secretary of the club; Lloyd Godley, Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Male and daughter. Mrs Arthur Rogers; Mr. and Mrs. D. R. Wertz. Mr. and Mrs. R. V. Gladden, Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Prcwitt, Dr. and Mrs. George Cone. Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Williams, Mrs. Steve Ralph. Mrs. S. M. Hodges. Mr. and Mrs. Carrol Watson, Mr. and Mrs. E. 5. Shippen. Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Gla.scoc. (he Rev. James S. Upton, Mr. and Mrs. D. S. Lancy. The Osccola club won the trophy Wilson Co. i Armorel, Ark. Expert . Tractor Tire Vulcanizing! Don't waith until the last minuic to have your Tires Repaired—Come in NOW - - Materials Limilcd! Blytheville Tire Co, Highway 61 North — Phone 2201 of the Atlantic taking bombers to Europe lor the past few months. 'Mrs. F. IP. Jacobs returned the latter part of the week from a months visit with her son Ensign 'Fred IP. Jacobs Jr., at San Diego, She also visited friends in Los Angeles and experienced several practice "blackouts' on the coast. Mrs. Jacobs left Monday foj- Atlanta to join Col F. P. Jacobs who Ls stationed there. Mrs. John Dt Allen of Corpus Christi, Tex., is here for a vLsit of 10 days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John W. Edrington. Her husband. Ensign Allen Ls a flyer at the U. S. Naval Base in Texas. Miss Vera Hendrix and Miss Flossie Williams spent the weekend nt Sheppard Field, Wichita Falls, Texas, as guests of Sam Haggard who Ls in training there. George Doyle transacted busi- •vveek. >Hc was accompanied by r-ess in 'Little Rock the last of the •Dive Silverblatt and son. Billie Silbcrblatt. Mrs. Dick Cromer and Mrs. George EdrLngton also went a.s far as Conway with them to attend the meeting of ihc Arkansas Prcsbytrcial. Mrs. E. A. Tcaford and son, Edward Tcaford Mrs. A. G. Brickoy and J. W. Mayhugh drove to Holiy Springs. MLss.. Sunday for the Garden Pilgrimage. Myron Naillinj is on a business trip to Chicago and Philadelphia for 10 days. He returned from Oklahoma Citv last week. CIVILIAN DEFENSE GROUP To Manage Stave Plant WYNNE. Ark. (UP i—Bert Rong- Icy. State representative from Cross county. has boon m?rlc general manager of the new $100,000 Bogalusa Stave Company piont at Bogalasa, La. Read Courier News want ads. Save for Victory Have your shoes, '.arpaulins and bean sacks repaired at the TRU-BLUE SHOE SHOP 316 E. Main St. We buy and trade shoes. HORIZONTAL 1,5 Depicted is insignia of the U. S. Civilian Defense s. 10 They remove bombs that to explode. HVex. 15 Tamarisk salt tree. 16 Singing voice. 17 Church part. 18 Exists. 19 Foot (abbr.). 39 Parent. 20 Accomplishes. 40 Uneven, Answer to Previous Puzzle 1 1. C 1 D E n t. '•M S C O W 5 0 R B -jt'.' "•' 1, E R E A R i ft 5 ;jf Y £e SAMUEL ft n A D D E N -V* A D V E N ! U L E '••*' R A 1 S E ?? N E b. F 5 'W I V Y •ft H A D ^V p L 1 $ T R 1 •r? '*-• '•*&• & R 1 G -J?; b£l n A A T E: •f. 0 NJ E % M G 0 R E ';,-, U K A 5 E >•>• C A R R F C E D E •!•;> ^ A 5 H n A S N A R E '&• K .'•:* S W A n p F A R N jt H 1 5 0 P S T 'i'". B E L ^ Ah TE 0 N ,\ i; E AIL "I N T A L 9 Delay. 10 Small flat loaf. 11 Genus of plants. 12 Repeat. 13 Opposed to gain. 22 Snaky fish. . 24 Indian. 27 Sheep's cry. 28 Rent. 30 Cunning. 31 Affirmative. 33 Condescended. 36.Moccasin. 51 Hurled. 23 Carpenter's tool (pi.). 25 Symbol for seleniqm. 26 Native of (suffix). 59 Dogma. 37Hcad covering] 60 Corded fabrics 38 Poem. 43 They are part of the regular force. 46 Required. 49 Summit. 50 Syn:boL ior xenon. 29 Compass point 52 Any. 30 Pig pen. 32 At sea. 34 Merriment. 35 Attorney (abbr.). 37 Exclamation. 58 Scent. 53 Festival. 54 Smooth. 55 Habituate. 57 Enthusiastic ardor. VERTICAL 39 One who 1 Mischievous . mixes. child. 41 Postpone. 2 Part of the 42 Tap again, sting of an 43Polc (Sp.). insect. 44 Light cotton 3 Fail to, hit., fabric. 4 Felicitate:. 45 Egress. 5 Uttered. 47 Mark for 6 Quarts (abbr.) omission* 7 Prefix. 48 Lairs. ^ : 8 American ' 51 Compass point I Expeditionary 52 Land measure Force (abbr.). 56 One (Fr.). Phone 42 Box Office Opens 7:30 p.m.— Show Starts 7:45 p. m. Admission Always Hc-2:tc Tax Inc Friday-Saturday Mat. Sat. 4:00 p. m. TOW KEENE in 'Drfflin' Kid 1 Cliapt. G "Caplain Midnight" Also Selected Shorts his city, county chairman of air- rnft warden service. Upon completion of their course of instruc- ion, the two will return to serve as instruct9rs to members of the :ounty nircraft warden service. Matinee* Every Day Except Saturday & Sunday. Show Every Night 7:00 Box Office opens 6:45 Continuous Shows Sat. and S«a Listen to KLCN 9:00 a.m., 12:45 p.m., 4:30 Saturday with Leo CARRIILO Andy DEVINE Irene HERVEY Don TERRY Sat. Miciuitc Show 11:00 p.m. Edw. G. Robinson— Francis Lederer in— 'NAZI SPY' A UNIVERSAL PICTURE Comedy «fc Serial "Holt of Secret Service' Continuous Showing. 1C Sunday & Monday SAM M Sunday-Monday Mat. gun. 2:00 IMM. Box Office Opens 1:.'!() P.M. Henry Fonda— Fred MacMurray in— Trail of The Lonesome Pine 1 Shorts and News CHICKASAW West Main Near 21rt St Prices alwayi lie and tZ« Sat. starts 12:15; San. starts 1:45 Night shows 6:« Continuous shows Sat. ani 8«H. 17 27 3Z 35 •Wv '-' U. 15 18 8 45 50 55 •^ ;»Sf m 56 52 Z3 29 40 46 20 34 41 SJ 57 II 47 31 J5 Saturday Tex Killer and his horse Flash", in 'Rainbow Over the Range 1 with Arkansas "Slim" Andrews •BKTTK DAVIS ";•; Uttlu roxes mm] TERESA WRIGHT . RICHARD CARLSON Directed by WILLIAM WYLER DiitriluitJ by RKO RADIO Pkturit, /*«•Paramount News & Comedy. ROXY Bargain Night Every Night Except Saturday. r Show Every Night 7:00 Box Office Opens «M5 Continuous Shows Sat. & Son. Saturday THE CYCLONE STRIKES! — and It't an •ifltf for junminl Comedy—"Mcrbabics"' Serial—"Drums of Fu Manchu" chapter 6 Saturday Midnite Show 'The Fatal Hour 1 —with— Boris KarlofT. Marjoric Reynolds and Grant Withers. Sunday and Monday 'Hired Wife' —with— Rosalind Russell, Brian Ahcarnc, Virginia Bruce. Musical Short—"Torrid Tempos" Also—Universal News. In ilwmi White Produced by BERT GILROY. Directed br COWARD KILLY. Screen Play by Norton S. Pa riser. Also Cartoon & Serial 'The Sea Raiders" Continuous Showing. Sunday & Monday THEY'RE AT IT , AGAIN, WKMt'sErtrj 6 . MM ftr Himself! '*? ^ - 3 _ ; if''Tin CieJc- f •Tri WwM" st«t i MW i Mr MW t^we V. CALL OUT • •* VICTOR EDMUND McLAGlEIHOWE *•! Mntfcy Lnttt • FtMkthi •* Uit's Mw • SU Hits Mrt A W» RKO RADIO Kcm» '"' ProdtKtd by HOWARD BENEDICT. DiracM by FRANK RYAN and WILLIAM HAMILTON. Original screen pliy by Frank RyM *•< Witlj*n Hamilton. •--— ~ ^ ; ' Fox News & Comedy.

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