The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky on January 23, 1975 · Page 38
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The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky · Page 38

Louisville, Kentucky
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 23, 1975
Page 38
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C 2 THE COURIER-JOURNAL, THURSDAY, JANUARY 23, 1975 f i. Today's television programs iames doussard WAVE-3 WHAS-11 WLKY-32 WDRB-41 p"rr, J 30 WAV! Country ThrM V VjT fk7 7T M ? ' 7:00 Today Snow 7:00 OS Now. 7:00 A M. Am.rita ' , t fttW.Tf0Vt CJ? Lexington . Colobriry SwaoBttabot Th. Jek.r'i Wild , Dinahl t SowlinJ GfMfl SWf $ - ' , ' I U ortno Oambil On. lift r. Int s On II AM " High.t..r. Now You So. . Monoy Man H.w. N.w fill ""'l' ' T.ltWlioB N j '"Ti ll ull " , . .' . . UrtwiwiJwrtfc nfwofk hrtflU I I Hollywood Squat.t U of lift trady lunch loodFarral Shew . iV Mklday N.wi Welch Chann.l 11 Nowi PoMword All-Start li t N.w Day t ' QJ) WKPC, Channel 1 5, tocJlJVltV I Z Wank Chotk Om.l.t Split Snnd 700 Club IMiko Dovfloi Soarch far Im.rcow All My Children 700 Club m- I 1 j; At.h.w.Hdiucn. u,, P., Public television 2 Th. tartan Guidinj light $10,000 Pyramid Family lllnf 1C lCT it I , Ida. t Night lifSh.wd.wn aicVt Bi, Tap WKPC-15 K 1 1 NSlWOTK v""' ' ; q An.lh.tW.Hd . NawrVk. It Right Gtnaral Hoipclol th. Cl.wn 100 Cultural 1 r. u-t,k 'T 3.1ft M-wi. 7:00 Sotamo 5tc..t 3:00 America Match Gam. 7S 3.30 M.V!. g; 00 B.ctm Company 3 30 tch... Childhood , Tatrl.tal.t , 3 30 Movit ThrooStoogot S.wm. StrMI S.wm. Stmt m 4 Bt yl. ;; Uav. it k im S Channel 3 Moviti Bavorly HillbiHia 3:30 Movie Batman Mitlar Rog.rt Millar logon Miclcay Meuu Club Andy Griffith Ey.witn.M N.wt Bewitched I Villa Coniumer Survival .s' P WAVE N.w Watch Hunt.r-R.wlandR.port ABC N.w, Gilligan', Itland tlotlric Company Eloctnc Company k- '- D NIC Wtwi CBS N.w, Han tM.r... Th. lifl.mon GI0 Ctatt TcultC? r ' T. Tal th Truth Boat th Clock Ut'l Mak. a Dl i.witchd II Aviation W.athar GEO Clot. aoWby G.ldtbr. World of Animal, What', My Uno? lucy Show Contumor Survival Cartof Education 8 Mac Davit Show Th Woltont Barmy Millar Dalo Chaic. Romognoli, Tabl. Rill Moyor,' Journal " . ' " Odd C.upl. M.rv Griffin Amo.ica " r- ' .'. : Ann-Margr.t Oluen CBS Thun. Movio Stro.t, of M.rv Griffin Japan.,. Film Japane, Film ' " t M San Francitco " " ajg Fratidant Ford CBS Tnun. M.via Harry O Th. Bold On.t Japan.. Film Japan.u Film " " " " " " '.' -44 WAVE N.wt Watch CBS Thurt Movi. Ey.witn.u Nowt Night Gallon ABC Now, far Doaf Sign Off II F M 1 1:30 Hunlor-Rowland ..' !''. ' , I I T.nicihtSh.w II -50 TV-1 1 lot. Show '",' Cin.m 41 Sign Off 1 1:30 P.M. I.A.Ml Star Tryk I SO A M N.wt 13:30 A M Wid World Sign Off I A.M. , . , Sign Off I A M Sign Off 3 30 A M Sign Off 3 A M Courier-Journal TV & Radio Critic Great Caesar's ghost! It's Superman! Today's highlights on TV 9:00 Channel 3: Morning Show Richard and Cristina Munro of the Louisville Ballet; Moritz Bomhard, KOA director; Col. Harlan Sanders. 9:00 Channel 32: Dinah! Mort Sahl; Monty Hall; Nanette Fabray; Gene Hackman 12:30 Channel 11: Omelet Author Arnold Blackman discusses archaeology and Troy; Les Langford's group; phone-in opinions on busing. ,y 1:00 Channel 3: The Mike Douglas Show . , ... Carol Lawrence, helicopter acrobats and remote control vv. planes. 8:00 NBC-3: The Mac Davis Show . , Loretta Swit, composer Marvin Hamlisch and Jimmy Walter. ' -8:00 CBS-11: The Waltons . Grandma and Grampa move out of the Walton home. . 8:00 ABC-32: Barney Miller Hal Linden plays a police precint captain in a comedy series on the humorous side of police work. '.fi' ;8:00 PBS-15: The Romagnolis' Table " Italian cooking series features lamb and Swiss chard. 8:00 KET: Bill Moyers' Journal International Report West German Prime Minister Hclmud Schmidt. 8:30 ABC-32: The Odd Couple Oscar befriends a jockey with a talent for longshots. 8;30 Channel 41: The Merv Griffin Show anette Fabray, Joyce Jillson and comedian Jack Carter. ; 9:00 NBC -3: Ann-Margret Olsson ' " Ann-Margret salutes Hollywood pinup queens of the 1910s in a variety special with Tina Turner and The Osmonds. f; . ... 9:00 ABC-32: The Streets of San Francisco '. x Detective Lt. Mike Stone is reduced in rank to patrolman. "Superman," with George Reeves in the title role, first came to television in 1950. "It's a Bird . . . It's a Plane . . . It's Superman" came to Broadway in 1966 with somebody named Bob Holiday as mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent, alias Superman. The show earned its production costs, thus qualifying as a commercial hit, at least. Now, Superman comes to television again, in a production based on the Broadway musical. An actor named David Wilson will be our hero. While the spoof of the comic-strip character isn't exactly kiddie fare, it hardly seems right that ABC has chosen to give it an 11:30 p.m. EST starting time on Feb. 21. The production win run two hours. WLKY-32 in Louisville carries "Wide World" specials, of which this is an outing, on an hour's delay. Thus, if you want to see the story's end you'll be up until 2:30 in the morning. The production has some name players. Lesley Warren, who did one season on "Mission: Impossible," plays Lois Lane, girl reporter. Kenneth Mars is a Daily Planet columnist who is jealous of Clark Kent; David Wayne is a bad guy who ferrets out Superman's "only weakness," and Loretta Swit of "MASH" is the jealous columnist's Girl Friday. Twelve songs are spread along the two-hour route, but none is very memorable. Several, however, are loud, which might be useful after you've watched Superman leap so many buildings with single bounds that the scene begins to look like an insomniac counting sheep. A flag or a lure? The flag that NBC threw up before and during the telecast Tuesday night of the film "Death Stalk" seemed gratuitous at best. It allowed that the adventure story was about people whose lives were in danger and who had to choose their ways to survival. It said the film was frank and rea listic and suggested that the potential viewer consider if it should be viewed by young people or others who might dis. turbed by it. Indeed, programs have come to television in the past that warranted such flagging. This film was not as violent as many, not as frank as many, contained no nudity and no objectionable language. The question of two female hostages submitting to their captors in order to survive was central to the eventual ending. If that is what raised the flag, we are going to see a lot of flags provided consistency is to be the policy. Unfortunately, this flag looks in retrospect to have been a cheap trick to lure an audience. So bad it is good Do films and series that are so bad they are funny and thus good grab you? ' If so and you haven't already latched on to WDRB-41's "Sons of Hercules" at 6 Saturday nights, you are missing a dandy. The Italian-made series piles cinematic cliche upon cliche. The dubbing is ter-rible; the color isn't good; the stories are worse. And, if you get in on a two-parter, you see most of the first show twice, The shows run 60 minutes. One week, 25 minutes had passed on the second part before I saw any footage I hadn't seen the Saturday before. Terrible! Terrific! Louisville aldermen are given r eport on use of city cars Barbara Barrie and Hal Linden Precinct captain Barney Miller, ABC-32 at 8 p.m. 10:00 NBC-3: A Conversation with President Gerald Ford John Chancellor and Tom Brokaw conduct the interview. f 10:00 ABC-32: Harry 0 An emotionally disturbed boy asks Harry Orwell's help. 11:30 NBC-3: The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson Karen Valentine; James Caan; David Brenner; Michael Fox. 12:30 a.m. ABC-32: Wide World Geraldo Rivera An interview with exotic dancer Fanne Foxe, feature on a New York slum and a report on the Star Trekkies fan clubs. 1:00 Channel 3: Star Trek A creature from Planet M-113 invade the Enterprise. Continued From Page CI pected the mayor to implement a new, more specific policy "within the next few weeks." Bryan said that the oresent; "unwritten" policy on "overnight" cars restricts their use to driving to and from work, and to driving while on official business. "Nobody's fupposed to use these cars to go to the grocery store," he said. But he acknowledged when asked that there is no active policing of this policy. He added, however, that "the public is pretty good at letting us know" about possible abuses. Bryan said that, in some cases, including his own, people being hired by the city were told that they would get the use of a car as part of their job. During last night's meeting in City Hall, the aldermen heard Chief Nevin, Safety Director James Thornberry, and Works Director Phillips give explanations on various aspects of the assignment and use of police vehicles. According to a report submitted by Nevin, the 37 vehicles assigned for 24 hours include 22 for those with the rank of canlain and above. The remaining 15 include cars for the "director of training, community relations coordinator, intelligence, inspections director, public information officer, and traffic administrative lieutenant." Several members of the ' board criticized the condition of cars assigned to officers who ride beats in the six city districts. They also questioned the way the police get the cars they are purchased by the Works Department and then leased by the Police Department for about $108 per week, Nevin said. Thornberry said that this and other issues should be considered by board members, but he stressed that the appropriation was needed to replace worn-out vehicles. . ; ' i STEAK I SPECIAL Thursday all Day 58) 6T) ! ,V.3 need ouu at 5E9-3900 Your cost $7.50 for 90 days. Total pay back $507.50. Annual percentage rate 6. Other type loans may be obtained up to $7,000 or more, repayable in equal monthly installments. UNION TRUST 100 W. Liberty St. 589-3300 4 Today's movies on television .3:30 Channel 32: Gregory Peck and Barbara Payton in "Only the Valiant," 1951 A hated cavalry officer regains his . men's respect by staving off an Apache attack. 4:00 Channel 3: Alec Guinness and Rosalind Russell in "A Majority of One," Part II, 1962 A middle-class Jewish woman marries a wealthy Japanese widower over the objection of both their families. 9:00 CBS-11: Gregory Peck, Omar Sharif, Julie Newmar and Telly Savalas in "Mackenna's Gold," 1968 A motley group of 17 men and four women search for a canyon of gold. Radio highlights 9:00 PBS-15 and KET: "Harp of Burma," 1956 At the close of World War II, a Japanese soldier adopts the robes of a Burmese Buddhist priest and vows to bury those slain in battle. 11:30 Channel 41: Dane Clark and Simeone Signoret in "Time Running Out," 1959 A fugitive from justice flees with his fiancee across the French countryside. 11:50 Channel 11: Richard Harris, Rachel Roberts and Alan Badel in "This Sporting Life," 1963 A ruthless young man finds fame in the game of rugby but loses in the game of love. Opera: Mozart's "The Magic Flute." WFPK-FM (91.9) 2 p.m. ABA Game: Van Vance reports the San Diego-Colonels game. WHAS (840) 7:20 p.m. Drunken driving charges Clarence W. Goodman, 48, of 3600 block Rosemont Ct. Marvin R. Phillips, 27, of 7500 block Dunwoody Ct. . William E. Buckles, 35, of MOO block Rodney Clr. Frank H. Harper Jr., 28, of 2200 block Date St. Margaret Ann Prltchard, 30, of 2800 block Parkbrook Ln. Howard Gordon, 57, of 1800 block Greenwood Ave. Lee W. Moore, 41, of 2600 block Olive St. Gilbert L. Stivers, 24, of 700 block W. Whitney Ave. . Robert L. Harper, 45, of 3400 block Southern Ave. William E. Allen, 33, of 200 block Sam Dr. Drug charges Larry L. Garrett, 24, of 2500 block Greenwood Ave., illegal possession of mariiuana. Tommy D. Frazier, 19, of too block E. Adair St., Illegal possession of mariiuana. . Boston Symphony: Gershwin's An American in Paris, Concerto in F for Piano, "Porgy and Bess," a Symphonic Picture, and Rhapsody in Blue, Earl Wild, soloist. , FM-WHAS (97.5) 8 p.m. Firing Line: The Rev. Theodore Hes-burgh discusses "Food and the Christian Conscience." with William F. Buckley Jr. WFPL-FM (89.3) 9 p.m. Tape Session: Singing groups are featured. WSTM-FM (103.1) 9 p.m. Radio Mystery Theater: Martha Greenhouse and Norman Rose in "Sleepy Village." A retired couple decides to settle in a small village until they're informed that all the residents are "dead." WHAS (840) 10:05 p.m. Pilot courses to begin at Standiford Field Operation Raincheck, a series of weekend courses for general aviation pilots in the Louisville area, will begin Feb. 1 at Standiford Field's air-traffic control tower. Fourteen pilots will attend classes from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. each Saturday and Sunday on weather briefing, practice approaches and a new system of standard separation of planes making visual landing approaches, according to Donald Bennett, the tower training officer. The course, sponsored by the Federal Aviation Administration, will also give pilots a chance to familiarize themselves with tower staff and procedures, said Bennett. About 300 pilots are expected to take tbn two-day training course over the next five months, Bennett said. FILET MIGIMON Bacon wrapped, choice of golden trench fries, or whipped potatoes, salad, hot rolls and butter. 3 Convenient Locations Shelbyville Rd. at Expressway Eastern Pkwy. at Preston Jefferson St. at First & 1-65-71 iliuuLnJ IT wmf "I did have gray hair. But because ot the business I'm in I own and operate a number of building material warehouses throughout the country my appearance Is very important to me. So I started using RD FOR MEN. In just two weeks my hair was back to the color ot my youth." Mr. R. K. of Hallandale, Florida Look years youngar Use RD FOR MEN The gradual way to get rid of gray hair RD la easy to use simply apply like any fine, cream hairdressing, once a day No mess No fuss Your gray hair will gradually darken and in ust two weeks your hair will' be back to its youthful, natural color. Nobody will even notice the change only the results. 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