The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 23, 1942 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 23, 1942
Page 10
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PAGE, TEN BLYTHEVILLE, (AUK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, 'AT'RIL 23, Budget-Minded Vacationists Can Make Play Togs Double As Work Clothes Chile ; (UP)—Two Chilean university students who started out three years ago without*'any money but with a big idea have become the budding Walt Disneys of the Latin American screen. • /The: two students, Carlos Trupp, 2B, and Jaime Escudero, 27, are not merely imitators of the famous Disney. Their originality already has won praise from Disney him- self'who visited Chile late in 1941. 'The young men started from i scratch, knowing nothing of the technique or problems of film- J nuking. Disney is Astonished First they formed a company with half a dozen other cartoonists and then they persuaded the government's Production Development Corporation to lend them 5,000 pesos (about $160). Necessary supplies were obtained and credits established and the group worked without pay. Their progress was remarkable. /When Disney visited Chile last year in search of the material for liis own studios, Trupp and Escudero were his hosts when he called at their studios. Fascinated, Disney remained two hours, inspecting their antiquated and handmade equipment, and giving them much valuable advice. The American prdoucer *vas astonished to find that Trupp and Escudero were producing first-class films with the same type camera with which he began his own career. BAYONET HPT CREDITS SPORT FOR HIS SKILL CAMP BOWIE', Tex. (UP)—The j best bayonet fighter in this sprawling Texas army camp advocates continuation of all college sports for the duration of the war if for no other reason that it makes them better equipped for the tricks of bayonet fighting:. Lieut. James A. Harden has been dubbed "Bayonet Expert of the 31st Division," by Col. A. G. Paxton, chief of .staff. The blond, good-looking, 200- po under credits his football, basket- Name Peruvian Diplomat Head Oi Consular Group SAN FRANCISCO (UP)—Fernando Berckemeycr, Consul General of Peru for San Francisco, has been elected president of the Consular Society of San Francisco. The Consular Society is composed of representatives from Argentina, Chile, Cuba, Denmark, Ecuador, Egypt, France, Holland, Mexico, Norway, Panama, Paraguay, Portugal, Spain, Sweden'and Switzerland. Infantryman a Bronc Peeler CAMP WQLTERS, Tex. (UP)—He may be in an infantry camp, but Private "Cowboy" Wilfong doesn't let that bother him when he wants to apply cavalry tactics. "Recently at a Mineral Wells rodeo Private Wilfong walked off with $195 prize A young blue whale adds weight at the rate of 220 pounds daily. "Real Western" are the traditionally blue jeans This outfit, gray flannel slacsk and pictured above. Like the other styles shown, they wcskit, and plaid ilanucL shirt, arc were designed by Mary Lewis for general use as styled for every day use when vacation time is only ;i memory. well as vacation wear. These "junior jeans" are made of tough navy blue denim. For a splash of color, a bright, red bandanna shirt completes th e outfit. It should pro v c practical for all daytime hours. ill MID-WEEK to WEEK-END congestion .Wartime conditions tend to crowd transportation facilities on week-ends when soldiers and war rworkers travel. You can aid bj going places during the raid- r week when possible, and by .get- tjflfe'tickets and travel information: in advance. Going by Grey- Hound, you'll be saving your car ind tires, saving materials America needs. And you'll be saving •money for Defense Bonds at low Super-Coach fares! By MARGUERITE YOUNG NEA Service Staff Writer NEW YORK.—Vacations will be "Made in America" this cruiseless war-torn year and—play togs will be styled for double duty. Whether they're rugged or picturesque, whether made for mountain climbing or on horseback or for exploring the mesa afoot or for plain walking in the woods, all the new recreation outfits have two significant qualities: I—They are dry-land garb. 2—They're fit to stay in a working wardrobe after the vacation is over, and do weekend duty at "back yard barbecues" or other simple outdoor doings, such as gardening or just puttering around. Such doings, the designers realistically foresee, will be part of, and will supplement, practically every wartime vacation. Several parade-leading New York stores just now are stressing "backyard barbecue" clothes, as well as grills for the garden, the back yard, the roof. These vary from apron-and-cap outfits equipped with autographing-fun gadgets, to sturdy denim slacks and gay dirndl! dresses. ' Which is only natural when; Uncle Sam says there'll be no ra- i ti'oning of vacation travel this sum- : mcr—but if you mean to go by plane or rail or bus, better get 'our tickets well ahead of time. One of the most popular destina- ions for the eastern vacationer is he Southwest, and several designers iave presented clothes in appropriate and very colorful style. These clothes would be equally at home ind fetching in "little trip" settings ,hroughout the west and south. Brigance, doing a last-fling col- ection before enlisting, takes his inspiration from Mexico and Central America. He makes Mexican wild violet linen shorts and slacks! •HIGHLIGHTS FROM LATEST BOOKS Memphis, Tenn. St.;;-Louis, Mo. No*: 'Orleans, La. . Detroit, Mich. Chicago, 111. Kansas City, Mo. One Way Ed.Trip l.GO 2.90 4.45 7.75 8.45 12.70 10.45 18.85 8.7. r » 15.45 7.05 12.70 BLYTHEVILLE, AUK. 109 N. 5th Phone 441 GREYHOUND \L/NfS\ Expert Tractor Tire Vulcanizing! Don't waith until the last minute to have your Tires Repaired — Come in NOW - - Materials Limited Highway 61 North — Phone 2201 FOR SALE PLANTING SEED Pedigreed Stoneville 2-B, Pedigreed Stoneville 4-B (Ambassador). Also first year Stoneville 2-B, 4-B and Delta Pine No. 12. Clean and Ceresan treated. 0. W. Coppedge Gin Co. HIGHWAY IS Engineer Predicts Colleclivist System • MIND YOUR MANNERS T. M. M« err below: Test your knowledge of correct social usage by answering the fol- o many voices cry out in the' low j n £ questions, then checking economic and social wilderness i a £ ain st the authoritative answers these days that one more or less may cause little stir. Yet, Carl Dreher in "The Coming- Showdown" ('Little, Brown: $3) raises such a potent question, he cannot be ignored. A successful, engineer and businessman, -Drcher's thesis will give little comfort to stuffed shirts and mossy mind whether in business labor or government. And he Should one guest at a private r confide to another, "I didn't want to come tonight, but I didn't know how to get out of it"? 2. Is it good manners to critcize the food served you when you were the guest on someone's home? 3. Should one euest gossip about her hostess to another guest? 4. Should one guest criticize ball, fencing, boxing and wrestling money for his ability at "bronc background with making him the handiest soldier in camp with his bayonet or at jiu-jitsu. Football at Vanderbilt Lieut, Harden is teaching a regiment the finer points of using a bayonet. The Gordon, Ga., officer spmds four hours each morning teaching the bayonet class, then in the afternoon conducts a class in jiu-jitsu for a military police unit. Just how did. athletics help the compactly-built officer? "I played football and basketball at Middle Georgia Junior College and later at Vanderbilt," he said. "In football T was used at guard, fullback and blocking back, but always as linebacker on defense. Nat- uraliy, I had to .watch the lead blocker, get rid of him and then smear the bail carrier. The trick of learning to disarm two of the enemy with bayonets while unarmed yourself compares closely with backing up a line in football." Wife Is Frightened Lieut. Hayden, who was commissioned five years ago, stole the show two months ago when his division staged a sham battle at nearby Comanche, Texas, for some 7000 citizens. His bayonet demonstration was effective, almost so terrifying that his wife—who never before had seei* him in bayonet drill—almost fainted. Two yelling soldiers , rushed at him with naked bayonets on the Comanche courthouse square. Lieut. Harden skillfully disarmed them without injury to himself, then "killed" them with their own bay- Start The Day With— 7-DAY COFFEE A Maxwell House product, blended by Maxwell House. Regular Trice 1 lb. 25c 3 Ibs. 69c (Watch for week-end Special) Exclusive at— : Pickard's Grocery 1044 Chickasawba Ph. with Indian plaid tops in rose gera- doesn't write as engineers sup- | her hostess's taste in decoration to nium. And tailored tortoise tan posedly do. Dreher, even when in j an pther 'guest? shorts with natural cow-hide gaucho belt—wide, very flattering to slim the depths of .,economic theory, writes readably. torsos. His matador play shoes are He contends we lived on war exact copies of the bullring origi- j profits after the 1914-18 struggle; nals. ! then foreign trade supported- by WESTERN STYLES HIT POPULAR NOTE The kinds of costumes needed j profits agin. Must .we go to bat- j American loans, followed by government spending, and now war 5. When, a man gives a stag party should his wife put in an appearance? What would you do if— onets. Bayonet "Great Sport" That's the type of action he said his football training helped him be ready for. ;- . ' As to boxing and • -basketball "they helped me acquire speed and agility and craftiness," Lieut. Harden said. "And fencing' helped me master bayonet trickery and hand- to-hand fighting with • knives. "All sports combined helped. me build my body and condition myself." Teaching Get 'em and forget 'em WHEN you buy HANES, you put undcr- v/ear on your body and take it off your mind. It's made from the premium cotton that is extra soft and extra absorbent. This is HANESPUN and knitted into garments that will give you comfort and care-free service for a long, long time. The streamlined HANES Crotch- Guard Sports are popular with active men. The HANESKNIT Crotch-Guard provides gentle athletic protection for outdoor and indoor activities. Conveniently placed buttonless front. Elastic in the waistband assures trim fit. You're really unaware of underwear. Team them up with a HANES Undershirt for extra comfort. <S HANES CROTCH-GUARD SPORTS BEGIN AT SHIRTS BEGIN AT BUY WAR BONDS AND STAMPS 39* HANES WOVEN SHORTS BEGIN AT A Look for the HANES Label when you buy. " It assures you qualify underwear of mader- ate prices. P. H. HANES KNITTING COMPANY Winston-Salem, N. C. A Complete Line of Hancs Underwear Joe Isaacs, Inc. bayonet fighting is You put in a long-distance tele-, > reat s P° r , fc " ^ it5ielf - he said ' ? phone call in a friend's home, '"'" ' ' and when you offer to pay the charges, the host protests— (a) Pay for the call, even if for action on . high land or low, j tie every 20 or 30 years to keep warm or cool, are included in de- the industrial system alive? vou have . to .leave the money on signer Mary Lewis' "Duds forj Dreher sees SQme fQrm of col J the telephone table? Dudes" collection. She suggests lcclivist society affccr the prcSen [ I sure would like to get a crack at the real thing They say those Japs don't like cold steel." gray flanel slacks and weskit, plaid shirt, for the western inn—and this would do very nicely, too, at any mountain resort. Even tougher, simpler, are her "real western" blue jeans, just like a cowboy's, and her matching roper jacket of navy denim. Shorts of the same material are teamed with a very -merry red bandana shirt, right for any informal resort or farm—or back yard. Miss Lewis explains her clothes by saying, "This looks like a golden year for the golden west." The clothes say it's a golden year for any good American countryside, too. Draft Board Encounters Brand New Proposition MT. CARMEL. 111. (UP)—Freeman Annis, chairman of the local draft board, lists this as the most unusual offer presented to his board since the selective service act was passed. J. G. Ingersoll of Mt.Carmel told the draft board that if a married man with children wanted to go into the service, but was unable to provide for his dependents, Ingersoll would be glad to take the man's job for the duration and turn over half the weekly check to the dependents. war no matter who wins, but he believes that by intelligent planning. America can avoid Fascism or Communism, but warns that "the surest way to achieve disaster is to attempt to stave it off by fighting to preserve the past." Briefly, he proposes "democratic collectivism," or planning for production for the good of the greatest number. Methods and objectives would be tormed by leaders or experts but would be ratified by democratic procedure, all of which sounds much like other plans. Drc'ner, however, has tho saving grace of avoiding a dogmatic atiitude toward ways and means, but warns continually "we can't go on like this or there will be a showdown and not the kind most of us would welcome." Hi.s chapters on the attempts of Herbert Hoover through "rugged individualism" and Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal !o save the system are two of the best chapters in n book which should set many to talking and cause a few to think. Total number of duck stamps Edvard Grieg, the Norwegian composer and pianist, was born May 2, 1843. (b) Say "Thank you" to your host and let it go at that? Answers 1. No. 2. No. 3. No. 4. No. 5. It is better if she keeps out of sight. Better What Would You Do" solution—(a). Three-Fourths of a Dozen ST. LOUIS (UP)—Nine of the 12 children of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Mutrux of suburban Ladue are in either the U. S. armed forces or in other war work, while one of the three not- directly^ engaged is the wile of an army "officer. PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores For INSURANCE of all Kinds See G. G. Caudill Agency Glcncoc Hotel Bids. !'*>. '4182 Blytheville, Ark. •<*. Notice Farmers FOR SALE Cotton Seed Soy Beans Farmers Gin & Exchange Co. 520 N. Broadway Phone 315 Blytheville, Arkansas Announcements The Courier News has been authorized to announce the following sold in the United States during candidacies, subject to the Demo 1940 was 1.111.561. BUT THE SLOW WAY WINS W. - Especially In r Making Whiskey! » It's no fable that the "slow" way i v,ins. In whiskey— it's afaci! You have to let your whiskey age to , just the right richness—just the ^ right smoothness. That's why \vc . still make T. W. Samuels the "old- fashioned slow" way we started 100 years ago. Yes! That's why ,T- W. Samuels— Kcrtucky Straight Bourbon V/ltiskcy, crcry drop— is a favorite with men who know their Ixmrbon best. Try some, yourself. . Sec if you don't agree: "Drop for drop—drink for drink—this whiskey is a winner!''... Product of "/ Distillers Products, Inc., Dealsvillc, Kentucky. Stiff mode tf>e "OW-FasJ»rcned S/ow" Way, fnus: COW MORE TO MAKE-YtT NOT TO DRiNKi cratic primary in August. For State Senate L. H. AUTRY For Representative J. "BILL" WUNDERLICH JAMES G. COSTON County Treasurer JACK FINLEY ROBINSON (for re-election) County Jndjtc ROLAND GREEN (for re-election) County Clerk T. W. POTTER (for rc-clcction) * Tax Assessor W. W. "BUDDY" WATSON tfor re-election) Sheriff and Collector HALE 'JACKSON (for re-election) Circuit Clerk HARVEY MORRIS (for re-election) AUTO LOANS NO ZNDORSERS NEEDED 1936 and later mode! cars Repayments On Easy Terms Borrow SlOO .. Pay $7.30 Monthly I Borrow S150 .. Pay 10.95 Monthly Borrow S200'.. Pay 14.60 Monthly Borrow S300 . . Pay 21.90 Monthly Borrow S400 .. Pay 29.20 Monthly (15 Month Plan) COMMERCIAL CREDIT PUN INCORPORATED (An Industrial Loan Institution) I Lynch Buildmi 321 W. Main Street! Phone: 503 FOR SALE Pedigreed D. & P. L No. 12 Cotton Seed Soy Beans Delsta, Arksoy and Arksoy No. 2913 Alfalfa Seed Call Us For Prices! Lee Wilson Co FLORENCE TABLE TOP OIL RANGE Armorel, Ark. It's a honey for the money! A-genuine Florence Table Top Oil Range with built-in oven—just right for the small kitchen! Back of the smart, paneled front are three Florence jocused beat wickless kerosene burners; two under the por- cclaincd cooking top and a giant burner beneath the por- cclaincd. fully insulated oven. This ovca is a real baker with drop door and dependable thermometer. There arc also two handy cabinets for your cooking utensils. AH parts subject to heat and wear are porcelain enameled. It's c?sy to owa a Florence like this. Come in today and let us show you how. Sec our whole big Florence line. There's a model to fit vour ocedf and pocketbook. Model Pictured Above 95 See Our Complete Showing of Florence Oil Ranges HUBBARD FURNITURE CO.

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