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The Gallup Independent from Gallup, New Mexico · Page 1

Gallup, New Mexico
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Saturday, June 22, 1935
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Weather ' U. S. readings it Gamercq (or Z< hours ending 8 a. m. today. High 88, low 54 degrm Tonight and tomorrow: New Mexico anil Arizona—generally fair, and The Gallup Independent [AND EVENING HERALD] ~X THE ONLY DAILY NEWSPAPER IN WESTERN NEW MEXICO TT VOLUME 46 GALLUP, N, M., SATURDAY, JUNE 22, 1935 NUMBER 147 Margaret Waley, Attorney Argue Over Kidnap Plea Judge Enters Denial of Guilt, to Set I Trial Monday Waley Gets 45 Years Tacoma Abductor in McNeil Prison in Less Than Month ' BULLETIN TACOMA, Wash. (U.R)— While Margaret Waley and her attorney differed as to whether shu should plead, guilty to (lie kidnaping of George Weyerhaeuser, Judge E. Ix Ciishriian today entered for hex a technical plea ol not guilty. The court said they \vould fix a date for her trial Monday, . TACOMA, Wa?h. <LJ.R>-Le5s than one month after he prided himself on the success of his first major crime, Harmon Waley, 25, small | town bad boy, began a 45 year prison term today for the kidnaping of George Weyerhaeuser, son of a Tacoma millionaire. Thru an apparent deal with government agents, who arrested him in Salt Lake City, Utah, two weeks after tlie kidnaping, the desperado pleaded guilty to Lindbergh law charges. He received a sentence which spared him a life term which, he might have received under the Lindb crgh law, had he diosen lo stand trial. Waley was taken to McNeil Island federal prison to begin his term. His wife, Margaret, remained in %% Thurston county jail, Olymp'ia, '* Wash:," still Baiting to' Jeartf -'her fate. '' - •' A strenuous legal battle to s the ' IS-year-old blende from, maximum punishment of life imprisonment and possibly from any prison term at all was indicated. Mrs. Waley will be represented by John F. Pore, famed Seattle attorney whom Mrs. Waley's parents recommended. ' Mississippi Mob Lynches Negro In Assault Case WIGGINS, Miss. tU.PJ—A mob of 200 white men lynched n negro here today after he allegedly confessed to an attack upon the 11- year-old daughter of a white larm- r. -The victim- was R.' D. "McGee. The mob found the negro a[ his home here otter an all night search and carried him in an automobile into tho country where he was hanged lo o tree. Sheriff^. A^SJ-Tipson arrived on the scene "as the "lynchers were Radicals Blamed For Eureka Riot; Round Up Starts Hundred Arrested as Virtual 'Army Rule Clamped on Area EUREKA, CaW. <U.W-Police established virtual martial law in Eureka today pending a cleanup of assertedly radical elements held responsible for a riot in which one man was killed, 9 hurt seriously and more than a. hundred arrested. The outbreak was the most serious of the Pacific Northwest lumber strike which began seven weeks ago and which affected 30,000 workers of northern California, Oregon and Washington. A salvo of police bullets anil tear gas terminated the melee. The dead mqn. was identified as G. W, Kaarl, GO-ycar-old striker from the picket linos surrounding ^e Holmes Eureka lumber mill, a :half miles south of Eureka on the A Rare June Day—a 4 Oregon! leaving and said that he did not' Redwood hlgl , wayi sccnc , o( lhD recognize any of them. - • - - Hauptmann's Fate Waits for Months Appeals Justices to Decide Issue In September TRENTON, N. J. (U.R) — Whether 'Bruno Rkbard Hauptmann must die for the murder of the Lindbergh baby or be granted a new trial probably will not be known until September or later. The M justices of Uie New Jersey appeals court, who heaid Haupl- mann's attorneys attack the vcrdic which found him. guilty oE kidnap- ing the infant son of Co!. Charles A Lindbergh and murdering him before the ransom was paid, have adjourn' ed. They have allowed the defense" 15 days to brief (heir answer lo legs points raised during the hearing and the state was given an additional days lo answer the defense. During the hearing questions th judges asked both defense lawye: and Attorney General David T. Wi lentz showed they considered evi dcncc of the burglary much mor important than the contention by C Lloyd Fisher and others of Haupt mann's three lawyers that his con ., £lUutlona1 rights were infringed i conduct of the trial. Under the Ntw Jersey law, proo of burglary was necessary to Ublish a case of first degree murde and Justify the death sentence, Gold Tours Into U. S. WASHINGTON W.R) - A total $124,984,600 in gold, mostly fror France poured into the United Stal in the week ending June 14 as a re suit of the European financial crls 5s ihe department of commerce re ported. Wag Fined for ,Thef \Of His Wife'. Teet / CHICAGO, (U.R)-William Purson pawned Ms wife's teclh for mone * (o buy gin. 0 AI lost lhat Is wftil hi) wlfi 'Martha Parson (Purthon trflhou Ihe teeth), I old Ju4;e Grwi •Ha, haa, ha," said William, -1 didn't |>a«n her Icelh. Tve them i!*hl hen. It's t jtVe Martha." "Yott'n f,»e4 «2M. WT »M UM Senate Ends Probe i Of Graft Charges . Mitchell's Charges Closed 'Incident' For Committee ^ WASHINGTON. (U.R)— Ewing Mit- jell's charges of "graft and corrup- Uon," in the Department of Commerce, from which he was ousted as afslst 1 ant secretary, appeared today to be a "closed incident" so far as ic Senate commerce conuniUee isj concerned. Commerce Secretary Dani'-t C. Roper had testified in the senate inquiry that Mitchell was "willing (o wreck the public eervice thru charges based chiefly on rumors and suspicions." "Mr, Mitchell docs not realize! 1 ' oper said, "that the best way to serve the Democratic parly is by securing the best service to the American people. He serves his party best who serves his country best." Replying to Mitchell's charges iat the shipping board made a "gift" of $1,20,000 to the U. S. nes company by permitting it to oy up the leviathan, Roper said ic records showed the ship was ' 'ui\seawonhy" and was operating at a loss. "Mr. Mitchell has also made a serious statement," he said, "to the effect that the unfortunate airplane accident in which Sen. Cutting lost its life might not have occurred had a person with 'more experience, knowledge and stability* been :n charge of the bureau of nir commerce. "I cannot ascertain any way in- iofar as the department of commerce is concerned, Uiat the accl- enl could have been avoided." First Summer Day Puts Heat at 88 Summer's first day was a degree :oo!er than the two days before >ut was still hot at 88 degrees. U. S. weather reports al Gamerco lowed a record 54 degrees las nightj wannest of the season. ^avajos Interested By New Day School Navnjo Indians of Hubrfano day school displayed "remarkable inter esV during the dedication of thei new school building yesterday, ac cording to Supt C E. fans of th Mavajo Central agency, who attend ed the dedication. "They did 1 most of the talking dur ng the program and prepared th unch," he said. Tlie school, about SO miles nort of-' Crownpoint, will sccommodat 5 children when put in operation, s expected. Lethal Gas and Gal Of Murderers H FOLSOM PRISON, Calif. W.B- Aldrich Welsford Lutz, 19-yoar-ol Portland, Ore., dairy worker, wh begged for death, was hanged o Ihc gallows for the murder o Frank D, Angermeler, 62, of Dunsmuir, Resigned to hbi fate and oppar cntly willed to die because he kill ed a man who befriended H'.m Lulz made no last minute plea fo ilcmcnty. He previously had noil lied Gov. Frank F. Merrlam.tha ho preferred to die . *nd did • no want any itays of *xtcutioru umably by police Two of the wounded, Harold Edund and Paul . Lampella, pickets, vere near death in local hospitals. EloiK 1 were shot. Less seriously vcre eight others including four »Hce. Auth c-rities believed they had pprehended the ringleaders of the lotcrs iii the group heJd in the :urokaJaiT. Mono of the injured policemen iVjis confined lo hospitals. Police "hlcf George Uttlefield, aithough itiued the work of rounding up the iolers, some- of whom they sus~ peeled were "transported" into he northern California lumber egions from the Northwest in an ^ffort lo preclpate & strJko in sympathy with tlie walkout of Wtish- ngton and Oregon lumber work- •^rs. Efforts of strike' organlicrs, thus ar virtually unnoticed in the Eureka industry, will be .confronted with* further "obstacles, it appear^- cd. Shortly after the riot, Mayor 'rank R. Sweasey issued a proc- aniatton calling upon citizens to oin in suppressing strike agila- on and further disorder. He ap— vointcd 25 additional special police o augment battered city forces. Officials estimated only 3 or 4 ler cent of the region's 4000 to 5,KW timber workers had responded o agilation for a sympathy strike. IS. Money Saves Orleans from Long FERA Advances Cash To Keep Up City Services NEW OKI£ANS. - The federal government intervened with funds and moral support today to prcvenl he New Orleans municipal government from falling into the :ands of Senator Huey P. Long, indomitable enemy of the Roosevelt administration. The FERA advanced funds that assured continued operation of ten v tal municipal services. Observers generally agreed that lad federal funds not been forthcoming the old regular political organization uouEd have been !orccd to surrender within a few days to its implacable foe, Senator Long. Death Within Hour Takes 3 in Family HANKA. Alia. - Death claimed three members of the Kel- bcl family here within an hour. A n«w born baby girl, daughter of Mrs. Waller Keibel, was the first to die. A few minutes later Mrs. R, Morach, Mrs. Kelbel's mother suffered a alroke and died. Before the clock struck the hour again the mother died. ' ows Take Lives 'ho Asked for Death — • - CANON CITY, Colo. (U.R) - On Woodpecker Hill, the slolc ptnl- tcnliary's burifil ground, three comrades of Ihe prison death house were united in death today when * Leonard Belongla, Minnesota farm youth, who njked every authority - lo permit him lo dlo looner than , the dale let for his execution, pale , the penalty for murder last nigh r in the slate's Iclhal ga chamber. - Three weekj ago, last night Bet longla, last resident of the death t hou» watched Ms two pals, Louts CooUautd oo Pap 4) Gallup Selected For Next State Press Convention Dates With Ceremonial Presentation The New Mexico State Press association this afternoon selected Gal lup for the next convention. The meeting will be held the last week ol August, according to United Press'dispatches to The Independent, and will coincide with the Gnltup Intcr-TV.bal Ceremonial. Gary Holbrook of Albuquerque wcs ejected president by the association anil Orval Rickotls, secretary, Fnrminglon, was rcelrclcd The association decided at its nieiting today lo hold two meetings ach year hereafter. TT-.e meeting In Jallup probably will coincide with thnl policy, dispatches said. Santa Barbara and Durango to Invade Legion Team to Meet Merchants; Miners Play Coloractoans AMer glancing si Hits scene, tolhs iwelteiinK In summer lieat will agree that the poet should liavo written, "\Vlial Ik so rare as a day In June— in Oregon!" To these men, trying valiantly to drive & path through a (0-foot miowdrlrt to open the MiicKfiulo Pass highway, It's a. lot of hard work. Hut hoi wealhor sulTcrcrs generally wouldn't mind uwar>plo.g wtlli them. Clipper Zooms Home Over New Route, Follows Ship Lanes in Return to U. S. Great Circle' Path Abandoned by Musick For One Early Sailing Vessels Plied HONOLULU. (U.PJ — The 'Pan- American airways oriental clipper n*ane followed a route laid out by sailing ships, in the days of "wood-I en ships and iron men" in flying jack to California from Honolulu mtlcs-noith of llio great-circle, a path followed by steamships of today. Drunken Driver Hits Five Cars On Coal Avenue Holt Wins Seat, Becomes Senate's Youngest Member WASHINGTON W.PJ-Rush Dew :tott became the yourgesl United 51a(es Senator since Henry C]ay ivhen Ihe Senate voted yesterday lo soat htm despite constitutional argu- netils raised against his age qualifications. Only two days past his 30th birthday anniversary, Holt became the Burgess Hands Out 90 Days Jail or. $100 Fine Second Driver Held Suspended Sentence After Agreement To Fix Up Car Philip Emerson, today was sentenced to 90 days in jail or a ?100 . . _ ;. , ,,. : V41H.-U iv JTJ uujo in JUU VI U f iW lumor Democratic senator from West finc on chartcs of crashlng mlo flve Virginia. The Senate' now has 70 democrats, 24 Republicans, 1 Progressive and Farmer-Labor He. Bel ore scaling Holt the Senate defeated. 62 (o 17, a motion by Sen. Daniel O Hastings, It, Del, which would have voided Jlotl's election because he liad not reached lUe age of 30 at commencement of the term for which he was elected. Holt's 84-year-old father, with a pillow stuffed against the back of his seatvto make him more comfortable; .watched from the front row o[ the gallery reserved for senator'* families. Jane, Holt's 21-y ear-old slsttr, brought tho pillow to her father. "Hxe 30-year-old senator-elect, In. a Two headline baseball games will 'eature diamond activities over this week end, Gamcrco will meet Dunmgo's fnsV team which they defeated 1-0 earlier] brown s P ort3 J acJc€l nnd lrou s. crs of in the season at 2:30 p. m. at Ga-j a diffcronl ****** Ml m lhe Tear merco field. In the other bracket will be Gallup Merchants who will cross bats,'with the Santa Barbara American Legion team of Albuquerque at the Ceremonial grounds. With Joe Thayer nnd Ramon Tbr- rer, "new twirfer Imported from, Winslaw. the Merchants will take the field at 2 p. m. . TJ .. Leonard Walters announced To'mm'y Martinez will be on, tho mound foi the Miners and Buck Milulirnovlch will receive. Bonej | row of the chamber. iMurdock to Fight Montoya July 3rd The plane should arrive al Us Chlaramonle, ^Yat^D^5 »!d, will hold destination between 2:30 and 4:30 down the riyht field assignment for ra, (PST), completing UIG ships Bucking stiff head winds, clipper flew eastward on a line 300 j second round trip to Honolulu un- the dflr command of Capt. Edwin C. Al Smith Urges Hands Off Rails RYE, N'. Y. (U.RJ—The government should keep hands oH the railroads if it is anxious to EGG them in better shape, former Gav, Alfred E. Smith told the N'ew York Railroad] club. ! Smith said over-regulation re-| tards railroads today, preventing use) of ''brains and ingenuity" to better the plight of carriers, "I would hate to have my son n railroad man because he might as well not have any brains left by the time he get finished with the inter- slate commerce commission," Smith said. Mustek and blaring new trails for trans-Pacific commercial aviation. The plar.o is returning to its home base in Alamcda, Calif., from SOOO mitv round trip flight which took it to the Midway Islands, 1380 mites northwest of Honolulu and the second ocean landing field ol o route which commercial planes will traverse between the United States and On Jla next flight from California tin; plane is expected lo cross the international dele line west of Midway and go on to „ Wake Island, Guam and possibly Manila, other lauding liases on the route it Is mapping for commercial service. Jack Coogan Sued For Half Million Invitation Issued ! To See Soil Work France To Get Plans For 22 Zephyr Trains PHILADELPHIA (UP.)—Engineering plans for 22 two-car streamlined trairis to be built in. France ire bc- : M. E. Musgrave, chief of range jstuities for the Soil Conservation service, today wrote The Independent inviting inspection of the Mexican Springs station by Gallup pe< He denied the- Mexican Springs had been closed to the pub- :hc game. Bald Eagle to Come Here. jor Open Air Boxing Event EJdic Murdock "bald eagle of 3k !n horn a," uill meet smashing klikc. Mouloya, leading Denver niddto weight, ns Uip headline event oulomobiles during a short drive thru the main buslrwss section while drunk. Judge W. C. Burgess heard the case and when Emerson was unable lo pay [he fine ordered him to Jail, A second man, Frank Padillo, charged with drunken driving was given a suspended sentence after he had agreed damages to the car of Philip C. Brenner, El Paso, Immigration officer, * Billy Kec, Navajo, was given a 5 fine or 30 days In jail fc<- riding ilK a drunken driver. He had not paid tho /in* up to this afternoon. According to UndersherUE R. R. Rogers, who with Slats Policeman Earl Irish and Jack Dean, arrested Emerson, cars of Uie following were crashed In Emenon's few block* drive on Weil Coal avenue: Roy- monj Olson, LbuU Yurctc, C. H. Rag] and. Rogers »td two other can whose owners ho did not learn also were struck. The accident in which Uadilla's machine struck the car of Bemer happened on North Second street between 63 avenue and the railroad tracks. Kin of Two Killed in Crash Allege Dad Drunken Driver LOS ANGELES .(U.PJ-Jflckie Coo- gun, former juvenile film star, was sued for $500,000 yesterday os an aftermath of an automobile accident near San Diego last May 5 In which his father, Trent (Junior) Durkln, young lilm actor, and Robert J. Horner, screen writer, were kilted 1 . Suits were filed by Grace Durkin, sister of lhe actor, nnd Mrs. Anna V. Homer, mother of the writer. Each nsltcd $250,000. The complaints charged that Johi II. Coogan, Jackie's father, driver ol the death car, was intoxicated when the machine plunged off a highway U also was alleged he was driving 'between G5 and 70 miles on. hour n the time of the crash. ing drafted by the Edward G. Budd J JC| wh[ch he ^j h(J undersloo(I Manufacturing company. Tho trains, to cost approximately tlfMWI, wi 1 bo conslruclocl by the Slate Wlways of France, which tel been licensed [o use the Budd pro-! fabricating suinhss slocl. . ORiclals said Ihc- trains will incor-! Musjrave said many Important ox- writt the besl (caturcs of 7.cptiyr|F»ImcnU are being carried on at models and tho Flying Yankee built j"* slali °" n the United States. Work of drawing the engineering! Indian OftGOVCri plans Is expected to continue /or wo. months. l som<! Gall ^, tc thought. „„. ...,.,.., , , WD " v " e "P 'male bupcctlou " d ^.^ MU f ots and llu« ' 1 ? m . B h ^o carrying somethmg on thl " r W P' hc sald ' Invisible 5 Eye Guards Brick of U. S. EXPORTER TO SHIP HUNDRED MULES TO ITALY MONTREAL (U.PJ-W. Howe, king of United States mule exporter!, li at work again. Marking; the first such shlpmcn of the year, 100 mules will leave here shortly aboard the freighter Son| en route Co Italy. Rowe shlpa hundreds ol muloa t n the drum and Catholics ID HOI Procession Sunday corp, open air mateh at the AniUial DcVOtlONalS Ceremonial grounds July 3, Pro- Pl'OlGSSing F^itH molcr GuicJo Zeccn announced lo- (-.. . j n n /\ day. - Start at 9:30 Murdock was obtained to ilonloyn when Speedy Ryan, pro- Sacred Heart church tomorrow •iously booked, appeared lasl nlfihllwill hold their annual Corpus Chr- 'flstl procession, one ot Ihe most colorful dcvotlonaJs of the parish. The ceremony is public profession of Vegas ring no second matches," (his and I lie L,-is Montoya. "I'll have /.ecca explained. "Murdock will nakc .1 top nolchcr for the cord and will provide a match which any have tong wanted to see," Confirmation of the matching wns recei ved by Id eg ra m r.crninfj ftom both Montoya MiirUock. Hvan's engagement was nr.cellcd. As ihe ieint-wmdup on the bill vill bo Doc Anderson, Fort Dcfl- iiicc, lightweight cnnnvpion of fa\-. zonn, agninsl George Aviln, Gallup champion. They %vlll fight al 133 Ibs. John Hcrrcra will meet Hat Nelson of Fort Defiance In one o( the llirec prelim in nrics. Zccca said. Reservation Range Best in Many Yeara Range condition* over tho Navojo reservation arc the best in many years, accorJIng to Forrest M. Parker, Navajo ECW supervisor. Parker satil tlial present moisture end water supplies wilt loal until July, but thnl ranges must have moEsiurc lhc:i. Wild flowers, he declared, had aitli In the Blessed Sacrament fn a four blocks long procession, members of the church will vtsil repositories near the church, school and other r el Igloos buildings. All soctctk-s of the church will march, the Rev. Anthony Korcek, pastor, announced Uuj morning. Uusic will be furnished by the Sec- red Hcail high school choir and the municipal band under direction of Prof. C. IL Rivera. High mass will begin at 9:30 a. m. and the procession will follow immediately The following societies ,vill take part: Uie Knights of Co- umbiis, Ihc Catholic Daughters of America, the American Ladies' Altar Society, the Spanish Ladles' Altar Society, the Croatian Catholic Union, the Young Men's and Your.g Sodalities. May Ask New Taxes To Support Schools Mrs. Belle Swurtz, county schools superintendent, today received word that (he New Mexico Educational association is seeking means to avoid a cut of a m 113 [on dollars In school never before been so prevalent Debudgets, possibly a special sesion of STOCKHOLM. OJ.PJ-A brick Q(;J S OW ned by Homan Yahola, Injure go!d from the Swedish rin den gold mines, guarded by an in- i-lb. Gold Medal HOLDETOLL^Okl.. (U.PJ -A Ctl to ta ^ V«r.uc^ U l mulc'yel had half-pound gldmed.1 bearing Importer In the world. Last time he Sprln Inscnpl ort 'Zachary Taylor, Prosl-| MIlt 5evcra i hundred to Indian and dent of the United States, 1849," i taly | or ^ in army worjc ; Itowo ujjually accompanies the mules across the ocean himself to sec lhal they ore properly taken caro of nr.d has never lost one thru the reservation. Because late winter end spring rnins were so slow, ho there European countries thru tho port of hnd r.t>t been much rur.ofl and thcrc- Montreal every year. He U beUev-lforc new reservoirs buLU had ed to " ;s, however, ho said, were belter thtui ever. ,.,,,,. t ••«• nicdal believed lo be an vs t We photo-electric eye was onej nward for Mrvicc Qr an flct rf •f the fittractions of the W B ler tlwroUm WM found b yflho , ft In cldcnt or Hints*. >ower Exposition m Stockholm M M fann ^^ celebrating the 2iih anniversary of trie Swedish Water Power Association.' The brick Is valued at. 50,000 :ronor, ($22,690). By means of the photo-cell arrangement, invisible electric rays guarded the treasure, so that if any one.put a hand too close, atorm bells were set ringing. Seeking shelter from heavy rain, Yahola stumbled acro&s a pile of ciothmg and old papers In a descried house, Tho medal was found under the heap. Fnrls, M&theivs Confer Supt, C. M F.iris of the N'avajo Cenfral agency, left this oftcrnoon Seek to Force Tax On Rich in Senate WASmKGTON. (U.PJ-A potiMon sking congrttslonal leaders to remain in teuton until a program ol for. Santo Fc and Albuqusrqne. He higher taxation on wealth can bo will confer with Floyd D. Maihewi, wrjUen Into the law wu bttag clr- •JUlstanL central agency fuperin- culated In the'Senate today by Sen t«no>nt In charge of &oEI erosion, Robert M. U FoUett*, p., WU, ic state legislature to vote new axes. Vcmon 0. ToUc, executive stcre- ry of Iho N. M. £ A., wrote that ie pruning ot budgets 'would In- vitahly bo disastrous to schools" and alrl he had taken up the problem with Gov. Clyde Tingley lo find omc other way out. Neuly-Wctls on Hor*B>Tnoon Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Webb, newly- lefl yesterday on their two weeks' honeymoon trip thru Oklahoma and Illinois. Fugitive Monkeys Tipple Scotch/ Planted by Keepers, Stagger Home MONTREAL, Quo,, .tU.P>-EI«hl monkeys staggered back to their cages in Belmont Park today to sleep off hangovers. Thrc* olhtri were still at large. For four days tho monkeyi g»m- bokd thru Iho Carllervllle wood* after escaping from the park. Park official!, tired of chisir.g their ward* up and down lre*f, ytaterday planted IS cupi of Scotch whUky In ilntegk point* ihruout the woods. Monxoyi, they knew, had "a terrible taste for lip p!lng" but it puts (hem lo alecp. Tlio Uquor brought results. Eight of tho wanderers staggered thru Uie woods and r.llmbcd Into their cages. AIL 15 cups of Uquor were gone and officials aro wondering whether . AJphonsfl, who seemed particularly itaggcriih, had moro than hiiiiurt. 126,000 Lose Jobs In Saason Decline WASHINGTON (U.P>-An employment decline of 126,000 worker* from April to May and a drop of £1,900,100 in weekly payrolls was reported >y the labor department today. Secretary of Labor Frances Per<i)is attributed the drop to seasonal decline in factory employment and retail trade. Decreases In many reporting Industries were offset by Increased employment In 13 non-rruinii/adur- ing Industries, Private building con. jlnictJon, other than federally financed, rcporltd an IT.CTCIS* o£ 11^ per cent In employment and 15.3 per cent In payroll* lor May. vLarg* seasonal gains also «pp«ar«d In the and DOn-n*UUie BftlrUa^.

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