The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 23, 1942 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 23, 1942
Page 2
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tfAGE TWO 'BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, APRIL 23, 1942 Medical Specialists From U. S. Soon Will Oo To Serve China The American Bui'eau for Medical Aid to-China, participating agen'cy •ot United Chfmi Relief/shortly'will >end'to China a group 1 of doctors surgeons, nurses ah'd technicians, '.who will become associated with the '"Medical Relief Corps of the Cross Society of medical -specialists National "&ed China. These will serve as both as -'teachers and as/ r practicing 'physicians and are j being/s&ht specifically; to help over- v come. the •present "medical bottle- •necJc in China that results from a lack of trained medical personnel. ••",: 'En route 'to -China "at the. present time is Dr. 'George W.'Bach.• man,'Who : lias'tdken leave ; from his post 'as director 'of the 'School , of ;• •'Tropical ^dielne in -Puerto )Riccv : to Undertake the new work -In China. Dr. Baehman will join 'the"staff of Dr. Robert K/S. Lim .(director of 'Medical Relief Corps), and-he will serve as China representative- of the .Anierican Bureau '•; tor Medical ; 'Aid to China. Others Taking Courses Others ' ' afe' noSv taking .courses in -"Wew ' York to prepare '•Tori-- special -work 'in China are ^V. Helena -Wong arid Dr. Chie'n- lung Yi, who are -studying the technique of manufacturing dried BASEBALL STAR to take ; the 'place of blood, 'Under the guidance 'of Dr. -John j --Scudder of : Presbyterian 'Hospital! who. set -up the first plasma bank if or Britain. ! They will establish; 'China's' first' blood bank, arid teach other.? the technique. Miss -Marguerite Janet Ban, vCniriese nurse in ' whose care Fred Phone 42 B»X Office Opfcns 7:30 Show Starts 7:45 p. m. i'Admission "Always He-£3c Tax 'Inc. Thursday, VICTORY N1TE A Defense Bond with RONALD REAGAN Olympe Bradna, Wm. 'Lundigan, Jean Ferry, Reginald : Denny Shorts and -'News Sriite, infantile paralysis victim, Was brought bark from China in the "iron lung," is studying x-ray with Dr.Udss Golden at Presbyterian Hospital, preparatory to returning to China for service in the Emergency Medical Service Training--Schools. •Pioneer of the American-trained specialists sent by ABMAC was Dr. Adele Cohn, tuberculosis .specialist, formerly r esident physician at the Montefiore Country Sanl- torium at Bedford HilLs, N. Y., who went to China last July and Is on active duty now at Chinese Re'd Cross headquarters at'Kwei-'. yang. ' . 'To Ineet the serious lack ot trained personnel, Dr. Lim ha,-; set up 'Emergency Medical Service Training Schools, which are turning out 'hundreds of medical workers who'have had three-months course in basic medical technique. These "doctor-mechanics" can administer first 'aid, recognize primary syrnp- tons of prevalent diseases, set a leg or change dressings on a wound, but they cannot lake the I place of skilled surgeons, diagnos- ! ticians, public health experts or laboratory specialists. Dr. Donald D. Van-Slyke, president of ABMAC pointed out. Keady for Hardships •'The doctors and nurses going" to China are prepared to undergo hardships and privations, and accept the primitive conditions under which they wil) have to work." paid. Dr. Van Slyke. "There con-i 'ditions include living in straw- thatched 'huts, eating meagre Chinese fare, and frequently working with makeshift instruments and inadequate medical supplies. "Probably -nowhere else in the •world could one find contrasts • with -American life -like those in •Kweiyang, headquarters of the Chinese 'Red Cross," ..said Dr. Van Slyke. "Its hospital and school buildings are temporary bamboo structures, : operating tables, beds- chairs, desks • are all hand-made .of • bamboo. "•Until 'a year ago, dressings had to ''be- -sterilized' by boiling in clay p'6ts. : 'Now the hospital at^Kweiyang, arid 'all the base hospitals have autoclaves, or aluminum sterilizers, which are nothing more than high- pressure cookers, exactly like the ones (American housewives use for making ;jam. These Avere sent to Dr. Lim by • the Bureau. "Kweiyang also boasts a complete vaccine-producing plant, as good as any -here in America, sent over from'the United-States. It is helping in the -fight against typhoid, typhus -and' other prevalent diseases Dr. Lim and a handful of highly- trained ancl brilliant associates are carrying on the giantic task of keeping fit an army of three million men, and fighting epideimc? and illness among civilians as well 'with only a few 61" the tools o modern science and with heart• : b'reathing handicaps, like the short age of transport, for \voundcc men -arid supplies, and in sonr Cases, ci total lack of essential* like anesthetics, for instance." HORIZONTAL 1.6 Pictured baseball pitcher, Robert " " 11 Mock, 12 Venerate. 14 Endures. 15 Fragrant bledresin. 17 Near. 18 SiouanYndian. 19 Suffix. 20 Within, ; 21 Apportionment. 23 Consumers. 25 Silkworm. 27 Red-Cross (abbr.). 28 Hops' : kiln. 29 Pronoun. 30 Age. . 33 Like, 34 Sleeveless Arabian outer garment. 37 Rely on. 39 Break off suddenly. 40 North America (abbr.). 1 Weight. Answer to Previous Puzzle 42 Selections (abbr.). M Symbol for lithium. •45'Change. 49'Musical instrument (pi.) lOBefore. 51 Going astray. 11 Restrain. 53 Russian 'coins. 13 Turkish title 2G'He has a record of more than 300 pitching s. 30 Vessel for heating , liquids, 31 Scarf wofn bythe v P6pe. 32 Chaos. 34 One. 35 Bundles, fjj 36 Sacred bull of Egypt. 38 Cubic meter. 39 In a sly manner. 43P!ace df Napoleon's first exile. : p. n. TOM 'KEENE in • •*» C 1F"'I1 in Rid Chapt. 6 "Captain-Midnight' 'Also 'Selected 'Shorts 55 Plants. 50 Shallow receptacles. VERTICAL 1 Meadow. 2 Man's name. '.', Closed hand. 4 Kind of clay pipe. r> stiii. G Grains (abbr.) 7 Music note.' 8 Performs to excess. 9 South African grass country. 46 Transposes (abbr.). 47 System of units use'd in physical science (abbr.). 48 Branch 'of learning. 50 Residence in the sunshine. If you bank on liquid soap—use it after the lemon and oil preparation has been rubbed in an rinsed out. Tliis -will not le.ssen the effect, the U. S. Marines recently beat | of the shampoo. ! an ofiicial record by tossing a 21- ounce hand grenade 227 feet and! Sergeant Everett r\. Aikman of nine inche s- of dignity (pl.). H Ordered. 1.6 Institution (abbr.). 19 Radio antennae. 22 Sloth. 24 Daybreak (comb, form) (abbr.). 52 North-Dakota (abbr.). 54 Home of Abraham. Gene Davis Aid rich Among Group Cited For Action In Pacific WASHINGTON, April 23. <UP> —The Navy ha.s announced that two enlisted men hwo braved heavy artillery -fire from enemy shore batteries to return a small boat from Corregidor Lsland to thr-ir ship were promoted for "meritorious conduct In action." The Navy department did not identify the men's ship, nor define the nature of the mission of their small crar't. At the .same time, the Navy promoted two other enlisted men who helped navigate an emergency rubber boat, without adequate equipment or provisions, for 34 clay.s following-a forced landing of their torpedo bomber during operations against the enemy in the South Pacific. Jack Frank Cavcndcr, 31, of Sanderson, Tex., and William George Jamison, 24, Chattanooga, Tenn., were advanced for the Corregidor incident. Cavender was made a chief electrician's mate and Jamison a Machinist's • mate 2nd class. Gene Davis Aldrich, 22 Sikeston, Mo., and Anthony Julius Pastula, 24, Youngstown, O., were promoted for their part in the torpedo bomber episode. Aldrich was advanced to radio man 2nd class and Pastula to aviation ordnance- man 1st class. NATIONAL WBYWtEK PET MILK Cans or (i Small Cans 26 CREAM WHEAT GERBER Strained V r e^etables (,!an 7 Fewer 'Records For Phonographs Because Of Wa<r From now on we'll be able to make only 30 per cent as many new phonograph Phonograph records as formerly, records ancl ' the big Home Formula Helps Keep Hair Golden Sal. Midnite Show 11:00 p.m. Edw. G. Robinson- Francis Lederer in— 'KftllSPY' Tod Late to Classify WANTED Downstairs bedroom for couple, pei •unfurnished, adjoining bath. Withr in 8 blocks of Post Office. Phone 557 between G and 7 p.m. 23-ck-3Q FOR SALE Wood—G. G. Flowers, 4 miles west •of Gosnell. 23-pk-5-23 Sunday-Monday Mat. Sun. 2:00-Pjtf. Box Office Opens 1:30 PM, Henry Fonda- Fred MacMinrray in— ~.L*&. . . •• , :» ••• Trail of The Lonesome Pine' Shorts and News III/ Bargain Matinees Every Day Ex cept Saturday & Sunday. Shbw Every Night 7:00 Box Office opens 6:45 Continuous Shows Sat. and Sim Listen to KLCN 9:00 a.m., 12:45 p.m., 4:30 p.m. black platters used for radio transcriptions have been using up approximately a third ot' the nation's supply of .shellac. Because almost all this shellac has come to us from 'India, and Japanese ''warships now stand athwart .sea lanes, V/PB issued its recent order .saving most of the shellac 'we have for military purposes. 'Military needs for shellac arc many and direct. Tha't ten-inch dance band recording that won't be made' this year 'would have uspd up the amount —two ounces—that 'goes into ' the making of • a single military signal flare, the sort of j flare which blazed a hurr call for artillery support from the blackness above Bataan. Some three'ounces of shellac are required to make --a big twelve- inch phonograph disc—enough to have waterproofed the primer cups on almost 50.000 (49.998V .30 cal. army cartridges. Shellac binds "the abrasives used on the grinding wheels of our war industry, goe.s into the making of ovir -military explosives and pyrotechnics. Shellac makes a protective coating- for shells against the day when they whistle toward enemy lines, shellac coats the wooden patterns for metal castings' • sister - Friday to an all day 'rally. Talk on "Evangelism" was given by Mrs. Carl Peeple and a talk On "Teaching of 'Jesus about the Worth of Man" by Mrs, W. M. 'lewis. The "group was 'dismissed'with prayer by Mrs. Wilson Mrs. C. H. Downs had charge of the games in the social hour. The : hostess served strawberry short cake ancl ice drinks. The next meeting will be at the home of Mrs. Edd Metcalf Mav 4. Bridge Club Meets * The Dell OBridge -club met in the home of Mrs. R. 'A. Greenway with four visitors, Mrs. I. D. •McDermott, Mrs. Earl Potter, Mrs. Otto Koehler. and and Mrs. W. D. Howard, present. Mr.s. Earl -iBrownlee won high score and Miss Armstrong second high for tho club. Mrs. Potter won guest high The hostess served-~a salad plate and an * iced drink. Miss Neal luckett ''will' entertain 'the club tills week. which become weapons, shellac may be used to preserve the hulls of torpedo craft, and other vessels of war. Dell News West Main Near 21st St. Prices - always ; lie -and : tJc Sat/starts 12:«; Sun. starts 1:45 Nigbt shows 6:* Continnotis = shows :Sat. aa£ Sim. Thursday & ^Friday T JL* ^ Two features for the price of <me ^ ^ lie and 2tc ^ Box office opens 5 :45-~*t*»w ttans 6:10 p. «. -^with—Tyrone Power, Dor»ihy Lamour, Lloyd Nrfan. —ALSO— I'm Nobody's Sweetheart No* —with— Dennis O^eHe, 'Constance ' Thursday & Frida BDT,OtilBT! MUSICAL NEW mi ; WITH...., •^ O^c GAR LAND "BABES M BKOADWAy 67 CUS6Y BERKEIEY •Paramount News & Comedy ' "^^—^—v^^^HOT^^^M^B^W^^^V^^* 1 ^ ROXY Bargain Night Every Nlgut Eic«p Satvrday. Show Every Night 7:00 Box Oftice Opens 6:45 Continuous Shows Sit. & Sun. Thursday & Friday 'Black Dragons' with Bela Lu^osi and Joan Barclaj Comedy. lub Has Hobo Day Tlic v home economics club had i "Hobo Day" Saturday. The girls /isited various homes in the community where they did chores for heir hostesses. On completion of .he duties the hostesses gave n 1 donation for the benefit of the club. The girls made $9. After the work was finished the group met nt the home economic ottage for a Dutch luncheon. * * V >fcct In lilytlicvillc The Woman's Missionary Union of the Dell Baptist Church met Monday afternoon at the home of Mrs..Jim. Henderson at Blytheville Fifteen members and five visitors, Mrs. N. H. Blakemore. Mrs. C. M. Wilson. Mrs. Van Hooser and Mrs. Jim Ross of Bly-theville and Mrs. Udell Newsom of Dell attended the meeting. The meeting opened with group singing, sentence prayer and devotional by Mrs. Whaley. Mrs. Sigman led the prayer. Mrs. M. W. Lwis had charge of the business meeting at which time plans were made to go to Manila Dr. E. W. Potter, district super- intendent'held the second quartely conference at 8 o'clock at Met ho- : dlst Church Monday. Mrs. M. 'N.'Johnston is attending the Woman's Society of Christian Service Conference at Bates- viile this week. Annie Lois Dobb.s and Wanda June Howard were delegates at the Intermediate Assembly in Blytheville Friday until Sunday noon. Mr. and Mrs. James Stevenson were the guests 'of Mr Steveson's rs. 'Noble Gill, and Mr. 'Gill over the week end. 'Mr. and Mrs. W. Kemper Bruton of S&nath, Mo., will --be the house guests of Mr. and Mrs. R.' ; B. Crawford until they get located cither here or in Blytheville. Mr, Bruton is an engineer at the new air field II. R. Crawford Jr., who Is in tlie Military Police at Camp Robinson, was on n iwo day leave Friday and Saturday when he visited with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. H. R1-. Crawford, and family. Misses Bessie Ruth and Carrie Mae Owen spent the week end with Ml«s Kathleen. Rice ancl Miss Marguerit Lamb of Mineral Wells. UY ALICIA IIAUT NEA Service Staff Writer There's a simple non-drying shampoo which every lighthairec woman should value doubly now because it does a good deal to keep locks golden and it can be made and used • easily at home It is an especially good thing for mothers to apply to thei small daughters' blonde hair U prevent darkening. Simply put the yolk of one egg the juice of one lemon, and one tablespoon of vegetable oil into a bowl. If you have a good substitute for olive oil on hand, use it. Or you can 'buy some peanut oil. for example in almost 'any grocery store. "Mix the three ingredients thoroughly with an egg beater Then brush the hair and scalp, for at least five minutes to remove loose dirt and flakes of dry skin, and use the .shampoo. MUST WATCH WATER TEMPERATURE Part the hair in small sections. Rub the mixture well on the scalp and all over the hair, massaging with fingertips. When it begins to feel - sticky on your fingers, rinse carefully for several minutes with lukewarm water and afterward with hot water. Watch the rinse .temperature carefully, for using Hot 'water '• at first : would actually cook the egg on the hair. Keep rinsing till the hair squeaks through your fingers. Then rinse once more with lukewarm water to which the juice of one and a half lemons has been added. Dry unrfer-arm «. Cream Deodorant safely Stops Perspiration Mary 'Frances Crawford spent the week end with Bonnie Lou McGeehee in Monette. 'Each autumn the older needles toward the trunks of pine trees turn hrown and drop oft. •1. Docs not rot dresses or men's shirts. Docs not irritate skin. 2. No waiting to dry. Can be used right after shaving. 3. Instantly stops petspitation for 1 to 3 days. Removes odor from perspiration. "4. A pure,'white, greaseless, stainless vanishing cream. 5. Arrid has been awarded the Approval Seal of the American Institute of Laundering for being harmless to fabrics. Azzid is the LARGEST SELLING DEODORANT. Try a jar today! ARRID Ar all »torc9ffclling toilet gooth For All Cooking THE COOKING FAT Are YOU the hospitable type? If you're the hospitable typo, eager to treat your guests rw/rj/fy, then give them'a "double-rich" troat with Cream of Kentucky. It's made by the "dean" of Kentucky distillers. Serve the ''cream" of Kentucky's finrst Bourbons and watch your guests rr/oice/ DOUBLE-RICH SSPROOF. STRAIGHT BOUTRBON WHISKBY. SCHENLET DISTILLERS CORP.,I No. Can TOMATO JUICE ",:, 18 ROAST BBEK Can STEWART SALAD DRESSING, Quart WESSON OIL Pint 27 Home 'Grown Home -Killed T. Dressed, Ib 31c Hams Ready to serve, II). l / 2 or Whole Swiff s Premium Legs Ik 2Sc, Chops Ife, 35c Shoulder Lb. Armour's Star Chuck or Rib, Ib. VEAL CUTLETS JUicket Steaks Ib. LAMB STEW m VEAL CHOPS 'Ulade Cuts 29 MINCE U). PORK CHOPS Lean Tender Lb. 33 FRANKFURTERS 15ACON SCRAI'S Lh LU. SALT MEAT BUTTS I h LU. IUCON SQUARES Ib. I'ORK ROAST Lb. 29c PORK BRAINS Lb. 17iC Armours Star STEAKS Blade Cut Lb. . . . Lb. CORNED REEL 1 Fresh Pickled LMQo 29 ROLLED BUTTER Lb. 39c Home Grown, Full -Dressed, Cut Up, Each lunny Dale Pcuml or 46 zo. can Tin Jack Sprat Corn Cream Style Country Gentleman No. 2 Can Standard, No. 2 Can (2 Limit) •Slnd. No. 2 Can 8 CAMAY SOAP 3 Bars P. & G. SOAP 5 Bars 22 27 DUZ Med. Pki>- ....... lOc Pko- 2:k LAVA SOAP Lur«e Har... KIRK SOAP 2 Rars IVORY SNOW OXYDOL CHIPSO IVORY SOAP Lge. Bar SELOX Large Hox 9 C 23 C 23 23 10 15 Texas Seedless \\ For TURNIP GREENS Home Grown Lb. Fresh Home Grown Lb. 3Jc ORANGES Sealdsweet, Larsye size 25 DELICIOUS APPLES Each 2 Florida Lge. Stalk SWEET POTATOES Porto Rico Lb. 3 While or Yellow 12 Green Onions 2ic Liberty Super Market PRICES GOOD FRIDAY and SATURDAY

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