The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 22, 1942 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, April 22, 1942
Page 6
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$•> TOSE SIX BLYTHEVILLE, (AKK-V COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, APRIL 22, 1942 Others Happy * Lanky Colchis f Is Not Eligible "Til Win Derby On Alsab"—Jockey James » * • * • • * —• — Rates High Despite Excuses Baseball Men Keep Promise- Send Equipment to Army, Navy By HARRY GRAYSON • NEA Service Sports Editor 'NEW YORK—Basil James contends Alsab didn't like the deep and'-cuppy Havre de Grace track and promises to boot the record- wrecking 2-year-old champion of 1941 home first in the Kentucky Derby, May 2. } : Meanwhile, a number of owners and trainers are just as well pleased that Colchis was not nominated for the Run for the Roses at Churchill Downs. Immediately after .Colchis, the supposed sprinter, had come from precisely nowhere to grab the $13,350 wining end in the Chesapeake Stakes, J. H. McCoole, who brings Requested to hand, wanted to know if the Robert Sterling Clark standard bearer was eligible for the Derby. Advised that Colchis was not going to Louisville, Blackie McCoole expressed great relief. Were he headed for the Blue Grass, the gangling and gelded bay son of Happy Argo-Ancona might further reduce the Derby field. 'Unlike Alsab and Requested, Col- chis—pronounced Colkis—is not a bargain basement steed. He was fashionably sired at Upperville, Va., and foaled at Sagamore Farm in Maryland. R. Sterling Clark, a brother of .Ambrose, with whom he doesn't hit it off well, is a Virginian .who has bred and raced horses for 20 years. COLCHIS THREAT TO DERBY HORSES IN THE PREAKNESS < Clark, doesn't name a colt for the Derby unless he is really outstanding as a juvenile. Like most other practical racing- men, he realizes the Derby is run at a too early date. He considers naming .a colt.for the Derby dangerous for the thoroughbred and unfair to the 'trainer. An over-anxious Uy JACK GUENTIIER Equipment is bundled into "A" United Press Staff Correspondent and "B" kits. The former consists NEW YORK, April 22.—There have been no press agents hired to hout the news from the tops of mimeograph machines, but organ- of a do/en balls, three bats and two rule books. The latter includes complete catching rsgalia—mask, mil, chest protector and shin ized baseball is smoothly fulfilling I guards. Requests for these must be Alsab takes off when the real racing: begins. Basil James is up. his whip at the three-eighths pole +•• and had Colchis pulled up at the finish. Racing men couldn't see a Happy Argo of class going one mile and a sixteenth, but Trainer Vince Mara and * Woolf knew Colchis raced better when he came from behind, had a pre-arranged plan to drive him from the rear of the pace in the Chesapeake Stakes. RIDER JAMES TOSSES OUT SUN AGAIN AND APACHE Alsab got to the front at the trainer is tempted to Clark can wait with a charge. horse. ."-'-So. .you'll next hear from Colchis iru tiae : '." Pimlico ." . Preakries's, . May 9. Though Colchis had dead-heated and -split two decisions with Alsab, andlhad; never been worse than third . in 15 starts, the .players sent Mrs. Albert "Sabath's pet away at 6dds-on, with -the cerise and grey flier he was conceding six pounds at 8 to 1: This on Colchis' home grounds. - They liked the way Alsab closed ground on Colchis in the Chesapeake .Trial. What they didn't know Avas that Georgie Woolf lost his eighth pole and was just outrun, according to Basil James, yet the was "climbing" running of the .The Baseball Standings , its' pledge to the boys in khaki and blue. Bats and balls arc being mailed to the service camps at a rate which is breaking all records for mass distribution of sporting goods. Ford Frick and Clark Griffith, the efficient gentlemen enlarged with directing this huge program offered by the major leagues several months ago, already have shipped 24,827 pieces of equipment to the dozens of Army and Navy training centers spread throughout North America. At least as many more have been purchased and are ready for shipment. Leagues Gave Money As you may or may not know, the funds for this drive were subscribed voluntarily. The Amreican and National Leagues each kicked in $12,000, the baseball writers donated another $1000 and the owner voted to swell the total by $100,000 oy contributing part of the profits of the two all-star games whicl will be played early 'in July. The rest goes to war relief. The aggregate sum of $125,000 looks awfully big, but it really isn't. To raise that much money involves a great deal of effort. To spend it is a simple, but responsible, task Already the directors have liquidated tiie original $25,000 starter. Now they are operating on credit until the receipts of the all-star games can replenish the treasury. Kits Distributed I spent an hour with Frick today checking records and learning ths SOUTHERN LEAGUE BICCE5T Rated High In Pre-Season Dope, Now Contesting For Cellar Berths Byrd Prepares To Face Burns Tomorrow Night Jackie Byrd ended training ses- ed for at least one more fight cut by individual camp comman- lams to their corps area or naval JLstrict commanders. Equipment Is Prorated The nine Army Corps areas and 22 Naval District and fleet units lien funnel the orders to the chief of the Army special service branch or the Navy director of training. Those men break down the amount' jf material at hand into percentages •jased on the number of soldiers or sailors in each corps area. They then pass along the percentages to Frick. Under this system there is no chance that, say, Camp Dix would get a ball for every half dozen men while some removed center like Lowry Field received only one ball per thousand men. From San ] Diego to Alaska and from Florida to Iceland the camps and the men in the camps share equally. Used Halls Put In Service As for the soldiers who request balls individually, they are taken care of by Frick from another source. He writes a letter explaining that he cannot send them the equipment pledged to the forces in general but he accompanies the letter with a gift of a half dozen used balls from the hundreds which By GEORGE KIRKSEY United Press Staff Correspondent NEW YORK. April 22—The two biggest disappointments of the infant baseball season are the Cincinnati Reds and Chicago White Sox. Picked to finish third in their respective leagues, each was down in seventh place today only half a game out of the cellar. Constructed almost identically, the Reds and White Sox are long on pitching and short on punch, But even with the best pitching in baseball they can't win unless they get runs. The White Sox have scored only 14 runs in seven games losing five of them. Twice they've been .shut out and in only one game have they scored more thar three runs. Five runs is tops so far for the White Sox and tha wasn't even enough to win a 6- decision. Cooper Deals Defeat The Reds were handcuffed yesterday by Morton Cooper, who fashioned a three-hitter in pitching the Cardinals to an 8-0 shutout. He allowed only three singles and only three Reds reached second, none getting to third. Cincinnati has dropped four out of six games and one of its pitch- ions today" in preparation for his before moving over to Hot Springs, mportant 10-round fight here 'to- i Craig- is a great believer m plenty of ring activity lor a fighter. He wants to keep Byrd - busy and norrow night with "Tiger" Burns, 150-pound.s Sardis, Miss., southpaw. Byrd will have plenty at stake when he climbs through the ropes ,o face the veteran MLssissippian omorrow night. A reverse would certainly dim his gate appeal, especially with his big chance against Lew Jenkins, ex-lightweight title holder, coming up at Hot Springs May 11. Byrd is now riding the crest of a winning streak that includes five successive knockouts. In the plain sports language —"he's hot." Burns, who claims a long and successful record against many of the best welters in the South, has been known to dampen the pro- pects of many a rising young Davenpor t of Memphis in fistic star and he undoubtedly has some such ictea concerning tomorrow night's scrap. If Byrd should take a lacing from Burns, then Joe Craig, his manager and trainer would be faced with the task of patching him up before May 11. However, if Byrd should come through his figures that Byre can fight himself into better condition than he could by laying off and merely going through his daily workouts. Byrd must watch his weight -since he has agreed to make 145 pounds for Jenkins, an overgrown lightweight who may wei^h in at some-, thing like 14-2. This is one reason why Craig • Ls anxious to give Byrd two or three hard fights before he meets Jenkins. He'll lose weight and at the same time will sharpen his hitting and otherwise improve. The card for tomorrow night is practically complete. Don Burton local middleweight, will face K. O. a six- round semi-windup a net Elmer Buck will meet Bud Spencer, another negro, in a four round crowd pleaser. Spencer has appeared on numerous cards and usually gives a good exhibition. In addition there will be t\vo other four rounders and as an exhibition little Dickie Craig i test with Burns in good condition j local skeeterweight, will mix it then it is quite possible that the Blviheville buster will be schedul- with "Painter" Stafford for three rounds. W. L. Pet. Little Rock 8 2 .800 jockey likes him in the Derby. The son of Good Goods—Winds Chant, which has come to be an excuse horse, throughout the Chesapeake Stakes, according to James. "A horse 'climbing' is like a man running on ice," he explains. "He can't g£t a good foothold." The Chesapeake Stakes further demonstrated that what is good for one hide is poison to another. Alsab is a long-striding horse. The awkward Colchis takes tremendous strides. Speaking of Alsabs foremost Nashville ° Atlanta 8 New Orleans • • v 6 Memphis 5 Knoxville 5 Chattanooga 5 Birmingham 3 5 .615 THE WHISKEY WITHOtn REGRETS b y .:«,uu- rivals in the Derby, James doubts that the Calumet Farm's Sun Again can travel a , mile and a quarter. The Belair Stud's Apache is a nice horse, but he has beaten no animal of genuine worth, he points out. As for Requested, Basil James no doubt feels like the many dis- . appointed at the Flamingo winner's third in the Chesapeake. When Requested got where the real racing began—in perfect position to make his bid—he suddenly decided he didn't like the company. .615 .500 .455 .385 .385 .273 AMERICAN LEAGUE W. L. Pet. Boston 5 2 • 71 ' i New York 5 leveland 4 quite complicated but thoroughly just system under which equipment is being made available to the various fighting units. Let it be made clear at once that the kits are not sent to individual soldiers. Taxes and laws prevent this. Instead, they are spread out through the services. The system are being tossed back by the fans at the park. At present, the fans are giving back approximately 200 balls every day throughout the leagues. This bat and ball program is only one of the ways in which baseball is helping the war. Naturally, Frick and Griffith aren't asking for donations from outside the trade. But if you have a couple of bucks and would ilke to send them along-, they'll see that they are turned into balls for the boys. The address is National League IVhiggio hit three singles as Red i 55th birthday by leading the world's Ruffing breezed to his second \ champs into a first place tie with ing stars has been able to win yet. .straight victory. The Yanks moved j the Red Sox. The Reds' two victories were cred- i } n t 0 a first place deadlock with the ' ited to Fireman Joe Beggs in relief idle Red Sox. roles. The great Bucky Walters lost his second game yesterday, getting cnocked out in the seventh after Ulowing 11 hits. Need Hitting Badly works like this: Headquarters, Suite 1907, Building, New York City. Thanks, pals. RCA St. Louis Detroit .. Washington Chicago .. Philadelphia .715 .571 .556 .556 .375 .286 .250 The Dope Bucket NATIONAL LEAGUE W. L. Pet. Brooklyn / 6 Pittsburgh 5 St. Louis 4 Boston 4 Chicago 3 New ' York 3 'Cincinnati 2 Philadelphia 2 CRAIG AGREES TO FIGHT \ Craig announced that he has re\ lented to public opinion—and to j close up Paul Kirkindall—and will | permit Byrd to i'ight Burton. Present plans call for the bout to held April 29, less than two weeks from the Jenkins encounter. '•We want to accommodate every- FKEE ADVICE j one," he, said in making the an- Aaron (Jack,) Syrd, Blythcville's j nouncement. "We are not afraic crack welterweight, stands on the : of Burton or anyone else. There threshold of fame and fortune with j isn't anyone around here capable f. FRIEND Cleveland moved into third place by trimming the Browns, 4-2, behind the seven-hit pitching of Al Milnar, who was at his best in the pinches. Harlond Clift was out of leg muscle. Head Wins Again Brooklyn slashed out 19 hits to his coming fight with Lew Jenkins, the Sweetwater Swatter and form- .429 .333 .286 When you've lostyour golf form completely— Vince DiMaggio's Arm Is Fish Story PITTSBURGH (NEA)—Vince DiMaggio. Pittsburgh centcrfielder. is rated by many as the finest throwing outfielder in baseball. The eldest of the DiMaggio clan developed the muscles of his good ' right arm hauling fish out of San Francisco Bay. Pappy DiMaggio was a professional fisherman, 'Vince his chief assistant. When they'were biting, this often entailed 72 hour: at a stretch with only slight pauses for nourishment. And lost a priceless ball or two, besides— Five Angora goats are required to provide enough mohair for the upholstery of an average automo bile sedan. Yesterday's Results LEAGUE Memphis, post- SOUTHERN Birmingham at oned. Knoxvillc G. Atlanta 2. Chattanooga 3, Nashville 1 nnings). Little Rock 9. New Orleans 6. .750 .625 •5711 ei - world's lightweight champion, .500 ! liex t month at Hot Springs. That .429 j one fight can make him in the professional ring game; give him that needed impetus on the nonstop flighi to the top. • Without wishing to appear in the -know-it-a]r' class, and not insinuating that he is getting careless, may I offer a bit of free advice:" do not keep your sights leveled on the Jenkins fight too much as to overlook the clash of whipping Byrcl, so "One Round" has as just chance as anyone else. All that I ask is that he be in Unless the Reds get some hitting the Browns' lineup with a strained ,oon they'll be sunk. The same goes for the White Sox. The only AVO games Chicago has won have been brilliantly pitched by Ted Lyons— old Methuselah himself— who beat Cleveland, 1-0, and John- Rigney, who stopped the Tigers, 3-1. Anytime a White Sox or Red pitcher allows as many as three runs, it's' usually Katy-bar-the-door because there isn't enough punch on either club to break a window pane. It was another defeat yesterday for the White Sox, who bowed to the Tigers, 4-2. Ancient Schoolboy Rowe had the White Sox shut out until the ninth when they put on' u two-run rally and Johnny Gor- .sica had to be called to the rescue. Birdie Tebbets led the Tigers' 10-hit attack with three singles. The Old Yankee Punch Speaking of punch, the Yankees showed plenty as they blasted out a 10-4 triumph over Connie Mack's bury the Braves, 13-2, as young Ed Head improved the Dodger pitching situation considerably with his second sstraigth win. Frenchy Bordagaray, subbing for Pete Reiser. and Arky Vaughan led' the attack with three hits each. Rip Sewell pitched Pittsburgh into second place with a 4-2 tri- i umph over the Cubs. He gave j up only six hits in scoring his second win. Manager Frankie Frisch shook up the Pirate lineup, putting Van Robays in left, Wasdell in right. Anderson at short and Stu Martin ai second. In addition he named Al Lopez team captain. * * * Yesterday's hero— Joe McCarthy, Yankee pilot who celebrated his For INSURANCE of ail Kinds See G. G. Caudill Agency Glcncoe Hotel Bldg. Pn. BIytheville, Ark. Notice Farmers FOR SALE Cotton Seed Soy Beans Farmers Gin & Exchange Go. 520 N. Broadway Phone 315 BlylheviUc, Arkansas AMERICAN LEAGUE New York 10. Philadelphia 4. Cleveland 4, St. Louis 2. Detroit 4. Chicago 2. Washington at Boston, postponed. NATIONAL LEAGUE Brooklyn 13. Boston 2. St. Louis 8. Cincinnati 0. Pittsburgh 5. Chicago 2. Philadelphia at New York, postponed. with ••Tiger" Bums here tomorrow night." This 'Mississippi Mudcat has been around a long time and knows all corners of the squared circle While never a world beater and top notcher, Burns has beaten some of the best in the business and made creditable showings in others that he lost. More than that, he is a left- hander and fijjhts a southpaw stance, usually a nightmare to orthodox punchers. Because of the fact that he battles "backwards" Laugh the hole thing off with Green River —-'Thr Whiskey Without Regrets". The finest Green River ever bottled! s l 70c .35 Pint Vl PL Plus Sales Tax Expert Tractor Tire Vulcanizing! Don't waith until the last rainut< lo have your Tires Repaired—Uome tn NOW - - Materials Limited! BIytheville Tire Co. Bighway 61 North — Phone 220 Today's Games Southern League Birmingham at Memphis. Atlanta at Knoxville. New Orleans at Little Rock. Chattanooga at Nashville. American Boston at Washington. Philadelphia at New York. Detroit at Chicago. St. Louis at Cleveland. National Lcaguc Chicago at Pittsburgh. New York at Philadelphia. Brooklyn at Boston. Cincinnati at St. Louis. IMPROVING ST. LOUIS.—In HITTER his first three years in the National League, Enos Slaughter. Cardinal outfielder, had exactly as many passes. Last vcar, times? fanned 28. strikeouts he walked 53 Read Courier News want ad.s. RIVER KfNTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURftON WHISKEY, 86 PROOF. OUrtym Distillers Corp., N.Y. FOR SALE COTTON SEED Certified Coker 100 Strain 3. Stoneville 2-B. Several Tons—Wilds Long Staple R. D. HUGHES GIN CO. Phone 3141 BIytheville many fighters have passed him up. not unusual in the life of southpaws. I have seen Burns fight three times and each time he looked like the proverbial "million." He was as smooth as a mink pelt with his unusual style. His hitting wa.s sharp and accurate. He wasted few punches and showed ring generalship when in trouble. He is certain to give Byrd a very busj nijiht. ttUKTON HELPS KYRD Apparently Byrd's coach ant manager. Joe Craig, isn't takin any chances on a possible -slipu] from the Tiger. In order to giv his protege some experience witl a southpaw he arranged for th veteran Don Burton to work rcg ularly with Byrd. A lefthander, wh fights as a righthander. Burton ha been working turned around as to nave the southpaw rffec Craiy says that his boy h:is no bothered with the style. j "We arc not undcrcstimath Burns." Craig said. "Neither ;j we .shaking in cur boots over tl fnct that he is a lefthander. By j ha.s fought them before and d not appear to be worried. "I have always contended !h a i;ood. fast punching righih:v fighter can whip a southpaw a time, and Byrd can hit with ;h right hand. He is hitting bettor a.s he soes along. So, Mr. Burns Ls' the one to worry. "Don't get the idea that we ex- poet a pushover. Far from that. Burn's record should impress anyone who keep up with the same. The fact that he held Marty Servo i to a close ten-round decision will i explode that theory. Servo is rated No. 3 welterweight in the nation. Burns held Harry Weeks, another top ranking boy, to a draw. He j whipped Steve Wilkerson. the Olc Miss Star, several times. Burns chased Eddie (Kid) Wolfe all, over the country in an effort to coax him into the same ring but the t Memphian wanted no pnrt of him. 1 ' The reason: southpaw." good shape. If he isn't ready then it will be just too bad. Byrd Ls out to settle this thing once and for all." DRIPPINGS It is .Captain James Baird Tipton now. Jimmy wrote his parents, Dr. and Mrs P. L, Tipton about a month after the orders came through.. ."Just .slipped my mind," he explained.. .Ain't that just like Tip?.. .Remember Lee Stickler ; the racer?...He is a Sergeant in the U. S. Army and stationed at Seattle. Wash.. E. L. Stafford, former Chick linesman, is a Corporal at Camp C?llon. Calif...Ditto for J. C. Kinningham. spouse of the former Mary Frances Stacey, crctary to Supt. W. D McClurkin .J. C. is at ackson. Miss... .Byron The Ripper) Walker. ex-Chick id VMI great ha.s his commission the armed forces...He is sta- oned on the Pacific coast. ..Mr. id Mrs. "Wee Dickie" Kerr have ot heard from their son, Ray, more than month...He is in ie naval signal corp.. .Did you low that John Dantonio, the kid ho established a new Northeast rflansas swat record while with aruthersville in 1940. Ls back- Philadelphia Pathetics. Charlie Keller homered with the bases loaded in the first and Joe Di- PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock Guaranteed Best Prices stopping for the New Orleans Pelicans, his home town?...Do not be surprised if Everett Cvoslow changes his mind and heads for Clemsen, instead of Georgia... Don't ask me why...John (Wimpy) Burns, who did a lot of footballing for the local Chicks a few years ago, is in the hospital at Fort Leonard-wood, Mo. To James Cobb, BIytheville grid star and his fmily we offer our deepest sympthy in their bereavement. 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